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Me having the interest in personality that I do, I got curious as to what people see the 1D guys as in terms of MBTI and I CAN’T BELIEVE PEOPLE THINK HARRY IS AN EXTROVERT.

It’s so abundantly clear that they base their assumptions on stereotypes of personality types and hyperbolised dichotomy of introversion and extroversion - the whole “introverts are social awkward, shy, and super quiet; whereas extroverts are the only people that can exude confidence and capability to hold an interesting conversation”.

He is clearly an inward, abstract, thinker who engages in outward behaviour as a decided measure. Action after thought, not thought after action.

That boy has got to be an INFJ without a doubt.

Chris Colfer talks FNO and style evolution

You guys were working on [Glee’s Fashion’s Night Out ‘Fashion’ music video]?
Oh my God, all I remember is my pants were so tight that day. My legs turned blue… among other things. It was a lot of fun, it was one of those, I don’t think any of us had ever really experienced it before. Like, the director gives you a note like, 'Okay, I want more tiger, less kitten!’

So, who is the big fashion maven on Glee?
Well, Kurt is, obviously. If there’s something that boy knows about, it’s fashion.

How has your fashion sense changed since being on the show?
You know, I’m no longer afraid to try new things. And by new things, of course, I mean like a scarf, or maybe a pen - nothing too big. But I realised, since millions of people have seen me in those ridiculous, ridiculous outfits, there’s really not much I can do in my personal life to, you know, make up for it. So I think I just have more bravery.


im kinda at the point where i dislike “dont reblog if u dont have ___ disorder” bc like, it kind does 3 things: 

it forces people to pathologize their own minds which they might not want, 

and/or forces them to put their symptoms/ in a box that might not fit them and might have been used to hurt them 

and/or it divides mental illness communities in weird lines that are unnescesarry considering mental illness diagnoses is not A Thing in the sense that a broken bone is A Thing, like, they are more names for things you experince and having a name for it can help or not and sometimes multiple names might fit and you cant say which one is Really it, like you can in the case of “did i twist my ankle or break it” you cant do that with brain weirds

and i honestly dont want to force people into a label that was invented by the psychiatric system, an oppressive and brutal system, before they are allowed to relate and reblog a post about a neurodivergent / brain weird / mental illness trait or symptom they might share

like obviously, i dont like it when some tumblr funnyman reblogs a “that autism feel when” post and deletes the autism part to get more notes and then you scroll a page on their blog and theres some “funny” ableist video of a kid in their class being weird so they filmed it to get notes

and obviously people with less stigmatized symptoms and diagnoses who arent in (at least the same levels of) danger of abuse and forced institutionalization should probably know when to not shove their nose in (like if you never have experienced extreme paranoia or delusions or psychosis and havent been mistreated for that u probs should not reblog certain things) but like, still

i think it has become too much prescriptivism and gatekeeping, like, that tumblr funnyman who did the shitty thing isnt gonna stop bc we tell them to, while a mentally ill person who didnt feel comfortable listing everything about them on the internet is definitely gonna be hurt by someone coming at them like that for reblogging a post

Ep 3 Feelings Regurgitation

I’m usually more sure of my decisions because I can usually tell which is the more ‘moral/kinder’ action but with all these branches being formed and consequences being realized I’m getting a little mixed up. New revelations and the info dumps they bring don’t help either. I’m still very unsure of how I want things to go but word vomit below cut about characters as of ep 3

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