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draw scott !!1!

It’s been some kind of really long difficult rescue and the only food waiting for him at home has probably been cooked by Grandma so I can’t really blame him for this but… Scott you probably shouldn’t eat pie while trying to fly…

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Michelle’s Running List of OTPs  | 1/(100s) jyn erso & cassian andor

I’m not use to people sticking around when things go bad.” She said by way of explanation. She didn’t know if Cassian understood. But he said, “Welcome Home.” And she knew she was. 


Budding romance at the office • Storyboard art, Bob Logan; final frames  • “I was in mergers, he was in hostile takeovers” is what Koko explains to Lloyd in her version of events, as shown in these story panels.

From the Lego Ninjago Movie The Making of the Movie book.
These storyboards are sooo cute, gawdz! I am a sucker for flashback/pre-movie Koko and Garms 💖

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hi this totally isn't momo, this is... someone else, would u mind doing 30 for momojirou??

hi Not Momo I hope you’re having a good day I love you

30. tourist/knowledgeable local au for momojirou

Kyouka curls around her coffee as she walks. It’s dreary in Seattle in the fall, rain dripping from every overhang and giving a shine to the concrete. Kyouka is warm in her new rain boots and oversized sweater. She crosses Broad Street and cuts through the park in front of the Space Needle on her way to work. She takes this route every day and some are better than others. In the summer, when it isn’t so rainy, there are more tourists and it can be a nightmare. Today, though, people are staying out of the rain and Kyouka doesn’t have to weave between them.

Normally, Kyouka doesn’t stop for tourists. She doesn’t have the time. Today, however, catching the sound of her first language makes her pause.

A girl stands there, staring at a map in her hands. She shelters herself with an umbrella that keeps her model pretty features dry and Kyouka hears the girl muttering to herself about traffic in Japanese. She can’t not stop for the pretty stranger. Kyouka has always been very gay.

“Excuse me,” she asks in Japanese, calling the girls attention to her. The girl’s eyes are wide and dark and her make-up is perfect. “Do you need help?”

“Japanese!” the girl exclaims. “I’m sorry, I’m just trying to figure out the best way to get to somewhere called Pikes Place Market. Everyone says it’s the best?”

Kyouka can’t help but laugh. “Everyone does say that, yeah. It’s not as cool as the EMP, where I work, but it’s not bad.”

“Oh, the really beautiful building, right?” the girl asks. “I was going to go but they’re still closed so I’ll have to come back.”

“We open in half an hour,” Kyouka says. 

The girl looks down at her map. “I don’t know if I can get to Pikes Place Market and back that quickly.”

Kyouka approaches. “You could if you take the bus.”

The girl looks back up at her. “I don’t have the bus routes on my map.”

Kyouka turns and points at a building across the courtyard. “That’s Seattle Center Station. You can get on a bus there and take it down 5th avenue.” Kyouka looks back at the beautiful girl and gestures at her map. The girl gets the message and holds it out and Kyouka steps closer. She can smell the girl’s perfume, something spicy. “There should be a stop here and then it’s just a few blocks to Pikes Place Market.”

“Oh. Thank you, Miss…”

“Jirou Kyouka,” Kyouka says and she lets herself smile. The girl smiles back.

“I’m Yaoyorozu Momo. Thank you Jirou-san.”

Kyouka is so close she can see every one of Yaoyorozu’s perfect eyelashes. “Tell you what, Yaoyorozu-san, I get off at 3:00 this afternoon. If you can make it back here by then I can get you into the EMP for free and I’ll show you around.”

Yaoyorozu blushes and she looks amazing. Kyouka’s heart skips a beat.

“Okay,” Yaoyorozu says, “I guess it’s a date.”

Kyouka feels her face heat up. “I guess it is.”

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