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For castlefanfics, because she made me buy this little guy. And for bravevulnerability, because she asks me if I’ve written this yet every time we talk. ;)


“I haven’t been to the zoo in years,” Kate says as they stroll through the Madagascar exhibit. “And I can’t remember the last time I made it up to the Bronx.”

“When did we go to that Yankees game?” Castle asks, reaching for her hand and lacing their fingers together. “Was that last spring?”

“Must have been. I remember it was a beautiful day weather wise. Much like today.”

“Which is exactly why I suggested we come out here today. You actually have the day off and I didn’t want to spend it inside.”

“You trying to get me to pat you on the head and tell you good job?” she asks with a laugh.

He fakes offense as they stop by the last animal in the exhibit, pausing to watch the lemur as its food is delivered. She squeezes his hand, feeling the cool metal of his wedding band press into her skin.

“It was a good idea, Castle. Thank you.”

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anonymous asked:

Fav caskett scenes of s7 and why?

Oh this is haaaard, Anon. Okay, these are in no particular order, just the ones that came to mind.

  • The wedding. The vows. The dance. Even if I were ordering these, this scene would be number one because the wedding was everything they’d fought to have, everything they wanted for each other, and the sweetest damn promise of everything that was to come for them.
  • Also from 7x06, that quiet moment in the warehouse when Castle says he’d give anything to go back and fix it so Kate could have her perfect day.

  • In I, Witness when Beckett encourages Castle not to make any hasty decisions about continuing as a PI. I love the way Beckett was so thoroughly in his corner when it came to being a PI, provided he was doing it because he wanted to be. (Also the sweet snuggles and kisses in his chair get to me, too.)

  • The whole “I thought you weren’t ready,” “I’m SO ready” scene in 7x03, because a) their urgency makes me laugh so hard, and b) the way they were both putting their own needs on hold out of respect for each other’s mindset makes me aww.

  • Umm, nearly every scene they were together in the finale? haha is that a cop out? I feel like it probably is, but the unwavering love and support that came through - from Castle’s confidence in Kate’s abilities as captain or senator, to the way she refused to give what happened to him in the woods the credit for getting them to where they are now - that was just wonderful.

  • Also the scene in the finale when Beckett proclaims herself proud to be Richard Castle’s wife and his inspiration, and defends the kind of partner he is with every fiber of her being. For obvious reasons.

  • Castle telling her how he dealt with nightmares and worries about 3xK (opening his eyes to look at her) - because now I picture so many nights after Probable Cause when he would wake up and turning to her would make everything a little bit better.

  • Kate sharing her career concerns with him in Hong Kong Hustle, and Castle’s on the fly romantic line about never being left behind. There was just a simple sweetness to that. That they’d be together through it all.

  • The walk and talk conversation at the beginning of Dead From New York about Martha’s weird little habit. I like that Kate feels comfortable acknowledging that yeah, her mother in law is kinda weird, and that Castle knows she’s not insulting his mother when she does.

  • Castle’s comment about three different fantasies coming true when he sees Kate in her outfit in 7x07. 
Okay, I’m gonna stop at 10 because I’m pretty sure I could just list 10000 of them and I know I’ve missed a bunch of great moments, too. Thanks, Anon!