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Easter Egg in Revali's Flap

I started rewatching some of Link’s memories and found something really interesting!

In the second memory, Revali’s Flap, there’s a brief moment where the camera turns around and pans the scene as Revali scoffs at the idea of being Link’s side kick. Pardon my taking a photo of my own screenshot, but take a look:

Here we can see a few generic-looking dark crimson-colored Rito in the background, all adults– two are talking off to the right while another is up on a ledge to the left. Those are in the scene to start. But for a VERY brief moment, another Rito appears on screen!

A little blue Rito child is shown running through, ascending the village. This looks like Cree, one of Kass’s daughters, but seeing as how this is taking place 100 years ago, that can’t possibly be the case.

I think this is supposed to be baby Kass! Or if Rito have lifespans closer to actual birds, this could possibly be one of his parents. Either way, it’s a nice touch!

Okay. You dont know how much I hurt for Will when we see him again, 3 years later after Digestivo.

The guy is still fcuking trying so hard to move on from THAT. And the fact that Will is still trying so hard to move on speaks how strong he can still feel the pull even after 3 fcuking years later with a wife and a kid and a new house and a life free from the FBI. He is still actively fighting all of it.

The guy didnt let Jack in his house, despite the freezing cold and despite the fact the guy still values his relationship with Jack, enough to listen to him even though the guy didnt want to talk about the murders at all. Will could have drove Jack away and not talk to him at all. Instead, he was “I can’t just shoo you away so let’s hear it anyway.” But not in his house where the guy could not bear to hear the echoes of his and Jack’s voices talking about murders and serial killers bouncing in the spaces his whole new life is built around (because it sure hell will bounce like crazy). Jack and his cases are tainted with thoughts of Hannibal, the guy would not NOT be reminded of Hannibal and the past life he’s trying so hard not to think anymore.

The guy didnt go fishing with his wife and kid. 

Instead, he stayed at home to fix a door. 

We are talking about a guy who used to have a deskspace dedicated for crafting his own lures, near his bed. Heck the guy was a fcuking fly fisherman and he was good at it! But the guy could not bear to share that outdoor activity he loves/loved with his new family without being reminded of Abigail, his murder-daughter who was given and then taken away by Hannibal, 

It was only in his memory palace but he sure is fcuking so happy about the idea, look at that face. Im not crying, you are.

When we see him 3 years later, Dear Will has not been able to put the past behind him at all. He’s still at that stage where reminders can take him back to the past as if he’s still living in it. Emotions are still attached to those thoughts and memories, and Will still feels those emotions strongly.

And what makes this hurt more is the fact that Hannibal made it sure just so. 

The moment Hannibal surrendered, all of Will’s plans of moving on were screwed. Will can change his life completely, new house, a happily married life, new things and activities to occupy his mind and time BUT Will would not be able to completely not think about Hannibal when (1) he still hears what’s going on with Hannibal, and (2) he can’t completely avoid it.

With Hannibal’s arrest:

1. Hannibal will be all over the news

In this way, Hannibal is still in Will’s fcuking face, unless Will decides to move to a remote area or island. But we know that didnt happen

2. There will be trial, in which Will will be very likely dragged into. Oh yes he certainly was.

3. More Hannibal will be on the news. 

You see? The news will be covering his arrest, his stay at bshci, his trial, after the trial — the Chesapeake Ripper is caught and that is sensational my friends, the media will follow him and will talk about him for g-d knows how long. 

How long, you say? Looks like Hannibal’s trial was a thing for all 3 years?? 

Poor Will. And the fact that Will’s visit made it cover story worthy means Hannibal the Cannibal is still relevant after 3 years since his arrest, i mean surrender.

Hannibal knows Will’s recipe for moving on — time, new environment, new people, not knowing what’s up with your ex Hannibal. Will may not be able to forget but these ingredients will gradually dull his feelings until they are no more. Someday, it’ll all be nothing but just memories for Will. And Hannibal knows that him leaving, just as Will wanted him to, will ensurely make that happen. 

So what’s Hannibal’s plan? Get in Will’s face and make sure he wont be able to entirely escape it. 
Keep dear Will emotionally attached with memories of you.

You tried so hard Will but Hannibal knows so much about how your mind works. 


Okay, about the fishing

My sorry ass managed to look away from Hugh Dancy’s glorious face only now in my Nth rewatch and see the thing past him

Wait. What is that golden circle thing behind him. Looks familiar…

And in a different angle… pardon the dumb quality, no giffing tools for me so if you want it clearer i suggest to go back to this scene in that episode.

Yes, it IS that fishing gear the guy has  

— this magnifying glass.

Because his fishing gear isnt out of sight and boxed up, it does seem Will was still fishing! 

HOWEVER this does not guarantee or say with absolute certainty that Will DID NOT stop fishing. (i mean, for all we know, he could have just put it on display or something but not really using it, or maybe it could be Molly’s. The woman CAN fish at the very least so…)

What it tells us is that there is possibility Will was still fishing.

HOWEVER this does not change the fact that Will chose not to go fishing with his wife and kid on that day.

  • Because for some reason, Will needs or wants to be alone? 
  • Or because fishing with his wife and kid family that day isn’t ‘good’ for him since it reminds him of his murder daughter Abigail?

A lot of things could be on his mind then since what does he do when he wants to quiet his thoughts? He fixes stuff. What are those things that could be on his mind?

Maybe Hannibal’s note just came in and somehow he feels like it’s something to do with those peculiar murders in Chicago and Buffalo he had been reading about? Wait, so does that entail that Will somehow knew Jack will pay him a visit about the murders any day by then??? Or maybe even on that exact day because he knows Jack knows what’s in Hannibal’s note since the fbi 'screens’ the ingress and egress of Hannibal’s parcels? Another possible reason why Will chose not leave the house that day????Woah, no i am not looking more into that or i will digress

Whichever the case may be why Will chose not to go fishing with his wife and kid that day, he was trying to 'stay away’ from the memories of Hannibal the past he left behind, coming back to haunt him.

Did…anyone need the Bonding Moment™ in Filipino? No??

(Please note that VLD in my country is shown on a local TV channel instead of Netflix, so my kind bro had to record a stream of it for me. So please pardon the rather poor quality.)

Lance: Wow, thanks to all of you! But why is it like the mice outdid you?
Keith: Wait a minute, I punched Sendak!
Lance: Oh riiight…after I regained consciousness and I shot his arm.
Keith: I thought we’re close already! I even embraced you, right?!
Lance: Nah! I don’t remember. That didn’t happen!

Filmed with a low resolution camera so pardon the quality. Riding with a vibrator at her clit. What else could be hotter.. it made her squirt after that..😘

dgraymanweek  || Day 2: Lonely Boy

↳ Option A: Favorite Character: Allen Walker 

Click picture for a little bit of m a g i c


highlight of chapter 1128 for me tbh

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @memekoe!!!

For you on your special day, your waifu! I put honeysuckles in. Apparently that’s also our birth month flower, aside from roses. It means “happiness”, and it can mean “sweet love” as well, such as bringing up a first love. Doesn’t it sound so sweet and innocent?

Also, pardon the quality, I didn’t have much sleep lmao but I wanted to make sure you got this

1/ ᴄᴏʟᴏᴜʀɪɴɢ sᴇʀɪᴇs | ᴄᴏʟᴏᴜʀ: ʀᴇᴅ

  1. A colour of fire and blood;
  2. Associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power and determination;
  3. A representation of passion, desire and love.

[B&W base photo: @mellifluousJK]