so painful everytime i see these

it hurts my heart so much that even probably right now could wanting to be texting isak so badly because he just wants to feel normality, like he felt all last week when he was at isak’s place, because now that he /knows/ that he can be happy with isak, he would like to have that as a permenant thing in his life.

but, everytime he’d wanna press “send”, he sees isak’s last text to him, telling even to stop texting him because he’s finding it hard wrapping his head around all of this.

and so he just … deletes the entire text he was gonna send isak at first and puts his phone away, because, no, even now, isak comes first for even. and if isak doesn’t want him to text, he won’t.

but that painful, crushing feeling of “i’m gonna lose him, aren’t i?”, must be eating its way inside even’s soul and flesh and finding a place to settle itself, cement itself, into even’s mind and bones.

oh god :(

I swear the fact that levi tries to keep his emotions in check and hidden makes it 100x worse when he actually shows his pain and sorrow because it’s then that you know that the pain was too much for even him to keep hidden.

Daredevil s2 surprised me

mostly because i went into it stoked out of my mind about my bby matt and karedevil and what they might get up to together 

but. then. frank. fucking. castle.

i literally could not give one less of a fuck about matt or stick or their batshit Hand war. the ONLY thing that matters is Frank Castle. those last episodes were torture bc the writers are pushing this ridiculous arc w matt and stick and elektra (who deserved so much more btw she better get better treatment next season holy fuck) and the only thing going through my mind is Where The Actual Fuck is Frank

how did i come to care so much for this blood crazed serial killer anyways my god watching him sink deeper and deeper into The Punisher nearly ripped me apart. everytime there was a close up of his eyes you could see the pain and guilt and rage just roiling inside, the ticks of his fingers bc they only know the touch of metal now… fuck. just FUCK. he’s just so raw and Karen was right; Frank is honest. he’s raw and bleeding his truth with every snarling breath and its beautiful to watch someone so broken, as terrible as that sounds. unless he was fighting he was so often framed alone in the shots (like with Fisk in jail when Frank’s face is mince meat and his hands are clenched and whole body seems to quiver with the stark fact that he is ALONE) it just makes me want to cry bc no matter how vicious or barbaric or bloodthirsty he is, it always comes back to those eyes. those intensely forsaken and tormented eyes.

Jon Bernthal hijacked the whole goddamn season away from the title character and I couldn’t be more happy. 

Too short to ride meant a lot to me i liked that per couldn’t shapeshift im 17 4ft 9 and it pains me that I’ll never be the height of a normal person everytime I look in the mirror i see a freak but the gang ended up so secure about their height i hope someday i become as secure as them because im a premature girl and when you turn 18 you stop growing so i know im never gonna be average so seeing per struggle someone i could relate to really meant a lot.
- Anonymous

I live for those scenes where Character A gets hurt and Character B is really worried about Character A while A gets patched up in the hospital/infirmary/where ever and finally when Character B can see Character A again, B gets so excited to see A they forget A has an injury and jumps to hug them. And of course character A is like *groan of pain* and B tries to pull away and apologize and Character A just pulls them closer. I just die everytime. keep this trope going always

At first I had thought it was Kouka in her younger days because of the “ahoge” on the top of her hair and a bit different haircut, but it is actually Kagura-chan with just her waving hair. She’s so pretty-looking (as always) totally like Kouka and her VA will be also Kouka’s VA.

No wonder Kamui was in so much pain when seeing her everytime she appeared in front of his eyes.

i’m so envious of exo, not only do they perform and work almost all day but they workout too, and that’s not easy, muscle means soreness and it hurts like a bitch, but they dont show that pain and still do everything they do flawlessly

Caryl: A True Love Story

It’s beautiful… how they started like this.. two strangers …

And then, their bond started… they are soulmates who found each other in their own tragedy.. 

It’s beautiful to see them together. It’s beautiful to see how they are always for each other, how they can be themselves… They are so in love that it is beautiful and painful to see them together in every scene

Caryl is a true love story. They were strangers but they were already made for each other. I cry everytime I think of them in season 1.. and I cry everytime I see how far they have come. They would do anything for each other, they are each other’s happiness. 

Just fuck, look at them.. and tell me if they are not the most beautiful love story ever. And they haven’t even kissed yet. 

Imagine when they kiss… we will die because it will be the most emotional and beautiful thing ever.

They are the most beautiful thing ever.They are soulmates. They are true love.

Caryl on <3333

listen i know i’m a pain in the ass but i really need saphael to happen in s2 because i’ve never shipped an otp as much as i ship them ok???? everytime i see them my heart explodes because they love each other so much idc what you think or what ppl say THEY’RE IN LOVE !!!! BECAUSE JUST FRIENDS DON’T LOOK AT EACH OTHER LIKE THAT !!!!!

I changed your name in my phone
Because I couldn’t bare to see your name

I deleted all the pictures of us off my phone
I knew if I’d see your face my heart would break all over again

I listened to the same song on repeat all Summer
Because it helped me to forget just a little bit

Now I drown myself to the bottom of the bottle
Until it numbs the pain

I have to keep myself busy
Just so memories of us don’t pop in my head

But even 7 months later and everytime I pass you in the hall or drive by your car in the street my stomach flips and heart skips a beat

since I’m seeing drama towards people leavin Luke out of photosets and stuff I just want to take a moment to talk about show!Luke. I know I’m not one who talks much about him, and you have every right to call me out on that, but tbqh Luke is the only one in the show who for me, everytime he appears, the moments are iconic.

like have you guys thought about it?? Luke literally delivers the best scenes and lines and I just enjoy seeing him so so much. “It’s never too early for teriyaki” “Do you think I’m trying to be a pain in your ass?” “Oh the thought had occurred to me” “You know you can’t cast spells with that thing” “So you came to the one place you’ll be torn apart by wild dogs?” and that moment in episode six when he tells Clary about his past with Jocelyn and Valentine, when he and Simon share that cute moment in episode one, when he kills the alpha in order to save the gang and so so many more scenes.

there’s just something extremely charming, deep and interesting in watching him in action. I truly hope he gets much and even better scenes/lines in s2.




SECTION: 201 ROW: 19 SEATS: 26 & 27


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Sometimes I think it’s easy to forget that as far as Robert is aware, Aaron doesn’t love him, he doesn’t even like him anymore, in fact it’s the opposite. So when I look back on how I feel about certain scenes, I have to remember that. Robert is a literal child and he can do nothing but passive aggressively take his pain out towards Aaron not loving him by being mean or hostile with him. Aaron reaffirmed his hatred for him just weeks ago and no doubt it still hurts Robert, that everytime he sees Aaron, all he can see is a man who loved him so effortlessly whose love turned into hate because of his own actions. 

Today’s scene showed me that.

He literally took a moment after Aaron ordered him over to the seating area, to get ready to sit in front of him. The moment he did, he was in no mood to be nice to Aaron, he wasn’t gonna tell him how Diane was, he wasn’t gonna sympathize with him over Chas (although that’s also down to his own hatred of her and his feelings towards Diane). You could see how as time went on, Robert couldn’t keep it up anymore, and the whole thing broke down. He was evasive when Aaron asked him questions, he didn’t want to say anything because he was protecting Andy, and Aaron just kept going, and he was listening, and you could see him beginning to understand more - Chas didn’t do it for the sake of it, she obviously was scared. You could see Robert began to contemplate - did he tell Aaron something, or did he keep quiet?

Nope, he kept quiet. He was protecting Andy, he had nothing to give Aaron, he had no reason to.

Then, Aaron said he was desperate, and looked all sad, and it was game over. Robert caved, and reassured Aaron that whoever shot him wasn’t after his mum, and wasn’t coming back.

He had to get out of there then, he’d already said too much, but Aaron had caught it, he knew Robert knew more than he was letting on. He grabbed Robert and Robert went all wide eyed, clenched jaw, and he was caught out.

Aaron caught him, like he always did, he knew Robert knew who shot him, or had a good idea that he did. Robert knew he’d given too much away, so shut the conversation down and make a quick exit. He gave in because he always does with Aaron and said too much, although not enough right now for it go further… yet.

Then just a little bit of the Cain/Aaron/Moira scene - Aaron believed Robert, but it wasn’t more of a “he’s taking Robert’s word for it” as a “Robert gave it away because I know when he’s lying, because I can read him like a book”. Cain’s little dig was funny about him not being a great judge of character when it comes to Robert, and Aaron didn’t deny it did he? ;)

So overall, on reflection, not only did I see that Robert continues to take out his frustrations and pain passive aggressively towards Aaron (and let’s face it, half the time he can’t even do it properly), and that he crumbles if he’s around Aaron too long, but that today gave us that Robert still can’t control himself around Aaron and not even in a sexual way, just in a general way. If it was anyone else, he would not have said that much and he wouldn’t of let the conversation go that far - but it’s Aaron isn’t it? He’s always gonna get further than anyone else ever could.


Do I even need to answer that? ;)

Talking about S5. Again.

One of the things I “liked” in 4B was how much you could see on Amy Acker’s face the pain and sadness that Root was in. How lost she was without Shaw.
To the point that we could see her physically changing, she looked pale, she looked tired, you could see that she was a little dead inside.

So i’m really looking forward to Root doing the reverse journey in S5, looking more and more alive as she spend time with Shaw, see the fire in her eyes everytime she look at her.
I bet the second she sees Shaw there’s going to be a big ass smile on her face, you know, the uncontrollable kind at the sight of your wife (followed immediately by her worried puppy look when she’ll get what happened…)

We often see in movies and TV shows, grand romantic gestures and declaration of love with violins and shit but I don’t think they’re anyone who ever loved someone as much as Root love Shaw.

Pure unconditional love, as annoying as it will be to Shaw, i’m pretty sure Root is gonna be like ‘go ahead, lose your shit, destroy everything around you, all that matters is you’re alive and i’m not going anywhere’. And if we see something like that, it’s going to make me swoon way more than any sex scene.

I’m weak for people who stand by their loved ones no matter what.
That won’t give up on them or judge them and just accept what you are, what you’ve done or what happened to you.

Anyway, Person of Interest probably has one of the best character development and attention to details ever, so i’m not worried about S5.

And I need to stop thinking about Poi 24/7 and sharing my opinions everyday like someone gave a fuck lol

I’m doing buildings in perspective at work and it’s really a pain in the ass for me (but I’m learning :p)…so during my breaks I draw random anime fan arts xD

And since my line drawings suck I decided to paint it very roughly to see….and I really liked it so I may do this more often in the future :p

So, here we have Caesar Zepelli (damn you beautiful bastard, I never cried so manly tears, and know I’m traumatized, I will cry everytime I see a pizza aaaaaaah), with our cutie Edward Elric <3

There is also Jôtarô and Satsuki(who seems very pissed) to add some dark badassery to this page, and Saber…because she’s the king…don’t even ask :O

I was mesmerized by the way she smiles,
The lines on her face that she hates so badly but they remembered every laugh and happy moment.
Her eyes hold oceans,
and she doesn’t like them for she thinks they hold typhoons and ugly disasters
But to me they encompass the soft waves and gentle nighttime stars that tell the stories of the life she has lived.
And sure,
Some of those stories bring hurricanes and destruction but she always knew how to bring it back to a gentle oasis of soft waters and lullabies.
She taught me with a gentle voice never to waste my time plucking
flower petals for boys
and instilled in me that playing with flames could be dangerous
but to never hold back the erupting wildfires in my heart.
And anytime I ever felt that I was going to snap in half from the pain of life,
She reminded me that
I would only ever bend and with steady arms she cradled me until I was able to stand on my own again.
And so it kills me everytime
I see her get hurt and a constellation disappears from her eyes
and I can only hope that I am enough to repay the favor and hold her hands for all the times she held mine
and remind her that there is beauty in our broken little world that we have pieced back together in the only way our little family knows how.
And I’ll wish for the smiles in my eyes to give her hope,
The way hers have for me time and time again.
And with steady arms we will hold each other up,
For we are all we have,
And that has to be enough .
—  Jaelyn.Aragon “My Mother’s Christmas Poem”