so perfect for beckett


every child meets our eyes, smiling as though they’ve obtained knowledge and secrets of the world. 

each individually unique.

each with a mind of their own.

each proud and in love with who they are.

i expected no less.

Jane looks between Rose and me, and very strongly, she says, “ensemble.”

“ensemble,” our children then exclaim at once.


we say “ensemble.”


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The watch is for the life I saved,” she murmurs, kissing his jaw. “My mother’s ring for the life I lost.” Another kiss at his ear, avoiding the blood, lips brushing. “And your ring for the life I want. The life we have. Just hold on, Castle. Don’t give up on us yet.
—  Don’t Give Up by chezchuckles (x) 

For castlefanfics, because she made me buy this little guy. And for bravevulnerability, because she asks me if I’ve written this yet every time we talk. ;)


“I haven’t been to the zoo in years,” Kate says as they stroll through the Madagascar exhibit. “And I can’t remember the last time I made it up to the Bronx.”

“When did we go to that Yankees game?” Castle asks, reaching for her hand and lacing their fingers together. “Was that last spring?”

“Must have been. I remember it was a beautiful day weather wise. Much like today.”

“Which is exactly why I suggested we come out here today. You actually have the day off and I didn’t want to spend it inside.”

“You trying to get me to pat you on the head and tell you good job?” she asks with a laugh.

He fakes offense as they stop by the last animal in the exhibit, pausing to watch the lemur as its food is delivered. She squeezes his hand, feeling the cool metal of his wedding band press into her skin.

“It was a good idea, Castle. Thank you.”

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Do you see that tiny little smile? When did she start looking at him like that? When did she stop being annoyed with him and started to smile at him because he learned so much and is so helpful and maybe because she is already super hopelessly in love with him? Omg she evolved so much, Kate Beckett, everyone, character development on two (incredible) legs!


I made this strictly because I just love how impressed Castle is at Ryan’s perfect line. XD

Part 2: (x)