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Love your writings hon!!💓💓 i have a request for yaa, can you write about mc caught jumin cheating and she ran away from him, when jumin tried to catch up with mc, he almost got ran over by a car if was not for mc pushing him out of the way, whether mc survive or not is your choice ( I'm an angst freak)

Hello, love! I’m so glad you enjoy my writing. It really means a lot hearing that! <3

Jumin cheating and getting caught, then being saved by MC


- He didn’t mean it.

- Really.

- But the woman with stark, blonde hair and blue eyes entered his office in a short skirt and crop top.

- She was known to be a serious business woman, but here she was willingly giving herself to him.

- And he was so stressed,

- And he had a little too much wine to drink.

- And then her lips were on his and her arms around his neck, and he couldn’t help but accept the woman’s ministrations as he wanted to get lost in her arms and forget all the work he still had to do.

- You entered the large corporate building with a small chocolate cake you managed you bake that morning.

- You knew he was frustrated with work and you wanted to do something nice for him.

- Approaching his office, you knocked on the door once before opening the door.

- Expectation; A tired Jumin at his desk swamped in work.

- Reality; his pants halfway down his legs while a woman sucked him off.

- The sound of the cake dropping to the ground tore Jumin out of a trance and he frantically pushed the woman away, pulling up his pants.

- You didn’t know what to say, you didn’t know how to comprehend what was happening.

- You could hear him calling your name but his shouting fell in the distant as you ran out the door, desperate to get out of the building and away from the scene.

- He followed short behind, chasing you down the stairs and out the building.

- You wanted to get away from him, no, you needed to get away from him.

- You couldn’t look at him, because if you did, all you would see is the look of bliss on his face as another woman pleased him.

- “MC, wait, calm down.”

- He grabbed your upper arm and you turned around, slapping him across the face before untangling yourself from him.

- “Don’t you dare tell me to calm down! I just caught my husband cheating on me.”

- “It’s not like that, I promise.”

- “Then what is it like, Jumin?”

- “I thought you loved me. Was I not enough?” you cried.

- Your words tore him apart. He wanted to hold you and comfort you, and convince you that he truly loved you and you were enough for him.

- But you were crossing the busy street, he couldn’t let you get away.

- “MC, please don’t go.”

- You turned around to snap at him, to tell him to leave you alone and just give you space, but you saw the car coming towards him and the driver on their phone not paying attention.

- You screeched as the car plumelled towards him.

- And you pushed him out of the way,

- And he watched as you rolled over the top of the car, tumbelled to the ground and falling almost lifeless, not a muscle in your body moving, and your small form crumpled in an unnatural position.

- He was frozen in place as he shouted your name before he finally fell to his knees in front of you and cried, begging for help.

- The two months of surgery felt like a year for Jumin as he watched you suffer now unable to move any of your limbs except your head, and now unable to speak.

- But you were fully aware of everything.

- You were fully aware of your surroundings, and fully aware you would spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair and needing to be taken care of.

- Jumin was fully prepared to take care of you and never leave your side, but there was no denying your resentment towards him.

- The two of you sat outside in a courtyard and he watched as you stared blankly at the garden in front of you.

- He reached for your hand that rested permanently on the handlebar of your wheelchair,

- But when he saw you grimace and shut your eyes, turning your head away from him, he recoiled and pulled back.

- He wanted to cry, but he shouldn’t be the one crying, it’s you who gets to cry. He has to be strong for you.

- But he was falling apart because he knew this was all his fault.

- He wished he could take your place and that you never pushed him out of the way of the car. It should have been him that was hit.

- There was nothing he could say to you, because there was nothing to say.

- He could only wish that one day you would forgive him.


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I wanna hear you say it // JIN

number 89 please :)

89: I wanna here you say it

(NO specific member soooo I’m gonna do Jin)


How did you get here? it went from being the absolute perfect night in… Jin made dinner, and you two had ended up cuddled watching movies.. Someone said something.. and now here you both were.. red faced, and yelling at the top of your lungs practically trying to out scream each other. Neither one of you knowing why you were fighting Tears ran down your cheeks as you walked away from him.

“Jin I’m over this!” you yelled. 

“Don’t walk away from me!” he yelled, following behind you. 

“Gosh I wish I could hate you! Then I wouldn’t stick around! But I love you so just shut the fuck up!” you yelled, throwing a picture frame at him. It crashed on the wall next to him, shattering into a million pieces, and what you hadn’t realized was that you had let it slip..That you loved him.

“what did you say..?” he asked, his voice seemingly a million octaves. 

“what..?” you asked, knowing exactly what you had said. He stepped closer, taking your face into his hands, and brushing your tears away. 

“please…I wanna hear you say it…” he said, his voice slightly cracking. Tears continued falling, as you looked at your feet.

“I said I love you.. so shut the fuck up” you said, adding the last part simply to be a smart ass. 

“God.. Jagi I love you more..” he whispered, softly kissing your tears. You softly hiccuped, and he gave you a small kiss, pulling you close to him.

“let’s not fight.. please..” he whispered. You nodded, burying your face in his chest. 

“lets go to bed..” he said.

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Happy Turkeys and shit

Today on this great day of thanks, the q shall be entirely It’s Always Sunny, as it’s the show I’m most thankful for this year (God where has this been all my life). And since my dearest love @okimi79 has worked so hard to ensure I squirm as much as possible at work (you cunt) make these things, I’m gonna count down my top 10 fave gifsets. (And do a fair bit of crying in the corner over the perfection that is Charlie fucking Day.) Enjoy!

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SO TO CONTINUE MY SPAM (SORRY) Whenever this go get too much for either of you, he's down to pick you up and just drive with no set destination. It either consists of talking or singing along to whatever music he has on at the top of your lungs (tbh it's mostly you, but he gets a kick out of watching you do it)

YES!! I LOVE THIS!! jamming to heavy rock and using your fingers and drum sticks hitting them against the dashboard to the beat of the song and then whenever he stops he leans over and kisses the part of your neck where your collar bone and neck meet and he’s just so ***HEART EYES*** bc he loves you so much and you’re the only light in his life and UGH SO MUCH LOVE

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Top five internet friends/people on tumblr you want to meet in real life and why?

@allthingsbughead - because I would love to brain-storm fics with her on huge pieces of paper rather than just chat online

@hufflepuff-and-feminist - because we would so go to a concert together

@tory-b - we would become masters of Sims and it would be AWESOME!

@rubyventure - we would be able to complain about our boyfriends snoring (literally what we bonded over)

@glitterytreewombat - I just want to give this sweet girl a hug

Get to Know Me Tag Game, Omgbrainstorming Edition

I was tagged by @jenksel

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better

Relationship status: Single

Favorite Color: Lots of them. Greys, black, blue, dark green, bordeaux, silver and I could go on and on.

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick

Last Song I Listened To: Save the Last Dance For Me (Michael Bublé)

Last Movie I Watched: Not sure if it was Fantastic Beasts or the 2017 live action of Beauty and the Beast (not because I confuse the films 😂 I just can’t remember which one I watched later)

Top 3 TV Shows: The Librarians, The Big Bang Theory, and I think Lucifer (Castle is over, so it’s not here, but should be, just like BBC Sherlock and Gilmore Girls. I once loved Once Upon A Time, but kinda gave up after season 4 because of unnecessary drama and shit - I still watch every Rumbelle/Rumple bits) I have problems with rankings, is that obvious?

Top 3 Characters: Jenkins (The Librarians), Severus Snape (Harry Potter), Rumpelstiltskin (Once Upon A Time) - There are SO MANY OTHERS I CAN’T EVEN-

Top 3 Bands: Maroon5, Fall Out Boy, Queen (maybe Cash Cash too?)

Books I’m Currently Reading: The Librarians and The Lost Lamp (Greg Cox), Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods (Rick Riordan), Percy Jackson Greek’s Heroes (Rick Riordan), Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (the Slytherin special edition by JKR), Max Havelaar (Multatuli - college stuff), Into the Wild (Jon Krakauer - same), Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen - excuse to re-read it again #947301 “it’s going to be in one exam of my course, I’m actually studying”)

Tagging -I don’t have 9 people to tag and I feel so bad for anyone I’m tagging because I feel like I’m harassing you??? I’m so SORRY! I love you and your blogs and please FEEL FREE TO IGNORE THIS. Don’t hate me plz @eurazia @sanzochan @nimbleinquiry @beastlycheese @sarashouldbestudying @cartoonjessie @worryinglyinnocent

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What is your favorite episode of UNHhhh? (Or top 5 if you can’t think of just one)

I have two favorites…
ugnhhh episode 5 pt 2 dating
My favorite part is when Katya was like “I had a very good time and I want you to know that I am very sexually attracted to you”
“You are very attractive and I would love to have sex with your body today… tonight if possible”
I love her so much
Also i LOVE UGNHHHHH episode 21 pt the female Unghhhgasm because of the end slate where Trixie is talking about how Katya was standing over her, Hair Draggly, with a cigarette in a moon lit craze, screaming that Music and Dancing is all MATHEMATICAL!

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Hey! Dingo here. Just wanted to ask if you were ever considering to finish the 'maned back' mutation which I saw you working on a long time ago. I loved the idea so much, and was hoping to see that it wasn't scrapped. (It's the mutation where the lions have this striped hyena mane on their back.)

Hi! There’s an official page I made here - LINK

It tells you the file status of mutations i confirmed over the years. You can see that “Dorsal Fur” on top? That’s it! It was one of the first mutation ideas ever posted on Lioden years back that I said I want to do, and I think I shared pictures on forums like back in 2014! I want to definitely finish it!

i lOVE when chubby ppl wear crop tops????? like boy or girl or anything in between, i lOVE IT when their chubby tummies poke out over their shorts or jeans!!!! like i want to HUG so bad


[shadowhunters lookbook]: hair + clary

since y’all love talking about big three privilege, here’s a look at their current status

sm - 

exo: given underproduced music for comeback album and repackage, relying solely on fan support to stay at the top because sm refuses to give them proper promotions

red velvet: having their unique sound butchered and losing fans to other 3rd gen girl groups because sm is hellbent on giving them cuter music so they can compete with the popular new groups (see: russian roulette and rookie)

f(x): where? all i see is amber’s vlogs

shinee: haven’t come back in over a year, somewhat due to onew’s scandal but at least taemin’s out here reminding people that michael jackson is alive and well, keeping shinee’s name alive so they don’t fade into obscurity 

snsd: nobody knows who’s still in the group, had one of the worst promotion cycles ever for their TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY. 

super junior: coming back but sm is doing 0 promo

nct: what even is their concept anymore? why is the seoul unit promoting in japan?? why are so many people still in the basement?

yg - 

blackpink: getting a reality show and apparently that’s supposed to make us feel better that they only have 5 songs???? why does yg hate women?

ikon: where?

winner: tbh i don’t pay attention to winner but i’m pretty sure yg’s fucking up somehow since i hardly ever hear anything about them

big bang: forever kings but after top’s scandal, we don’t know if they’ll ever come back as five again

jyp - 

day6: has grown in popularity this year but jyp still won’t give them the same chances and promotion as they give their idol groups

twice: overworked and need time off, no song between tt and likey ever happened why did jyp taint their discography like that

got7: had a comeback but didn’t go to weekly idol or after school club?? how can you have a got7 comeback and not put them on asc??? that’s their birthplace?? why did jyp have them drop a mini album and then forget about them two days later? why are they doing japanese promotions already? they just came back yesterday damn

yes. so much privilege. 

Imagine...Overhearing Dean

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Pairing: Dean x reader

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Harry & the Ryman.

I haven’t seen anyone mention this yet, so I will. 

At the beginning of the show, Harry said he basically planned and booked this tour for the purpose of playing the Ryman. He’s been to Nashville to perform now 3 times (March 2012, June 2013 and August 2014) and he’s played the biggest venues in town each time (Bridgestone Arena twice and Nissan Stadium once) and his comment last night meant a lot to me as 1) a Nashvillian who treasures the absolute hell out of that place and 2) a fan who has followed him the last 5 years and seen this meteoric rise he’s been on, but Harry still displayed such reverence for this 2,300 seat venue that used to be a church and community gathering place. 

To see him wave that flag again in that place was special to me and countless others, but I think it might have been particularly poignant for him, too. 

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Okay but. Listen. Imagine. Number One Hero Deku. Who is the biggest hero nerd in Japan. And fanboys over all the other heroes. Including the really obscure ones. TO WHOEVER WILL LISTEN. TO THEIR FACES. Imagine being a small time hero, not even in the top 100. Meeting THE Deku. And his face just LIGHTS UP when he sees you and asks you for your autograph. Starts telling you how cool you were doing X thing. Asking you all kinds of questions about your Quirk. How dead would you be.

!!!!! Midoriya doesn’t fully understand how famous he is. He approaches everyone in the hero industry like they’re equals (or like he’s the fan). He has no idea these small-time heroes are having an existential crisis just because he’s breathing the same air as them, let alone asking for their autograph. 

He routinely murders rookie heroes by bouncing over to them and babbling about how he’s a fan of their work, and he thinks their quirk is just so cool, and he really likes their costume. He still takes notes about other heroes, so when he meets other heroes (no matter how small-time or underground they might be) he pulls out these journals that contain actual notes about them, sometimes with sketches, usually with a tiny brainstorm on strategies/other uses for their quirks, and shares his advice with them. He’s made grown heroes cry. His smile is too bright. Too earnest. RIP every baby hero he comes across

Because Midoriya never stopped seeing himself as a fan. Because he never sees anyone else as below him, never thinks he’s above anyone else, even as the rising Symbol of Peace. It’s a part of his charisma, and probably just earns him even more fans


Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Style: One-Shot

Warnings: Some language and explicit sexual content. But overall, just pure fluff. :) 

Word Count: 1,370

Summary: You’ve got some explicit rules for watching Marvel movies with Tom, specifically ones that he’s in. But he has other plans.

A/N: Fun fluff that popped into my head while watching the Avengers a few days ago. Enjoy ;) (Not my gif!)

Originally posted by hiddelstonwife

“What are the rules?” You ask, shoving a handful of popcorn in your mouth as you plopped on the couch.

“Darling, I hardly think this is necessary.” Tom argued, dimming the lights from across the room. 

 “Ah, ah. Rules, Hiddleston.”

 Tom sighed. “No quoting the movie during the movie. No explaining how a scene was made during the movie. No watching of Y/N’s face during my favorite scenes to gauge a reaction.” 

 “Aaandddd…?” You sung out, reaching for another handful of popcorn. 

 “No talking during the movie.” Tom grumbled, finally getting comfortable next to you on the couch. You grinned. 

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The Capaldi Era (21/41)

The Zygon Inversion - written by Peter Harness - directed by Daniel Nettheim

Yoongi as your boyfriend would include...

Originally posted by yoongles

  • Okays now lets begin
  • I feel like Yoongi wouldn’t date someone unless he knew a little about them
  • So you two would start of as friends (even if he liked you when he first met you, he just wouldn’t be comfortable starting a relationship with someone he didn’t know)
  • Anywayyy, both of you would be friends for awhile just so he could make sure what he felt for you was real
  • And when he knew it was the real deal there was no holding this boy back
  • He wouldn’t waste any time telling you he loved you
  • It would most likely be in the middle of the night when he confessed
  • He would ring the doorbell of your apartment (ignoring the string of curse words that followed and the large bang that he could only assume was you falling out of your bed)
  • You would open the door with messy hair and lopsided bunny pajamas but he wouldn’t care
  • Yoongi would kiss you right then and there, not giving a damn that you just rolled out of bed
  • He’d smile into the kiss once he felt you reciporcate
  • He would pull back and stare in your sleepy eyes, watching in amusement as you tried to form words
  • But then he’d just go, “Shh, I need to go back to sleep” before brushing past you into yOUR APARTMENT leaving you dazed and confused to question yourself what the fuck just happened
  • You’d just leave him be though, it wasn’t worth getting you eyes scratched out for waking him up
  • Over the next few weeks everyone would be kind of confused
  • They couldn’t figure out whether you and Yoongi were actually dating or just friends
  • However, one fatal night in Yoongi’s studio in the middle of making out Taehyung would burst in
  • Before running back out in the hallway screaming “oh my gOD THEY ARE DATING! FINALLY!”
  • You would giggle slightly which was then cut off by Yoongi sticking his tongue in your mouth again (rude boi)
  • There was no filter in your relationship btw
  • Yoongi would kiss you everywhere and anywhere he wanted
  • He’d also grab your ass a lot
  • So yeah he’s a big fan of PDA despite him not seeming like it
  • He just loves showing you off
  • He’d secretly dedicate lyrics to you during concerts, winking and pointing to where you sat, letting everyone know that you were his and he was yours
  • Yoongi would also be really possessive and jealous, but not to the point where it became overbearing
  • It’s just little looks and glares he’d send to the person who dared flirting with you
  • This also caused the boys to start flirting with you just to annoy Yoongi
  • You two were deemed the ‘grandma and grandpa of bangtan’ and believe me you both lived up to that title
  • You two spent most of your dates in the dorm and complained about anything and everything
  • There was also hardly a time when the both of you weren’t asleep together (not like that…)
  • Taehyung and Jungkook would constantly record the both of you for future blackmail
  • But even those two couldn’t deny that you both didn’t look adorable
  • You were the only one that could actually get Yoongi to relax
  • When the boys got worried that Yoongi was overworking himself they called you over, already knowing he wouldn’t listen to them
  • But once you arrived you’d pull him over to the studio couch, ignoring his whines, and he’d instantly fall asleep in your arms
  • Whenever he was on tour he’d ditch recording sessions and dance practices despite your protests just so he could skype you
  • Most of the time it’d be really sweet as you both exchanged “I love you’s”
  • But other times it’d become quite naughty if you know what I mean ;));)
  • He’d also send you encouraging texts throughout the day to help you get through work/school
  • You two would rarely fight
  • But when you did it was B R U T E L
  • You and Yoongi are both hardheaded and stubborn so it was hard to agree on some things
  • Your fights would include screaming matches and bringing up pointless things from the past that added fuel to the fire
  • The aftermath of the fight was the worst part
  • Yourself and Yoongi had a hard time apologizing so you two would ignore each other for a few days
  • However, after thinking about it for a long time one of you would apologize
  • And the other would immediately forgive them because you both missed each other so much
  • Yoongi would also be a big cuddlier in private
  • He loved having you in his arms on his days off, cherishing the way your body seemed to fit so perfectly with his
  • Overall you and Yoongi had the cutest relationship that most were jealous of
  • He wouldn’t know what he would do without you

Originally posted by kinkyoongi93

  • Now lets get to the sexy stuff ;)
  • Yoongi wouldn’t go easy on you when you got down and dirty
  • Don’t get me wrong, there were times when you had soft sensual love making
  • But most of the time he would be very rough
  • Slight kitten kink (okay huge kitten kink)
  • He’d love having you on top, not because he couldn’t be bothered doing anything but because he wanted to admire your fucked out state while riding him
  • Yoongi would love pulling your hair
  • He’d probably do it while he was kissing down your neck to expose more of it or when he was taking you from behind, then he’d bunch it into a makeshift ponytail
  • He’s pretty experimental in bed but he would make sure he remained dominant
  • Even when you were on top he’d hold your hips and guide you onto his dick
  • Most of the time you’d come out with multiple bruises on your hips due to his roughness
  • This boy would absolutely L O V E marking you as his
  • It was unlikely for you to have no love bits after sex
  • He’d leave them all over your neck, collarbones, chest and thighs making it impossible for you to cover them
  • As I said before he’s a jealous lover, so every time someone as much looked at you he’d make sure you remembered who you belonged to that night
  • He’s also the daddy type (he prefers kitten and princess though)
  • Yoongi would make you strip for him and would buy you the most expensive lingerie only for it to be ripped off your body later
  • Obviously he’s big on eating you out
  • But again he loved having you on top
  • You weren’t sure about it at first but once Yoongi grabbed you by your thighs and ordered you to sit on his face you’d practically melt
  • He would eat you out as a form of roleplay, it was his favorite thing to do before you two actually got started
  • He loved the way you pulled at his dark locks while looking into his intense eyes, as his tongue teased your clit
  • He is also a big post-sex cuddlier
  • He wanted to relax after intimate moments with you, so having your nude body pressed against his was like a dream
  • In conclusion you and Yoongi were practically the cutest couple (and the hottest of course ;))

Anyway I hope you guys liked this. I’m thinking about making this a mini series for each member just like my fake texts. Let me know what you guys thought! (。♥‿♥。)

Taehyung and Jungkook