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POI Appreciation week // Day 5: Favourite Quotes   Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, and this is just the beginning; it keeps on going, forever, without ever repeating….everything we ever say or do; all of the world’s infinite possibilities rest within this one simple circle.

Please let Clace fans enjoy 2x19.

If you’ve seen my blog you know I watch this show mostly for Magnus, Alec and Malec. So keeping that in mind, I ask you lovely people to not hate on the Clace scenes next episode. 

I fully admit I was bitter in the past too, because Malec weren’t being treated fairly while Jace got to hook up left and right. But now that we have 2x18 (a masterpiece) and the promise of Malec fighting together in the finale (and it looks like Todd & co. really got the message), let’s all just enjoy the ride.

You don’t have to fall in love with Clace, I doubt I ever will, but if there are beautiful moments (like that glowing rune scene, that looks very pretty) let people get excited about it without hating on them. 



The world needs its heroes.

DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, has come to an end, or well a semi-end.

In six months, Congress will choose whether or not DACA will stay alive.

And we need your help, heroes! Contact your senators, put pressure on Congress to keep DACA alive.

100% of DACA status holders have no criminal record, 91% of them have jobs, and all of them are DREAMers, good people who were brought to America as children, with no choice or say in the matter, are threatened by the end of DACA.

DACA was created to keep these kids safe, to grant them jobs, drivers licenses, social security numbers. America is, for most of these kids, the only country they know.

This blog isn’t for politics, and this will be the only post I make about it, but as someone who’s loved ones are directly effected by this I need your voices heroes!

Be the Change you Wish to See.

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Please don't scroll past..

Hey, want a little bit of your attention to talk about a thing that bothers me..
Please don’t scroll past a post, if someone is going through hard times.
Do not ignore it if you see that person is depressed / stressed / anxious / feeling weak and hopeless / is talking about self-harming or suicide, etc.
Even if you don’t know that person, if you had never interacted or if you’re not even following each other, do not leave them alone.
Some people find it really hard to open up or to express their feelings. They might don’t have a close person to share bothers with or might be too afraid to talk about it with them. So, the fact that they are telling about their problems to bunch of strangers online, in my opinion, means that they are really going through hard times and all they want is some support.
If you see one of these posts, please take few minutes to send that person a nice message or ask (no matter with anon or not). Write some encouraging words, give them advice or suggest your help if you can. Anything fits - even if it’s a message saying ‘Stay strong.’ One small message, can make someone’s day a hundred times better.
It just hurts to see when people are opening up and expressing their feelings, but are simply getting ignored. In these cases, people are almost never asking for help or support, but are always secretly hoping for it. Many post it thinking ‘Oh no one cares anyway’ and not getting any feedback just fuels their depressive thoughts/frustration/thinking that they are waste of space and stuff like that.
Please do not ignore posts like that. A small interaction can give person hope, make them smile through tears, give them strength to hold on or even save their life.
Do not scroll past.

let’s try to look at the positive effects of the Polygon situation

Strictly, just… Good things that has happened because of this. This is a terrible situation that should never have happened, but maybe there’s a silver lining. Feel free to add to it.

1. The Man In Question is (at the time of writing) suspended from Polygon.

This means that the company is taking this issue and issues like it seriously, and is not brushing it under a rug, which at least I feared would be the case. It also means that TMIQ no longer has the position that allowed him to do what he did in the first place. Sidenote: they most likely wouldn’t have suspended him without some serious accusations, so we can probably assume he’ll be fired.

2. More people, and women in particular, are speaking up about the problems of working in games and games media.

Using this situation to speak up about similar problems is so important. Once you have an in, it’s important to use it, or things will never get better. (Example: this thread by @wordweasel. I’d add more but I’m so tired) 

3. People are giving spotlights to alternative, non-problematic gaming content creators.

Like this thread by @jephjacques

I guess I might as well use this opportunity too?  

Aaaaand that’s all I got. Tumblr, got anything else?

Okay, I get most of the fandom is not happy with Heroes of Olympus, and a lot of people like to pretend that saga never happened, but here is a fact: with all its flaws, most of the main characters of Heroes of Olympus are POC. A lot of people saw their representation on this saga, so please, let’s stop saying “let’s pretend this saga never existed” because it’s here and it’s giving representation. 4 out the seven main characters are POC. Reyna, who also had a huge part on the saga, is also a POC and Nico is gay. I understand people are not happy with this saga, but please don’t wish it never existed.

99% of my crushes are +10 years older than me and out of my reach

Help me pleaseeeee

Hi guys! So I wouldn’t normally do this but you’ve all been so nice and encouraging to me the last couple days and I wanna … you know, keep taking advantage of that for as long as you’ll tolerate it. ;)

THE POINT IS! I actually feel motivated to write for like the first time in a billion years and I have so many fic ideas and I don’t know what to go with. So … uh, can you care (or pretend to care) about my 3000 unfinished stories and help me decide which to go with? We have …

My fics sound … a little stupid when you lay them all out like that, but yeah, these are the forks in the road. (I know, I know, I never finished Gwenvid week. It’s … on the list, okay? But these are the things I’m inspired about so this is what we’re going with.)