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these started as stress doodles but i think they turned out ok? they’re from @narootos ‘s reverse au bc it’s just too good how could i resist.

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What is your favourite thing about Ryuu? I personally love how he always seems ready to fight someone?? Idk hes great id love to know your favourite thing about him! -Kinshiro

oh my gosh I never expected to get this question haha put I find it funny tbh and adorable that he’s always ready to fight someone

ahhhhh I can’t say I love him so much I guess my favourite thing is his design I love cute charaters but of course must their personality also be good ahhh I’m so bad at explaining and I can’t decide what my favourite thing about him is so sorry this becamme me rambleling about Ryuu Ill but under a read more if you’re not intrested to read

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//whisper/ I don't think you should be embarrassed to post your drawings because they look great// also I love how you draw akaashi!! I love the warm tan you gave him and how messy but pretty his hair looks, plus your attention to detail on his eyes!! Okay I think I might have an aKAASHI PROBLEM but you get what i mean,, k e ep drawing :''')

djflskfjslk thank you ;__;;; sometimes i just get embarrassed b/c i try things that i’m not comfortable with so idk how other people feel about it O|—< but thank you again this makes me really happy! 

27th April

Prompted to me by Matty (@bluewinsevertime) I hope you like it lovely!

“Do I have to?” Liv whined as she shuffled out the Woolpack doors reluctantly. The sun hung low in the sky, casting a golden glow over the fields surrounding the village, the houses, and Roberts car, which she was slowly making her way towards. It was almost pretty, except for the fact that she’s up at six in the morning and it wasn’t even a school day.

She heard him sigh from where he was stood by the car, before he turned to look at her.

“Stop being difficult and come on” he said as he slid into the car and started the engine, waiting for her to climb in. Liv huffed and tucked a stray hair behind her ear, grumbling as she stomped to the car, slamming the door as she dropped into the seat.

She could feel Rob staring at her.

“What?” she snapped, turning to glare at him. But all he did was raise an eyebrow slightly and direct that smug smirk at her before turning away to drive them to the scrap yard. It was quiet in the car as Robert focused on driving and Liv stared out the window.

The silence lasted all of five minutes before Liv started complaining.

“I don’t see why I have to come.” Robert sighed again.

“Because, Olivia-”

I mean, it’s only fun with Aaron because he lets me help pull apart cars-”

“You can still do that” Robert said as he pulled into the scrap yard.

“Seriously? You’re going to help me pull apart cars?” Liv sounded disbelieving, even to her own ears. Amusement ran through her at the thought of Robert ditching the suit and getting dirty. Like he’d ever do that she thought, a grin tugging at her lips when she heard him scoff.

“Of course not. I’ll supervise.” Rob could see her eyes twinkling in the early morning light and smiled.

“Well come on then, are we just going to sit here all day or are we going to get some work done?” He tried to sound stern, but from the grin on Liv’s face he knows he failed miserably.


They spent the day in the sun, Liv pulling apart cars while Rob shouted suggestions at her and teasing each other mercilessly. Robert got very little actual work done, but in the end he figured he could catch up later. It was worth it to see Liv happy and smiling, something she hasn’t done enough of since Aaron got sent down. 

Roberts mood both lightened and darkened at the thought of his husband, his worries and love coming to the forefront of his mind.

The clanging sound of metal meeting concrete brought him out of his thoughts and all of his attention was once again on Liv. He raised his eyebrow when he saw the state of her, covered in grease and oil, and laughed at the disgusted face she was pulling. She grinned when she heard him laughing, before her smile turned soft and she ducked her head so he wouldn’t see.

Yeah, he thought, today’s been a good day.


When they got home later that evening, Liv was exhausted. She took a nice, long, hot shower, leaving just enough hot water for Robert. She smirked at the thought of him jumping out of his skin when the water suddenly goes cold. She went to her room to get into her pj’s, before making her way down stairs to make a brew. She bumped into Robert in the kitchen and he held up her cup to her, silently asking - cuppa? 

She nodded and slipped over to the sofa and sat down in front of it, waiting for Rob to bring over her tea. It has become routine, since Aaron left, to have a shower, dress for bed then come downstairs and sit in front of the sofa while Rob made their brews. 

She thanked him when he came over and handed her hers and took a sip, humming in pleasure at the taste. Rob set his aside to cool a little and he picked up the hairbrush he always brought down with him, before he started to comb and braid her hair. They did this in silence, and when he was finished she got up off the floor and curled up next to him.

“You know” she mumbled as she started to drift to sleep.

“You’re a good weird gay brother-dad.”

Just as sleep finally claimed her, she thought she felt him kiss the top of her head.”

“I love you too, Liv.”

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In today's society there is so much pressure and stigma really on being single, but it's not so bad really. I'm trying to reflect on my past relationships to find out what I want in a relationship and what I need from one too and fingers crossed I'll eventually find someone (even though my standards are too high probably and I forget that people are human at the end of the day and life isn't a Disney Princess movie) just know I'm here to support you in this tough world we live in 🤗

thank you, lil angel <3 i’ve really enjoyed being single tbh which is why i’m not even sure i want a relationship - i’m honestly stuck in the middle because sometimes i want to stay single because i don’t even care about relationships, but then other times i think about going on dates and taking cute pictures and having a constant person always there for you, and like…i’d love that. but it’s important for us to remember that our standards shouldn’t be forced lower just for the sake of a relationship - even if love isn’t like a disney movie, that doesn’t mean we have to settle for people who aren’t good for us. i wish you the best of luck too and hope you’re having a lovely day <3

the reason why im so pissed about how they handled maggie is bc I MYSELF WAS OUTED at my school and i was called a dyke and people called me a lesbian as an insult and people gave me dirty looks and every time i entered that school building i had to stop myself from crying every time someone looked at me it felt like they knew i was gay and like they were judging me for it and like they hated me for it i became afraid to come out to new friends because i didnt want them to tell me they already knew and i didnt want them to not accept me it contributed to my relapse it fucking broke me and that isnt even as bad as my parents knowing thats NOWHERE near as bad as getting fucking kicked out of my home maggie has deep, deep trauma associated with valentines day and that wont go away just to please alex. i dont understand how the same people who wrote alexs real coming out story could pull this shit. they dont understand how bad outing is they dont understand how bad getting thrown out of your house for being gay is and their ignorance honestly makes me sick

considering how hard it is (and sometimes impossible) to trigger a sneeze in your sleep it just fuels the suspicion that this sly motherfucker

isn’t sleeping at all

he was probably posing all along i mean look at him who sleeps like this in front of their crush 

goddammit viktor 

please keep us in your thoughts

Mexico is going through a lot lately and to make things worse, there was a school shooting in Monterrey yesterday, which is not very common here in Mexico (I think this is our fist recorded school shooting). We have a problem with our gas, our economy, the government, and now schools are freaking out too. I know that if these problems were happing anywhere else, it would be everywhere. All I ask is to keep us in your thoughts and help spread awareness about this. thank u

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this