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cat using supergirl airlines (begrudgingly cause apparently cat's afraid of heights but she has no better alternative since she's shit late for a meeting or something i dunno then they have a moment and oh right that whole j'onn j'onnz thing never happened and cat knows about kara being supergirl and she takes advantage of that of course but only on the rare occasions that people don't need saving)

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[Oh god, I’m SOBBING at the final episode of Asylum. And I’m not even halfway through. I never thought I’d cry over Jude when I first started this season and now I can’t stop sobbing. And I know that more heartbreak is coming.

Like fuck I’m glad I didn’t skip Asylum and gave it a shot. Some things triggered/upset me, but most of it didn’t. I LOVED Murder House. But Asylum is so much better to me. It’s just so emotional and in depth.

God, and I’ve had so many people say Coven is the best like how can anything be better than Asylum? So many interesting characters and individual stories. PERFECT character development in just 12 episodes. Especially with Sister Jude.

Sorry for this rambling I’m just in tears because Jude in the last episode is the most heartbreaking thing ever.]

The most attractive member of the Suicide Squad is definitely Harley Quinn. I don’t think The Joker has eyes for anyone else except Harley. The other girls are cute, but Harley’s just got that special something.
—  Jared Leto (x)
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“"I'm her biggest fan." On the latest #LittleGoldMen, Andrew Garfield opens up about his relationship with Emma Stone”

The most beautiful video…This made my heart happy.

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Alolan Porygon
Type: Ghost
Ability: Copy & Paste: Small chance of duplicating its held item after a battle (within limits - only works on items you can legitimately get multiples of so you can’t use it to get infinite master balls or whatever)
Location: Rare encounter found only by surfing on certain specific tiles along the coasts of certain islands

An early Porygon prototype made in the Kanto region to test an experimental version of the Pokemon transfer system, but something went wrong and it kind of… broke. Ownership of the subspecies was immediately banned throughout Kanto due to its unpredictable and dangerous nature, and it was thought to have gone extinct 20 years ago - until a small feral population turned up in Alola, possibly smuggled in from Kanto by trainers who illegally owned them…