so perfect i hate u


YOU ARE SO PERFECT ; a Archie & Betty Fanmix [LISTEN]

01. Hey Stephen - Taylor Swift ; of all the girls tossing rocks at your window, i’ll be the one waiting even when it’s cold
02. Things I’ll Never Say - Avril Lavigne ; trying to be so perfect ‘cause i know you’re worth it
03. I Hate U, I Love U - Gnash ft. Olivia O’Brien ; you want her, you need her, and i’ll never be her
04. If We Were A Movie - Hannah Montana ; and i’d be the best friend that you’d fall in love with
05. Mercy - Shawn Mendes ; even though you don’t mean to hurt me, you keep tearing me apart
06. Say Love - JoJo ; where i want to be is far apart from where we are
07. Crush - David Archuleta ; do you ever think when you’re all alone all that we could be, where this thing could go?
08. Stone Cold - Demi Lovato ; you see me standing but i’m dying on the floor
09. Story Of My Life - One Direction ; i give her hope, i’ll spend her love until she’s broke inside
10. The Mess I Made - Parachute ; i should’ve proudly claimed that my head’s to blame for all my heart’s mistakes 
11. Little Do You Know - Alex & Sierra ; i know you’re hurting while i’m sound asleep 
12. That Was Then - Jesse McCartney ; i was tripping in a fantasy and missing what was real


written by francis, edit by sur

“Hey, you’re that exy player aren’t you?”

The question comes from behind him, and Neil freezes. He cut through the baseball field on campus to get to his next lecture easier, a route that isolated him and one he wouldn’t have taken a couple of months ago, but Neil let his guard down.

He let his guard down.

He can tell by the tone of voice that he made a mistake.

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I didn’t had a lot of wifi yesterday , so I was inspired with the movie “ Le roi et l'oiseau ” I love this perfect animation . So I hope u hate it ! :D

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React with a face to: 20 year-old Miles

opinions in one face || ACCEPTING

Reasons to Play Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World:

  • The main male character isn’t a stereotypical man dude and is actually sensitive and rather adorable
  • One of the main antagonists is a female who isn’t motivated by a broken heart and is only after power
  • One of the main antagonists is a male who’s head over heels in love with a female
  • character development

Reasons not to Play Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World:

  • it will make u cry a lot