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Politeness is okay, but it gets old and boring. You want to attack life with a passion, not a politeness, you want people to think about you and remember you and say ‘she is so passionate’ you don’t want people to think about you and remember you and say ‘she is so polite,’ because, who cares about polite?

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Dumb question time!!! :D is Biochem biology and chemistry mixed together for one major..? 2. which do you like more? bio or chem and 3. what do you plan to do with your major

thats not a dumb question at all! 1) ya, biochemistry is pretty much exactly what u said lmao it’s pretty much just the chemistry of living things but theres TONS u can do with a major in biochem!! 2) i prefer the chemistry side more bc ive always been in love with chemistry in general!! there’s more math involved in chemistry too which helps me understand/absorb the concepts on a deeper level than i can with biology!! 3) im not for sure but right now im rly interested in environmental chemistry and i even applied for a REU (research experience for undergraduates) over the summer where i would get to synthesize natural adsorbents to purify water of harmful chemicals and research ways to decrease eutrophication!! which is smth im really excited about doing if i get the job but ive also considered doing more medical things like researching the ways certain carcinogens affect dna. that’s the beauty of biochem/chemistry in general!! there’s just so much u can do with a major related to chemistry 

I really liked the 2d animation in the new gorillaz video. The 3D parts were ugly but I liked that. It reminded me of the first season of the ninja turtles nick cartoon.

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part of this is me projecting BUT how about trans yuri who gets really, really painful cramps when he gets his period. even though he takes aspirin and does all the tricks to make them stop, they still hurt so bad he can't even move form the bed. luckily, beka is always there to provide him with hot water bottles, chocolate/comfort food, blankets, netflix, and cuddles until his baby is feeling better <3

me, currently laying in bed, home from school because my period cramps make me throw up for an entire week: i need me a freak like that. (this is going to be long. destigmatize periods!!)

caring bf beka!! hecking yes!! beka laying in bed with his baby, holding his hands over yuri’s stomach, pressing lightly to relieve the pain. beka massaging his baby’s chest very slowly and carefully because his entire body aches and it feels so nice. beka, stocking up on chocolate, lilia be damned. his baby is in pain. fuck his training diet. 

beka spending hours in a store with trans!sara, trying to find the comfiest blankets for their partners. (yuri and mila are synched. this is canon.) beka and sara staying up together to talk when their babies’ pass out from exhaustion. beka and sara becoming very close friends over their partners.

beka always having tampons on him because he knows yuri is forgetful and he cares for his baby so much. beka always having a sweatshirt with him to tie around yuri’s waist if there’s an accident. beka in a convenience store, being asked if he’s shopping for his girlfriend at checkout and very proudly telling them that these are for his baby boy. (checkout attendant apologizes and then puts ibuprofen in his basket as well because three ibuprofen and two asprin work wonders together.)

beka being pro period sex because nothing about his baby’s body is gross and he shouldn’t be made to feel that way. beka laying down towels and making love to his baby because he isn’t afraid of a little blood. he just wants to worship his wonderful boy.

i have so many feelings about this and all of them are so good. i love trans yuri and i love supportive bf beka and their love makes my heart ache. x


Nobody Knows

This is the last week I can call myself a college student. I’ve been thinking too much lately. But I still live my day, and do what I can. I work in the morning while I eat my breakfast, because the nights are always too damn sensitive. Yes, there were times when I lived for somebody else. My passion died, so I decided to live it for myself. I just decided it was time. 

But I wrote a letter on a lonesome day saying that I don’t know when I’ll be coming back again. It depends on how I’m feeling. Nobody knows how to say goodbye. Nobody knows how to get back home. Nobody knows how the story ends. But it hasn’t yet. So I start the day, doing what I can. 

NaruHina: The gift that keeps on giving

I’m in tears because of how beautiful my OTP is. I can’t believe it’s finally over. Thank you Naruto for all these years of joy, laughter, tears and life lessons. Thank you Kishimoto for all the hard work you’ve put into this amazing story. Thank you to my fellow shippers for being so creative, passionate, kind and absolute dorks for this ship. We’ve been through a lot together. We were laughed at, ridiculed and called every name in the book, but look at us now. We get to enjoy watching this serie ending with NaruHina being celebrated by their friends, family and even strangers. If that’s not the biggest gift to any ship, then I don’t know what is. We still have a new journey ahead of us, so this is definitely not the end, but let’s just soak this all up before moving on to banana boy Boruto and his new adventures.

Stay blessed ♡

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Hey Guys

So I wanted to share something with you guys, and sometimes I can get reluctant on getting too personal because it’s just an insecurity I suffer from. But honestly, I really want to let you guys know how much I love and appreciate all of you. Seriously.

Ive always struggled with depression, and it’s here again (unfortunately) so I’ve had a pretty cloudy head lately, and life has just been constantly showing me that it’s relentless and unforgiving recently. But I swear, every time I get to interact with you guys, whether on here or on Ff. Net or ao3 or any other social media, it brightens my day up so much. To be able to share a passion of mine (im so passionate about dbz/vegebul haha just like all of you) in writing or art, and to be able to see all of you guys passions really makes me feel fulfilled. This community has made some dark days a little more tolerable, and I can’t thank you all enough. I consider you all my friends, and I really mean it when I respond to you all as friends, and I believe in letting people know when they mean a lot to you.

Thank you guys for giving me an outlet, thank you guys for reading my stories and leaving such lovely comments, and thank you guys for sharing your amazing works and putting a smile on my face. I really love this community and all the wonderful people it introduced me to💙💙💙

(and a special thank you to @blacksheep1105 who has always checked in on me. I adore you so much! 🤗)

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If TVD writers failed and were incapable and most characters are bland, unmemorable, uninteresting, then may I ask what's different about Bonnie and Stefan? Why do you think it worked with them?

I think because Stefan was actually a well-written character in the beginning. His demons and his positive attributes come from the same place: his capacity for emotion, his ability to feel things so passionately, it’s his saving grace and his downfall so there was a natural tension in the first three seasons between his heroism and his darkness. Added to that, Paul really understood that about Stefan, if you look at his earlier interviews, he has a good insight into who Stefan was as a character so he inhabited him fully, which is also why I think in that interview Zach and the others joke about how serious he used to be onset. Added to that, Paul is a very good actor so he had the ability to portray the nuances well.

With Bonnie, as I said before, I do agree that there are limitations to her character because she was reduced to the sacrificial lamb and all anyone describes her as is loyal and strong but Kat is a very good actress so she breathes life into Bonnie, which inherently makes her more interesting than Elena and Caroline, because having so much conviction in a character even if they’re stereotypes or archetypes gives them nuances. Kat has a very strong presence onscreen. Added to that, Bonnie has a lot of opportunities for her character to be given more depth because of the actions she takes, like I said, her constantly sacrificing for everyone while tiring and while mired in misogynoir, makes her intriguing because then you start asking why, does she really not care that much about her own self-interest that she’s so willing to die for the people around her no matter what? What does that say about her? In season 2 when she was caught between being a loyal friend to Elena but hating being involved with vampires, that was another opportunity for her to be fleshed out more. In season 4 when she dabbles in expressionism and is setting her couch on fire and in this chaotic state of mind, again we could’ve seen a different side to Bonnie, so there are many opportunities surrounding Bonnie that give her the potential to be more “interesting” which in it of itself makes her interesting because there’s a reason why those opportunities exist. Does that make sense?

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why do u love seahoon

ok i love him so much i cant even put it into words but ill try :(

look,, first of all hes unbelievably handsome,, like hes the most handsome person ive ever seen and ill probably evER see like dam nd hes so cute nd adorable nd lovely nd sweet nd his lil smile is the cutest ever, his eyes are so beautiful and whenever i see him i want to wrap him up in a blanked nd cuddl with him for 8 hrs and tell him hes so beautiful nd i love him so much !!!! hes so hardworking and passionate, he rlly always trys his best with whatever he does !! :(( look how his chinese improved soo much i bet he studies alot :(( and his rap nd singing got so much better he really wants to make us proud an dfhnsdkjfns oh my god i love him ,, hes so confident nd i love that !!!! he knows he looks good and hes proud of his dancing and he rlly can bc hes amazing 💕💕 also his loyalty and friendship with the members iS INCEDIBLE ?? SJKDkyds you can see tht he really cares about the members and the members love him too its so cute,,I love his friendship with ksoo, chanyeol, baekhyun and especially suho !!!!!!!!  they all care about sehun so much :(( hes also super funny nd  i lOVE HIM also his predebut story is the funniest thing evr

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"I think because Stefan was actually a well-written character in the beginning. His demons and his positive attributes come from the same place: his capacity for emotion, his ability to feel things so passionately, it’s his saving grace and his downfall so there was a natural tension in the first three seasons between his heroism and his darkness. Added to that, Paul really understood that about Stefan, [cont]" Couldn't have agreed with this more

I’m just so irritated that they stopped writing for him and when they found a new storyline for him that could’ve been intriguing, re: figuring out who he is in the wake of his human condition, it’s cut short and at the end of a terrible, terrible season.

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34. Favorite Food(s)?

Bepo: “ Mun almost never stops eating unless there is nothing convenient to and easy to fix. Ironically, they can’t cook to save their life and most attempts come out hilariously disastrous. I’ve noticed that Mun has a particular liking to curry and shrimp.”

Mun: “Thanks Bepo…”

Bepo: “Mun also hates olives with a passion so everyone now puts olives on their food so mun doesn’t try to steal it.”

Mun: “ I knew it! It’s a conspiracy!!!”

since no one is on im just gonna complain n delete this later lmao
I dont have any passion for anything like im trying so hard to stay passionate n find hobbies n keep wanting to do those hobbies but im just not interested in anything anymore
Also ever since i was ljke 11 i ALWAYS thot abt college n where id go n it was my DREAM ive always wanted to go so bad
Like id constantly daydream abt the time where im moving into a dorm n going to classes n making friends n perhaps having a weird but nice roommate n my fam visiting me n then spending a semester jn taiwan again
But this year has damaged me so much … idont think about this stuff in the same way i used to
Now i think of college and i think of the money i will have to spend on it, the classes i dread taking but have to take anyway, my D in math, the possibility i wont get accepted in the colleges i want
Im disappointed in myself n quite frankly, hate myself. Im always losing and gaining back motivation but this time im scared itll stay gone n by time i have to take sats they will be gone or i wont get the score i want
Im not who i wanna be
Im not who i am anymore, this school year has ruined me
Im more ……sad than ever n everyday i find myself thinking “y am i still doing this ?”
Anyways lms if u read

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Sirius? Can I ask you a question? What is your favorite thing about Remus? Why? Why does he make you so happy?

Since I already kind of answered the first part, I’m gonna answer the second.

The reason he makes me so happy is because no matter what happens in my life or his, he’s there. He doesn’t take, only gives. He’s so humble and beautiful and his personality is so strong and passionate. He makes me happy because he understands me in a way that many people don’t. He’s also been rejected just because he’s not what everyone else wants him to be. Though he’s rejected on a mic. Greater scale than me, he listens to me and does everything he can to make me feel better. He just knows what to do. And I love him for it

Thanks for the ask


emeraude talking about how the writers room handles different sexualities (x)

  • polynesians: have oral history that references a faraway land of andes-like mountains in the east, cultivated sweet potato (a plant native to central america, not the pacific), literally call sweet potato by the same word used by the quechua and aymara people indigenous to the andes, left physical remains on islands a few km off the coast of chile, have genetic links with native south americans
  • white academics: hmmm it's very doubtful polynesians contacted south america.. they probably just stopped permanently at easter island for some reason after systematically navigating the entire south pacific. the sweet potatos floated to them across the ocean