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the end of 2017 seems to be the time that a lot of wc fans are making sideblogs and drawing out their warriors ocs and their original clans and to that i honestly have to say: IM SO HAPPY!!!!! it’s so so neat and cool to see all the effort people are putting in to their original clans and the amount of work and time people are willing to spend to expand on their original characters!!!!

ur all out there creating an original universe in wc and i honestly couldnt be happier, ur all doing something really cool and all ur hard work is paying off!!!!!

“Rhys narrowed his eyes. Lilith tipped her chin up and stared him down. Not an easy task when you’re staring at someone several inches taller than you. To Rhys’ tremendous credit, he didn’t wilt or fidget.” - How They Met Themselves


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[OCTOBER . 21 . 2017]



Day 21 features a strange superstition that I just barely learned about….the belief that whistling at night will call snakes out >:O Which, if you hate snakes, is downright horrifying. Otherwise,I guess it isn’t that terrible. Unless they’re all like super poisonous murder snakes…then yeah maybe don’t whistle at night. >_>;

This superstition of course, comes from ancient times where thieves (or “snakes) would whistle to alert one another in the night as they did their misdeeds. So whistling at night would bring about the “snakes”. Man it’s fun learning about strange superstitions and urban legends around the world.

People talk about Iron Man not having the strongest rogues’ gallery like say, Spider-man and Batman (and there’s also a whole, valid discussion about Yellow Peril in there, fair enough), but I’d argue that it’s because the person he’s usually busy fighting is himself.  

I mean, Tony might get the Shocker trying it on a few times and the odd bank robbery, but if you look at the comics and ask who the main villain is, you’ll often get answers like:

  • “seven hours of paperwork”
  • “unwanted company buyouts”
  • “childhood abuse” 
  • “alcoholism”
  • “heavily-implied PTSD”
  • “the slow sapping of idealism”
  • “taking his friends for granted”
  • “chronic illness”
  • “the U.S. government”
  • “self-destructive and compulsive behaviour”
  • “stages of grief”
  • “the lack of privacy that comes with being a public figure”

Ah yes, and the old favourite, which makes a regular return in all his arcs:

  • “crippling self-loathing”

I mean, it’s kind of amazing some of the comics arcs are as gripping as they are. I just guess it’s catchier to put “IRON MAN VS. DOOM: THE FINAL SHOWDOWN” on a cover than to use titles like “TONY STARK VS. JUGGLING A POLITICAL CAREER AND PERSONAL ETHICS: THE RETURN YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR.” Um.

{{ @maitrion likes to occasionally remind me that we absolutely had an entire series of conversations about this and i die every time. can you imagine }}

You know what annoys me the most about Frozen? Everyone is loving that Elsa and Kristoff are both like ‘You can’t marry someone you just met.’ but his whole flipping rock family sings a song about Anna basically cutting off her fiance (no matter how wrong he is) and marrying Kristoff instead WHO SHE JUST MET. Like, kristoff, I don’t see you shushing your family while they’re singing your praises and pushing you at Anna. Ya hypocrite. 

Like these so-called ‘Love Experts’ are literally encouraging Anna to cheat on her fiance. 


NO. Not your call.