so our power went out for an hour

Hubby and i were suppose to go to the beach with some friends of ours this past Saturday. Unfortunately, the husband fell ill so they couldn’t go with us. So hubby and I made it a beach date with just the two of us.

It was a Beautiful day.  We got there early as to avoid the long lines. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was a comfortable day, not too hot, although the water was freezing.

It didn’t take too long for the beach to pile up with other visitors. One couple that set up just off of us had a really cool four wheel cart that both hubby and I really liked. it would make life so much easier with having to card the cooler, umbrella’s and everything else you decide to take to the beach.  

Finally hubby got up off his chair and walked over to him. I heard him ask about the four wheel cart and ask where they got it. I got up and walked over to say hi. Allan, the husband was tall, probably in his late thirties, short dirty blonde hair, he medium built with a bit of a belly. Kelly, the wife was shorter, a bit bigger than he was , large tits and long black hair. One thing I noticed about her, was that Carly Simon type mouth and smile. Very sexy.

Anyway, we found out that they lived about 5 hours away and are in our area on vacation. They bought the cart at a Canadian Tire where they are from. After hubby and I said that we would have to look for one later on, we said it was nice to meet them and went back to sit out at our spot.

For a few hours, hubby and I sat at our spot, read and watched people on the beach. Finally it was hot enough to go into the water. But wow, the water was freezing! My nipples were very perky and evident through my bikini top.

The couple that we talk with earlier came into the water and made their way over to us. The husband was fine with the cold water and dove right in but Kelly wasn’t so convinced and was shivering as she slowly made her way over to us.

“I can’t believe how cold the water is!” She said shivering in front of us. Both arms across her large breasts. Her goosebumps were showing.

“ I know right.” I pointed to my erect nipples.

Just as I did that Allan came up out of his swim towards us and saw me pointing to my nipples and howled with laughter. “That’s something you don’t expect to see coming out of the water.”

I smiled back at him and Hubby piped up, “that’s nothing, you can hang your jacket up most days on those hard nipples.”

Allan Laughed again. We talked a while in the water about their life and how they were just married and this was pretty much their honeymoon vacation. I had my sunglasses on so neither of them saw me checking them out. Both Kelly and I got too cold so we all went back to our spots on the beach.  

A couple more hours passed, we read some more, hubby and I took a walk along the shore and I even got in a power nap. Time not surprisingly went fast. It was now almost 6 pm. People were starting to clear out of the beach. The beauty about having older kids is that we weren’t in a big hurry to get home. They can easily fend for themselves.  So Hubby and I made the decision to stay and watch the sunset. Kelly and Allan were still there as well. They eventually asked if they could bring some chairs to watch the sunset with us.

We all laughed and talked the evening away, all the while watching other people walking and playing out in the water. Commenting on other bathing suits and in some cases lack there of.

Sunset finally came and it was beautiful. We all managed to snap some amazing pics. Once the sun went down we all started to pack to leave for the night when Allan walked back to our spot.

“Are you guys hungry?” He asked. “We are heading out to a restaurant after we head to the hotel and clean up.”

Hubby and I looked at each other for a moment, “we would love to but were going to need to get cleaned up as well.” I said looking at hubby.

“Well, if you guys don’t mind, come back to out hotel and fresh’in up there.” Kelly said walking up to us. “We don’t think your murderers after all. “ She said with her Carly Simon smile.

“And we won’t bite. Much.” Allan said with a laugh.

So hubby and I were driving behind this couple that we just met today. They were really friendly and felt very comfortable with them. You could tell that they felt the same way about us.

“Who knew that asking about a four wheeled cart would turn into this!?” Hubby said as he drove behind them.

We pulled into this Motel that was about 20 minutes away from the beach. It looked like one one those 60′s motels with a large lit up sign outside. Inside it confirmed my thought. shag carpet was all around and the bed even had one of those coin machines that made the bed vibrate.

“We found this place on line.” Kelly said as she put her stuff down by the closet. “The new owners of this place turned it into an authentic 60′s style motel.”

“It’s too cool. I wouldn’t mind staying here sometime myself.” I said looking around.

Kelly showered first as Allan, myself and hubby sat around talking. When she finished I went in for a shower then Allan and hubby. Once we were all cleaned up we took one vehicle (our Van) to the restaurant. For a couple of hours we sat, ate and drank wine. We all were laughing and had a great time. Hubby was driving so he only had one beer, then drank water for the rest of the evening.

By the time we left the restaurant, the three of us were feeling pretty good. The wine def had its effect on us. Hubby was getting a kick out of our silly behavior during the van ride home.

“Omg, I’m really glad we met you guys today.” Kelly said flashing the smile.

“Hubby said on our way to the Motel that its funny how this all started because he asked where you guys got your cart from.” I smiled back at her.

We pulled into the Motel and they asked if we wanted to come back up to their room to chat some more. We did, and what happened after that is a blur to me, but I’m sure hubby would be able to tell you.Could have been too much wine or something, But, sometime after that and a couple more drinks, I was licking Allan’s sizable cock head as he stood in front of me as I sat in the chair next to the bed.

His shirt was off and his belly was hitting the top of my head as I held his cock that was sticking up of his boxer shorts. He was moaning as he held my head with both hands thrusting in and out out my mouth.

“Christ, you have a fantastic mouth.” He moaned . His large balls hitting my chin. I didn’t know where hubby was at this time, but between the loud sucking sounds coming from my mouth, I did hear Kelly moaning. Allan took his cock out of my mouth and slapped my face with it a few times leaving wet marks on my cheek. I finally saw Kelly laying on the bed, her top was still on and hubby was between her legs eating her pussy. Both her hands were on his head as she thrusted up into him.

“You like seeing that?” Allan asked as he stroked his cock in front of my face.

“Yes!” was all I could respond with.

Hubby and i don’t swing very often because he has to be careful with  his job, but when we do, its so hot watching him. I know the pleasure Kelly was in because hubby can really eat a pussy good!

“Good.” Allan said standing me up and bending me over the bed beside where Kelly was laying. He lifted my sundress and pulled my bikini bottoms down. At first he started rubbing his fat cock up and down my ass, then I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks and his tongue rimmed my ass and pussy.

I reached out to Kelly and pulled her sundress open exposing her right breast and started tweaking her large brown nipple causing her to cry out. I felt Allan’s tongue enter my pussy from behind and I leaned down more and took her nipple in my warm mouth. She let out a yelp and came on hubby’s face causing him to moan.

It wasn’t long before I was moaning loudly and came on Allan’s face as well. He stood up and entered me from behind. That thick cock filling me. I braced myself on the bed sheets as he began fucking me hard. His hips slapping into me causing the bed to shake. Hubby came up to me and kissed me so I could taste Kelly on my lips.

“She tastes good, doesn’t she?” He smiled at me.

“Yes.” I moaned back as my hole body shook with pleasure. Allan didn’t slow down. He kept thrusting hard into me.

I came again.

Hubby climbed on top of Kelly missionary and slid his hard cock deep inside her causing another loud yelp. He held her legs up past his big shoulders and started fucking her with long steady thrusts.

The room was loud with moaning, yelping, slapping and the bed banging hard against the wall. I’m sure the people in the next room were getting an earful.

Allan had one hand on my hip and the other on the shoulder as he fucked me from behind. Hubby pulled out of Kelly and turned her over into the doggy position and entered her from behind. I swear I never heard anyone yelp during sex before, but that girl, was def a yelper.  

Allan announced that he was going to cum and I reached under and took his swinging balls in my hand. He let out a soft moan then a loud grunt as he pulled out and shot spurt after spurt of hot cum onto my ass. He sat down in the chair trying to catch his breath, I knelt down and took his semi soft cock into my mouth to suck him dry.

I heard hubby picking up the pace as Kelly’s yelps turned to mini screams. The bed was banging harder against the wall as hubby pulled out and came all over her ass and back.

We continued to sit around in the hotel room, each of us in a different form of semi undress.

How did this all start anyway!?” I finally asked.

Kelly broke out in laughter. “Omg, you don’t remember?”

I shook my head as all three of them looked at me.

“When we got back into the room.” Hubby began to explain. “ Allan asked so what do you guys want to do. You said , Lets fuck. It surprised us all.”

“ I thought you were just joking around, but I stood up in front of you and asked what you had in mind.” Allan said with a smile. “ Next thing you know, you were massaging my cock through my shorts.”

“oh.” I said sheepishly

“I didn’t even realized you to were swingers.” Kelly said handing us all a bottle of water.

“Occasionally.” Hubby replied.

“Were not.” she smiled back. “But we could very well be now.”

“ Oh look dear, we converted another one.” Hubby joked.

Another hour passed by and it was getting late so hubby and I announced that we were going to leave. I got up to use the washroom. Allan came in behind me, left the door open and began to kiss me. His hand reached down under my sundress and felt my wet pussy. I moaned as his lips touched mine. His tongue played with mine as he fingered me.

The bathroom faced away from the bed room so hubby couldn’t see, Allan lifted me up onto the bathroom counter and moved closer. His hard cock sticking straight out. He took it into his hands and we both watched as he moved it up and down my pussy lips.

I couldn’t hear anything in the next room so I didn’t know if hubby was getting ready or not. Allan moved forward and his hard cock slid straight into me. We kissed passionately as his hips slapped into me. I held his ass cheeks feeling them tighten with each hard thrust. Everything on the counter was moving as we moaned .

Allan took both my legs and widened them apart with both arms as he fucked me. It was so hot knowing our spouses were in the next room. Allan then pulled out, moved me forward a bit and put his cock head on my asshole.

“You think hubby will be angry?” He whispered in my ear as he slowly pushed his cock into my ass.

“He’s not in here.” I whispered back feeling his hard cock entering my ass.

“I couldn’t keep my eyes off this ass all day.” he breathlessly whispered into my ear. “I was imagining how fucking tight your ass must be.”

He was all the way in my tight ass. His arms wrapped around me and started kissing my neck as he fucked my ass.

“Your.” hard thrust in. “So” another hard thrust. :Fucking.” Tight!” his hard thrust shook the bathroom counter as he whispered into me ear.

I was so fucking wet and horny. It was so hot having my ass fucked t with hubby in the next room.

His hard cock filled my ass and the sensation was driving my crazy. I could feel my orgasm building so I reached down between us to rub my clit. That was enough to send me over the edge and I had a amazing orgasm. Crying out, scratching his shoulder with my finger nails.

“I’m going to cum, where do you want it?” he was way beyond breathless at this point.

“In my ass.” I replied back holding onto his naked ass.

He thrust a could more times and cried out with his own orgasm as his cock pulsed inside my ass as his warm cum filled me.

“Holy fuck that was awesome.” He said breathing deeply. “ Kelly doesn’t even let me fuck her ass.” he confessed whispering in my ear.

He helped me off the bathroom counter and as we left the bathroom we could hear the bed banging up against the wall. As we made our way around the corner, all we saw was Kelly lying on the bed and hubby was on top of her, his bare ass thrusting in and out as he fucked her sexy mouth.

We stood there watching as she held onto his ass with both hands, Her mouth making wet gagging sounds. It wasn’t too long until he came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

When he climbed off they both looked at us and she smiled licking her lips. It was another couple hours before we left as we had another fuck session. Were hoping to see them again soon and make this a regular thing. I have messaged Allan back and forth a few times since then.

Fingers crossed.

Creepypasta #1263: Lockdown

Length: Short

This is fucking weird. And I’ll state that now.

So, I’m a highschool student. I’m 15, and finish 9th grade tomorrow, actually, June 2nd of ‘17. And my school went on lockdown earlier, and I was so out of it that I didn’t feel like writing about it. Most students have been in a lockdown situation at school before, or at least drills. Where the principal states earlier in the week that during the week, there will be random lockdown drills and such. Or if the principal doesn’t state it, your homeroom teacher will.

I had a bunch of them when I was in elementary school, mostly in third grade, when I was 9. Nothing crazy, our teacher would be all 'there’s some drills and stuff today don’t be concerned’. I had one in 5th grade, where we actually had a threat to our school, apparently? I don’t remember much of it.

But, nothing since then. Never had reason to.

And today, of all fucking days, our math teacher just kinda… panics. Not badly, most of the kids didn’t notice it, but I and my friend did. He just kind of trailed off his sentence mid-lecture about who knows or cares what, and just kind of stared at the door. He didn’t say anything, or move for a few minutes before the principal’s voice echoes through the speakers.

“This is an emergency, all teachers lock their doors from the insides, students lock the windows and wait until further instructions." 

So, we did as told. We only had three windows, and I had been in enough lockdown drills to be able to tell everybody what was happening, and that it was probably a drill.

Until half an hour had passed, and the principal hadn’t come back on the speakers. Nobody really said anything, our teacher was pacing in the back of the room, out of range of the tiny window in the door, and we all sat out of view of it, some of us messing on our phones. I think some of us were sleeping. Teenager stuff.

And then somebody was knocking on the door. Not loudly, just a polite little knock like a student, that had a question for the teacher. Our teacher once again, started to panic and just backed into the corner with all of us, and almost inaudibly, told us all to stay absolutely silent. Most of us agreed. Of course there was the one kid who quietly was just confused about the whole thing.

Fifteen or so minutes pass, and the knocking is still going. Not constant, it happened off and on for those fifteen minutes. But it was still happening. And it was getting louder. Harder.

Our principal, finally, went back to the speakers and said that it was okay for all the teachers to unlock their doors, that there was a threat by some woman that she was going to attack one of the students, or something like that. However, our teacher just kept staring at the door, as the knocking kept going.

Everything from then on until about half an hour ago is just blank. I remember our teacher panicking about the knocking at the door still, and then next thing I know, it’s around 4 PM and I’m sitting at home, talking to people on Skype. And minorly raging that my Overwatch isn’t loading for some reason, but that’s aside the point.

So, why half an hour ago, you’re probably wondering.

My friend called me, and said if I was up to anything, that the school called her parents a few minutes before asking if any of the kids knew the woman who had called in the threat today. Remind you, she was also at school with me. In a different class room, but I know she was there.

She said her parents asked her, she told them she had no idea, the usual, and then called me to ask about it before my parents did. I told her I didn’t know the name, but asked if her teacher acted the same way about the lockdown.

Very concerningly, she just kind of asked me what I was talking about, that we didn’t have lockdown today. I told her, “we did. I was in math, 5th period. Lasted for like 2 hours?’ And she still didn’t know what I was talking about.

Then I remembered, kind of… Kind of. It’s still blurry.

The knocking had stopped, but the lights in the building went off for some reason. The power was still on, but the lights weren’t.

I remember one of the students was crying in the classroom, and our teacher had told us all to be silent again, as he unlocked the door, and walked out, immediately closing the door behind him, so nobody could see in the room. The lights were still off, and where we were, the chances anybody would’ve seen us anyway were slim to none.

Nothing happened for a few minutes. He came back in, the lights came back on, and the lecture started back up like nothing happened. He didn’t even ask why we were all huddled up in the corner of the room like we’ve seen a ghost. Nothing.



But, that’s not what bothers me.

What bothers me, is that my friend and the school, everybody knows that the woman called in a threat today.

But nobody remembers lockdown.

Credits to: Everspire (story)

"That's Not Fair."

Prompt (from Anon): Heey, so first of all I wanna say that I absolutely love the Accident, seriously it’s so amazing and cute, thank you for blessing us with that fic <3 aaand, since you’re up to anything riverdale rn, I thought I’d share this imagine idea I saw a few days ago “your OTP passionately making out, person A starts scratching down person B’s back, which drives them nuts, whining into the kiss that that’s not fair"idk what you think about this but omg I can see a lot of fluff and ahfksmzbka pretty please 

 A/N: first all of thank you so much I’m just happy people are enjoying my work :3 and of course this sounds like such a good fic so here we go! I know there’s a lot of build up to get there but I kinda wanna do a part two? Like/reblog if you want part 2! 

 Fandom: Riverdale Characters: Archie Andrews

Pairing: Archie x Reader (anon didn’t specify so I’m running with this)

Warnings: steamy make out session 

Originally posted by archiesandrews

(gif not mine)


 Right after school, your classmate (whom you must add have had a crush on since sixth grade) Archie Andrews met you as you closed your locker. "Well if it isn’t the Riverdale football star himself,” you greeted him with a casual smile. “What brings you here?" 

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I work at the mall at a store that sells gag gifts and adult toys in the back of it. The power went out today due to a hurricane brewing in the gulf, and it was out for three. Whole. Hours. Half of the stores closed and went home because… yknow…. hurricane. We called our DM multiple times and were told not to leave the mall. So my coworkers and I were stuck in a mall with no A.C. in South Texas while customers complained that they couldn’t shop or use their cards. Like…….. there’s a freaking HURRICANE headed towards us as we speak. Do you not hear the rain or thunder outside? Do you not see all the stores closed up?

When the power finally came back on, we had people yet again moan and complain at us about our registers needing to reboot and we had to contact tech support to make sure everything was okay, which took even more time.

Today my faith in humanity shrank just a little bit more

“When I was thirteen my dad, my older sister and I moved from Cleveland, OH to Wilmington, NC and rented an old one-story house. It had two living rooms separated by a wood-paneled wall. We didn’t use the side that you had to enter through the kitchen. We just stored boxes in that side of the house. We all were kind of depressed because we lived in Cleveland for ten years and we missed our friends.

We only lived there for 6 months after things got intense. It was the only place that my dad ever broke the lease. It started out innocent enough. My dad worked long hours so my sister and I were always home alone and we watched a lot of Johnny bravo and power puff girls. We noticed a long scratching sound one night and she muted the TV. It was coming from the wall behind the TV. The room on the other side was the unused living room. We both went to check but there was nothing there. We told our dad the next day and he put out mice traps but they never caught anything even though the scratching sound continued.

I started sleeping in her bed most nights after that. One night we heard banging in the kitchen but we were too scared to look. In the morning we went out and my dad was making breakfast. He asked us why we opened all the cabinet doors and said that if we did have mice then they would get into the food. We didn’t but we didn’t tell him about the noises.

One morning at breakfast my dad asked me if I remembered anything from the previous night. I said no and he told me what happened. He woke up and I was standing at the foot of the bed staring at him. He was spooked and said my name. I didn’t respond and he told me to go to bed and I just stood there. Then I walked to his window and stared out of it. He asked me what I was doing and I said her crying is keeping me up. He said no one is crying and told me to go to bed. I said okay and walked out. My dad is very no nonsense and doesn’t believe in ghosts at all but he looked really unsettled. My sister looked horrified. She wouldn’t let me sleep in her bed anymore.

About a month before we moved away my sister and I were watching TV. She turned it off and said she had to tell me something. When I was at school she was on the computer. The computer desk was against the wall that had two glass sliding doors with 4 floor to ceiling windows. The doors led to a closed in sun room. She said all of a sudden the glass sliding doors and windows started violently shaking. No windows were open and nothing else in the house shook. And we didn’t live by railroad tracks.

One day it happened to me. My sister was in Cleveland visiting friends and my dad was at work. I was on the computer reading fanfiction. When all of a sudden the glass doors and windows violently shook. I instantly started crying and ran out of the house. I sat on the driveway until my dad came home. I told him but he didn’t dismiss it. He just looked away. I asked if it ever happened to him and he said yes.

A couple weeks later I shot up in bed alerted by loud noises in the kitchen. They immediately stopped. I heard my dad’s door and my sister’s door open. I came out too and my dad turned on the light. One kitchen chair was on the floor. One was on top of the table and the other two were on their backs. We all slept in my dad’s bed that night.

We moved to Chattanooga, TN two weeks later.”

By: Princess_PeachX (Creepypasta are great, but does anyone have any good true creepy stories?)

VIXX Reaction-Distracting you! (18+)

I apologize for not getting this out yesterday.  Our power was out for hours so once again I apologize.  So you weren’t too specific for this and since I didn’t get it out on time I went dirty with it!  Enjoy and as always send those requests in.

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners.

N:  You’d be studying for your Stats test when he would pull at your arm saying “noona pay attention to me!”  You’d ignore him until he would pick you up and throw you down on the bed earning your attention as he kisses that special spot on your neck.

Leo:  He would be helping you study for you C++ exam when he would get restless. You would tell him that you need to study he would pretend he was listening but start to move his hand up your thigh until a cute little moan escaped your mouth making you surrender.

Ken:  Being the joker that he is, he would start trying to make you laugh while you were studying for your History exam.  You’d try not to laugh, but when he playfully picks you up and sets you on your desk things would turn serious as he gives you kisses.

Ravi:  He was helping you study for your Korean Language Exam when he would start to want you.  He would make subtle advantages but when you didn’t realize, he would pick you up and slam you against the wall, wrapping your legs around him so you couldn’t escape.  

Hongbin:  You were studying for your English test when he would see your outfit and get excited.  Instead of playing around he would be up front about it and tell you that he wants you.  You’d appreciate the honestly and take a break while he attacks your face with kisses.

Hyuk:  He would be helping you study for your PHP class when he would get excited at your cute laugh.  He wouldn’t know what to do at first since he is younger then you.  Once he decided to tell you what he wanted, you guys would snuggle on the bed while you share many kisses.

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I work in a super center and one time the power just up and went out, as well as the water stopped working so all the fresh workers were confused as to why because it was about late winter only to find out from the store manager that our city didn't pay their electricity bill/water bill so the whole city was without power for a solid hour...

What the fuck

it’s our really close family friend’s birthday and she was having a kinda sad birthday but my mom was gonna make her a butterscotch cake she’d been dreaming about for five years but Then there was a huge storm and like ten minutes after my mom put the cake in the oven the power went out and has so far stayed out all evening. so a couple hours later my mother sadly took the cake out of the oven and IT WAS COMPLETELY COOKED. the leftover heat from the oven cooked it perfectly all the way through. so we ate butterscotch cake and melting ice cream on the porch and our neighbor came over and played “happy birthday” on his bagpipes. moral of the story, sometimes miracles happen

My Own Little Personal Alfred

Hiya:-) Your writing is so enjoyable, like wow. I was hoping I could request something on how the reader would get a sleep deprived, coffee driven, stubborn Tim to bed? You can format it into whatever you want, surprise me;-)

Requested by @batman-robin (P.S I hope you like it!!) 


You hate this type of night. These nights were the worst types of night. It’s not because you live in the bad part of Gotham and feel unsafe. It’s not because there is a storm outside tonight. No. What makes this night the worst night is trying to get your sleep-deprived boyfriend to bed.

Now you would think that this is an easy task. But that is not the case, dealing with Red Robin/ Tim Drake himself. He’s literally been up for over 48 hours on his laptop trying to solve a case that him and Batman were curious about. You always wondered how Alfred would put a sleep deprived Bruce into bed. When you asked him though, he just shook his head and said, “A LOT of convincing.”

You walked over to Tim, as you could hear him steady typing away at his laptop, and wrapped your arms around him. “Timmy…sweetie…you have to get some sleep.”

He rubbed his eyes for a second and yawned as he went back to work. “I know that Y/N and I will. Just give me five minutes.”

“You said that yesterday Tim.”

“Well I really need to solve this case Y/N. We still have no idea why Penguin and Freeze teamed up or what they are planning.”

You got off of him and crossed your arms. “And you think that staying up for 2 days straight will solve it.”

“It has not been two days. It’s only Friday.”

“It is Sunday. Not only that, it is Sunday night. So technically you have been on that laptop for almost three days. So, as your girlfriend/ boyfriend, I advise you to go to bed now or face drastic measures.”

He didn’t really understand what you meant by drastic measures, but he continued to work on the case. That is when you had your last straw. You went into the draw and made a little phone call…


It didn’t take long for the power to go completely out within your apartment. At first, Tim didn’t think much of it since you usually have power outages all the time. But he then noticed that his laptop turned black and even if he tried to cut it back on again, he would get no results of it turning back on.

He also noticed, with his great detective skills, that your apartment was the only apartment that only had power.

You finally came out with a candle in your hand and he just looked at you. You could see the bags under his eyes and the messy hair that he really needed some sleep.

“Y/N, what happened? The power just went out.”

“I know.”

“You know?”

“I asked Barbara to help me put in a special bug within our electricity so that it goes out when you have your little detective moments. Nothing in our apartment works. The tv, internet, laptop, coffee machine, etc. Nothing will not be working for the next 12 hours.”

He looked at you around and went back to his laptop to see if you were joking. But alas, you were telling the truth. Nothing was working. Not even his cellphone.

“You are completely insane.”

“And you need rest.” You came over to him and brought his chin up to look into your (e/c) eyes. “I get very worried about you when you are like this. You barely sleep, you barely eat, and you are constantly worrying about a case that will probably take days for you to solve. I’m not asking you to stop working on it. I’m asking you to just get a few hours of sleep, so you won’t completely die from sleep deprivation on the battlefield.”

You gave him your puppy dog eyes. The eyes you always give him when he is like this and kiss him on the cheek. “Please Timmy Tim. For me?”

He hated when you did that. He could never resist you when you do that. He just shook his head as he grabbed your hand and you led him into the room.

“You need to take a shower first though because you reek!” you said laughing.

After he took a shower, he joined you in the bed and wrapped an arm around you holding you close to him. It wasn’t completely quiet within the streets of Gotham. Cars, criminals, people busting up the streets at night. But you both didn’t mind. You were both in your own little world in the darkness of your apartment. You could feel Tim’s eyes getting heavy as you messed with his hair and he was almost asleep before he started talking.


“Yes Tim?”

“I’m really sorry.”

“For what?”

“Making you worry. I know I need to take better care of myself. But I just get so caught up with a case that I ignore everything around me. Including you and I am sorry.”

“I understand that Tim, and as long as I live,I will do my very best to watch over you and make sure that you eat properly, bathe every night, and at least get 12 hours of sleep once every 2 days.”

He groggily giggled at that last comment. “What would I do without you?”

“Probably die or you’re probably already dead.”

“It’s like you are my own personal Alfred.”

You hit him on the head softly. “I am no Alfred. That man is life. I am not even on his level.”

He laughed again and slowly closed his eyes. You started to close your eyes too before he started to speak again.


“This better be important. Yes Tim?”

He kissed you on the nose. “I love you.”

You smiled back at him. “I love you too Tim. Now go to sleep.”

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If you're still taking requests for the OTP Quote Challenge, how about 40 Puzzleshipping?

@azapofinspiration - Seeing as I came up with an answer instantly, we will say yes. :) Thanks so much for the prompt!! This was rather momentous actually.


“…wait…” Yuugi squinted at his television, and the numbers that just did not add up. He was only looking at the save file selection page, but he could tell at a glance that something was off. He had expected to see ‘Starsx25’ under his file name, but instead it said ‘Starsx37’. “That can’t be right.”

“What can’t be right?” Atem asked as he came into the bedroom, a bowl of freshly popped popcorn and two sodas in hand.

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Hi! I'm new to day6 and I'm a bit lost. I was hoping if you could recommend some good interviews where I can get to know the members a bit more. Thank you!! Have a nice day. :)

hiii!!!!! omg welcome to the day6 hell hole!!! I’d be happy to list you some of my fave interviews! 

  1. Super Kpop (1) 
  2. Super Kpop (2) (((this is their latest interview consisting of dowoon, wonpil & jae, sungjin + brian went to film for tour avatar!))) ps watch this
  3. Singapore backstage interview
  5. The Show ((here u will see our leader’s magnificent dance))
  6. power fm (thiS One is funny trust me i think its funny it might not be funny idk asjkdasjdhsak HERE BRIAN MOCKS WONPIL ALOT n wonpil mispronounces congratulations its fUNNY) 
  7. ASC w all day6 members (1, 2) (i think u get to know them well here!! bc its an hour of day6 lol) 
  8. ok so i dont want to list out so much incase u dont have time but these are the soundtrack epilogues its kind of like a behind the scenes and day6 discusses among themselves why they chose a certain song for each ep, theyre really short (like 1 part is 4 mins) so u can watch these in a short period of time (1,2,3,4,5) ps part 5 is my fave u will see wonpil dance n u will cry hes a loser

i hope i helped………..


A storm blew down the power lines at work last week and it was hands down on of the nicest days at work I’ve had. This wind was crazy so every time someone walked through the automatic doors EVERYTHING was blowing. Eventual the winds got so strong the automatic doors weren’t even shutting. I loved when the power went down because it made this VOOM noise and people were freaking out like it was the end times. 

After a bit, our backup generators booted up some of the power but our card readers were still down so we could only take cash or check. So 90% of people had to leave. About an hour and a half our store was dead business wise. 

Our manager showed up on his day off and gave everyone their tasks. Me and other Staff went into overdrive wrapping down the colds to keep it insulated. Others went to loading and unloading the trucks. My manager told us power should be up soon so no one’s going home early. He wanted me upfront in case we had any customers come through, but the generators didn’t power the doors or our outside lights so I wasn’t really expecting much. 

I spent the next 5 hours of my shift cleaning around the registers, stalking, talking with staff, eating some honey barbecue boneless chicken, and listening to the radio because the generator managed got that back up fir emergency broadcast purposes. We may not be able to see but at least we’ll hear a heads up that certain death is coming. 

Anyway, it was actually pretty relaxing. Before I went home out bagger came up to me and asked if I could go with him to the back with him because he’d been playing Dead Space earlier, and there was no way he was going alone. After that, I helped him get some stuff outside and the door wouldn’t open so we were stuck outside in the pitch blackness in winds that felt like it was 32°. He was freaking out. Luckily we got back in when someone came out for a pizza run. All and all it was a fun shift


5.24.17 Procrastination Day (86/100 days of productivity)

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a couple of days! It’s been a little crazy. On Monday my entire day shifted. I woke up and washed my face. When I went to dry my face my towel yanked out my nose ring!!! This was the first time my ring came out since I’d gotten it pierced in the beginning of April, so it was okay that it came out but I just wasn’t prepared. I ended up spending 5 hours trying to get it back in. I learned a lot about nose rings, like the cork screw is the weirdest complicated-est ring, and apparently it’s extra weird that that’s the ring my nose was pierced with (oh well). But, I got the ring back in so it’s all good now. 

My Monday was just destroyed because I usually do a lot in the morning. My day started really late, but at least I was able to accomplish all that I had to do. Tuesday was better. Theresa and I went to the gym on time and then I had classes for the second half of the day. I started following Whitney Simmons on YouTube and I watched (what was) her most recent video about intermittent fasting. I linked it above, and I’m thinking about giving it a try. 

Today I ended up going to the gym by myself. I did a Whitney Simmons upper body work out and I think I’ll feel a bit sore tomorrow. When I got home I had this master plan to take a 20 minute power nap and then go do homework at my old job, but I woke up four hours later when Theresa came back from class (oops). We went grocery shopping and restocked our fridge and then we watched Edge of Seventeen while we had dinner. (notice how I’ve said nothing about doing all of the homework I have due tomorrow!)

So, yeah, I’m about to do all the readings and write the two papers that I have due tomorrow. Hopefully I’m not up too late, but that’s the price I’ll pay for procrastinating all day. 

Happy studying!!!

(P.S. check out the newest member of our family! We got a basil plant at the market today :)


Summary: You thought your time back home was going to be the best time, but a sudden disruption in Mother Nature throws you back into a position you never thought you would be in again.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Natural disaster, sex mention

Word Count: 1,816

A/N: This is pretty long. Hurricane Matthew inspired this one (I’m from Florida). By the way, I’m okay! It wasn’t bad at all. We didn’t get directly hit like the predictions were saying. However, there are many people that aren’t so lucky. The coast of Florida suffered greatly today, such as Daytona Beach, St. Augustine and Jacksonville. It doesn’t stop there. The Caribbean, especially Haiti, is destroyed. I encourage you all to focus your attention and bring awareness to these poverty stricken countries. Here are two posts that can help you, help them. If you can’t donate, please reblog them. Just spread the word.

You were so excited for your trip home to Florida with your boyfriend, Tom. It was homecoming weekend for your school, but you both had decided to take a weekend trip because it was time to get away from stuffy New York. You were looking forward to the sun, the beaches and the food. You were packing Wednesday afternoon when news broke out that a tropical depression had formed in the Atlantic. You didn’t think much of it because you were certain that it wasn’t going to come to South Florida, where you’re from. There hadn’t been a hurricane hit Florida in 11 years.

Tom walked into your room, “Hey, you heard about the storm in the ocean?”

“Yeah I did. It’s not a big deal. They come and go. There’s nothing to worry about.” You said as you kissed him softly and continued to pack.

“Okay if you say so.” He replied, grabbing you at the waist and resting his head on your shoulder.

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The Cost of Caring - EmeraldSage - Hetalia: Axis Powers [Archive of Our Own]
Based on this prompt: It’s 3am. Your partner gets out of bed to use the restroom, after they return to bed and you are drifting back to sleep, you are surprised by a knock at the bedroom door. It’s your partner … asking why the door is locked. Set two years before "The Weight of a Name"
By Organization for Transformative Works

This is done. Holy Fuck, this is DONE. @Usagi323, thank you darling for helping me get through this and letting me rant out to you, much love ^^!

This literally drained me so much to write, but I know everyone really wanted to see a continuation of the prompt I posted up on tumblr, so here y'all are. It took a few months, but in less that 12 hours, this went from 600 words to goddamnit 4600. Just WHAT. THAT…argh.


We made it to magic kingdom with just enough time to power walk to haunted mansion for our fast pass. And i mean we made it from the gate to the ride in just under 6 minutes. Then stopped for pictures after. Then headed over to epcot for the rest of the night. We made it back to my house, we’ve each gotten a shower, and i think its time to pass out. Tomorrow we’re going to Hollywood studios and possibly run over to animal kingdom. Partly so she can see what Pandora looks like but namely so we can say we went to all 4 parks in like 24 hours lol.

Don't park in my driveway.

Incident I
At my shore house parking is always tight on weekends. I’m fortunate enough to have a driveway. It is my driveway and it’s not a common driveway. Next door a bunch of college students are renting it, and they think they can park in my driveway.

The first 2 or 3 weekends we are forgiving, tell them to move their car, and remind them that they cannot park here.

One weekend I came down separately. My parents were already down there and took a street spot. (It gets annoying to shuffle 3-4 cars around). I saw the neighbors car in our driveway again, but I had a plan this time. I parked behind them and said nothing. I usually don’t need to drive anywhere as I bike most places. About an hour and a half later we hear a knock on the door. I answer it, and guess who it is, the neighbor. He wants to move his car and he is sorry that he parked there. I get in my car and flip the kill switch. I park in a bad neighborhood so I have a kill switch that will cut power to my fuel pump, basically my car will crank but won’t start since no fuel is getting to the engine. After 30 seconds of trying to start a car that won’t start, I tell him my car’s computer needs to reset (BS story) and that takes half an hour. My family and I went out to dinner.

We come back and he was seething. He gave us a death stare for trapping his car on our property. He runs up to us and demands that I move my car. I told him that I’ll move it after I go to the bathroom (this wasn’t a joke I really had to take a shit). It completely slipped my mind. About half an hour later we get a knock on the door. Its the police, hilarity will ensue. The cop said that I need to move my car out of my neighbor’s driveway. I asked him to repeat himself. My neighbor told the cop that I parked in HIS driveway. I asked the officer to look at where the property line is as I assured him that it was my driveway. I went on telling the officer that this is not the first time he has parked here and we have asked him to stop. I moved my car so he could pull out. It was totally worth it seeing the cop write up a trespassing ticket for my neighbor. Have fun with that fine buddy.

Incident II
Fast forward 3 weeks. We see a different car parked in our driveway. We recognize it as one of theirs. The windows were rolled down a bit, and the car was manual.

In the past I have called tow companies to tow cars off our property but they never come. However the cops will tow a car if it is obstructing traffic. This leads to my idea.

I reach inside the open window and unlock the door. I then hop in the car and disengage the E-Brake. My driveway is sloped gently down to the street. I ride the brake, and I was going to turn the wheel, but the wheel locked. I figured eh this is close enough. I re-engage the e brake, lock the doors and get out. I called the police and tell them that an illegally parked car is blocking the street. They come and in quick order tow them away.

I was a bit short sighted on this call, I forgot that even though that the car is gone, the people that own that car are not gone. They knock on our door, and my dad answers it. He said some BS like “Oh we just got down here about 15 minutes ago (car was towed like 2 hours ago) and I was glad to see you didn’t park here. I would call the police and report your car stolen.” We never heard from him again that day.

They have not parked in our driveway for a good month now.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | credit

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Sorry if you're bogged down with requests, you can ignore this is you want. So our power went out like half an hour ago so there's complete darkness and someone is shooting fireworks over our house and it's just terrifying to me. What would the boys do with an s/o that's afraid of the loud noises that come from this time of year?

Ah don’t worry hun, I never ignore requests I just go through them very s l o w l y 😅 Also I hate fireworks, if I’m indoors I’m fine, but I nearly had a firework hit me before and those things are scary!

Noctis - Right, so Noct’s main priority here will be to distract his s/o. How? By doing his favourite thing. Napping. Like they’re gonna just be sitting on the sofa and as soon as he sees his s/o flinch at the loud bangs he’s just gonna pull his s/o into his chest, like ‘C'mon…nap time’. He’d probably know that it might take them a while to fall asleep so he’s gonna be gently running his hand through their hair, all soothing and shit. The two are probably just gonna nap it out, at least until the fireworks die down. I don’t think he’d bring up their fear incase they get embarrassed about it, but he’d definitely be there for them whenever they need it.

Prompto - Anyone remember that scene from The Grinch where he’s trying to block out the sound of the Whos singing Christmas songs so he turns on the loudest shit he can find? That’s what Prompto’s gonna do. He’s gonna turn the tv up so loud, he’s gonna be switching on the blender, vacuum, radio, you name it, all the while his s/o is gonna watching him dash round the apartment, protesting about the noise, telling him its gonna disturb the neighbours. In the end, however, they’re gonna give up on attempting to make themselves heard over all the racket and they’re just gonna be pissing themselves with laughter at the ridiculousness of the situation. Promptos just gonna be laughing along with them, glad he’s managed to distract them and just so proud that he’s made them laugh.

Gladiolus - I think Gladio would be a firm believer in the whole ‘face your fears’ theory, and whilst it might not be the most sweetest or sensitive option, it would actually work. As soon as he notices his s/o flinching at the sounds of fireworks, squeaking with fright ever time the noise catches them off guard, he’s gonna take them by the hand and lead them outside, shushing them gently when they try to protest. ‘Just trust me, baby girl. I’m not about to let anything happen to you.’ I think once he’s got his s/o outside he’s just gonna wrap an arm tightly around her shoulder, tucking her into his side as they just watch the fireworks in awe. I think it would help his s/o see that there’s actually nothing to be afraid of, and that they’re just fireworks. When handled properly, they’re harmless.

Ignis - I think he’d be really sweet, like he’d just attempt to soothe and calm his s/o by trying to distract them, so they’d probably just kinda snuggle it out. Like they’ll be cooped up on the sofa and as soon as he sees his s/o cringe and squeak with fright he’s gonna just pull them into his lap and hug them close, placing a kiss on top of their head. He’d be like ‘come now, kitten, its nothing to be afraid of,’ and it’d basically be extremely fluffy. I think they’d just spend the rest of the night cuddling and watching movies, and it would definitely calm his s/o down, soothing and distracting them.

Memory Loss (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 1

Archived | Posted October 26, 2015

Requested by anonymous

I’ve only seen the first Hunger Games movie (way back in 2012, when it first came out), so thank you for explaining what the ‘real or not real game’ was all about ^^ I had a lot of fun with this, so I hope you’ll like it, honey!


Summary: After a car accident, he lost his memory. Determined to help him get it back, you play the real of not real game with him.

[Part 1] [Part 2]

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