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Finished the shit-comic from this sketchdump because I still think it’s funny. :3c


Amy: hey it’s been a while!! i see you’ve got some wrinkles


Lucas: see that’s why i avoided you some time


I was really surprised how much fnaf cosplayers I met on the Leipzig book fair and they were all really nice and the costumes were super cool!

And I even met Koro-Sensei >.<, but then he wanted to have my unicorn that my friend @lafikantaron (the guy in the Gray cosplay) was holding!! :0

Also if any of those cosplayers on the pictures want me to delete this post, I will of course do it immediatly.


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“She didn’t enjoy it very much. She doesn’t think you treated her very well, because you wouldn’t dance with her. I don’t think I’d have have minded. I don’t like dancing very much.”

awkward-dumpling  asked:

Aaaah, your art is amazing! Like seriously, I'm in love with your style! I just have some (a lot) of questions, I hope that's alright! 1. So in photoshop, what brushes do you use? I know you mostly use Sai, but I'm curious about your photoshop brushes for lineart and coloring. Annnnd, um yeah that's actually really the only question I have, haha. Btw, your Charlie Weasley art is my very favorite Charlie Weasley drawing. :)

Thank you so much! ^^ I use @loish‘s brushes, sometimes default brushes, and there’s one brush with a little bit more textured edges I like, it’s the 7th brush in the 4th row here [x] lol, I guess it’s the same one I use (I turn off wet edges.) I don’t think I have it from this set… but I believe that’s the same charcoal. I’m not very good with ps brushes, I have a lot of them but use like… 5? xD

anonymous asked:

in your faq u say that u use the stroke tool to get a better outline.. but what settings do u use it on? (like center inside?? multiply?)

hiya anon! only i (mod leo) use photoshop cc so i’m not sure how the others do it, but i’ll do my best to tell u my way! c:

you see how allura’s outline is a lot thinner than the rest of the lines? that’s because when i cut out the image, i try and keep what i call ‘line noise’ out of the image.

this is the ‘line noise’, that surrounds the outline in a lighter color than the actual line. this is why i always have a neon background under my work so i can see it! :D

after i cut it out, i use these settings! for the outline color, i use the eyedropper tool to pick the darkest line color out of the image, so it matches the lighting and doesn’t look too dark!

i hope this helped you! ;v;

- Mod Leo

I…really don’t know why I made this. But now it exists so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

some unlucky kiddos :’)