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Solar Eclipse: Astrological Houses

The Eclipse In Your Houses

On Monday, August 21st, the Solar Eclipse will be in Leo. It will be a time of reevaluation as this powerhouse begins to transit through our houses. I will assume that everyone knows how to check transits in their chart, but if you have any questions you can send me a message (I’ll be happy to assist but give me some time). At first, I was a bit apprehensive, but after reading and learning some interesting things, this will be an exciting time for us all since we will be able to pinpoint what aspects of our lives we need to work on to truly become better. Astrology should not be used as a way to see the future but a tool to help guide us through the present. If you are not aware of how this will impact your astrological house, here is a quick summary to guide you:

First House: Issues with self esteem? Self identity? These are all major points in the first because it is the House of Self. If you’ve been feeling out of place lately (with all the retrogrades clouding us and driving us bonkers) Leo will shine a light and will help you carve out the path to self discovery for the upcoming months.

Second House: Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your bank statements. Money is leaving you faster than it’s flowing in. The Solar Eclipse will tell you that it is time to be more wary of how you manage your finances. Make sure to analyze what you’re doing and most importantly, how you can improve. Open up a savings account, if you have the money, seek a financial adviser or just read up on ways to be more financially literate. 

Third House: Mercury is in Retrograde, so communication could be a bit…frustrating. If Leo is illuminating your third house, you have to see what it is YOU could be doing that is making exchanging information a bit tougher. When the much needed light of Leo shines on your house, you will receive a boost in creative energy, your thoughts will be fresh and you may even help people unclog their thought process.

Fourth House: Family drama? Not sure why you’re feeling like you’re trapped in a whirlwind of constant domestic arguments that just seem to never be resolved? Time to take a step back and consider what could be missing in the equation.

Fifth House: If your fifth house is being illuminated, prepare yourself for a much needed “fun” boost. Perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit melancholy because you have not been able to express yourself in the way you’ve wanted or you are caught up in a romance that doesn’t seem to be fulfilling, now is the time to make a choice that will help you pursue your happiness.

Sixth House: For those that will have Leo illuminate their Sixth House during this eclipse, it is time for you to think about yourself. This is the house of service but maybe you have been helping too many people to consider that not putting yourself first could be hurting you. Leo takes pride, it is the ruler and their self love could border on the narcissistic. Take some pointers and focus on you while also helping others. Make lists of things that need to be taken care of so you can be prepared for what’s to come.

Seventh House: This is the House of Partnerships, so it is obvious that you may be focusing on the status of your relationships whether intimate or friendly. Very much like the eleventh, you’ll discover who is there for you and who is not, giving you the courage to let go of things that are dead-weight. This is a time for growth and understanding and the eclipse will reveal the answers you’ve been craving for some time.

Eighth House: The time for change is happening. This house will have several convoluted questions from those that have this placement. Scorpio rules this house, which is represented by Sex, Death and Rebirth. This could be the ending of relationships accompanied with the rebirth of new ones. It could also be something involving the self. Perhaps old habits will end and you will evolve into something new.

Ninth House: You might feel anxiety over school, religion or your views of the chaotic world we live in. The Solar Eclipse will guide you and give you the confidence to challenge the norm. You will receive the clarity needed to focus and improve, especially if you’re a writer. Very much like the third house, the Eclipse will boost your communication skills and your thought process will flow clearer.

Tenth House: Leo will shine a light on your career and goals. Is your job satisfying you? Have you met your purpose? Do you crave for more? The Eclipse will shed a light on your progress or it might even provide a nice boost to your ambitions and drive. Tis your time to shine, best to grab on as you catapult to the stars.

Eleventh House: Time to reflect on those people that are truly there for you and the ones that want to see you crash. This Solar Eclipse will guide you to face those questions that have been troubling you for some time. Make sure to think things through and weigh the good with the bad regarding those people. Once you’ve made your choices, do not fret, the world is filled with plenty of people and you will definitely find better ones along the road.

Twelfth House: The House of Secrets and mysteries will definitely benefit from this Solar Eclipse. There will be a brief light in the dark road. The ethereal house questions, pushes and can take you to the brink of madness, but fear not. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Hold on to hope and make sure to remember that being optimistic doesn’t hurt, even if the twelfth house constantly pressures you. You can face your demons and win.

Happy eclipsing!

House Rules

So for those of you that are spirit keepers/companions, or are spirit workers of any frequency, you may know a bit about house rules. Now keep in mind, you don’t need to have house rules. Some don’t find that they need them, some prefer not to have them. I choose to have a set of house rules because I find that for me, it helps bring a little peace and harmony to my house, and that if anything did go wrong, I have something to refer to. Anyone in my house, be it astral being, spirit or entity, from white arts to dark arts to black arts, is expected to follow these rules while they are part of my household/in my house.

These are my house rules. Feel free to use them if you like, modify them, add/subtract as you see fit. I have had a lot of success with these so far, and no incidents. Depending on who is in your family/keep/court, you may need to add rules, or subtract them. But these are what work for me & my family. What is in bold is my actual rule, and then I will expand upon the rule if I see fit.

1. Never harm or show disrespect to myself, my significant other, any other member of my family, friends or welcome household guests. This is obvious… I don’t want any of my spirit family hurting each other, nor do I want them hurting any human or animal that is welcome in my house.

2. Never harm any children or pets.

3. Never show yourself to anyone besides myself in your true form, unless your true form is something that would not scare them. (Example: If it is a child, appear as something child friendly.) I have a few not so pleasant looking family members, or some beings that in their true form are pretty terrifying. I wouldn’t want them showing themselves to a child or an adult.

4. Sexual contact is only welcome with me and will not be permitted with anyone else. Basically just don’t go touching my boyfriend or anyone else, they don’t appreciate it. 

5. No physical manifestations at work in front of anyone but myself. Patients and coworkers are not to know about you. Some of you may not need this, but I work with the public and don’t need a spirit manifestation scaring patients away.

6. Protect yourself at all times. If something comes up and I can do something about it, I will help. 

7. Do not hamper with communication. This covers and includes communication between yourselves, or with me. If I am working specifically with one or with one group, I don’t need anyone else butting in and hampering that communication. Wait until I am done.

8. Do your part for the highest good of the household, including all spirits, entities, astral beings & other. All living people, spirits, entities, astral beings & other shall work at living together peacefully. Bullying wont be tolerated, if you have an issue, contact me.

9. We work as a team, with me being the team leader. If you have suggestions, tell me. If you are unsure to my wishes, ask me or look within. If they have doubts about something, my family is always welcome to “look within” for my wishes, if I am for some reason unavailable to ask. 

10. No twisting my words.

11. No lying. Do not pretend to be something/someone you are not. Do not make anything up to make someone else look bad.

12. Disarm malicious magic that is sent my way by someone else or that is around by circumstance.

13. Keep watch over property & always be ready to act against any pending issue.

14. Help identify any possible conflicts. Help judge the character of people, spirits, entities, astral beings & other around us. This has actually been a useful rule in several situations. Its really two rules condensed into one, as well, but its how I have it written in my notebook.

 Thats it! They are fairly long, but also fairly basic, and cover the essentials. Most rules are pretty obvious, but I would rather state the obvious then regret not stating the obvious later on. Again, this is just what I use for my house rules (its nice to have a digital copy on here as well) - you can use them if you like, add/remove rules as needed. & if you don’t do spirit work, or have spirits in your regular household, you don’t even need to have this.


Blue Bear: 

Real Name: Unknown

 Age: Unknown 

 Height: 5'3 

 Weight: 100 lb 

Species: Eldritch Demon

Origin: Blue bear was summoned by Dr. Lacertilia in a failed attempt to induce a strong demonic alias to help take over the world. 

 When summoning a demon, one must be very cautious of the effects it has on other people. Dr. L failed to realize and in doing so she caused herself temporary madness and messed up the ritual.

A short and gray Eldritch appeared with no apparent memory of where they came from or who they were. 

 Also, they were completely naked. 

 Because of this, Dr. Lacertilia in a flustered act grabbed the first piece of clothing she could find (which happened to be a blue bear onesie) to cover the demon. 

 This immediately caused it to look at itself in a compelling, confused way, but it became painfully obvious to him that he was a bear. 

 Personality: Blue bear is a kind and loving companion who likes nothing more than to give hugs. Because that’s what bears do right?

 Blue bear also likes to clean and play with the Doctor even though she always seems to be so busy. 

 Blue bear is usually never frowning unless induced by turbulence’s crazy antics. 

 A set of rules the house holds in regards to blue bear: 

  •  Treat blue bear with respect as he is family. 
  •  Do not set him on fire (mostly for turbulence) 
  •  Do not reference anything to him about the lab incident. 
  •  Absolutely DO NOT attempt to remove his hoodie. 
  •  Make sure he is fed and cleaned daily or he will get grumpy. (He cannot be anything other than happy for many circumstances) 
  •  If he hugs you return a hug back. 

 Facts no one knows about him: 

  • He was an incredibly evil Eldritch in his other dimension before he was summoned (Almost an exact replica of Black Hat)
  • He can talk but he himself is not aware
  •  He has the power to destroy every living thing on the planet and more.
  • His memory will eventually come back to him in time.
Credit to @oh-flug for helping me with his bio
Saved- Part One Damian Wayne x Reader

Word Count- 1455

Request- Hi! I have a request. Could you write an imagine where Damian meets the reader on lyric after he saves the reader. And he walks the reader home and they bond, the reader tells him they are new in Gotham and why they moved there. The day after they are at the same class and Damian gets kinda nervous around the reader. And he accidentally says something about last night that only robin knows so the reader finds out Damian is robin by they ain’t stupid. The reader promises not to say a word. So they start hanging out together (as friends). This is my first request. OMG this is so long have a lovely day!

Summary- Damian saves the reader while on patrol and walks them home. The reader tells him about how they just moved to Gotham with their family. The day after, Damian discovers that the reader is new at Gotham Academy and they have a same class together. Feeling nervous he accidentally says something to the reader that they had only told Robin, so it is obvious to them who he is. They confront him and promise that they won’t tell anyone, thus beginning their new friendship.

Warnings- none really. There’s a bit of violence I guess.

A/N- Yay! My second request. I loved writing this so much, thank you for sending in the request!! It ended up being really long so I’m going to post it in two parts.


All you wanted was to get a quick drink from the local diner real quick before you got home. Your house had a strict rule of no desserts, so when you discovered the diner that was only a few blocks away from your house, you would go inside to get a milkshake and drink it before you got home. Yeah, you had a bit of a sweet tooth.

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The Case for Jonsa: Why this succession issue could prevent a Jonerys marriage

I wish I could properly credit the shipmate who first put the idea for this theory (or something like it) in my head but I can’t remember where I saw it first. It was back at the beginning of the season and at the time I didn’t have much to say on the matter but now I’m giving it serious thought. I haven’t necessarily abandoned my working theory for how Jonsa will happen (see relevant post here) but I’m considering this as an alternate possibility since there appear to be mutual feelings (though superficial ones) on both sides of fire and ice.

Let’s assume Dany really is barren (don’t worry, we’ll re-examine that later). If she believes she can’t have children and never has any reason to think otherwise she will need to name an heir. Some have suggested she’s going to deliver on her promise to break the wheel by establishing a more democratic form of government. This is possible but, quite frankly, a rather boring proposition, in addition to being unlikely. If Dany wanted the people’s opinion it seems strange that she would be burning thousands of them alive to get it. So instead I’ll explore the idea that the Iron Throne will remain a hereditary monarchy.

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Inner Beauty

Dean x Angel!Reader

Word Count: 2,195

Warnings: Other than feeling a little insecure there really isn’t any I can think of.

Request: Reader is a fallen angel much like Cas and she’s helped the brothers quite a few times. Anyway the boys are hunting a witch and she puts a spell on Dean since he’s a player so that he can see inner beauty instead of just the outer stuff and then when the boys get back to the bunker, the reader looks the exact same to Dean except now he can see her wings and sees that when she’s around him her wings are curled around him. Thanks!!

A/N: Okay so this one was kind of a challenge, but a really fun and interesting challenge since it was my first time at doing an Angel!Reader I hope you peeps like it and I really super duper hope it’s what you wanted! ;) 

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Neptune thru the Houses

1st house – these individuals experience confusing and blurriness when it comes to placing their identity. They are unsure of who they are and what their role is on this planet. These people tend to be hyper-sensitive to their environment, acting like a sponge, picking up and absorbing the energies and feelings of the people around them. Neptune here gives the first impression to others as being a compassionate, sensitive, and understanding soul, therefore you may find that many people feel as if they can confide in you and pour their heart out to you, even if you may not know them that well. It just comes with being a neptunian person. However, neptune in the 1st individuals will have boundary issues, specifically between yourself and other people. This placement can lead to mimicry, a poor sense of self, and taking the role as a “mirror” – just reflecting other people. It’s easy for these people to act as a martyr and for others to take advantage of their selflessness/compassion.

2nd house – those with neptune here desire a deeper understanding for the value of money and their possessions. Neptune dissolves and blurs, so this may take place when it comes to the individual’s income/money/possessions. The person may be obsessed with money, maybe not even obsessed with having it, but could be obsessed with other people who have it. They can see money has being the main root of solving all of their problems, as their savior in life that will heal them from all. They also may feel like the world owes them some kind of favor, leading to an unexplained feeling of self-entitlement. On the other hand, they can feel ashamed or guilty for having what they own, and undeserving of it. Individuals with neptune in the 2nd should re-evaluate their self worth, their self esteem tends to fluctuate often throughout their life as well. They also might be the type of person to always be dissatisfied with what they own and constantly want more.

3rd house – neptune in the house of the mind, communication, and short distance traveling can confuse and scatter the individual who has it. The positive attributes of neptune being linked with mercury/the house of thinking is the natural and innate intuition and ability to pick up on the undercurrents and vibes in their surrounding environment. What they lack is logical thinking/reasoning and practicality. Neptune, the planet of fantasy and rich imagination, blesses this person with these qualities as well. They tend to make great storytellers, making you feel like you’ve experienced just about everything right there with them. This person can develop a selective perception though – only seeing what they want to see. Neptune is a trickster; fooling us into what is beautiful or lovely constantly. We overlook the bad things and cover them up with neptune’s delusions and blindness. Individuals with this placement may be so open minded that they confuse other people’s thoughts for their own, because neptune is such a dissolving planet that completely diffuses boundaries and links us all together as one. 3rd house also rules siblings; maybe the native with this had to take care of a sibling, or was extra sensitive to them, or maybe they were an only child who longed so desperately for another sibling to have. Neptune here makes great poets, writers, and artists, having a mind full of beauty, it just comes naturally to them, causing them to lack in normal everyday verbal communication.

4th house – plenty of people with neptune in the 4th can either tell you that their childhood was spent playing with rose colored glasses, or that it was probably horrible. The 4th house rules a person’s roots; their upbringing, their background/where they came from, the mother (sometimes). Even if the individual experienced some kind of suffering as a child, or their childhood was the typical “perfect” upbringing, they can experience an almost painful feeling nostalgia and yearning to be back. This placement can be an indicator of emotional abuse from the father or the mother depending on what this house represents for you (mainly, the parent that provided the most nurturing). The mother may have been very mentally or physically ill, and the individual with neptune here may have spent much time in their childhood taking care of them. There may have been a case of infidelity – mother/father had an affair, marriage was ruined, etc. The person with this placement was usually called upon to make sacrifices in the home or for the home, pretty often, for whatever reason. The household may have been filled with delusion and/or lies, maybe ridden with drugs/drug addicts/alcoholics, maybe artists and inspirational individuals, visionaries and maybe the individual was raise with much spirituality. The mother might have been just as hyper sensitive. The family might have taken in strays; animals or people, and the individual now may continue to do this in their own home in the future. You may have lived by the sea/a body of water and desire to in the future.

5th house – with neptune in the house of pleasures, romance, children and creativity, it can be as good as it is bad. Neptune here brings the gift of beautiful creative expression and a knack for painting/the arts. Though, you may have felt guilty in your younger years for even just wanting to have fun, and this feeling may follow you around still. You may give up things for what you love often, like giving up a stable job to continue being involved in some area of the arts, or maybe drugs. Having an outlet to pour their emotions into is very important for these people because it comes to naturally to them. Romantically, they feel this on another level. Neptune is the higher octave of venus, enabling a limitless capacity to love and be loved. They can fall for people who are unavailable or abusive though so be careful. This placement could lead to issues in drugs, gambling or sex addictions as well. Neptune could get so lost and entranced by the house of pleasures that it can’t get out. These people can feel martyred by children, feeling that they stopped them from being able to do other things with their life, or that the child saved them from themselves or life itself.

6th house – neptune, ruling pisces, in it’s opposite ruler’s house, mercury/virgo, can lead to some obvious difficulties. For one, virgo/the 6th house rules order and organization. Neptune dissolves everything in touches and doesn’t understand this too much. Neptune here can result in neglecting organization in the everyday life and the body itself; this placement is notorious for strange illnesses and conditions. You’ll find that the person with neptune here could be labeled as “spontaneous” but more so in the sense that they just go with the flow of things because they’re incapable of organization/ordering their day to day life. Positively, they may seek jobs in healing or occult areas, enabling the proper use of their gifts in a way the 6th house approves of; putting it to work instead of letting it pile up and be ignored.

7th house – individuals with this placement are usually seeking a partner to save them or to save. The boundaries between them and other people are usually non-existent as well. They believe in unreachable levels of romance, they idealize relationships so much and romanticize things that should not be romanticized. They may be drawn to or attract those that are drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals, people with bad reputations/shady pasts, victim-types, or unstable/mentally ill people. They’re the most common to get wounded bird syndrome. The other side of them is being drawn to artists, musical geniuses, visionaries/inspirational types and gurus. These people experience relationships on an almost complete psychic level, and relationships are an awakening for them. Love is the key to fix all their problems, and nothing in life is worth it unless there is love for these people. They are very selfless in love, though sometimes they may spend so much of their time and energy saving another person that when they realize they are getting nothing back, or the relationship is really not what they thought it was at all, they can experience such profound and extreme hurt, disappointment and betrayal. There can also be a danger of scandal/problems with lawsuits if neptune is badly aspected. They may also be scapegoated by others because of their compassion and vulnerability to others. They may take jobs in social work, therapy, psychology, counseling or the arts.

8th house – besides the home of neptune (the 12th house), the 8th house is pretty much the next best thing for this planet. With neptune residing here, the individual’s intuition is very developed and very powerful. Sex is a very spiritual and important experience for these people, as to them it represents a complete spiritual act of merging with another soul to form one. By losing their own boundaries and self within another, they satisfy their spirit as well as their physical self. With the planet of dissolving and confusion in the house of sex, there can definitely be confusion with one’s sexual identity. There can also be a fear of letting go with some people with this placement, especially if neptune is poorly aspected or if saturn is involved somewhere with this. The 8th house rules joint finances and other people’s money, so neptune here can help someone else acquire money or their can be deception and delusion to shared money. They may fantasize frequently about unavailable people, or people they are not involved with currently too. These people can also have very poor coping mechanisms, they can lead to self destructive behavior when sad/depressed/angry. People with this placement usually do not fear death.

9th house – those with neptune in the 9th house of beliefs/higher education and traveling seek salvation and savior through what they believe in. These are the people that are most likely to be drawn towards joining a cult, philosophy, religion, etc. They are entranced by anything that will give them insight on what heaven is like, or what the other side holds in store for them. They usually believe in enlightenment. The problem with this is believing that one faith or belief will hold the answer to absolutely everything, and will solve every problem you have, which leads to severe disappointment and hurt, as neptune does pretty often. They may experience the greatest hurt of all: finding out what they believed in was a lie or fake. The psychic they may have been seeing all along was an alcoholic or mentally ill, or on drugs. The cult was all just made up or stolen from someone else. Their priest went against everything they believed in. These kinds of catastrophes will ruin a neptune in the 9th house’s soul. Travel can be used as method of escapism for these people. When life gets tough, they’re planning a road trip across country, or flying to another country to take a break from it all.

10th house – with neptune here, people look upon this person as a savior, or one that completely understands the struggles of everyone below them. They are drawn to healing professions and have an innate ability to comfort others. These people are usually those that hold a vision of how things should be, or something that no one has thought of before. To give you a better image, JFK had neptune in the 10th and so does bernie sanders. See how idolized they are? They “speak for the people” and want to do what’s right. They hold much compassion for the public and are recognized for this. The downside to having neptune here is the struggle of not knowing what career path you want to take, not knowing what role you have in the public/career’s eye, they may work for shady or corrupt businesses. The father may not have been seen clearly to the individual and may have exhibited some of neptune’s characteristics; addict, alcoholic, absent/abandoned them, hyper sensitive, etc.

11th house – these people believe in having compassion for all of mankind. They usually join spiritual awareness groups or are working for meals on wheels to help serve and give back to the world they live in. They have the tendency of losing themselves in their social life, or becoming too involved, or using it as a escapist method. They could promise too much to others and never follow through with it, but they usually do have good intentions. Their social circle of friends may have many neptunian types. Friends may not see the individual that clearly. They might be notorious/have a shady reputation amongst others socially. They could experience deception or hurt through friendships often and be blind to it. They believe in second chances and that the meaning of life is to help and serve all, because that is what everyone deserves in the end.

12th house – neptune is home in the house of pisces. This is the best house for neptune to be in, besides the fact that it’s home, it is the less dangerous place for neptune to be in. The 12th house works in the background of things; we don’t see it or understand it. Neptune here may give a person great intuition, but high sensitivity to the undercurrents and feelings of others. They may feel guilty for their own feelings at times and as if they have to sacrifice them a lot. Positively, with neptune here, the subconscious or unconscious mind of the individual can be the source of very rich imagination and be used as a source of inspiration for creative endeavors or to gain ideas. Neptune here can also become too involved with the lives of others because they want to escape their own. Anywhere neptune is, compassion is as well. The subconscious of the person may want to escape their own subconscious. They may feel that the world is out to get them and that they cannot escape failure or disappointment, while this may all not be true. They feel as if they have to suffer for other people because no one can match their expectations of a friend or a lover. The person with neptune in the 12th strongly values beauty and harmony, and it is important for them to be surrounded by this or positivity so they don’t try to escape themselves.

anonymous asked:

Could i request a bsd harry potter au? Heacanons,scenarios or whatever it is, u decide ;) thankss~~

A Harry Potter AU sounds amazing omg. This needs to be a thing. Since your request doesn’t specify which characters (like, just the ADA, Port Mafia, etc.), I’m just going to do the ADA for now (minus Yukichi and the Tanizaki siblings). Might do a scenario if more people are up for it. :D

I am aware that there is a Japanese Wizarding School (Mahoutokoro School of Magic) in the canon-verse of Harry Potter, but for the sake of making it easier for both myself and others, I’m going to be sticking with good old Hogwarts.

The Bungou Stray Dogs “Harry Potter” AU: The Armed Detective Agency (minus Yukichi & Tanizaki siblings)

Originally posted by atsushi--chan

Atsushi Nakajima:

  • I can see him being in the Hufflepuff House. Super selfless and loyal to those he cares about, he would be the one to put himself on the line when there seems to be no other option. Like, for example: the School is surrounded by Death-Eaters or Dementors (you choose), and Atsushi is stuck in a room with a bunch of other classmates. Having no other ideas, he’d run out into the open to get the attention onto himself, just so he can buy his schoolmates time to move somewhere safer. He would totally do that.

  • Best class is Transfiguration (go figure), and his worst class is Astronomy. His favourite class would be Care of Magical Creatures (third year and up), while his least favourite class would be History of Magic.

  • Pretty good flyer. I can see him being offered a position on his House’s Quidditch team, but declining because he’s seen the injuries some of the players have had, and he would be very vocal in his thoughts about being a regular in the infirmary.

  • Atsushi would be somewhat of a prodigy in Transfiguration as I can see him being a white tiger Animagus by the end of his First Year. He would have went through the learning process (through sheer determination and the need to prove his own self-worth) and successfully become an unregistered Animagus. Despite this, he would frequently lose control of his second form during certain nights, much like how Remus Lupin has trouble controlling his Werewolf Animagus.

Originally posted by mizuyaks

Dazai Osamu:

  • No doubt about it: Dazai would be in the Slytherin House. With him being as cunning and resourceful as he is, I would honestly be surprised if he were to be placed in another House. He could probably trick the Sorting Hat, though, so it wouldn’t be impossible for him to be wrongfully placed in Hufflepuff or something.

  • Amazing at flying. He would have been offered a position on the Team during his First Year, but being the sass-master he is, he’d turn them down because he didn’t think he’d gain anything from it. By the time he is in his Third Year, I think he would have finally given in and agreed to be on the Team. Definitely a Seeker.

  • Best class would be Defense Against the Dark Arts , and his worst class would be… none. He’d be pretty good at all of his classes tbh. Favourite class would be Charms (mostly because he likes screwing with people by using levitation), and his least favourite would be Study of Ancient Runes.

  • Would be the biggest troublemaker of his year. He’d be fucking around with other students by sending them Howlers, cursing them, and so on. Not only that, but he would definitely mess around with the Professors, too (like setting things in their classrooms on fire, because I can imagine him being fascinated with it for some reason).

Originally posted by umbrella-kun

Kunikida Doppo:

  • “Well, of course I would be sorted into Ravenclaw!” That would be his response to those who asked him why it took so long for him to be sorted: a grand total of ten minutes. The Sorting Hat would have struggled between sorting him into either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, but Kunikida probably would have just quietly threatened his way into being sorted into his desired House.

  • Cannot fly at all. Nope. Not in the least bit talented with a broom so he would never be in a Quidditch Team, but he makes up for it by helping them with strategies and flying formations. Come on, just imagine that. He would be their little go-to tactician.

  • Best class would be Arithmancy (Math, so of course), and his worst class would be Herbology. His favourite class would be Divination, and his least favourite class would be Defense Against the Dark Arts (purely because he shares it with Dazai).

  • “Can’t find Kunikida? Don’t worry, he’s probably in the Restricted Section of the School Library again.” Despite being one to follow the rules (usually), when it comes to reaching his goals, he’ll throw the rule book out of the window. If he needs forbidden information to get those extra marks in his essays, he’s sure as Hell going to do it. He’s the one who gets the most points for his House every year, purely for his classwork.

Originally posted by ookazaki

Kyouka Izumi:

  • Slytherin. She’s as sweet as it gets, but I think she would definitely be more deadly and threatening than adorable. In fact, she would use her adorableness in order to get certain things (even if she really doesn’t want to), and it’s partly due to this that she was placed into Slytherin in the first place… and the fact that she has the Dark Mark.

  • Really good at flying, but she isn’t interested in it. Kyouka would prefer to work alone, and while being in a team to reach a specific goal sounds enjoyable, I don’t think she would allow herself to become too close with people in general, let alone potential teammates.

  • Her best class would be Defense Against the Dark Arts, and her worst class would be Charms. I can imagine her favourite class being Care of Magical Creatures (because Atsushi loves it, so she thinks she should love it too), and her least favourite class would be Arithmancy.

  • Definitely a Death-Eater. She would be aware that people would hate her for being one, but it’s not her fault since she was more or less forced into becoming one. It is for this reason that she prefers to keep her distance to other people, and why she likes Atsushi so much: he found out about the Dark Mark, and he wasn’t treating her any differently than before. Poor flower. :(

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Yosano Akiko:

  • RAVENCLAW. Super smart, pretty eccentric, and doesn’t give a damn about what other people think of her. The Hat barely had to touch a hair on her head before it yelled its decision. Needless to say, Yosano was rather happy with her placement.

  • Decent at flying, but she prefers to have both of her feet on the ground. It’s not as though she has a fear of heights (because she doesn’t), but she likes watching the other students fly around and doing their own thing. When it comes to Quidditch Matches, she would be one of the first to show up in the stands. Very enthusiastic about attending, even though she had once admitted to only going so she can see people injure themselves.

  • Yosano’s best class would be Charms, and her worst class would be Transfiguration. Her favourite class would be Alchemy (Third Year and up), while her least favourite class would be Astronomy (she would get bored enough to fall asleep while standing).

  • Despite her knack for getting excited when Quidditch Players injure themselves, she has also helped a lot of them before they manage to get hurt in the first place. Since she is so close to the front in the stands, she has a better view of the field, so this is easier for her to spot any incoming trouble. She’s used many different charms so as to keep players upright (even though it’s against the rules), and has even gone so far as to go onto the field itself to help those who she could not keep in the sky.

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Edogawa Ranpo:

  • I feel like this one is pretty obvious. Ranpo would definitely be placed into Ravenclaw, no questions about it. Logical, analytical, witty - he would be the poster boy for the House. The only reason why he wouldn’t be placed into Slytherin is because he has good intentions despite being bitchy about everything.

  • Brilliant flyer. The only issue for him would be not falling asleep when he’s up in the air. The first time he flew, he had managed to get so comfortable that he ended up having a little nap in the air, and was given the lecture of his lifetime by the Flying Professor and Kunikida. Not that he actually listened to them why would he?, but he hadn’t done it again after that. He wouldn’t be a part of his House’s Team, because he’s too fabulous for that.

  • His best class would be pretty much everything (to his professors’ awe), so he wouldn’t really have a worst class, either, since he excels in pretty much everything. His favourite class, however, would be Potions, and his least favourite class would be History of Magic.

  • Prodigy. Definitely a Hogwarts prodigy. His ability to retain information at such a fast rate is at most astounding and baffling, so it is no surprise that he was able to jump a few years to get to some more advanced classes. He knows he’s good, too, which is mildly infuriating to the rest of his housemates. Ranpo is a great guy and all, but he could be so cocky sometimes.

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Kenji Miyazawa:

  • Without a doubt, this cutie would be in Hufflepuff. No words are needed. He would just be in that House.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Kenji would end up breaking all of his brooms, but other than that, he’s a pretty decent flyer. He would like the freedom flying gave him whenever he had the chance, so I can definitely see him joining his House’s Quidditch Team. He’d probably play as one of the Chasers/Beaters. You decide.

  • His best class would be Herbology, while his worst class would be Arithmancy. Kenji’s favourite class would be Flying (First Year)/Apparition (Third Year and up), and his least favourite class would be Potions (kind of because the teacher scares him half to death).

  • If you couldn’t find him in the Common Room, he was probably in the Owlery. Kenji loves spending time with the Owls and just looking at them, so it isn’t unusual for him to love flying so much. It’s sort of an easier alternative to becoming an owl himself, but he wouldn’t complain. My bby i love him

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So, Aaron is going to be upset with his mum and probably want to move out the pub. His 'to go' place would be Paddy's but he's gonna be mad at him too because of the affair, right? So he could move in with Rob, of course with a 'I have nowhere else to go, don't read too much into it, we're not gonna get back together' kind of argumentation, right??

HA! I would LOOVE LOOOOOOVE LOOOOOOOOOOVE this lmaooo !! It’s such a romcom kind of scenario. I’m doubting it’ll happen b/c ED likes to go the tragedy route with Robron rather than the cutesy route, but I’d die for some romcom cuteness as a sort of break from all the angst tbh! pls @ emmerdale, imagine all the awkawrd scenarios:

  • rob coming out of shower in towel, aaron getting angry and shouting about new house rules requiring they stay clothed at all times, even in the shower–so rob just plops himself naked at the table the next morning to wind aaron up, who comes in for his coffee and throws a fit
  • one of them having a guy overnight & the other getting jealous so they both start bringing ppl home to make each other jealous and its v obvious to everyone but them
  • scrappy ruining the furniture and robert complaining, aaron just laughing in his face and giving scrappy rewards for ruining stuff
  • arguing over who gets to use the telly, then just agreeing to watch smth together but faking irritation when they’re actually happy, progressively laughing and enjoying each other’s company as they watch but then ending the night with them going “ANYWAYS GOODNIGHT” and going in their separate rooms all flustered


Jonnor// Sleep Talking

Enjoy! :)


Connor was sleeping over at Jude’s but for the first time as boyfriends.

Lena stopped in the doorway frame of Jude’s room. “Now boys, I know you’re together now and have some sexual urges-”

“MOM!” Jude shrieked, so embarrassed his face was turning red. Connor started cracking up at Jude’s obvious uncomfortableness which made Jude shoot him a death glare.

Lena put her hand up. “-But the rule still stands like it does for everyone else in the house; The door must be open at all times and-”

“I know, I know. Mom, I beg of you, please stop,” pleaded Jude who just wanted to hide away under his bed sheets.

Lena gave him a tiny smile. “I understand it’s uncomfortable to talk about.”

“Very…” mumbled Jude, now hiding behind his knees pressed into his chest. 

Lena walked over, grabbed Jude’s head and gave him a kiss on the forehead. To Connor’s surprise, she did the same thing to him. 

“Goodnight boys,” chuckled Lena, switching the light to Jude’s bedroom off. 

Jude and Connor stayed up for awhile; talking and kissing, enjoying just being together. They both eventually got tired and fell asleep. Connor was in his sleeping bag on the floor that was right up against Jude’s bed and Jude was in his bed, half leaning off to be as close to Connor as he could. Even though they weren’t sleeping in the same bed, they were still holding hands in their sleep.

In the middle of the night, Jude woke up to the sound of someone talking.

“Hmm..huh?” Jude mumbled confused, slowly lifting his head from his pillow. It took a few seconds for Jude to adjust his eyes to the dark. He looked around his room, sitting up trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. It couldn’t have been Jesus since he was out of town for the weekend and all his other siblings were down the hall. He got his answer a few seconds later.


Jude turned on his side and looked over his bed, seeing Connor’s eyes shut but his mouth was open.

“Con, what is it?” 


Jude huffed. “Connor, answer me! What is so important you had to wake me in the middle of the-”

“I love you”

Jude held his breath. He felt his heart stop and speed up at the same time. “Wha-what?” he gasped in disbelief. 

A small grin appeared on Connor’s face. “I love love loooovve you Jude!” he mumbled almost as if he was drunk. “I wanna marry yooooou Juude!”


Jude was surprised then started chuckling silently, realizing Connor was still asleep. Jude leaned a little bit further over his bed so that he was closer to Connor’s face. He grinned ear to ear.

“Do you Connor? Do you wanna marry me?” he asked, trying to control his giggles.

Connor smiled in his sleep. “Yea duh… I wanna kiss you all day every day forever and ever and ever……hold hands…make out…” There was a pause. Connor’s voice got lower, “…sexy time…do the nasty…”

Jude burst out laughing at Connor’s last comments. He couldn’t contain his laughter anymore which instantly woke Connor up.

“HUH?! What’s going on?” Connor shot up, rubbing his eyes awake.

Jude was on his back laughing now, one hand on his belly that was heaving up and down and one that was over his mouth to silent him from waking everyone in the house.

“Jude, what’s the deal? Why are you dying over there?” Connor chuckled, still half asleep but amused by his boyfriend’s giggling.

“Oh nothing…just me and your subconscious had an interesting conversation,” he snorted.

Connor looked confused for a second then his eyes got wide now fully awake, remembering what he dreamt about. 


Jude nodded his head in amusement. “Yeah..”



Connor hid his face in his hands in embarrassment but was also laughing.

“Oh my god! PLEASE tell me what I said wasn’t that bad!” he begged as Jude slid down next to Connor on the floor. 

“It’s okay Connor; I’m flattered you want to ‘do the nasty’ with me,” Jude grinned as he elbowed his side.

Connor’s entire face turned red but he smiled, smacking his pillow against Jude’s chest which made both of them chuckle. 

“But you also said some really sweet things as well.”

Connor was nervous by this, remembering his dream clearly. “Really? Like what?” he asked steadily.

Jude gave him a small sincere smile then leaned in and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Let’s just say, we’re on the same page.”