so now you know

i did make some really tasty broccoli cheese soup earlier, with a can of chicken consomme and some frozen broccoli and some American and pre-grated cheddar… a little mustard and cornstarch… immersion blender until drinkably smooth, WOW its really cheesy! and bright green!



i have no idea what my limits are bc ive spent so long just like, going on tumblr and playing video games 24/7 lol, idk what i can actually do without burning myself out 

idk when to listen to myself saying its too much bc im so used to saying “thats just your laziness” except ‘my laziness’ is actually multiple disabilities lmao 

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hahaha i didnt know amazon didnt take paypal lmao i still managed to get a digital giftcard so i could order a heating pad for my parent (and some chicken consomme and juices) through prime now. but i couldnt put a tip bc it wouldnt take the tip from the gift card (so it wouldve overdrawn my parents account again), so im hoping the delivery person will be willing to break the rules a bit and take cash


The Horrors - So Now You Know (Later with Jools Holland) (6th May 2014)

im gonna make a post shortly asking for some kind of $ to help me have transportation to and from an appointment the day after my parent’s back surgery on wednesday (aug 24th!!!). i can’t take the bus because of my heat sensitivity. i need to keep this appt bc i need to get my disability docs asap. SO.

idk the best way to do this though, suggestions welcome esp from anyone that can donate haha.

i expect ill need about $40-60 to take a cab or uber there and back

fat people upset about being literally a symbol of greed, stupidity, laziness, and corruption, and almost always an object of disgust and mockery goes beyond “hurt feelings" 

being excluded or poorly served in employment, healthcare, education, and housing goes beyond "hurt feelings" 

people who believe it’s just "hurt feelings”, i hope they can someday understand this without ever having to experience it


The Horrors - So Now You Know

From their new album ’Luminous’, released world wide on 5th/6th May 2014. Video produced by Pulse Films.