so perf i want to cry

2/ you’re a beautiful masterpiece

A Butterfly can’t see his wings.
He can’t see how truly beautiful he is,
but everyone else can

so I have been on this blog for like what, two weeks? And I already have 150+ followers who are all so amazing and so welcoming like – I have been in many fandoms and this one I just slid in so easily because y'all were so accepting and so nice like i could cry why is everyone so perf.
I just wanted to throw this out there that I just love you all and take a minute to throw out a mini shout out to those who have just been so AMAZING and all around great new friends!
Seriously tho, if you follow me, i adore you. if i follow you back that means im cool with threading or plotting. just hmu don’t be shy bae. <3

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and really just everybody. i love seeing everybody having a great time on their blogs! ;v; nobody change! <3 

clsirdelune  asked:

beau, can you rec me some of your fav romcom? thank you! x

of course bb! some of these might have more of a drama element than a strong comedy element but they’re all my faves so i hope you enjoy. in no particular order:

  • clueless (duh)
  • bridget jones’s diary (ditto)
  • she’s the man (this was my Favourite Movie of All Movies for like five years. and for good reason. CHANNING TATUM IN HIS PRIME TBH)
  • bring it on (KIRSTEN DUNST IN HER PRIME TBH!!! i fuckin love that guy she ends up with, he’s the perf combo of snarky musician hipster bs to balance out her perky blonde go-getter cheerleader-y-ness. why am i even saying this though like the odds are you’ve already seen this movie and LOVE IT TOO. also the clovers are everything)
  • john tucker must die (silly. also fantastic. also female friendships!!!)
  • monte carlo (idk why i love this movie so much but i really do. leighton meester’s character’s storyline makes me cry and want to fall in love and go swimming in a really cute one piece. selena gomez’s character’s storyline is cliche but also very sweet)
  • the proposal (forever and ever and ever favourite)
  • 10 things i hate about you (kat stratford is everything i aspire to be. why is there no heath ledger look-a-like in my life surprising me with a guitar i would never be able to play and a really hot make out session against my car that i don’t own)
  • amelie (THE ULTIMATE. mostly rommy, a bit commy, 100% magical and life-changing tbh)
  • begin again (i love this movie more than i ever thought possible - it improves on every rewatch - also i love the ending like. a lot. a lot a lot. very genuine and bittersweet and real. and the songs are REALLY GOOD you will replay that ost for a week straight i s2g)
  • flipped (so sweet you will PUKE. also highly underrated. PLEASE WATCH THIS MOVIE AND SHARE THE LOVE IT DESERVES)
  • miss congeniality (one of the defining rom coms of my life)
  • the duff (this movie has a gr8 message, whatever those who have read the book but not seen the movie say. also robbie amell and mae whitman are magical together)
  • you’ve got mail (you will cry. a lot. if you don’t cry i don’t want to know you)
  • when harry met sally (do not talk to me about this film i have too many feels about it i will punch you in the face.)
  • she’s all that (remember when freddie prinze jnr was like sooooooo hot in 1998 or whatever? WEIRD TIMES. whatever, just play “kiss me” by sixpence none the richer on repeat and cry with me)
  • it’s a boy girl thing (cringeworthy with the humour sometimes but the two leads have surprisingly amazing chemistry. i rewatch this every year and i love it a lot)
  • breakfast at tiffany’s (very rommy, not particularly commy but still wonderful. audrey hepburn was the most beautiful person alive. i don’t blame writer guy for falling in love with her on the spot. also you will cry when the cat runs away and it’s all raining and romantic and shit. i always do)
  • tangled (OOPS IT’S BETTER THAN FROZEN I SAID IT. idk if you would class this as a rom com bc it’s more a family movie but???? i do so whatev. eugene and rapunzel are too cute not to ship like a rom com couple tbh)
  • the to do list (HILARIOUS. aubrey plaza is a gift)
  • mean girls (do i need to say more. less rommy than commy ofc but who cares when the com part is sO GOOD)
  • someone like you (old school rom-com feat. ashley judd before she disappeared off the face of the earth and hugh jackman looking like absolute BABE TOWN and idk i think i watched this when i was young and it’s kind of stuck with me ever since even tho it seems to be a fairly nondescript kind of rom-com?? somehow still v enjoyable tho)
  • one fine day (okay again this is more of a family~ rom com if that makes sense but it’s just??? REALLY FEEL GOOD???? michelle pfeiffer is beautiful in this movie and george clooney’s a babe. idk watch this if you want an instant mood improver, it’s super duper cute)
  • some kind of wonderful (probably my favourite john hughes movie and again so underrated. that “””practice””” make out sesh in the garage is really hot)
  • just like heaven (another mark ruffalo goodie!!! i actually like this movie a lot and don’t talk about it much. very good to rewatch)
  • chasing liberty (corny af but i watched it in my formative years so i’m very fond of it)
  • legally blonde (more girl power-y than rom com-y but that’s cool anyway??? elle woods is Goals)
  • stardust (THIS MOVIE IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS AND IT HAS FANTASY ELEMENTS WHICH ARE SO COOL AND THE ROMANCE STUFF IS LIKE REALLY GR8 AND IT’S BB CHARLIE COX?????? the best tbh. tumblr needs to talk about this movie way way more)
  • and last but not least anastasia (i watched this movie SIX TIMES IN ONE DAY when i was really young… and my sister and i learnt all the songs and sung the duets together for like a year… once i hired the video tape out from the video store and actually cried when i had to return it… yes i was like 10 when all this happened but what i’m trying to say is i have a lifelong attachment to this stupid animated movie and Dimitri and Anastasia are literally lke 68% of the reason i love the enemies > friends > lovers trope so much because THEY FIGHT ALL THE TIME AND THE FIGHTING IS ALWAYS JUST ILL DISGUISED SEXUAL TENSION TBH)
  • oh and for the jane austen contingent: pride and prejudice movie 2005, pride and prejudice miniseries 1995, emma miniseries 2009, and persuasion 2007 are all MEGA FAVES. wallow in those period drama feels like me for the last two days!!! burst into tears when your otp’s hands ~~~touch~~~ for the first time!!!! hold your breath when the camera closes in on their subsequently astonished/aroused faces!!! life is so gr8 u guys!!!!!!!

You guys wanted my playlist for Craig and Tweek so here it is.
1. Congratulations by Blue October (perf for craig I cry)
2. Be There by Seafret
3. I’ll be good by Jaymes Young (actually Tweek’s POV if u could believe)
4. The scientist by coldplay
5. It’s Just Me by Blue October (Craig’s feelings towards everyone trying to keep him and Tweek apart and also how he feels about tweek being with Kyle tbh )
6. When You Sleep by Mary Lambert ( Craig’s just a mess tbh )
7. Hurts like hell by Fleurie (needs no explanation tbh )
8. All I Want by Kodaline


seventeen masterlist~

!!!BTS Masterlist here!!! 


when you’re got7 af - (wonwoo)

when you’re on your period - (wonwoo and seungcheol)

best friends with wonwoo and soonyoung (part 1 / part 2 )

your skirt is too high/ shirt needs to be buttoned (hiphop / perf / vocal )

they find out you’re a marine biologist ( hiphop / perf / vocal)

they find out you’re in a college class for english (hiphop / perf / vocal)

jisoo buys you a succulent plant

jisoo trying to impress you

sunshine seokmin being cheesy

cheesy Soonyoung

junghan reminding you to study

fangirling over aju nice! to svt

"He's a dick" - Michael Clifford [smut]

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “Heyy, can you do a thingy where you had a boyfriend of like maybe 6 months or something and he cheats on you so you go to your best bud Micheal bc crying and you have some fluff and then it turns into smut bc perf? (Note: you can change anything you want to really, I t'was just trying to not be vague and stuff so Yeahyeahyeahyeah thanks) Love your blog-y blog thing by the wayy :D”

A/N: I love this one, and don’t worry about being vague or not, if your vague it gives me more space to fiddle if your not it challenges me to be creative while still fitting the criteria, I love all the requests I get even if it takes forever to get through them.
ps- If I haven’t done your request yet don’t worry I will get round to it I have about 30 sitting in my ask, I’m sorry :)

Also this features needy Michael can I get a what what

Word Count - 1132


‘He’s a dick’

'He doesn’t deserve you’

'He doesn’t know just how much he’s lost’

All tweets that you get almost as soon as you tweet the devastating news that your long term boyfriend has cheated on you. You didn’t actually tweet it straight out you said 'I normally don’t mind sharing but I draw the line when it comes to guys’ but you don’t have to be a wizard to figure that one out. You’ve built up a fair following on twitter being friends with all of 5sos and constantly being tagged in their pictures, you didn’t think the fans would actually care about you though. No matter how many sympathetic tweets you can’t help but continue thinking that you did deserve it. Maybe you didn’t keep him entertained? He obviously wasn’t satisfied. What could you have possibly done for him to cheat on you? All this runs through your head until you get another tweet, this time from a familiar face:

’@Michael5sos: WHAT DID HE DO??’

You can tell he is angry, anyone can, and to be fair he has a right to be. Michael has always been your best friend and from the start he never trusted your, now ex, boyfriend.

’@[Y/T/N]: Mikey, don’t worry’


’@[Y/T/N]: Can we not do this publicly on twitter?’

’@Michael5sos: Come over to mine?’

’@[Y/T/N]: I’ll be there in 5’

You head over to Mikey’s place, wearing sweats and comfy shoes, not the most glamorous attire. Before you left twitter had gone mental; 'She’s going to his house’, 'Mikey’s got a girl over’, 'Battlestations 5sos fam we’ve got a wild night ahead’, it did make you feel a little better to see the fandom getting all protective. 

As soon as Mikey opened to door he engulfed you, pulling you to his chest as you begin to sob.

“Sh… it’s okay, it’s all okay,” he strokes your hair. “Do you want to talk about what happened?”

You nod slightly and eventually you find your way to the sofa.

“How did you find out?”

“He was getting sloppy with the secrets I guess…” you answer.

He furrows his brow in confusion.

“She called to ask him to pick her up from the airport and I answered,” you explain.

“Well that’s just plain stupid,” Michael says. “How do you feel?”

“I’m not sure, sort of glad to be rid of him but I can’t help but think it was my fault, Mikey,” you admit.

“No,” he says with force.

“It’s true,” tears spill from your eyes again.

“No, don’t think like that, you did nothing wrong, [Y/N]. This is all his fault, he doesn’t know what he’s missing out on,” Michael shakes you lightly by the shoulders.

“You’re just saying that,” you dry your eyes a little.

“I’m really, honestly not,” he looks at his feet. “Can I tell you something?”

“Yeah, of course you can, you always can,” you say, lightheartedly.

“No, but this is different, it’s serious, it could change how you look at me,” he turns to you and you can see from his eyes just how serious this actually is.

You nod, now a little scared.

“I really like you, like-like you,” he says, not breaking eye contact.

“Y-you what?” you are take aback.

“I like you, have done for a while, but then you started going out with him…”

“Wait you’ve liked me since before I was with him?” he nods. “Michael why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t know, i-it was never the right time, I didn’t know how and I knew you’d never like me-”

He’s cut off when your lips crash against his. It’s not something you planned on doing, but your body is working separately to your mind right now. You push him backwards so he’s lying on his back on the sofa and crawl on top of him, your hands on his chest while he slowly begins to kiss back.

“What are you doing?” he asks breaking the kiss momentarily.

“Stop, don’t talk, we can talk later, just let this happen,” you answer him, your breath already shallow with the adrenalin coursing through you.

He allows you to straddle his lap, his hands finding your waist as you manage to deepen the kiss. It doesn’t take long before you feel a hardening at his crotch, which turns you on a hell of a lot. You softly begin to grind against him which entices a groan which vibrates against your lips making you smirk. You move to kiss his neck moving up to kiss along his jawline and when you reach just under his ear he lets slip a throaty groan. You tug at the hem of his shirt and he takes the hint and sits up to pull his shirt over his head. When he lies back down you kiss down his chest before unfastening his belt buckle and his fly sliding his jeans down his legs revealing the tent in his boxers.

“Hold up,” he says weakly. “If we’re going to continue you’re going to have to be wearing a lot less clothing”

You click your tongue, “Impatient, Mikey”

You sit up and peel off your shirt. Michael stares at your chest as you’re not wearing a bra. You take of your sweatpants leaving you in only your underwear. Michael’s hands snake up your sides and to your chest as you reconnect your lips with his. He hooks his fingers at the waistband of your panties and slips them down your legs as you let him. You remove his boxers too and continuously let your hands drift dangerously near his crotch, each time hearing his breath hitch.

“Fuck, quit teasing,” he curses.

Without warning him you line him with him and lower yourself onto him. His head rolls back and your back arches while you let out a moan for the first time.

His moans are higher pitched and more whimpers as he says, “Holy shit, you’re perfect”

He grips your hips guiding your pace and giving you the most pleasure possible. Your hands rest on his chest until he sits up and presses his plump pink lips to your collarbones. Your nails scratch down his back and into his hair.

Michael’s whimpers, groans and muffled mumbles continue until you feel the knot in your stomach grow.

“Mikey I’m close,” you exhale.

“Me too babe, I’m not going to last,” he says.

You clench around him as he buries his face into your chest to block out his last final groan while he lets go too.

The two of you fall down into a mess of sweaty pile of limbs.


Masterlist // Request


>I was only 9 years old

>I loved marhinki so much,I had all fanfics and gifs with them

>I prayed marhinki will be real every night

>”Marhink is love, Marhinki is Life” I say

>Jovenshire hears and he calls me a faggot

>I knew he was jealous because I didnt ship marishire

>I told him “Marhinki Is Better Than Marishire”

>He slaps me and tells me to go to sleep

>Im crying now,my face hurts

>A warmth is moving towards me

>I feel something touch me

>Its Marhinki

>They whisper in to ear “Marhinki…”

> They grab me with they perf hands and put me in a chair

>Im ready

>I start to read  fanfics

>I have so many feels but I do it for marhinki

>My eyes start to water

>I want to please Marhinki

>They kiss

>Jovenshire walks

>Marhinki look him straight in the eye and say “Marhinki is a canon”

>Marhinki leave through my window

>Marhinki is love, Marhinki is life

fakesmilesandsecrets  asked:

If Harley ever decided to leave the Joker, which is dangerous in and of itself, I totally can get behind her being with Deadshot, too. He even comes with his own kid, which she seems to want?? I came up in that theater expecting to be bored asf tbh but I was sobbing my fucking eyes out when El Diablo died. I'm a big sucker for his tattoos and tragic backstory. Rick was such a damsel in distress but he hot, so, win-win, I guess.

I KNOW ITS PERF. Im actually writing something like that ahah. And then I’m writing rick/floyd lets goo. awww baby. i didn’t cry but yeah that was sad even tho i had the same reaction as harley ‘what did you think was going to happen’ maybe I’m crazy too lmao Rickkkkk ahhhh yes