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I’ll do anything.


Real Got7 Season 4 ep 2 CUT - making the logo song

Jackson: we need someone who’s very good at making melodies. That’s JB hyung!

awwww the 100% faith uri puppy has in leader… 😢❤️❤️


and that JJP moment… jinyoungie is such an omma… ❤️❤️

and also their process of making the logo song is so interesting… shows how they work tog in a team n how each of them contributes!

Jackson is obviously the idea person, he thinks of the most creative and out of the box ideas

Mark follows Jackson all the way… Just kidding Haha He only speaks up when he feels that he has something important to say.

Jinyoungie, our omma… Like What Bam said… cleans up the situation, he listens to everyone and tries to merge their ideas tog or make their ideas clearer /more workable.

Youngjae surprises me, he has quite firm ideas on the topic of music n he plays the devil advocate, grounding the boys.

Yugbam are ready to follow/support their hyungs but not afraid to speak up or make jokes to lighten the atmosphere…

Uri Leader eats n thinks calmly while the discussion is gg on /in midst of chaos, and he comes up with great ideas n directions!! ❤️❤️

our boys r perfect tog!! I’m so proud of them~~working in a team is really hard tbh.

Watch it on vapp/ if you haven’t!

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Omg jimin is so precious and yoongi is so savage
I can’t 😂😩

they really deserve it i am so proud of them. Our hardworking and perfect boys finally got what they deserve and they still deserve so much more!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


-Keith would /totally be Mulan okay/?

-Trans Keith fighting for his daddo

-strong Shiro is Shang


-Keith and Lance fight all the fuckin time okay but they care abt each other.

- cri-kee is pid cause theyre sassy af

-also cri-kee has no like set gender so its perfect for our lil child

- chien-po is our boy ™ Hunk

- sendak is obviously the leader of the huns n shit

- allura is that old leader dude but not old?? Or old she’s hella anyway

- keith can be like half Korean or smth? I rlly wanna make it culturally correct

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Cameron Dallas - Comeback

Request: Can you do an imagine where Y/N Cam and their 1 year old son Evan travel to vidcon with some of the other boys and one day when they are on a panel Y/N tells Cameron that she is pregnant and it’s super cute?


“I feel like I forgot something” I said thinking in the car. We were on our way to VidCon, our first one since Evan was born. I was a bit nervous, VidCon was all fun when there were only the two of us. But a year ago we became a family of three. Evan was our little sunshine, he was the best kid ever, we didn’t think he would make it so easy. He rarely cried, he always did what we told him to do, he was so smart and adorable, he was our perfect little boy.

Cam and I had been together since he was 21 and I was 20. Evan was born a bit after our fifth anniversary, he was the best present. Cam decided to leave the social media for a while, just so we could spend every minute with Evan. He had some projects but he wasn’t as active as he used to be. A month ago I talked him into a comeback, so we ended up on agreeing to go to VidCon. I wanted him to go so bad, because all the other boys would be there and I wanted him to have a good time. He helped me so much around Evan, he was a great father, but now it was time for him to do what he loves. Even though I had a big surprise for him to tell, but I wanted to wait until we get there.

“Baby, relax, we have everything, okay?” Cam said smiling at me.

When we got there the Jacks were already there waiting for us.

“Hey guys!” I hugged them while holding Evan in my arms.

“Hey, you look stunning! And hey there little buddy!” Gilinsky grinned at Evan and he smiled back at him immediately.

“You guys ready to come back?” Johnson asked as we walked inside. We nodded without thinking.

When I started to date Cameron I also had a YouTube channel, I uploaded some of my videos of my trips I had with Cameron all around the world, but when it got serious between us, I mean when we started to work on our baby project, I didn’t continue it, I wanted to concentrate on the important things. It was just a hobby for me, but for Cameron, it was his life.

We walked to our panel and while we settled everything down the Jacks played with Evan. And then the fun began.

Tons of people came just to meet Cam after his little disappearance, they were just coming and coming. I was sitting next to him supporting him. Nash, Hayes and Aaron showed up also, I could see how happy Cameron was to spend some time with them. Don’t get me wrong, he met them all the time, but they all were so busy, they couldn’t spend more than an hour together when they got the chance to meet.

I had a lot of fun too. Girls came to me also to ask for a picture, which I did with pleasure, and a lot of them wanted all the three of us to be on the photo.

Evan seemed to like the attention he got from the people, he only got a bit grouchy when he got hungry, but I took care of him and everything was fine from then.

In the afternoon we had a longer break, so we started to roam around the place.

“How is my little family?” Cam asked putting one arm around my waist while he was holding Evan with his other.

“We are having fun, am I right baby boy?” I smiled at Evan, who giggled and hugged Cameron’s neck tightly.

We went to Nash’s panel to check on him, because he also had a break. He was fooling around with Hayes. They didn’t change a bit, except that both of them had a serious relationship now. Nash was even planning on asking his girlfriend to marry him. We were talking about it, when I felt it was time to tell Cam the little surprise.

“And how do you want to do it?” Cam asked Nash as we were sitting at a table.

“I don’t know, I just really want to do it, because I feel like I want a little guy, just like you guys have Evan” he said smiling at our boy and playing with his little hands.

“So you want kids? That’s great, buddy!” Cam grinned at him.

“Yeah, I think it’s time for it. But how about you guys? Do you want another one?” He looked at us smiling.

“Yeah, but we haven’t started to try yet. But we definitely want another one” Cam said and I grabbed his hand.

“Baby, I wanted to tell you something” I said trying to hide my smile, but I just couldn’t. Cam and Nash looked at me curiously.

“The thing is, that even thought we didn’t try, we kinda succeeded.” I hoped he would understand what I was saying, His face went blank and I was scared he was in shock but then he jumped to his feet and picked me up into his arms spinning me around. Luckily Evan was in Nash’s lap so Cam could exult as much as he wanted.

“Oh my God Y/N, we are having another child?” he murmured into my neck when he put me down and hugged me tightly.

“Yes, we are!” I laughed at his enthusiasm. He looked at me in the eye, he was literally crying and this made me cry.

“I love you so much” he said pressing his lips to mine and kissing me again and again and again.

“Did you hear this? You will have a little brother or sister, Evan” I heard Nash say. Evan said something that sounded like “but I want a dog” and I laughed at him taking him into my arms while Cam hugged both of us.

“We love you too” I said looking at Cameron with tears still in my eyes.

This VidCon turned out to be the best ever.

fall-out-zodiac  asked:

i was watching the Taser Taste Test Challenge and near the beginning, Gray took his beanie off, had messy hair and put it back on with ease and immediately looked amazing. How tf are our boys so perfect?

they can put on a trash bag and still look like walking perfection. I’m so JEALOUS!



Our birth story is interesting because nothing really happened the way anyone thought it would. Does it ever? Probably not. No water birth, no laboring in the tub, no 24+ hour long labor. No nine pound baby. And most importantly, no binging on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. There was no time for that.

➶Labor //
When we arrived at the hospital on Wednesday night, Amber had not progressed in dilation. They decided to use the foley catheter balloon (and from what we were told this could take up to 12 hours). It took one hour to dilate her to a six. That was impressive, so at 2:30am they decided to break her water.
At this point the contractions she had were without breaks. They originated with about 30 seconds between, but soon there was nothing. This had gone on for a few hours. I had been begging her to get some pain management for a couple of hours. This pain was not the empowering kind. Finally, through tears and misery, she opted for an epidural around 5am. Sleep they told us. Your baby will be here by tomorrow afternoon.

➶Complications //
That’s the point when our babe’s heart rate began to drop. Up + down. Over + over. At one point we had four midwives in the room, ready if need be to get this baby out. Something was wrong in there.

Amber still had good leg control and was rolled over on all fours, given oxygen, rolled onto her sides, etc. - nothing but flat on her back seemed to please the midwives and steady our babe’s heart rate. So there she remained, which was comforting to herself + to our babe.
By 7am she was fully dilated. Her contractions still had no breaks and the midwives were ready to slow/stop them for a bit with medicine if they didn’t calm down on their own. His heart rate began to drop + they were saying she needed to push, and i’m on the phone with our birth photographer like “omg, you’ve gotta get here now!” - but also internally just screaming at myself to get my shit together fast so we can do this together.

During her first few pushes his heart rate began to stabilize, so they let him labor down on his own for another hour and a half before she pushed for real. In the end, this helped tremendously.

➶Pushing //
At 8:45am, she began to push. She felt everything except the stomach pain/contractions. Her face red from pushing, but focused. I was SO proud of her. She was cracking jokes in between pushes. It was like she was a different person all together. Her mom vibes kicked in. Strong + alive + working so hard.

The student midwife tried to stretch her for the hours leading up to pushing, and despite his tiny head size- it wasn’t enough. His head was smashed together. I cannot believe an infant’s brain can do that during birth. He needed to get out, as his heart rate kept going down.

➶Catching //
I was told to get ready to pull him out, but I knew our midwife was going to have to cut. She pulled out the scissors and the look on Amber’s face was pure panic. She told her she had to cut + that she promised it was necessary, but Amber still had a second degree tear on top of that. Our midwife also told us that would likely be her one episiotomy for the year, as it is that rare within their practice. My poor wife!

At 9:44am, I pulled our baby immediately out by the shoulders + head, and was instructed to take the tightly wrapped cord from around his neck and pull it down over his body. He had a tight grip with his long fingers. I laid him on top of her + we sobbed for days.

I cut the cord after a couple of minutes.
We hugged + kissed + snuggled our babe.
It was absolutely magical + by far the coolest and most spiritual thing i’ve ever been a part of.

➶Details //
Amber’s active labor (the only part she ever felt) was in total, around 8 hours. They expected it to be nearing 20+

Henry Fox Wilder was 6lbs 8oz at birth, 21.5 inches long.

The labor + delivery nurse that came on shift right before Henry was born was the worst woman i’ve ever encountered in my life, and that’s saying something. There are many reasons + things that occurred that were harmful emotionally, but also to my wife and baby’s condition (and against the midwife’s wishes) that she threw at us during our four hours of time together. I seriously could not believe the shit she put us through at times.
But moving on, our post-partum and other nurses were fucking phenomenal.

The entire time we were in labor + delivery I was ill from exhaustion. I nearly passed out and I am pretty upset with my body for failing me in ways I wasn’t expecting. I made it, and I coached my wife in the end- but those hours leading up were brutal.
Amber + I both were just completely wiped out, for different reasons, and in the end for some of the same reasons. If we choose not to have another child, this will likely be the sole reason. How can we possibly handle that kind of exhaustion at 30? Yikes!

We went into the hospital thinking we would probably end up with pitocin + were very relieved that we didn’t need anything medicinal to progress. They considered her labor spontaneous, which was kind of amazing considering everything else went so differently than we wanted or planned.

No water birth happened, but it was clearly for the best in our case. We played no music, though we did watch a lot of HGTV prior to her water breaking.

My tiny wild fox + my tiny darling wife + our babe of a boy are all just so perfect, y'all.
Thanks for the support and love, always. xo

Say Hi To Little Fish Eliot George.

jordanfish86 “Me and Em are proud to announce the arrival of our beautiful little boy. 
Eliot George Fish was born at 4.17am this morning and weighed 7lbs 4oz.

Emma has been totally incredible throughout the whole pregnancy and handled the whole labour with only gas and air (and some really hard hand gripping…) I am so proud to be married to such an amazing, strong and inspiring woman and we’re both just over the moon with our perfect boy.

We’ve had so much support from friends and family and also from fans of the band so I just wanted to say thanks everyone for your nice messages.

I’m gonna try to resist the temptation to plaster my baby all over the Internet as that’s not really my kind of thing but right now I’m just too happy and excited so here’s my favourite photo of all time, taken at 4.25am this morning…”