so pink

Here’s the Voodoo Doughnut box I got signed at Torcon. 

Earlier this year I went on a trip to Portland, Oregon and visited the place that makes God’s favorite doughnuts. Obviously, I had to ask for an extra box to take home. 


My original plan was to go up to everyone and ask them to sign my pink box. But when it came to the actual autographs, it just didn’t seem appropriate to utter such a request in person.

I won’t go into detail for everyone’s response as I pretty much got the same reaction when the pink box was handed to them. Most of them were of mild surprise along the lines of “VooDoo Doughnuts?! Cool!”

Without a doubt, my favorite auto on the box is Rob’s, who was the first one to sign the box. He personalized it, wrote My Fave and gave me the brightest smile afterward.

But my favorite reaction belongs to Kim Rhodes. Somehow I found the courage to be Wayward AF and told her her “woman to woman, I am honored that you’re signing my pink box.” She put her head on the table cracking up and I knew I did something special. 

Honestly, of all the members of the cast, Kim is the one person I knew would truly appreciate this pink box joke and I love her for indulging me.


“I’ll see you in the future when we’re older
And we are full of stories to be told.
Cross my heart and hope to die,
I’ll see you with your laughter lines.”

I know it's called the golden hour, but what the...?
  • Housemate Xed:... huh.
  • Housemate Xed:Come look at the outside. Now. Especially the
  • back yard.
  • Me:...huh.
  • Me:They do call this the Golden Hour, you know. It's just that it doesn't usually look like someone put a really unsubtle filter on the lens.
  • Xed:I'm pretty sure you can download an ENB for Skyrim that does this.