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Hope and Lightning, “Please don’t make me socialize or/and “That was a perfect example of how not to do things.”? 😂

Usually, Hope relished in being woken up by the sweet voice of his wife, but after not being able to fall asleep until four that morning due to work, all he wanted was for the noise to go away so he could sleep.

Unfortunately for him, Lightning wasn’t about to let him get away with that.

“Hope, come on.” Lightning shook him around a bit. When he refused to respond, she tried to put her lips near his ear, but he just hunched up his shoulders so she couldn’t reach. “It’s past eight. We need to get Seven to school.”

“Can’t Serah take her?”


He groaned and rolled over, one arm flopped over his eyes. “Please don’t make me socialize. Especially not with other parents.”

“Too bad.” She kissed his forehead, and when he moved his arm, his lips. “You’ll just have to get used to it.”

He sighed heavily. “Okay, okay. Anything for you two.”

Truthfully, he didn’t want to miss his daughter’s very first day of kindergarten. He was just so darn tired and was already planning to catch up on some sleep when he got home.

At least Lightning had gotten him up for this. It was a once-in-a-lifetime event…seeing his only daughter going to a real, grown-up school…

“I-I’m proud of you, okay?” Hope said in a watery voice as he hugged Seven. Nope, nope, he was not going to cry. Oops, too late. Maybe it was the lack of sleep making him so emotional. “You’re gonna do well, right?”

Daddy,” Seven said, trying to squirm away. “You’re embarrassing me!”

“Oh, sorry.” He finally let go of his daughter and pat her head. “Make us proud, okay?”

“Okay!” She hugged her mother quickly before scampering off into the school, ignoring Hope’s red eyes and happy, proud tears.

Lightning smiled, watching Seven find a teacher as they went inside. She turned to Hope and raised an eyebrow. “That was a perfect example of how not to do things. I should’ve let you sleep.”

“And miss this? I don’t think so, Light.”

“You’re taking the rest of the day off, right?” At his nod, Lightning slipped her hand into his. “Don’t worry. I’ll wear you out so you can get back to sleep.”

To tell you the truth:

Missing you just makes me want to pull away. Opening myself up makes me feel vulnerable. The kind of vulnerability that no one sees anymore in me.Missing you scares me. It scares me to desire someone so bad and the thought of ever losing them I know would break me. The thought that one single person has the power to control how you feel and your emotions is intoxicating. So please, don’t give me a reason to put my walls back up.

Sunny Dubai

Can u do a rafinha alcantara imagine about going on vacation and just relaxing please

Rafinha had been teasing me for days about going on vacation. He was still yet to tell me where we was going. All I wanted to know was where on earth we were going. He told me to take a suitcase full of very summery clothes. So that is what I did, I put together a selection of bikinis and outfits.

“Have you finished packing babe?” He asked as I tried to zip up my suitcase. “Can you help me zip this up please?” I asked him. “Course, there is a lot in here as I have no ideas where I am going do I” I shot a glare at Rafa as I wasn’t impressed that I still had no idea where we were flying too.

We got on the plane and we were flying to Dubai. I couldn’t believe that Rafinha was talking me to Dubai. I have always wanted to go, it looks so beautiful. I am so happy and the views looked incredible. It looked like it does in all of the picture I had seen. It looked incredible and I was so excited.

“Wow this place is so beautiful right?” I said as he took my hand and helped m as we walked off the plane. “It looks like it is going to be so hot out isn’t it. We are going to burn out here” He laughed as he took his sunglasses out of the bag he was holding. “Have you got sunglasses babe?” I asked him.

“No they are somewhere in the suitcase” I said. It was stressful at the airport what we have to be searched and taking forever as the queues were just so long. “That was so stressful that, woah I wasn’t expecting that long of a queue was you?” He took a sigh of relief. “No I wasn’t" He replied.

We had finally got to our hotel, it wasn’t that much of a drive. It was a beautiful villa. We were also really close to the beach as well and I was super excited to go and do some sightseeing. "This place is cute” I told him as we walked around and decided we would have some time in the room before we went out.

I packed all of my suitcase and put it all on the hangers and everything.  "I was thinking shall we have a dip in the pool?“ I nodded. "Okay yeah I could do that, I am so hot, this heat is unbearable for me at the moment” I sighed as I looked through my bikinis. I had bought quite a few with me.

Rafa chose the baby blue one. “I like that one too” I smiled as he flashed a cheeky grin at me. He got himself out of the bedroom and he decided he would go to the pool. I got myself ready in my bikini and tied my hair up and eventually got my sunglasses out. I also grabbed my book and towel.

I got down to the pool to see Rafinha having a swim in the swimming pool. “Having fun babe?” I shouted as he stuck his thumb up as he carried on swimming. I nodded at him as I sat myself down on the sun lounger. “I love this, it is amazing. I could do this all the time. But I may overheat” I laughed.

I lathered myself up with sun screen as I rubbed my arms in it. I popped my sunglasses on and it was so amazing to have a little time to relax. I loved being able to sit down and do absolutely nothing.

Can I not come home at the end of the day and have someone ask me about it?

Can I not have someone that makes me want to dress up and put effort into my appearance for and have it not be just for me?

Can I not have someone to tell me to please come to bed?

Can I not have someone be in my way in the bathroom as we fake argue about who gets to brush their teeth in front of the mirror first?

Can I not get breakfast in bed?

Can I not make a mess of the kitchen and not have to clean it up alone?

Can I not get bad news and for once not have to wonder who tell so that I don’t have to feel shitty alone?

Can I not have someone to call at 2AM for no reason.

Or for a reason.

Can I not have someone who says they miss me?

Can I not have someone to laugh with?

To go on a car trip with and sing along to all the songs we grew up with?

To geek out with?

Can I not have someone who rolls their eyes at me when I’m being silly but loves me for it anyway?

Can I not have someone to make plans with and do good things with and feel good with?

Can I not?

Saw a dad giving his daughter advice to go to a women’s college so she’d become a “proper feminine young lady” and the flashbacks I had made me cackle so hard I thought I broke a rib

as someone who went to women’s college for a bit, women’s college is where you go to became a radical feminist fighter who will literally never put up with patriarchal bullshit ✌️

Why men think women in mass will organize to just hold on to antiquated feminine standards mostly perpetuated by men will never cease to anger me. Hell, even organizations run by nuns have been cited as hotbeds of lesbian relationships and intense feminist thoughts


so please go my sisters, go to women’s college, learn how to destroy all men in your life with a better education than they could ever dream of

Falling - Unknown/MC College AU Fluff Fanfic

The higher you build walls around your heart, the harder you fall when someone tears them down.

Sooo… I got very distracted while trying to write the last chapter of EP and… wrote two Unknown fics instead? The first one is unfinished, and the other one is this, a strange college AU lol. I’d actually like to do more with this setting if I get time…

Warning: Spoilers concerning Unknown & Seven’s route below

Summary: College AU where Saeran and Saeyoung are roommates both studying computer science and MC lives on the same floor. 13+ total fluff lol. Spoilers if you haven’t played Seven’s route yet (if you couldn’t already tell whoops).

“Saeyoung’s not here,” Saeran tells the girl standing in the doorway of the dorm room he shares with his brother.

“I… know,” she says, shifting her weight. “I wanted to talk to you, actually. Do you mind if I come in?”

A little confused, he opens the door wider to let her in and then closes it behind her. Usually she brings her laptop with her and sits on the floor by Saeyoung’s bed to go over assignments and concepts she doesn’t understand, but today she hasn’t brought anything and instead perches on the edge of Saeran’s bed beside his laptop.

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Happy Birthday!!!

So today is @tylertheinnovator ‘s birthday so I wanted to share a quick birthday drabble ^_^ I know you like Marichat and Coffee shop AUs so here you go. Hope you like it! 

(Not Gonna lie I got way more invested with this than I should have and am tempted to turn it into a short story) 

“Coffee for… Seriously? Ima Catch?  Really scraping the bottom of the barrel today aren’t we Chat?”

Marinette smile and she held out the large black coffee to her favorite regular customer as he smirked proudly from his place lounging against the pick-up counter.

“What can I say princess? Sometimes you gotta just go with the classics.” He took the coffee from her and immediately put it down on the counter, instead catching her hand and placing a delicate kiss on her fingertips. “So tell me Marinette, have you finally decided to take pity on this poor stray and agree to one, measly date?”

“Yes! Please, for the love of God yes!” Alya called out from the far side of the counter, much to the surprise of the customer she was assisting.

Marinette could feel her cheeks burning and Chat tried and failed to reign in his laughter.  

“It looks like someone is on my side at least,” he teased.

“And I told both of you, I don’t date guys who’s names I don’t know,” she replied, although her traitorous hand had yet to pull away from his. He had now begun rubbing his thumb in soft, delicious circle against her skin.

“I told you before, I promise- cat’s honor- I will tell you my name, address, hell my whole life history- at the end of our first date.”

“Why not just tell me now so that you actually have a shot at said date?” she asked for the dozenth time, wondering what absurd excuse he would give this time for the continued anonymity.

Instead of the teasing smile she was expecting, his whole demeanor drooped, his eyes dropping to their joined hands. “Because if I tell you, you are going to say no.”

Marinette gaped at him in surprise wondering what sort of secret could possibly be so terrible that it would make her instantly turn away a charming, good looking, and- if the number of coffees he had purchased over the last two months of their acquaintance where anything to go by- decently well off young man.

Before she could ask him something to that effect, a high pitched squeal echoed through the small café. Marinette could feel her entire body tense in loathing. She knew that squeal.

“OH MY GOD! ADRIKINS!!! IS THAT YOU!!” Shrieked Chloe Bourgeois, bounding into the shop with the same domineering arrogance that she had displayed all throughout their school years.

“Adrikins?” Marinette couldn’t help but snicker at the horrifying pet name, wondering what poor soul was being forced to suffer the affections of her long time enemy.

Chat when pale before literally face planting himself against the counter, his head buried under his arms as he muttered incoherently.


“Adrichou I haven’t seen you in- Oh my God it’s you.” Chloe’s cheerful façade dropped as she caught sight of Marinette.

“Hello Chloe.”

“Hello Marinette Dupain-Cheng.”

“Is it really necessary to use my entire name? We have literally known each other since we are five.”

“Adribear,” Chloe said pointedly ignoring Marintte, “what are you doing here of all places?”

The miserable lump on the counter didn’t reply, instead he just let out a low frustrated moan.

Marinette decided to take pity on her poor friend. If she had Chloe chancing her around making up embarrassing pet names she would probably have resorted to an alias too.

“Given how this is a coffee shop, I would assume he is here to get coffee.” Marinette said flatly, putting a hand protectively on Chat shoulder and holding back a smile when his hand clamped over hers like a life line.

“Adrien hates coffee.” Chloe replied, rolling her eyes at Marinette as if this was common knowledge.

“You do?” Marinette asked surprised, looking down at her still cowering friend. She tried to remember if she had ever actually seen him drink any of the dozens of coffees he had ordered. Unfortunately her brain was a little preoccupied screaming Adrien, Adrien, Adrien, over and over, as if she might forget his name if she didn’t drill it into her memory. Adrien. It suited him.

“Please don’t hate me,” he moaned, burying himself somehow even deeper into the protection of his arms.

“Adrien what are you…” Chloe began and then looked back and forth between him and Marinette with a look of mixed comprehension and horror. “Oh Adrien tell me you didn’t.”

“Please go away,” Chat… no Adrien, pleaded.

“Adrien Christophe Agreste I can’t believe that you are slumming it with some waitress!”

“Uh, the term is barista, and he is hardly slumming,” Alya introjected angrily having finally finished off the last of the customers and hurried over to observe the drama, “plus anything would be considered and upgrade after you.”

Chloe and Alya glared at each other, but Marinette was too distracted by Chloe’s latest statement to care.

“A-Agreste?” she stuttered, and felt Chat-Adrien- grasp her hand even tighter as if terrified she was going to disappear.

“Yeah, Adrien Agreste, son of fashion icon Gabriel Agreste, ring any bells?” Chloe spat. “And here I thought you wanted to be a fashion designer.”

Oh it rang plenty of bells.

Marinette was sure she was a brilliant shade of red as Adrien finally looked up at her apologetically.

Her mind flashed back to the first conversation she had ever had with “Chat Noir”, she had been in the middle of a long and very loud rant with Alya about… oh God…

“You said you don’t believe in dating co-workers,” Adrien muttered, his own face a brilliant scarlet. “So I figured…”

“Really Adrikins,” Chloe interrupted, not having listened to a word Adrien said, “what has gotten into you lately? I mean a couple months ago you were pining over some intern of your dad’s and now you’re mooning over Marinette of all people.”

Adrien dropped his head back to the counter as Marinette let out a long unintelligible shriek.

“Marinette, didn’t you start interning at Gabriel a few months ago?” Ayla asked slyly.

“Just kill me now.” Adrien groaned.

I have some headcanons about Bitty and his ability to keep surprising Jack and Jack? Loves It. Always. 

  • it starts when Jack and Bitty realize over the summer that while Samwell is just a forty minute drive away… Bitty has no way to drive to Providence and Jack can’t visit all that often because it’s going to get suspicious eventually
  • and working around Jack’s playing schedule and Bitty’s playing schedule and school and not being suspicious anymore than they need to be is hard enough but you throw the train schedule in there and it’s… ridiculous, quite frankly. 
  • so after one weekend of a less than twenty four hour turnaround for Bitty in Providence, Jack gets fed up and just throws his hands up and says “please let me buy you a car”
  • and Bitty gasps in surprise
  • and Jack is kind of worried, because he knows Bitty’s gasps and that wasn’t really a happy surprised noise so he just waits
  • “Jack Zimmermann, I know you make enough money that you put a sizable dent in an NHL team’s budget, but you cannot just buy me a car, especially when I already own a perfectly good one!”
  • Jack just kind of gapes, because no? Bitty doesn’t own a car? He would know about that? And Bitty wouldn’t have to take the train all the time?
  • (slightly nsfw below cut)

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emergency theme commissions

hey guys! so, long story short, my work just screwed me over big time because they aren’t going to pay me in time to pay for a lot of stuff (mostly comprised of bills or things i’ve already committed to) that i cannot opt out of.

this has put me in a very sticky situation because i just can’t afford to go an entire month without getting paid. so i’m opening up theme commissions because it’s the only other source of work i have that i can look to right now, and i really need to not go into the negatives because i’m not going to get paid on time.

i will not take donations. this is not a life or death situation, just a “i’m really fucking screwed” situation, therefore please do not ask to simply donate to me, although i appreciate the sentiment. if you want to send me money, please send it in the form of a commission. and if you cannot commission me, then please reblog this so others see it! i would really, really appreciate that.

thank you so much.

Don’t touch whatever belongs to Min Yoongi. Don’t.

Honestly it’s really fucking cute when haters pop up doubting BTS and Yoongi because he’s been calling them out forever now. “Oh oh my haters, curse me some more. Keyboard warriors, please put effort into it. Yeah, just like that keep looking down on me, proving you wrong is my hobby.( We On)” Literally he’s the one who had to choose between eating cheap and walking home or eating even cheaper and riding the bus home. All in the name of music. All so he could work in his studio for no pay and struggle with a feeling of incompetence/depression when he literally performed for only a pair of people. A pair. Like two people. 

That’s why he didn’t think it was wrong to be an idol, because fuck it, some people can barely survive while only doing music. Yet, that’s all Yoongi wanted to do. That was the most important thing for him and he couldn’t imagine giving up music or shoving it the the side for another job. He’s being realistic, he’s making a living while doing something he loves and that path happens to be one of an idol. What did he get in turn for giving up everything else, for leaving home, for dancing at early hours in the morning, for lacking sleep and food and going through rigorous training? What did he gain from finding a median to allow him to keep dreaming? Unwarranted hate.

“You’re idols so even without a listen I can tell it sucks, I don’t like your lyrics even if I don’t see it it’s a video. Since you don’t have much power you must have done some dirty stuff, seeing the things you do you’ll fail soon. (Two!Three!)” You really think that came from nowhere? Of course not. He’s literally been called, to his face with others watching, an “icon” for girls, not “real” hip hop just rap. They called him an “industrialized icon” and not music To. His. Face. And that’s right, he didn’t have power. He sat there listening to these so called, self proclaimed “experts” of hip hop gang up on him.

But the funny thing is BTS and Min Yoongi were bound to gain popularity, they were bound to be recognized, way more than these hip hop experts could ever dream of; why? Because “during that time, at the least, I slept less and moved more.(Agust D)” Also because he’s had truckloads of more experience and because he, as a person, always gives and cares for fans. Being a bling bling “icon” for girls? Fine. Why not? As long as his music was doing what he always wanted it to, giving a voice/ energy/ hope/ warmth to the people who didn’t have it. “I can withstand tiring and harsh trips back and forth from work because my people are watching. Even if my body hurts, i can withstand it because the screams come crashing. The difference between pre and post debut, even while living on a line between rapper and idol my notebook is full of rhymes. Between the waiting room and stage i hold a pen and write lyrics, this is me, in your eyes what has changed? Damn shit i’m the same, I changed? Go and reiterate i didn’t change and guarded my roots i’m still rapperman. (Born singer)” Hard working and a true pinnacle of somebody who does everything for music and to connect with fans. It’s no surprise he got fame, unimaginable fame that shut out all the “real” hip hop haters and made them admit, in shame, they were schooled.

He’s always built a wall because of this, and Yoongi does a good job of hiding it. We’ve never seen Min Yoongi openly cry. He’s always managed to hold back. He’d pat his members on the back, he’d smile at them, he’d hug them, but he’d never cry. Because to those just waiting for their time to pounce back, to them it’s a weakness. “아… 아이돌 다 됐내.” You’re just fully an idol now… that’s exactly how they’d belittle him. But look at him. Finishing tours successfully, breaking records, dominating charts world wide. He spreads more music and leaves more of his legacy in the k-hiphop scene than anybody who’s ever talked ill about him. So yes, he deserved this award. He deserved it so much. Because even if it hurt him inside he knew how harsh reality was, he took the title that was slaughtered and seen through colored lenses and he bore it proudly even if people tried to break his back with it. He made music, he lived his dream and this was the physical proof of his effort. “That’s right, keep (hating) on and on. We’ll be happy by ourselves, good yeah i’m good (Two! Three!)”

That’s why haters are pointless. “Take it away from them? It was stolen from ______? They don’t deserve it?” Give me a fucking break, do yourself a favor and get over it. You can’t steal this glory from him, you can’t for a second downplay it. This was all him. It was all his. (As this is a Yoongi appreciation post i’m using singular nouns) but seriously. The countless doubts and ridicule he faced to produce something that would make a wide audience happy is rewarding him and being recognized. So don’t you dare, ever, not even for a second, argue that he didn’t deserve this. And don’t you dare call him out for finally releasing his emotions because he’s achieved his goal. This is his moment, his year, his prize. 건드리지마 손도 대지마 “Don’t touch it, what’s mine, don’t even put a hand on it.” (Give it to me). Don’t touch whatever belongs to Min Yoongi. Don’t.

A Roadtrip | Pt. (2/2)

Originally posted by jeonify

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Member: Jeon Jungkook

Words: 7k of pure filth

Synopsis: The title says it all. Jungkook makes your planned roadtrip to Busan a bit messy.

A/N: This is just pure filth, and I’m not regretting it for a bit. It has been a while since I wrote smut so please tolerate me jghgsjkfsjgk. Anyways, suffer with me, and enjoy the reading ;)

Pt. 1

You thought Jungkook being in your presence was already awkward enough.

However, being with him in one room, all alone, made the awkwardness even worse.

Jungkook put down the bags on the floor, before lifting his head up, scanning his eyes through the hotel room quickly. The room was neither too small, nor too big, with two comfortable beds placed in the middle of the room. The room had one window, but it gave a beautiful view on Busan’s beach, the white sand and the clear sea satisfying your own eyes.

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Just a heads up!

The Say Goodbye video had the captions updated(by me) because of a really important reason that I feel needs to addressed.

If you can hear perfectly fine, then the captions are not for you.

The captions are for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. They are for people like me. I am HOH in one ear.

Captions are for accessibility. Not for you to put little quirky editors notes.

A HOH person.

Tarot Readings

Hey Guys. So I’m currently going through some financial issues, and as a result I’m going to start giving 3 card tarot readings for $5 to help get me through some bills and help build up my savings a bit. I’ll be doing 10 at a time, though if I do get that many it will take up to 7 days due to my work and school schedule. The readings will be done in write up form, through email or private message via tumblr, and payment through my account, which I will put the link to in my bio at the top of my blog.  

If you’re interested in getting a reading, please private message me so we can discuss, I’m open to reading for specific questions or just general readings as well, and of course if theres something in the reading that I don’t explain or that you don’t fully understand I will try to go more in depth. Please note that these are a lot more personal and specific than my free one card draws, so any request sent through anon will be ignored.  

Donations and tips would also be greatly appreciated. Please PLEASE help me out and spread the word by reblogged this post, tagging it would be even better  

Thank you all So much!!

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TS just put out a tweet hinting at a possible world tour in 2017. BUT!!! A lot of K-Babyz and other international fans are tweeting against this so BAP members can rest and so they can focus on building back up their domestic fans and popularity.

I know a lot of you may be excited for a world tour and want to see them (I do too) but their rest is much more important to me!

If you have twitter please, please, please help trend the tag: #BAP_2017월드투어_반대

It’s already trending at #2 and we need to keep it going! Even if you aren’t a bap fan, plz help us trend this so TS will reconsider and let the members rest(especially Bang) We would really appreciate it💕💕 Plz help our boys get the rest that TS promised.

Hi guys! So someone recently told me my art is on Instagram! Which is weird! Because I definitely don’t remember putting it up there or being asked if it was ok to put up. So I just wanted to be clear: please don’t repost my art without permission. Don’t give other people permission to repost it. 

Stumbling upon your work on another person’s account is a terrible feeling. 

I’m glad my art makes you happy but that’s not a reason to screenshot it and post it on your own account. Not cool. 

I made an instagram account and asked a few of them to take my stuff down but there is a lot of art on here and here that I know hasn’t been run by the original artists.  

“But i’m giving the artist credit! That makes it ok!’

No.  If the artist hasn’t given you consent to post their work, it’s not ok.

Dash is Dying so,,,

reblog this post if you post/are into/up to talk about…

(send me a message with/reblog this and put in the tags what you apply for in the following stuff. i’m gonna prioritize people who actually do this!)

- Gravity Falls
- Steven Universe
- One Punch Man
- Wander over Yonder
- Undertale
- Star VS The Forces of Evil (not just Starco please)
- Voltron
- Overwatch
- Over the Garden Wall
- to a lesser extent: We Bare Bears, Rick and Morty, Pokemon/Yo-Kai Watch
- monsters/cryptozoology/paranormal/creature design/general character design/art/OCs/horror stuff

bonus points if you’re lgbt+ and/or looking for a new mutual!

Retribution PT4

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AUTHORS NOTE: Okay! So I bet you guys weren’t expecting this! Well I kind of got carried away with the story and if I put everything in just one chapter it would have been so fucking long, so here is PART 4. WITH THE MOST AWAITED SMUT. Once again I will announce, I am an awkward child when it comes to writing smut(even though I still try), so please bear with me if I suck. Anyway, I hope you liked it! Retribution has now come to an end. I will definitely miss doctor Jimin., this was really fun to write tbh. Tell me your thoughts, feelings, reactions & feedback! 

Tick Tock Tick Tock.

“Fuck you.” You hiss at your clock, blaming it for being too loud and being the main reason why you couldn’t fall sleep.

Well, at least that was what you were telling yourself.

It was 2:45 in the morning and the only thought that had been running in your mind for the past 6 hours were how Jimin’s lips felt against yours. How it felt to be in his arms and feel his body against yours. You shut your eyes, almost swearing you could feel him against you again. You grip your sheets tighter, your mind recalling the way his lips moved with yours and how completely addicting he had tasted. You press your legs together, a sudden wave of desire rushing through you and causing you to groan when you realized you weren’t getting relief any time soon.

As embarrassing as it was to admit, you have spent the past 2 hours just listening to the the silent drone of the halls, hoping you could hear the young doctor’s footsteps as he enters his apartment. Yet sadly, the halls were too quiet tonight, meaning the doctor had not returned from the hospital.

You were about to start counting sheep in your head when a sudden call of your name has you sitting up.

Why did that sound like Jimin?

You were going crazy, you decided. You were thinking of the doctor too much and now here you were at 2 in the morning, hallucinating about hearing his voice.

A sudden knock against your flat’s doors has you widening your eyes as you hear your name being called out again. You push your sheets off of you and pad your way into the main room, the sound of the knocks getting louder as his voice echoes behind the door again.

“Please tell me you’re awake.” You hear him murmur, his knocks slowing down as he suddenly sighs.

“You’re probably not.” Comes his low mumble and you hear the rustle of keys as he steps back. You twist the doorknob open, pulling the door back and revealing yourself in the darkness while the bright light of the halls blind you.

Jimin snaps his head back, eyes flushed with relief when he sees you standing awkwardly by your door frame. Your eyes study him, taking in the disheveled look of his hair, the dark circles below his eyes, his shirt filled with wrinkles and his shoes, you realize, were mismatched.

But hell, did he shine. Even when Jimin had looked fucked up, did he fucking look gorgeous. He was too sinfully perfect for his own good.

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Okay. Here’s what’s up, y’all. I’ve been working on these all morning. I plan on doing them for my whole journal, for each card. I plan on putting them all together into one pdf file. But that won’t be until they’re all finished, you know? So, if you want to save any images as far as my journal goes, please save these.

I’ve worked so hard on my journal, it has so much sweat and tears and..I just don’t want you taking THOSE pages from me. It sounds ridiculous, because there’s literally the same information on these AND my journal pages, but I have a far more personal connection to my journal than these.

So, again. If you want to save anything, save these. Don’t abuse it, don’t try to share it and get credit for it, because you know that’s wrong and you should put out into the world what you want back. If you don’t want people stealing from you, then you shouldn’t try stealing from others.

I’ll have more pages up eventually. It’s just a process to design them all.

I hate doing this. It kills me to keep posting about this, but every time I feel like I get ahead, I’m dragged right back to the starting line. Like I always say, if you’re broke as shit like me or struggling in any way, please don’t feel obligated to donate or commission me. The last thing I want to do is put someone in my position.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but my mom (who I unfortunately have to live with) owes me a lot of money. I’m talking upwards of $3,000 here. She uses me for money and rarely pays me back, which is how I find myself in my current situation – $140 overdue on my credit card, $393 overdrawn on my debit card (thanks to her). On the debit card, I expect it to go well past $400 because she put my card down for another bill and it declined the payment, so I’m going to get charged a fee for that. On top of that, she just told me our internet/cable is going to get shut off because she didn’t pay the bill (I keep telling her to ditch the cable and just keep the internet, but she’s selfishly wanting to keep the cable because she likes watching television). 

So now I have to take matters into my own hands. I’ve started signing up for all sorts of online survey websites, hoping to make some money, but it’s a slow grind and only getting me so far. That’s why I’m offering commissions or taking donations (for those who can’t afford commissions but still want to help out with a couple bucks). 

If you want a fic commission, here’s the information!

If a fic commission is too much and you just want to donate a couple bucks, my Paypal is!

I hate asking for stuff like this, because I feel bad and guilty, but until I can find a job, I need to rely on commissions. I’m going to start looking for a job soon too, and just have to put school on the backburner for now. My mom keeps telling me education is important, but since she’s not working, one of us has to make ends meet and I can’t wait around for her to do that. The problem is that not many people in my area are hiring, but I’ve gotta give it a shot.

And I’m sorry for dumping all of this on y’all. It’s just getting worse over on my end and I don’t really know what to do other than take commissions and see if I can at least cover my bank account. 

so i went to build-a-bear on my lunch break tonight because i wanted to be extra and get the new belle build-a-bear and there was no one else in the store so i asked the woman if i could like not do all the embarassing stuff they make you do while you’re building your bear- if you’ve never been, you have to choose a heart to put in it, and like rub it to warm it up and make a wish on it before it’s put in th bear, give it an air bath, and then like this whole process of naming it - now let me tell you for children this is an experience so like i’m not degrading or making fun of the process at all 

but i’m on my lunch, no one else is in store but the woman working and me and my coworker, so i’m just like ‘let’s skip all the process and just stuff my bear please’ and the worker like laughs and is like ‘ok we won’t do all of it’ but she still makes me pick the heart and tells me to warm it up which i do eye-rollingly to my coworker cause like…i’m too old for this but also i want my bear already 

but now that i’m home, i’m like…damn what if i didn’t warm up the heart enough, my poor belle bear, like damn