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BTS ask blog post!!

here’s a ginormous list of all the bts ask blogs i’ve encountered so far! there are blogs on here that deserve much more attention than they’re getting!!! so please give all of them a follow!!! <33 (they’re in no order whatsoever)

Kim Seokjin

@askjinharem | @ask-seokjinnie | @ask-summoner-jin | @ask-jinnie-hyung | @ask-jinluigi | @ask-jins-coffee | @ask-fox-seokjin | @ask-fairy-seokjin | @ask-princess-jin | @ask-artist-jin | @ask-owner-of-eatjin | @ask-jinnie-hyung | @ask-jinnie-boy | @ask-momma-jin | @askwitchjinnie | @ask-gryffindor-jin

Min Yoongi

@ask-yoongs | @ask-college-yoongi | @ask-fem-yoongi | @ask-sweater-yoongi | @ask-student-kumamon (sorry i didn’t have a category for you so i just put you here!) | @ask-mingenius | @ask-smolyoongi | @ask-fml-yoongi | @asktheminyoongi | @askyoongis | @modern-prince-yoongi | @ask-sociopath-yoongi | @ask-new-witch-yoongi | @ask-witch-yoongi | @askyoongi | @ask-slytherin-yoongi | @ask-agust-d | @ask-mintography | @musicmajoryoongi | @ask-minyoonji | @ask-hoodie-yoongi | @ask-deer-suga

Jung Hoseok

@ask-junghoseok | @ask-hoseokie | @ask-writer-hobi | @ask-hobii | @ask-sunshine-hoseok | @ask-hufflepuff-hobi | @ask-junghoseokie | @ask-witch-hoseok | @ask–hobi | @ask-cannibal-hoseok | @redstrings-and-hobbes | @ask-sweet-hobi

Kim Namjoon

@ask-joonie | @ask-kimarmy | @ask-student-joonie | @ask-witch-namjoon | @ask-kimdaily | @ask-namjoon | @ask-gryffindor-joonie

Park Jimin

@ask-flowerboymin | @ask-fem-mochi | @ask-wyrimen-jimin | @askthejiminharem | @ask-witch-jiminie | @ask-slytherinjimin | @ask-chimchim | @askjimin | @askjiminnie | @askballetdancerjimin

Kim Taehyung

@asktaethecollegekid | @posi-tae-vity | @asktaee | @ask-model-taetae | @ask-artist-taehyung | @ask-schariot-tae | @ask-hufflepuff-v | @ask-cottoncandy-tae | @ask-fanboy-tae | @ask-gangtae | @ask-taehyvng | @ask-actress-tae

Jeon Jungkook

@ask-college-jungkook | @askjeon | @ask-jeonjjk | @askbadlydrawnjungkook | @ask-jungcoco | @ask-jungcookie | @ask-fem-kookie | @ask-slytherin-jungkook | @askguk | @ask-bunny-jungkook | @ask-jungshook | @ask-college-jungkook | @ask-bunkook | @askcollegejeon | @ask-playboy-jungkook | @ask-witch-jungkook | @ask-dragon-kookie | @ask-the-jeon | @ask-jungkookie-things | @bulletproof-maknae


@ask-college-vmin | @ask-planet-flower-vmin | @ask–namkook | @asktheweirdtrio | @ask-college-2seok | @ask-hybrid-namseok | @ask-bts-rapline | @ask-college-taegi | @ask-jikookie | @ask-hobijoon | @ask-95z | @ask-95line | @ask-minjoon | @ask-vmin | @ask-business-jikook | @askjiminandkookie | @ask-vmin-blog | @ask-hybrid-roommate-taegi | @asknamjin


@ask-bangtansonyeondan | @ask-soulmate-bangtan | @bangtanhospitalau | @ask-killertan | @ask-bangtann | @ask-bangtancoven | @ask-dope-bts | @ask-overwatch-bts | @ask-nonbinary-bangtan | @askbongtan | @ask-highstreet-bts | @ask-abstract-bts | @askbangtandorks | @ask-bumtan | @askbangtansdamn | @ask-btsboys | @ask-bts-stuff | @ask-femtan | @askbongtan | @bulletproofwitchlings | @bangtanhostclub | @ask-fantasy-bts | @38cmlizard | @ask-magic-bts | @ask-bts-pls | @ask-souleater-bangtan | @ask-fab-bts | @ask-bathhouse-bts | @askbangtansound

please send me an ask if i skipped you or a blog you know!!

your daily reminder from an autistic that hearing the word r*tard feels like a slap in the face.

It’s a slur. Don’t drop it as an insult in a casual conversation unless you want to take me and any other autistic/neurodivergent people listening straight to frown town

Minions are small, yellow creatures who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from single-celled organisms into beings who exist only to serve history’s most villainous masters


If anyone sees this fanart, please don’t reblog!!!
If you have already reblogged it, please delete it!!

This fanart belongs to the artist 黒兎 on pixiv and twitter, and they don’t allow any reposts of their arts, this is even written clearly on their profile :

You can find this artist on their own blog @au-to, follow and support them there instead!!

We talked to the user but they’ve only added credits, and sadly it keeps being reblogged so, by respect for this artist, please stop reblogging it and delete all reblogs!!!

Thank you and be careful~

Do not support reposts, respect the artists and encourage them on their pages!

Check our PSA tag for more blogs warnings

just ftr, life as a wlw on tumblr gets like 400 times better when you stop seeing everything through the ‘lesbians vs bi girls’ lens. neither community is more to blame. neither identity is better or more radical. 

find the individual people you agree with. build community with those who truly want solidarity. ignore the wlw who are invested in being divisive.

we should definitely call out lesbophobia and biphobia when we see it. but we should also be careful about giving too much attention to people that really don’t deserve it.

raychael  asked:

I hope this doesn't seem like a weird question,, but do you think you could recommend some poets?


oh man. oh man, friend, i love me some poetry. here’s a list of mostly but not entirely contemporary poets (i didn’t pick an accompanying poem for everyone because i am both lazy and indecisive sorry but check them all out):

my current fave is ocean vuong (his poem trevor is incredible and makes me feel some Emotions)
i also adore buddy wakefield (we were emergencies is personal fave)
jorge luis borges (his essays and short stories are incredible as well)
anne carson
rainer maria rilke
i’m a big fan of keats tbh
and t.s. eliot (i know it’s a cliche but the hollow men is so good)
margaret atwood (we are hard has some poignant-ass lines)
pablo neruda (clenched soul is one of my all-time favorites)
andrea gibson (i’m gonna rec two poems: the nutritionist and i sing the body electric, especially when my power’s out)
derrick brown
sarah kay
anis mojgani
clementine von radics
daphne gottlieb (why things burn)
azra tabassum
samuel beckett (cascando)
jenny holzer
sierra demulder (ninety-five grievances to god: abridged)

listen i could. go on for a while so i’m gonna stop here but please reblog/comment/etc with your own recommendations that’d be rad



To all the Google History blogs, STOP REBLOGING FOR A SECOND PLEASE!

//Okay, so I was thinking, what if I made an account for one shots about our ships (the GH’s) and posted them on a Tumblr page..? Would that be alright with you muns…? I’m sorry if it’s not, I’ll make sure not to include your muse in anything if you do not want this

To all my followers and friends…

I’m taking a little break from tumblr right now as I have exams coming up and I’m getting a serious amount of hate which I just can’t be bothered dealing with.

I’ve added lots of cool les mis art etc to my queue so I hope you enjoy that while I’m gone for a few days- minimum.

I updated my commission prices so I made a new post

You can email me at or message me here at bitterio

I’m pretty lax with what I will draw (nsfw/gore/etc) but I can deny any commission for any reason. Please provide your paypal email if you plan on contacting me and I only take payment upfront but I can provide you a draft before you pay. I can add a background for an additional amount. I usually finish within 1-2 weeks. 

you can find my art here 

thank  you! 

🌸please stop reblogging☕️

💫so, as promised, based on previous responds from some of you, I decided to make moodboards based on your blogs‼️‼️‼️ Guysss haven’t even expected such a big amount of lovely people (you’re all amazing omg💕), but to do all of them I’ll need a looot of time, so this is the little Stop Sign☕️ that I won’t do no more over than the ones for people who already reblogged!🌸 Please don’t get upset, I’ll do even more interesting stuff on my next milestone🌿 And thank you all so much again, this seriously means a lot and I’ll enjoy making all the moodboards ☺

this post is over TWO YEARS OLD so please stop reblogging it!!! the information in the post is incredibly inaccurate and honestly the entire post is flaming hot garbage

AND ANOTHER THING!!! please stop taking everything you see on tumblr so seriously. if you wanna learn more about asexuality, google it. go to websites dedicated to the information. do your own research. educate yourself. you’ll be thankful for it later trust me

ooc / important psa/ reminder

yes hi, reminder, these are children rps, they are clueless to what they are doing right or wrong, what they call boyfriends or girlfriends are technically playmates, they don’t understand polyamorous relationships or gender or sexuality yet, they’re kids and this is just for fun !! someone has recently been sending criticism/“concerned comments” our way and saying it’s creepy like ?? the other bots aren’t the actual band members as well, these are fan made accounts, isn’t that even a tad creepy ?? you need to understand that this is for fun, the kids didn’t even bring up the concept of a polyamorous relationship until blurry (an /adult/ bot) brought it up, and explained it to them. wow !! an adult !! explaining things to children !! how disgusting !! and in case you didn’t notice, the mini bots were confused and even a tad uncomfortable with it !! the adult bot didn’t even suggest it, just brought it up and left it at that, and mikey, who knew it would be confusing and even incestuous, put a stop to it. so please, instead of indirecting us or reblogging our stuff and calling it gross or whatever, talk to one of us and we’ll do our best to keep it out of the group, because if I may remind you /again/, they are children and don’t understand certain things. thank you.

That moment you use some words to sound a bit more friendly towards others in sentences that may lack most emotion, and see no problem in them since people use them frequently

Until you realize the people you look up to would completely hate you if you ever use them and they’re blacklisted

ok so
“obi” means “heart” in igbo
“wan” means “gentle” in chinese
“ken” means “strong” in japanese
BASICALLY obi-wan kenobi means “gentle heart, strong heart” or like, “gentle and strong heart” and I’m ALL ABOUT THAT because it literally sums obi-wan up, like seriously. so beautiful. bless.

sdff i’m lactose intolerant and allergic to chocolate w/ histamine sensitivity i just had 26 things of chocolate and i am currently getting several more. i am dangerous person. icarus of lactose intolerance. just try and stop me