so pathethic

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your blog is so pathethic like all you do is reblog tv show shit. Is that really your life? SAD AS FUCKKKK ☆○☆○☆○☆○

Maybe you don’t understand the concept of a blog but it’s this thing where you can post whatever the fuck you want. And this is a blog about tv shows so that is what you will see on here. I have plenty of other themed blogs on tumblr, I’ve got a real job and a uni study to do. so sit down sandra. not in front of my salad.

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E writes STUFF for money, just like JUST jared, dont ridicoulous yourself. No one write that someone holding hands if it doesnt has to. you are so pathethic and naive

Anonymous said:what a pathethic losers you are, how long you are gonna analysis this picture ?Sam looks better with fans, he is not look happy here at all,just strange. it is better than before anyway,he looked awful back then

Anons, why so worked up?  All over pictures of Sam with his real girlfriend Mackenzie?  I’m not a doctor, so I can’t officially diagnose you with anything, however I’m pretty sure you’re both suffering from shipperitis.  Such a terrible condition.  It affects your moods, makes your heart race, and makes you do horrible things you normally wouldn’t do.  I’ve seen this condition in other people.  You need to calm yourselves down.  May I suggest yoga?  Yoga is so relaxing.  Sit in your favorite yoga position.  Mine is the lotus position (won’t do the downward facing dog, cause NO ONE needs to see my ass all up in the air).  Breath deeply.  On every exhale, say these words: “Sam and Cait are not together”.  Do this for about 30 minutes a day for about two weeks. You’ll be better in no time.  

Have a peaceful day anons.