so please take photoshop away from me


More Merrill and Iron Bull inspired by this video.
(Iron Bull would probably make a good dad)

Someone, please, take me away from Tumblr, Dragon Age and Photoshop.

Bonus! I felt bad writing all this down and you can only read like 20% so here it is!
Enjoy a sampling of my world class potty mouth.

Ichimaru Gin & Adjuchas Grimmjow.

Someone gimme a gin, so i am more motivated to draw this fucker … anyway i tried and overdid it with all … someone take photoshop away from me, asdfgh. Also when someone wonders why grimmjow is there in the first place, … i saw once fanart from them, there was gin and grimm as adjuchas and i found, that they looked quite aesthetically pleasing to the eye when they are together. 

Universe alteration where Karin frequently visits the Soul Society and befriends Momo, and she eventually asks very nicely if she can teach her kidou. They start spending entire weekends together and Momo starts grilling Karin about if she has a datemate or something, and Karin just totally shuts down until Momo guesses Toushirou and she’s just so embarrassed that she’s into her best friend’s brother until she realizes that Momo’s being trying to set them up for ages.

Please take photoshop away from me.


I need to get back to the place I belong. I’M COMING H O M E .


someone take photoshop away from me because i just made 20+ more yuri!!! on ice icons. rules are the same as always: if you’re going to use one of them as your icon then please credit me somewhere on your blog. thank you very much and enjoy! 

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dear followers + mutuals and everyone else, i really hope you guys like snk because i just made 50 icons. my hand is dead. i forgot bertholdt. sorry bertl. also sorry for so much annie but i’m in love with her. sorry for so much erwin but ahhh, i hope you still enjoy them. as always, you can find them on my icon page. goooodbye. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

  • please credit me somewhere on your blog if you’re going to use them.
  • like/reblog if you are saving/using them would be really appreciated.