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Painkiller (Part 2)

Sirius Black x Reader

Part 1

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Your eyes fluttered open so suddenly you almost jumped up from the bed.

But you couldn’t, since you were so melted into each other with Sirius – an arm lost in your hair, an other lazily around your waist whilst your hand wrapped around his biceps. With a rapid heartbeat, you slowly looked up to see as he’s sound asleep, mouth slightly open, his breaths accompanied by low hummings. You bit your lip to prevent yourself from a giggle; he’s look like a little kid, sleeping like this. As carefully as you could, you crawl out from the bed and from his arms, trying not to wake up your friend.  

Your friend, whom you just kissed a few hours ago so easily like it was the most natural thing in the world. Your friend, who just laughed at you and probably will make fun of you later too. You stood in front of your bed, watching him with concerned eyes, trying to figure out what you should do. He growled in his sleep, making you almost fell down, so you decided to go down to the common room.

It was early afternoon, so your friends were already there, sitting near to each other. Lily immediately jumped up when she noticed you, examining your face with worry in her eyes.

„Y/N! Are you okay, How’s your head? How are you feeling?”

Smiling at her reaction, you sat down next to Remus. „I’m completely fine. Calm down.”

„You know, Lily,” – James started after Lily let out big, heavy sigh, sitting back next to him, - „you should make me that potion too. Seems really good, I want to try it.”

„Don’t even think about it!” – she hissed. – „And it was an accident, by the way.”

You exchanged a quick glance with her. Well, it wasn’t an accident; in fact, you begged her to make to potion stronger, since your head felt like it’s gonna explode.

„Where is Sirius anyway? He didn’t show up any of our classes.” Remus asked; a smug grin appeared on James’ face. Oh, really, you told him about Sirius…

„He’s, uh, asleep. In my bed.”

In a moment when these words left your mouth, James jumped up, sitting down next to you and embracing your shoulders, the smirk still on his face with a cocked eyebrow. „What happened?”

With your gaze fixed on your hands, you felt as your cheeks became red and hot. „Nothing? I mean, he helped me to get in my bed and… I don’t know. He probably just wanted to stay with me to see if I was okay.”

„But you don’t remember?” Lily asked in surprise.

„Erm, no, not really.” – you lied as you found the perfect excuse, but Lily just frowned – she was suspicious.

With narrowed yes, James went on. „But you do remember what you told me, don’t you?”

„No, sorry.” – you lied again, avoiding his eyes, and that was when Sirius arrived.

„Pefect! Pads, care to tell us what happened our little dear here? Because she don’t remember anything.”

Sirius stopped dead at James’ words, the little grin what was on his face disappeared completely. You looked away, hoping your cheeks not as red anymore as you felt.

„You don’t remember?” His voice was unusually weak and low – probably from the sleep, you thought. You just shook your head.

„Nothing special. I stayed until she fell asleep, and I was sleepy too, so…”

As you slowly looked at his direction, you saw he’s avoiding everyone’s eyes too – especially yours. It was almost like it hurt him that you don’t remember.

Remus broke the silence. „Let’s go to dinner. I’m hungry.”

„Yeah, me too. Like a wolf.” Sirius said smugly, causing Remus let out a big sigh. You all stood up, laughing, until you spoke up.

„You will never forget these jokes, will you?”

„Don’t think so. My memory is quite good, you know.” – he scoffed.

Drama Queen Sirius was sometimes entertaining, sometimes annoying, but now, when you were there reason and you felt guilty anyway, it simply hurt.

You didn’t eat much and were speechless all the time. The boys chattering and laughing around you and Lily’s burning, worrying gaze on you made you to stood up after ten minutes.

„I am still a little bit dizzy, I rather go to take a nap.” You rushed out before anyone could say anything to you.

„So, now she’s gone, tell us what really happened.”

„What are you talking about, Lily? She told quite the same that Padfoot.” James added, brows furrowed.

„Oh, and if she truly didn’t remember anything, why she doesn’t care what she told you? And you were an arsehole with her Sirius. So yes, something happened.”

„I wasn’t an arsehole.” – he protested, pointing at her with his fork. „Really, what did she say to you, Prongs?”

„I can’t tell you, mate.”

Sirius tilted his head, eyes narrowed. „Tell me and I’ll tell what happened.”

„Deal. You first.” James said after a few seconds hesitation.

„No, you first.”

„No, you first.”

„No, you…” Sirius started again, but Lily cut them off.

„Oh, for Merlin’s sake, she’s in love with you!”

Everyone fell silent, with the exception of Remus, who was still calmly eating his dinner. „Well, that was really obvious.”

Sirius snorted at him before he turned to Lily. „And you knew?”

„She’s my best friends, what do you think?”

„Why didn’t you tell me? I’m your best friend too.” – he fumed, causing Lily to rolling her eyes.

„Same reason I didn’t tell her that you love her too.”

James choked back his laugh.

„I… never… said anything like that.”

„Oh, sweetheart. You didn’t have to.” Lily smiled, patting Sirius’ hand.

Slowly, a huge grin appeared on his face. „Is that so?” – he said, standing up and leaving the Great Hall.

„Hey, you didn’t tell us what happened!” – James tried to call after him, but he just waved his hand.

You buried your head into your pillow as you lying on your bed, with a fuzzy blanket over you. The only thing that made you feeling dizzy were your thoughts, but you were interrupted when the door of your dorm slammed open. 

„Lily, I said I’m fine.” – you hummed lazily before you felt a heavy weight on your bed. That’s surely not Lily.

You turned around, seeing Sirius sitting next to you with his back agains the headboard, a light smirk stucked on his face. With a sigh, you sat up next to him.

„What now?”

„No need to be so hostile, darling. I just want to make sure you are okay.”

„I am.” You were playing with your fingers, carefully to not looking at him. There were a few seconds silent before he said,

„So you don’t remember what happened, do you?”

You slowly shook your head, still not looking at him, which was really hard; he was so close to you now you could feel his breath on your face. „Nope. I don’t.”

He leaned even closer, whispering into your ear. „Want me to help to remember?”

You turned your head to look into his darkened eyes, but said nothing. As you felt yourself blushing under his gaze, you looked down, but he lifted your chin up and kissed you slowly, just a few seconds long before he pulled back.

„It was something like this, I believe. Except, you don’t flushed earlier.”

You chuckled and rolled your eyes at him, turning your head away, but he cupped your cheeks so you couldn’t escpace from his gaze.

„I love you too.” – he whispered and your mouth fell slightly open.

„What… how… what? how’d you… what?” – you stuttered, making him laugh.

„Lily told me you love me. And you told James who’d told me anyway, so don’t be angry at her. And I know you remember what happened.”

So many emotions and thoughts waved through you as he sat next to you, watching you carefully with a kind but smirk-like smile, and since you were still loss of words, you leaned on and kissed him. And this time it wasn’t slow, neither short.

„I’m sorry. I just… I didn’t know you feel the same.” – you apologized after pulled away, arms wrapped around each other.

„S’okay.” – he whispered, still inches from your mouth. „Think we can fell asleep like this and you’ll remember tomorrow?”

„Very. Funny. Really.” – you said, laughing as hit him with your pillow after every word. He grabbed the pillow and threw it away, hugging you to himself tightly.

„Stay.” – he mumbled into your hair as you were on top of him, and of course, you had no intention of leaving.



Best of 2016 Music #1: Justin Timberlake “Can’t Stop The Feeling”

Well, the final entry on the countdown pretty much epitomizes how much better the year should have gone.

Justin Timberlake, in addition to playing the depressed survivalist branch in Dreamworks Trolls served as music curator for the soundtrack. The main theme coming out of it can put anyone into a great mood just by listening to it.

The Cast would get first dibs on the song and they of course knew how to rock out.

Next up came the official video where Justin showed ordinary people out of LA finding their own happy place in life. Fun to watch and you don’t even feel bad that he leaves a blueberry pie on a dinner table and joins the dancers in the fun.

Another Parody that points out the obvious

And we have lastly, the film version that closes out Trolls where Poppy and Branch lead the Bergen to improve their lives. 

In a year of so much bad this perfectly sums up the pick me up that we would sometimes need during the day and how we can all take pleasure in finding our own happy place in our day to day world.

Best song of the year. The feeling cant stop on that notion.

Drabbles - 92

You’re so clingy, I love it.”  +  Yoongi

Rain batters quietly against the windows of your bedroom. It’s a lazy, cloudy afternoon, on a weekend free of responsibilities or obligations, and you’re snuggled into your covers, dozing peacefully. The weather had recently taken on the chill of autumn, heralding an early winter, and this meant it was time to bring your heavier blankets out of storage. Heavenly, blissfully wrapped in thick flannel and fleece blankets, you’re spending a well-deserved free day catching up on lost sleep and comfort.

A buzz sounds from your right, so you open your eyes just enough to see the screen lighting up on your phone. It’s too far away. You couldn’t possibly reach it, not without dislodging yourself from the mountain of plushy warmth you’d taken shelter in. No, whoever it is will just have to wait until tomorrow. Today is all yours. 

A door slams somewhere nearby, and it shakes you out of the nap you’d slipped back into. A trickle of alarm tries to draw you out of your drowsiness when foot steps start drawing closer to your room, but only trusted friends knew the passcode to your front door. What’s there to worry about?

“Yah, there you are.”

You force your heavy eyes open at Yoongi’s voice. He’s pulling his jacket off and tossing it onto the floor, his rings falling suit. He shucks his leather pants too, his black briefs hugging tight to his body and just barely showing under the long white shirt. You perk up just a bit, a flicker of heat rising in you, but it’s quickly smothered by lazy contentedness. 

Yoongi walks around the side of the bed and slips under the covers, shushing you when you make a sound of complaint at the influx of cold air. He squirms over until he’s pressed tightly against you, his hands tugging your waist closer to him until he can wrap his arms around you comfortably. One leg pushes between yours, and you whine again at the shock of cold skin.

“So cold. Why?”

He blows a puff of air at the back of your head, earning himself a sharp pinch on his hand in retaliation. “It’s raining outside, idiot. And it’s fucking October,” he answers, his voice rough from extended use in the studio that day.

“That’s not what I meant,” you mumble, shivering slightly as his skin leaches the warm from yours. “I mean, why are you like this? You hate cuddling, even during nap time.”

“You complaining?” He throws back, his voice dropping into a murmur as the blanket haven works its magic.

“No. You’re so clingy, I love it. Like an attention-starved koala or something.”

“Is that a height joke? Cuz I will kick you out of this bed.”

“It’s my bed.”

“I don’t give a shit. It’s like fucking nap heaven in here. God, it’s so warm.”

“Yeah, that was me. I did that.”

“Quiet now, trying to sleep.”

“What the–you interrupted me, you son of a–”

“Shhhhh… sleep.”

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A/N: Nap time with Yoongi~

Close your eyes.. picture me.. What do you see?

I am only one person, with one mind, one soul, one heart.. but I have many faces.. Can you tell them apart?

In the morning when I awake.. I look in the mirror and ask my self.. Which face shall I wear today?
For I have many faces..

Do you see a women torn between who she is and who she wants to be?

Can you see my confusion?  

Can you see my dreams?
Can you hear my screams?

Do you see my pain?

Yet still thru each trial, I hold my head up an smile.. 

So many faces… 

Now open your eyes.. look at me and tell me.. Who do you see?


heart by heart by demi lovato is such a show!malec song?? and it was wasted on movie!clace???? this is homophobia and i will not stand for it

Love Sick

“Alright babygirl,” he whispered with the flip of the light switch.

“You’ve got me.”

Featuring: Daddy!Namjoon, You

Warnings: dd/lg themes

Written by: Admin V

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“Yes, babygirl?”

“Dada’s not gonna sleep with me?”

“No, of course Daddy will, honey. Daddy just needs to finish up some work first, alright?”


“I know, babygirl. But you need to get your rest first, okay? Daddy will be along soon—before you even know it. So just close your eyes, and when you open them up again, Daddy will be right next to you. Understand?”


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Morning (M)

requested: morning sex

warnings: smut/pwp

It had been quite some time since you had last woke up next to Yoongi, so when your eyes opened and you blinked away the sleep you assumed you were seeing things. His freshly bleached hair stuck up in all directions, his arms spread out above his head and lips parted as he slept soundly. You moved in closer to him, your fingers quick to reach out and push through his soft hair.

You couldn’t fight the smile growing on your lips. Yoongi had been working hard with promotions lately and for weeks you’d only hear his voice through the receiver of a phone and see his face on social media and broadcasts. It saddened you but you were aware and understood the hardships that would come with dating an idol. But with his face just a breath away from yours you’d go through it all million times over, just for this moment.

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A/N: Thank you anon for request and I am sorry it took so long :) It takes time God knows  when, because it’s a situation where Loki kind of.. gets along with Avengers. In his own way. 
Gif is not mine.
And I hope you like it :)

“Y/N.. please, you have to wake up.”
You heard well known voice. You have to wake up. So you tried and opened your eyes. It worked. You met Loki’s green, worried gaze. He was kneeling on the ground, holding you. Sudden pain in your head made you close your eyes again and you felt Loki’s arms hugging you tighter.
“I’m good,” you whispered and you lied. Several places on your body were hurting like hell and probably bleeding. Loki told you like fifty times to stay away but you didn’t and this was all your fault.
“You’re not good. Be glad you’re injured otherwise I would be yelling at you so loudly, the whole Yggdrasil would know you pissed me off,” he said, picking you up into his arms and raising up from the ground. You buried your face into his neck and tried to open your eyes again.
“But I am alive, right?” you said, softly and quietly.
“Is this supposed to be your argument?”
“Probably,” you replied and took a breath to say something else but then black spots appeared in your vision and you fainted again.

When you woke up, you were in bed, the headache wasn’t as strong as before but still there.
“How do you feel?” Bruce asked beside you and you looked at him.
“Like being hit by a plane?”
“I believe that. No, lie back,” he ordered when you tried to sit and gently pushed you back on the pillow, "now really, how do you feel?“
"My head still hurts and stomach too. It’s quite difficult to breath. And I feel like having a fever,” you replied honestly while Bruce held your hand, checking your pulse.
“You do?” he murmured and moved his other hand, pressing it against your forehead.
You nodded but before Bruce could say anything, Loki came in and stopped in the middle of his way.
“You must be joking, hands off,” he snapped sharply and you rolled your eyes. Bruce sighed and then looked at Thor who came in right after his brother: “I begged you to distract him for a while. I meant thirty minutes, maybe?”
“I tried,” Thor replied and then smiled at you brightly: “How are you?”
“I said hands off, beast, she is still hurt!” You reached Loki’s hand to calm him down a little. You tried to finally say something but there was no chance.
“That’s why I am trying to help,” Bruce argued calmly, knowing it was absolutely  useless to argue with Loki about this.
“Just get out,” Loki replied, now holding your hand and sat beside you.
“Can it wait a little?” you asked and looked at Bruce, trying to tell him with your eyes: He won’t stop otherwise. Bruce nodded knowingly and left along with Thor, who was sent away with Loki’s bare look.
“No offense but you’re overreacting,” you smiled and Loki smiled back a little: “Am I?”

“So?” Steve asked when Bruce came out of the room.
“She’s better but still not good. That’s all I know for now, thanks to your brother,” he addressed to Thor, who just shrugged his shoulders: “He is worried.”
“Question is why so much,” Tony pointed, making everyone thinking if it’s not just one of Loki’s sick plans. Natasha looked at every one of them and sighed deeply.
“How can you not see it? It’s called falling in love,” she said and raised her eyebrows, seeing all those looks she deserved for saying that, “you must be all blind, seriously.”
“Oh poor girl,” Tony commented after a moment of silence.
“Maybe it’s exactly what Loki needs. Being evil psychopath is probably in his nature,” Bruce replied, earning a glance from Thor, “but Y/N can be a motivation not to act like one.”
“I would say that,” Thor nodded several times, always believing there’s something to bring back Loki he used to know .
“Or it can just make him more psycho than he already is,” Steve noted and took a breath, “anyway, I guess we will find out really soon." 

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I hate that I missed the match-ups! You do an amazing job! Thanks for all you do! I'll submit next time and hold my breath for my love, Noctis. <3 Thank you for your great work!

Ah thank you so so much!! It shouldn’t be too long until I open them back up again so keep your eyes peeled 😁


There was a reason you didn’t like hunts that involved witches. One of the reasons was that witches were unpredictable son’s of a bitches who unfortunately could have a lot of power, power which worked not always in your favor. But not even you, nor Team Free Will, had known that the witch you were currenly hunting was capable of this kind of magic. So when you opened up your eyes after the witch had muttered some strange, Latin spell and had hit you with a blast of light, you were surprised to find yourself lying on a very fancy looking bed, in a very fancy looking room, wearing a fancy looking dress. What might be even weirder, was the fact that minutes later the door of the room had opened and a young woman wearing a simple outfit had walked in, carrying a silver plate on which food was settled. On seeing your shocked expression, a frown appeared on her face, as she asked you in a ploite yet curious voice:

‘‘Is everything alright, princess?’‘

Your mouth fell open at her words, while your eyes grew wide. Princess..?

With a grown, you let yourself fall back on the bed, your hands covering your face as you muttered in a tired voice:

‘‘…Man, I really hate witches…’‘

Meanwhile, in a place far far waway from your kingdom…

Sam grunted as he woke up, his head pounding from the fall he had taken after the witch had hit him. He felt like he had just been in a car crash, his limbs hurting and his stomach being very close to betraying him. Feeling confused, he blinked a few times to clear his eyeshight, only to find his brother kneeling in front of him wearing some very…odd clothes.

‘‘Morning, sunshine,’‘ Dean grunted in a rough voice, as he saw his brother looking around in a confused way, slowly taking in everything around him.

‘‘Dean, are we…in a forest?’‘ Sam asked, slowly shaking his head. He was still dizzy, but that didn’t stop him from trying to get up, which caused him to nearly fall over again.

‘‘Hey…Hey! Take it slow, Sammy,’‘ Dean called out as he grabbed his younger brother’s shoulder to prvent him from falling over. ‘‘You’ve been hit with some freaky ass spell, no need to go all Captain Falcon right now, alright?’’

Sam merely scoffed at his brother’s reference, before brushing off the few leaves on his clothes. It was only then that he noticed that he wasn’t wearing his trusted plaid shirt or jeans anymore. Instead, it seemed he was wearing some strange, very medieval looking outfit. Talking of which, Dean seemed to have lost his leather jacket and weathered jeans too. Instead, he was dressed in something that looked awfully much like a knight’s outfit. And was that… a sword hanging on his belt?

‘‘Well, what do you think?’‘ Dean commented as soon as he saw his younger brother staring at him, spreading out his arms while looking down with a frown. ‘‘I look like freakin’ Prince Charming, ain’t that just great…’‘

‘Dean…’‘ Sam suddenly said, ignoring the oldest Winchester’s comment. ‘‘…Where is (Y/n)?’‘

The sight Dean let out next couldn’t mean anything good, and indeed: His brother’s answer did not comfort him in the slightest.

‘‘No frickin’ clue,’‘ He started, while looking around once more. ‘‘But I guess that where ever that witch send us, (Y/n) must be somewhere here too.’‘

‘‘Hold on a minute,’‘ Sam muttered, forwning as he tried to put all of the recent events in the right order. The spell the witch had muttered, their strange clothes… It didn’t take long for Sam to fifure out what might have happened, causing him to call out his brother’s name, who almost jumped at the sudden outburst.

‘‘Dean, I think I know where we are…’‘ Sam spoke, slowly looking his brother in the eye. ‘‘The spell that witch said, I already thought I recognised it. Remember the fairytales, like Snow White and…and Cinderella and such? I think that is what might have happened, like an alternate universe.’‘

It took Dean a few seconds to take in his brother’s explanation.

‘‘You’re saying we are stuck in some weird ass fairytale?’‘

‘‘…I guess,’‘ Sam shrugged, sighting. ‘‘So I guess to get out we might have to live the story. You know, save the princess?’‘

Dean slowly ran a hand over his face, as he muttered in an annoyed voice:

‘‘Man, we could really use Cas’ right now. Alright Sammy, let’s go and slay the dragon.’‘

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larry is not real. is too much photos denying that they are together, the day louis mother died? harry was shopping clothes. and Christmas eve? harry was with friends and family. they are not together. maybe harry broke up with louis because louis wanted to his stunts and babgate last. harry wanted to edn it with denial of paternity but louis want it to last. so harry don't want louis anymore. open your eyes they broke up. this jacket louis wore this is not the same jacket and this is not proff.

Listen pal you can believe whatever the fuck you want to believe but I’m telling you this entire ask is screaming at me about what your opinion of Louis really is. It’s obvious you think Harry is too good for him and has moved on to bigger and better things so just stay on your little houis side of tumblr and leave me here on my Larry side. That’s definitely the same jacket. Come back and I will block you.


That’s at least how I see it, and i know well that others has different views on the subject. Sorry for the sloppy writing, but i’m tired and just wanted to get this done before i went to sleep, hopefully you can still make out what it says ~

He creates a way when there seems to be no way and opens a door when there seems to be no key. He is the judge who decides what is best, and guides you when confusion overtakes you. Whenever you reach your dead end, don’t stand there wondering what’s happened, instead call out to the only one who can create a path from absolute nowhere ya fattah, 3ftah ‘alayya. He is Al fattah and he opens up the skies upon the dead earth, and breaks away the darkness with the dawn. So to he can open up your heart and open up your eyes to solutions, remove your obstacles and grant you a way out have FULL tawakull in Allah your creator your sustainer Allah is the opener

I’ve never had the habit of reading manuals but if someone gave me the instructions to love you better; I’d read them every night. If someone told me how to love you best; their words would become my mantra.

I would eat sleep and breathe loving you. Until then I’ll just make sure you eat, sleep and breathe too.
You and I are always falling in and out of love. How many times have I told you that the girls in the magazines don’t even look like the girls in the magazines? Still you squirm around in your own skin like you’re trying to fall asleep in a stranger’s bed. I know, that your worst nightmares are about waking up. But you look so beautiful with your eyes open.

I’ve never had the habit of reading manuals.
But if someone gave me the instructions to love you better; I’d give them all to you.
If someone told me how to love you best; I hope you’d make the words your mantra.

—  May we never forget to love ourselves first. || Ceres

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Hi!! Can I have some fluff where GoM + Kagami's SO wake up from a nightmare and getting cutesy comfort from them? Thank you I love your blog so much OMG

Your eyes snap open and you wake up gasping. Sweat is running down your face and you run a hand down your heart to calm yourself. 

Kuroko: He stirs when he hears you thrashing about in bed, so he simply pulls you to his chest and kisses your temple until you’re relaxed enough to tell him what happened. 

Kise: His eyelids snap open and hugs you tightly, kissing your hair until you’re calm. Then he asks you talk to him and he’ll cuddle you until you fall asleep. 

Midorima: He’s about to snap at you for waking him up, but when he sees your frenzied state, he sighs and asks you what happened. 

Aomine: You hurriedly wake him up, and he’s about to grumble until he sees the tears in your eyes and he smothers you and nuzzles you until your sobs have quietened down. 

Murasakibara: Like Aomine, he grumbles a little until he sees his _____-chin in tears and he’ll forget how tired he is. He’s pull you flush against you and might even softly sing a lullaby that his mother used to sing to him. 

Akashi: He wastes no time in waking you up from your nightmare and kisses your temple. He then strokes your face gently until you fall asleep. 

Kagami: He takes a few seconds to configure himself and when he does, he’s shocked to see you sobbing. Kagami pulls you into his arms and sings you to sleep. 

You woke up to a loud banging noise. Your eyes were still adjusting to the dark as you sat up. As you touched the side of the bed next to you, you realized Steve wasn’t there. Quickly you went to turn on the lamp. When you did, you saw your boyfriend in the corner with his hands covering his face.

“No! Leave me alone! I said leave me alone!” He was trying to get away from something.

You got out of bed and made your way over to him. Kneeling down, you began to remove his hands from his face. He tried to get out of your grasp as you did so.

“Steve wake up. It’s me Y/N… Open your eyes…” when he finally did you could see his whole body relax. He placed a hand on your cheek and let out a deep breath.

“Come lay back down Steve.” You said standing up extending your arms to help him. He grabbed your hands and when he stood he remained close to you.

“I’m sorry for waking you up…”

“It’s fine, you don’t need to apologize.” You replied looking in his eyes. 

“What would I do without my girl?“

“Lets hope you never have to find out Captain.” He smiled at your words. When you two returned to your bed, he pulled you into his chest holding you closely all night long.