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My first ever commish! This was so fun to do!! I love the wind haha, this is my commish for 606nebula

Advance haapy new year guys! 

Lets be happy and be excited for the new year to come! (/^▽^)/

I’m so very excited! I finally say good bye to this terrible year lol

It wasn’t all bad I guess, Mob happened (oh so thankful!) and… …it seems it’s all the good I see haha ah! yeah I learned how to make gifs and and I didn’t shift to a new course (not sure if it’s good or something but at least I didn’t give up haha) 

Yeah, not so bad xD I hope you guys had fun too! Lets be happy together weee!

I know, she knows that I’m not fond of asking
True or false, it may be…
Well, she’s still out to get me.

catching up on some of those quality posts i missed in the last few days and caught @tyranttortoise‘s prompt on a reader who calls random numbers when lonely, reaching a few of the skelebros through it. i loved them all so much, because of course i did, and i couldn’t get the thought of Edge on the other end not knowing how to be casual.

in other words, ty’s back at it again, giving me those intesne feelings in every little story told. i mean really, go treat yourself to an absolute delightful adventure in storytelling and check ty out if you haven’t already. <3

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Okay but hear me out on this one.

The password to the elevator is, according to the above, 8539.

If this is a standard keypad, then we have the letters T, U, V, J, K, L, D, E, F, W, X, Y, and Z corresponding to each of those numbers, respectively. Maybe each number represented a letter, and so I fiddled around a bit and got this.

T-8, L-5, E-3, and W-9.

Now I know this may just be gibberish and I may just be crazy, but each of these letters can stand for something. So I ran through a bunch of quotes having anything to do with this movie, and of course “I’m with you ‘til the end of the line” is such a glaring one. Rearranging the wording, we get:

The Line Ends With…

The elevator leads Natasha and Steve to Zola, and consequentially, to their probable deaths via the nuke fired by SHIELD. 

Did whoever set the elevator password know something was going to happen and try to warn them before it was too late? Or is it just a random set of digits?


those fluttering eyelashes are killing me… and that tiny smile at the end…


        It’s her first day back to school since
                 the infamous meltdown.


@brilliantrosetyler requested: compliments/nice things they say to (about) each other


        This is falling in love in the cruelest way,
                                               This is falling for you and you are worlds away.


some of my favorites: [1/25] female characters

↳ Kate Austen

Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell’s going on.


The Darkest Minds Posters: Owen Devalk as Liam Stewart.


Kagome Higurashi for my love millennium-queen