so pissed rn

“the internet is making you antisocial”

Well yeah it’s also told me that who I am and my identity in not a joke or unnatural I’ve met supportive people, and made great friends that made me loathe myself less and be more confident generally but why the fuck should that matter when the internet is the source of all evil™ right?

one thing i find concerning is how everyone, even outspoken hux-haters, seems to overestimate hux’s screentime. like, oh, the fandom’s making such a big deal out of him, i can’t remember exactly how long he existed but he must have had a significant amount of time onscreen…right?

various estimates i’ve heard from friends:

  • fifteen minutes
  • twenty minutes
  • six minutes
  • eight to nine minutes
  • “like, i can’t remember, not that long, but his first scene was near the beginning and his last scene was near the end, so… he had the whole movie for screentime opportunities, so it can’t have been less than, like, ten minutes, right?”

the actuality of it is that hux was onscreen for three minutes and fifteen seconds. 3:15. and a large portion of that was him giving that nazi-like speech as his mass-murder weapon slaughtered billions of people instantly, which leaves a very, very small amount of time for him to develop any sort of actual characterization or depth to the extent that he would somehow become the most-loved character in the fandom? i’m sorry, what? like, you do realize why yall like him, right? no matter what you tell yourselves - “oh, he’s a blank slate, we can characterize him as a cinnamon roll if we want uwu” - you are uplifting a white, male character whose central imagery and dialogue is very clearly based on the third reich, while simultaneously demonizing the non-white, non-male characters. 

in each of the previous protagonist trios, there have been two white men for yall to ship together; now that there aren’t any, you latched on the the literal only white men in the new franchise, who happen to be vile murders, one of whom is such a minor character he has less screentime than wicket the ewok from rotj, but lol who cares LET’S DRAW A CLEARLY NAZI-CODED CHARACTER IN A FLOWER CROWN!!!

this is why i try to avoid interacting with the majority of the sequels fandom. there are a lot of good people out there, don’t get me wrong, but the majority have bought into this racist shit without even realizing it. no matter what we say, you’re going to come up with some flimsy argument about, oh, well, i’m sure there are other people who only like hux because they’re racist but my personal motivations are entirely different, it’s not like you can see inside my head so you have to accept what i tell you about the reasons i like hux which are totally not racist :).

oh, by the way? half of those “not-racist” reasons are overtly racist anyways. and, to anyone who’s thinking of telling me again i should just shut up and accept that the fandom has been overrun with white male content and that nobody cares about finn, poe, or rey: good luck with the rest of the trilogy, jackasses.

Toxic Communities

Another Boo PSA for y’all

I honestly thought I would never write it in this community but I feel it boiling inside of me ever so slightly.

And I felt this before, in the Studyblr community.

Alright kids listen and listen good. You will see blogs saying one thing, and others saying the complete opposite. Who do you follow then? Do you just pick what appeals to you most?

Yes and no.

I have noticed that the Studyblr (a lot more) and the Writeblr community can be extremely toxic.

“But Boo, we can see what we should and shouldn’t do!”

Yes and no. You can, at any age, be persuaded to do something that is seen as the “norm” in a community. I don’t need to give you a history lesson on that, we all know what happened. And I’m walking on a thin line here trying to explain this to you.

I’ll give you an example from the studyblr community: ikea furniture, minimalistic setting, beautifully crafted notes, expensive material. You will have 14 year olds looking at that thinking “Ah, the key to success is all of those things!” or even me, at 18 back in the day, “Wow I will never be able to achieve good grades without all of those things.”

It’s an influence no one tells you about, and that’s what screws you up.

Now the writbelr community.

Y’all are nicer, but it’s still subtle. And I’ve seen it often but thought “Eh I know better.” But then I remember, that some younger audiences won’t know any better, and that’s what pisses me off.

I want you to stop saying what’s right and what’s wrong. Give novice writers the opportunity to find their voice for crying out loud. Give them the opportunity to stumble over their mistakes but give them the opportunity to also get back up and try again. I feel like this community is constantly berating writers for what they do when they are just trying to do what they love.

There will be a time when people in this circle will absolutely hate writing because of all these rules and what’s right and wrong.

So to the tumblrs who give writing advice: if you think what you’re saying is a golden rule that must be followed to the T and make people feel guilty about not following it, honestly you’re going about this community in a wrong way (and I’m putting this lightly, I can be nasty as hell about this).

And to the writers who follow that advice: only consider it, if it floats your boat then by all means apply it to your work, but if it starts to control you and you can’t find a purpose in writing anymore, you need to take a step back.

the beach episode of atla during that part when zuko is venting to everyone and they all start rapidly questioning him about who he’s angry at and he just cuts them all off by screaming “I’M ANGRY AT MYSELF” and then shoots a fuckton of fire out of his hands represents me during a sensory overload and when i finally snap

like listen I just don’t get how jackson works so hard to make us happy and he still receives the most hate. He puts us ahead of so many things, sometimes even including his health which isn’t okay, but people will under-appreciate him?? people hate him for his personality but honestly.., the first time I saw got7 I immediately fell in love with his personality he’s so open and funny and outgoing and caring and humble and honest. those are beautiful traits to see in a person and he just puts them all out there for everyone to see. every person he sees he treats like a best friend, a loved one. He’s not just caring to got7 but his igot7’s. he really treats us like best friends and some people take advantage of that. It really needs to stop.

I hate when people excuse their horrible shipping with something like “just because you ship x with y and we prefer them in this ship blah blah” cause do you actually think i give a shit about some childish shipping war or whatever? no. What i do give a shit about is you erasing a character’s sexuality and/or condoning insest, pedophilia and extremely abusive relationships.