so on fire


it’s been…………………..84 years………….



(also i totally laughed at taco ball, just, an entire ball of taco)

  • Reading other people's reading threads is honestly one of the best feelings in the world. Its soo nice to know other people experienced similar things to you and you relate so much you can't help but laugh along.
  • Its like reimagining the book all over again.

Captions aint my strong point; I leave that to Mahli Pt 2

Soo as Y’all can see were back up at the centre where we got down to briefing and business… Kind of. Not only can you see me and my pretty face but Anasia and @heroicseoul joined us. Sadly Zephi and Jeru were sick as hell so they couldnt make it… But it was still good!

I was gonna write some more stuff but I know @bourbon-creamss and her emotional ass has something to say so let me shut up haha 

Once again thank you so so much to @danaifromtheway, @bodhimurray, @babynoriii, @helloitzkeetz and  @trvllinese for coming out today and a shout out to @ashter-blank, @ezekiel-larkins and @desiijackson for Joining the team. @prince-habesha gets no shout outs smh. I cant wait to work with yall x

-Kennedy xo

OOC: I promise you if my computer didnt hate me there would be a lot more photos and stuff. But technology hates me ya know? I apologise in advance x


so I might or might not have found Dan and Phil’s old apartment for rent

yes mom I’m a stalker sorry I’m not making you proud

bonus: the floorplan no one ever understood