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the really weird and specific Au for klance :^)

i want to come back to this but for now here’s some bulletpoints

  • - shiro disappears to alternate timelines
  • - everything is the exact same
  • - he’s trying to figure out why everything feels Odd and he realizes
  • - “What’s that look for? Do I have something in my hair? …Shiro?”
  • - lance has a mullet
  • - is transferred to different timeline again, where all the lions are wolves
  • - and again
  • - and again
  • -every timeline he sees klance being more and more prominent and pining and possibly Painful
  • -as well as Pidge’s issues with family and anger
  • -and Langst anxiety
  • -and Keith’s loner act
  • -Allura and Coran’s pent-up grief
  • -and so on and so on
  • - he eventually realizes that everytime he realizes what the difference is, he disappears again
  • - once he realizes THAT he vanishes and finds himself back in his original timeline where he disappeared from the black lion after the battle with Zarkon.
  • - everyone’s happy to see him but he doesn’t let them say anything before he starts laying down the shit
  • - he calls out everyone’s underlying issues and how they need to stop hiding from eachother because they’re a team, dammit, and the group intervention session is fantastic and everybody emerges with a much better understanding of eachother
  • - in the process they call him out for his stuff he didn’t even realize some of
  • - in the end, tears and hugs and healing all around
  • - and during the entire thing lance has been standing up for keith and keith for him when they delve into their respective rabbit holes of insecurity and its really nice
  • - shiro saves klance for last
  • -”keith he obviously is completely in love with you” “wH-”
  • -”lance you fucking- this is ridiculous, keith literally started washing his hair for you” “sHir-”
  • -”This is absurd and I’m not putting up with it”
  • -the team agrees and points out evidence
  • -Keith and Lance keep frantically pointing out reasons that they wouldn’t be in love with eachother, refusing to look and getting progressively more flustered as the whole team refutes every point they make
  • -until eventually one of them accidentally complements the other and everyone stops dead silent
  • “You…you really think so?”
  • “Y…yeah.”
  • -”fuck it” and the entire room starts screaming when they kiss
  • -hunk covers pidge’s eyes
  • -coran: “I KN E W  I T” “A LLURA YOU OWE ME 15 GRETK
  • -allura: “damn it”
  • -shiro announces he’s going to sleep for seventeen years
  • ????
  • profit

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RFA reacting to MC having an "accident" in the middle of the night cause Aunt Flo is here./ RFA when It's MC's "time of the month"

Anonymous said:
I already made a request last night but, I realized it’s similar to another one. The severe period pain one? By that I mean, Mc is like groaning in pain on the couch and unable to move from the pain. Btw can it be RFA +V and Saeran. I’m like withering in pain and tbh I feel like this will make me feel better lmao. Also, I like went through nearly your entire profile. Tis amaze.

Anonymous said:
Ohm. This is a weird request but meh. Do you think you could to a reaction from the RFA + V and Saeran to MC having horrible period pains? So bad that it hurts to stand? Cause like, it happens.

So these are actually some of the latest requests, but this just seemed easier to write, so I finished this as soon as I could to get some content out. Still, it’s almost two weeks late despite that. Our inbox is rotting. Imsosorry ivebeenbusy x.x

BUT ANYWAY! I hope this will suffice? It might not be quite what you guys asked, but I tried ^~^

(had also planned to be for @serensama )


MC on Her Time of the Month


  • Text Message Received. “Hey, I can’t come to the beach today, sorry… >_< It’s that time of the month, so I can’t swim…”
  • He’s never had a girlfriend before. He’s completely clueless when you suddenly cancel on the beach date you’d been planning for days! You’d both been so busy, today was the one day you could actually meet up :C
  • -insert sad Yoosung boyfriend-
  • Instead, he decides to visit, anxiously worrying if you were feeling sick. (his mother makes him bring you some chicken noodle soup, lecturing him about how it was only respectful lololol cmon we all know she would)
  • Hm. You didn’t look feverish, and you weren’t coughing or anything… The only weird thing was how you sat in your chair all curled up into a ball. Curious, he decides to ask you about it, “So uhm, MC… why did you cancel today?”
  • Immediately, your cheeks flush slightly. Didn’t he understand from your text…? With a wry smile on your face, you eventually explained, “Weeeell, I’m on my period… And the cramps have been really bad so far. I can hardly stand. I didn’t want to ruin our date by lying down every five minutes in an attempt to tolerate the pain.”
  • The colour drains from his face.
  • “OH MY GOD MC, ARE YOU OKAY?! NO, NEVER MIND, OF COURSE NOT. L-look, you shouldn’t be sitting here with me if it’s that bad, go back to bed right now and I will make you an omelette because you need good nutrition and rest so pleasepleaseplease go lie down,” he babbles, panic filling his features as he desperately pushes you to your room.
  • He ends up cooking in your kitchen while you bundled up in your blankets, trying to fight off the pain somehow.
  • Brings the omelette to your bed so you don’t have to walk around
  • You fail in holding back a big smile as you look at the beach umbrella drawn in ketchup. (Everytime he made you an omelette, he made sure to draw something different)
  • “I-it’s to represent that we should go to the beach when you feel better,” he sheepishly explained, red tinting his cheeks.
  • Your phone suddenly vibrated, indicating a notification came through. You glanced briefly at your phone before WHIPPING YOUR HEAD to re-read the message
  • Seven: lololol I guess he really wants to see you in a bikini!! What a perverted boy  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • You’d been lazily cuddling together in the morning upon waking up after a…. good night together. He’s whispering sweet nothings into your ear, running his fingers over your body… down your back… over your butt… then he stops, a flicker of confusion in his eyes.
  • He suddenly breaks his hold on you, sitting up and lifting the blanket off your bodies. Zen’s eyes seem to be peeled to your legs, or something…
  • You watch him in a half-asleep state, what was he doing so early in the morning? You yawn, stretching slightl- !!!
  • A sharp pain shoots through your lower stomach and you hiss as you clutch at it. What the…?
  • As you roll around the bed, you feel a slight wetness on the bedsheets. Oh. Uh-oh.
  • You heave a sigh, closing your eyes as dread overwhelms you. “Pleeease tell me it’s not what I think it is,” you groan, pulling a pillow over your head. “I’m so sorry for ruining the bed, ugh…”
  • Zen’s eyes soften, sympathy flashing in them. “Honey, it’s okay, it happens,” he says, offering a sweet smile. “I’ll take care of it, okay? Do what you need to, and when you’re done, I’ll go get our breakfast. Don’t worry about anything.”
  • He plants a light kiss on your forehead, gazing gently into your eyes.
  • In mere minutes, he removes and replaces the bedsheets, throws them in the laundry, and heads out to buy some food. You wait anxiously on the bed, groaning as your cramps caused continuous, throbbing pain.
  • “Zeeeen,” you whimper, as if it would make him come back faster.  
  • The front door opens, and you can see that Zen has returned with crepes, cake and hot chocolate in hand. He quickly rushes to your side as he hears your whimpering, stroking your hand as he checks to make sure you’re okay.
  • “I’ve heard that chocolate is supposed to help with cramps,” he says unsurely, holding up the hot chocolate. “And I also got some sweets. I know it’s not a proper breakfast, but I know you love these things around this time of the month. So let me spoil you on days like this, babe.”
  • Despite the lightning bolts of pain you were feeling, you managed to smile from your balled up position, weakly squeezing his hand as a sign of acknowledgment. “I love you, Zenny,” you mumble.


  • From the beginning, she had been aware that you got severe period cramps, and prepared numerous remedies and reliefs.
  • Whenever she noticed that it was nearing your time of the month, she would make you drink water with brown sugar dissolved into them, which was supposed to relax your muscles and make your cramps hurt less.
  • But one day, before your period came, you began to cramp up really badly. Unfortunately, you were still at work, so you had to continue taking orders and serving the customers despite the pain. You couldn’t let Jaehee down, after all.
  • But after doing it for a while, you were sweating profusely, your mouth watering with excess saliva. Your cheeks were flushed, and your legs were beginning to give out.
  • From behind the counter, Jaehee noticed your odd state, and realized immediately what was going on. She dashes out to guide you into the employee room, bringing you a mug of chamomile tea and chocolate cake.
  • “MC, you should’ve told me earlier if you weren’t feeling well!” she scolds you, glaring at you. But her eyes are soft with worry, although she was trying to express her anger.
  • You smile weakly, having no excuse to offer.
  • Her worry morphs into guilt. “I should have given you the day off… I knew that your time of the month was coming soon, I shouldn’t have made you work. I’m really sorry, MC.” She runs a hand through her hair in frustration, ashamed in herself.
  • “But you take such good care of me, I only want to repay you…” you argue softly, furrowing your eyebrows.
  • Your words bring a small smile to her face. “Silly. You’re the one who takes care of me. You’re always considering my feelings, even when I don’t. I can only be so happy thanks to you.”
  • Another shot of pain makes you wince, and you bring your knees to your chest, in an attempt to ease the pain. “Nng… thanks, Jaehee, but I just need to… rest for now,” you managed to say. “Go back to the counter… customers are waiting.”
  • She flicks your forehead lightly. “Silly. I’m going to stay with you of course. I’ll just close the shop. It’s one of the perks of being the owner. Let me take advantage of it, okay?”
  • And so, you end up going home, cuddling together on the bed as you suffered through your monthly hell. At least you had an angel beside you.


  • The two of you usually spent your nights together, but you suddenly asked to stay in a separate room one night. A bit disheartened, Jumin inquired you as to why you requested this, and you sighed, begrudgingly explaining what Mother Nature made you go through.
  • “Is that why you couldn’t sleep last night?” he frowned, his thumb gently stroking your cheek.
  • Your head shot up in surprise. “You knew?”
  • “I know everything, my love. You were groaning, tossing and turning the entire night… I couldn’t even hug you properly.”
  • “It’s not my fault it hurts so much!” you protest.
  • “I also had the maids wash the bedsheets, after noticing it had been dirtied. I hope you don’t mind.”
  • Erk, that was embarrassing. It was only the maids, but you suddenly felt like the whole world knew you were bleeding out of your vagina now. Seriously, Jumin could’ve kept quiet about that part. Now you felt mildly uncomfortable.
  • Jumin continued, “It’s okay. Get some rest, okay? You probably didn’t sleep a wink last night. I have a meeting today, but I’ll try to come home as soon as I can. I hope Elizabeth 3rd will suffice as company til then… Is there anything you would like me to bring back while I’m out?”
  • “Not really…” you mutter, cheeks still red.
  • Jumin raised an eyebrow, dubious.
  • “Okay, fine. Yeah, can I get some pizza? That one we had last time, where the crust was perfectly crispy and topped with that fancy stuff you ordered.”
  • He chuckles, kissing your forehead softly. “I knew you’d give in. And don’t worry so much about it being your time of the month. This is nothing to be embarrassed about, compared to your loud screams at night…”
  • SMACK!


  • The moment he heard your first whimpers he KNOCKED DOWN YOUR DOOR
  • “Honey?! What’s wrong!!” he panicked, throwing the covers off your bed to inspect you
  • You were curled up, rocking gently side-to-side as you quietly cried, the tears gathering in the corners of your eyes
  • “Saeyoungggg… Mother Nature’s killing me again,” you sniffled, trying to deal with the pain
  • “W-w-what do I do?” he stammered, cheeks flushing as he was unfamiliar with women’s monthly pains. He wanted to help, but he really had no idea.
  • But you couldn’t even answer, groaning as the next wave of pain hit you
  • “I-it’s okay, MC, I’ll call for help immediately! Defender of Justice, 707, off to the rescue!!” he declared, suddenly dashing out your room
  • Wait what?
  • “Come baaack,” you called out, feeling slightly disappointed. Had he just run out on you? What was he even trying to do? You just wanted some Saeyoung cuddles right now…
  • From the open door, you could hear Saeyoung talking vividly on the phone, “Give up the sacrifice!! NOW, Jumin Han, or I will hack into your company right now!”
  • Sacrifice? What sacrifice?
  • “I will steal Elly—no, listen to me, I will call her Elly however I please!”
  • Did he already forget about you? You grumbled, rolling over to hug your blankets.
  • “Good, I’m glad we cleared this up! 5 minutes, Mr. Han, I’m giving you 5 minutes to send her over.”
  • Fuck, was he trying to get Elizabeth the 3rd over? Seriously, that wouldn’t really help with your period pains very much. At all. You didn’t hate her, per say, but you were fucking dying in here.
  • You mentally counted down 5 minutes, when the doorbell suddenly rang, and you could hear Saeyoung’s footsteps as he practically flew to the door.
  • “I’m so glad you’re here! Thank youuuu!!” You could hear him exclaim.
  • “MC?” a soft, feminine voice called out to you from the doorway.
  • Your eyes snapped open, “Jaehee?! I thought you were Elizabeth the 3rd!”
  • Her eyes twinkled with amusement. “Now, why would you think that? I wasn’t aware that spending so much time cat-sitting had resulted into my transformation into a cat.”
  • “N-no.. never mind.” It was always hard to explain Saeyoung’s antics. “Why are you here?”
  • “Seven called Mr. Han to demand that I came to help. I’m very glad to (get away from Jumin) be of help, MC. I brought some painkillers, some hot soup and a few bags of tea for you to drink over the next few days. It should help somehow,” Jaehee explained, holding up a small plastic bag that you hadn’t noticed before.
  • From behind her, you noticed Saeyoung peeking nervously from the doorway, his eyes teared up as he stared at your weakened form.
  • “Thanks, Jaehee. And Saeyoung, you can come in, you know…” you said.
  • “B-but!! I’m a pure girl, darling, what if I get the curse of periods too?!” Saeyoung whined, shaking his head furiously.
  • ….That’s what he was worried about?
  • “Seven… Periods are not contagious,” Jaehee deadpanned.


  • He was always prepared when it was your time of the month—even more than you were! He couldn’t help it. For the majority of his relationship with Rika, he’d been doting on her, doing anything and everything he could for her. Old habits die hard.
  • “MC, maybe you shouldn’t be wearing white underwear… it’s almost your time of the month, isn’t it?” he called out as he was cooking breakfast, glancing at you from the corner of his eye.
  • “W-wha?” you yawned. You were only wearing one of his shirts and some panties, but then you realized the date. “Oh, you’re right!”
  • By the time you went to change, you’d already seen the faintest taint of pink on your underwear. Fuck. How many have you ruined by now? …Too many to count.
  • It took a couple hours before the pain started to kick in.
  • Considering this was a reoccurring pattern, V already knew what to do and when to do it.
  • “MC, honey, I prepared a hot bath for you… Would you like to be alone, or shall I join you?” he asked, checking in on you.
  • “Nng… I can’t really walk right now, sorry,” you replied, hugging a heating pouch to your lower stomach.
  • He chuckled in return, “Then I’ll carry you there. Perhaps I should strip you, too?” He winked jokingly.
  • If this had been a normal day, you would’ve taken the chance to jump at him (because V’s hot and a sweetheart) but no, your cramps were killing you today. So no. No sinning today, MC.
  • He fed you chocolate as you sunk into your bath, letting the heat relax your muscles, significantly easing your cramps. He helped to wrap you in a towel, making sure you were warm.
  • By the time you went to bed, the cramps had more or less gone away for the night, and you happily snuggled into his chest, feeling comfortable, relaxed and loved.


  • When he finished his morning shower, he found you groaning in pain on the bed, hugging a pillow tightly.
  • He snickered, “Was I too hard on you last night? I didn’t realize it was that bad…”
  • You shook your head, correcting him, “I’m on my periodddd…”
  • Immediately, his smile dropped. What the fuck?
  • “What… what is that supposed to mean?” he furrowed his eyebrows cutely, looking at you with pure confusion.
  • “I’m bleeding from my vagina, what else?” you rolled your eyes, deadpanning.
  • “Erm. Oh,” he stated in surprise. “Does… does ice cream help?”
  • “Ice cream doesn’t solve everything, Saeran…”
  • He frowned, not knowing what to do. Instead, he crawled into bed next to you. “Well, uhm, I don’t really know what to do… but, whenever I’m not feeling well, your hugs really help me, so if you don’t mind, I’m just going to cuddle with you… okay?”
  • You flashed a small smile at him, inwardly gushing at how adorable he was. “Of course!”
  • He smiled back with a hint of relief that he was doing something right. “Tell me if you need anything, okay?”
  • “And what if I said I only need you?” you joked.
  • He plants a soft kiss on your forehead. “I’m the one who needs you. Please feel better soon…”
  • Maryse: so, how do you feel about Magnus Bane?
  • Alec (deep in his head): *actually, he's the first one to make me feel like i'm alive again, he helped me see my true colors. he helped me through times you would never imagine i was going through, he cured my pain, he healed me. magnus pulled me out of the darkness i was living in my whole life. he holds my hand everytime he sees something is wrong. he says he loves me and he means it. he knows when i'm sad, happy, in pain or damaged, and i would risk anything for him because he's my whole world, so yeah i love him*
  • Alec: i like him
Preference: The 100 ladies reacting at your body cover in scars

Anon ask: Preferences of The 100 ladies: Their reaction when they see R body cover in scars (she’s one of the bests thief/warrior/hunter on polis )

Warning: mention of past injuries, scars

(A/N): I LOVE THE 100 , send more preferences for them plz I love making preferences <3

Masterlist / Prompt List / Fandom List / Ask me anything!

Clarke Griffin: It hurt her. It hurt her to know that you have gone through so much pain and she wasn’t there to help you. Now everytime that you’re naked or your scars are showing, she will kiss them and told you how much she loves you, she also likes to run her fingers through your scars and then leaving little pecks on them.Being one of the best warriors was not simple, and the scars were common for you, but Clarke couldn’t not worried about you everytime a new one decorate your body, she will make sure to kiss every inch of you, trying to somehow give you comfort. “I’ll kiss it better”

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Heavenly Hell

Finn Balor x Reader

Requested by @helhathnofury-deactivated201704

Tags: @nickysmum1909

Prompt: Finn on a beach, pondering on our girl as she swam. His thoughts alternate between her physical qualities and her demeanor – pretty much her whole person, and how he felt about her lately. And when she withdraws from the water, the sight of her emerging from te sea, Finn realizes he has fallen deep for her

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everytime @traumatizedofficial puts this fucking picture on my dash i laugh so hard i go into a coughing fit and agitate my spinal pain there is such an emotion behind this image i cant describe but all i know is i genuinely think this is going to be the last thing i see before i die

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Yet another headcanon/plotbunny I'm throwing your way, because I'm a shameless enabler. Naruto as Nawaki's reincarnation. He's very confused the first few years of his life, and Academy doesn't help. He's crap at History, because how can it be true that Oro-sensei betrayed Konoha? And where's his neechan? Or Dan, or Shizune-neechan? Someone calls him a demon, and he's confused at first, but then he remembers Mito-baachan (and wants to cry, because she's gone too, and Uzushio's gone too) (1)

and he realizes what that seal on his stomache means. He freaks out a bit, but Mito-baachan used to talk about her burden, sometimes, and she’s always been one of his heroes, so he buckles up and says “If Baa-chan could do it, so can I!” He misses his sister dearly, but the one time he asked Tsunade-neechan’s sensei, Hokage-jiji, about her, the old man went silent, then asked him where he had heard that name. Nawaki-no, Naruto now, doesn’t tell him. He tells no one, because he doesn’t know himself how this happened, can’t explain it, and everytime he wants to tell someone his instincts hold him back. So he tells something about seeing Tsunade’s name in a book at school, and pretends not to notice the pain on Sarutobi’s face. He goes to the academy, but it’s boring because he knows most of the practical stuff already, and he doesn’t believe the history teacher most of the time, and he loses points in taijutsu because he’s doing the academy style wrong (he’s using the Uzushio one the one his baa-chan taught him), and he fails the fuinjutsu unit because his sensei can’t recognize the seal he created as an advanced, Uzushio-special flash bomb. He likes Sakura-chan because she reminds him of Tsunade-nee, and he hates the Uchiha… pretty much because he’s an Uchiha, but also because he’s an arrogant asshat and the teacher’s favourite when Naruto has to fight for every bit of attention he gets. Then he graduates, and he’s on the team of Hatake’s son (Nawaki might have been a Sakumo fanboy. But the White Fang of Konoha was the COOLEST. And he had been friends with Oro-sensei, so Nawaki had seen him around quite a lot) and it’s not enough, not even slightly enough to fill the holes in his heart, but it’s better. Less lonely. Then the Chunin Exams come around. And Oro-sensei is RIGHT THERE, but he doesn’t recognize him, he attacks him, and even Oro-sensei is more interested in the Uchiha than in Naruto/Nawaki. It hurts. And Oro-sensei puts a seal on top of the Kyuubi’s, and it’s Tsunade-nee’s pervert of a teammate that comes to take it off. Nawaki is done with this. He wants his Neechan to make everything better, and he’s not above running away during the one-month training part of the exams to find her. (I should probably have done this as a submission instead of so many asks ^^“ this thing escaped me, sorry)

God I have not read something this heartbreaking and fucking temptingin a very long time, damn it. Do want!

Can we all talk about how Ed pointed that gun at Oswald was so beautiful? (yes I said it)

Look at their faces:

Oswald; challenging, a light smile, razor sharp stare, with no fear whatsoever. I’m so impressed with him everytime, like he has endured the pain and torture (physically and mentally) that he has grown to love it. My boy is hanging strong!!

Edward; those fucking eyebrows, gritted teeth and anger in his eyes but honestly? that gaze is hiding crippling fear let me tell you. He thought Oswald was dead the moment he shot him; Ed took pills just to see his best friend cause he was grieving(still is!), and seeing him alive threatened every fiber of his being. 

Not Enough And Everything (repost)

A/N: Hello wonderful people! So I realized that the original version of this did not make sense… .and I apologize. I don’t think a lot of people read it anyway, but if you did, I’m very sorry. Anyway I fixed it, so hopefully it reads better and makes more sense now. As always I hope you enjoy and that you all have marvelous days! Thank you for reading!
Part One: Downfall

You can’t believe this is happening. Your biggest fear has become a reality. Alex, the person you love most, the one you adore more than anything, he’s been cheating on you for over two months with his co-worker, Kimberly. Apparently they had to stay late for a case and ….one thing led to another for over two months. Oh and how did you find out?

One night after talking to Alex on the phone and having him tell you about this monster of a case he was chosen for and that he’d more than likely be working all night, you decide to take him something to eat and maybe offer some moral support by his side as he worked. Little did you know that when you opened the door to his office, that you would find him and Kimberly getting very hot and heavy on his office couch.

There they were, her straddling his lap on the couch, with his hands on her ass. He stopped as soon as he heard your gasp, and the container of food you dropped hit the floor. Your hand went to your mouth, as you simultaneously tried not to cry and remember how to breathe. They separated immediately, she was pulling down her skirt and trying to button up your blouse, while he was trying to zip up his pants.

“(Y/N), this isn’t what it looks like, I mean-,” he tries to explain scrambling for some sort of excuse. Your breathing is shallow as you try to make sense of scene before you, you look at him in his disheveled state and can’t hold in the anger and hurt in your heart.

“Not what it looks like? What the hell was that then? A vital part of your monster case?!” you exclaim feeling more betrayed by the second. Kimberly chooses this moment to leave as quietly as possible, you turn to her with a glare as she slips out the door. You turn back to Alex, rage and hurt in your eyes.

“This whole thing is a mistake. Babe I -,” he tries again, you shake your head. As he approaches you, you take a step back towards the direction of his desk, and he abruptly stops. He looks slightly panicked you’ve never not wanted to be close to him, but then again he had never betrayed you until now.

“How long has this been going on,” you cut him off. He looks at you with lost wide eyes not knowing where to start or what to say.
“What-,” is his only reply before you repeat yourself louder this time.

“HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON?!” Your eyes shutting, fists clenching at your sides, for just a moment trying to contain your tears, before you open them and stare him directly in the eyes.

“Maybe a month or two?” he replies hesitantly. Trying to step towards you once more leading you to stand behind the desk, not wanting him near you. You grip the back of his chair.

“Two months….!”, you whisper shout, your hand going to your chest, all the air leaving your lungs. You close your eyes and sit in his chair, still trying to keep your tears at bay, and control all your emotions at once. Your hands cradle your head as the information swirls around in your head.

“I know this seems bad, but –,” he begins, moving closer to you while you’re distracted, but before he can get too close. As he reaches the side of the desk, your eyes snap open and you cut him off once more too hurt and angry to be patient and listen to his excuses.

“No Alexander, this doesn’t seem bad, it is bad. I can’t believe you would do this to me! We’ve been together for three years! Three years! After everything we’ve been through…” you pause and take a shuddering breath, “am I really that boring to you now..?” your mind starts racing with all your insecurities and the one screaming the loudest in your mind is your greatest fear of not being enough, never being enough for him.

“No, of course not! (Y/N), I love you -,” he tries to soothe your worries, rushing to your side, down on his knees in front of you, but it’s too late they’ve settled in you.

“Do you?”, you question, doubt and heartache filling you up, as you shy away from him. “I knew it, I knew this would happen, I knew my time with you was running out, but I thought you really loved me, I thought that this could work…” you trail off your tears falling now, not able to hold them back any longer.

“It can work, it does!” he cuts off your rambling, and as he reaches for you, you cringe away the pain inside you telling you to runaway from this. You abruptly stand from the chair and back away towards the door looking to your escape from the heartache, betrayal, and doubt that has now filled you completely. Alexander stares at you, eyes beginning to widen with panic.

“No,” you whisper almost to yourself, shaking your head, disagreeing. Alex is still kneeled by the chair looking at you with pain and shame of his own. “This can’t work,” you continue, “you’ve just proven that.” You state, just steps away from the door. “I can’t do this,…” you whisper once more as he jumps from his position, “I won’t do this,” and you reach for the door knob and run to the elevator, hearing him shout your name, begging you not to go, before the doors close. As soon as you reach the lobby you run to the parking lot, trying to make it to your car before he caught you by the arm.

“Wait, (Y/N) please,” he says holding onto your arm, tears of his own filling his eyes.

“No, Alexander,” you say tears rolling down your cheeks. You rip arm out of his grasp, “you don’t get act like you’re the one that’s hurt when you decided to fuck someone else without thinking about what it might do to us.” You unlock your car, hand on the handle of the door as you look at him, “you don’t get to make me feel sorry for you.” You open the door and slide into your car, pulling out of the parking lot, running away from the man you have loved more than anything, the man who just broke your heart, and turned your world upside down.

Alex is left in the parking lot staring after you car as you speed away, feeling the ache in his chest growing as you drive further away. He grips his hair and screams into the empty parking lot, as he realizes what he’s done.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

You decide to head to the Schuylers apartment knowing that at least Maria and Eliza would be there on a Friday night. Peggy and Angie usually worked late. When you knock on the door you are greeted with a laughing Maria, but as soon as she sees you her face falls, which causes Eliza to approach from her seat on the couch. She looks over Marias shoulder and as soon as she sees your tear stained face and red eyes, she pulls you into the apartment and into a hug at once.

You fall into her and cry once more. Maria looks at you both with worried eyes, placing a hand on your back, as body shaking sobs rake through you, and Eliza holds you up. They lead you to the couch, while Eliza comforts you, your head on her shoulder, clutching onto her. Maria gets you a glass of water. She hands you the water and gingerly prompts you take a few sips. Once you’ve calmed a bit. They exchange a glance.

“What happened, hon?” Eliza asks you, her arm still around your shoulders while Maria sits on the coffee table in front of you and takes your left hand.

You take a breath before you reply. “I walked in on Alex and another girl nearly going at it…..”, you go on and explain the whole ordeal to them, trying not to break down again.
Eliza looks at you with sympathy, worry, and sadness for your situation, while Maria looks utterly pissed off.

“How dare he?! After everything you both have been through together! I can’t believe this!”, she says in pure frustration. “He gets jealous if a guy stares at you the wrong way, but he can go sleep with someone else?!”
Eliza grabs Marias hand and looks at her in warning, shaking her head, silently telling her not to do this right now. Maria sighs and looks to you “I’m sorry (Y/N), it’s just you deserve so much better, you didn’t deserve this.” You nod your head and pat her hand in forgiveness, even though she didn’t need to apologize. Both girls hug you on each side trying to give you some comfort from the pain. You eyes become watery as you think of Alex, this time the tears taking you into a deep sleep…….

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Alex POV

What have I done? What the hell is wrong with me? Why? Why did I do this? She’s gone. She ran out, she left with tears and heartbreak in her eyes. Hurt and pain that I caused. He paces back and forth, his hands gripping his hair. He drove home to see if he could catch you, but when he arrived you were no where to be found. He picks up his phone and tries to reach you, even though he knows you probably don’t want to hear from him.

He tries to call you, but it goes to voice mail everytime. He tries texting you, still nothing. You either turned your phone off, or you’re just ignoring him. But what if she got in a car accident because she was so distraught? He thinks, Oh God! Please! Don’t let anything happen to her, she’s my everything…she’s my entire world.

I can’t just give her up. I can get into my car and go look for her, but she’ll probably just avoid me anyway…..there has to be someway to reach her….ELIZA! He realizes that if you went anywhere besides home it would be to the Schuylers. He dials Eliza’s number as the phone rings, praying that he gets an answer.

~ * ~ *~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *~

Once you had fallen asleep the girls gently laid you on the couch, covered you with a blanket and tucked a pillow under your head. They moved to one of the bedrooms to talk, so they didn’t wake you.

“I can’t believe Alex did this to (Y/N). She’s the best thing that ever happened to him, and he wants to throw their relationship out the window for a piece of ass?!”, Maria whisper shouted.

“Darling, calm down. I agree that Alex has acted foolishly in regards to (Y/N), but he’s called her about 46 times already. Not to mention us about 20. Shouldn’t we at least let him know she’s safe?”, Eliza tries to reason with her outraged girlfriend, although she’s just as upset with Alexander. She feels it’s the right thing to do.

“No. Let him feel guilty. He deserves it.”, Maria replies with out a moments hesitation, arms folded across her chest. Eliza responds with a simple look that says ‘it’s the right thing to do’. Maria let’s out a sigh, throwing her hands in the air, “Fine, but don’t call him,” raising a finger at her good hearted girlfriend in warning. “Call the boys and tell them to go check on him and make sure he doesn’t do anything else stupid, no details babe, let him tell them what he did. If she had to relive it so does he.” She folds her arms in finality. Eliza nods in agreement and calls John.

“John, it’s Liza. You need to go check on Alex……no he’s not hurt..”, yet, she thinks, “look something happened between him and (Y/N) and I just want to make sure he doesn’t do something reckless, so you boys better go check on him………just ask him to tell you….okay? Alright, talk to you later John.” She hangs up the phone and gives Maria a nod and a sigh, then decides to call Angelica and Peggy, who you weren’t home yet, and fill them in on the situation. Both women were far from pleased and made it home as fast as possible to try and console their friend in her time of need.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

John was worried and confused. What could’ve happened between the two of you? You were one of the happiest couples he knew and more than that, you were best friends before you even started dating. You were the only woman he thought could put up with Alex, and he knew Alex loved you more than anything. So, when Eliza called him and told him to gather the boys and go check on him, John was more than a little worried.

“Eliza didn’t tell you anything?”, Laf said, driving towards your and Alex’s apartment, just as worried as John was.
“All she said was that something happened between Alex and (Y/N), and that we needed to check on him to make sure he didn’t do anything stupid.” John sighs from the passenger seat, growing more anxious about the situation with each passing minute.

“I’m sure they just got into an argument and we need to calm the situation on his end,” Hercules says from the backseat. “Regardless, it won’t help if we all get worked up before we even know anything,” He says, always the voice of reason, although he was just as worried as his other friends. He knew the two of you never had an argument you couldn’t resolve yourselves, but there’s a first time for everything right?

As they pull up to the apartment, they all give each other a look and hop out of the car. John is the first one to walk in, followed by Lafayette and Hercules. Immediately they see objects thrown about and see Alex coming from the bedroom mumbling to himself.

“Alex?”, John calls to him, announcing their presence. Alex’s head snaps up his eyes are wild and his hair is a mess, he’s been running his fingers through it and pulling on it. His attire looks just as ragged.

“She left her clothes, her toothbrush, her favorite slippers, the down feather blanket I got hee for christmas. All hee stuff is here, she has to comeback.” He says mostly to himself, continuing his pacing. He stops to look at his ftiends, “Even if it is just to pick up her stuff, she has to comeback, right?”, he asks eyes still wild. “I’ll have a chance to explain myself, she won’t answer my calls or texts, but she has to comeback, she has to….”, he mumbles as he trails off.

All three boys share a concerned look before John asks, “Alex, what happened?”, and none of the boys had ever seen Alex look so devastated as they did in that moment.

They saw tears form in his eyes as he gripped his hair in his hands, fell to his knees, his head in hands, and simply said, “I broke her heart,” he looked up at his friends and confessed, “I’ve been cheating on (Y/N) for two months, and she walked in on me and a coworker, and I’ve hurt the most beautiful thing in my life, the most precious person to me, and for WHAT?!”

Johns brow furrows as he thinks about what coworker, he could be talking about, as it hits him. “Alexander, please tell me you haven’t been sleeping with Kimberly,” he looks at his friend to deny what he just said.

Alex just looks at John in defeat as he hangs his head, “I fucked up, big time, and God knows I don’t deserve her, but I swear, I will get her back and treat her the way she deserves.” He looks up at the ceiling, “I will endeavor to be worthy of her.” He rises to his feet, talking mostly to himself once more, “I will give her the world even if she decides to hate me for the rest of her life.” New determination burns in his eyes as he continues, “I will love her as long as I live, and probably long after.”

The boys stand in shock, not knowing what to say. They were disappointed in their friend, Laf looked down at his friend, “Mon ami, why would you do this?” he asks genuinely confused by Alexander’s actions. Alex looks up at Laf, eyes red.

“I don’t know,” he says looking down, “because she was there, and I could, I don’t know, because I’m a shit, I don’t fucking know,” he stares up at Laf again, “I honestly don’t fucking know, and I’ve messed up the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Lafayette gives a nod and goes to stand next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. John and Hercules share a look and join their friends, and both give Alex a reassuring pat. Alex looks at each of them before silent tears fall down his face, he had to get you back, he had to….

I decided to write the following post to reply to all of your responses to this post.

@georgethecat said: This is good to read coz man I was not happy with Jon after some of his comments…. (especially because he respected Mance! And tho Mance is not nearly as bad as Cersei, he was still an “enemy.”)

You’re welcome! I just wanted you all to understand that Jon is speaking and acting from a place of pain. 

And the Cersei comment didn’t annoy me that much tbh. I don’t think Jon was judging Sansa, I just think that in some way he’s still as confused about her as he was in season 6. The Sansa he’s seeing in front of him just doesn’t add up to the one he remembers and he’s still struggling with that. He’s trying to make sense of the things she says and does.

I think the part about Sansa admiring Cersei and her admitting she learnt a great deal from her is just D&D weirdly trying to push Cersei/Sansa parallels. You can think of that what you will, but I take it to mean that Sansa, like Cersei, will stop at nothing to protect her family and at this point the only family she has is Jon.

@wolvesofspring said:  I’m sorry, itt’s just… it still saddens me how much Jon seems to have hurt her… I know there is a good explanation for that (like him being attracted to her or plain frustraion because he thinks she doesn’t trust him, or even both) - but it still hurts to see Sansa sad like that after what she’s gone through. Jon also did suffer a lot of course and he needs her assurance, and she is just trying to give something more - which is a survival through the hard winter…I think they both still have a good way to go about one understanding what the other’s been gone through.Maybe that’s what the end of season 7 will give us however… Jon and Sansa finally understanding the other and becoming a powerful ruling duo. Maybe as Jon leaves he will begin to fully trust Sansa by giving her Winterfell to rule over for the time being, and once he gets back… there will be a heck of a surprise.After all this season is about trust and loyalty.

Yes, exactly, you’re making some excellent points here!

I am certainly not trying to deny or dismiss Sansa’s pain, but the point of this post was that Jon is hurt as well. And Sansa seems to have overcome most of her reservations about Jon and has decided to trust him. She may have been hurt, but to me it didn’t look like she was acting on this pain.

But Jon was. My heart broke when that pained smile appeared on his face the moment Sansa said ‘but’. He hasn’t moved past his distrust of Sansa (for lack of a better word), because

1. He has every reason to think that she would be entitled to resent him and question his position. After all, she’s the trueborn daughter while he’s only the bastard. Someone, I can’t remember who exactly, called it Jon’s imposter syndrome. I think that’s a good way to describe it. Unfortunately Sansa’s presence just isn’t helping with that.

2. Understand that I am no way condemning Sansa’s choices here, I’m just pointing out the effect they’re having on Jon, but Sansa’s actions haven’t really helped in proving that she trusts him so far. I’m not blaming anyone for that, it’s just a simple fact. We can all see that she’s trying so hard, but Jon being Jon and not seeing things objectively didn’t recognize that so far.

@kitten1618x said:  Thank you! It’s exactly what I have been saying - poor Jon is so insecure. 💔

He really is! When people are acting like jerks, it usually means they’re insecure about something, simple as that!

@sophmounty said:  The sermon on the mount 😉

Lol, I guess ;)

@djofradiogallifreycamelot said:  I don’t think the writers are that smart.

Then they sure did one hell of a job accidentally portraying the Jon I know and love!

And they can’t take all the credit. While Kit Harington certainly isn’t the best actor on the show, he does seem to be one of the actors who really understands his character. (And yes, I’m ignoring his psycho!Jon comments and such, because he was obviously trolling). I also think he’s improved a lot and that he’s doing a great job, now that he’s allowed to play more complex emotions and interactions!

@sleepyritz said:  Can we all stop to realize that SANSA TOURTURED JON FOR YEARS in winterfell! She told Arya she was a bastard because she looked like jon, she refused to talk to him or sit with him, she would take her mothers side in the jon needs to leave argument everytime! he’s been through a lot AT HER HANDS it makes sense that he would be hella self conscious about her being judgmental.

Sansa did no such thing, not ever. I think you should consult a dictionary to look up the meaning of the word you’re using. 

She never told Arya that she was a bastard. It was Arya herself who worried that she might be a bastard. Sansa did think that it would have been easier if Arya was a bastard, because if that was the case, she could understand why they were so different. At the point she’s saying that, she’s a young child, who has trouble understanding the world when it doesn’t fit her very narrow point of view.

It’s really odd that if, as you claim, Sansa refused to talk to Jon, we have parts in the books where Jon remembers Sansa talking to him. I have no idea why you’d think Sansa “would take her mother’s side in the Jon needs to leave argument everytime”. I don’t see Ned and Cat fighting and allowing their daughter, who’s younger than 10 at that point to participate in that fight and voice her opinions about the argument. 

It’s true, Sansa loved her mother very much and she saw that Jon caused her a great deal of pain. Sansa has always been eager to please the people she looked up to, so it’s only to be expected that she’d follow Catelyn’s example. I’m not trying to excuse her behaviour, I’m just explaining where she was coming from. Moreover, she was a child, a very young child! If you want to blame anyone, blame the adults!

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that Sansa certainly contributed to Jon feeling unwelcome and unwanted in Winterfell. But I’d also like to point out that Jon only ever thinks fondly of Sansa when he remembers her. On top of that, last season we saw a scene where Jon forgave her for how she treated him as a child, he even insisted that there was nothing to forgive! I’m not saying he wasn’t affected by the way she acted around him, but he’s forgiven her. So why can’t you?

And while you’re right about Jon feeling self-conscious, I don’t agree that Sansa was being judgemental. He might have felt that she was, but she was only voicing valid concerns. He was right however that it didn’t look good that she seemed to be questioning him in front of his bannermen. She truly cares about Jon and she’s only trying to look out for him. I know Jon can’t see it that way yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

@chuley08 said:  This post made me understand Jon’s POV

Thank you so much! That was exactly my intention :)


Maggie’s face. Her tremble lip. Her sad eyes. It’s been more than a week and everytime I lay eyes on her I still feel sadness, despair, hope, pain and misery. Yes, all at once. So let me tell you that I’m not doing great. She was so sure Alex was going to break up with her. She was so sure that she was going to be left alone, all over again. 

It’s not Detective Maggie Sawyer NCDP Science Division we’re seeing and hearing here, it’s definitely14 year old kicked out of her house by her own father Maggie and it’s making me want to cry in the corner. I want to hold her and never let go. I’ve never wanted to protect her more than in that exact moment.

“You don’t think I’m a bad person?” She is in fact quite the exact opposite. I’m in awe. Her voice was so soft. It’s not a voice or a tone we heard before from Floriana. I swear to god, this woman has so much more to offer to this show. 

Maggie was only 14. F O U R T E E N. Her whole world, her family, her friends, her safe place, it all disappeared in a blink of an eye because she figured out she liked girls. Not only was she thrown out but she also had to deal with her being gay alone when she needed her parents and a supportive system the most. She had to grow up alone in a world where being herself was considered a valid reason for being abandoned by your own flesh and blood. Eveything that ever happened to her after her traumatic coming out story shaped her the way she now interacts with the world. 

“You don’t think I’m a bad person” is what she asked but this wasn’t about her cheating behind that line it was something way deeper like “You won’t leave me, will you? You won’t kick me out? You don’t think me being myself is a bad thing? Alex please tell me you don’t think less of me because I won’t survive this, I won’t survive you leaving me.”

Inside Of You - Happy Lowman

Song Inside Of You By Hoobastank
Warning: Spanking with a belt, Hair pulling, Biting
Happy Reading Dollies.

It seems so obvious
There’s something up with us
I swear I feel it
From across the room.
So can I ask you this?
Not to be forward, miss,
But I think I’ll kill myself
If I never know

Working the stripper pole at TM was the best job ever.
Noticing Happy starring at you from across the room. His eyes never leaving your body.
You felt yourself get wet at the thought. What the Killer could do to you in bed.
Pushing the thought back in you worked the pole somemore, swinging your hips, moving your hands up and down the pole, bending over right in Happys direction so he could see your ass perfectly. Dropping down and grinding your wet core against the pole as you made your way up. Glancing at Happy every chance you got to see if he twitched.

Happys P.O.V
“Damn that girl is fine”. Tig said to you.
“She’s all right”. “You said as you took a sip of your beer.
"Alright, that right there is prim pussy”. “She’s never been deflowered from one of us”. “And I’m making it my mission to do so”.
You laughed and shook your head. Watching Y/N work the pole. Her ass was so plum, round, it would looked perfect backed up on my dick. You felt your dick grow as Y/N dropped her ass and grinded on the pole. I hope she knows what she doing to me. Your mind and heart racing.

What do I have to do
To get inside of you?
To get inside of you?
Cause I love the way you move,
When I’m inside of you.
When I’m inside of you

FInishing up you grabbed a drink from the bar. Taking a sip you saw Happy get up and walking your way.
“Hey prospect, another beer”. Happy yelled at the scared prospect.
“You want another”. He asked you.
“No thanks”. “I’m about to leave anyway”.
“Why you leaving so early, the party is just starting to take off”.
“I have another job that gets me up early”.
“Ahh I see, we arent important, you just dance and leave, get me ready for you then you leave”.
“Hap you okay there”.
“Really, you seem frustrated”. You cocked your head
“Tig has made it his mission to deflower you”. Happy laughed.
Wide eyed. “What are you talking about”.
“You havent slept with anyone here, so he said hes taking you to bed”.
“That is not happening, besides I like someone here, he doesnt notice me”. “I just want him inside me and to fuck my brains out”. You licked your lips, bitting your lower lip as you looked Happy up and down.
“Hes probably waiting for a sign”.
“Ha, I gave that guy so many signs”. “He just not interested I guess”.
“Oh he is, just you have to come out and say”. He chugged his beer.
You leaned over and whispered in Happys ear. “I want you to bend me over and fuck the shit out of me, leaving bite marks to tell everyone especially Tig that you’ve taking me”.
Happy grabbed your arm, leading you to his dorm.

Just ask and I will do
Anything you want me to
There is no limit
To how far I will go
And Im sure I can pretend
To be a gentlemen..
But before I begin,
I just gotta know,
Just gotta know.

Happy slammed the door shut. Eyeing you as you slowly took your shirt off. “You like what you see Lowman”? You asked as you slipped off your bra.
“Damn, I do”. He took off hs kute and laid it on his dresser.
You watched him unbuckle his belt,taking it out of his belt loops. “Bend over”. He ordered.
You did as you were told. He came up behind you, pulling your hair so you could hear what he was saying. “I’m not a gental person, I like it rough but if its to rough and you want me to stop, just say it”.
“Okay, now please fuck me”. You moaned as his first slap hit your ass.
“You like pain, Little Girl”. He grunted as he placed another slap to your ass.
“MMM-mmm, yes Daddy”. You gasped as he slid a finger in your dripping wet core.
“You’re so wet for me huh Baby”. Happy asked as he took out his finger and licked your juices off.
“Only for you Hap, everytime I see you I melt into my panties”.
“Good cause your mine now, no one elses”.  He bit your shoulder.
You felt his tip at your entrance, he slowly slid in. Gasping at how much he stretched you. Clawing the sheets as he started to pound in you.
“Fuck Happy”.
“Your so fucking tight”. Happy grunted as he held on to your hips. Ramming in and out, harder and deeper every time.
“OH God Killer, make me come please”. You begged him.
He grabbed your leg , propping it up on the corner of the bed as he could go deeper.
“Ahh fuck me”. Happy yelled out. Feeling your pussy grip his cock, sucking him deeper and deeper in.
“I’m coming, I’m coming”. Screaming, with a big smile on your face, seeing bright stars. You came. Him sucking on your neck just intensified your orgasm.
Happys thrust went faster as he came. You felt him pulsate in you. His cum coating your walls. “Fuck”
Happy pulled out, holding out to you as he laid on the bed. “That was great”.
“Yeah it was, you really know how to make a girl have fun”.  You smiled with your head on his chest.
“So what”?
“You gonna let Trager have a go”?
“Hell no, your the only dick I want”.
Happy smiled. Knowing that Tigs mission was a failure and you got your self a girl that liked what you like in bed was amazing.
“We better get dressed and go back out”.
“Yeah I have to go home anyway”. You said as you got dressed
“Can we do this again”. Happy asked.
“Definitely, you can come to my house tonight and we can go again if you’d like”.
“Yeah, I will after the party”. Happy kissed you deeply.

What do I have to do
To get inside of you?
To get inside of you?
Cause I love the way you move,
When I’m inside of you.
When I’m inside of you
For now I’ll play the game
And I’m waiting for your move
But I’ve got to say
That I never lose

Walking out, you both went different ways.  Tig found Happy.
“Hey brother, where have you been”.
“Umm, I have some bad news Tig”.
“I fucked Y/N, now shes my girl”.
“What the hell dude, I was going to get with her”.
“I asked her if she wanted you, she said"Hell no”, sorry brother". Happy slapped Tigs back.
“Well shit”. “How was is tho”.
“Go away Trager”.
“You have to give me details, you stole her away from me”.
“What the hell, I didnt”.
“Come on man”. Tig begged.
“Alright but if you tell anyone, Ill kill you”.
“Got it”.
“She is a freak”.
“What does that mean”. Tig laughed.
“She likes rough sex”.
“Ahh so thats how you got inside, haha”.
“Maybe”. Happy looked your way.
“Are you sure I cant hit that”?
“NO Tig no”.
“Why, I like rough sex”.
“You just cant brother, shes mine”.
You smiled at Happy, nodding your head to the door to go.
“See you later Tiggy”.
“Where you going”.
“I’m gonna get somemore of that cherry pie”. Happy walked off laughing.
“You son of a bitch”. Tig laughed along.

What do I have to do
To get inside of you?
To get inside of you?
Cause I love the way you move,
When I’m inside of you.
When I’m inside of you
For now I’ll play the game
And I’m waiting for your move
But I’ve got to say
That I never lose

You catched up with Y/N.
“Hey I told Tig about us”.
“What he say”?
“He wanted to know how I got inside you”.
“What you tell him”? You laughed
“That you like rough sex”.
“Really Hap”?
“Yeah, thats why right”?
“No, I let you in beacause you made sure I was comfortable before we had sex”. “I knew you werent just some smash and bang kinda person, you have feelings that you hide but not to me”.
“Shh, dont tell anyone”. He put his finger over your lips.
“I wont your secret is safe with me”. Grabbing his kute, you kissed his lips.

What do I have to do
To get inside of you?
To get inside of you?
What do I have to do
To get inside of you?
To get inside of you?
Cause I love the way you move,
When I’m inside of you.
When I’m inside of you
When I’m inside of you.
When I’m inside of you

I love jeffmads

Can I just take a moment to talk about how much jeffmads means to me my poor heart this otp is always portrayed, on one side, as unrequited or oblivious to each other, and the other side, as supportive protective bfs and complementary soulmates. And I love all the different types of portrayal of jeffmads and my heart just cannot handle the amount of cute and cuddly or angst and pain. I just cannot. I smile so hard everytime I see a jeffmads picture or read a jeffmads story. I’m sorry, I love this ship too much. I love it. and I love all the jeffmads shippers out there. holla to you. I love you too. Jeffmads 4 lyfe

Griffith’s smiles are very painful to see.

Right from early golden age I’ve noticed Griffith has a tendency to sort of face painful situations with this smile. And in each case this expression comes immediately after a panel in which he has a very somber expression. You can  see him steeling himself to put it on in that panel. You can almost see the transition from sad understanding to this false wall of- “Don’t mind it. Everything will be okay!”

This just hits me in the gut every single time. Everytime I see this panel I just feel so goddamn emotional. Because somehow in this moment you feel the burden that he feels. 

And this picture just says it all. It’s finally a corporal representation of what has most probably been going on so long. The complete dichotomy between his words and the gory bleeding arms. And this makes me so sad and yet any less and neither Berserk nor Griffith’s character would be the masterpiece that it is today.

The door of my heart was open for you since the first time I met you.
It stayed that way in all conditions.
Some days I was nearly frozen to death.
The other days the rays of the sun were killing me.
But the door stayed open and I kept smiling and my heart had a place for you.
But then one night you came in with glass bottles and broke them all inside me.
I bled for months and some glass shards are still stuck in my heart.
But they don’t hurt anymore, my heart has accepted them as its part.
They have strengthened it and now those parts glitter.
After that night, I bled all over.
I kept shutting my door but opening it over and over.
Everytime it was shut I would wonder if you were out, waiting to apologise, waiting to talk.
So I’d open up again, I’d be brave.
But once the door was open all I could see was the mess you made.
There was no sign of you but you left behind trails of pain.
After months of this game - open, close, wonder, open, disappoint, close; the doors are finally open for good.
My heart is smiling, and it is brave.
The doors are open but no more for monsters like you.
I now have a great security system- intuition. And this time it isn’t broken; this time I will not ignore it.

There's A Rumor Being Spread About You

“Harry?” y/n whispered, wipping off the tears falling from her eyes.
Harry sat straight against the headboard, his body filling with worry. “Yes, darling? Everything alright?”
Y/n let out a silent cry, the thought of what happened earlier today killing her inside out. She knew she shouldn’t have came here, this always happened. There was no break, no place to breathe around here.
“Can you pick me up?”
After the words falling freely from her lips, Harry instantly shoved the songs that lay on his legs onto the bed.
“Of course. Do you want to talk about it? Where are you?” Harry asked softly as he slipped on proper shoes
He was so scared to talk to her with too much of a loud voice, scared that it was enough to break her. She sounded to vulnerable. She sounded like sadness was completely eating her alive; like she had given up.
“I’ll be at the entrance doors” she sobbed before hanging up.
She couldn’t speak anymore. Everything in her was completely breaking down, and she had no idea if she was able to hang on anymore. It was getting worse and worse by day, being accused of having a threesome with two basketball players at a party.
She didn’t even attend the party, she was with Harry for his birthday. It was just one big deal unfolding in school, and nobody had let it go.
Y/n slowly walked into the pouring rain, staring at the steps completely emotionless. Sliding her bag off her soulder, both her bag and her body fell onto the steps.
She had no feeling about anything anymore. She was completely numb at this point; not feeling anything at all anymore.
She knew if she kept coming here, this will completely kill her. She wanted to run away, run away from anything.
If only she had the strength.
She sat there, drowning in her thoughts until she saw a familiar car pull up to the school.
Picking up her bag from the steps, y/n slowly strided to her boyfriend’s car, not looking up from her feet yet. She was too ashamed to have Harry look at her while she was in a state like this.
Opening the car door, she quickly sat down on the seat, slamming the door shut. Even now, she refused to look at him. She didn’t want to talk about it. If she did, she would fall into a deep situation with herself.
Harry understood her silence, and drove slowly away from the school. Barely audible sniffles were made, and every single time he felt like she was going to break down, Harry made sure he checked on her.
Half way home, Harry noticed her breathing loudly. He knew she was over thinking everything, and he knew she was trying to make herself normal again. It wasn’t until a couple minutes later he noticed she was mumbling something under her breath, something so quiet he had to block out everything around him.
“Keep it in.”
“Keep it in.”
“Keep it in.”
“Keep all of it in.”
He frowned, instantly pulling over on the side of the road. He turned to her, touching her shoulder gentley as he nearly cried at the sight of his girlfriend rocking back and forth in the seat.
“Baby. I’m here. I am right here.” Harry whispered, grazing his finger tips along her shoulder.
Y/n finally looked at him, and seeing him there was enough for her to start screaming.
Harry instantly wrapped his arms around her, undoing her seatbelt so that he was able to lift her onto his lap.
She screamed into his chest, soaking the fabric of his shirt as tears rapidly fell down her face.
“I want it all to end! I want it to end!” Y/n screeched, punching his chest in agony.
Harry didn’t mind.
“They all—they all think I’m—they all think I—”
“Hey hey, shh, breathe. Your throat will be burning if you keep screaming like this.”
Y/n slowed her breathing, gripping onto his shirt tighter everytime she felt like screaming.
Harry never loosened his grip on her, always rubbing her back. He has never seen her like this before. Screaming, sobbing, vulnerable. It was shocking to him to see what his girlfriend’s life was outside of what she’s told him.
He slowly grabbed her face, gentley lifting her head so that he can understand her pain; feel it.
“What’s got you like this?” Harry whispered, running the pads of his thumbs along her cheeks.
Y/n’s lip quivered, but she quickly blinked her tears away.
His caring side made her feel comfortable.
“When I was out for your birthday, there was a party at Maxs’ house. You know Max, I told you how fucked up he can be. But—but he told everybody that I had a threesome with him and his friends. He told everyone that I was seducing them purposely a—and that th—at I stripped for them. It’s awful. E—everyone believes it too. Everyone hates me now, Harry, everyone.” She sobbed, tucking her face in between his neck and shoulder.
Hiding into him was like hiding from the world.
Harry’s jaw clenched, staring straight into the world with rage in his eyes. How dare someone say that about her? How dare someone make her look like someone she isn’t? And the fact it was his girl made it worse.
Harry quickly planted a kiss on her neck, holding her tighter against him, as if it were possible.
“Nobody will fucking hurt you again, do you hear me? Never again.”

Thank You, Mokuba

“They’re more than fiction. They were there for me even if they weren’t real. They were there when you weren’t. They’re more than you think they are.”

-By behindtheplottwist

(Warning: This ended up being longer than I intended. Forgive me!)

Yugioh was one of the first anime shows I watched growing up. When I was little, I hated Kaiba. The villian is always the bad guy right? Such arrogance that matched a black heart. So why should I cheer for him? Why would anyone? 

But you did Mokuba. 

I wanted Yugi to win, like the main hero always does, and he did. Over and over again. But when you first came on that screen, I never knew how much a fictional character could have such an impact on my life. You didn’t get a big role. You were the little brother. Seto Kaiba’s little brother. A supporting character. No. Stop. You weren’t. You can’t be.

 Because why did I learn so much from you than everyone else? Why did your actions speak so much louder to me than the main cast ever could? 

Because you’re an inspiration

I saw Kaiba and saw a cruel narcissistic cold-hearted person. Then you came out of nowhere, a sweetheart, a sincere good little kid with a giant heart of pure gold and showed me something else.(Despite your manga and season 0 appearances)

 I saw a black heart gone cold. You saw a broken one. And you tried your best to keep it from completely falling apart into nothing. You stood by him. You supported him when no one else would. Why? There’s more to people than what you see on the outside. You taught me that. 

Then I heard about your family. I heard about your parents. The orphanage. The bullies. The pain. The suffering. The sadness. But still you smiled through it all. At your age, how did you continue to go on and live life dealing with what you did? Some of us still can’t even do it. I’m still struggling with it. Ignorance is bliss they say? No, don’t make me laugh. 

You knew what was going on.

 You cried on that swing, missing a father who may or may not have loved the son that took his wife away. You looked back at the relative that dropped you off in the orphanage and held on to your brother’s hand as you stared ahead into the faces of lost hope among the other orphans.When that monster walked into the orphanage, your face held worry. When he took you to your new “home”, you knew what was going on. That’s why you tried to reach out to your brother with those cards.  

Even when you’re brother ignored you while you lived in that vast empty mansion under you’re “step-father”, you still loved him. Even when he tried to kill you- you…still stood by him. Promised to wait for him forever. 

Forgave him.

How do you forgive so easily? 

Your flesh and blood hurt you. Neglected you. Abandoned you.

But still you love him anyway.

 Forgiving someone is one of the hardest and seems like one of the most impossible things to do. You did it even before Yugi reached the elevator to go duel your brother didn’t you. How? You really are amazing you know that? 

Because you didn’t see a monster, you saw someone hurt, broken and beaten down. 

You wanted to help.

You always wanted to support him. You know why he does the things he does. You know that having a difficult life doesn’t excuse him. 

After all, you lived that same life, walked down the same road, lost the same parents, shared the same past. Even though everyone forgets you were there too. 

When everyone else abandoned your brother, you didn’t. When no one believed in him, you did. You were there for him. Like he was there for you. Through you I saw a different person in him. 

Through you I learned what true unselfishness, devotion, kindness, and self-sacrificing is. 

You went through a lot…

 You’re mother died after giving birth to you. You never got a chance to meet her. Your father died after that. Your relatives stole and left you. Soon your brother left even if he was still in the same room as you with a different gaze and a different kind of “smile”. Your “new” father didn’t think you were worth a second glance and you were left alone in that house.

 You didn’t have parents to love you. You were convinced your brother did, even if he didn’t show it the right way. After all, he tried but he was still a kid himself. Then he neglected you and you tried to get him back. No matter what. Even when he tried killing you at Death-T. 

Those monsters appeared and you were just a kid-and the experience of death would have crippled you. Then you lost your brother to a coma. Then the kidnappings started. You had your soul taken away and abandoned to shadows in the darkness, alone. You were dangled from a helicopter. Brainwashed. Had your body taken over.

 Kid I could go on. 

But let me tell you something. You’re a soldier. A warrior. You were abused, abandoned, neglected, went through traumatic experiences, and the fact that you continue to smile is something that I cannot put into words or begin to even describe just how much volume that speaks.

 People say showing emotions is a sign of weakness. But you see differently. They see a moment of weakness but you see a moment of strength. Or maybe you’re just that freaking strong. 

Maybe, no one else can see the pain behind that smile. Even so, you keep trying. Because maybe one day, when you smile, your beloved big brother might really smile back at you.

My life was filled with abuse and depression hit me hard. Everytime I watched Yugioh, I felt like I was living through you guys. I saw you laugh and cry, just like I did. I forgot about my own pain when I saw you struggle with yours. 

I loved watching you and your brother.

Smiled and loved the bond between you two. Your devotion to each other is admirable.

Growing up, I learned so much from you than my parents who weren’t around, it makes me a better person today. 

You held my hand. You helped me get through tough times. Thank you Mokie.

The original Yugioh series ended a long time ago and I’m in my senior year of high school. I still rewatch epsiodes. 

Still love seeing Mokuba and Seto. Really miss them. So when I heard about the movie, I was so happy and excited. Especially when I heard the movie revolved around Kaiba.

 Don’t get me wrong, I grew to love him because of Mokuba, but Mokuba will always be my favorite character. 

So I was concerned when the brothers’ lockets were gone. Was concerned about rumors of Mokuba being dead. Then terrified and relieved when I saw Mokuba’s sketch in the cast for the new Yugioh movie.

 But they chopped all his hair off.

 I always loved it long, hope he kept it till adulthood. I hoped he was an adult! But unfortunately the movie is set 6 months after the original not 10 years.

 I always imagined him to grow up as a badass vice president with flaring trench coats and be just as sexy as his big bro :) Maybe be like those cool spy agents haha.

 So I was disappointed when I found out he wasn’t much older. 

But I loved the suit! It almost proves my headcannon that Mokuba won’t abandon Kaiba Corp when he gets older, he’ll still want to work there. 

 But I can’t express the excitement I felt when I saw this.

I’m even more excited now to see this movie! I was worried they’d make him look bad with the new haircut but its actually not that bad. 

It’s so much better than what I expected. Seeing him again, get older (even slightly) just brings back so much emotions I had to write this.

 Even though it’s not exactly what I want or was hoping for- I don’t even care I just wanna see Mokuba again.

 I’m just happy to see him again. 

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I wanna give behindtheplottwist the credit for the other pictures in the beginning, because it was originally his/her concept that I used for the Kaiba brothers pictures.  

Unfaithful (Dick x Reader)

I know this seems out of character but it’s not i promise! ;-)

Dick tossed and turned by your side. You knew, he always did that when he came to sleep with you, due to his sleeping disorder, but tonight something in his movements seemed different. You wondered if it was something between him and Bruce, or Jason, or anything that could make him anxious like that.
   You sat up resting your back on your pillow and Dick inhaled deeply at the sight of your awakening.
  “What is it Dick?” you said, tangling your fingers to his messy strands. His neck muscles stiffened as he swallowed some spit.
   “It’s nothing (y/n)”
“Oh come on. Just because I took the month off of being a vigilante does not mean I can’t sense you’re bothered by something.” You raised your eyebrow and smiled. Usually Dick would return your cocky face a smirky one and the shower you with kisses.

“It’s just… I love you so much (y/n). Do you know that?”

   Dick was officially behaving weird. What did he mean with his words, and how could you know. You were sure something had happened, something awful.
  He pet your fresh dyed hair. He admired it. You had decided to darken it as much as you could, making it almost black and cut it a decent Sara Sampaio like length. He had begged you not to dye it red as you wanted; he had told you that if you had the same hair color as most of the girls he had been with he’d kill himself. He had said he was bored of red hair.
    And it was surprisingly mysterious that you would casually find red curly hairs when you washed his costume. So you had decided to ask the reason and he simply had replied with a : Babs and I are working on a case and these days she’s losing a lot of hair.
    All these thoughts, Dick’s gently pet on your hair, his reassuring eyes on you and the warmth his was emitting slowly made you eyes heavy.

“I cheated on you”
Dick whispered. The smallest sound that had escaped his lips ever since you met him.
    You felt your heart start beating quickly, almost ready to leave your chest and in your mind you tries to proceed the words exactly. What did he exactly say. You needed some seconds before you got the words together. Your (y/e/c) eyes shook open and you stood up once again, not saying a word.
   “Two weeks ago, when I was with Barbara things got carried away. It’s been eating me babe, I shouldn’t have done it.”
    You looked into his baby blue pupils, he seemed hurt and sad, but you daren’t say a word. You hated excuses and he knew that, you hated being lied to; he knew that to. In any other case you wouldn’t mind crying in front of him, but now, now that you felt like your heart would burn and the lamb in your throat would make your lungs explode, you closed your eyes, took a deep breath and replied to him as quietly as you could.
  “I need to sleep. We can talk about this tomorrow”
Dick nodded and watched as you turned your back to him for the first time.


By the time the first morning light appeared through the windows both of you knew you hadn’t slept at night. You would close your eyes everytime Dick changed positions or get off the bed. And it pained you so much to see and feel him being so sad. But, also, the thought of not being enough for him pained you more.
   All night you were asking yourself what had made a man like Dick agree to be with you. How could he not see you as an average person? How could you even get the answers? Did you wanna leave? Would you have the courage to, or would you stay suffering with him?
   With these thoughts still lingering in your mind and the sunlight burning your already burned eyes you got off the bed. You knew Dick was awake, his breathing pattern made it obvious. Without bothering to look at him you opened the room door and headed to the bathroom.
   You undressed and slipped in the shower, letting freezing cold water pour into you as you stood like a wet cat.
It felt like from this point and on things would fall apart. Not because Dick cheated, no! It was because you wanted to stay with him no matter what, for he was the only one that could make you feel something special.
   In your fantasy you sprint out of the shower to your room wrap your hands around his neck and hold on to him for dear life. You shower him with kisses. You couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving you.
  But in reality you sat down at the small bathtub hugged your knees and sank your head between them.  You didn’t know when the tears started or stopped only that Dick had knocked once if you’re okay in there.
   And of course you didn’t answer.

  Once you decided it was time to leave the bathroom you walked to your bedroom, got dressed and then to the kitchen. Your phone in your hands; you were dialing your office to call in sick for the day, but then you remembered the reason you had grown apart from crime fighting. You were fired for being late at mornings.
  And suddenly you didn’t know what to do. At this point you should have arrived to the manor with Dick, so you were expecting a call from Alfred soon. That’s where you’d call in sick. Just when you sat down at the kitchen table the front door opened and Dick came in with two plastic coffee cups.
  “Hey” he said. And when he saw you didn’t answer he continued “hey! you know not talking to me is not nice”
   ‘Neither is cheating’ you thought, but the words didn’t leave your mouth.
You watched as Dick sat beside you and tried to hold your hand, which you snapped away.
“Look (Y/n), I know what I did was horrible. I know that you don’t deserve to be treated like that and I don’t know what had gotten into me. But you should know my actions pain me as well, baby. It pains me that I couldn’t keep my dick in my pants when Barbara kissed me, when I should have been home with you.”
You stared at him again, blinking occasionally not wanting to let any word to leave your mouth. Because you wanted him to stay with you.
“Dammit (y/n) say something.” You snapped as his fist hit the table.
  You exhaled deeply and started to speak. He was right, he had to know how this situation was affecting you.
“ Dick, what can I say? You know I’m hurt. You know that I really, really.” Your eyes watered as you spoke. “I can’t watch you walk out that door for good Dick.  But then again I can’t stop you from it. I know I really am not enough for you.”
Instantly your mind went to Kory. She had been through all this, she had warned you about this. But your stubborn ass didn’t listen.
    Dick looked at you in sadness. He had hurt the only creature he considered his to love, cherish and caresses. He could picture Jason’s face when he learnt about the incident and him being beaten up real good.
   Nevertheless you stood up for the chair you were sitting and stormed out of the apartment, anger boiling deep in you belly.
  You ran as you heard Dick’s voice behind you, calling out your name.

   You heard his scream and only then you realised you had tripped on the stairs, your body taking turns until everything blacked out.

   Dick’s blue eyes looked your (y/e/c) ones with concern.
  “What’s wrong baby?” His fingers combed your long bangs ever so soothingly and you decided to speak.
“I…” you noticed you were in the same position as when he told you he cheated on you.
  “Dick have you ever cheated on me?” You stormed out.
  Dick laughed, his eyes never leaving yours and suddenly his hands embraced your face.
“You know I heard you moaning out in your dream right?” He chuckled once again. “I don’t know how it came to you but seriously, no, I’d never do that to you. I love you way too much and besides, if I ever did that you’d leave me and Rayner would jump right at the chance. He’d eat you alive.” This time you laughed too, along with him and closed your eyes as sleep came to you again.
“I don’t want a Lantern to get my girl anyway.” And as he hugged you close to his chest you fell back asleep this time dreaming of the memories you and Dick would create.


you don’t fucking get it and you will never fucking get it! don’t you understand that everytime i see you or talk to you i just want to tell you everything, how i’ve felt for so long? can’t you see how in love with you i am? fuck you for not realizing how in pain i am, because of you.

Traveler!frisk and FF!Red story!: The first meeting.

*It Was a cold Winter night. Monsters where free on The surface now because a human sacrarficed herself to save all monsters!

Traveler!frisk:*a 5 inches tall/12 cm tall orphan borrower Was walking around in town. People didn’t seem to notice her because She Was so tiny and she tried her best to stay hidden*

Traveler!frisk:*she suddenly fell on her knees in pain. She Was cold, lost, hungry and afraid.

*she suddenly hears footsteps coming her way*

FF!Red:*he mumbles something under his breath, he seems mad about something. *

Traveler!frisk:*she tries her best to stand up and run away but she just falls everytime she stands up*

FF!Red: ugh, i just can’t understa-*he suddenly hears some small whimpering coming from somewhere, he looks around but doesn’t see Anyone until he looks at The ground.

FF!Red:*he notices a small little girl on The ground, crying and whimpering of fear and of The cold. He carefully kneels down to her and looks at her concerned*

FF!Red: Heya, You okay there little fella?

*The small little girl looks up at The big skeleton. She quickly starts panicking but can’t run away!*

Traveler!frisk: Eep, p-p-please don’t Hurt me!!!

FF!Red:*looks confused* and why would i Hurt You?

Traveler!frisk: i-i-isn’t That what People or monsters do to People like me?

FF!Red: heh, naah. Don’t Worry kiddo im not gonna Hurt ya!

*Frisk’s stomach growls a little bit and she looks nervous*

FF!Red: but, ya do look hungry. Have Ya eaten anything?

Traveler!frisk:..not R-really..

FF!Red: welp, let me help ya kiddo! *he slowly reaches out a hand to carefully pick her up*

Traveler!frisk:*she wimphers more and backs Away*

FF!Red:*The hand stops and Comes In slower then before* don’t worry, i won’t Hurt ya! Let me help ya!

Traveler!frisk:*she slowly accepts The offer*

*Red smiles and carefully and gently picks her up and puts her in his inside pocket of his jacket for her to be warm. He The begins walking home.


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