so on model you guys you dont even know

okay so. I follow Meg on Facebook, and honestly, I see the most digusting comments. And the funny thing is? Most of those guys have profile pictures with their kids, or wedding photos. AND THEY ARE SAYING “Oh Meg, you make me want to cheat. “can i rape you” “god damn your gorgeous, i would just love to fuck you.” etc, etc. And you know what? its fucken gross. So she may post pictures up in her underwear, or revealing clothing. That doesn’t mean “she wants to fuck!” No. 
OH, and the best of it all, she took a selfie, with little to no make up, and all those guys started commenting “I didn’t know your grandma was a model.” “Ew no you look so old.” “Why do you look 50.” “dont ever do this again.” “I would still fuck you even though you look like an old grandma.”
so gross. ugh.