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Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to fanfiction? Especially Twilight fanfiction?

Oooohhhhh boy. All those with cardiovascular problems better leave now because this is going to get very salty

Okay first off a small disclaimer: while we might be a small group now, Twilight is one of the biggest fandoms on ffnet. There is so much fanfiction out there for Twilight, and loads of it was written by very young, inexperienced writers who were just starting out and plainly writing wish-fullfillment fics with selfinserts that had little to do with Twilight or it’s characters. Obviously this doesn’t go for every Twific, there’s wonderful stuff out there, and even my pet peeves aren’t always annoying if they’re done well- the thing is just, in my experience they mostly aren’t.

I’ll try to keep this brief instead of going into a full-on rant, so I’ll literally make a list.
- ORBS ( I will leave the fic immediately no matter how good it is)
- the OC is vegetarian and the Cullens are super awed of that, but the OC never has any problems killing animals/ with them killing animals, their vegetarianism is just a plot device to make the OC special
- OC’S without families or friends so they can easily join the Cullens and devote all their time to them, also OC’S with no interest or hobbies
- (this is more general, but I see it in twilight fics very often) over describing clothes. When your chapter is 2000 words and 700 of that are describing your characters outfit down to every detail, you’re going overboard.
- Those weird Carlisle spanks everyone fics????????
- Every OC has the Bella Experience and doesn’t struggle as a newborn at all
- ( this isn’t strictly something I dislike, just something I don’t really get???) The Major
-  whenever somebody involves Native American/Quileute heritage I get really tense cause that’s just a bag of bad things about to happen, like I once read a fic where the OC ( a white girl) could sing super well and went to bonfire night at the resort and then sang Colours Of The Wind from Pocahontas and the wolves were totally awed and that was a major YIKES
- mischaracterization of the canon characters ( even if it’s an AU they need to be recognizable)
- Mates/Imprints everywhere ( I really don’t share this idea that Mates or the same as Imprints and that you ~know~ as soon as you see them, which seems to be very popular in fanfic)
- Weird Names ( If your OC is white and Amercian and named Athena or Isis or whatever for no reason other than that you think it’s a cool name that’s just… no. don’t do it. Then give her a father obessed with mythology and make it a point that her name is kinda weird. Let her bond with Renesmesnesee over that)
- Any of the Cullens ( I excempt B/E from this) falling for teenagers
- 20 chapter fics with no plot and just fluff or smut ( I enjoy both, but rather as one-shots)
- Periodfeasts. No. Don’t do it.

there’s probably a thousand more, but I’ll stop now


I finally did it! I finished the second quest. 57 deaths, could be worse ( my first time playing the first quest had my death count in the 400s )  I’ve been an adoring fan of Zelda 1 for many many years but I’ve never put any serious effort into playing the second quest apart from a half hearted attempt a couple years back, and just now. Wanted to make sure to get it done before Breath of the Wild released.

So, it was fun. Much more challenging than the first quest, obviously. I’d probably play it again, but I’m not crazy enough to attempt a no death run like I’ve done with the first quest though.

I’ve always maintained that Zelda 1 was not unbeatable without a guide, like a lot of newcomers to the game like to claim. But this was coming from someone who didn’t play much of the second quest. I still hold firm to the first quest being easy peezy to beat without a guide, but I was a little humbled by the second quest.

The first quest conditioned me to thinking that the flute would only be useful for killing digdogger, warping, and uncovering the one dungeon in the pond without a fairy. But in the second quest, it suddenly became a much more important tool for uncovering secrets, including the location of a dungeon that’s not under a pond. I had to look up the location of this dungeon.

Now, the romhack, Zelda Challenge: Outlands, actually hints at the flute being more useful in the second quest in it’s digital instruction manual, so I should have figured the same thing applied to the original game, but I just didn’t.

On the plus side, I actually learned  even more about this game I love so much. I think I’ve finally come to the realization that there can only be one cave on the screen at any time, so don’t bother using the candle, bombs, or the power bracelet if there’s a cave somewhere on the screen. Secondly, the flute will never uncover secrets near the coast, because of the way it’s programmed to remove the color blue from the screen ( and draining the whole ocean would be silly… *glances at old pre-hyrule historia timeline theories* )

In any case, I still think the game is wonderfully designed, the flute thing was probably a product of the time when Nintendo Power Magazine, Nintendo Hotline, and word of mouth was a big part of the gaming experience. I won’t fault it for that.

Now if you;ll excuse me, i’m going to either dive into the Legend of Link, or The Legend of Zelda randomized.

blog psa.

thank you for the continuing patience with me, everyone. i’ve been busy with work as usual, and then when i get home i’m completely wiped out or focusing on getting my apartment into shape. 

not that it really matters too much, but, this week i was officially diagnosed with depression, which actually attributes to a lot of why i never feel like doing anything anymore (i don’t want to get too personal, but it actually extends beyond just not getting my rp posts done, obviously). i’m seeing a therapist, though, and will be working extensively over the next few weeks to get some much needed healing done. this means at least for a few more weeks i’ll be gone for the majority of the week and mostly around on the weekends after i’ve had rest and time to decompress. tonight i have a little motivation so i’m going to try to get more things done, but i mostly wanted y’all to know what’s been going on.

it’s been a very trying year, and i’m trying so very hard to work on some much needed self-care. i suggest everyone do the same.

i hope you’re all having a nice week <3

I’ve had a commission I’ve been slowly working on for months and I’m trying to crank out the last of it so it’s finally done. Soon, hopefully. In the meantime, look at these nice colors I managed to get. 


all of you, keep your eyes forward. i’ll guard your backs. ins.

“I would tell you that I love you even if Eurus didn’t say there was a bomb in your flat.”

I don’t know how to thank @steveaoki for everything he has done for Louis? Like? Louis is going through something that no one will ever be able to understand. He just performed his heart out for her. And he had Steve by his side who keeps pushing and supporting him. A man who dropped everything for Louis. And he just keeps showing his love for Louis. And. I just hope he realizes that we’re all so happy to be introduced to his heart, and this man. And he obviously has the biggest name in EDM right now, but we’re all ready to add to that total. Because he just deserves it so much. He has been supporting Louis in a way that we wish we could right now. And I’m so thankful for him.

Jensen Ross Ackles

This man has played dean winchester for over 10 years . he has continued filming for all these years because of us. He has done all of this for us.
I heard that he has said that destiel isn’t Canon at a con and it’s blowing up my dash so I had to post something about it
The way I see it people is Jensen doesn’t ship destiel. Yes he was blunt about the fact to a fan but he has had destiel practically shoved down His throat by shippers since season 4 so obviously he is going to get annoyed at some point
If someone were to force their views on me hearly every day for around 7 years I would get annoyed too .
Jensen is a kind man who has just become a father again to two wonderful twins and yet he has left his family to come and meet you guys . to meet us . he didn’t have to do that . he could have easily said no but he didn’t
Jensen isn’t homophobic he just doesn’t believe the same thing we do and if you can’t accept that then can you really call yourself a Jensen fan??
Would a Jensen fan cause him upset because of him having different beliefs to them??because I sure as hell wouldn’t

Okay I’m done now

Torn 20

I was working on Torn earlier when I realized I had so much more to write before I posted both installments. So I just decided to post part of it and make it part 20 to keep you from waiting any longer. This is a long one at 8k plus words and again I am still not done. So I hope you enjoy Eric and the reader and my apologies for the wait.

“So did you really take my granddaughter to see your lover instead of her own father?” Angelina had just burped her granddaughter and you inwardly groan as you were hoping for an uneventful visit. You shook your head at being such a fool. She was after all Eric’s mom. You had not seen her the past couple of days and you had hoped she had went back to Erudite.

“Eric obviously had better things to do then visit his child.” You informed her as you took the half empty bottle of breastmilk off the coffee table.

“If Eric is not with his child he had a damn good reason.”

You stopped in your tracks as you picked up her tone towards you. You whipped around and focused on her.

“I don’t give a damn what reason it is he should be here for his daughter.” Angelina detected the anger in your voice.

“You need to watch your tone young lady.”

You slammed the baby bottle on the kitchen counter.

“YOU don’t get to tell me what to do. You do understand that it is a privilege that I allow you to see your granddaughter. If you as so much as look at me the wrong way you will not see her again. Go run and tell that to your son.” You were heated and you were sick of all things Coulter.

“Eric will never allow that!”

“You want to try me and see?”

Angelina gently placed a sleepy Abigail in her motion seat that Eric had brought her. The seat was a God send as it bounces up and down, swayed back and forth and had many more soothing motion settings for Abigail. Angelina looked you up and down and smiled.

“You know you might just be woman enough for my son.” A look of pride displayed on her face. “I will be back later tonight to tuck my granddaughter in.”

God when was she going back to Erudite?

“That’s fine.” You sighed as you saw her out. You sat on the and pulled your daughter’s infant seat up to you and gazed down at her beautiful face. Abigail yawn and scrunched her cute face. You found your fingers caressing her cheeks.

“I love you baby girl.” You whispered to her as tears of pure joy fell from your cheeks. You loved her so much it ached. You wiped the tears from your cheeks, got up after a few moments on the couch, took Abigail out the seat and went in your room and went to bed as Abigail slept.

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Is there ANYTHING this man cannot make about himself?

*Titanic sinks*

*President Trump* “It’s sad, obviously.  A tragedy. The Titanic was a tremendous, unique ship. It was so great. But if they had just put me in charge of it? It would not have sank. Because I had plans. Great, great plans. Me and my plans. I could have done something about the iceberg. I could have made the Atlantic great again. This is CNN and Obamacare’s fault. Why does the media hate me?”

I’m honestly pissed at John.

He CHEATS on Mary and then gets angry with Sherlock when she takes a bullet for him and dies, saying that Sherlock had vowed to protect him.

Sherlock obviously didn’t see this coming, he was just as shocked at everyone else. If he had seen this coming he would have either prevented it or taken the bullet himself.

What pissed me of the most was the final scene when Sherlock came to visit and John had told Molly to tell Sherlock that he was the last person he wanted to be helped by.

Sherlock has done so much to protect all of them and then he gets treated like that, while John CHEATED on Mary and that is somehow okay in his own eyes?

Honestly John can go fuck himself

You know, I really dislike sex scenes in tv and movies. They always felt so forced and unnecessary.

But I think a main reason I dislike them is because very rarely are they actually done between two characters who love each other. It’s just two people, who barely even know each other, or have been dating for like, a few days just having sex to have sex, because “it’s been months since I had any action”, and not because they love and are committed to one another

Obviously because of my religious beliefs I think sex should be something between a married couple. Which I don’t expect in movies really, for characters to wait until marriage. But at the very least, can’t they be in love and completely devoted to one another?

Tbh I feel like Emily’s storyline was the most well done and realistic because it wasn’t trying to force a plot from 2007. Since Edward Herrmann passed away, obviously ASP had to re-do Emily’s story, and it’s so powerful and wonderful. If ASP had done that with all the characters instead of trying to make an ending meant for 9 years ago happen, the Gilmore Girls revival would have been so much stronger and more satisfying.


Drew some Porls
I really love the outfit and hairstyle Pearl has in the pilot, but she didn’t have The Nose ™ so obviously something had to be done about this
I also remembered in Steven The Sword Fighter she cycled through her previous forms before taking form and the first one was her pilot design. I like to think she actually looked like that before rebelling, so I made a few tiny changes to fit that.
Also got to play with a new, Rebecca Sugar-inspired coloring style! Even though once again this was just going to be uncolored sketches and I have no self-control!

Guzma visiting Tapu Bulu’s ruin – obviously with the Kahuna Nanu’s permission (+ guide) to enter – probably to ask for forgiveness or smth like that after everything he (& his team Skull) had done esp at the Ula-Ula island~ :’3c