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List of anime series/movies with unique art styles.

For my friends on tumblr, in case you guys want something to watch, here’s a quick list of anime series/movies with unusual/unique art styles that you may or may not know.


With an artstyle reminiscent of the original Astro Boy, Kaiba has a very simplistic (yet stylized) and fluid style of animation and art. The story revolves around the titular character, who wakes up with a hole in his chest with no idea of who he is. I enjoyed this a lot for the art, music and characters, who all have realistic motivations and ideals, as well as the themes handled in it; such as what defines “being human” when bodies and memories are as disposable as plastic.
Genre: Sci-Fi, Psychological Drama


In terms of sheer action and excitement I got from watching a movie, I’ve got to say that Redline is one of the best ever in those departments. With a highly stylized comic-book-esque art style with a high influence from Western comics like Dick Tracy (with the emphasis on black shadows on solid colours and thick black outlines), this show is extremely fluidly animated, the movie is said to consist of 120 000 hand-drawn frames, taking seven years to complete. The movie follows the story of racer JP (aka “Sweet” JP, because of his refusal to use weaponry while racing) trying to win (and survive) the titular Redline, a race consisting of multiple racers from multiple different galaxies and planets.
Genre: Racing, Sci-Fi, Action


Every frame of this anime could be screencapped and slapped onto someone’s dashboard for their aesthetic. That is how distinct the art style and character design of this show is. The show uses a form of “plaid animation”, where something will be animated over a still color or object as it moves, creating most of the time a jarring effect that is usually the sign of a lazy animator, however in Mononoke, the show utilizes the art to create a sense of a surreal, dream-like environment, intentionally focusing on the jarring effect. The art and design of the environment is also extremely ornate and beautiful.
The show focuses on the story of the unknown Medicine Seller and his travels through Japan (in an unknown time period), killing spirits and creatures known as Mononoke. However, he cannot do so until he learns their Form, Truth and Reasoning/Regret, which leads to some very interesting lessons at the end of each story.
Genre: Mystery, Horror

Dead Leaves

Another comic-influenced movie, and just barely under an hour too; Dead Leaves is an extremely fun, hyper-action-packed movie with amazing character design (almost EVERY good character in this movie has a unique design, barring the civilains and generic bad guy cannon fodder), driven by slapstick, humor (usually of the sexual kind) and more pop culture references than you can digest within the time span they’re thrown at you. The story focuses on criminals Retro and Pandy; Retro having a TV instead of a head, and Pandy having a panda-like marking on her eye, who, shortly after waking up on the moon and causing havoc on a nearby planet, are imprisoned in a super-jail.
Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Kuuchuu Buranko / Welcome to Irabu’s Office

Combining rotoscoped 3D, 2D animation and live action elements, Kuuchuu Buranko is an extremely surreal look into the world of psychiatry. The art and designs were created by the lead artist of Mononoke, Kenji Nakamura. But whereas Mononoke had some subtlety to its art, this show is bright, colourful and neon as all hell. The show focuses on Dr. Ichiro Irabu and how he helps his patients with their problems, who are all connected in some way or the other.
Genre: Comedy, Psychological Drama

The Tatami Galaxy

With a bright visual style that also manages to be subtle at the same time, The Tatami Galaxy also utilizes not just its art as a device for story telling, but the form of the show itself to convey its messages. I can’t spoil too much about the show, but I can give you this: if you enjoy the first episode, please watch it to completion, as this show basically requires the viewer to watch the show in its entirety. The story focuses on an unnamed protagonist, commonly referred to as Watashi by the show’s fans, who tries to attain the “rose-tinted” college life style he has desired for his whole life, as well as all the challenges he faces on the way. With fast-paced dialogue, a lot of humor, interesting character and background designs, as well as the various forms of “characterization”, and also the themes tackled by this show, I’d say it’s one of my favorite shows of all time.
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Sci-Fi

Mind Game

Mind Game. Directed by Masaaki Yuasa (also the director behind The Tatami Galaxy, Kaiba and Ping-Pong). I don’t think words can do this movie justice, but I’ll try. Imagine a combination of 3D-morphing-into-2D, sketches, animated photo images of (presumably) the voice actor’s for talking, extremely smooth and fluid movement, plus an insane amount of exaggeration,all coupled with a huge range of bright and dark colours and you’ve got Mind Game’s animation style down somewhat. Go look up more GIFs, they’ll help you understand the range of styles this surreal (and extremely fun) movie goes through. The plot follows Nishi, a down-on-his-luck, 20-years-old manga writer, running into his childhood crush Myon. He discovers she’s getting married soon while they’re talking inside her father’s restaurant. After that (plus another key event), the craziness in the movie begins; Nishi having a new-found desire to live life.
Genre: Comedy, Surrealism, 


Tekkonkinkreet, although similar in appearance to some Masaaki Yuasa works, was not made by the man himself (although, it was made by the company, Studio 4°Cthat helped produce Mind Game). This movie has incredibly detailed backgrounds, similar to a Studio Ghibli film, with amazing usage of lighting, camera shots and motion blur as well as a wide variety of colours and shades. The story follows Black and White, two street orphans who call themselves “The Cats”, trying to keep control of their town from dangerous enemies. Although vastly different in personalities, they support each other emotionally, mentally and physically very well.
Genre: Action, Drama, Adventure

The Diary of Tortov Riddle

The Diary of Tortov Roddle, although very short (6 episodes all leading up to 14 minutes! Watch it here! It has three special episodes that are part of the DVD though), is an interesting adventure of a surreal world that seems almost like a moving/animated picture rather than a movie or series. It follows the journey of Tortov Roddle and his pig-steed throughout this world, with just his calm thoughts and experiences. There’s no dialogue in this series but it doesn’t really require any dialogue at all, the only dialogue being Tortov’s journal entries at the beginning and end of each episode. The music, lack of dialogue and artall contribute to a very interesting, mysterious atmosphere.
Genre: Fantasy, Surrealism, Adventure

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Straight outta Compton Studio Ghibli, The Tale of Princess Kaguya is an adaption of one of the staples of traditional Japanese folklore, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. This film adapts the ancient story of the young princess who grew out of a bamboo shoot and breathes fresh new life into it while still staying 100% true to the source material. The art can only be described as absolutely gorgeous, using a pale colour palette in a constantly shifting style that recalls the ancient Japanese watercolour paintings that the original story was recorded on.

Genre:  Fantasy, Drama

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Oh man this show.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei follows the story of Nozomu Itoshiki, an overdramatic teacher so pessismistic about everything that he would try committing suicide over pretty much the smallest inconvenience (his name, when its Japanese characters are read horizontally, also translates into “Despair”) and his bizarre homeroom students’ antics. The series parodies almost everything there is to satrize in Japanese culture (the show even parodies itself from time to time with casual 4th wall-breaking from every show), as well as the general media and politics of the world, as well as having an insane amount of references to various things regardless of fame; from Gundam, Evangelion and Gurren Lagann, to Franz Kafka, Edward Gorey and South Park. The art’s very minimal (which itself gets parodied later on in the series), but it, uh, changes a lot, to put it simply.

Genre: Comedy, Parody


(gotta lot of requests to list this one)

Sports anime tends to always get a bad rep amongst anime fans for various reasons, whether it be that the viewer gets tired of seeing another Dempsey Roll, or the amount of reused frames in the series, they’re all understandable.
And so comes Ping-Pong to shatter those preconceptions of what a sports anime can be. Focusing rather on the characters, their emotions and development rather than the titular game that the anime’s based on (unlike most sports anime), this coming-of-age show following two boys as they (one actually) strive to become the best table tennis players in the world, is directed by none other than Masaaki Yuasa, who has directed a lot of the shows and movies on this list actually, with his trademark style of not having a trademark artstyle (other than wobbly simple lines and psychedelic colours).

Genre: Psychological, Drama, Coming-Of-Age, Sports

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

(im still in the process of watching Gankutusou and Ping-Pong (thanks school) hence why they weren’t in the original post)

Gankutsuou is what most people would call “art porn”, as it uses various still textures, colours and patterns within the character’s lineart, similar to Mononoke and Kuuchuu Buranko though to a much greater extent, while using 3D and 2D animation on the characters and backgrounds. The story is broadly based on the titular story of The Count of Monte Cristo, but with many differences, such as being set in the year 5053, plotlines and character endings being altered/removed, the pacing being changed from the original story, as well as the incorporation of many sci-fi themes. The general aesthetic of the show is that of 19th century France in a highly futuristic setting.

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Supernatural


Based off a popular gambling manga by Nobuyuki Fukumoto, Kaiji follows the story of the titular character, Kaiji Itou, an unemployed slacker who spends his days gambling (and always losing), stealing, drinking and being obsessed with money. He suddenly finds himself 3 million in debt, and is offered the chance to erase all of his debt, and maybe even earn some cash, in one night.

Via gambling.

With thick bold lines, exaggerated expressions and hugely caricaturized faces that woul make more sense in a comedy that all serve as a plus to the show, Kaiji is an intense psychological thriller that always leaves you on the edge of your seat, with some of the most insane and dramatic gambles in any piece of fiction.

Genre: Psychological, Thriller, Gambling

Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt

Two angels, kicked out of Heaven, have been tasked with cleaning up the filthy sin-riddled Daten City, and can only return once they’ve gotten enough Heaven coins!

Not like that matters to Panty and Stocking anyways, whose only cares in the world are what tastes good, much to the chagrin of local priest Garterbelt.

With a ton of American pop culture references, humor that would make South Park seem like a kid’s show, action that is so bizarre it can’t even be explained, and an animation style that’s more akin to a cartoon on a huge drug trip than anything else, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt shows that sometimes too much of a good thing is still a good thing.

Genre: Comedy, Action, Parody, Not something to play around Grandma

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

There really is no other gif that explains and summarizes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure better than this one.

Based off the hugely popular manga by Araki Hirohiko, the show follows the story of the Joestar bloodline. Jojo is unique in that it doesn’t follow one group of characters or main character throughout the entire franchise, but rather a different cast in a different location throughout the world, ranging from 1930s New York, to 1980s Japan, to Egypt and much more.

If I’m being rather vague about describing this rather popular show, I apologize, but there really is no way to properly explain this bizarre series.

With proportions that look like it was ripped straight out of a bodybuilder’s magazine, poses that could probably break your spine if even just attempted, and fights that end up being some of the most hype as well as some of the most ridiculous you’ll have ever seen, as well as a bright, dramatic colour pallete, this is a show that truly lives up to its “Bizarre” title.

(also protip: start with the 2012 adaption first rather than the 90s OVA, and read the manga.)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Mystery


Jealous Jax x unobservant reader :)

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“He’s been eye fucking you all night.” Jax says, trying to keep the bitterness from his words but failing majorly. You frown, grabbing your drink hot dog from the vendor and paying him.

“Who?” you ask, walking back towards the group. Jax scoffs, taking a harsh drag from his cig, seemingly annoyed. “Ryan?”

Jax doesn’t respond, leading you to believe you’ve got it right. Rolling your eyes, you take a bite from your food, trying not to get sauce all over your face. “He’s just a friend, Jax. Why do you care anyway?”

“I don’t. Just don’t like the way he’s looking at you, that’s all.” It’s bittersweet as you reach the others, thankful to get away from Jax’s moods but wanting to know why he’s so bothered in the first place.

“Fireworks start in ten.” Opie says, Lyla nestled under his arm. You all start walking towards where the fireworks are being let off, Ryan falling back to walk next to you.

“Your biker boy doesn’t seem to like me very much.” Ryan chuckles, you smiling sympathetically.

“He’s just, well, Jax.” you say, Ryan smirking at your lack of explanation. Shrugging, you nudge him lightly with your arm. “He’ll warm up to you soon enough.”

“Doubt it, he thinks I’m competition.” You wait for him to continue, spotting Jax up ahead, his head turning to look at you, the same pissed off expression on his face. “It’s obvious he’s in love with you.”

You choke on your food, coughing loudly as Ryan taps your back, trying to help you recover. Once you’ve successfully dislodged the food from your throat, you turn to look at him. “What? No, you’ve got it all wrong..”

“Oh, (Y/N).” he tuts, throwing his arm around your shoulder. “Still so naive.”

You don’t say anymore as you reach the field, the grassy area full of the people of Charming waiting patiently for the show of bursting colour to begin.

“Is it bad that I’m getting a kick out of pissing him off?” You look over at Jax as Ryan talks, feeling sorry for the bottle of beer in Jax’s grip, his fingers white as he squeezes it for dear life.

“Don’t be an asshole.” you comment, shrugging his arm from around you. “I’m just gonna go see if he’s alright.”

“Use protection.” he laughs childishly, causing you to punch him in the arm, not being able to control the smile on your lips.

Striding over to the mardy looking biker, you smile at him, the crease between his browz remaining. “Your face is gonna get stuck like that if you keep frowning.”

He doesn’t even acknowledge you as you speak, refusing to meet your gaze as he looks towards the crowd of citizens. You feel your mood start to turn sour at his coldness, a pang of embarrassment hitting you in the chest.

“Asshole.” you mutter, deciding to let him wallow in his own negative juices. You stride forwards, a grip on your arm stopping you in your tracks. “What?”

“I’m not the asshole here, your so called ‘friend’ is.” he says, emphasising the word friend in a sarcastic manner. You yank your arm out of his grip, raising your eyebrows in disbelief.

“You’re so childish! What’s it to you who I’m friends with and not friends with?” you challenge, folding your arms across your chest. All you receive is a look of surprise, Jax not expecting you to retaliate in such a fiesty manner.

He shakes his head, his tongue running over his lower lip. His voice is less agitated once he speaks, a calmer grain behind his words. “You really don’t get it do you?”

“What? That you’re a dick?” You regret your response as soon as it leaves your lips, not enjoying the flash of hurt that passes through Jax’s eyes, though it’s gone as quick as it appeared.

“Forget it.” You huff, rolling your eyes in exasperation as he strides away from you, his form tense as he does so.

“Jesus Christ.” you mumble to yourself, following his steps only seconds after he’s disappeared, his figure turning out of sight. You jog, cursing his long legs as you try to catch up, finally spotting him in an abandoned area of the park.

“You walk kinda quick, you know that?” He turns his head towards you, eyes trained on yours as he lights up the stick, before turning away again as he takes a drag. “I’m sorry for calling you a dick. Can you just tell me what’s up?”

“Nothing, I’m fine.” You don’t budge, instead carefully taking the cigarette from his fingers and taking a drag, showing you’re not leaving anytime soon. “You shouldn’t pick up on my habits.”

You shrug, letting the smoke escape from your mouth. “You can do it, why can’t I?”

“I’m already poisoned.” he says, retrieving the cigarette from you and taking another drag, before doubting it against the tree. “You’re too good for it.”

“What if I think you’re too good for it?” you argue, taking a step closer to him, convinced his anger level has lowered.

“I’d say you’re wrong.” he shrugs, smirking at the annoyed expression on your face. “Sorry, darlin’, but it’s true.”

“Well, I think you’re wrong. You’re more than good enough, and you’re not poisoned.” you state, reaching him and poking his chest lightly, enjoying the way he squirms under your touch.

“Whatever you say, angel.” he says, though you can tell your words have brightened his mood. “You need to get back, you’re gonna miss the fireworks.”

“I don’t mind, I’d rather stay with you.” A blush creeps up your neck after you’ve spoken, butterflies fluttering in your stomach as you look into the distance, trying to control your jitters.

“Yeah. Views better here, anyway.” he says, his eyes focused on nothing but you as you look back at him.

You hum in response, crossing your arms, unable to control the way your lips curl up. “That so?”

He nods in confirmation, running his hands through his hair, taming back a few stray tendrils. He steps towards you, reaching out for you cautiously, his actions slightly more confident once he sees that you don’t deny him.

He pulls you towards him gently by your shirt, not sure how to dance in the newly discovered territory. You’re the same, unsure how to react to his advances before your palms find their place on his chest, the action almost natural. “This okay?”

You nod slightly, not wanting to disturb the current between the two of you, your fingertips tracing the patches on his kutte nervously, feelings of anxiety and excitement swirling within.

Your eyes flutter closed as he wraps his arms around you, yours slipping around his neck as the two of you embrace. You don’t miss the way his grip tightens around your body, a heavy sigh leaving his lips as he holds you to his chest.

“It’s okay.” you whisper, sensing the urgency in the way he squeezes you, like having you in his clutches relieves the immense burden that he carries around on his shoulders. “You’re alright.”

He pulls away after a few seconds, a kiss being left upon your forehead as he does so. You close your eyes at the feeling, angling your head up slightly to brush your nose against his own, skin tingling at the action.

He slips his hands under your shirt, the calloused yet delicate digits stroking your exposed skin as his breath tickles your lips, tension thick in the air.

“Jax.” you say breathlessly, pulling on the locks at the nape of his neck. That’s all he needs to take the lead, his lips pressing against yours for the first time, his pressure featherlight.

A quiet moan slips from you, Jax gripping your hips in response before pressing his lips harder against your own, his movements becoming more and more confident.

The taste of smoke and mint dances it’s way onto your tongue as the kiss deepens, the concoction making your head swirl. Jax nibbles on your lower lip teasingly, your body completely controlled by his touch.

He only separates once you’re both breathless, his forehead pressed against yours as flick your tongue across your lips, savouring the taste of him within your mouth.

“I should’ve done that a long time ago.“ he chuckles, his thumbs swiping backwards and forwards over your skin. You hum in agreement, revelling in the sensation of floating, head swimming within the clouds.

Loud banging erupts from within the distance, the sky blasted with streams of vibrant colour. The display creates the perfect setting, your mouth finding Jax’s again as you experience his lips all over again, never wanting to be without it again.

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I have a lot of feelings about this headcanon and I really need to talk to you about this. Okay? Okay, good.

We all know that the metamorphmagus gene is in the Black bloodline, right? I mean after all Tonks was a metamorphmagus and her dad was a muggle, therefore she had to inherit the gene from Andromeda, who’s a Black.

Now, what if DRACO had inherited the gene?



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You Won’t Cry Another Tear.

Request from anon: Could I request a Bucky x teen reader? On his time off from avenging he takes some time to help out at a local gym to teach self defense.. there he meets a young teenage girl who’s shy and nervous. He gets to know her and offers her private lessons to make her more comfortable… during a lesson she tells him about her bad home life and it’s why she wanted to learn to defend herself. He watches her family one night and sees how bad things are so he gets Tony’s help with adopting her from them.

Bucky Barnes x Teen!Reader

Words: 2,491

Warnings: Violence, physical abuse, injuries, threatening behaviour and swearing.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators. <3

“Thrust the sole of your foot towards the attacker’s knee to incapacitate him or her, buying you enough time to run….” Bucky demonstrated what he was talking about with one of the older members of the group in the room, a 17 year-old male, before explaining exactly why it was effective. “It is a simple enough move that anyone can do but it gives you a higher rate of being able to get away because unlike the face and groin area the knee is nearly impossible to block….” A smirk tugged at his features as the male fell onto the mat beneath them. “….and people generally need a working set of legs to chase someone down.”

It had taken little over a year for Bucky to get to the point where he felt he could socialise properly in public. They knew who he had once been but they were also aware as to why he had done the things he had, no one feared him as much as they had done during his time as the Winter Soldier and eventually they even came to accept him as part of The Avengers. All of which worked well when he decided he needed to so something more productive with his free time…self-defence classes for vulnerable teens.

New York City seemed to be full of them and given the amount of trouble Steve always seemed to get himself into as a kid, starting fights he could never physically finish, he wanted to offer the one thing he never had done for his best friend (mainly because he always made sure that he was the one who finished the fights for him) and that was to teach them how to defend themselves. The moves he taught were not so that they could go out onto the streets and start fights, he made that perfectly clear from the start, but so they could avoid being hurt themselves or even being taken.

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Gom + Kasamatsu reacting to their S/O missing them

Akashi: Wouldn’t hesitate to wrap you in his arms and pepper your skin with kisses. He’d even admit to missing you, and making sure to find more time for the both of you.

Aomine: would feel guilty he hadn’t noticed your feelings much sooner, but he would definitely make it up with a movie night. He’d give you more attention than his magazines, and stay over at your house for a few nights to spend more time with you.

Kasamatsu: would do anything in his power to make you miss him less. He knows you want to spend time with him, but because it’s a school night, he can’t leave. So instead, he calls you up, playing your favourite song on the guitar until you fall asleep.

Kise: wouldn’t hesitate to run over to your house in the middle of the night. He’d send lots of selfies of him being happy, pouty, and sad; anything to make you laugh. And when he gets over to your house, he would curl with you, smooching your cheeks over and over until you either pushed him away or shut him up with kisses.

Kuroko: would notice your feelings immediately, and try to come up with a plan to fix it. He’d pick you up and walk you home, always taking the long way home so you have more time together. When you’re alone, he’s always quick to give you a call, doing his best to keep you smiling until it’s time for sleep.

Midorima: would freak out because he’s been neglecting you. He’s a hopeless romantic, although he’s quick to deny it, and show up with flowers and a handwritten note in his lucky colour. He’d then apologize, follow up with a somewhat hesitant hug, and take a while to let go because your warmth is hard to ignore.

Murasakibara: would show indifference to everyone around him. But with you, he can’t hide the slight emptiness he feels when you’re not around. He’d make a quick trip to the store, bringing your favourite snack and a stuffed animal he picked out with the help of a worker. He’d mumble his apologies with a blush, and cage you in his arms until both of you were sick of it. Neither of you ever got tired of being near each other.

hello friends, someone (me) hit 7.5k yesterday and honestly i’m squealing and grinning from ear to ear with shock and surprise. how can there be that many people who want to witness my rambles and follow my lil blog? all i can say is that thank you so much to each and every single one of you. now here is a small something that i wanted to do for you guys. 

and there you go, i will be working on these over the next two weeks that i am in japan. i will try to hopefully get batches of five-ten done twice a day, if i can. but i will be sending these out privately so I do not spam everyone so please be patient with me! thank you for everything guys! 

format below [credit]

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Leirah, Toa of Air

This moc is actually a couple of iterations from a moc I made over 2 years ago. It used to be a pretty standard Inika build that was much larger and eventually became this.

Her design is somewhat of a cross-over between a cat and a treefrog, which can mostly be seen in her hands being claw-like and her feet being more frog-like and her general colour-scheme.

A couple people have mentioned that her shoulders a bit too close together, so I’ll try and fix that at some point.

Here’s a few shots trying to show off her poseability.

Cullen Rutherford            Character Analysis

“Whatever happens, you will come back. The thought of losing you… I can’t.”  

Cullen Stanton Rutherford, former Ferelden Templar and current military adviser to the Inquisition, is a strong, loyal, and compassionate man despite his mental illness and substance addiction. During the course of the main 3 Dragon Age games (Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, and Dragon Age: Inquisition) we see his character go through a lot of development due to his heart breaking story and, depending on the choices we chose to make in Inquisition, he either recovers from the tragedies he faces, or falls to them.  

During the first game in the series, we come across Cullen serving his Templar duty in the Circle of Ferelden, a place where Mages are sent to learn about their magical ability, to practise in safety, but also a place where they’re never able to see the light of day again. Due to a demon possession in the tower, some of the mages tried to break Cullen mentally. Though he was strong enough to withstand their mental attacks, once the Hero of Ferelden (the playable character in Dragon Age: Origins) freed him, he was left with PTSD and a severe hatred for Mages.  

We don’t see much of Cullen in origins, even though the game marks the start of his story, but we do see him make a return in Dragon Age 2, where he has been transferred away from the conflicts left in Ferelden and had taken a place as a Templar in the Circle of Magi in Kirkwall, also named the City of Chains. During this time, Cullen is seen as a bitter man who still has a hatred for Mages due to the abuse he suffered in Ferelden’s Circle, however he tries to not let his personal grudges interfere with his work.  

For example, when he is asked about his opinion on whether or not they should use the Rite of Annulment in the Kirkwall Circle, he questions whether it’s necessary or not. He saves the lives of 3 mages, and even when his superior officer Knight Commander Meredith asks whether he would take responsibility if they are found to be blood mages (mages that use an illegal form of magic), he says he would gladly do so. This proves just how compassionate he is, and also invokes his sense of justice. Another time this is shown is at the end of Dragon age 2 when Knight Commander Meredith orders Hawke’s (the playable character) execution. Cullen orders her to stand down due to the fact they were only meant to arrest him. Together with Hawke, he then fights Meredith. He later stands down after Meredith’s fall.  

Due to the fall of the Kirkwall Circle and Mages, both opposing sides have started a war with one another. This has caused death and destruction over the land of Ferelden, and so the Grand Enchanter of Ferelden’s Circle, and the Knight Commander of Ferelden’s Templars agreed to have parties go forth to hold a Conclave, in hopes of finding a middle ground and to restore peace. However, due to an explosion in the Conclave, it made things even worse. Especially with how the explosion caused a breach in the sky, sending demons across all the lands, and the only one who survived the explosion is the only one with the ability to close the tears in the fade and the breach in the sky with what seems to be a magical mark on their hand. With the Divine (head of the Chantry, a fictional parallel to the Pope of our real-life Church) dead, her left and right hands Cassandra Pentaghast and Lelliana along side the lone survivor created the Inquisition, an army that would surpass both the Chantry and Templars in order to restore order to Thedas, and ultimately close the breach.  

After the chaos in Kirkwall, Cullen had rallied up the remaining Templars to help restore order to the chaos. Impressed, Cassandra hired Cullen as the Inquisition’s Military Advisor, a role which he was happy to help in since he felt as though the events that happened were also his fault. During the events of Dragon Age Inquisition Cullen plays a pivotal role helping the sole survivor, later titled the Head of the Inquisition, and has quite a lot of screen time, thus we’re able to see a lot more of his character in this game. At the very beginning he states how because of how the Mages had treated him, he felt as though he pushed his anger wrongfully onto them and how he was going to try to change that. He also shows concern, saying how he wants the mages to have some safeguards not only for others but also to protect them from demonic possession.  

Later on in the game, we get to see a side of him, and the Templars, we don’t see in the other games. Templars get their powers to repel magic (used to protect themselves against mages in their Circles as well as to stop Mages from harming themselves and others) through Lyrium, a magical, addictive mineral. Due to Cullen’s time being a Circle Templar, he had his fair share of Lyrium, but before he joined the Inquisition he vowed to stop taking it, despite the withdrawals and the possibility of death. You can either encourage him to continue not taking it, or you can tell him to go back on the lyrium. This decision has dire consequences which I will go into later.  

If you chose to partake in a romance with Cullen, especially if your Inquisitor is a mage, you find that he is a loving man who has never had anyone else in his life. He’s loyal, always looking out for his family, even if he neglects to talk to them as often as he should. He’s also very shy when it comes to romance, tending to deflect complements by chuckling softly and scratching the back of his neck; however the more the two characters grow close to each other, he has such a passion for the Inquisitor that he can’t help but show it wherever they may be. He even gives you sentimental gifts as opposed to expensive ones, and in everything he does he slows his heart is yours. It’s heart breaking during the last sequence in the game, when you’re about to face the final boss, not knowing if you’ll make it, where he doesn’t even beg you to survive the fight, but orders you. He doesn’t even want to think there’s even a possibility that you won’t make it out alive.  

If you chose to romance him, at the end of the DLC he and the inquisitor can get married and adopt a dog, living a happy life together for as long as they can, always visiting Cullen’s family. If you chose to force Cullen to take the lyrium, however, he turns into a husk of his former self, going to the streets to beg for the drug. Even worse is in some reports, it’s unknown if he was given a blade or someone did the deed for him, but it is implied that he either killed himself from the addiction or someone else put him out of his mystery - leaving a heartbreaking end for the man who had been so strong up until that point.  

Overall, Cullen is a man who is loyal, kind, compassionate, and someone who puts others always above himself and his feelings. He has a strong sense of justice and hates cruelty to others, even though he himself has been guilty of doing so. He tries to fix his mistakes, always trying to become better, to get over the mental illness his history has given him, trying to get over his own personal hatred, and by doing so it shows he is a strong individual who is willing to keep on going, even when he hates everything about him.  

Design wise, his looks have changed over the series, so I will focus primarily on his current style and concept art for DA:I.  

Cullen’s armour and furs beautifully represent his heritage and status, as well as characteristics. The red and gold patterns on his over cloak suggest he is of importance, and also that he is dangerous. These colours alarm people, making him stand out from the crowd, however they’re not ornated. They also happen to be the colours of Ferelden, showing his passion and loyalty for his kingdom.  

His overcoat also has a thick, furry mane around the neck area, and this was intentional to give him the look of a Lion. His helmet that had to be cut from the game was also in the shape of a lions head. The symbolism of a lion tends to be universal; ask anyone and they’re most likely to tell you a lion is strong, a passionate leader, and most of all loyal.  

His vambraces have the Templar symbol engraved into them; a sword with trails of light appearing from either side. Whilst he is no longer a templar, this shows he has not left his history behind him. He is still loyal to Templars, knowing their joys and annoyances, and thus he carries them like a hopeless romantic; on his sleeve.  

When it comes to his facial features, he has bags under his eyes; both from his age and all the stress he has been put through over the years. A scar upon his top lip shows he has seen his fair share of fights as well. But he still takes care of his appearance, for it is mentioned in Inquisition that he styles his hair every chance he can get; and from the past games, fans are glad to see why.

Headcanons: Darkiplier with a figure skater S/O

Request: “Could we see headcanons about Dark’s S/O who figure skates? I get bruises frequently from it and it’s always a fun time dealing with them aha”
Author’s Note: Excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject, I am trying <3

• He would worry but not to a crazy extent, the worst thing to happen would be light scolding from him from the more colourful bruises.

• He would make sure not to touch them though, and swat your hand gently away when he noticed you giving into the ever-present urge to poke the bruises

• He loves watching you at work

• He just thinks you’re so elegant

• … until you fall over. Then he will chuckle, covering his mouth. 

• He is very impressed by your resilience though

• It shows that you aren’t basic prey, you aren’t like the others

• In general he supports you and encourages you but in his own suave, sophisticated way.

• He will never scream your name from the sidelines but he will give you a kiss each time you leave the ice

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why didn't you participate in the trans day of visibility?

because tumblr hates everything that i am, so why even bother. 

i’m being passive-aggressively insulted because i’m white and a trans guy, both of which are things that i can’t help. tumblr also hates white trans guys who are skinny, because being skinny = hating people who are fat. i’m a fat trans guy and i have problems posting selfies on normal days, so why would i want to post my selfies for a day of trans visibility when people on tumblr don’t even want us here? i find myself incapable of being proud of who i am when transgender people are literally turning on me and my trans brothers just for being ourselves. 

not to mention that most of the userbase on this website is AFAB to begin with, trans or not. but you know, that’s apparently our fault, too.

if this was the “trans women of colour visibility day” then i could see why they would be pissed at all of us trans white boys, but it’s not. this was for ALL trans people, and yet we get fucking shit on every time we try to be ourselves and show our faces. why? because we’re trans men, and everyone thinks it’s acceptable to shit all over us because we’re men. also we’re white, so that means we’re fucking awful to start out with. and god forbid that some trans men be skinny, because some people’s bodies have high metabolisms and some people have eating disorders. but since trans men are white and skinny, they’re just the worst people ever.

it’s like we’re not even allowed to exist without other trans people hating us.

you wanna complain about the dreaded cis scum people hating us and forcing us out of things, but here you are doing it to trans people. but it’s okay, since we’re basically just stupid white males anyway :)

this event is something i’m never going to be interested in participating in.

god fucking forbid us for trying to be visible on a day of visibility for us.

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prompt 30, 50, 65 with captain america?

30. Am I supposed to be impressed? | 50. That was… nice. | 65. Last time you said that, you set my house on fire. Prompt idea list here
ok so this is like one of the oldest things in my ask box but the reason I didn’t write it yet was because I was waiting for today july fourth because it was perfect lol so I hope it was worth the wait ✯

It was July 4th, and you wanted to do something special for Steve’s birthday this year, so you planned to throw him a surprise firework show at home. That night, you put a blindfold around his eyes and steered him to the backyard. Once you removed the blindfold, he stared at the scene before him.

A bundle of fireworks lay on the grass. A long string hung from the bottom, just waiting to be lit.

Steve chuckled. “What is this, (y/n)?”

“Surprise! Sit back and watch, because I bought some fireworks for you!”

“What, you don’t want to see Tony’s Super-Mega Fireworks Show again this year?” he said. Each 4th, Tony would launch rocket upon rocket from the Tower’s roof. It was cool and all, but it was mostly to just show off to all of New York.

You waved him off. “Tony’s show is cool and all, but I thought it’d be nicer if we had our own show in the backyard. I got these explosives from Rhodey, and-”

Steve cut you off with a laugh. “From Rhodey? (Y/n), the last time you said that, you set my house on fire. Remember when he lent you his prototypes?”

“This is different!” you reassured him. “Anyways, sit back and watch the magic unfold!”

You lit the end of the firework and quickly took a step back. Your heart pumped with excitement, but halfway through the wick, the fire fizzled out. You frowned.

“Is that it? Am I supposed to be impressed?” he teased.

“Hey!” you protested, but you were to laughing. “Okay, so that was a bit anticlimactic. Let me try this again.” You carefully relighted the string, and backed up.

This time, it worked. The bunch of fireworks shot upwards with a loud shrieking noise before exploding in the night sky with a deafening BOOM! CRACK! The sky light up a hundred different colours, casting a beautiful light on the ground below.

Then, just like that, it was over. “Okay, I’ll admit that was… nice.” Steve said.

“Better than Tony’s show?” you joked.

He smiled and pulled you close. “Being out here with you, in private, with fireworks above our heads?” He kissed your cheek. “Definitely better.”

I Miss You || Sam Drake x Reader ||

characters: Sam Drake x Reader

Fandom: Uncharted. 

Request: Yes! Thank you, this one was similar to the other one but I decided to do them separately [Could you do a sam drake x reader where they have break up because of a fight and the reader’s now living with nate and elena and cassie and at the end (after drama) they made up? Mouahaha #dramaqueen]

Prompt: You find out Sam’s been lying to you about what he does as a profession, you two argue but you already made up your mind and leave him. Nate reaches out to you and offers you a place to stay while things mull over and after some time, Sam shows up. 

Tags: @rafeadderall @missdictatorme @dragonjedihobbit @shararogers

Word Count: 2,074

A/N: Lmaoo pretty sure I was dozing off when I wrote this so if this is bad I AM SORRy 

“I know.” The words left your lips were enough to drain the colour from Sam’s face. His mind stuttered, trying to think of an explanation as to why he lied to you. The two of you hit it off in a bar two years ago and had been together ever since. Sam however tried to keep his working life separate from his love life, telling you that he was an esteemed businessman and often went on business trips across america, but that wasn’t the case at all.

He even had his brother lie for him on several occasions to make sure you were kept in the dark on what he actually did for a living. Truth be told he only did it because he was afraid of what might of would happen to you if he pissed off the wrong people. He didn’t want to be responsible for causing your death or getting you hurt. 

“What… what do you know?” His breath was shaky, he stood just a few feet from you and he was hoping that you weren’t about to voice his biggest fear. “I know you’ve been lying to me this whole time, what did you think that I wouldn’t find out? Jesus christ, Sam!” You ran your hands through your hair, and sighed. 

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Hi! First off, your art is literally eye candy. Love your various styles and vibrant colours. Second, speaking of colour, I've always stuck to classic black-and-white but recently began experimenting with colour on Photoshop. The outcome of my works however, generally end up flat & boring. I understand colour theory & such, but the issue is applying colours. So my question, how do you get colours to 'harmonize' with/without lineart, and just how to colour really haha. Thank you!

First: shucks. Thank you ^_^


OKAY. okay. I’m not nervous, who’s nervous? Talking about color is easy. You’re nervous.
I’ve had this question a few times and each time I get tied in knots trying to think of how to explain color.
More than almost anything it’s the sort of thing you have to show, and the sort of thing you have to practice over time yourself.
But there are a few tips I think I can offer.
First off, you’re working in black and white, great! That’s the first and most important step to good color. Pretty color is another matter, but good color relies on the structure of a piece or design and contributes to its clarity- it tells parts of the story that only color can. But it serves a goal- and more often than not that goal is clarity- and clarity comes from value structure.
Setting up strong black and white contrast- learning to direct the eye with light and shadow, figuring out how to use greys to emphasize or wash out portions of your composition- all of those are the key foundation of good color. Always keep the focus in your mind, especially when using bright and exciting colors- otherwise you’ll combine colors that fight the structure and the viewer won’t be able to make sense of what they’re looking at or where the important parts are.

If you know about color theory, you know that the most important principle is complimentary color contrast- it’s the most basic building block. Practice using basic pairings like blue/orange, red/green, and yellow/purple to understand how to direct the eye with color, the same way you already do with black and white.
Try exercises where you limit your palette with swatches or you mix actual paint to try and get the colors you want from only a few limited tubes. Trying to paint from life like this will teach you an enormous amount about the underlying structure of color before you move on to wild neon.

Commit to a period of time where you avoid pure black- look for dark, saturated complimentary colors to create shadows that won’t deaden the sense of volume the way adding pure black or grey will. Keep value structure in mind.
When I want to create a glowing warm orange light, I use blue and blue-purples in the shadows of the piece to create color contrast that punches the lights I eventually add.

Work dark to light (and try working light to dark as well, with a medium like watercolor). With dark to light you spend time first creating a “mud”- a value structure reliant first layer of the painting where you focus on the colors of the shadows, the fluctuations between warm and cold shadow- the local colors as they appear when they are outside of the light- make your mud interesting but not eye catching or very saturated. You are setting the table, here.
Build from that point- create bright points of focus with saturated and complimentary highlights on top of the “mud” (if the mud is a purple mud, mix yellows and golds into the highlights). This way of painting is really satisfying- putting controlled highlights on at the end can be the most fun part. We used to joke about it all the time in art school- it’s dinner time; the ecstatic moment you put the little bitty white shine on at the very end and everyone goes “ooOooh”
The satisfaction of that “ooOooh” moment will depend proportionally on how well you set the table with your complex, nuanced “mud” beforehand!

Most of my process revolves around paying attention first to the mud of a design- trying to pick colors that are harmonious (which is largely practiced intuition- but also has to do with grouping similar saturation levels and popping with calculated moments of complimentary contrast where I want to draw attention)- still, at the start nothing stands out especially- I’m putting down dishes before I serve up the turkey ;) Then I build in brightness and saturation to the areas of emphasis in the piece or on the character.

With my brighter, more candy-colored work, the process is different but the principles are similar- the “mud” of the piece is brighter, more saturated- the shadows often grouped in a low-ish saturation range of purples, blues and pinks- the highlights often coming in with warm golds. These pieces usually rely more on pure color contrast and slightly less on value structure for their oomph- but it’s all still there, under the surface.
After a while you’ll move past the simple complimentary color pairings and on to more subtle relationships of color, cooler light courses, bounce light and ambient occlusion, you’ll tell different stories with color based on insights you’ve gleaned from observation.
Sometimes it comes down to simply “I like that photo/painting/feeling/obscure memory from my childhood, and I’m going to try to copy it until I get it right.” You learn a lot along the way through copying- and there’s a huge complicated world of color out there with masterful luminaries and great fun to be had.

You can learn from the outside-in by copying and color picking from the masters, or from the inside-out by practicing exercises that will help build your skill. My advice?

Do both.

The biggest trick is just practice and time- if you set your mind to it, you will improve and eventually it will be second nature. I super duper hope this is helpful to you and to anyone else struggling (as I did, and I do) with color in their art! Be well :)


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Have you heard of Underhunt?

WELL NOW I HAVE- I looked for it on DA first and my interest has piqued with every scroll down. I saw Toriel, Asgore, Undyne, Sans AND Papyrus- Ahhhh I want to read this right now! D:<

For some reason a lot of the comic doesn’t show on the search on Tumblr, so I’m glad I checked DA first, it’s given me a good first impression of it :D

I really love that some pages are left black and white, whilst others are coloured, they’re so cool! I’ll try to read through this asap NYEH HEH HEH!

For anyone interested: Here it is on Tumblr, and it’s over here on DA

IMO D&D don’t know what to do with Da*nerys - they haven’t known for a while, and it shows.

every episode with her is a variation on the same theme: D*ny is in a tough spot, and the dramatic moment of the episode is her doing something Cool™. dragons !!!! fire !!!! big speeches and people bowing !!!!

there’s no interesting shock, surprise, or excitement to it anymore for me, because it happens all the fucking time. we’re supposed to be like “YES D*NY IS RIDING DROGON AND DOING A BIG WAR SPEECH FUCK YA” but literally my only reaction at the end of this episode was “seriously????? oh god please not again can she chill”. it’s frankly not climatic for me anymore, it’s just…dull. they’ve found a formula that works by making her the Queen of Big Shit Happening, and they don’t deviate from it.

( not to mention that that scene really didn’t even have a purpose bc she wasn’t in the episode at all before it - it felt so out of place and was just like……okay and? haha)

and I guess I’m more angry because I look at the treatment of other female characters who have been shoved aside - most predominantly Arianne and the Sand Snakes, and the shows absolute, utter failure with them - and how we keep getting the same fucking D*ny scenes over and over again (along with the white saviour storyline which I’ve ranted about a lot previously) and it just reminds me of how we’re losing out on some of the most amazing women of colour to have D*ny Riding a Dragon and Yelling About Stuff.

honestly it’s just so dull, and I would love if they stopped trying to shove D*ny in my face just bc she’s clearly their fave lmao.

All I wanted, C.H. 2

Part 1

“Look who crawled out of the depths of hell.” Meredith almost seethes, raising her eyebrows as her boyfriend saunters over to her and hugs her from behind. “Can’t be, I didn’t see you anywhere.” Calum counteracts and I have to hold in a chuckle, biting my lip as I try to supress the grin showing on my features. Calum sees me struggle and winks in my direction, which colours my cheeks once more.

“Y/n, it’s been forever girl. How are you?” Michael holds out his fist for a bump and I raise my own, smiling brightly at him before turning my head over to Luke and Ashton. I knew them because Luke was in Michael’s classes in high school and Ashton was the same age as Calum, so they hung out back in the day when I spent almost every wake minute within these four walls of the Hood residence.

“Y/n, great to see you again.” Ashton walks over to kiss me briefly on the cheek before dropping down on the other side of the table. Luke smiles at me as he sits down which I kindly return. Calum takes a seat right beside me and throws his sock covered feet on the table as he gets out a pack of tobacco.

“What have you been up to lately?” Calum addresses me as he fixes himself a smoke, making eye contact with me as he licks the thin paper before rolling his cigarette closed. I think I might be drooling from just watching the tip of his tongue glide along the paper and I have to blink a few times to remind me of the question he’d asked me.

“Nothing much, still in college having no life.” I shrug my shoulders and pat my jeans down, a nervous habit of mine. Calum lights his smoke and lets his head drop back as the smoke twirls past his lips and up in the sky, his fingers tapping a beat along the armrest of the lounge chair.

Luke and Ashton had called it a day, having to get up early for work and leaving us with only us four. There is uninteresting banter between us, vague topics that come up when the day has called it a night and you’re nearing midnight.

“So, Y/n, have you found yourself a man yet?” Michael grins as he drops back down onto his seat next to Meredith with two new cold beers for Calum and himself, directing the conversation completely elsewhere.

“Sadly, no. I don’t think I’m capable of holding a relationship.” I shrug my shoulders sadly. I’ve been single since high school and sometimes I really don’t mind and enjoy this freedom I’m presented with, but at other times I just wish I had someone to cuddle to when the day is over.

“Any man would be lucky to have a girl like you, Y/n. Don’t worry about it.” Calum softly smiles and I honestly feel like he’s saying and doing all these things to make this blush that colours my cheeks permanent. “Thank you Cal, really.”

“Are you staying the night?” Meredith asks and I shrug my shoulders almost involuntarily. “I don’t think so; I probably should go home.” I simply state, pressing my lips into a thin line as I let my gaze fall from a lazy Michael to Meredith.
“You can stay in the guest bedroom, I don’t mind. We’ll go for breakfast together.” Meredith tries to persuade me but I don’t want to spend a night alone in a strange bed. If it were a sleepover like old times, I’d probably agreed in a Knick of time.

“Ah come on, Y/n. I’ll bring you breakfast in bed if you stay. For old times’ sake.” Calum prods his elbow into my ribs and I wince before glaring in his direction, watching Calum lazily smile.
“When have you ever brought me food in general?” I raise an eyebrow and Calum’s boisterous laugh chimes through the dimly lit backyard.

“Never, but I’m never too late to start with that.” I roll my eyes but can’t keep the grin off of my face as my gaze meets Michael’s. He raises an eyebrow and I’m sure he’s questioning my behaviour but I try to completely ignore him and pretend to contemplate.
“Well, it’s a very tempting offer. Although I have a feeling I might get a cracker and a bottle of head thrown towards my head.” I frown, shaking my head.

“I’ll promise you it’ll be a full course meal, Y/n.” Calum winks in my direction, feeling his fingertips brush along my thigh, probably without him fully realising his choice of actions.
“So, what do you say Y/n? Please stay, I’ll make you a damn mean cocktail.” Meredith wiggles her eyebrows and I let out a breathless chuckle, shaking my head once more for good measure.
“You better make it a damn good cocktail, Mer.”

Five minutes later I’m presented with a bright pink liquid in a spherical glass, along with a small shot which holds blue liquid. “You’ve gone all out. What is this?” I sniff the big glass and scrunch my eyes closed at the sickly sweet scent.

“Don’t be a priss Y/n, just taste it.” Meredith raises her eyebrows and smirks in my direction. I shrug my shoulders and bring the small straw she included to my lips, taking a small sip and humming at the lovely taste. “Not bad.”
“Now try the shot, Calum invented it.” Michael points to the blue liquid and I turn my head slightly towards Calum who nods his head feverishly, urging me on to try it.

I chug it back in one swift motion and I’m pleasantly surprised with the outcome.
“It’s called liquid Viagra.” Calum winks and I giggle absurdly loud, holding my hand in front of my mouth as I let my eyes squeeze closed.

“Why would you call it that?” I shake my head as I wash the coconut rum flavour down with the pink brewing of Meredith. “You’ll notice in a moment.” Calum whispers in my ear as he leans forward to grasp the can of beer Michael had brought him.

I can’t completely follow his train of thought but I let it slide without a second thought. It isn’t until I feel the alcohol kick in that I feel myself get heated, aroused just the littlest bit. I know it’s partially because of the company, but I truly believe the alcohol makes me have incoherent thoughts.
“Ah, that’s how you get girls in your bed.” I mumble, crossing my legs over one another and Michael burst out laughing hysterically, almost falling of his seat as Calum grins at me amused.
“I’m guessing you’re feeling it?”

“Oh hell yeah.”

Part 3!

'wildlife' songs for the signs - la dispute
  • aries: edward benz, 27 times // I carry your image, your grandfather’s coffin. and Ed, if you hear me, I think of you often. that’s all I can offer, that’s all that I know how to give.
  • taurus: you and I in unison // but if I still hear you singing in every city I meet. after I blur it all out, our every memory, if you never fade with the days, your shape still haunting me then, should I not just sing along?
  • gemini: harder harmonies // And when you sing the wrong thing it all starts collapsing. starts to ring out and feedback, starts lapsing and crashing, on notes that don’t clash, but that never quite feel like they match. and I never quite feel like mine match.
  • cancer: edit your hometown // and now my friends have all left. or it’s been me gone all along. I guess we all part one day and drop like leaves into the breeze. and ain’t it wild? ain’t it bitter? (didn’t it carry you from me?)
  • leo: a poem // see, lately I’ve hated me for over-playing pain. for always pointing fingers out at everyone but who in fact is guilty and for picking at my scabs, like they could never break but they can and they will
  • virgo: a letter // I’ve never spent a lot on finding a remedy. I guess I figured that it hurt for a reason. I guess that’s why I’ve always turned to writing it down. not just in stories, but the letters in between. and I guess that’s why it haunts the pages of everything - to self-examine.
  • libra: the most beautiful bitter fruit // after sundown, before sleeping, I am the worst of me. I am a mess of these old themes and the murmur of half-dreams whisper seductively and stage scenes.
  • scorpio: I see everything // no, I will never forget you, now six or seven years later I’m devoid of all faith. I am empty of comfort and I am weary of waiting, though I’ve felt nowhere what you have, I see nothing at all. though I’ve felt nowhere what he did, my eyes are closed.
  • sagittarius: a broken jar // I know I knocked the table over because I watched the jar break, and I’ve been trying to repair it every single stupid day, but won’t the cracks still show no matter how well it’s assembled? can I ever just decide to let it die and let you go?
  • capricorn: king park // I want to know what the colour of the blood was spilling out from the tarp onto the concrete. I want to write it all down so I can always remember. if you could see it up close how could you ever forget how senseless death, how precious life. I want to be there when the bullet hit.
  • aquarius: safer in the forest/love song for poor michigan // last snowfall left splinters and some winters never end; neither wane nor wear. and sunshine is like lovers and some summers just pretend; only warm the air. it’s that I’m tired of the feeling here.
  • pisces: st paul missionary baptist church blues // made me wonder if there’s anyone like that for you and me, and anybody else who broke and lost hope.