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“Chris doesn’t have that reputation because guys don’t go around calling other guys sluts” - Noora Sætre.

The thing about Scorpio placements is that every few years you want to completely delete yourself and start fresh again from scratch. Socprio is the Phoenix that burns itself to rise from the ashes again. Scorpio is so eruptive and one minute they are in front of you and the next they are no longer there. Vanishing is their game. They can destroy and end anything in their life and then get it back to life.

Since I have a socprio midheaven at times I get so obssessed with the idea of deleting my blog, all of my social media accounts and disconnect from the world. It’s like there’s a need for us to die and then reborn ourselves again.

That’s why I do believe that Uranus is exalted in Scorpio, cause it revolte, searches and uncovers and then when its mission is done they destroy themselves to start fresh again.


Taehyung - Heist AU (Las Vegas Job)

Part 1 of ??

Let’s play pretend.

Imagine surprising Sam with a new haircut along with a change of wardrobe for a case.

A/N: If you’ve red my crappy writing then you know the drill. Its late and I was bored and Sammy…

Let’s not mention the fact that this is 1,278 words long

Just w/e :D

You weren’t the type of girl to dress up. At least not that much anyway, in fact, you preferred jeans most of the time and on occasions if you were feeling cute, your printed skater skirts along with whatever shirt you found comfty. Ever since you started dating Sam, you’ve found yourself with an unhealthy obsession for wearing his flannels even when they ended up looking pretty funny on your much shorter body, but it was not like you could help it. They smelled of him and in truth, they made you feel a little closer to him when he was away with Dean in whatever case.

You on the other hand, stayed behind, preferring to dig any information you could since that was your thing. Books and research. Honestly, how did someone like Sam Winchester noticed you? Not that you really minded though, especially when you remembered how it all began, surely that night was engraved in your brain.

You sighed as you now stared at yourself in the mirror, y/e/c  glancing at your outfit for anything that could be amiss or out of place. Fixing your newly cut bangs you sighed once more, feeling anxious as your eyes shifted to your now short hair that rested on your shoulder and neck in a symmetric bob, making you look more mature and serious which made you slightly more apprehensive about the decision of cutting it off in the first place.

‘What if Sam doesn’t like it?’ you panicked at the thought and released another breath trying to calm yourself down. You knew he loved your hair just as much as you loved his long locks that felt like silk every time you wrapped your tiny hands on them.

A small smile crept onto your now red stained lips as heat invaded your cheeks, painting them pink in a blush, but you quickly shook away the thought of your fingers wrapped in the youngest Winchester’s hair and moved to slip you black shiny heels on as you glanced at the ticking clock on the wall, before making your way back to the full length mirror to inspect yourself once more.

Standing four inches taller made your figure-hugging skirt look just perfect as the peak of the crossed skirt sat perfectly on your knees while your legs looked longer. Adjusting your button down white shirt that disappeared under the skirt, tucked away to give you a more professional look, you turned to your side, your eyes widening slightly at the curve of your ass and its magnificence in your current outfit. Another blush stained your cheeks as you thought of how sexy you were looking and the boost of confidence it was giving you, making another smile appear on your face.

Deciding it was time to stop being narcissist, you turned around, grabbing your preferred perfume that smelled of pear, musk and white ginger and sprayed some on your skin before tossing it back to the bed as you grabbed you black blazer and headed outside, ready to fetch your man as you could hear his voice while he talked to Dean.

With each step you took towards the boys, you could slightly feel you confidence leaving your body. What if they thought it was too much? You had spent a while trying to figure out what you were going to wear, but now the confidence your outfit had given you back in your room, seemed to have stayed behind as you struggled internally whenever to go play pretend as an FBI agent with Sam or change back into your comfty clothes and stay in. Surely that would disappoint him. He had been insisting you went with him on one of the cases for a while and each time you declined, feeling your place was helping them with any information they might had needed, but after much insistence, you decided to oblige and make your baby happy.

‘Oh God…’ you thought as you were about to turn around when Dean’s voice interrupted your escape plan.

His green eyes stared widely at you as a smirk played on his face, making you feel even more self-conscious as your stomach dropped at the sound of shuffling. You could feel Sam’s hazel eyes in your form, but kept your head down, not daring to even glance in his direction to see his expression.

“Damn Sammy! Good luck with that!” Dean’s voice filled the silent room in his usual cocky tone as he stood and patted his younger brother on the back, before disappearing into the kitchen, leaving you alone with Sam.

Your heart skipped a bit, then two when you heard footsteps heading in your direction and glanced up through your long mascara coated lashes taking in Sam’s figure as he closed the space between the two of you, now standing two feet in front of your tiny figure. Damnit! That suit was making him so hot! But then again, he always looked good.


He closed the space slightly more as his large hand reached slowly and grabbed the side of your neck, pulling you closer while he lifted your chin with his thumb, making your e/c eyes meet his loving hazel ones while holding one of those cute smiles that made you fall for him.

“You okay?” Sam asked, his gaze never leaving yours.

“I… is this too much?” You asked him timidly as you blushed for the tenth time in less than an hour. His smile grew as he chuckled and his head shook. “If anything, I think you’re gonna be distracting me.” A smile of your own played on your face as his eyes gleamed with mischief while as his other hand wrapped around your waist. The youngest Winchester bent slightly as his lips made their way to your cheek, sliding in slow motion down to your neck while he guided you to meet your back against a wall as his body pressed against yours while he lavished your neck with his hot, delicious lips as the hand that rested on your waist slid to your wide hips, his fingers gripping at it, sinking into the layers of fabric that would surely prevent marks on your skin for the time being.

A moan escaped your lips and you could feel Sam’s lips twitch into a smirk before he pulled apart, making you whimper at the absence of his lips on your tender skin. With a chuckle, the tall male leans in once more to place a kiss on your bang-covered forehead before his eyes meet yours as his hand reaches down for yours, lacing his much longer fingers with your own.

“We’ve got work to do. We should get going.” Once more, mischief gleams in his eyes as he pulls away while still holding your hands. As Sam reaches the door, Dean makes his way out of the kitchen, a beer in hand as he calls out to his brother, handing the keys to the Impala. Your e/c eyes widen as you hold back a giggle from leaving you red lips.

“Yeah brat…” The green eyed Winchester points at you before turning his finger to his taller brother. “Take care of my Baby… and keep it in your pants you two!” Dean says, his voice dead serious as his eyes glance between you and Sam as he opens the door and steps outside, you following behind.

“Don’t worry Deany, we promise to clean up afterwards” You say to Dean, before winking at him and closing the door right behind you and Sam.

Am I the only one who proud for Pixelberry for coming so far? I mean, Pixelberry work hard to get their games to be noticed, the game that make everyone happy and the game that understand people that coming through of their life.

I still remember when some of Pixelberry’s writers work at EA, making stories for Surving High School and Cause Of Death, then after they left EA, they make High School Story. Many people seem to like the game, even myself. And I can’t belive there also a fandom of the mobile game itself. Even the fanart!

Then, Hollywood U came in. I was so obssess for that game, same with HSS during that. Hollywood U have some character that I really like (guess who!) and as for HSS, some of the topics/quest can be quite relatedable.

And, after Hollywood U and High School Story, Choices come in and now the game just become more trending on Google Play and everyone are actually talking about it. And I thought: Pixelberry really does go so far. Their game become successful.

Time files fast, don’t you think? I still remenber the moment I have Cause Of Death on my phone and I still playing High School Story and Hollywood U. Man, I miss those times. But hey, we need to move on!

Like I said, I proud for Pixelberry for going so far and being supportive to us, even though they’re busy and try to make everyone happy!

So like, theres so many loose ends???? Like it was common knowledge that Logan went on tons of adventures so much that no one batted an eye at him going to another continent, but …like we never hear about this?! He’s seen as a reclusive bookworm…. but he’s not!?! *bangs fists on table* give me more daredevil Logan!!

lol I’m still so obssessed with Japanese seiyuus, that I actually am trying to imagine some seiyuu’s voices into the characters in Mystic Messenger XD


Yoosung - Kaji Yuki
Jumin - Miyano Mamoru
Seven - Kimura Ryohei
Zen - Taniyama Kishow

hahahahaha right? RIGHT? LOL but I still have some other seiyuus in mind hahaha!!

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Why is my mom so obssessed with me 'wanting' to be things? If I say I'm depressed she'll say I 'want' to be depressed. If I've never once even said the word socialism around her, but she sees a kid my age on tv claim to be a socialist, suddenly I'm always going on about how I wanna be a socialist. It's like she's so afraid of me being "imperfect" that she's now over compensating for her personal fear by blaming me or something.

Parents have a hard time accepting that their kids are people in their own right and not clay figures molded by their parenting. It is the way parents have always been I fear. It is because you kids were so much easier to control before you learned to think for yourselves and lord knows we parents hate to relinquish control.

Friendly reminder to anyone who doesn’t want to receive a lecture in their chat messages from a stranger who wants them to stop believing Harry and Louis are together: Block @harrylouislove35

This applies to blogs of all sizes and follower counts - I’ve had three people so far today tell me that they’ve contacted them just now, and one of them was a sideblog with zero followers. If you haven’t blocked them, it’s only a matter of time before they find and message you too.