so of course I had to draw it


intense… kids

Carmilla worries about her tiny human (even if she doesn’t always show it)

Throwing my theories onto the fire asto the science of mythical horse-butted babies. 

nO THIS WAS NOT an excuse to draw tiny chubbly-wubblum baby Clyde and lanky knobbly foal legs. NEVER.

FOR SCIENCE! Like gestating in the horse half would mostly remove the limitations of the human pelvis that restricts the size of a babies head so a foalby could be born mostly ready to go with just a small period of intensive care that human bebes require. Also adding unique behaviors while solving my personal problem with wtf centaurs do with their hands/arms when running. Obviously they wouldn’t do the tuck and run all the time but if you’re scared you don’t want extraneous limbs flapping about throwing your balance off if they weren’t necessary.


I’ve been watching a lot of popping animation dances lately, and so…this happened. So I guess this is a little AU where Gon and Killua do popping animation dancing? I thought it was a pretty cool dance style!

Inktober Day 06~
Idk if this is a rarepair or not, I just introduced myself to mercymaker and 👌🍸❤️💯


Nicholas Stathopoulos - Art Inspirited by Architecture and 2001

Nicholas Stathopoulos (Nick Stath) is an artist and architect.  His work is full of grand structures that dwarf small, lone astronaut.  In an email interview Nick explains that,

I have always had a passion for drawing and film, one of my biggest influences being Stanley Kubrick’s 2001:A Space Odyssey. I was drawn to the visionary aspect of the film and of course the black monolith - a simple, yet mysterious object that appeared to have so much power, it fascinated me and still does!

Nick’s architectural background helps him capture that large clean design that Kubrick used in 2001.  Nick’s art inspires that same sense of awe.  You can keep up with Nicholas Stathopoulos’s art on his Instagram Page,  or buy prints of his work at Redbubble.  Thanks to Ignant.

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Posted by Lisa.

I finally had the pleasure of talking to @junkpilestuff last night, and many madness ensued that convinced me to draw Gaster!Sans as sexily as possible (in my standards that is).

But of course, I will now ruin the moment with jokes. :D

Then again, REBEL G!Sans would probably respond like THIS?!

Credits given to the original creator of G!Sans @borurou

Inspiration from @junkpilestuff