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do you have any good blogs to rec? i only trust your judgement! :P

ooooh boy i sure do!

if u wanna meet people who live in the apartment block of Namjoon’s Ass, u can’t go past @bebitojoonie @1rapmon @brightjoon @gukjoon @nevermindbyjin @ksjknj @rapmunstar @hobjoon 

and for all around out of this world high quality @hobintae @bts420  @nvmjin  @mewchim @jeonsguke @springtaes @pingkeujin @nnochu @jinblond @samwol @taejinmin @2awake​ 

so i dont know what the fUCK happened but i missed the biggest tag of all??? if u wanna follow the queen of everything ask @kimdaily i think she knows her

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Dating Vagabond Ryan would include? (If you're still accepting these)

Originally posted by roosterhunter

Dating The Vagabond includes:

  • Lots of plants. He shows you how much he really trusts you after asking you to care for them one weekend he has a heist and has to lay low
  • Instead of like most of the others spoiling their significant others with gifts Ryan listens to you carefully and will pick out gifts for you that end up meaning the world
  • Surprisingly, but not so much, anyone who is ever mean or rude to you tends to go missing and is never found
  • The first time you see him without the mask or face paint your jaw drops. Cause, holy shit, who knew you were dating a model. Ryan just smirks.
  • Quite a few late nights. Since neither of you can sleep a lot of stargazing on the patio happens
  • He uses his one phone call whenever he’s caught to let you know he’s going to be about five minutes late to dinner. He’s never a minute later than that.
  • Stealing his jacket. A lot.

types of dates peter parker would take you on:

  • your first date would be something wild and fun so he could hide his nerves, like a carnival
  • (you could see them anyway)
  • he would take you for quiet picnics in the park on the weekends
  • you would go to the movies together quite often
  • you would take long car rides together late at night, just listening to music and talking softly
  • (you would drive, peter’s terrible behind the wheel)
  • he would take you to formal events, like homecoming
  • and you would spend so much time in quaint little diners drinking milkshakes with two straws
  • he takes you to a star wars trivia night, and together you kick ass and win the competition (with a little help from ned and mj who tag along)
  • occasionally you go to concerts of the indie/alt rock persuasion
  • (you think it’s the cutest thing in the world when you find out he keeps all the ticket stubs)
  • he also takes you go-karting, which is incredibly tense thanks to both of your competitiveness
  • (you both think you let the other one win)
  • on your one year anniversary, he takes you on an adventure through all of your favourite date spots, showing you pictures you took along the way
  • (you kiss him extra hard for that)
  • some of your favourite dates are simply nights spent lounging on his couch, eating take away and watching movies
  • you go ice-skating once, and spend the entire time falling all over each other and laughing hysterically when the other loses their balance
  • you like to go to ice cream parlours too, there’s just something incredibly endearing about watching your boyfriend eat chocolate ice cream
  • neither of you have dogs, but you like to go to dog parks together and play with all the pups that are brought there

The Lovin’ Spoonful ~ Summer In The City (1966)

Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
Been down, isn’t it a pity
Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city

All around, people looking half dead
Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head

But at night it’s a different world
Go out and find a girl
Come-on come-on and dance all night
Despite the heat it’ll be alright

And babe, don’t you know it’s a pity
That the days can’t be like the nights
In the summer, in the city
In the summer, in the city

Cool town, evening in the city
Dressing so fine and looking so pretty
Cool cat, looking for a kitty
Gonna look in every corner of the city
Till I’m wheezing like a bus stop
Running up the stairs, gonna meet you on the rooftop

But at night it’s a different world
Go out and find a girl
Come-on come-on and dance all night
Despite the heat it’ll be alright

And babe, don’t you know it’s a pity
That the days can’t be like the nights
In the summer, in the city
In the summer, in the city

Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
Been down, isn’t it a pity
Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city

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Hey Lina what did you think of the JL trailer?

This is probably a frikking understatement and stating the terribly obvious, but I love it. <3 Two hundred percent.

I love how anchored in Clark the whole thing is, everybody misses him and the grief is still fresh as ever, the world changed when he flew across the sky and it changed again when he didn’t. But by god they’re going to do right by him and his memory and continue to do good and keep moving on the best they could. If you seek his monument, look around you. 

Bruce’s line of “You don’t have to recognize this world, you just have to save it” recalls so much of Diana’s “It’s not about what you deserve, it’s about what you believe”.

“Don’t engage alone. We’ll do this together.” Diana looking out for everybody I’m cry. After a century of horrors and walking out on mankind, she’s here again.

Victor, oh Victor. He’s still so quiet and stoic in this, and just imagining what he’s gone through and what Diana would have said to him to ask him and join in this fight, kinda breaks my heart a little. Alfred doesn’t even know him yet, and already he speaks to him like he’s already family. His quiet but strong assurance to Alfred “I’ll take it from here” I love that moment, I love how that alone evokes a sense of the cavalry is coming. I know next to nothing about this character, but he feels so dear to me already. Zack mentioned previously his story is the “heart of the Justice League” and I just can’t wait to meet his character properly in this movie.

All the beautiful, beautiful gorgeous glorious shots. Like I know this is Znyder film, but it never stops being amazing. Just those shots of Diana’s sword flying through the air and crackling energy are enough to make me combust, lol.

What else I can say about Bruce? I don’t think I’ll ever have the words to describe, on exactly how I feel about him throwing his entire heart and soul to redeem himself, to honor this man he barely knew but is already so personally bonded to. 

All the narrations of “No protectors here” and “Superman is a beacon” over the shots of each of the Leaguer getting ready to kick ass, or in the middle of kicking ass.

Barry being an actual cinnamon roll who’s really just happy he’s found his kind of people.


For my second viewing of Dunkirk, I didn’t tell my mom what we were going to see, I just said “Harry’s movie.” And literally MINUTES from the theater I was like “okay this is a really loud movie” and she goes, “WHAT, WHY? WHAT IS IT ABOUT?” And I just was like “World War II.” And the next words out of her mouth were, “Is it gory? Oh my God. You better tell your internet about it like you did when you came out. I better be getting mom points for this.”

So anyway she loved it and wants to know what Harry is going to be in next. “No, not because I want to see it. Because I want to support you.”

(Don’t) Let Me Go: Chapter 1

Okay, let’s try this again.  A few hours late, but finally, my new story!  Huzzah!

This chapter is a continuation from the end of 5x20.  Totally, cannon compliant, but, you know, better.   ;-)  (I’m so humble)

Anyway, hope you enjoy.


Felicity told him to let her go, but even when Oliver tried, it didn’t seem to be something he was capable of. In the end, there would be nothing in the world Felicity was more grateful for.

Weaving in and out of the final four episodes of Season 5 and beyond, follow Oliver and Felicity’s emotional journey back to one another, one step at a time.

Tags under the cut:  

Please let me know if you want to be tagged or untagged.  

(Oh and side note, joined Twitter, same handle Emmilynestill.  Come say hi)

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Ky + Disney World: a magical journey or whatever?

someone requested fewer posts so y’all get one giant summary of my trip. mmmyup. gonna be image heavy as FUCK. sorry ‘bout that. we’ll go park-by-park, i’ll try to be as brief as possible! click the cut for the deets and junk!

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sun and moon become infinitely more hilarious when you realize lusamine wasn’t even actually trying to bring ultra beasts to alola?? literally all she gave a fuck about was getting to ultra space so she could live with her jellyfish but the UBs showing up all over alola were cool too. for some reason i always thought her plan was “destroy the world with beasts” but NO all she wanted to do was go hang out in the jellyfish dimension for the rest of her life like gfdgfh xurkitree didnt get dragged to this planet for this

hi there!  i just updated Kuroo with some new stuff, such as a neck that makes more sense (so now we can wear LL eyes and female heads) and some new feet poses.  unfortunately, the neck update means shirts made before probably won’t fit well.  i’ll be going through my store and fixing whatever i’ve made, and hopefully creators who have also made shirts will do the same!

the update should automatically go to you, but if it doesn’t, you can use the redelivery terminal in-world

but i think updates take a few minutes to send out anyway

i hope you guys like the update!

Weekly Fic Rec 23rd July 2017

In This Moment by @dimpled-halo
A hospital mix up leads Louis to re-evaluate his life and fix his biggest mistake, letting Harry Styles go.

Only Reason by @letsjustsee
Louis thinks he is at a singles event and Harry thinks Louis is the world’s expert on beekeeping.

You Got Time by bandshirtedboybanders
Widower Louis is pretty sure he has already loved and lost his soulmate, he then meets Harry….

Like A Crow On A Wire by larrymylove
Harry is an Urban Explorer who meets  Louis on his latest adventure.

Heart on an Open Highway by @afirethatcannotdie
Harry is a pop star about to release his second album. Louis is the Radio 1 intern who gets his heart racing.

Fall with Style by Anon
Louis is incredibly shy so does not go out much. His only friends both live miles away. A chance meeting with a curly haired bartender changes everything…

We Haven’t Spoke Since You Went Away by carmelfringe
Louis and Harry were best friends with mutual crushes on each other. Unfortunately they did not stay in touch and three years later Louis finds himself being the med assistance at Harry’s concert.

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Which audio tapes did you listen to? Can you tell us what they were about? After seeing your post about the museum, I literally contemplated going to the other side of the world just to go there then I realized I'd have absolutely no idea what they're saying 😂😂

I listened to the Victor&Yuuri tape. We’re not supposed to share in detail, which is why I gave some of the highlights instead. I took notes though, so if the info isn’t out after the museum is over, I might publish a more comprehensive report.

I’m going back Thursday so now I have to decide which of the other audio tapes to listen to. Right now it’s a fight between Yuuri&Phichit and Chris&Victor because bff dynamics, hgnnnn…….

tbh i think this whole debate is really not worth the time or effort and isn’t helpful in any way, shape, or form, but if people are really going to discuss this seriously like it’s the end of the world…

what is really so different between lesbians and bisexuals that in situations where both are seeking out other women, it’s appropriate for lesbians to use butch/femme but not bisexual women?

what material difference is there? what has changed?

some would say that these terms are part of “lesbian culture”. what makes this culture appropriate for lesbians but not for bisexual women? what about a personal identification with lesbianism rather than bisexuality grants supposed permission to use these terms and participate in this culture?

i’ve seen many say that bi women can’t understand the depth of meaning to these labels which lesbians can. how does identification with lesbianism make these concepts immediately understood? how does bisexuality naturally bar bisexual women for ever grasping the significance of these labels?

where is the evidence for this exclusive, whole culture that only lesbians participate in, which bisexual women cannot and according to some, should not? what is this history besides these labels? the lesbian sepratist and radical feminist movements of the 70s, which were largely transmisogynist and exclusionary to bisexual women in ways that most lesbians i see on tumblr would not approve of today? other alliances of lesbians in the 20th century, which often included women who might currently identify as bisexual and which did not necessarily use the word lesbian as it would be used today?

like, at the end of the day, these are words and concepts that take personal meaning spscifically to women seeking out other women. i don’t think the difference between these women identifying with lesbianism or bisexuality is enough to inherently include or exclude one from use of these terms. i don’t think any of this has much impact in the real world, outside of tumblr and the internet. and i do think this debate is hurting relations between lesbians and bi women by often giving bi women no voice to their own feelings or experiences, instead deferring to what a certain group of lesbians decides is best.

bi women aren’t enemies of lesbians. they aren’t basically straight. we shouldn’t define them by their possible attraction to men, and we shouldn’t assume that they are fundementally, inherently different than lesbians because of this so that we can push them away. while the bisexual experience and the lesbian experience are different (although these differences vary so much by individuals that it’s hard to generalize them or make a clear distinction between bisexual women and lesbians in some cases), that difference is vastly outweighed by similarity and i think that similarlity is what should be emphasized.

5 things tag!

I was tagged by the one and only @kittaee thank you so much for tagging me cutie! ♡

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • my medication/inhaler
  • purse
  • house keys
  • earphones
  • pens

5 things you’ll find on my room:

  • xbox 360
  • laptop
  • dvds of horror movies
  • a fan
  • me on my bed

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • go into a haunted house
  • go to the Warner Bros. Studios Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter
  • travel around the world
  • go to a bts concert
  • cut my hair short

5 things that make me feel happy:

  • looking out of my window to see the stars
  • sunsets
  • bts
  • spending time with my cousins
  • when someone messages me out of nowhere

5 things I’m currently into:

  • kard
  • twitter
  • kdrama edits on yt
  • dancing (my heart says yes but my body says no)
  • daydreaming about impossible scenarios

5 things on my to do list:

  • learn Korean
  • do my driving theory
  • move the ps4 from the den to my room
  • order kard tickets as soon as they get released
  • get a part-time job

I shall tag these beautiful people: @milklattaes @protectkimtaehyung @sugamuse @glitchyoongi @hi-xtape @flokatae @jaacksonwang @kimtahyung @smilejoonie @notsoinnocentjimin

An meeting with Luke,Raphael,Meliorn,and Magnus so far going great except Alec felt awful. Stomach hurting wondering if he caught the stomach flu that was going around lately. Once it was over with made it through it all but everything was steadily hurting,trembling hands which he stuffed in his pockets inhaling an deep breath.

That’s when his boyfriend came up to him oh this wasn’t going to go great. Offering an smile leaning close when he was kissed keeping his hands in his pockets. If he got Magnus sick that would suck,wait did warlocks even get sick? “You able to come back home right now or do you have work to do?” 

“Have some work sadly the sorts that makes me stay here.” An nod phew so he didn’t look like death however he felt fairly awful. So awful almost felt like breathing hurt and the world was spinning just hang on till the I love you’s,goodbye,and another kiss went by then go figure what to do.

Slipping his hands out and putting them on his boyfriend’s sides before they could be seen trembling. “But just an few hours or so as it’s already fairly late,getting tired so I want to be in bed with you sooner than later.” Kissing Magnus softly even though it made him feel even worst sadly. 

“Alright I’m holding you to that,I love you.” Feeling Magnus kiss back tried to feel steady on his feet but wasn’t working out all that great. 

“Love you too.” Letting go hands slipping back into his pockets watching Magnus exit before ducking into the office. The nearest place out of sight winding up finally emptying his stomach into an trash can. Felt like his lungs were full of fluid afterwards. Continued for an while before he managed to sit down at the desk,hair mussed up clinging to his forehead catching an glimpse of himself looked pale.

It was Izzy who first came in to talk about something,her words died when spotting him. “I’m fine.” He muttered however she just shut his laptop pushing the paperwork away from him. 

“Yeah sure the trash can nearby says otherwise,and you look terrible.” He didn’t even argue except when she grabbed his phone unlocking it. Apparently knew his pass code like always at least he could try changing it again later. “I’m having Magnus pick you up.” 

He reached for the phone,”No don’t you dare just an few hours of work,and then I’ll be fine.” Too late she probably just sent an text from the way she was now holding his phone. That and doubled over the trash can as it felt like he’d be sick again but with little actually outcome. 

Sure enough wasn’t long after that his boyfriend showed up,and Izzy quickly left after assuring the place would be fine without him. Then he was sitting on the bathroom floor with Magnus next to him-wise choice of portal because the portal made him get sick but with his stomach now empty then came the painful incidents. 

Eventually curling up against his boyfriend,it hurt so bad and Alec’s eyes watered as an result. Must have fallen asleep because found himself curled up in bed with Magnus,clothes missing but he felt more than warm even under just one sheet. Groaning and pushed himself up weakly with fists into the bed immediatly watching his boyfriend wake up. “Alexander you okay?” 

“Feel awful,too hot.” An hand rested against his forehead before moving away the coldness now gone. He slid out from under the sheets on top of them however quickly so was Magnus. 

“Yeah you’re feverish I can use my magic to help you.” Alec shook his head weakly however leaned against Magnus tiredly. 

“Don’t use much-I’ll be fine soon enough.” Watching the hand glow blue with magic gently moving to him and Alec took an deep breath. Everything seemed to fade back to normal but he knew was temporary as curled up to Magnus more. “Thanks.” Eyes shutting starting to drift back asleep.

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Armin and Annie make an annual tradition of going to the Renaissance faire and it is exactly as ridiculous as you'd think. Also Armin has a hard time not staring at the totters in a corset. When he's not critiquing the historical accuracy of course, which Annie gets a kick out of like "tiger it is essentially a theme park. Next you'll be critiquing Disney world on its portrayal of the mouse species." "BABE I CAN'T HELP IT"

WOW OKAY so armin is a stickler for accuracy and the first time they go, armin gets so mad that none of the costume stores have anything REMOTELY accurate and he straight up goes “FUCK IT ILL MAKE THEM MYSELF” and he enlists Historia’s help bc while he is a gigantic nerd who for some reason is already really skilled at leather and metal work, he has no fuckn idea where to even start with annies costume and Historia is just thinks its so adorable

And annie is like “ar you cant get crazy obsessive about this” and armins just like “if i cant be crazy obsessive about accuracy whats even the damn point” and annies just like

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh why do i love this nerd

BONUS historia puts annie in the corset and armin is torn between “no self respecting renaissance woman would wear a corset like that” and “but boobs”

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can we throw the idea that gay men are basically as privileged as cishet men in the trash and then send that piece of trash up to space never to be seen again? jesus christ gay men are the second most targetted group in the community when it comes to violence/murders what the hell are these people on tumblr on about

i think that any discourse that attempts to rank lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people according to how oppressed they are is utter bullshit, so yes, i’m with you on that. whilst gay men are exempt from some of the things other people in the community face, they also have their own bad experiences that are unique to them and which we genuinely can’t compare to the experiences of others. 

like whenever i see people on here talking about how privileged gay men are i just want to scream in their face “go the fuck outside” so they can see how deeply wrong and incredibly offensive they’re being. like get the fuck out of your tumblr bubble and go experience the real world where gay men can be executed or imprisoned in a massive proportion of the world for their sexualitity, and are as you said, frequently exposed to violence, and then tell me again how gay men are privileged.

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Hello it is me the Canadian I'm back. I have been so annoyed at BB lately but is there anything important that is important other than Paul being shitty and raven lying for attention? Also I hope you got my message about how much I appreciate you bc if not I will SEND IT AGAIN

Well we didn’t think anything could be as tragic as Jessica’s edges, but her HOH reign is proving otherwise lmao. I think her last four strands of hair will fall out when Ramses gets evicted over Josh

Apparently Raven is so smart that her GPA of dance got her into Mensa 

Elena and mark continue to live in a world of delusion. Mark has convinced himself he has big lips and Elena is proud of her big lips, but the gag is once her fillers run out when she smiles all you’re going to see is gums and not a single lip in sight. They’re also trying to play the middle, but the only people they are playing is themselves

Josh served some Audrey teas and is pretending to be sad that he’s leaving this week.

Cody and Jessica are also set on trying to embers and ruin Josh’s reputation, but they should really focus on saving Jessica’s hair and finding Cody a personality. 

And I think I might’ve gotten it. I’m such a flop and still have a lot of messages I need to go through. but thanks <3