so of course it couldn't last

I don’t think Neil thought for a second that thank you, you were amazing would hurt Andrew. And tbh I don’t think Neil would have even went through with their “this” if he knew Andrew actually cared. Neil was pretty convinced Andrew didn’t give a fuck and still wouldn’t when he died. So when he tells him thank you he still probably thinks Andrew isn’t going to care. But it’s something he needs to say and get off his chest before he dies. Like these are his literal last words. He couldn’t leave without thanking Andrew for making the last couple months the best he has had in his entire life. He doesn’t think that Andrew will even catch on to the significance of it nonetheless care because Andrew has told him this is nothing and Neil is quite possibly the most oblivious character I’ve ever seen in fiction so of course he believes it.

I couldn't get this out of my head.

“Ugh. Of course the plastics are all in the same Gym class.”

“Who are the plastics?”

“They’re teen royalty. If Iwatori was JPNweekly, they would always be on the cover.”

“The blonde one, that’s Nagisa. He is one of the dumbest boys you will ever meet”

“He raced next to Nitori last semester.”

“he asked me how to spell ‘Breaststroke.’”

“The one with the big muscles, that’s Makoto.”

“He knows everyone’s business. He knows everything about everybody. That’s why his muscles are so big. They’re full of secrets!”


//scary music// “And evil takes a dolphin form in Nanase Haruka.”

“Now don’t be fooled. He may seem like you’re typical selfish backstabbing slut-faced merman.. but in reality he is so much more.”

“He’s the king.”

“Those others.. they’re just his little workers.”

Sherlock's Daughter: Bullied


Pairing: there isn’t one for this due to the reader being the daughter of Sherlock Holmes.

Request: hello! just a random person who enjoys your one shots… 😅 sorry for just lurking & liking like nothing, but they’re just so good!! i also want to make a request; one where the reader is Sherlock’s daughter, but she gets bullied since she’s a replica of her father & when he finds out that she gets bullied, he snaps & does a surprise visit with uncle Mycroft & John? 🤔

A/N: firstly, I got rid of the gif thing at the start like I used to do because I wasn’t liking it. Secondly, I’m sorry that this has been a long time coming. Thirdly, thank you for your kind comments. Finally, enjoy! x

Warnings: bullying.

PS: I also stated in here that teachers are underachievers but I do not believe this. Most teachers are very hardworking and are highly intelligent but I just had to say something like that in here because I can imagine Sherlock saying something like this.

“Ugh!” Bianca Scott exclaimed as you walked past. “How annoying are smartarses?” She was addressing the ‘populars’ as you liked to call them. The ones that thought they were above all the rest. “Just the way they go on in class… No wonder they don’t have any friends.” This hit you like a truck. It was painful when she insulted you to your face but it injured you more when she did it indirectly. However, you kept your head down and ignored her.

“Pizza, please,” You said to the dinner lady, who then put a slice on your plate. “Thanks.” You went to pay and then sat down next to your friend Heather in the dining hall.

“Hey,” You greeted.

“Hello," Heather replied.

"How was history?”

“Dreadful. You know when I said Mr Ev-”

“Heather!” One of Bianca’s cronies shouted (you believed her name was Clarissa). “Come and sit with us!” The rest of the girls giggled.

You sighed. “You may as well sit with them. They’ll pick on you otherwise.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah.” She gave you a cautious look before leaving to sit with the people you despised. Well, you didn’t really despise them. You felt sorry for them in a way because they felt better about themselves because they were bringing you down. You knew they took Heather to isolate you from everyone. Heather couldn't help it though and you didn’t want her to be bullied like you.  



Your day went from bad to worse. They’d made your life a misery though the last two periods of the day and unfortunately Daniella Smith was in your form so after your two classes, she spread rumors in form time. Of course everyone believed her; they didn’t really have a choice but to make fun of you. On the way home, Bianca caught you again and began to shout colourful words towards you. Unfortunately, you’d made a snarky remark about her so she punched you. She was about to beat you to a pulp before someone called her over to offer her a cigarette. You walked to a safe distance before crying your eyes out. You received some strange, however some sympathetic looks, on the way home. You were in the middle of London so it wasn’t surprising but very inconvenient. You felt so lonely in a very busy city.



As you approached 221B, you hoped that your father wasn’t in. You especially hoped that he had no visitors in either, although you did love him to bits. You unlocked the door before heading up to your room. You already deduced that your dad wasn’t in even before you entered the flat. You did pick up your dad’s knack at deduction, which worked in your advantage occasionally. However, recently it hasn’t aided you in the slightest at school. Suddenly there was a ring. You picked up your phone.

“Y/N!” Exclaimed the person from the other end. That person was Sherlock. “I’m going to be late home. Cases call.”

“Okay,” You replied before mentally scolding yourself. Your voice had cracked and you knew that your dad would automatically pick that up.

“Okay we- Hang on. You’re upset. What is it?” You hung up quickly and threw your phone to the end of the bed before laying down and staring at the ceiling. You knew you should probably treat the bruise that was forming but there was a lack of effort.



“Y/N?” Sherlock called as he entered the flat but he already knew you wouldn’t reply and you were in your room. He opened your bedroom door and saw your pitiful state. “Fights? Really?” He had noticed the forming bruise. “Wait! Not a fight. There isn’t as much damage-”

“Shut up!” You yelled. “I don’t want to be deduced! I didn’t want the 'power of deduction’ as you so kindly put it! It’s that that got me in this mess!” You stood up an stormed out of your room and left the flat. He called out to you but it was no use.



You came back a few hours later. Your father was stood where he had recently been playing his violin. He stopped the music when he heard you enter.

“Y/N,” He said calmly. “We need to talk.” You looked at him with sorrow in your eyes and you looked like a fragile piece of glass that was about to break. However, you thought you’d already smashed. You sat down in what was John’s armchair and your dad sat opposite. You took in a deep breath and then told him everything…



“I assure you Mr Homes, that our school does not tolerate bullying in any shape or form,” Mrs West (the headmistress) informed.

“So my goddaughter coming home crying and having a black eye is something that normally happens at this school then?” John asked as anger was boiling in his blood.

“John, stop…” You said weakly.

“No, Y/N,” Sherlock said sternly. “John makes a perfect point and I don’t see why these people, who had to take the job as a secondary school teachers because they aren’t good enough to go any further in their career, get to express how against bullying they are but can’t be bothered to stop it when it does occur.”

“Mr Holmes, I assure you this situation will be taken care of.”

“No I don’t think it will.” The door to the head teacher’s office swung open and stood there was Mycroft Holmes.

“Ah!” Mrs West exclaimed and her face turned bright red, suddenly realising the relation. “Mycroft Holmes! I mean, Mr Holmes.”

“Yes,” Was his reply. “I do believe that I need to talk to you in private about this delicate matter involving my niece. I hope I won’t have to do anything to do something to the school that one may think is too rash…” The use of his authority threatening the future of the school was enough to change her mind. In fact, Mycroft turning up was enough.

“Yes, Mr Holmes…”



“I’m surprised you all did something about it,” You told John as you ate your chips as you walked away from the fish and chip shop during the walk home from your school visit. Your father had stayed behind with Mycroft to talk to the teacher.

“Why would that be?” John asked. “Ugh! I put too much vinegar and salt on these chips.”

“Tell me about it. I’ve drowned mine in ketchup. Anyway, I think it’s because dad had a hard time in school. Him being picked on because of his mind. I thought that he wouldn’t bother because there wasn’t anyone there for him. Also, he seems so emotionless. I thought he’d hate me for feeling some degree of sadness.”

He chuckled. “I once thought Sherlock was emotionless for a while. However, he had major turning points; your birth was one of them. I’d never seen him care for a person that much before. He’d move Heaven and Earth for you, Y/N. Trust me.” You nodded your head and smiled happily. You then knew that your father would protect you from everything, despite his reputation and persona.

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(A/N: It’s fucking 4AM and I’m so fucking tired so this turned out shittier than the others. Oh well. 🤷🏽‍♀️)


I stretched under Jason’s blanket, yawning as I turned over to lie on my stomach. With my eyes still closed, I reached over to Jason’s side, expecting to feel his naked chest but I was greeted with an empty bed.

I opened my eyes and pouted, he must've gotten up early again. He did say ever since he and I started dating he’s been sleeping a lot better now, even waking up earlier than usual.

I swung the blanket off of my naked body and crawled out of Jason’s bed. I couldn't find my clothes because of course, Jason ripped them off last night, so I dug into his drawer and took out one of my spare panties he kept in there, and one of his shirts and boxers, bringing them with me to his bathroom.

After taking a shower, washing my long black hair, and taking care of…an extremely unwanted problem, I made my way downstairs to look for the guys. I found them all huddling around something on the kitchen island, “Goodmorning!” I greeted them cheerfully.

They all turned their heads to me, all of them looking like they just have been caught doing something they shouldn't be doing. I narrowed my eyes, “What are you all doing?”

“N-Nothing!” Jason stammered, “Close her damn laptop!” He hissed under his breath when he looked at Drake.

I pushed Grayson and Damian aside. Before Drake closed my laptop, I gasped, “You hacked into my Tumblr!?”

“Uh….no?” Drake laughed sheepishly. 

I growled. I was just about to pounce and smack him over the head but Jason picked me up and carried me over his shoulder, “Hey!” I punched his back repeatedly, “Why are you doing this?! Put me down you imbecile!”

I gasped when he smacked my ass, “No can do, princess! Answer the anon hate Tim!”

“Oh, you have got to be kidding me! Are you guys for real!?” I snarled. The things they do just to fucking answer these dumb messages!

I started kicking Jason’s stomach and punching his back, “Unhand me, Jason!”

“Hurry, damn it!” Jason growled at Drake, locking an arm around my legs.

“But I want to answer this fool!” I heard Damian snapped.

“No, Damian,” Grayson said, “Tim won rock, paper, scissors, he gets to answer.”

“Tt, that game was idiotic anyway, of course he won.”

When Jason let my legs go for a split second, I swung one leg around his neck. He yelped when I broke free from his grip on my hip, maneuvering myself quickly to sit on his shoulders and jump off, pushing his back with my foot.

“Oof! How the fuck did you do that?!” He growled, turning back to me.

“I was raised by the League of Assassins, babe.” I winked. I dove under his arm when he tried to grab me again and pushed Drake to the side, stopping his furious typing, “Hey! I was typing!” He protested.

When I quickly read over the anon hate, I just had to burst out laughing, “Oh my gosh! You guys got mad over this?!” 

Grayson crossed his arms, “Uh, duh!” 

Jason growled. I pinched his arms when he tried to pull me back from my laptop, “It’s just a simple, “I hope you fall off a cliff” type of anon, it’s not that bad.” I shrugged.

Damian smacked his forehead, “Sister, you are one strange human being, I swear.” He grumbled.

I rolled my eyes, “It’s not my fault they have nothing else to say instead of, “Oh, fall off a cliff” or “Oh, I hope you die, kill yourself” it’s the same thing over and over again. This is getting quite boring.” I sighed sadly. They really don’t know what to do with their dumb sad lives, huh?

This is probably the same anon from, I don’t know, last week? Nah, the one from last week actually tried. This one though, my gosh, how dull. The “No Charge” is amusing, though! B- for effort!

“Are you going to answer this time?” Drake asked, voice sounding defeated “Because what I wrote could really stop these 10 year olds from bothering you again.”

I read his response. Jesus, Drake sure does have some explicit words in here, “Drake, this is terrible, even if it’s for a 10 year old.” I said, deleting everything he wrote.

Damian huffed, “Tt! You see, Drake, I could’ve done a better job than you.”

Grayson chuckled, “Dami, you would’ve said worse things than Tim.”

I laughed too and patted Damian’s head, “Grayson’s right, I’m never going to let you respond to any of my anon hate.” I grinned.

“And why not!?” 

“Because you’ll make the anons want to kill themselves instead.” Jason muttered. Oh my dear God, he’s damn right. Next time I get an anon hate I have to hide my electronics from Damian. The anon hate is fun but I don’t want them killing themselves. It’s wrong wishing death on a person you don’t know. 

Grayson sighed and patted Drake and Damian’s shoulders, “Come on you two, it was worth the try.” 


Drake and Damian grumbled as Grayson led them out of the kitchen. I sighed and rested my head on Jason’s chest. He rubbed my back and kissed my forehead, “Still tired?”

I wrapped my arms around his waist,“Mhm, I missed you this morning, too.” 

I squealed when he slid a hand under the boxers and panties I was wearing, squeezing my ass, “Do you want to continue what we were doing last night?” He asked seductively.

“I would love to but,” I pulled back from his chest and took his hand out of my panties, giving him a sheepish smile, “I started my period.”

His jaw hit the floor, “Now!? When I’m feeling extra horny this morning!?”

I looked down at his tented pants and chuckled, “Yup,” I nodded, “No sex for a week.” 

Jason groaned, sliding his hands down his face in despair. I raised an eyebrow when his face lit up. He smirked, “You could still take care of this for me.” He gestured to his pants.

I rolled my eyes, “Nah.”

Jason’s face dropped, “Babe, please.” 

I shook my head. There’s no way I’m giving without getting something in return, “Nope.”

Fine!” He growled. I asked where he was going when he walked out of the kitchen.

“To fucking jerk off!” He called back.

Stranger Things Theory

Ok, so I was watching a couple of theory videos and rewatching the last season and looking at the parallels of the introduction of both the Demogorgon (The Vanishing of Will Byers) and the Thessalhydra (The Upside Down).

Originally posted by fatalitum

In the first episode, we are introduced to the Demogorgon via the end of the campaign of D & D that Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas were playing. It’s a monster, one that we see is an intimidating one to the quartet. This creature ends up of course as the main antagonist (? kinda sorta ?), even though I think the real one is Dr. whoops did I do that Brenner, of the first season.

Now, with the release of the trailer for season two during the Superbowl last night, we see that (oh shit) there’s a new titan in town.

Originally posted by lettherightfilmsin

Now, if we go back to the first season, something to notice is that the Demogorgon looks not much like its game piece (of course, because the D & D characters are used as a parallel in the show to what is happening in Hawkins). But, it is similar (standing of hind legs, spindly fingers, clawed, almost reptilian feet). So now we see this new creature. Huge with six-plus appendages that are connected to a central body(?). 

The epilogue of episode eight began the same way that the first did. A new campaign, with a new monster.

Originally posted by oldschoolfrp

The Thessalhydra is introduced. The four agree on using Fireball and the creature is destroyed and the campaign is done. But then we see what happens at the end of the episode and oh shit, it’s not over! 

A huge monster with six-plus appendages that are connected to a central body. Of course, it’s no exactly the same (like the Demogorgon) and in this situation, it might be kind of like a Captain America Hydra logo situation (let’s be real, the logo is an Octopus). 

This last bit of episode eight is absolutely FULL of foreshadowing for the next season, so why not have an allusion to a new antagonist?

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anonymous asked:

At my store, probably like most, we periodically have to do refresher training courses. Courses for stuff like safety, alcohol and tobacco IDing, fraud prevention, etc. Management puts this off until the last possible moment so in the week or two leading up to all the training expiring they rush to get us all up to date. This year, the managers couldn't get the training website to work for DAYS. The issue? A popup blocker. These managers are being paid 50k+ a year and are computer illiterate.

Summoner/Halloween!Sakura C-S Support

Written by  dearcornermarket


Sakura: Hmm hm hm hm hm. Hm hm hm hm hm…

y/n: Ah! Sakura! Glad I could find you.

Sakura: Huh? Oh! Good evening, summoner. Did y-you need me for something?

y/n: I did, but what were you humming just now?

Sakura: What? Oh, that… Well, it’s a song for the October Festival in Hoshido. My siblings and I usually do little performances together in celebration. It’s just been stuck in my head, is all. I-I can stop if you want me to!

y/n: No, no! You have a lovely voice, Lady Sakura.

Sakura: Ah… Th-thank you, summoner.

Sakura: But, um, what is it that you wanted me for again?

y/n: I was just about to gather you and the others to talk about the dance coming up!

Sakura: W-what?! A dance?!

y/n: You didn’t hear? Anna and I are organizing a dance for the October Festival here in Askr.

Sakura: Oh… Well, I’m not the best at dancing…

y/n: No need to worry, Lady Sakura. I’m sure someone would love to teach you.

y/n: Ah. The others are calling. Come with me. We’ll help set things up.

Sakura: Oh… Sure…

[y/n and Sakura have reached support rank C.]


Sakura: Um… y/n, c-can we talk?

y/n: Hm? Oh, Lady Sakura. Certainly. What do you need?

Sakura: N-Nothing, really, but… I’m just worried about the dance. W-What if the others laugh at me?

y/n: No one will laugh at you! If anyone does, I’ll make sure they suffer the consequences.

Sakura: What? W-What are you going to do to them?

y/n: … Oh, no no no! Nothing like that. Just send them home, more training hours, things like that.

Sakura: Okay… That makes me feel a little bit better. 

y/n: That’s good… You know, Sakura, you don’t have to come to the dance if you don’t want to.

Sakura: I-I want to! It’s just… I don’t know. Forget I said anything.

y/n: Sakura!

y/n: … Damn, she ran off… I’ll have tot talk to her again before the dance. She’s nervous about something, I know it.

[y/n and Sakura have reached support rank B.]


y/n: Sakura!

Sakura: *sniffles* 

y/n: Gods, Sakura, are you okay?

Sakura: Huh? S-Summoner? What are y-you d-doing *hiccups* here?

y/n: I haven’t seen you since yesterday. I got worried about you… What’s wrong?

Sakura: *sniffles* N-Nothing, I just… I just…

y/n: Sakura, you can tell me anything. I’m here for you.

Sakura: I… *cries* I-I just want t-to go to the d-dance, but… I-I’m too scared! They’re gonna look at me and m-make fun of my ears, o-or start whispering ab-bout me, and I’m g-gonna be miserable! 

Sakura: … I-I’m sorry, y/n. *sniffs* I’ve never… been the b-best at parties… I’m j-just gonna mess this one up, too.

y/n: Sakura, no. You have no need to be worried. You’re with friends here. Name one hero that I’ve summoned here that would make fun of you.

Sakura: …

y/n: Exactly. Sakura, it’s going to be okay. And as I said, if you’re that uncomfortable, I’ll join you here, and we can spend our time doing whatever you want.

Sakura: Wait… You would leave the party just t-to make me feel better?

y/n: If that’s what you want.

Sakura: … Actually, I still want to go. If you’ll be there.

y/n: !

y/n: Is that… My lady, are you asking me out on a date?

Sakura: W-What?! N-No!! I would never- B-but that’s not to say that you’re not-! I mean… 

Sakura: … Yes.

y/n: …

y/n: Hmhm. I’d love to, Sakura. 

Sakura: R-Really?

y/n: Of course. Now, come on. Let’s get ready for tomorrow night.

Sakura: Y-yes… Let’s go.

[y/n and Sakura have reached support rank A.]


Sakura: y/n, that was so much fun! I don’t think I’ve ever been happier at an October Festival before!

y/n: Neither have I! Alfonse did a wonderful job with the decorations.

Sakura: And Anna the music! I never knew she could play the violin that well!

y/n: Precisely! And it was all the better that you were there, Sakura! You’re an incredible dancer!

Sakura: A-Ah! Th-Thank you, y/n.

y/n: And you’re singing… I don’t think I’ll ever get that song out of my head now.

Sakura: O-Oh my… Thank you again, y/n. R-Really.

Sakura: Oh dear. It’s late. We should really s-start heading back.

y/n: Wait! Sakura, I need to ask you something

Sakura: ?

Sakura: What do you mean?

y/n: Well… You know how you asked me to come with you to this dance?

Sakura: Um… Yes. I do.

y/n: … Well, I felt that it was… My turn to ask you something.

Sakura: What do you -

Sakura: !!!

Sakura: Is that…

y/n: A ring? Yes. Sakura, you have no idea how long I have adored you. Ever since you first came to Askr, you’ve made my heart flutter. I know we’ve only known each other for so long, but… Will you be my wife?

Sakura: !!!!!

Sakura: I-I… I don’t know what to say…

Sakura: Oh, y/n… Of course I’ll marry you! You’ve made me so happy these last few days. And… To tell the t-truth… I’ve always liked you as well.

y/n: Sakura, you’ve made me the happiest person alive!

Sakura: Ah! R-Really?

y/n: Really. I love you, my lady.

Sakura: I-I love you, too!

[y/n and Sakura have reached support rank S.]

On September 17 2017… I reached 300 followers.

Thank you everyone, honestly. 

I never expected to reach a milestone on my birthday. And I never expected to reach 300 on just my third month on tumblr (honestly if you look at my archive it shows 4 months but really this blog started in late 23 so it’s technically just three months and some days so far). Much less meet some amazing people who’ve become close friends to me, and many more who I see as potential friends.

They know who they are :) And you, yes you. Thank you so much for being here on my journey uwu Tumblr is a big and unfamiliar place to me still, and while it’s been a smooth ride so far, I’m under no illusion that it will continue to be that way in the future. Thank you for making my three months being absolutely wonderful and enjoyable here, and I do hope that you continue supporting me uwu

Now excuse me as I message some people who i should really message hhh I feel so bad I mean they’re a friend and crud its been a while since I last messaged them quq;

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I know it's an odd time of year to asking for a fic like this, but I had a dream about it last night and couldn't get the idea out of my head. Tom being scared of people dressed up for Halloween. Marco having to try to explain it's all fake. (i just think it's really funny, its fine if you don't want to write it this time of year)

Of course I do! Sorry it took a bit of a turn! I hope you like it! I had a lot of fun writing this one! Tom and Marco are so cute together!

Tom poked his head to look out the window and then fell back. He looked over at Marco and whispered urgently. “Marco!” he cried. Marco stopped decorating the door ad looked at Tom. he was crouched on the ground with his ears flattened down against his head. “I told you they were coming!” Tom cried.

“Who’s coming?” Marco asked. Tom motioned to the window.

“Other monsters! To steal you away!” Tom replied. Marco laughed and walked over to the demon, kissing his head.

“Well, I better depend on you to keep me safe then, huh?” He joked. Tom made a strong face and nodded. Tonight there were monsters everywhere, and he was going to protect his human no matter what. Tom scrambled up and darted off into the laundry room while Marco put candy in a bowl for the trick-or-treaters. When he was finished he looked around for his demon, and shrugged when he was nowhere to be seen.

Marco was about to check upstairs, before there was a knock at the door. Marco smiled and brought the candy out for the kids. The poor children were halfway through the phrase “trick-or-treat” when Tom came dashing out with a hammer he got from the toolbox in the laundry room.

“LEAVE HIM ALONE!” Tom screamed. All the children screamed at the top of their lungs at the demon with glowing eyes. They dropped their bags and ran away, most of them were in tears as Tom chased them down the lawn. “Yeah! You better run!” He laughed and balanced the hammer on his shoulder. He turned around to look at Marco, who was astounded. “I did good, huh Marco?” Tom asked, grinned.

“Are you insane!?” Marco cried. Tom dropped the hammer.

“What do you mean? I saved you from monsters.” He explained, smiling really big. “It’s what you told me to do.” Marco face-palmed.

“Tom! I didn’t know you would take that seriously!” Marco cried.

“I will ALWAYS take your well-being seriously.” Tom defended. Marco opened his mouth to reprimand Tom again but cut himself off.

“Aww, that’s so sweet- wait, I am still upset with you!” Marco reminded himself. “These are costumes! The kids are trick-or-treating, non of it is real!” Marco assured. Tom looked around and saw a bunch of kids on the street were staring at him and Marco. Tom blushed deeply when he saw a kid remove his mask, showing Marco was right.

“So I just… I just chased children with a hammer didn’t I?” Tom asked. Marco nodded and Tom bit his lip. “I uh… we should go inside.” He suggested, and darted past Marco into the house. Tom jumped up onto the couch and covered his face with embarrassment.

“Tom, cheer up, it’s not that bad.” Marco tried. “I was the one who should have known you don’t understand the earth holiday.” Marco tried.

“No, this is bad. I can’t believe I attacked a group of ids thinking those cheap masks were real!” Tom cried, putting his head in a pillow. Marco sat down next to him and rubbed Tom’s back.

“Well… the one in the wolf mask looked pretty real.” Marco lied to try and make Tom feel better. Tom just groaned and shoved his face deeper in the pillow. “Come on Tom, it’s was a mistake.” He tried. Tom sat up.

“I was just scared.” Tom admitted, wrapping his arms around himself. “In the underworld other monsters or demons pick on weaker ones. And you’re a human! Demons always try to attack and steal humans. I thought they would take you away and…” Tom trailed off and Marco leaned closer.

“What is it, Tom?” he asked.

“I’m just always ready to fight when I’m with you! I’m a demon soldier, it’s what we’re for. I have to be able to protect you Marco.” Tom explained, leaning forward. “I can’t have another demon steal you away from me.” He added. Marco frowned and wrapped Tom up in a hug.

“Oh Tommy.” Marco cooed. “You don’t need to be so on edge that you attack trick-or-treaters. I’m not in constant danger.” Marco told him.

“But what if I let my guard down and then somebody steals you! I’m not…” Tom blushed a little and looked down. “I’m not that strong compared to other demons…” Tom admitted. Marco put his hand on Tom’s shoulder. “You’d be better off with a stronger demon, I’m a horrible soldier.” Tom sighed.

“No! No Tom, you’re amazing!” Marco assured.

“What good am I if I can’t even be what I was made to be?” Tom asked.

“Better.” Marco responded. Tom looked confused and Marco smiled a bit. “You are more than what others want you to be. You aren’t born knowing everything. You grow, and you learn, and you make mistakes. And that’s what’s wonderful! Because you keep going and going and never stop trying!” Marco exclaimed. Tom looked at Marco with wide eyes. “You’re more than an expendable soldier.”

“But that’s what I was made to be?” Tom tilted his head. Marco kissed his nose and shook his head.

“No, you were made to be Tom Lucitor. And that’s whoever you want to be.” Marco promised. “A soldier, a prince, an animal lover and an amazing boyfriend.” Marco grinned. “And so much more I can’t even list.” Tom grinned and gave Marco a kiss on the head, holding him close and taking in his warmth.

“Thank you, Marco.”

I’m really excited coz in one-week San Diego-Comicon will have us all screaming (the ones present there, and the ones who couldn't go a.k.a. me) the only thing I’m excited for is Marvel panel, Thor Ragnarön, Black Panther and of course!: Avengers Infinity War, I wish so much I could be there! the thing they'll show only for the assistants, omg. WHY. 

But it also makes me remember last year, San Diego-Comicon was the definitory thing that made me and I think the whole Johnlock fandom thought Johnlock was inevitably happening in s4, feel we were always right, I still remember those interviews, EVERYTHING they said and didn’t say, like, omg the feels, we felt like the most powerful fandom ever, GOOD TIMES but fuck you Mofftiss :c

But again, the people who assist this year is so lucky, coz if Marvel shows anything about Avengers Infinity War I’ll cry for not being there.

I’m remembering the Doctor Strange panel last year :3 Ben looked so shocked and Happy :> 

OMG it also will be the one-year anniversary of the new MARVEL STUDIOS logo, and the new intro OMG :’) time flies, and remember how only the assistants saw the first preview of Spiderman Homecoming, and Thor Ragnarök,  and Gotg Vol2, the announcement of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel.

GOD this year will be mindblowing too

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What's your favourite thing to do with/around Sasster?

I, uh, hope this sums it up for you. ^^’’’ 

Sasster belongs to @stealthnerd

  • Ginny: Professor Slughorn, can I talk to you?
  • Slughorn: Of course, Miss Weasley.
  • Ginny: I couldn't help but notice you've taken a liking to my boyfriend Harry.
  • Slughorn: Well, I've taken a liking to a number of my students. You're all so young and cute and full of potential...
  • Ginny: Can I tell you something, Professor?
  • Slughorn: Of course, Miss Weasley.
  • Ginny:  [flips him off] Don't fuck with me!
  • Slughorn: Excuse me?!
  • Ginny: You heard me! Stay away from my man, bitch or I'll whoop your desperate old-ass back to last year! [sweetly] Bye, Professor Slughorn....

Last night, I found out @nick-nocturn has a tumblr! So of course I had to make fanart!

…It uh. 

It turned out a bit more sinister than I intended. Sorry.

If any of you guys like to listen to in-depth analyses of eerie ARGs, webseries, and even horror movies, I suggest you go check Night Mind’s YouTube out! He gives some pretty neat insight on ARGs, brings hidden gems to light, and also has a great radio host-like voice. c: 

way-beyond-wildest-imaginations  asked:

okay so there are three ways you could react to what i'm going to say next: you either think i'm not taking you seriously (which I am, I swear), OR you could think I should see a psychiatrist OR it'll make you smile at least a tiny little bit, i'm hoping for the last reaction, of course... the omnipresent and omnipotent power of our lord and savior Doofy may be with you and may comfort you in these times of sadness and doubt and give you strength to go through this, hail Doofy, Amen(t) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

No no no no, it made me smile xD

Sometimes I forget how much doofy helps me go through the times of misery

Thanks for reminding, ily xD♥♥

Hope you’ll feel better asap♥

So they FINALLY made it official at work which means I get to yell and be excited


One of our leads in the call center got a job a lot closer to where she lives, which means her position was open - like a month after the last lead position was filled, the one I missed out on getting. So I applied, didn’t tell anyone because after I didn’t get the first opening I was too anxious about not getting this one to let anyone know. But I interviewed a couple weeks ago and they gave me the job!

I start tomorrow, though since it’s my day off really I start Tuesday. I still get Christmas off, in trade I’ll be working thanksgiving, but I’ll know well in advance now if I’ll be working holidays or not.

I’m so excited guys! I’ve been doing half the job of a lead for months now, depending on the day, and I enjoy it so much more than what my actual job is. Been working on clearing out my desk in between calls today, since I’ll be sitting up at the resource desk during my shifts from now on, though I get a little cubicle for keeping my stuff at too.


K: “Looks like we can both last long in a fight.”
S: “Of course. This time there’s no unknown crow that’ll get in the way. You better remember this. The next time we meet, I will become so much stronger than you and that crow, so you better not lose again to anyone else.”

It’s amazing how wild Los Angeles men are. Last night I had a guy come into the club and he was paying good money so of course I spent most of my evening with him, right? Problem is he was telling me all these nice things and stuff which is whatever- I hear it all the time. Then near the end of my time with him he’s telling me he travels a lot and isn’t tied down and just wants a sugar baby, so I’m like, okay, let’s go! Next thing you know I go to the bathroom real quick and I come back and I shit you not there’s his wife yelling at him in the middle of the club. 

It was pretty intense. They both got kicked out and I still got a lot of money from the guy so it was like I was essentially getting paid to watch some entertainment of my own. I am sort of sad though because now I’m back on my hunt for a sugar daddy.

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Firstly, u don't have to be so condescending & I actually ship Rose/Ten & Eleven/Clara. I just respect canon!! AlsoI was just curious since I really love ur blog & saw ur last ask. Secondly, I LOVED the commentary & never said he DIDN'T love her, I just don't think he loved her MORE. Rose crossed worlds to be with her Doctor again ye the still sent her to live the life he couldn't give her with someone else bc he didn't want to see her die... He saw River die, and "she is always there to him."

Hey Nonny. OK first off — your ask really read to me like an Eleven/River shipper who was denigrating Ten/Rose, and I do believe my response was commensurate with the overall theme of what came across to me. Lord knows I’ve seen that before, on here and on LJ. That said, of course I didn’t mean to patronise you, so if I did then my apologies.

I’ll address the last part of this Ask first — regarding Eleven witnessing River’s death. Since my response was at 2:30am, there were of course a couple of things that are Huge Deals to me that I left out, and this is actually one of the biggest. Ironic, no? In short — and I know you’ve doubtless heard this before, and from people far more eloquent than myself, so I won’t soapbox — what else exactly was Eleven supposed to do?  You’re right—he saw her die. He SAW it. And in a context where she was intimating “handcuffs” and “rawrrrr tiger”. He’s the keeper of the universe— the only thing between the universe and doom on a daily basis. Paradoxes are a nono. And here’s this woman—and she’s intimating quite a relationship between the two of them. What exactly is he supposed to do?

So let’s play a game for a minute, Nonny - please humor me, even though I know you ship them. Pretend for a minute that he DOESN’T love her. That all he does is tolerate her. That maybe he knows she loves him and finds that endearing, but that’s really the extent of it. That his role as keeper of the universe means he needs to marry her, bed her, and then knowingly send her to her death, and he feels really guilty about that bc he’s the Doctor and he’s got a conscience, and she’s an innocent.

… how different would it look on our screens than what we actually got?

My response to this exercise is that it would look the exact same as what we got. Because really, canonically, that’s all we got. Someone who reblogged my earlier response phrased it excellently in their tags (not calling them out unless they want me to - in that case, lemme know and I’ll edit this with your username lol) — for the Doctor/River relationship to be seen as romantic at all, it needs to almost entirely rely on the viewer’s headcanon. Which is fine— but headcanon is not canon, and there is a wide gulf there that a lot of us (a **lot** of us) are not ever going to feel comfortable jumping.

And therein I think lies the difference between you and me, Nonny. And that’s cool, but it is a difference.

OK now back to Rose. You’re right, Ten didn’t want to watch her ~wither and die~. That’s hugely traumatic for him, obviously, and in that way, you’re right—part of the reason he left her on Bad Wolf Bay in JE was very selfish.

Yet she’s the “love of his life” per Tennant in The Runaway Bride confidential. He lost her. He can’t get her back - it would be a paradox!! And as we’ve discussed above, he can’t do that. But he runs towards her on the street in TSE/JE, Nonny, with that smile on his face from ear to ear, running as hard as he can—- and in that moment, there is no paradox. The universe is being kind to him. And when he’s shot and collapses and thinks he’s dying, he falls with her name on his lips. And he has every eventuality open to him, even when TenToo comes into being — he could take them both! Or he could ditch TenToo and just take her along. He could do anything he wants to—and, just a couple of episodes later, in Waters of Mars, doesn’t he prove that he’s capable of just that line of thought?? (Btw, it’s Tennant’s head canon per that confidential that Ten’s first thought was totally “how do I get Rose back and stop that dalek from shooting me in the street?”)

But then he does something selfless. He gives her the best part of himself. A part she wants, who can give her a lifelong commitment. He lets her keep her family. And he does it knowing he will sacrifice her and never see her again. Because that’s a big part of what love is— it’s about sacrifice for the other person.

And for whom did the Doctor—any regeneration—sacrifice the most over the past few seasons? In terms of having to regenerate in s1, in terms of overall time spent mourning in s3, in terms of risking heartbreak for fleeting happiness in s2 and having his happiness forfeited in s4 and the specials—that’s Rose. Only Rose. Nine and Ten’s entire character arc was Rose.

And I don’t want to rehash my previous post more than necessary, but that’s a huge—huge—difference between Rose and River.

@wxckedwxns cont.

“Purification?” Zelena quirked her lips up into a small smirk. The idea of any of the Mills women purifying themselves in any way was especially amusing. “That sounds both suspicious and dangerous. You’ve got my attention.”

“In more ways than one,” Cora commented dryly. “I don’t think it’s working, I don’t feel any different.” That was the last time she took unsolicited advice from Snow White. It was an open secret that Cora was, even at the best of times, a bit miserable in her own head. Snow had offered meditation tips as some kind of solution- Cora had been just curious enough to try it. 

“This was stupid.”