so pixelly

“Thank you to CARATs who have given us a happy week as a present” 

trans credit

i made my own fantasy football avengers team and i also made them matching outfits 


Henry + casual outfit (part 1)


But if you were mine
I would’ve looked into those eyes, and said
tell me the words you long to hear
and I’ll sing them loud and clear (listen)

Note: This is done on ms paint so it probably looks pixelly (also tumblr likes to mess up quality) but i’m honestly so proud of it so do I care? nope. I just want to show you this is what you can get up to on ms paint
But here are The Elders and um Israel leads them all in their rabbi ways. I haven’t really decided much else about them besides some things here and there but nothing confirmed in any bios or things
… I still love using the Poptropica font but this is no way related to poptropica

edit: the shoulder slant on oren is purposeful just saying