so of course I had to draw it


Kel Lavellan

Happy Birthday @feynites! You’ve been such a wonderful friend, and there’s nothing I look forward to more than seeing that you’ve posted something, or a message in my inbox. 

Kel is so lovely, I’ve wanted to draw her portrait for a while now. I hope I did her justice. I wanted to give you a vallaslin and non-vallaslin version and then you wrote that lovely General Fen’Sulahn fill and said she wore Fen’Sulahn’s vallaslin so I had to add that, of course. XD


Anon said: i love ur fusion art!!!! if u have time/want to you should do a bakushima fusion

You’re not the only one that asked, but actually I already did draw it! It’s the first one I’ve drawn haha I felt like drawing it again tho, so here’s a doodled comic of the first time they fused accidentally ✌️

Okay, I finally beat the game and I’m  c r y i n g

So decided to draw an alternate reality where the Chocobros got to Altissia in time for the wedding - and Noctis had to have a photoshoot for publicity. Aaaand of course one of the shots is with his best men.

This was a commission for @jack-jazzrabbit! Thank you so much for letting me draw the boys!

Head canon that Blue Diamond changed her appearance because of stress

Since the Wanted arc aired, I’ve been thinking about Blue Diamond a lot lately and after seeing this video, it made me want to draw her.

In this video, @swaggythunder brings up a very great point about Blue Diamond’s appearance change from her mural depiction in the moon base to what we’ve seen so far.

In the mural, she wears what looks like a long flowing dress that exposes her gem and arms. Her hair color is depicted as darker than that of her skin. So we all expected her to look somewhat similar to that. BUT she ended up like this.

Why is that? Because she’s been mourning the loss of Pink, of course. So because of this, I wanted to draw what she could have looked like before Pink’s shattering.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Blue’s design so much! I love the way she contrasts Yellow’s jagged and sharp design, but I don’t think Blue has always had the white flowing hair and mourning attire she has now.

Any Thoughts?

Today is the one year anniversary of me posting my very first Haikyuu!! fanart (iwaoi, of course!). I wish I had the time to mark the date properly since it’s been a pretty momentous year for me, but alas, this will have to do. 

Thank you all so much for supporting me <3

If you follow my Twitter you’ll know I’ve been head over heels for Dear Evan Hansen recently. I gave the soundtrack a listen once I learned the main character has social anxiety disorder (like me!) and the whole thing had me BAWLING…so of course I needed to draw a tribute piece.

Hopefully one day I’ll get to see this moving story in person!


And they say romance is dead


So I watched season 3 of Voltron: Legendary Defender a while ago. And I ended up loving Lotor as a villain.

So of course I had to draw something with him, and what better thing to draw than his luxurious locks in different hairstyles. That and Lance being naturally jealous of said locks.


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Now this AU had a name/tag! “Blue says because.

Okay, that’s it, I can develop this AU in two ways, and I haven’t chose which one i prefer more, so today (because I have a lot of work to do, so of course I find a way to procrastinated) I draw a piece for both of them.

In which there are very too many paladins. But not enough Lance - or Canon Voltron meet  Beyond Stressed Voltron.

Part One - Part Two

(Here the Second Version)

Inktober Day 06~
Idk if this is a rarepair or not, I just introduced myself to mercymaker and 👌🍸❤️💯


Halloween with the RFA Members

I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween! These mini strips are based on @zens-ponytail​‘s (angst queen) head canons about the RFA entering a Haunted House Attraction ++ mixed with the RFA Halloween Party Outfits! Please read the headcanons on her blog to better understand what’s happening *v* ♥

I added Unknown bc why not;;; he didn’t want to wear a costume but he lets MC match with him anyway hhhhaha!! ++ V coming soon – or not LOLOL ;;; will fix some stuff tomorrow ahaha i’m so tired


I saw the “Chat Noir visits bakeries to find his girl and Ladybug discreetly suggests the cookies at the Dupain-Cheng’s” post.

So of course I had to draw it. - Link to op

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