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I just saw your selfie and gahhh you're so gosh darn pretty!! I just had to ask a quick question, though, how do you get your skin to be so flawless? I mean maybe it's a filter but either way your skin is flawless none the less and I'd love to know how you got it that way or if you were just blessed with good genetics? ❤❤

Thank you so much <3 I’ve actually been working really hard to get my skin clear! I naturally have pretty oily skin but I can link you what I’ve been using that’s really worked for me. I’ll guess I’ll toss this under a cut since a few people have asked. Forget art blog, I am now a skin care blog.

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Seeing so many printables on tumblr, I’ve finally made my own!!!! Here are 3 designs that I made (from scratch) and love love love- now you can download your own for free too!

Each month has 3 designs you can download as JPG files:

Google Drive 2017 Printables

If you try these out and love it as much as I do, tag me with #heyaestudier and I’ll reblog as many as I can! (Disclaimer- These are all made by @aestudier and is for personal use only.)

A side note: THANK YOU FOR 17k+! I started this study blog almost a year ago not knowing how well it would go and that I would meet some of the most inspiring people here ~~ It blows my mind that there are over 17,000 people that view my stuff !!! 。:゚゚(´∀`)・。

i’m just gonna copypaste what i posted in facebook

“ things didn’t go as planned

real talk here
i wanted to leave my puffles in my igloo and go with one of them to the fort and wait with other penguins til’ 12:01 am
then i remembered that all of them won’t go to the new island and would go back to the wild, so i wanted to say goodbye to them and set them free myself as fast as i could
even if it sounds wrong this one is my favorite puffle(i adopted him when i was like 10 i didn’t know how to spell cookie). black puffles are my favorites, and this one i love him so fucking much you don’t know how
i would draw him and even use him to vent
and in the moment i was going to set him free, this appeared
this was my last second on this goddamn game that has made me so happy
and now i can’t close the tab because i’m looking at him with this error log and the operation blackout igloo music
i’m crying uncontrollably “

my face hurts

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Hello! Thank you for being so so so so so amazing! Would you mind updating the secret relationship tag? It's been a while and those are my favorite!!

they will never let you down thats for sure

With you I’m different by DoctorDee24 (1/1 | 406 | PG13)

He didn’t freak out but now keeping it a secret from the pack was going to be harder than they thought

Behind closed doors by WeirdV (1/1 | 1,219 | NR)

“Stiles! Stiles wait!” Derek runs after him, and Stiles stops, “Please, just let me explain? Please!”

“Explain what, Derek?” he whispers angrily, “You’re engaged! Engaged, for crying out loud!”

“I’m – can you please just, come inside? Please?” he pleads, and he looks desperate, so desperate that Stiles just sighs and agrees, following him back inside.

I know by floralcreer (1/1 | 4,174 | R)

Stiles’s first time and falling in love with Derek Hale

Instinct and Revelation by LoneWolf1993 (4/? | 7,532 | NR)

Stiles is woken at 2 AM by a hesitant knock on his front door. Who could it be at this hour? And why?

Flesh by DarkAlpha67 (1/1 | 2,508 | NC17)

If there is one person who can both anger and arouse Derek, it’s Stiles.

Too bad the Vampire doesn’t use his words… much like the Werewolf.

Mismatched Match by LadyDrace (1/1 | 1,779 | PG13)

Getting to date hot senior jock Derek Hale should be cause for shouting from the rooftops, frankly, but life is a little more complicated than that. Until it isn’t.

you should be loving someone by haleinskibro (1/1 | 3,084 | NR)

the one where stiles and derek get set up on blind dates with each other. but they’re already kinda dating.


Hello all,
So I have been watching with dismay for about a year and a half about the lack of solidarity–to put it in the utmost mildest terms–between other members of the community. And so I’ve decided to shift this blogs purpose a little bit. It will now also be used to reblog positivity for all people who get attacked from their own communities for merely existing. What does that mean exactly? More bi and gender stuff. (And as always zero REGs)

If you were here for just ace stuff they will be tagged “non-ace” but for everyone who sits on the intersections I think this will help provide you with extra cheer without having to find a blog for each label. 

If you know any inclusive queer blogs that you’d like to see boosted I’d love the suggestions so I can follow them. Leave them in the comments or ask box please. 

Speaking of the ask box. We won’t answer asks that are non-ace unless they are also our personal labels. We already do that so this is less of a change and more of a reminder.

everyone should closet cosplay taako right now

so I don’t even Adventure Zone because I have sensory issues that mean I can’t listen to podcasts or really watch long youtube videos but I’m seeing this stuff going around tumblr and I’m like 

1. all taakos are valid


2. everyone is taako

i don’t really know what makes a taako mind you? he’s an elf i think? he has a nice hat? he likes fancy things? he has an umbrella sometimes? but anyway i figure that regardless of your gender, ethnicity, body type/size, you should cosplay taako. get your best fanciest hat out of your closet and uhhh whatever else makes a taako and cosplay that guy 

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hi mom!! if it aint too much trouble could you please do youngjae for the small AU game? if ur too busy or if you just dont want to you dont have to ofc! thank you~~

  • fallen angel!youngjae 
  • probably got roped in with something other fallen angel jackson did and now he’s stuck on earth,,,,,,,except he’s immortal,,,,and has to hide his wings,,,,,but still earth,,,,,,ew
  • gets a job as an ER nurse and is just trying to do his best to help people,,,,,you know,,,,,,since he can’t do it from above anymore
  • and everyone loves him because he’s a sweet kid who looks cute in the nurse’s uniform,,,,his scrubs have little dogs on them
  • keeps telling fellow fallen angel jackson that they need to stock up on good deeds so they can be let back into heaven but also why is jackson not listening to him and going to parties every night showing up to the hospital semi-sober jackson PLEASE
  • you’re in the ER from an accident which leaves you coming too from a bunch of IV meds and youngjae is your assigned nurse and he sees you opening your eyes and he’s like ‘are you ok? how are you feeling?’
  • and the first thing you blurt out is ‘are you an angel?’
  • and youngjae’s eyes go wide and he looks around and pulls the curtain around your bed closed and leans forward and he’s like ‘how?????? how did you know?????? are you one too??????? or are you a demon??????’
  • and you’re like woah woah woah hold up what 
  • and you try to sit up, the meds wearing off and you’re looking at nurse youngjae
  • cute face, nice skin, and you’re like ,,,,,,,,, well he looked like a blur a couple of seconds ago so that’s why you said angel but??????? he really is one?????
  • and you’re like ‘i don’t suppose your wings are binded to your back right now?’ and youngjae gasps and puts his hand on his back were you guessed it,,,,,,his wings around bounded
  • and you’re like holy moly you’re an ACTUAL ANGEL
  • and youngjae puts his hand over your mouth and is like yes yes shhhhhhhh i don’t know how you ,,,, a normal human knows,,,,,but you cannot tell anyone,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like i wasn’t going too,,,,,,,,,,,,,but um question
  • and youngjae sighs and he’s like ‘my halo isn’t visible to people if that’s what you want to know’ and you’re like akhfljds no but omg
  • and you’re like ‘are all angels as handsome as you? i mean they have to be right, but wow you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,stunning’
  • and youngjae is taken back by the sudden compliment and lifts his nurses clipboard to his face like,,,w,,,what,,,,,,,no all angels look different
  • but you’re just like ,,,,,,,,you’re so handsome it’s just unreal,,,,,,,,,no wonder you’re magical
  • and youngjae is slowly feeling himself heat up because ok ok you’re also,,,,a pretty cute human and you’re saying all these nice things,,,,and maybe he won’t discharge you just yet,,,
  • but also he’s like ‘you see that nurse over there attempting to do a backflip for that patient?’ and you look to where youngjae is pointing and you’re like oh yeah and youngjae is like ‘he’s an angel too’ and you’re like WHAT
  • but you’re also like he’s good looking too and youngjae is like ,,,,,,,,,,im better though right,,,,,,,,you: yes, i’d also trust you as a nurse,,,,,,that one not so much 
Maître d’

“Table for 2.”

“Sorry, sir. That’s impossible without a reservation.”

“Oh, yeah? How about now?”

The man slid the maître d’ a panini.

“Still impossible, sir.”

“Oh, yeah? How about now?”

The man slid the maître d’ a pamphlet on how to eat a panini.

“Still impossible, sir.”

“Oh, yeah? How about now?”

The man slid the maître d’ a pamphlet on how to really eat a panini.

“You know what? A table has just opened up.”

The maître d’ slid the panini and the pamphlets secretively into his sleeve.

“Here’s your table,” said the maître d’. “When will your guest be joining you?”

“Never. I get tables for two so I can have double the plates, glasses, and cutlery.”

“You’re a smart man.”

“I better be. I invented portable cheesecake. Before me you couldn’t move it.”

“Wow. It’s an honor, sir. Allow me to buy your first drink. What will you have?”

“The hottest soda you have with a lime that thinks it’s a lemon.”

The panini in the maître d’s sleeve felt warm against his arm. He hoped it wouldn’t taste like arm when he finally ate it, but it did.


Cool new blog huh? We know.

Anyway, we have an official blog now! We will be posting all our themes, announcements, and reblogging everybody’s creations on this blog from now on. Please follow so you can stay updated on the latest news!

We will also be reposting all news on our main blogs as well so that even if people don’t know about this blog they can stay informed but:


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Hi, I'm an INTP too! I've actually never met another one of us in real life, but I guess this is as close as I can get, so hi!

Hello! I haven’t physically met any other INTPs either, but now I know plenty on Tumblr, including you!
And Tumblr is “real life” if you have no life ;)

Originally posted by nellaey

Sighing.. I just wanted you all to see this.. I received this 14 days ago. Okay, first of all, I have never been contacted from Tumblr about this before, because it is simply untrue. I have never reblogged anyone else content as my own. Just look at my blog and you will see. Second, I don’t even know if this is real. Third, I know who is behind this and they are so desperate to get rid of me that they would stoop so low and to pull this. I can’t believe that people can be so dang evil. Who am I hurting? I am doing the same thing that you are doing. And furthermore you are the only one who has sent me a message like this, and now I am being falsely accused. I realize that this person is truly out to get me to stop reblogging, or to just reblog from them. Or just to get me off of Tumblr all together. I have proof, that this person is the one who is causing this. I just want to be left alone. I don’t bother you. Are you really that power hungry that you would try to get rid of someone who is causing you no harm. I don’t know what Tumblr is talking about, I have not done any of these things. I go the creators blog and I do my own reblogging. I see many, many others doing the same thing including you. I really don’t know what is going to happen to this blog, but I know that I have not broken any rules and I have nothing but respect and love for all of our creators.  I just wanted you guys to know what was going on, if anything happened. This person, is trying to get rid of me because they want to be the only reblogger on Tumblr. But guess what? I am not the only one and I won’t be the last. And I hope you know that all of your evil deeds will not go  unnoticed. Karma is a bi#tch and you are messing with the wrong person.  You have everybody fooled  into thinking that you are such a great person, but me and a few others know the truth. You are hiding behind your computer all day and secretly bullying others. I feel sorry for you. And I hope that you can find some peace. If I get deleted then I just do, my life won’t end. But like I sad Karma is a b#3ch. 

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10 jimon (ouch my heart)

10. “Don’t try, I’m not worth it.”

“Don’t try,” Jace exclaims, dramatically falling back into the sheets of his bed, “I’m not worth it.”

Simon snorts. “You’re sick, Jace. Not dying.”

“Sure feels like it,” Jace mumbles, and Simon softens, stroking a hand over Jace’s cheek.

“You’ll be back on your feet in no time, I just know it,” Simon says, and presses a soft kiss to Jace’s forehead. “Now scoot over so we can watch this movie together.”

Jace shuffles over, loudly protesting, but the second Simon sits down Jace nestles up against him. “Thank you for staying with me.”

“Always,” Simon says, wrapping an arm around Jace. “I’m always going to be here for you.”

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i just keep thinking about taako and lup. its fuckin me up... I imagine taako kind of yelling at lucretia like: "you made me think i was alone! all those horrible years and you made me think i was alone the entire time. she was all i had and you took my sister from me" also curious to see how justin reacts to such a major edition to his character background that he didn't decide on himself??

i can ONLY assume it’s not going to go over very smoothly. like yeah theyve all gotten VERY good at roleplaying at this point but there’s a limit, and i’d figure that limit would come at the “surprise your guy has a twin sister now!” point. no one knows anything about lup, especially justin, so hes got it out for him extra hard since he has to make up exactly how much taako cares about her and also how much taako would openly show it bc hes a tricky tricky boy when it comes to affections.

i love lup stuff in theory so, so, so much but this stuff’s gonna get just… so fucked in canon lol. its gonna be a mess.

I decided that I needed to see what was going on with the whole Gil romance, not just rely on word-of-mouth. So now I have words and need to get said words out of my system before I can think of going to bed.

It wasn’t as bad as I feared, though if you want to read that as damning with faint praise, you’re not wholly wrong.

I just… You know, yeah, sure, gays having kids and a family, sure, there’s a thumb to heteronormativity there. BUT, and this is the big thing, starting this family isn’t Gil’s idea. Jill springs it on him. This is HER idea. He makes an off-handed remark about how ‘making babies’ is a thing, but we don’t really hear him talking about this being a want of his - he says himself, he’s a ‘live in the moment’ kind of person. He doesn’t plan for the future that much.

Any thumb to heteronormativity is negated by the fact that this isn’t something that Gil necessarily wants, that he is not the one who goes ‘I’d like to have a kid, Jill, if you’re willing, would you be the mother of my kid?’ He’ll come around to the idea, sure, but it’s not his to start with. It’s Jill saying ‘hey best friend I tease about making my job as a reproductive tech harder, wanna be the father of my babies?’ And that’s actually a red flag when it comes to becoming a parent. One of Ryder’s VERY. VALID. points is that this isn’t the kind of decision you can undo or casually walk away from. This is more than a decision. It’s a commitment. One that you can’t back out of - once a child is conceived, with the intent of carrying it through to term, you are bound to that child.

And the simple fact is there are more than a few gay people and couples out there who are content with not having a family. Like we recognize early on ‘traditional family life isn’t going to happen, to have kids is going to involve a lot of work and steps to get there,’ and there’s a lot of people who see that work and effort, see that time and effort and energy needed to expend on the business of having kids, and say it’s not something they’re willing to go through. Having children is not a be all end all for everyone, gay and straight alike.

And ultimately, this really makes Gil’s story, his character arc, revolve more around Jill - Jill makes the decision that she’s going to have a kid and tosses fathering it in Gil’s lap. It’s not about him deciding to start a family, it’s someone else deciding to enlist his help in her effort to start one. It sorta makes me feel like I need to only romance him, in every playthrough of Andromeda I ever have, just to keep him from being backed into a corner on this.

Because it IS her pressuring him - he talks about how she gives him shit about ‘making her job harder,’ and, yeah, all our information about their friendship is through him, there are friendships like that, yadda, yadda, WHAT WE HAVE IN THE CANON TEXT is that she pressures him, regardless of how much or how little she means it, and then, after all of that, proceeds to drop this in his lap, with a seeming expectation that he’ll go along with it. Honestly? What is Gil getting out of this supposed friendship? Cuz it hasn’t done anything for him lately.

This isn’t Gil’s story. It’s not about him wanting a kid but not having been ready or willing before to take the plunge, or about him getting past any abandonment issues to commit to being a father. Jill is the one who has decided to be a parent, and her first instinct is ‘I’m gonna drag my gay best friend along for the ride!’ There’s no thumb to heteronormativity in that. That just reduces Gil into an accessory for this straight woman who appears for two minutes tops of screentime.

If I’m charitable, I’d call this well-meaning but misguided. Given the overall treatment of m/m relationships in Andromeda, I am not inclined to be charitable.

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Your art is incredible :D Love all the details /colour palettes you use - I'm in a real bad habit of just blending the skin until it's baby smooth, but your art reminds me that hints of texture can really go a long way - and help a piece look more gritty and realistic overall, looking forward to seeing more pieces from you ❤ thyy for the inspo!

Hey there :D 

Thank You! I’m happy You’re finding my works interesting :] And it’s propably the nicest thing an artist can hear - that their work is an inspiration - so I’m smiling really wide right now :D

In return I can share my current inspo for (a lot of things) painting in general, skin textures included. You know, there are serious REASONS I’m losing my head over Dishonored so much and one of them is art, especially art by Cédric Peyravernay and Sergey Kolesov

Just look how these guys are interpreting skin, just look:

Damn, so much still to learn…. O.O

Thanks again and cheers <3


blaire: sooo are you gonna ask cole if he want’s to come with us?

athena: i don’t know, he might not want to but I guess i can.

blaire: YOU SHOULD! but like… send a pic or something bc you look hot sis.

athena: uh??! i don’t think so that literally sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen.


athena: IT’S COLE!!!! IF HE ISN’T INTO IT HE WILL USE IT AGAINST ME FOR LIFE BLAIRE!!! I can HEAR him now ‘ hey remember that time you sent me a nude’, he’s never gonna let it go!!!!

blaire: not a NUDE…just some tasteful sideboob?

athena: you are killing me.