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I didn’t expect this to happen even at the gala lmao!!!

But I’m just so glad to witness such a pure friendship. Pooh is definitely his senyuu, his companion in battles. It is moments like this that warm my heart (also take me by surprise and make me go lol by how much of a child this 22-year-old man is inside).

Wow guys I can’t believe SPM finally has it’s own animation

Wouldn’t it be sad if Black Hat had a similar backstory to Count Bleck with his own lost love…?!

Anyway the similarities between these two are astounding so I just had to draw them

Yuzu: When you realized you’re born to do one thing

During filming, he had NGs, could not stop laughing and realized acting is so hard:

Filming commercials are no easy task baby:

Love how this boy keeps comparing things to quads and quad loops XD

“Chris doesn’t have that reputation because guys don’t go around calling other guys sluts” - Noora Sætre.

The thing about Scorpio placements is that every few years you want to completely delete yourself and start fresh again from scratch. Socprio is the Phoenix that burns itself to rise from the ashes again. Scorpio is so eruptive and one minute they are in front of you and the next they are no longer there. Vanishing is their game. They can destroy and end anything in their life and then get it back to life.

Since I have a socprio midheaven at times I get so obssessed with the idea of deleting my blog, all of my social media accounts and disconnect from the world. It’s like there’s a need for us to die and then reborn ourselves again.

That’s why I do believe that Uranus is exalted in Scorpio, cause it revolte, searches and uncovers and then when its mission is done they destroy themselves to start fresh again.


Taehyung - Heist AU (Las Vegas Job)

Part 1 of ??

Let’s play pretend.

Imagine surprising Sam with a new haircut along with a change of wardrobe for a case.

A/N: If you’ve red my crappy writing then you know the drill. Its late and I was bored and Sammy…

Let’s not mention the fact that this is 1,278 words long

Just w/e :D

You weren’t the type of girl to dress up. At least not that much anyway, in fact, you preferred jeans most of the time and on occasions if you were feeling cute, your printed skater skirts along with whatever shirt you found comfty. Ever since you started dating Sam, you’ve found yourself with an unhealthy obsession for wearing his flannels even when they ended up looking pretty funny on your much shorter body, but it was not like you could help it. They smelled of him and in truth, they made you feel a little closer to him when he was away with Dean in whatever case.

You on the other hand, stayed behind, preferring to dig any information you could since that was your thing. Books and research. Honestly, how did someone like Sam Winchester noticed you? Not that you really minded though, especially when you remembered how it all began, surely that night was engraved in your brain.

You sighed as you now stared at yourself in the mirror, y/e/c  glancing at your outfit for anything that could be amiss or out of place. Fixing your newly cut bangs you sighed once more, feeling anxious as your eyes shifted to your now short hair that rested on your shoulder and neck in a symmetric bob, making you look more mature and serious which made you slightly more apprehensive about the decision of cutting it off in the first place.

‘What if Sam doesn’t like it?’ you panicked at the thought and released another breath trying to calm yourself down. You knew he loved your hair just as much as you loved his long locks that felt like silk every time you wrapped your tiny hands on them.

A small smile crept onto your now red stained lips as heat invaded your cheeks, painting them pink in a blush, but you quickly shook away the thought of your fingers wrapped in the youngest Winchester’s hair and moved to slip you black shiny heels on as you glanced at the ticking clock on the wall, before making your way back to the full length mirror to inspect yourself once more.

Standing four inches taller made your figure-hugging skirt look just perfect as the peak of the crossed skirt sat perfectly on your knees while your legs looked longer. Adjusting your button down white shirt that disappeared under the skirt, tucked away to give you a more professional look, you turned to your side, your eyes widening slightly at the curve of your ass and its magnificence in your current outfit. Another blush stained your cheeks as you thought of how sexy you were looking and the boost of confidence it was giving you, making another smile appear on your face.

Deciding it was time to stop being narcissist, you turned around, grabbing your preferred perfume that smelled of pear, musk and white ginger and sprayed some on your skin before tossing it back to the bed as you grabbed you black blazer and headed outside, ready to fetch your man as you could hear his voice while he talked to Dean.

With each step you took towards the boys, you could slightly feel you confidence leaving your body. What if they thought it was too much? You had spent a while trying to figure out what you were going to wear, but now the confidence your outfit had given you back in your room, seemed to have stayed behind as you struggled internally whenever to go play pretend as an FBI agent with Sam or change back into your comfty clothes and stay in. Surely that would disappoint him. He had been insisting you went with him on one of the cases for a while and each time you declined, feeling your place was helping them with any information they might had needed, but after much insistence, you decided to oblige and make your baby happy.

‘Oh God…’ you thought as you were about to turn around when Dean’s voice interrupted your escape plan.

His green eyes stared widely at you as a smirk played on his face, making you feel even more self-conscious as your stomach dropped at the sound of shuffling. You could feel Sam’s hazel eyes in your form, but kept your head down, not daring to even glance in his direction to see his expression.

“Damn Sammy! Good luck with that!” Dean’s voice filled the silent room in his usual cocky tone as he stood and patted his younger brother on the back, before disappearing into the kitchen, leaving you alone with Sam.

Your heart skipped a bit, then two when you heard footsteps heading in your direction and glanced up through your long mascara coated lashes taking in Sam’s figure as he closed the space between the two of you, now standing two feet in front of your tiny figure. Damnit! That suit was making him so hot! But then again, he always looked good.


He closed the space slightly more as his large hand reached slowly and grabbed the side of your neck, pulling you closer while he lifted your chin with his thumb, making your e/c eyes meet his loving hazel ones while holding one of those cute smiles that made you fall for him.

“You okay?” Sam asked, his gaze never leaving yours.

“I… is this too much?” You asked him timidly as you blushed for the tenth time in less than an hour. His smile grew as he chuckled and his head shook. “If anything, I think you’re gonna be distracting me.” A smile of your own played on your face as his eyes gleamed with mischief while as his other hand wrapped around your waist. The youngest Winchester bent slightly as his lips made their way to your cheek, sliding in slow motion down to your neck while he guided you to meet your back against a wall as his body pressed against yours while he lavished your neck with his hot, delicious lips as the hand that rested on your waist slid to your wide hips, his fingers gripping at it, sinking into the layers of fabric that would surely prevent marks on your skin for the time being.

A moan escaped your lips and you could feel Sam’s lips twitch into a smirk before he pulled apart, making you whimper at the absence of his lips on your tender skin. With a chuckle, the tall male leans in once more to place a kiss on your bang-covered forehead before his eyes meet yours as his hand reaches down for yours, lacing his much longer fingers with your own.

“We’ve got work to do. We should get going.” Once more, mischief gleams in his eyes as he pulls away while still holding your hands. As Sam reaches the door, Dean makes his way out of the kitchen, a beer in hand as he calls out to his brother, handing the keys to the Impala. Your e/c eyes widen as you hold back a giggle from leaving you red lips.

“Yeah brat…” The green eyed Winchester points at you before turning his finger to his taller brother. “Take care of my Baby… and keep it in your pants you two!” Dean says, his voice dead serious as his eyes glance between you and Sam as he opens the door and steps outside, you following behind.

“Don’t worry Deany, we promise to clean up afterwards” You say to Dean, before winking at him and closing the door right behind you and Sam.

“She was the perfect partner, both for me and the joker.”

-Jared Leto💚☠🌹
(On his chemistry with Margot Robbie)

nexsky  asked:

Omg I'll fall in love with your arts all over again, I love them and I love you💕 P.s. what do you thinks of Mystic Messenger? Will you draw some characters? I'd really like to see 707 drawn in your style ouo

Thanks a lot @nexsky! You know, funny thing you mentioned Mystic Messenger, I actually just started playing it yesterday… and Jumin… is so cute with his obssession with his pet cat Elizabeth 3rd. I’m just on my first day so I don’t know much about them yet! Except Jumin and his cat.

Here’s a quick 707 thing

I love these boys and girl tbh they are so funny

bpd feels

when ur life is an empty void and everything is awful so u obssess over random people and buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need in an attempt to feel better but then you realize how lonely you are and also ur now broke ://

Things the signs sometimes want to tell you but never would *

Aries: They are so often so full of motivation and energy, though they can get very insecure. This may be about ridiculously small things as well as about serious problems. They are very proud so they don’t want to admit their insecurities but they may secretly wish that others would see their insecurity (while they don’t want others to see it since they are so proud) and show them that everything is okay and they don’t need to be insecure about whatever is upsetting them at the moment.

Taurus: They don’t like bothering people with their stuff so they often don’t talk about their problems and insecurities. They can stay strong for a long time but they tend to worry about the future and that they won’t make it. They’d also wish to not always be described as lazy since they can be very hard-working and determined and they wish others would see this aspect of them more often.

Gemini: Similiar to Aquarians, Geminis often have a rather big circle of friends but they fear to be all alone and that they don’t and never will have anyone really close to them. They don’t want to admit it but (this definitely doesn’t apply to every Gemini, some are very indifferent but it’s still something I noticed a lot) but they need acknowledgment from others and they are kind dependant on others - or rather the communication with them. Due to that they fear that others think badly of them, think they don’t have any friends or are losers. They want to hear and need to know that they matter.

Cancer: Most Cancers love nurturing others and taking care of them, but at times they almost selfishly wish that others would nurture them the way they always nurture others and that they’ll be taken care of the same way they always take care of others without having to ask for it or do anything in return. 

Leo: They’re often seen as arrogant but they actually aren’t. They are insecure if they really are as great as they always act, they fear that they aren’t. Because of that they often times may act as if they think they are the best just so that the others don’t see that they do indeed need the acknowledgment from others that they’re great, that’s often one of the main reasons why they love compliments so much.

Virgo: You’d probably think this is the case for scorpio, but Virgos are afraid to be misunderstood and that people won’t see their real them. They can be very witty and cute, though a lot of people seem to not recognize that and it’s something that really upsets Virgos at times. They’d like others to wait until they see their real them until judging them at first glance and sticking with the wrong view of them. When they’re down, they may even fear that even close friends have the wrong view of them.

Libra: They don’t want to show or say it since they always want to please others, but they do want to speak up at times. They tend to avoid confrontations so that they don’t have to worry about a bad outcome, but they sometimes wish they could talk or do things without a filter. They also fear that they’re annoying to others, they may joke it off though and pretend as if they wouldn’t care if they’d be annoying to others but they actually do.

Scorpio: Scorpios usually do know that they are so passionate and even obssessive at times, they also know that they feel very deeply and they fear that they’ll scare people away with that. They can be very paranoid when it comes to close ones, they worry about them leaving them, no matter whether because of a big or a tiny thing they did or said and they need to feel that you’re not going to leave them and that you don’t care about their flaws.

Sagittarius: Even though they may not seem like it, they aren’t that optimistic all the time. They fear that they won’t be enough in the end and everyone will leave them as soon as they stop being the happy-go-lucky type of person. They won’t ask for help but they want you to be there for them when they’re having a rough time, even if it’s nothing more than being there and understanding. They fear rejection though, so they usually won’t ask for it or need a long time to do it. 

Capricorn: They seem very confident and in control most of the time but they are afraid that the ones they care about will judge about them. They really do wish others would be more understanding, expecially when it comes to them. That their beloved ones will think badly of them or even leave them eventually because they can’t understand Capricorns way of thinking or doing things is something they worry about, especially because they only mean the best most of the time.

Aquarius: It’s not unusal for Aquarians to have a lot of friends, but they may not always feel like they have any very close ones and they can feel lonely and that their friends secretly talk about them behing their back and don’t actually like them. They’re not cold as stone, they just prefer not always showing it but they sometimes wish they’d have someone to talk to when they’re feeling bad, though they think people won’t (want to) listen to them.

Pisces: They wish people would tell them they’re so strong more often. They’re not all whiny, they don’t freak out or anything, they endure things and they can endure a lot but they think others think of them as weak and submissive and they would want to hear they’re doing good more often.

*and if they do you can be sure that they trust you and feel comfortable with you so you’re lucky bro

check your sun and moon, for some might work venus as well!