so ooc i don't even want to think about it

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Lilis comment sounded like Betty does something really unexpected, so I wouldn’t be suprised if she does do some pole dancing. No stripping though. I still think its Jugs arm. Although I’ve gotten my hopes up way too much to be let down so I’m just going to say its Bettys arm lol

I still don’t think that’s what’s going on, especially in that snippet of footage we see in the promo which seems to be somewhere else (with Jug most likely). She might do some (seductive) singing or something but we’ll see. 

Either way the stripping thing got blown up waaaaaay too much without anything to really support that or much thought that it would be pretty ooc for Betty to jump from her current self to stripping/pole dancing in front of a room full of adult strangers who would probably have to be arrested for watching, her mom and her friends in half an episode. But maybe that’s just me.

also i like. need to get this off my chest?

i think what’s really bothering me about lila’s absence is that it’s just. so fuckin forboding? those of us who care about her have already had concerns about how she’s going to be portrayed when she returns, and we have good reason to be considering the manner of her exit in s1 and the synopses that turned up. 

but if i ever wanted to be optimistic, the fact that she hasn’t been even mentioned is making that near-impossible.

because it makes it seem almost certain that the team just. does not take this character seriously. that she’s sort of an afterthought, maybe a replacement at best.

and if that is the case, and if she does not develop for the better, know that the portrayal i have on this blog absolutely will not budge. i’ve never been afraid to flip off canon, i’ve just never had to do it so quickly.

honestly at this point i think my muse for her is strong out of sheer spite. i’m kind of just sad and angry and i hate being sad and angry over a damned tv show.

//I think I’ve been playing as Vendetta for too damn long – cause I may or may not have forgotten a little bit about how to play DEXTER.

//SO!! -Tomorrow, I’m gonna run a marathon of Dexter’s Laboratory episodes and get myself back into the swing of things around here. My only question is..-

//-Would anyone wanna join in??

i just want to apologize to literally everyone.   i know i keep saying i’m gonna do things on here,   discord,   &   elsewhere,   but it’s been a really shitty weekend   &   the next few days are going to be extremely shitty as well.   my grandpa’s funeral is tuesday   &   his burial is wednesday   &   my entire family   (  including myself  )   is stressed out to the max.   not only that,   but i have a cold or something on top of it all   &   it’s just not a good time for me.   i’m struggling,   to be honest.   but yeah i want to apologize.   i know there are a lot of people who are probably so fucking fed up with me right now   &   at this point i don’t even know how to reply to messages that have just been sitting there.   idk man.   i’m gonna try again tomorrow,   but i obviously can’t guarantee anything.   i’m sorry,   guys !

ugh i hate people who are rude about picky eaters like

you think i want this??? 

imagine being at a buffet ( any buffet will do ) and you’re surrounded by food that looks delicious and smells delicious and you just want to stuff it in your face like everyone else but the moment you take a bite you just… reject it. so while everyone is eating everything and you’re stuck eating… chicken nuggets or cheese pizza. over. and over. and over.