so now you know

btw if u were unaware, square-cut pizza is superior in every way to triangular

-school cafeteria nostalgia

-able to fine-tune amt of pizza to level of hunger without leaving pieces only partially eaten

-has corners so it’s easier to decide what piece to start with

-less frequently pulls toppings off of other slices (can be pro or con)

-feels specialer

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fat people upset about being literally a symbol of greed, stupidity, laziness, and corruption, and almost always an object of disgust and mockery goes beyond “hurt feelings" 

being excluded or poorly served in employment, healthcare, education, and housing goes beyond "hurt feelings" 

people who believe it’s just "hurt feelings”, i hope they can someday understand this without ever having to experience it


The Horrors - So Now You Know (Later with Jools Holland) (6th May 2014)