so pleasant to hear

Oh fuck me

Soulmate Week prompt #1 Jefferson x Reader

Pfft ‘oh, fuuuuuck me’ would so amazing. Thomas expects it to be a pleasant kind of surprise he hears, but no: it’s very much not a pleasant tone and Thomas is very confused until he sees a pissed off Alex storming across the room because he recognizes the words and there is no way a friend of his is Thomas’s soulmate *** reader is a friend of the hamilsquad.

“I hate that man,” Alex groaned as he sat down at the table that you were sharing with your little group of friends.

“Thomas again?” you asked without even looking up from your work in biology.

“Yep,” John chimed in as he also sat down at the table. The group was sitting in their favorite cafe on their college campus.

Alexander was ranting about something that Thomas had done while in political science. You had ignored him, just like you had every other time that this topic had come up. It had become old a long time ago.

You had your own work to worry about.

Lafayette and Hercules were listening to Alex, chiming in once in awhile with notes of agreement. They all seemed to hate the man called Thomas Jefferson. You had never met him, however you had seen him from a distance a couple times

The group was getting rowdy and you were getting annoyed. You looked at your cup of tea and noticed that it was empty. Time for a refill.

You left your group of friends and made your way up to the front so that you could order your drink. As you got into the line the man in front of you turned around quickly and spilled his drink.

All over your shirt.

You groaned.

“Holy shit, I’m so fucking sorry,” the man claimed.

You froze.

You knew those words. They were the ones that had been inscribed on your wrist ever since the day you were born.

Glancing up at the face in front of you, you groaned.

“Oh fuck me.”

Thomas Jefferson stood in front of you a smirk on his face from hearing your words but then a confused look dawning as he heard the groan that accompanied it.

“What?” he asked to no one in particular. That wasn’t exactly the way that he expected his soulmate to say the words that were inscribed on his skin.

He thought they would say it with lust and longing, but he heard it with disdain instead.

His soulmate had an anxious gleam in their eye, and when he looked up he knew why. Alexander Hamilton was storming up to them, fire in his eyes.

“Stay away from them!” Alex bellowed at the taller man.

“Why the hell would I stay away from my soulmate?” Thomas questioned, showing his wrist to the little group.

Alex froze in disbelief. You closed your eyes, not believing what was happening. It was all going to shit.


Alex looked between the two of you.

“Oh fuck me.

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the series read as follows:



Monday was terrible. Mulder’s dress shirt was too tight against his neck; Scully’s nylons itched something fierce and would not stay where they were supposed to; Skinner seemed louder than they remembered and the file folders seemed more dry and sharper along the edges, paper cuts lurking very near in the future. Mulder’s cast banged into every available obstacle, including Scully on several occasions, tripping her up, sending her stumbling into a wall at one point and a door the next. Apologizing profusely from the safety of his office chair, “I promise you, I’m not trying to kill you.”

Smiling at him as she massaged her heel, “I’ll survive.”

Mulder dropped his head to the desk, “can we please go back on vacation?”

“You keep bringing that up. I’m beginning to believe you are not quite as committed to your job as you once were.”

Lifting his head, he looked at her, awkwardly trying to undo his top button without moving more than a few centimeters, “I will be, just not right now. My God, or your God as it were, why the hell can’t we wear t-shirts and shorts?”

As she settled into the chair across from him and kick/slid her heels across the room, “because people wouldn’t take you seriously in your garish plaid shorts and Smurf t-shirt, regardless of how many times you show them your badge.”

“You don’t like my garish plaid shorts and my Smurf t-shirt?”

“Well, no. I meant people in general. I, not being your average person, love your garish plaid shorts and Smurf t-shirt.”

“I like you in my Smurf t-shirt as well.”

Giving him a soft smile, complete with that hint of pink filling her cheeks, quickly rising from neck to forehead, “it is a very comfortable shirt.”

The look went on a little longer than it should have and Mulder broke the building tension with a groan, “the thing is, I can’t even go out and do any real work for at least another two weeks.”

“Minimum, Mulder. That’s the bare minimum. You may have convinced Skinner to let you go do interviews but until those pins come out and you can actually walk and run again, we won’t be doing much else so accept it now or I’ll be eviscerating you ‘round about Thursday because of your whining.” Holding out her hand, “now, let’s see what we’ve missed. Hand me something, please.”


Monday evening, just as they were pulling back up in front of Scully’s apartment, her turn to play host and their chosen destination for cleaning and unpacking, her phone rang. It didn’t take long for Mulder to deduce that she would be going somewhere and he would be left behind. Once she hung up, she turned his way, “this feels an awful lot like just before we left.”

“Another mass grave?”

“No but I need to go to Idaho while you, my casted friend, are about to get a call telling you you’re need for some profiling up in Maine.”

“How …” was all he got out before his phone jingled in his pocket, signaling she was right and he was gonna be lonely. All the dominoes fell in line soon after that, Scully flying out to one side of the country while Mulder, navigating the airport with his crutches, headed to the other.

As soon as he settled in his seat, priority boarding getting him on the plane first and awarding him ample time to complain to Scully before either of them took off, “why can’t I just come with you and they can email the files to me? It’s not like I really have to physically be sitting at the crime scene to do this.”

She was stuck sitting in the waiting area between a gentleman wearing too much cologne and a woman with three bags and a pursed look on her face. Wondering if she was sucking on a lemon none of them could see, she texted back, leaning forward to get away from both of them, forearms resting on her carry-on, “you know you work better when you’re at the scene. Walking around, looking at things, touching things, it’s when you do your best profiling Mulder.”

Sighing, “I know but I’m complaining because I won’t get to see you for who knows how long. I want my ten seconds of bitching and I will not be denied!”

A chuckle skipped up her throat, forcing her shoulders to jump and the haughty woman to look at her with distain. Scully was okay with this. “Let me know when you’re done so I can complain next.”

They went on for another ten minutes until Mulder sent her a message containing a smiley and a ‘love you … fly safe’. Even though he wouldn’t see it until he landed again, she responded in kind, then slouched back in her seat, happy to see that cologne man had left, her air field clear once again.


Eventually, she made it to her hotel a little after 2am, cursing the existence of time zones, turbulence and taxi cabs whose drivers seem to have no idea where anything was in Boise. Irritated to no end, she dropped her bags on the bed, did her standard bedbug check, thankfully turned up nothing then pulled out her phone, “if you are awake, I hate Idaho and everything it stands for. I will not be eating potatoes in protest while I am here.”

Immediately her phone rang, startling her, causing her to nearly drop the thing as she answered it, “Mulder?”

“Morning, sunshine. Having a pleasant trip so far?”

His voice made her smile, which he could hear on his end and it made him happy, “it’s a tad more pleasant now. Why are you awake? It’s 2am.”

“Where you are but where I am, it’s nearly 5:30 and the sun is just coming up.”

Sleep-deprivation and the rough ride made her forget the time change, “gonna be a long day now, isn’t it?”

“Probably but that’s all right. Rather have you wake me up than anything else.” Stretching across his double bed, both bed and body creaking and popping, “so, in all great seriousness, when are we going on vacation again?”

Having already stripped while talking to him and pulled on her pajamas, she laughed, “we need to work a few weeks, build up some vacation time again before we go anywhere.”

“You are no fun this morning.”

Knowing he was only joking with her, she looked down at her wardrobe choice, “well, if I tell you that I’m wearing only your purple Grimace shirt to bed, will that make me more fun?”

“Infinitely. If I ask you to take it off and do things while you tell me what you’re doing, it would be even more fun.”

That worked on her parts quite efficiently but knowing she needed sleep more, she slid under her sheets, still clothed, “sorry, buddy, exhaustion calls but eventually, you’ll get me out of the Grimace shirt, I promise.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” Whispering his good night, he let her go to sleep while he started his day.

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Liam was also very beautiful on the soundtrack but I think everyone is so hyped about Louis because we rarely hear him and he has a voice that's so soothing and pleasant to hear. He's a literal angel (as well as Liam) but whatever chance we get to hear Louis, we take it because he has a voice for everything. His voice literally takes over everyone. He's got some real power and I can't wait to hear his album, for sure. His voice has matured and it's his voice, not some auto tuned shit. It's pure.

yeah, everyone’s super proud of liam too. i know i am. but as a louie i am never going to stop screaming. (+ it’s not that it was auto tune, just that he didn’t get many solos, therefore didn’t get a proper chance to shine and show his true potential.)

the asmr feels (1/?):

  • the sound of mercy’s heels clicking down the empty hallway at god-knows-what in the morning to go to her clinic
  • the soft dual tone of genji’s voice && additional synthesis of his laugh. personal care and attention

  • the clinking of a spoon against a glass of solider/reinhardt making morning coffee

  • zenyatta. just. zenyatta.

  • weaponry noises of mccree fiddling with his revolver /  hanzo cleaning / tending to his bow

pairing: Ivar x OFC

fandom: vikings

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @un-education @bookswillfindyouaway @ivarthebonelessx you ask so I wrote you a little something with a valkyrie

Cries filled the battlefield all around him, the scent of blood lingering heavy in the air. Ivar’s vision began to blur as he lay on the cold ground and tried his best not to lose consciousness after his chariot had split in half and send him flying. His head had made an awful sound when it hit the grass. He couldn’t move, could hardly see and the voices were starting to slowly fade. Even the sound of metal clashing together was a faint memory.
He saw here then, clear as day, striding across the battlefield. Her long hair was flowing behind as she walked, unfazed by the fight. She moved between the battling men with such grace, he couldn’t takes his eyes off of her.

She felt his eyes on her, stopped what she was doing and turned her attention towards the boy on the ground.
Her hand brushes his cheek as she kneels down to take a closer look at him.

“It is not your time yet. Ivar the boneless.” Her voice is the only sound he can clearly understand, everything else is just a background mumbling.

He tries to speak, ask her name but nothing comes out no matter how hard he tries.  

Her soft smile and beautiful voice warms his heart and he fights against it with all his might when she says ‘sleep’ and his mind slips away.

People thought Ivar was descending into madness. They had barely won their last battle and his wounds weren’t even healed yet.
He urged them to move on and they follow. Some out of fear, a lot more because the son of Ragnar had gained their respect and loyalty. They followed him even if it should be their last battle.
But Ivar didn’t lose, he was the first to race into the enemy lines like a berserk and the last to come back. He did it without a single scratch each time, much to his disdain.

Ivar had become obsessed with meeting the Valkyrie he had seen again. At that time he hadn’t realized what she was but after his mind was clear again and he woke up it all made sense.

They showed after battles, guiding the spirits of brave warriors to Valhalla.
So that’s what he had done, starting fights, risking his life and leaving a trail of dead bodies behind that coloured the land in red.

Nothing had worked but Ivar was stubborn to a fault. His teeth pressed together, jaw clenched he drags himself closer towards the cliff.
It should work. It had to because by now he had run out of ideas and even if it may look like it right now, dying wasn’t what he craved.

“What are you doing?!”
An irritated voice and yet so pleasant to hear.

“It’s about time you show up. I do not appreciate to wait for others.” His cocky tone made her even angrier than she already was.
She had saved his life over and over again in the last weeks as he rushed into battle without a second thought. A little child out of control.

“I am a Valkyrie! I am supposed to guide souls to the afterlife, not look after a brat like yourself with a death wish!”

“And yet here you are.”
His smirk grew, together with the satisfied look he gave her.

He was right to some extant. There was a fate much bigger than he could ever imagine planned for him, letting him die before his time wasn’t something she could let happen. Yet the arrogant mortal made her easily lose her temper.

“Enough!” Her voice booms as she steps closer and slaps him across the back of his head, like one would do with a disobedient child.

His face showed much more shock and surprise at what she had dared to do, than it showed rage. His mouth slightly agape, he stares up at her with a variety of emotions evident.

“Do not make me save you again.” She turns her back to him and starts walking away, “I will be checking on you…” She adds quietly but not enough that he doesn’t hear.

He smiles as he watches her disappear into the mists that had gather all over the cliff. He had got his way in the end.

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Hey so im curious. Can you describe the world that always human is set in? Also how did you come up with the idea of mods? Your comic has been awe-inspiring and makes me want to cry every time I read it. I also have a bit of a problem. Im a devoted christian and God says that homosexuality is a sin, but I am absolutely in love with your comic. I cant stop thinking about it. I know its wrong but I just want everyone to be themselves and love one another. You have any advice for me?

Hello anon :)

So as an atheist I’m probably not the best person to talk about reconciling Christianity with LGBT+ rights, but there are people out there who believe that this is not only possible, but it is the right way to be a religious person. You could try seeing what these people and these people have to say. There’s even an online forum where you can sign up and talk to people who have dealt with these issues themselves.

I think basically it comes down to - do you believe that every word of the bible is the pure unfiltered word of God? To the best of my knowledge many Christians believe that the bible was written by people who may have messed up or overlaid it with their prejudices, or the beliefs that were common at the time. And so it doesn’t make sense to take every word in it literally, and at times you may need to use your moral judgement to make ethical decisions, even if this contradicts the bible. (For example, there’s a passage in the New Testament that supports returning runaway slaves to their owners but I’m sure most Christians today - hopefully all Christians today! - believe that slavery is horrible and runaway slaves should be given the chance to live in freedom.)

So I don’t think it’s wrong at all for a Christian to want everyone to be themselves and love one another. You’ve got a good heart, anon

Also thank you for the kind words! I’m so happy you enjoyed Always Human and I’m really honoured that you gave it a chance. Thank you.

Finally, I’m not quite sure how to describe the world of Always Human. I’ve seen people describe it as utopian sci-fi, so let’s go with that?

And I’ve talked here about how I developed the story/worldbuilding. And I think that answered all your questions?

I hope you have a lovely day :)

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Hello! Me and my boyfriend just started reading Always Human and we love it! Thank you for such an amazing comic :D

Awwww, gosh, thank you both so much :D It’s super cute that you’re reading it together~

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Have you seen the Always Human fandub on YouTube yet? So far they only have dubs for episodes for chapters 1-10. So if you have seen the fan dub what do you think? Would you say the voices of Austen and Sunati are accurate and fit you’re design of them?

Yes, I have, they’re absolutely wonderful *_____*

And I’m delighted with the voices! I’ve never had a voice in mind for any of my characters, so it was such a pleasant surprise hearing the characters voiced. I think both dubbing groups have done a fantastic job - I feel that the voices fit in well with the visual design of the characters and also do a great job conveying their personalities/emotions.


Lana, Jared & the writers talking about Henry & Regina’s/The Evil Queen’s relationship.


Request: will you do a band au kylo ren where he’s a super badass lead singer to this junk band and you stumble across them at a bar or something?

A/N: First of all, the gif above fits this one shot perfectly, so I decided to use it. Second of all, thank you anon for the request, I enjoyed writing it! Enjoy! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.9K+

Warning: Slight profanity.

Rubbing your forehead as you felt an awful migraine coming on, you decided to shut the chemistry text book, deciding trying to understand science wasn’t in your favor at the moment–let alone, at anytime. Leaning back in your chair as you let out a disgruntled groan, the door to your dorm instantly slammed open, you not even bothering to see who as you knew it was Rey. “Yes, Rey?”

“We need to get you out of here.” Walking over to you, she spun your chair around for you to face her. “You’ve been locked up in here for the past three days studying for this damn exam, give yourself a break!” She exclaimed, causing you to sigh. “Come on, Poe and Finn wanted to stop by this bar that most of the uni kids go to since apparently they have live music and yadda yadda and you know how Poe is about music,” She swatted a hand, causing you to huff.

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Soulmate Week! July 23rd-29th

July 23rd, 8:30pm: Pfft ‘oh, fuuuuuck me’ would so amazing. Thomas expects it to be a pleasant kind of surprise he hears, but no: it’s very much not a pleasant tone and Thomas is very confused until he sees a pissed off Alex storming across the room because he recognizes the words and there is no way a friend of his is Thomas’s soulmate *** reader is a friend of the hamilsquad.

July 24th, 8:30pm: B O y Soulmate with Hunk okAY the red strings??? Idk if u want any elaboration or not but !!!

July 25th, 8:30pm: Hey, what about a Philip x reader soulmate thing where the names on both wrists are the same? They seem to hit off right away, but then reader says something negative about his dad/something he really disagrees with, and suddenly it occurs to them to ask each others’ last names

July 26th, 8:30pm: Can I request a washingdad/reader modern au/ soulmate au ( the one with the writing on your arm. Where they have to baby sit Philip and Theodosia (idk) and they find out their soulmates. Idk I’m not good at making requests

July 27th, 8:30pm: SECRET!! 

July 28th, 8:30pm: Since we need more Turn x reader fics and I’m in love with John Andre, can you do a soulmate fic with Major Andre? Maybe like the reader works as a spy for the Americans or something. I would love you forever.

July 29th, 8:30pm: for soulmate week, with Bucky where he and the reader are soulmates, and they meet on a mission, except bucky is still the Winter Soldier, and the reader is a Shield operative, sorry if that is confusing. How you could put the soulmates in the story is that they both have the same tattoos, and they burn when you go near your soulmate

Dino’s and Flirting Part 1 {Zach Mitchell X Reader}

(Credit goes to image’s original owner.)

Fandom: Jurassic World

Characters: Zach Mitchell,Gray Mitchell,Zara Young

Word Count: 938

Warnings: Minor cursing

Boarding the boat to the ‘Jurassic World’ theme park,you don’t know quite what to expect,apart from dinosaurs of course.You were supposed to go see the attractions with your sister,but a sudden case of the flu made it so she couldn’t come.So here you are now,being loaded onto a boat,with no one to talk to.


You move towards the edge of the boat and try to find a spot to sit,when you see an available space you rush over to it at a blinding speed.Upon reaching the table and chair set you plonk down your bag and pull out some sunglasses,as the sunlight is blinding.That’s when you notice just how much dinosaur themed objects you own; Your bag was decorated with a T-Rex pattern,your sunglasses are shaped like a Parasaurolophus and the T-Shirt you are wearing has an Ankylosaurus on it.

“God I must love dinosaurs…” You joke to yourself,having a light chuckle.

Then an announcement goes off.

“We are now commencing journey towards ‘Jurassic World’,please enjoy the ride!” Which is followed up with a round of applause.The boat then begins to move,having a rather loud build up first.Soon enough the boat picks up speed to the point where a light spray of water is constantly coating the edges of the boat,including you.Most of the girl’s around the area move away,but the feeling is pleasant,so you have no intentions of moving.You can hear a few complaints from the girls,but something you notice the most is how bitchy some of them are being about you.

“Look at the loser of there,she doesn’t even care about the water.”

“Wow,but you can tell she isn’t wearing make-up,so of course she’s not bothered by it.”

“Look at all of the dinosaurs on her clothes,what is she? Like twelve?”

You turn to face the girls and do a very sassy lowering of your sunglasses,giving them a smug smile,much to their distaste.That’s when you have a very small glance of a cute boy staring at you,he was wearing a grey hoodie that had the hood up,so you couldn’t see all of his features.But you could see a pair of headphones,that were the exact same style that you had.

You turn away rather quickly,making sure your gaze didn’t linger too long,and you dig through your bag for the headphones.Luckily enough they are water-proof,so you put them on,making a point to look back at the boy whilst doing so.You make eye contact with him and give him a sweet smile,he is cute after all. He smiles back,looking a little flustered,as a boy next to him (presumably his brother) whispers to him,making him blush.

Soon enough,the younger brother drags the cute guy away,leaving you completely on your own.You put on a podcast talking about dinosaurs,one that you downloaded the night before,and watch the sights pass by as you travel to your destination.

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hello! my school starts in a few weeks and im rlly nervous and anxious bc every year our classes are shuffled so we always get different classmates. some of my classmates last yr werent that nice to me and talk behind my back, n im scared that ill become classmates w them this year.. do u have any advice on what i should do if i ever become classmates w them :(

i’m so sorry to hear that!! i know it can’t be pleasant if u end up in the same class as them again, but please don’t let them stop u from focusing on what’s important: ur studies. try ur best to avoid them and be careful of what u say to them (bc they don’t sound v trustworthy), and ignore them to the best of ur ability. don’t let them get in the way of u achieving ur goals!! however, if it’s really bad, u can always talk to ur school admin office and see if u can be put in a class separate from them. best of luck bub!! 💞  just remember, regardless of what happens, u will be ok. they’re just people after all, and u are a v strong and capable individual. u can handle them

jimmy buffett songs are all about going balls out insane on the beach and drinking a lot but they sound pleasant and nice so you still hear em in CVS all the time, but Jimmy is screaming like “I’m wasting away on this tiny island and alcohol is all that is keeping me alive” while you’re stealing some of the little wine samplers they got at the front and thinking “what a fun, breezey beach tune”

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I've had a crazy hard time accepting that I was bisexual. It's been like two years since I started questioning it, and while I never thought it was wrong or worried that I would be judged by those I care about for liking girls, it was that it's not how I imagined my life. I pictured getting married to a nice guy and having 3 kids and a nice little "normal" family. I think I'm finally starting to accept that I can have a perfectly normal family no matter who I end up with.

And thats great! Thats so pleasant to hear when people are becoming more proud of who they are and don’t care about what people say! All the best for you girl, keep it on!

AN: Helllllooooo everyone. I hope everyone is having a great, fantastic, amazing, magical, spectacular, superb, outstanding, beautiful day! Anyway, thank you to the anon that requested this COOL imagine (pun intended~ just look at the prompt and you’ll understand). I am so not funny. *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Warning: Swearing

Prompt: If by chance you could sometime write a story where the reader has freezing abilities, as in controlling ice and snow. She would of course be a new recruit and Pietro gets very interested in her from the start. And the season would be early winter c;


“Warm Heart”


The cold nipped at his nose as Pietro stepped out of the large SUV car. It was a crisp day at the end of the fall, the time of year in which the winter months were just beginning to take root.

Pietro had always loved this type of weather, it wasn’t sticky or humid like the summer months. The air seemed fresher and more refreshing, much more pleasant to run in than any other time.

“So why are we hear again?” Tony Stark grumbled, clearly annoyed at the road trip they had to take to get here. Pietro didn’t mind at all, in fact he loved seeing the American country side, it was a refreshing change from the busy streets of New York City.

“The newest recruit is going to be dropped off her any minute, and we’re going to train with her here.” Natasha said whilst she sent a quick message to SHIELD, confirming that they had made it to the location safely.

“Why do we have to do it here? Why not at the tower?” Stark whined, which reminded Pietro of a small child.

“Because, we were told that her abilities are better seen in an outdoor environment, not inside a gym.” Nat responded bluntly, clearly annoyed with Stark’s childish behavior.

Pietro rolled his eyes and began to stroll around the woods that they had been dropped off at. The trees stretched up far into the sky, the branches were being blown a little by a cool breeze. Pietro loved the sound of the decomposing leaves and frost-covered grass crunching under his feet.

“Speedy, get back here!” He heard Clint shout from a distance away. "The newbie’s ride just got here.“

In a flash Pietro made it over to where the entire team was. They all stood in a line, shoulder to shoulder, as the girl stepped out of the car.

She shrugged a weathered-looking backpack over her shoulder and looked at the team carefully, soaking in all of the attention uncomfortably. Her shoulders tensed and she shoved her hands into her jacket pockets.

She must be cold, Pietro thought.

"My name is Natasha, nice to meet you.” Nat said with a warm, genuine smile as she reached out her hand to the girl.

The girl smiled back at her and shook her hand softly, still very shy. “My name is Y/N.”

“Well, Y/N, we can get into the proper introductions later, but we should definitely do some training while we still have the sunlight, okay?”

Y/N captured a lock of her Y/H/C hair and tucked it behind her ear. She gave a nervous smile. “Okay, I guess.”

Pietro’s curiosity was beginning to grow with every moment that he looked at Y/N. The way she carried herself seemed so strange and different than when she first stepped out of the car, it was as if the cold air was aiding her confidence with every step she took.

The entire team trekked into the woods until it was deep enough in where they could practice without much distraction.

“So, you want me to…” She trailed off, not sure what to say.

“Just show us what you can do, whatever comes naturally to you.” Steve said with a soft smile, clearly trying to make Y/N feel comfortable.

Y/N bit her lip, then nodded to herself as she sorted out what she was going to do in her head.

The team backed away from her to give her space as she straightened her arms and put her hands in front of her.

Pietro crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against a tree.

Y/N sucked in a deep breath and closed her eyes, then began to rub her fingers together. Her thumb ran over the tips of her pointer, middle, ring, and pinky fingers on both of her hands, and from them fell a white powder.

At first Pietro wasn’t sure what it was, but soon the powder flow got larger and larger, and once it hit the ground it began to swirl around her feet back into the air, like snakes to a piper.

It’s snow and ice, Pietro realized with wide eyes.

Y/N’s eyes snapped open to reveal a now-white eye color. She shot her hands out in front of her which directed the coils of ice and snow where to go. They all crashed into a tree that was in front of her, the tree was left with a bluish-white sculpture of spikes and ice wrapping around its trunk.

The ice that still remained in the air retracted back into her fingertips, and it was almost like they had not even been there, the frozen tree being the only proof.

The team members clapped for her as she blushed and made an oh-so-cute bow in front of everyone.

Pietro could feel his heart beating just a little bit faster as he saw her cheeks turn rosy red.

After blinking a few times, the white-grey faded from her eyes, leaving them with her normal Y/E/C.

“How long have you been able to do that?” Bruce asked, eager to learn more about her with a scientific eye. Pietro could see him already mentally jotting down notes.

“Since I was born.” Y/N said, looking down at her shoes, which now had a layer of frost coating them because of their proximity to her ice coils.

“Interesting,” Bruce commented. “So, you’re not like the twins then, seeing as they were genetically modified after birth.”

Bruce was muttering more to himself, yet direct comparison to himself and to Y/N still pleased him a little.

“So what else can you do with those powers of yours?” Steve asked curiously.

Y/N shrugged and put her hands back into her pockets, shivering. “I’m not sure, the only thing that I’ve been able to master is what you saw. It’s good for attacking, but still doesn’t do much damage.”

Steve nodded and told her that he sees great potential in her, then walked off to talk to Tony and Natasha about Y/N’s powers. Everyone seemed to be talking about they had seen with each other, yet no one was actually talking to Y/N herself. She just stood by herself, rubbing her arms and shivering.

Pietro took this as the perfect opportunity and went up to her, handing her his black sweatshirt with the white arrows on the sleeves. “You look cold and you don’t have a proper jacket, take this.”

She looked up at him with wide eyes and shook her head feverously, trying to hide her blush. “I’m fine, really–”

“Please, just take it.” Pietro said with a pleading smile. “it would make me feel so much better knowing that you are warm.”

“W-what about you?” She asked, taking the sweatshirt from his hands.

“I naturally make heat, I’m like a radiator. I’m fine.”

“Oh.” She said quietly whilst she slipped the jacket on. The bottom of the jacket fell past her butt and the sleeves were a lot longer than her arms were, yet she was a lot warmer, both in the face and the body.

Pietro swallowed upon seeing her dressed in his clothing. She looked so…cute.

“Well, well…” Tony’s vice carried through the trees and over to Pietro and Y/N. “That sweatshirt looks awfully similar to the one that Pietro owns, strange, huh?”

Y/N looked down at her feet, and Pietro noticed that she wrapped her arms around herself and gripped the floppy ends of the sleeves in her hands.

“He offered to give it to me, I was cold…” She squeaked out.

“How does a person who makes ice get cold?”

“Even though I make ice and snow, I can still get chilly.” She answered.

Pietro (being the cocky little shit that he was) wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him, and almost immediately she felt the warmth of his body radiate to her.

“Oh, leave the girl alone Stark. Don’t you have better things to do than terrorize the newbie?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Tony grunted whilst waving dismissively. “I’ll just leave you two to go back to flirting.”

Pietro pulled away from Y/N as Tony turned his back to them and began to walk back to the others.

“Shit!” Tony hollered as he fell on his bum. He frantically looked around from side to side to see what had tripped him, only to come up blank. The team was snickering at him, telling him that he needed to watch out more.

Pietro heard Y/N let out a little giggle, and he looked at her just in time to see the ice that Tony had slipped on retract back into her finger tips.

I think I’m going to like her, Pietro thought as he watched the small laughs escape her lips. A lot.

((Sorry if it was short, but I hope that you all liked it!))

anonymous asked:

Modern au where Fey and Rhys are rival actors and they both auditioned for a play and got accepted, but now they have to perform a kiss scene in the play and Feyre is like I hate this dude but those lips though

For those of you who may not have read A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the William Shakespeare, here’s the set-up you’ll need to know for this play: Feyre and Rhys are playing Titania and Oberon, the fairy queen and king. They’ve been fighting over a child the entire play and so Oberon decides to trick Titania into thinking herself in love with Bottom, a screwball mechanical character who’s head has been turned into that of a donkey. This fic will talk about the end result of that mayhem when Oberon sets everything right and he and Titania make up.

A Midsummer Night’s Kiss

I hated him. He was such a prick and of course he would be the one to get the part.

Why couldn’t it have been Tamlin? He at least was cute. I mean, Rhysand was a little cute too, but only a little and this was Shakespeare! That deserved someone serious. Like Tamlin.

We’d acted together dozens of times and sure, the past few plays hadn’t felt quite right between us, probably because he’d burned me for some stuffy singer he’d met on Broadway who couldn’t carry a proper tune and over relied on jazzhands, but whatever. He would have made such a good Oberon with his long golden hair and green eyes.

Rhysand, on the other hand, was all wrong. He was darker in features, not at all light and ethereal the way a fairy should be. Though I couldn’t deny the mischievous snark was there. Small consolation, I mused as we strode out onto the stage for rehearsal.

We’d been going through the play for a little over a week now and each day was a horror working with him. A Midsummer Night’s Dream was my favorite Shakespeare play and he was ruining it with his off-collar comments about how pretty I looked lying in bed with a donkey and intentionally messing up our scenes when the theater director wasn’t looking.

But damn it all if he didn’t look hot in all that fairy regalia.

We’d finally made it to our final scene of the play, the one where Oberon comes to wake Titania from her dreaming and change Bottom back to normal. Rhys had already messed the scene up once in between runs.

Keep reading