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Before the Finale (Thoughts on the YOI Fandom)

Tomorrow afternoon we come to the end of probably the most amazing twelve weeks of my fandom existence. This has been the wildest ride imaginable, and to be honest, I still can’t believe that what started as a shitty sideblog for this GAY ice skating anime has turned into over 12K followers. 12K AMAZING FOLLOWERS, in a fandom that grew overnight into something beautiful and fulfilling. I have some things to say to all of you before this final episode airs, so please bear with me as I sob through this note…

This is a shout out to all the gif makers, because without you we wouldn’t have all these beautiful screencaps of the show. You’re the backbone of this fandom, and without you, we’d be nothing. Thank you for your hard work!

This is a shout out to all the amazing artists, because without you the fandom would be a less vibrant and colorful. From all the sketches to the comics to the high res portraits (and everything in between), sweet and G-Rated to the full-on SIN, you help us fulfill our dreams with color and images of those in-between moments. Thank you for your hard work!

This is a shout out to all the meta writers, because without you this fandom would fall into panic and disarray as we try to sort through our feelings post-ep. You help us discover our own truths to the show and help our head canons grow. You’ve all been exceptional, and I’ve loved reading them all! Thank you for your hard work!

This is a shout out to all the fic writers, because you keep the episodes going. You fuel our imaginations and fill in those details between the scenes and episodes. You thrill us and you fulfill us with the most tooth-rotting fluff to the dirtiest smut, and we love you for it. Thank you for your hard work!

This is a shout out to the yoi blogs, who keep this fandom running. You’ve all been inspirations to me, and the amount of content is insane. You’re all amazing, funny, and wonderful. Thank you for your hard work!

This is a shout out to you, the fans, because this fandom is everything. All of us have come together to become part of something so astounding, something that is making history, trending every week, and bringing more and more people into this fantastic show. We don’t have ship wars, we have spelling wars, and that’s pretty surprising considering how we all just go with it. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your likes and reblogs and the messages and love. Thank you for being here, right now, at this moment, as we go into the final episode. We’re here for you. We’re going to be crying with you, and I hope beyond hope, that this fandom continues as strong as we are now as we move into the black abyss that is post-finale. I love you all.

Lastly, here’s a shout out to Kubo sensei and everyone at Mappa. You did so very good.

Here’s some tissues and a blankie. We’re all going to need them.

Another college assignment/animation practice!

Dash is Dying so,,,

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Rhysand as an older brother

So we all know that Rhysand had a little sister before the absolute toolest-to-tool got in the way but just imagine what Rhysand would have been like as an older brother:

-He’d still be the annoying, over-bearing, over-protective, over-everything (come on, don’t tell me Rhys’ personality doesn’t thrive on being extra to everyone)

-But when she wasn’t around, he’d melt like butter every time she was mentioned (”Would do anything to protect you my smol bean” “…What did you just call me, Rhys??”)

-Please don’t even think about bullying her because not only would Rhys make you suffer, but so would best-friend/cousin Morrigan, holy-shit-terrifying-older-sister Amren, yes-you’re-my-favourite-older-brother Cassian, and the-chillest-and-illest Azriel.

-Period. Just. Don’t.

-Cheekiest older brother to cheeky (if you tell me Rhysand wouldn’t tease her about crying about crying over a dog picture, (and then crying in his room after she showed him the picture of the most floofiest, smollest, cutest to ever cute dog he’d ever seen) then you lyin’)

-Point to an ugly bat contest

-Like legit, they’d point to an unattractive bat picture

-“Dat u” 

-Like he’d be an ass, but you know it’s not Rhysand if he ain’t one of the best older brothers

-They would have a very, very close relationship

-I mean, she would take time to comfort him every time Rhys was stressed about becoming a High Lord and Rhys would in turn devote his life to having his little sister safe at his side

-Because being the High Lord of the Night Court would mean a target on his, and everyone he loves’ back 24/7

-But Rhys never tells that to his little sister

-That the thing he’s most afraid of is failing to protect her just because he was the heir to the throne (don’t even get me started on how guilty he felt when he heard that she died at the Spring Courts’ hands)

-Don’t even get me started if she started dating

-Like Rhys would have the address, number of living relatives, and the freaking social security number of their entire family in 2 seconds flat (”What?? Me?? Abusing my position as High Lord to find out who breathes where in my territory?? Noooooooo”)

-Just imagine family life within the Inner Circle and Rhysand’s little sister

*goes off to cry because the feels decked me like a patio on steriods*

*imagines her with the Inner Circle.* *cries even more*

*imagines her watching Rhys suffer Under the Mountain and meeting Feyre* *decks myself*

I’m Yours

Bucky x Reader

Summary: You have strong feelings for Bucky, but you’re afraid they could ruin your friendship with him, Bucky on the other hand, feels differently.

Word Count: 2,079

Warnings: Implied smut, fluff, sexual content

A/N: This isn’t 100% smut, but it’s enough for you to know what happens. This is my first fic like this, so please be gentle and bear with me. I’m slowly making my way towards it actually going all the way. (I hope that made sense) Anywho, enjoy and please let me know what you think! I love getting feedback! :)

Originally posted by painfulblisss

(GIFs not mine, credit to owner)

“So (Y/N), when are you going to tell him?”

You groaned, you’ve been asked that multiple times over the past few weeks. They were always a variation of that question, didn’t matter how many times they were said, you literally heard them all.

“That’s the thing Nat, I can’t!” You huffed, “It’s too soon anyways.”

You were helping Nat put away everything after training with her all morning. You had to train earlier than usual that morning because Sam and Steve were going to be training the new recruits later on in the day. So they needed the space.

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BFI-Pre screening and why I know there must be more...

As promised, here’s what happened at the BFI pre-screening: Please read through the entire thing. I’m unfortunately going to have to give away a major spoiler to explain how I know there’s more. But first I need to give a bit of context so bear with me:

So, basically, Sherlock is still in a self-hypnotic trance on the TAB plane. (Remember how it actually ends in Victorian times? He’s not “awake” yet. This trance is not “EMP” even though it’s very similar. The process is based on the principles of Tibetan Buddhism that ACD Holmes spent 2 out of his 3 years learning during the hiatus. We know that our Sherlock was in Tibet too. The trance lets clues you didn’t even know you’d picked up on rise to the surface. The subconscious fills in the rest and connects  the dots. 

S4 is all in Sherlock’s subconscious so far. And it’s beautiful. You are privy to his inner thoughts, his heart, and his precious soul. 

It’s also a cypher for us viewers. Once you have the key, you can re-watch and try to piece all the clues that Sherlock had collected and didn’t even know he had. It’s euphoric to put it all together. And very touching too. You realize since none of S4 has happened, John never cheated. That whole scene we saw is Sherlock’s subconscious telling him that John has been emotionally cheating on Mary with Sherlock. That’s the person he texts constantly (look at the honeymoon blog!) Anyway, Sherlock is trying to figure out Moriaty’s return but his sub conscious shows us that the problem is inter-related to Mary, his childhood, John, and Moriarty.

That’s why I found TFP fascinating. It gives you a beautiful profile of his internal struggles with morality. 

I have to tell you this. Mary is not evil. Not at all. All will be explained.

Okay, here’s the BIG spoiler: Sherlock is the little girl on the plane

Yes, Sherlock is trans. 

And yes, Sherlock really is a" girl’s" name. That’s why sex alarms him. That’s why they repeatedly told us he’s not as tall as he looks. Also, in the cut scene from HLV, Magnussen talks about his women’s hands. There are many more little hints.

My soul was aching for him on that plane. I feel so much love for little Sherlock trapped in the airplane with everyone metaphorically asleep to his anguish.

Euros is Sherlock.

Sherlock is trans.

If you re-watch TFP in that context, it’s extremely touching. You’ll see that it was Mycroft who helped Sherlock. “SAVE MY SOUL MY BROTHER.”  I cried when I see Sherlock on the plane and all the adults asleep to his anguish. (sorry for repeating, poor soul. I love him so much.)

So, how was it confirmed? In 2014 I had hypothesized that perhaps Sherlock was trans due to the clues given above. I had dismissed the idea and replaced it with dissociative identity disorder. Read my LJ post from 2014 here: (add link)

Anyway, at the BFI pre-screening, I knew that Sherlock was still in a trance so I watched the episode in that context. It then became evident that my original hypothesis was right. I knew as soon as I saw him on the plane. 

When we were in line for autographs (with not much time for thinking). I wrote in my notebook “I know Sherlock is on the plane.” (Meaning both the metaphorical plane and the TAB plane). The “Sherlock crew” person read it and ‘smirked’ and replied “Which plane?” I think he was enjoying the wit of his question because it had now a triple meaning: Which plane are you talking about you silly fan? AND which plane; as in Young Sherlock Plane? or the TAB plane?). He was clearly amused by his own question to me. He repeated it three times (amused). I finally said, both planes. And the smile I received confirmed it. (Okay, something else was shared but I really don’t want to get the other Sherlock crew member in trouble).

I know some people are not going to believe me. Say that the exchange meant nothing. That the “Sherlock crew person” was literally just asking what the hell I meant by “I know Sherlock is on the plane”.  

But,whether or not you believe me, think about it: Doesn’t it make sense?

A) Hasn’t S4 been contradictory and plain weird in some scenes? 

B) Think of all the repeated sentences used in TAB/S4 that were exactly lifted from S1-S3. (That’s how the subconscious works, It’ll re-use sentences and faces to fill in the gaps.) I can post more about this with examples later.

B) Does TFP feel like the real ending. Wasn’t there so many impossible things in that episode?

C) If you take the fact that Sherlock is trans, and re-watch the episode, can you actually see it? (It’s so touching!)  

I’m not going to try to convince you, but please know that I wouldn’t post about this if I wasn’t sure. I am well aware what this means to the fandom. I know there are many hurting souls out there. Hope is a double-edged sword and I wouldn’t share any of this if I wasn’t positive because I know it could hurt people to get their hopes up. 

A special thank you to @welovethebeekeeper . She was a great help to me in trying to figure out what/how to share. She also listened carefully to what I had to say. *hugs*

anonymous asked:

I love your krypto headcanons! But what if krypto was gigantic? Like polar bear sized? I imagine hilarity would ensue

i love my boy krypto so much.

oh wow, that’d be a pickle (and honestly, then they really couldn’t all the cute stuff like walking him in the park because can you imagine the people gawking at him) but yes hilarity

-kara invites lena to game night and right before she opens the door- lena insisted she drive them over, kara sends alex text after text to please clean up for me, please- and the door shakes

-krypto may be learning how to control his strength but he’s excited and oh, kara’s definitely going to have to reinforce her door

-lena freezes and kara’s just okay, so i maybe forgot to mention, i have a. .dog
and lena’s thinking yikes-she’s not used to animals- but okay. it’s kara and her dog, it’s probably the tiniest thing and cute. lena can totally handle it

-kara opens the door and that’s a bear, kara



-lena almost walks right out. kara being supergirl? it’s fine. she gets to see kara’s arms a lot more, it’s great. but this massive bear barely being held back by kara? nope

-you think lena gets one step away without a hello from krypto? no. he wriggles right out of kara’s grip-you try holding on to a dog that big winn, superstrength doesn’t matter- and lena disappears under a mass of white

-she can’t breathe. she can’t breathe and her last sight will be kara’s wonderful smile as she shoves krypto off before being tackled herself

-cue winn being dragged around by this giant, happy dog who just wants pats

-omfg, you know those big dogs who don’t know they’re big? times that by ten and you got krypto

-maggie has entirely too much fun

okay, i love huge krypto while i’m having major korrasami and naga flashbacks

How would NCT U (minus Mark) + Johnny + Hansol confess to you?


Hello Anon! Thank you for the request. I’m so excited to write and post this since this is my first request. Please bear with me because I have no idea if my writing is any good or not! Thank you and enjoy ;-)

Hansol: I see Hansol as a guy who’d fall completely head over heels for someone, yet keep it quiet for so long. He’d constantly be in utter awe of you, always smiling and staring at you when you’re not looking. Obviously, you wouldn’t have realized his feelings either, even though you were also head over heels for him. 

One time, you’d catch him staring at you when you two were eating at the dorms. “Hansol?” you’d ask. “Hmm.” “Wh-what are you looking at?” Suddenly a wave of confidence would overcome him and he’d move his chair a little closer to you, so close that now your knees were touching. You gulp. He smiles. “You have no idea how much I admire you, do you?” He’d blurt out. Reaching out, he’d reach forward and place one hand on your arm and the other on the back of your head. When you didn’t say anything, Hansol said: “I was happy to just like you secretly, but now I really can’t help it. I like you Y/N…b-but…but it’s okay if you don’t like me back. I’m really sorry for that. I mean, i know it’s a bit weird me sud-!” You leaned forward, kissing his lips softly, but then suddenly pulling back and looking down in embarrassment. “I like you too, Hansol”.

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Johnny: Obviously, this guy is full of confidence. He’d be so certain of his feelings and would take every opportunity just to compliment you and talk to you. At first, you thought he was just being nice for the sake of being polite, but when you noticed how he always avoided girls other than you, or turned down their offers of dating, you questioned why. Why wouldn’t he want to go out with these gorgeous, model-like girls/guys with perfect laughs and interesting lives? You were kind of hoping that this mean that he liked you, but that little voice in the back of your head would always remind you that, Johnny would never, ever, ever date someone like you. 

“Oh Johnny! That is hilarious! How do you do it? You know, you should show me those photos one day!” An SM trainee was currently stuck to Johnny, leeched to his side ever since he entered the practice room. It was clear Johnny was uncomfortable, and although he may be confident, he definitely wasn’t comfortable in telling them to basically “go away”. When he saw you, he practically pleaded with your eyes to come and save him. You walked over grabbed his hand and walked straight back out of the room to a different practice room, him following closely behind. You couldn’t watch them fuss over him like that.

Johnny was stunned at your actions and immediately questioned you on this, as the door shut behind you. “Y/N…? Thanks for that. I can’t deal with her right now?” “Why do you always turns down dates Johnny?” you asked; it had been bothering you for so long. You hoped he’d say something like “because I want you”. But when he actually said that, you were now the one stunned. 

“Me? You want- me?”

“I want you. I really do, have you only just realized?” He grinned at you. “What do you say? Wanna give it a go?”, opening his arms.

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Taeil: I think Taeil would have to know you for a very long time before confessing to you. Maybe even years. Probably because he’d want to make sure his feelings were real and it wasn’t some kind of high school crush. But with you, within weeks, he knew it was real. He’d still wait ages before confessing. Not out of shyness or embarrassment but because he’d want to ensure that he did all he could to make you like him back. He wasn’t going to wait months to confess and then get turned down, especially by you. You also liked him back and you also had the same thoughts on confessing (waiting a long time). I don’t think he’d necessarily ask you out straight up. He’d start by handing your hand more, complimenting your hair or outfit. He’d move on to asking you to go shopping with him or ask more for your opinion on what he should wear. Then he’d move on to more physical contact; he’d hug you more and have his arm over your shoulders. It was would be so gradual that you didn’t even realizing what he was doing (not that you were complaining though lol)

Then suddenly, all those pent up feelings would be out one day. 

You’d both be alone at the dorms, probably watching some movie and eating food. You begged him to watch a rom-com with you, which he happily let you do. On the couch, you had your head on his chest and he had his arms wrapped around you tightly. Sitting like this together was normal for the two of you, despite being “just friends”.

But, when you lifted your head to look at him and tell him how funny that scene was or how romantic it was, he suddenly kiss you pushing you down on the couch so he was hovering your body with his. Of course, you’d kiss back, leading to a passionate make out session between you two (yum. nice one)

Taeil pulled back, blushing profoundly from his sudden outburst. “Sorry Y/N, I guess we just made up for all those months we could’ve been kissing for”.

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Taeyong: Taeyong is probably the type to give you something when he confesses. However, I don’t think he’d be the type to actually physically confess to you. I can see staying up after practice on his bed, with his laptop on his knees and headphones on his head. For weeks, he’d work on a mix-tape CD for you. For some songs he’d remix one of his favorite songs. Others he’d put your favorite songs on. And for the others, he’d write songs for you- a mix of both rapping and singing. He’d make sure they were perfect for you and that when he sung/rapped for you, he’d out as much passion and love into those words as possible. He might even get his husband Yuta or other husband Jaehyun or son Winwin to listen to them and tell him how to perfect them. On the front of the CD case, he’d just attach a Polaroid of the two of you as well as your name and his. He’d make sure to make two copies- one for you and one for him- and then get one of the younger members like Jeno to hand deliver it to you.

When Jeno gave you the CD, all he said was: “listen to it then talk to him”. Obviously you didn’t know what his was talking about, but when you saw your name and Taeyong’s on the front, your heart fluttered at the thought of him actually making something for you. It wasn’t until late that evening you had the opportunity to listen to it. Like Taeyong did for all those months, you were in your room, on your bed, laptop on your knees and headphones on your head. Resting your head against the wall, you closed your eyes and listened. You listened to your favourite artists singing about love and confessing. You listening to Taeyong’s favourite songs that he ha remixed. And you listened, in awe, to Taeyong soothing voice singing. At one point you could’ve sworn to have heard your name in some of the songs. It took you over an hour and a half to listen to the CD (excluding listening to Taeyong’s songs just a couple more times each)

You phoned him at 3 am in the morning, hoping he was still awake and willing to talk. He picked up almost immediately, quickly bringing the phone to his ear, anxious to hear what you thought.

“Did you make that for me Tae?” you asked softly.

“Yeah. I hope you know what I was trying to say”, he replied, eyes closing as he held his breath for your rely.

“That you like me? That you want me to go out with you?” you raised your voice slightly, apprehensive.

“Yeah. Yeah, I really like you”, he breathed. “Hell, I’m almost in love with you now. It took me months to make that, and I think its just made me like you so much more.”

“Well…I think you/ll find that I really really really almost love you too Tae”.

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Doyoung: Honestly, Doyoung would probably be so adorable when he confesses. I see as Doyoung being very confident with his feelings, like Johnny, and as soon as he was sure of his feelings for you, would want to confess to you as soon as possible. 

He’s always so bright and happy in general but around you this would increase by 364737384744% (that’s a lot BTW) His eyes would light up whenever he saw you. He’d follow you everywhere pretty much, not in a creepy way, but in a nice way (IDK is that even possible? It is now) You didn’t mind his company either. Your naturally quiet manner made him more fascinated by you. Around others, you’d be quite shy, but with Doyoung, you’d be more vocal .Everyone noticed this positive change in you, which only made you like him more. 

One day, when you walking around the city, Doyoung suddenly stopped you in your tracks and asked you to close your eyes. For some reason, you did and blushed fiercely when you felt his lips press a kiss on your forehead, then your nose, then your cheeks. You opened your eyes to see Doyoung looking at you shyly, a light bush across his cheeks. He’d suddenly smile and tell you that he’s always liked you. When you replied that you felt the same way, he’d smile even wider pulling you in for a hug.

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Ten: Okay, I can totally see Ten asking you out by doing something related to dancing. He knew how much you loved it when he danced. You were always so supportive and positive for him, which only motivated him to do even better to impress you. You had known him for for only a short while, but the two of you soon developed strong feelings for each other. It was obvious on both parts. You knew he liked you, he knew you liked him, everyone knew you liked each other, yet neither of you ever made a move. 

However, when Ten overheard Yuta talk about how beautiful you look all the time and how he’d love to dance with you one day, jealously quickly built up within him. Yuta liked you- but only as a friend, and Ten knew that. But that didn’t stop him from feeling just a little bit threatened that someone could easily take you away from him. He decided to do something to confess his love for you at last. When he asked you to be his dance partner for a reality show (which he did not give the name of), you happily accepted- this would be your chance to finally get close to him. 

For weeks, you two practiced together every night after he practiced with his group. It was a mix of hip-hop and street dance with a love story running through it. You loved it. He loved it. Everyone loved it. 

One night, you were practicing together and at the end of the song, instead of letting go of you, Ten kept you close to him in his arms. You were confused as to why he was holding onto you so tightly, his head in the crook of your neck and his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. You could feel his heart racing and his breath of you skin.

“Ten? Are you okay?”

“There’s no dancing reality show, Y/N. We’re practicing a dance for nothing…” he whispered, still holding on.

“…oh”, your heart broke. Why would he lie about something like that?

“I just wanted to reason to get close to you. I like you, and you like me. I just made it up so I could build up the courage to ask you out”.

After a few minutes of contemplating on what to say, you finally said: “I’m not mad…unless you take me out, of course”.

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Jaehyun: He seems like an expert when it comes to confessing to a girl. He’d know exactly what to say and do to impress a girl. I can see him being smooth as fuck and always telling you cheesy (and dirty) pick up lines which would only make you laugh and blush slightly. Unfortunately, he’d decide to ask you out via text like a fuckboy. You’d meet up in a city park, though, where he’d be waiting for you with a picnic and blanket with all your favorite foods and drinks. Your heart would suddenly race when you see him there standing with flowers in his hands, wearing a suit for some bizarre reason (c’mon Jae wtf u doing) You’d tease him the entire date about his attire. The two of you would stay there way into the night, where the pair of you would lie on the floor star gazing like romantics awe. 

He’d walk you back home, maybe even giving you a piggyback if you’re lucky. When you arrived, you’d tell him how much fun you had and how you should do it again. He’d laugh at how cute how looked, since you were stuttering over your words. That was only because you really liked me so it was okay. He’d kiss you on the cheek, telling you that he really liked you and that he wanted to take things slow because he wants to get things right. awe.

A/N: Sorry this one was so short and uGLy ew sorry JAehyun

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Sorry I’ve only just realized how long these are omg lol

Bisous, Flo

Nobody (Part 8)

Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: Cursing only…I think.

Words: 3115

A/N: This part might be shit.  I’m not happy with my writing style and am researching on how to improve so please bear with me. And I feel like I lost my touch…the first parts were far better…

italics = reader’s thoughts

Reader’s POV

A wave of tranquillity passed over you as you realised that you must be, once again, back in the void.  The void wasn’t such a terrible place.  You just hated how you got here.  It normally involved agonizing pain and paralyzing horror in order to get into the void.  It was just dark and quiet, nobody lived here.  Nobody hurt you here.  Nothing hurt here, where ever here is; you wished you could stay forever.  

Though, something was different this time.  It wasn’t as black and silent as it usually was.  There was a soft humming and an occasional unfamiliar beep; someone had turned the noise back on.  And the darkness was slowly washing away, like a receding ocean tide.  Don’t go.

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Andre Burakovsky #7

Requested by Anon:  can you do an andre burakovsky imagine where you guys get into a fight over something stupid (like him being jealous/protective) and you’re both really angry and he pushes you up against the wall and kisses you and you can do the rest lol!! thanks love your writing!!

*Thank you, thank you soo much!! This might be a little too heavy for a Burkie imagine (mainly because when I think about him, I think about puppies and doughnuts and rainbows and unicorns and basically he’s the human embodiment of my happy place hahaha) so please bear with me. :* *

Word count: 888

Originally posted by glovesdropped

You loosened your grip on the back of the chair and took a deep breath, trying to control the volume of your voice, “there will always be people flirting with me,” you almost yelled at him.

André stopped pacing in front of you and glared, “but it doesn’t mean you have to flirt back.”

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Damon x Reader

Hello lovely people! So as you know I have written some imagines on Wattpad, but I decided to move them over to this blog. This one is really simple but I hope you enjoy and continue to enjoy the ones I do plan on posting. My laptop has been broken forever so I’m trying to get a new one. Please bear with me! But Request away! xoxo ___________________________________________

Nothing. I felt absolutely nothing. I mean it was cold outside, and it was dark but who cares? It felt great. No emotions clouding my judgement, no guilt for killing a person, just absolutely nothing.

Bright lights interrupted my satisfied thoughts of turning my humanity off. Dinner was here. Or maybe a late night snack. Who knows because I have no idea how many bodies I left behind.
I’m surprised I lost count cause I thought the Salvatore brothers would’ve caught up with me by now. They were so annoying and wouldn’t shut up about flipping my switch back on. But forgetting about the brothers, I heard the opening of a car door, the click of a woman’s heels, and then her annoying little voice. “Oh my gosh are you hurt?” she cried. I could hear her heartbeat racing at 100 miles per hour. The chick was nervous, yet I kept still and silent. Her voice rang out again, “Um stay there…?” A loss of words. “I’ll just um call for help!” She squeaked nervously before the sounds of her heels clicked back to her car.

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Eyo wazzuppp

170210 HKG Arrival

Is Chanyeol looking at his phone? Then Baek is just peeking over?

Sehun’s(?) beautiful booty and legs featuring Chanyeol and Baekhyun near each other in the background ^^ ahhhhhh it’s good to be back baby

Side by sideeee

That jacket makes Chanyeol look kinda like a red marshmallow XD I love how it looks like he’s just towering over Baek

Chanyeol’s duty: Stay behind Baek at all times because he don’t like feeling lonleh 

Chanyeol duty numero dos: Get real close to Baek because lol who needs personal space when ye got on this fluffy jacket 

Nothing huge or anything but I was missing having something to post XD I missed ye guys~ I hate school XD I might not post as frequently or as quickly or answer messages that quickly either so please bear with me ^^ 

Let’s bask in the small moments we have been given :D

When the KBTBB guys see a hickey on MC from a dog

This one has been in my head for awhile after getting basically a hickey on my arm from a dog a little less then a week ago. At work we do muzzle dogs that bite like the bichon (a small very fluffy white dog) I was working on. Unfortunately the muzzle was just a tad to big and was still able to pinch me with his front teeth thus the hickey. So hopefully this is a good one and can tide you over till I think of what to do next. Please and thank you for bearing with me.

Prologue: You come home from a hard day at work with a bruised and sore arm after a dog bit you. Unfortunately it is already bruised and looks like a hickey already. Fortunately for you your man was out for the night so you didn’t have to worry about it till the next day. You relaxed and just went to take a shower in the suite. You came out with only a towel wrapped around you and get surprised by a strong grip on your arm near the bruise. “_____ where did you get that hickey?” Was all the warning you got that your guy got back early.

Eisuke: He growls and tightens his grip on your arm. “I asked you a question.” You wince and yelp “Eisuke let go that hurts!” He doesn’t let go and shakes his head scowling at you “Serves you right for having an affair with another man.” You can only sigh realizing you won’t get away without explaining. Though all you can think it’s going to end up in trouble.

“I wasn’t having an affair, I swear. A dog just got me is all.” He looks at you unbelievingly “Right a dog did that” You sigh in your head and just gently press against him “You know I’m only your’s eisuke” Letting the towel fall and then he smirks letting your arm go looking you over “Well guess you just have to prove it to me then.” He kisses you after picking you up and taking you to the bed leading to a long night of “persuading him”

Soryu: You look over to him looking at a sad looking Soryu “Sweetie it’s not what you think” You say to him and he grips your arm a bit harder causing you to wince. He quickly lets go after seeing your wince “I’m sorry, did that hurt? But what do you mean it’s not what I think?” You smile softly and gently caress his cheek feeling a bit guilty making him look so sad but at the same time enjoying seeing him a bit jealous.

You smile and let him run a finger over the swollen bite mark. “It’s a dog bite mark, apparently I did something that he hated.” He looks into your eyes as he relaxes and smiles “Did I just get jealous of a dog?” You could only laugh and nod “Yes you did” He gives that sexy smirk as a spark ignites in his eyes “Well then let me give you an example of my jealousy tonight” He picks you up and tosses you onto the bed and you end up having a sweet night with your sweet mobster.

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Viktuuri/Victuuri/Victuri/someonefixtheshipname fic rec

Bless this fucking fandom because I have never seen this many quality fics pouring into ao3 in just a matter of 12 weeks and counting. I remember when there was only like what, 2 pages worth of fics in ao3 of this ship, I literally saw the baby steps of this ship and fandom and I am so blessed. This will be quite long so bear with me.

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I apologize for this sudden post, but! Please prepare to look in your inboxes for an anonymous message over your assigned person (please try to turn anon on, if you haven’t already!)

There was a little delay, but now asks will be sent shortly! So please keep an eye out for that ask! 

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Hi, just found your blog and really find your headcannons really cute. Could I request a fluff scenario where the Paladins are jealous that their lions are getting more attention from their s/o? Like the lions keep getting in the way of the couple's alone time. Thanks:)

i’m writing all my recent posts on my phone so bear with me please


“(y/n)? where have you been?” he sighed and you entered the room. you gave him a smile and walked over to nestle up next to him.
“i’ve just been talking with black, you both been through a lot lately” you replied, leaning your hand on his shoulder. shiro frowned silently and fiddled with his hand.
“are you alright shiro?” you ask when he didn’t say anything for long.
“don’t be angry me but ah-i also want to spend sometime with you, like after missions and stuff, but you keep going to the hangar and i just” he breathed out, not meeting your gaze.
“oh” you breathed out.
“i’m sorry really, i didn’t know you felt neglected. thank you for telling me shiro” you smile softly, placing a hand on his chin and tilting it up to face you.
“so more us time now?” he asked hopefully.
“definitely” you grin, leaning in to kiss him.

“you’re back late” lance frowned as you shuffled in the sheets.
“yea sorry, i’ve been with blue” you smiled, looking up at him.
he once again frowned at your comment and opened his mouth but then closed it quickly. you shrugged it off, thinking it was nothing but when he didn’t pull you closer for a cuddle, you knew something was up.
“are you angry at me lance?” you asked softly.
“no, i’m just jealous of blue” he shrugged.
“- he gets more time with you than i do and i just” he frowned, scratching the back of his neck.
you smiled and pulled him into a hug, breathing in his soft scent.
“oh god i’m so sorry lance, thank you for telling me” you breathed out.
he smiled against your cheek and pulled you in closer

“out with red again?”
you turned your head to the opening of the training deck to find keith leaning on the doorframe.
“yeah, and you training again?” you smiled, walking towards him.
“what else could i do when my boyfriend/girlfriend is out when i wanted to spend time with them” he shrugged walking back into the deck.
you frowned and ran up to him, pulling him in your arms.
“oh keith, i’m sorry. ah-I didn’t know” you mumbled in his shirt. he smiled down at you affectionately and ruffled your hair.
“yea don’t worry, it’s fine (y/n)” he replied,pulling away.
he planted a short kiss on your lips before pulling you out of the training deck.
“hey!- where are we heading” you giggled when he started to fasten his pace.
“we are going to cuddle, making up for lost time ya know”

you sigh contently as you laid down on the sofa next to pidge who was typing away codes on her laptop.
“had fun with green huh?” she muttered with a tiny hint of sarcasm.
“yea, are you alright” you frowned, facing her.
she just stayed silent and shrugged. the only sound filling the silence in the room was the sound of her fingers tapping on the keyboard.
“i’m serious pidge, please tell me” you sigh, taking her laptop away and placing it behind you.
“hey! give it back” she whined.
“only after you tell me what’s wrong with you”
she sigh.
“i’m just annoyed, you spend more time with green more than i do” she shrugged, looking down at her feet.
“oh” you breathed out.
“god i’m sorry, so so sorry pidge” you apologized, pulling her into your arms. pidge smiled and hugged you back.

“there you are! figured you were here if you weren’t sleeping already” you said brightly, sitting down at the kitchen stool, propping your hand on the counter.
“yea, i’m always here like you’re always at yellow’s hangar” he muttered, passing you a cup of cocoa.
“are you alright hunk?” you frowned, stirring the spoon around the drink as he opened a packet of marshmallows.
“i’m just jealous of yellow sometimes, she gets to spend a lot of time with you, more than i do actually” he shrugged, putting some of the marshmallows in your cup then putting some in his.
“i’m sorry, i want to spend time with you really, i just wanted to get to know yellow too. i know she’s a big part of your life and i just” you sigh, reaching to take his hand in yours.
hunk just smiled and squeezed your hands.
“yes i know, thank you”

Mornings (Philip Hamilton/Reader)

another Philip Hamilton one! I have around three more requests to do (sorry if they’re taking too long but school just start again for me!) so bear with!

Prompts: Nothing :) Just a simple little fic for @meyers-princess bc she loves philip hamilton and her knee is messed up (👉 ͡°ツ ͡°)👉

Length: 411 words

Warnings: None

Note: please feel free to request anything :) comments are much appreciated 

If there was one thing you enjoyed in life, it was the simple pleasure of waking up beside Philip Hamilton. Rolling over and seeing his freckled face on the pillow across from you was, even in your sleepy state, what you thought to be the most perfect sight you could wake up to in the morning.

Philip doubted this; he always said that you were the most beautiful sight to wake up to.

It’s easy to understand why you were fairly disappointed to wake up and see him gone from the bed, a Philip-shaped indent on the mattress and his refreshing smell the only evidence that he had once been there.

You stretched out against the mattress, your fingers grabbing the duvet that had slipped off your shoulders and pushed it aside. You sat up, immediately feeling pain shooting through your leg. The pain was sharp and you stifled a sob. Suddenly, you heard a familiar voice from the hallway, one of sympathy.

“Is your leg acting up again?” asked Philip, rushing to your side of the bed. He sat next to you, holding you close as you tearfully nodded. “Oh no. I thought it had ended.” You had, too. You’d injured your leg a few months back, and even Philip had lowered his protective shields after a bit.

“It’s fine,” you mumbled, your mouth half pressed against his shoulder as he pulled you closer. “I’ll just get up and make breakfast.”

“No, no,” said Philip, pulling you further back onto the bed. He stood, leaning over to brush some of your H/C behind your ear and press a gentle kiss to your mouth. “Let me do everything. You stay here.”

“I love you,” you said, your voice weak as the pain in your knee failed to subside. You pulled his hand into yours and gave him a smile, though the smile soon went as a fresh wave of pain shot up your knee as you pulled it into your chest.

“Oh, Y/N. I love you too. Just stay here and relax. I’ll make breakfast and be back in a bit.”

“Thank you, Pip.” You let your head fall back on the pillow, sighing contentedly to yourself as your eyes closed. Philip pressed one last kiss to your forehead. smoothed back your hair one last time, and left.

Hopefully, when you woke up this time, it would be with no pain and to see Philip’s smiling face.

I´m still trying to figure out how Clip works and which drawing style works best for me. So please bear with me and the constant changing of Bill’s design a little longer .

I also just finished reading chapter 16 of „For the Morality and Sanity of Dipper Pines“ by  charliesundies! She has amazing writing skills and I loved the scene where Bill and Dipper wrestled over Bill’s pullover! Poor toe Dipper :`D

It Doesn’t Matter

Pairing: Richard Speight Jr x Reader
Word count: 1,181
Warnings: None.  
Request: (Anonymous) I kinda have a request for rich. Could you do one where you both work on supernatural and he likes you but doesn’t want to make a move cause you’re younger than him and then maybe rob can convince him otherwise? You can decide how to end it, smutty/fluffy/whatever
Author Note: My first time writing Richard Speight Jr so please let me know what you think and be honest in all reviews as always.

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