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hey !! since it’s pride month i decided to redo my old Venture Bros. Pride icons [with Samson’s help !!] 

i might add more [and maybe even take requests bc this was fun :0 !]

feel free to use w/ credit 

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The most difficult part was to write down what I like/ dislike ‘cause I have too much stuff in mind but only have little space here lol
But still, I enjoyed a lot doing this and hope those who love my arts are able to know me better with this sheet. XD
( I guess I should add this picture into my about page huh )


I’m tagging @akaryuga , @dconthedancefloor , @hankofficer , @colleenhsu and all the artists who wanna do this as well. 8′D

y’know what i would love to see?

  • An X mansion movie. A movie about the students, their lives, classes, friendships. I want the students accepting themselves and others.
  • I want Kurt Wagner meeting new people and feeling their acceptance. I want him joining in classes and learning with the others. I want Kurt experiencing new things with his new friends.
  • I want Scott and Jean scenes with them subtly flirting and falling slowly in love. I want Jean and Scott learning control together and supporting each other.
  • I want the same for the others. I want to see their team coming together. Learning each others and their own strengths and weaknesses. I want at least one person (Kurt) to get hurt and the others to worry and fuss over them making sure they’re okay.
  • I want their training sessions, late nights staying up watching Star Wars or bad TV. I want them playing pranks on each other and messing with each other.
  • I want professor Xavier teaching he kids. Getting lost while talking about human evolution and history. I want getting excited and babbling. I want him scolding the kids for messing around and running in hallways.
  • I want Hank McCoy teaching kids science and technology and feeling proud when the kids ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’. I want him getting delinquents excited about science and something new.
  • I want ‘Life at The X-Mansion’ or something like that. I need Slice of Life X-Men please.

Interviewer: Well, you’ve accomplished so much. To you, what’s your biggest accomplishment?
Hank: I have a really, like, happy marriage. 

edwardspoonhands : Yes, you do, Hank. Yes, you do.

Well, I might seem like a pretty happy guy
Get me a corn dog and my wife and I’m satisfied
But just because I’m happy doesn’t mean that I’m not mad
That most people can’t do eighth grade math
And a lot of people think that you’re a tool if you’ve read a single book since high school
Since when did being smart start being a disgrace
It’s that kind of crap that makes me hate this place.

And if you don’t hate it too there must be something wrong with you
I hate this world
So come hate it with me
There’s so much screwed up crap it makes me so freaking sad
I hate this world
So let’s get together
Because there’s nothing like hate to motivate us to make this world more great

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