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Cancers get along well with mutable signs due to the quick changes in their moods. The Cancer understands how flexible a mutable sign’s mind can be due to the flexibility of their own mind. They understand that no one is stagnant and that we are ever changing. A Cancers mind is a blatant example of the roving mind. Who better to understand that then a mutable sign and vice versa?

I spent about two hours today speaking Swedish at a language café. I know I made lots of mistakes and my pronunciation was probably awful, but it was so much fun! And it boosted my self confidence quite a bit knowing that I can hold a conversation that goes beyond the very basics!


Yosano as Little Red Ridinghood

“Red Ridinghood went joyously home, and no one ever did anything to harm her again.”

Part of @forthesmols‘  Bungo Stray Fairy Tales

Cold, Warm

Here’s a soft thing before I post the birthday sequel! Also: Why do all of these stories end up in a bed? Who knows. I’m a slut for domestic scenarios.

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so, if it wasn’t obvious already; jaebum broke up with rose rather suddenly, so she was more or less forced to move out. she slept between sungho and minhee’s places for around a week, along with seocho and royal. weird, i know. the kid lost herself for a week or two but she’s officially back and is ready to truly blossom. as of now, i believe she’s officially back with rkblackpink and appreciates her friends more than ever ( she’s also done with boys ).

rose also cut her hair and gave herself bangs ( the “as if it’s your last” mv is reference, how cute is she? ), so she’s definitely enjoying the change. she will admit that she misses the cats a lot, so she’s probably going to go dumpster diving for kittens soon ( or she’ll look around at the shelters, she just wants a fur baby! )

coming soon? new covers, a more daring, idol-like rose! also she’s probably going to get more ink and reconnect with the people she lost contact with, so expect that!

Hey not all character death is meant to add shock to the narrative.

The existence of a character who is “doomed” by the narrative, whose death is fated by factors both of their creation and not; factors that may have once been in their control but haven’t for so long that they were effectively factors created by a different version of themselves is not “shock”.

It’s a form of classical tragedy.

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blease,,,,,,,MiriTama first date/first kiss.......I need 2 know how u feel abt this in fiction form. Pls

If there’s one thing Togata Mirio is certain of, it’s that Amajiki Tamaki will always come through in a crisis, despite any fears or insecurities that might try and stop him.  

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