so obnoxious god

this ‘I can’t wait for the McElroys do to something shitty’ mindset 100% comes from this toxic environment where y’all have to justify why you do or don’t like something based on ‘problematic’ behavior

if you instinctively get annoyed with something and it’s not ‘problematic’ you idiots start wishing it was so you can take the ‘moral highground’ to mock and belittle the fans out of existence

Bubble Tea!

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(Inspired by a certain scene from a certain Disney classic ;^))

Guys I have something so exciting to tell you it’s literally the best thing ever like I can’t stand having you not know so I’m going to tell you, you won’t even believe your ears it’s the most wonderful thing ever

My crush is so cute

On Gowns

(a drabble)

Companion of sorts to On Hats. Takes place during episode 70 - Voice of the Tempest. Percy and Vex discuss her Whitestone-colors gown. 

Pure, tooth-rotting fluff.

Not very long ago, Vex’ahlia had stood in front of Percival de Rolo and asked for his opinion on her appearance, as nervous for his answer as she was for their impending journey into Syngorn.

Would you say I look put together - well-off - in this armor?

Now it was a very different tone that she asked again, giving him a slow twirl and shooting a grin over her shoulder.

The gown for Keyleth’s coronation settled around her as she stilled, the silver-white trim glittering in the grey morning light Vasselheim provided. The blue that made up the most of the dress was a heavy silk but the whisper the rich fabric made as it settled around her made Vex felt lighter than air. She’d never thought she’d own something so ornate, much less have the reason to wear it.

“What do you say? Do I look like a proper Baroness?”

Percy regarded her thoughtfully, to her amusement nothing in his gaze but innocent and thorough inspection. At last he pursed his lips slightly, and brought his eyes up to hers. “You know dear, it’s bad form to out-dress the lady we’re honoring.”

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s2 bts: photos, video:

  • “The first day I met Chris we had dinner…" (Special Education bts)
  • Original Song bts (2:14)
  • "Wow, Chris, I love you!" (2:20)
  • "He is great, I was big fan of his Harry Potter musical…” (0.20)
  • Chris on fans’ reaction to Darren and kissing boys in private school uniforms (4:16, 7:30)
  • “Chris is a very generous talent" (1:50)

BONUS - audio of Darren’s interview, Chris the wood nymph, "I like Chris a whole lot” and much more (1:40-4.50) 


s3 bts: photos, video:

  • Chris’ hearteyes (Pot O’ Gold bts) (0:25)
  • Darren and Chris chatting between takes (Extraordinary Merry Christmas bts) (0:21)
  • Chatting and laughing between takes (Saturday Night Glee-ver bts)
  • Chris watching Brooke dance with Darren (Saturday Night Glee-ver bts)

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Check out my podcast debut on Brick City Blockade! ARGH! We chatted Star Wars Rebels, cosplay and fandom, and I rambled a lot because I had slept, it had been a long hard day and I got Opinions. Hopefully there is something enjoyable in there.

Edit: I just listened to the start and I say say ‘uhmmm’ SO MUCH, I am so sorry.

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I love my library teens. It’s been a long day, but I had a few good moments. One teen, probably one of the funniest kids I ever met beside his best friend, asked about banned books and told me about how much he loved Fahrenheit 451. “’It was a pleasure to burn’, that’s the first sentence, did you know that? It always stays with me.” Sweet kid, wonderful kid, of course I know that! That book changed my life at your age!  

Second thing, I called some teens out for hitting each other in the middle of a conversation. Again, it’s been a long fucking day. One of the teens laughs and goes, “someone should just post photos of Ms V giving her evil eyes and calling us out, with the words ‘She Gets the Job Done’.” Then, that inspired a conversation about how I’m so much like one of their art teachers but ‘nicer’. That’s really sweet.

Third thing, this other kid, this one I’ve seen through some tough moments. He “whispers” very loudly to his friends across the room, ‘music orgasm’. So, of course I look at him and make my best ‘I don’t want to know’ face. But he wants me to know. Cue him waiting patiently for me to finish my work so he can show me what melodic dubstep is and write down a list of musicians I gotta check out. He got so excited. He got all squeaky. I couldn’t stop grinning. 

me: Ah yes. Maybe this will be the season the writers get their act together, and they start to make their probable endgame romance sweet and interesting together and-

Keith: Allura I know you’re mad at me, but I’m not in the mood for a lecture right now.

me: *stares*