so now my stomach is lonely

The RFA guys + V + Saeran reacting to MC having a daddy kink

yes hello it’s me, the submissive little shit back at it again with more dominance from our faves (i won’t do baehee in this as i can’t really imagine her having a mommy kink, so she would most likely kink shame you tbh)

((my first headcanon in months and it’s daddy smut, i’m not even sorry))



  • This boy is a switch, okay
  • It’s basically canon that he is often very submissive, but as soon as he gets jealous he gets super possessive and in my humble opinion dominant
  • Which means rough sex, including pinning you to the closest surface, hickies all over and the occasional spanking if he really needed to teach you a lesson
  • He needed to study for his final exams when Zen invited the RFA to see his newest musical, and therefore couldn’t join you there
  • He did however check his phone while taking a break and saw a selfie of you and Zen all over his feed, with crazy fans shipping the two of you
  • Taken over by jealousy, he had you pinned against the front door almost before you could even close it, attacking your neck with love bites as he muttered how you were only his
  • Seeing this side of your usually shy boyfriend always made you a stuttering mess, and before you had even realized it, you moaned out “daddy”
  • For just a moment he gave you his confused puppy look, before fully realizing what you said and blushed, his eyes darkening with lust
  • “That’s right baby girl, I am your daddy. No one else. Now go to the bedroom and be undressed in two minutes, daddy will make sure you remember that you’re his”
  • can you tell how much of a slut i am for dom!yoosung
  • After you were done he would be a blushing mess, as he didn’t even know he was into that
  • Although he would take control more often, he won’t be your daddy every time - but when he is, he takes very good care of his baby girl


  • Zen had gotten a role in a musical a few cities away but you were too busy to come with him, so he stayed alone at a hotel for two weeks while doing it
  • Even though the two of you made a point to call each other at least once every day, he missed you when you hung up to take a shower and decided to scroll through tumblr while he waited for you to come back
  • He knew you had a fan account on there and while he didn’t follow you because he didn’t want the spam from all your fandoms on his feed, he did check your account now and then
  • Totally not to see you fangirl over him, pff no
  • He scrolled quickly past the things he didn’t care/know about, a small smile on his face as he found it cute that you were so passionate about everything
  • That is until he saw a reblogged post saying “reblog if zen is is the reason you have a daddy kink - i would kill for him to call me princess and tie me up”
  • Flustered, he accidently dropped his phone on the floor and scrambled to pick it up
  • “Zenny? What happened, did you drop your phone again?”
  • You were obviously back from the shower, and the image of you naked and wet in addition to the idea of you calling him daddy made the beast within him groan with lust
  • “Princess, why are you keeping things like this from me?”
  • “What do you mean? What have I done?”
  • “You haven’t told daddy just how much you like being his little baby girl”
  • “I-I… I’m sorry daddy, I won’t keep things like that from you again”
  • “Hmm… Should I believe you? I think you should send daddy a picture of you to show him how sorry you are. Show me your apologetic look”
  • You tried your best to take a doe eyed selfie that showed how much he made you blush, making sure to show your clevage as well
  • “I don’t really think you’re all that sorry, princess. You should send me more pictures like that”
  • You heard his strict tone become a bit more relaxed as he started breathing heavy, and you hoped he was touching himself
  • You did as he said, trying harder to look innocent and sexy at the same time, and heard him downright moan when he recieved the picture
  • “Baby girl, facetime me now. You need to help daddy with something”
  • With that he hung up, leaving you kind of flustered as he had found out your ultimate kink, before you facetimed him and picked up where you left of


  • You were trying to read a book and listen to some music while Jumin did some work in his home office, but Elizabeth kept playing with the cord on your headset
  • “No Elizabeth, stop it! Do I really have to go and tell daddy what a bad girl you are? Leave the cord alone!”
  • As you were listening to music and busy trying to distract the cat, you didn’t notice Jumin standing in the door until he chuckled
  • “Daddy, huh? i prefer that over ‘cat mom’, at least”
  • You blushed when you realized he had heard the nickname you used for him only around Elizabeth, and tried to play it off by lifting her up and talking in a baby voice, pretending to voice her
  • “But daddy, she is no fun! Your little kitten wants attention, and daddy was too busy to play. But I will be a good girl from now, I promise”
  • “Don’t make promises you can’t keep, kitten”
  • Jumin shaked his head in faked annoyance, but as he stepped closer you realized he wasn’t looking at the cat
  • You let go of Elizabeth and she walked away, leaving you alone with Jumin towering over you
  • “Good girls don’t blame others, my love. You’re the one who wanted attention, right? You’re the one who wanted daddy to play with her?”
  • You nodded and blushed more, trying not to show how much his words affected you
  • He caressed your cheek before gripping your chin and lifting your gaze up to meet his, wanting to know if you found this as hot as he did
  • “Let’s go get your favorite toys, then. Daddy will make sure his kitten won’t be bored for the next few hours”


  • He had been working for two days straight and you hadn’t even seen him leave the computer, except from the occasional toilet break
  • You were needy and wanted his attention, but he kept telling you off because he “just needed a few more minutes, then he would be done”
  • After a few more hours of this, you’d had enough and just plopped down in his lap, ignoring his furious typing
  • “MC, not now, I’m almost finished”
  • “But daddy, I’m lonely… Can you please play with me?”
  • His typing stopped and you could swear you saw his glasses shine mischievously for a moment
  • “Well… If my little princess is lonely, I guess I have no other choice but to play with her. Too bad you have been such a bad girl today, trying to distract daddy. How should you be punished, baby girl? Maybe some spanks on your cute little ass?”
  • You nodded shamefully, pulled your pants and panties down and repositioned so you were laying on your stomach over his lap, presenting him with your bare ass
  • You could only whimper when he smacked your ass without warning, before rubbing his hand over it soothingly
  • “Such a shame that daddy has to punish his pretty little girl… What do I have to do to make you listen, hm?”
  • He spanked you again and again with no mercy, until you were a whiny mess and tried to squirm free of his tight grip on your hips to save yourself from the bruises you knew would come
  • “Will you behave now, princess?”
  • As soon as he saw you nod, he picked you up bridal style and carried you to bed for your reward for being a good girl
  • fuck me up fam, he would be such a good daddy
  • When you woke up in his arms the morning after, he would already be awake and looking at you with heart eyes until your stomach growled, which would make him laugh
  • “Shut up, I’m hungry!”
  • “Hi hungry, I’m daddy”
  • Yes, he would use this as an excuse to say dad jokes


  • All he wanted was to edit a few photos of the two of you he had taken to make a card for your anniversary, but as he couldn’t find his laptop, he decided to borrow yours while you were out with some friends
  • However, as soon as he opened it up, he was greeted by the sound of obnoxious moaning and the sound of skin slapping
  • He quickly shut the computer again and hid his face in his hands, mortified that he stumbled upon the porn you were obviously watching
  • Deciding to respect your privacy, he really did try his best to find his own laptop, but he couldn’t find it anywhere
  • He eventually gave up and realized he had to use yours to get the pictures done, so with a deep breath he opened your laptop again, ready to click the porn away and focus on what he needed to do
  • The sounds started again and he paused the video, but as he waited for the editing program to open, he saw the title of what you were watching
  • “Daddy takes care of his princess..?”
  • Intrigued by the idea of you having a daddy kink he resumed the video, growing harder when he imagined the girl with the baby pink lingerine was you
  • A thought crossed his mind; he had the perfect idea as of what to give you for your anniversary
  • When the morning of the big day came around a few weeks later your blue haired boyfriend was already awake, presenting you with your gift as soon as you muttered a “good morning”
  • You opened the card expecting to find a cute message like he usually wrote on your anniversaries, but you were only met with “Daddy saw something that reminded him of his little girl and couldn’t resist getting you something special. Happy anniversary, my princess”
  • He was too shy to meet your shocked eyes, which only widened more when you opened the gift and saw the pink babydoll dress and vibrator
  • “Was it too much..?”
  • Obviously anxious that he assumed too much, you reassured him by pecking his cheek and resting your hand on his hardening croth, suprised by how much even the idea of being called daddy worked up your supposedly vanilla boyfriend
  • “I love it, daddy! Thank you so much!”
  • He smiled relieved as you changed from your sleepwear to your new set, gaining a boost of confidence when he realized he knew your body well enough to get you the perfect size
  • “You’re such a good girl, princess. Now lay back and let daddy give you your real present”


  • “Harder, daddy…”
  • He was woken up by your needy moans and the feeling of your hips moving against his, grinding your ass against his crotch as he was spooning you
  • As he was half asleep he didn’t realize what you had said, the only thing he realized was how hard you’d made him and how badly he wanted you that exact moment
  • After hesitating for a few moments he let his hand travel down your belly before pulling your panties to the side, feeling how you were already soaking wet
  • This earned him another moan from you, which only got louder when he circled your clit with two fingers
  • “Saeran, I need you so badly… Please daddy”
  • Hearing his baby girl beg for him made him ever harder, and he couldn’t resist gently biting your shoulder
  • You woke up with a gasp as he pushed a finger inside of you, giving you some much needed satisfaction
  • “Were you dreaming about daddy’s cock, princess?” he groaned in your ear as he pushed it further in, crooking it to find your sweet spot
  • When your only response was a whimper, he pressed his crotch against your backside, letting you feel him
  • “I asked you a question baby, I expect an answer”
  • You nodded and wiggled your hips, trying to get him to shove another finger into you
  • “Tsk tsk tsk, such an impatient little girl. Daddy will take care of you, don’t you worry your pretty little head with that”
  • With that he rolled you over so he was hovering above you, before kissing his way down to where you needed him the most
  • fuck me up again, another good daddy
Not your Fault

Hey guys! Here’s the first of my New Years’ Writing Binge, and my first request for Avatar. Enjoy!

Warnings: Angsty Zuko, cheesy as all hell, and very ‘wish fulfillment.’ (come on, who didn’t want to tell Zuko this stuff as a kid?) Also this one’s a little short.

Outside your tent, the fire had burned down low and sullen, and its quiet crackle was the only sound you could hear in the Gaang’s camp. You didn’t know how many of the others were actually asleep, though. In just a few days, you’d go your separate ways for the invasion of the Fire Nation and Aang’s (hopefully) defeat of Fire Lord Ozai. As a non-bender, you’d be going with Sokka’s team - but you weren’t worrying about that. You’d been in plenty of battles leading up to this. No, it wasn’t the fighting keeping you up. A lump formed in your throat.

You’d have to leave Zuko alone to fight Azula. 

You rolled over and sighed, just a little too loud. From one of the other tents, Sokka grumbled. “Go to sleep!”

You giggled for a second, then stopped. Someone was getting up. You listened carefully. Was it Aang? There was a crashing sound, a very loud curse. Not Aang, then. Then, the whoosh of fire-bending. Zuko.

You rolled to your feet and scrambled outside. “Zuko?” you hissed. “You okay?”

He muttered something under his breath, but when he turned to you, his face was calm, if a little sullen. “Fine. Go back to sleep, Y/N.”

“Ha! That’s likely,” you murmured, and came to sit beside him. He’d restarted the fire, and was sitting dejectedly on one of the earth-benches that Toph had shaped earlier. “What’s up, Zuko?”

He didn’t answer for a while, just poked at the fire and watched the sparks burst into the sky. “It’ll never be enough,” 

You waited, listening to the sounds of night, for him to elaborate, but he didn’t. “Okay…what won’t be enough?” you prompted.

“Me,” he said miserably. “I’m not. I wasn’t enough for my father and no matter how much I do to help the Avatar, it’ll never repair the harm I did as his enemy.”

You said nothing for a bit, your heart sinking. Oh, no. While you might be known among the Gaang as the one who gave the best advice, it never seemed to help with Zuko. Still, that didn’t mean you couldn’t try - you’d gotten his story in bits and pieces, tiny scraps of his past revealed in moments like these. You shifted on the bench to face him better.

“Oh, Zu,” you said sadly, taking his hand. “Okay, yeah, you did some bad stuff. Who hasn’t? You’re not perfect, but you’re trying. That’s all anyone can do, their best.”

He swallowed so hard you could see the movement in this throat. “It doesn’t matter what you say.” His voice was rough, harsher than he meant it to be. “You don’t know how hard this is for me. I betrayed my uncle, and my father -”

“Your father’s a lousy sack of dead fish,” you interrupted. Usually you tried not to do that, but it always made you so angry when he talked about the Firelord. All that talk about wanting to regain his honor - all he wanted was his father’s love, and that horrible cretin couldn’t even give him that. “No offense, but he challenged his own son to a duel. He burned you, Zu. A good father doesn’t do that.”

Zuko made a strangled sound in his throat; he was starting to learn that, but new knowledge hurt sometimes. His shoulders hunched inward, and your heart bled for him. You reached out a hand to his shoulder. “You’re not a bad person, Zuko. You’re not a perfect angel, but nobody else is either. And what happened with your dad? That is not your fault.”

He jerked away, muscles tensing. “Not my fault? I should’ve -”

“It wasn’t your fault,” you said firmly. “Not in a million years.”

He squeezed his eyes shut, but then let his shoulders slump down. “I -” He choked off, and ran a hand through his silky black hair. “I know that. In my head, I mean. I’m trying to really know it, but it hasn’t exactly sunk in.”

“And that’s okay,” you told him. “I know what you mean, but if you keep telling yourself what you know in your head, eventually your heart will catch up.”

He dropped his head in his hands and sighed. “Thanks, Y/N.”

You grinned. “No problem, Zu. That’s what I’m here for.”

He glanced at you out the corner of one scarred eye. “You’re really good at this, y’know that?”

You shrugged. “Thanks. It’s kinda my thing.” You paused, and one lone thought flitted across your mind: now would be the perfect time to kiss him.

No! You couldn’t do that to him, so soon before the battle. And what if he didn’t even like you back? Your stomach twisted in knots, staring at the firelight flickering over his beautiful face. 

“Well,” you said finally, standing off the bench, “big day tomorrow. I guess I better…” you trailed off, heartbeat speeding up. He’d grabbed your wrist, and his golden eyes were looking up right into yours.

“Don’t leave,” he whispered. “Please.”

“Zuko…” You swallowed and blinked. “I -”

He stood slowly, never taking his eyes from yours, and came closer, closer, closer to you. He gave you all the time in the world to move away.

You didn’t. Softly, hesitatingly, he brushed his lips against yours with a tiny thrill like honey and sparks in your chest. And then he broke away, and didn’t say a thing. His eyes met yours once again, asking their wordless question. When he spoke, his voice was husky. “If we win?”

When we win,” you said fiercely. And even though everything in you was telling you to stay, to be close to him, you stood and turned your back, and went back to your tent.

Soon, you told yourself. Soon.


Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Isaac x Reader
Word Count: 1,280

Warning: nsfw

A/N: this is dedicated to my hay-babe @sarcasticallystilinski bc she’s ill and has major isaac feels, i luh u bby x x

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The tips of my fingers gently trace the soft skin of his face, nails ghosting over the small hairs that stand on end. My eyes were heavy, but my smile never faded, not even the slightest. He lay still, soft snores emitting from his luscious lips, warm breath fanning over my neck and he pulled me closer into him, snuggling his face into my hair and inhaling deeply.

This was the only time he was ever affectionate. When he was sleeping, out of consciousness. I play with his dark curls with my other hand, careful not to wake the sleeping man as I continued to silently admire his beauty, for it wouldn’t last long. Within hours, he’d be gone. My bed empty - yet full of desolation and disgrace when I awake in the morning.

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BTS when their girlfriend likes the feels.


When you first started running your hands up his shirt it startled the crap out of him. He was not expecting it but when he saw you listening and laughing to the story Namjoon was excitedly telling he realized you didn’t even realize you were doing it. He calmly retracted your hand from under his shirt and gripped it so it looked like you were just holding hands. It has now become your thing to feel along his back when you two are cuddling but only when you’re alone. This is yours and his time. You make do with just running your fingers over his forearm when in public and because he finds it endearing he always tries to wear short sleeves or a shirt that can be pushed up along the sleeves.

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Yoongi does not do PDA. He prefers to keeps his private life just that. Private. But he knows that what you do is habit and you really only do it to him. He has learned to not mind it so much when it is just the boys but anytime there is someone he doesn’t know that well is within viewing distance he will gently remove your hand from under his shirt and try and find something for you to hold. Most of the time it is Holly because Yoongi reasons that if it is because you like something warm to pet then you might as well pet the best dog in the world right?

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*Quietly picks up Holly and deposits him in your lap*

“Holly looks lonely.”


He loves it. He loves it so much. When ever you are out and about, when you are just chilling at home, when you are with friends he loves it 100% of the time. In fact it is now so normal for him to have your hand on his stomach when you are back hugging him that if it’s not there he will put it there.

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”Jaaaaagiya…. my stomach misses your hand.”


To be honest I think he was a little unconformable with it at first. Just at first though. He can tell that this is not something you are doing on purpose so he tries to ignore the butterflies he gets each time he feels the cold air on his side. Because he knows that it will be followed by your hand. It took him awhile but he can now feel your hand rubbing his side without blushing. 

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“Why am I so red? Um… I have a fever.”


This shy tiny mochi… Can not get enough of you always having your hand on his skin somewhere. Because each time he feels it, it is almost like you are proudly staking your claim on him. He knows that it is not why you do it because he brought it up after the first times you did. After explaining that it was a habit and you just like the feel of his skin he couldn’t help but smile. Even though he knows better he can’t keep the smug look off his face. 

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*Sigh* “Jimin-ah… You are doing it again.”

*Tries to wipe the smirk off his face* “What? No Jagi I am just smiling like I normally do. I swear.”

*Smirk comes right back when your hand moves from his side to his stomach*


This boy. This boy has no problem with you keeping your hand on the small of his back all of the time because every chance he get he has a hand on your inner thigh. It isn’t sexual, most of the time, it is just something he does so when you do it back he doesn’t think anything of it. 

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It is not commonly known that Jungkook is ticklish so when you two were hanging out and you running your had down his side in a petting motion… He nearly fell off the couch. You were baffled as to why he was so startled and it took a minute before he could finally explain that he was ticklish on his side and to please not do it. Then it was his turn to be baffled when you admitted that you didn’t even mean to do it. But after a bit of trial and error you two finally decided his stomach was oddly enough tickle free. 

Originally posted by kookielife

“Okay so my side, the inside of my arm, are “nope zones” but my stomach is okay to pet… I think I am going to go die of embarrassment now.” 

I really enjoyed writing this react! I hope you liked it too!

Requests are open so please feel free to send in an ask! 


A follower confesses again!

Here’s another one for you. When I was 15 I would babysit for next door neighbors. They were in their late 30’s or early 40’s. The husband went out of town for a week and the wife wanted to go out one night with friends so she asked me to babysit. When she came home she was a little tipsy. She told me she’d be right back with my money and excused herself. When she walked back in living room she was in a nightgown, nothing sexy, just a regular nightgown but her nipples were rockhard. She gave me the money and asked if I’d go into the bedroom with her and talk to her while she fell asleep. She was lonely. So we are talking and she’s laying on her stomach and she ask if I’d rub her back so I start doing this. Now I’m just kind of tracing my fingers all over her back and work my to the back of her legs. She jumped a little but said it felt nice. I trace my fingers on her inner thigh and she spreads her legs a bit. I’m really excited and I let my finger run up and down her pussy lips through her panties. She’s now breathing and kind of rocking back and forth so I slip a finger past her panties and slowly slip it between cunt lips. Now I know it’s ok and start fingering her. She rolls over and I take her panties off and start licking her pussy and fingering her until she has an orgasm. I tried to fuck her after that but she wouldn’t let me. Instead she sucked my cock until I came in her mouth. That was the first time I came in someone’s mouth. After that we had oral sex together like five more times before my family moved away from the area.


A/N: this is my first imagine! I was inspired to write this when I saw @whitechocolateperfection said about Shawn running on treadmill. So sorry if this is so bad. 😭


“Y/N, wake up!” My mom called for I don’t know how many times now. It is 8 A.M on Saturday and she decided to wake me up. “What is it, mom?” I groan. “Why don’t you go to the gym? I thought your membership starts today?” She said. Oh, crap! I totally forget about that. “Yeah.” I said back to her. After checking on my phone, I start to do my morning routine and pack my things into the gym bag. “I’m going now. Bye, mom.” I said, kissed her cheek. I start my car engine and drive to the gym.

*at the gym*

Now, I’m running at the treadmill and listening to ‘scared to be lonely’ by Martin Garrix. I keep my head up and look straight until someone comes and starts running next to me. I look to that person, and study his face. He is so handsome, has muscular body, has curl brown hair, and he is Shawn Mendes. I didn’t realise that I wasn’t running until I was at the ground laying on my stomach. I fell. How embarrassing it is to fall in front of Shawn Mendes. Being the gentleman he is, he stops running and help me to get up on my feet. My face is turning red and becomes even more sweaty than I already have. “Are you okay?” Shawn said. “Uh, yeah. I..I..” “I’m Shawn. What’s your name?” He cut my off. Wow, stop right there. Did he just ask my name? “I’m Y/N.”

Shawn’s POV.

When I walk to the gym today, I notice that there’s a girl on the treadmill I usually use. I was kinda irritated when I saw it. But as I get closer to the machine, I see that she is beautiful. She is wearing a black nike sport bra, black legging and she made her hair into ponytail. I step on the treadmill machine next to her and start jogging. I look at her for couple seconds before she turns her head to look at me. She suddenly stops running and she falls on the ground. I quickly stop doing what I was doing and helped her. “Are you okay?” I asked. “Uh, yeah. I.. I..” she starts rambling. I cut her off by introducing my name and ask hers. “I’m Y/N.” she said. “So, why did you stop running?” I asked and chuckled lightly. “You are Shawn Mendes.” She blurted. “The realisation hits me when I look at you and you are Shawn Mendes. I’m a fan but no I didn’t know you’re a member here so no I didn’t stalk you at all. I just registered a week ago.” “You are rambling, Y/N.” i said. She is so cute when she rambles. And I guess because she is nervous. “Oh yeah, sorry. I will continue my workout. Thanks for helping me.” She said with blushing cheeks. “Yeah, sure. Maybe we could workout too.” I said but very low hoping se wouldn’t notice. “Sorry, what did you say?” Oh, she heard me. “I said, maybe we could workout too.” I chuckled nervously. “Is that a pickup line?” She asked. I nodded, “so what do you think about coming to the gym when I come here too? Or maybe we can hang out sometime” I said while handing her my phone to get her phone number. “Oh, sure. Yeah, of course. I’d like that.” She smiled and typed her number. “What about today? Are you free afterwards?” I asked her again. I don’t know why I do this to be honest. I don’t usually do this. Well, I have never done this before. But there will be the first time for everything, right? “Yeah, I am free.” She said cutting me off from my thoughts. “Okay. We can go to Tim’s?” I asked and smiled at her. “Sounds like a plan.” She smiled. Woah, her smile is gorgeous. Then we continued our workout and go to Tim’s.

*at tim’s*


“I hope this would be the first of your hangouts together.” Shawn said. “Yeah, I hope so.” I said shyly. “I’ll see you soon?” I asked. “Of course. I’ll text you when I get home.” He replied and hugged me as we stand beside my car. “Sure. Thank you for helping me again.” I told him. “My pleasure. Drive safe, ok?” He said and I just nodded as I climbed to my car. I started to drive and look at rear mirror to see him walking to his car. I smiled to myself as I remembered what just happened.

Friends With Benefits - Minho x Reader

Guess, when your boyfriend doesn’t pay enough attention to you, you will have to go to your best friend.

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You groaned. 

It was the fourth time in the row your boyfriend had ditched you. 

Now you were alone at the movies, dressed up all pretty and nice for the date you had waited for for so long. And now this bastard didn’t show up.

You could have forget about it, but today you didn’t feel like being alone at home. So you dialed the number of your best friend Minho.

You two had been friends since you could walked. You went to kindergarten together, to middle school and at last graduated together. 

But what nobody knew, was that he was also your first kiss. It had happened when you two were 16 and were curios about kisses and the results of that, your lips ended up being pressed against each other. 

It felt really nice, but nothing more had developed from it. 

Until you were 18. 

The skinship in your friendship took it to the next level, while the emotional level remained. But today, you still blame it the alcohol that was rushing in your blood that night.

“Let me guess, that dick didn’t show up, right?”, Minho said right away when he picked up.

You couldn’t hold back a smile. He knew you so well. 

“Yeah”, you simply answered.

You heard him sighing. “I’ll wait for you at your apartment.”

“That’s my Min-Min”, you said before hanging up.

You rushed back home, as best as you could in your high heels, and your boyfriend was long forgotten when you saw your best friend with a giant box of popcorn and a two liter bottle of pure vodka. 

A laughter slipped out of you and you approached him. 

He flashed you a huge smile when he saw you and his eyes looked up and down your body, checking you out in your outfit. 

“Yah, Minho. Make it more obvious”, you said sarcastically and slapped his arm. 

“Sorry, but your so-xalled boyfriend must be blind to let someone like you slip away”, he said and pulled you into a warm hug. 

“Come on, let’s make ourselves a good evening. You are not the only one who got ditched today”, he said.

On your way in, he told you that his girlfriend, who you didn’t like anyway, had cheated on him and broke up with him over the phone. 

“I told you, she was a bitch, but noooo, your stupid brain turned off as soon as she says your name in a fake cute voice”, you shrugged while taking off your jacket, slowly revealing your bare shoulders and soft, pale skin.

Minho, who sat on your bed, simply stared at you while you did that, but you didn’t mind. You were already used to it.

“What movie do you want to watch tonight?”, he asked you in a husky voice. 

“I let you choose. Something that distracts us both from love, boyfriends and girlfriends”, you answered. 

Minho just sat there, watching you sliding off your dress and your shoes, leaving you in only your matching underwear. 

You felt his eyes burning your skin and somehow, your heart started to race. 

Deciding to ignore that, you asked him : “You think I got fatter?” and pinched your stomach. 

It took him seconds to form an answer that made your skin shiver. 

“You’re beautiful, Y/N”, he said mesmerized. 

“But don’t you think I gained a little bit fat he-”, before you could end your sentence, Minho shot up from the bed and trapped you between the mirror and his body. 

“Y/N, you’re beautiful, okay? Now shut the hell up”, he growled and attacked your lips with his. 

You could taste his hunger in the kiss and you couldn’t deny your want for him as well. 

The frustration your boyfriend had built up in you whenever he cancelled a date, had now took over and it will surely be let out on Minho.

“Min-Min, my boyfriend and I haven’t done it for months”, you whispered into against his lips. 

“My now ex-girlfriend either”, he answered and it was sure how this evening would end.

His strong had came behind your back and unclasped your bra, letting it fall to the ground.

Immediately, he began to fondly your breast, that were so sensitive because of the lack of care. 

His fingers pinched your nipple, making you break the kiss to moan out loud. 

Your hands had gone up and pulled at his hair, signaling him that you wanted more.

Getting your clue, his head quickly dipped down and he took the other nipple into his mouth.

This had happened a lot of times already, so his tongue knew exactly what to do, turning you into a moaning mess. 

“Min-Min, give me more”, you said. 

He gladly obliged and he slid down his hand into your panties, rubbing your over-sensitive nub roughly with fast movements. 

A scream escaped your lips when pleasure overflowed you all at once. 

“I’m glad to have you as a friend”, he said and looked up to your eyes. 

“Me too. And you know me much better than my boyfriend”, you answered and threw your head back when he entered two fingers into you, not giving you time to adjust. 

“He didn’t deserve you, Y/N”, he said. 

His fingers curled up and constantly grazed your G-Spot, making it impossible for you to form an answer.

He picked up his pace while his thumb worked on your nub and his mouth toyed with your hard nipples until it almost ached painfully. 

Like a wave, your orgasm flowed over you and without Minho’s help, you would have sunken on the ground, your legs shaking too much to hold you. 

“AH, MINHO”, you screamed loudly and threw your head back, pounding it against the cold mirror.

“Alright, you had your fun”, he said and pulled out of your walls, bringing his fingers to his mouth to taste your juices. 

“Now It’s your turn, Y/N”, he smirked cockily and arched his eyebrows. 

You rolled your eyes. Of course he would always want payment for pleasuring you.

You dropped on to you knees and started to unbutton his pants. You could already feel his harden through the fabric and as expected, his member painfully hard, also because of the lack of pleasure. 

“Aww, you have been neglected for a long time, haven’t you?”, you cooed when you wrapped your hand around him, slowly pumping him.

“Shut up. Y/N”, he said. 

You giggled and began to work him. 

Your hand went faster, moving up and down until his precum had gathered on your fingers. 

Knowing that a handjob will never ever be enough for Choi Minho, you took him into your mouth, sucking him hungrily and licking at his juices with your soft tongue. 

“God, damn it. This feels so good”, he groaned over you. 

Answering with a hum, you sent vibrations to his skin, making him pulling at your hair the way you had pulled at his. 

“I’m so close, Y/N”, he said through gritted teeth and not longer afterwards, his cum shot down your throat. 

You got up again and you sheepishly smiled at him. 

“You’re welcome, Min-Min”, you said. “Now let’s watch the movie.”

He laughed while pushing you backwards onto the bed until you fell on it. 

“You really think I want to watch a movie now? After you had wrapped your pretty mouth against my dick? After I had eaten out until you screamed my name? I don’t think so, kitten”, he said and ripped off your panties. 

“You want round two, don’t you?”, you asked him while voluntarily spreading your legs for him. His smirk was enough answer for you.

When he took off his shirt, revealing his delicious abs, you licked your lips while taking in the view like he had when you were undressing yourself.

“Like what you see?”, he teased you as he went down on you.

“Hey, you had stared at me too”, you said back.

“Like I said, you’re beautiful, Y/N”, he whispered into your ear before nibbling at it.

Somehow, his words made your heart pounding until it took away your breath. You had never felt this before, not even when you boyfriend had confessed to you.

“So glad that we are friends”, he said when three of his fingers rushed down to your clit again, immediately stretching you out as a preparation for something much bigger.

“Same, Min-Min”, you moaned and pulled him into a kiss. 

- 7 years later -

“Unbelievable that you married this dick when he was so careless towards you”, Minho grumbled.

“But it was back then. He had changed now, he is now much more attentive. And I’m sure he would make a great father”, you said back. 

“You know for sure now that you’re pregnant?”, he asked you and placed his hand on your stomach that was still flat.

“Yeah”, you answered happily and joined his hand. 

“I’m very happy for you, Y/N”, he leant in to kiss you and you didn’t mind. 

Others would have consider this “cheating” or what so ever, but these kisses meant nothing more than something friendly and only showed how important you were to each other. Just like your frequent nights together whenever you both feel lonely. 

It’s been such a long time since I post something, my goodness. I hope my followers still remember me.

Stairs - Part II

Originally posted by r-velvets

As you might know, I got requested to do another part to this piece,  AND I’M HAPPY ABOUT IT! I hope you enjoy this part as much as the last - this part doesn’t actually take place on the stairs, though. I’ll try and incorporate stairs more in other parts! If you haven’t read Part I yet, click here! If you’re interested in my masterlist, click here! Remember, requests for anything are always open, so feel free to leave something in my inbox! Fighting!xx

(okay the ‘click here’ things didn’t really work, but they’ll take you to my page - there’s a link to my masterlist there, and you’ll find part one on that!)

My limbs felt heavy. My head felt even heavier. In fact, it was practically throbbing. I didn’t think I could move. I certainly didn’t want to open my eyes. I was fine with them how they were, practically glued together from exhaustion, even though I’d just woken up. I wasn’t sure what time it was. I also wasn’t sure what I was lying on. My head didn’t feel very comfortable; this certainly wasn’t the pillow from my bed at home. My neck ached from whatever position it was in. I wonder where I am…

    I opened my eyes wide. Where was I?! I sat up, wincing as I rubbed my neck. I looked to see a strange array of sofa pillows and coats where my head had been before. It seemed like they had been purposely arranged to be comfortable. Well, at least whoever it was had tried. As I looked around, I realised that I had never even left Junmyeon’s house. I was still in the living room. By the looks of things, a lot of people were in the same predicament; but for some reason, the house seemed empty. Perhaps it was because there were so many people at the party, thousands maybe, that quite a few people being left over seemed like nothing. My mind trailed back to last night, and my heart seemed to grow inside my chest. I wondered whether Baekhyun was still here. 

        My stomach rumbled. Could I remember where the kitchen was? I wasn’t sure, but I was confident that I wouldn’t get lost, even if the house was huge. I’d probably bump into someone at some point, anyway. I swung my legs over the edge of the sofa and stood up.


        I screamed, jumping back onto the sofa and staring down at the ground with wide eyes. Lying on the floor beside the sofa was Baekhyun, whose panic-stricken face was staring back at me. I immediately felt panicked myself at the thought of having hurt him.

        “Oh, God, Baekhyun! Are you okay?! I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were there! Did I hurt you? Oh, God, I’m really sorry!”

        “Hey, it’s okay!” he laughed. I had to admire his chivalry - it was nice of him to laugh it off. “Did you sleep well?”

        “I must have, I don’t remember falling asleep. I don’t even know how I ended up on the sofa, do you?”

        “Oh, erm”, Baekhyun ran a hair through his bed head. It was extremely cute. I wished I could do it, too. I bit my tongue to reprimand myself. “Actually, I put you there. You were sort of passing out but not, so we thought it was best we laid you down somewhere. I hope it wasn’t too uncomfortable - I tried to make it as comfy as I could, but I know it wasn’t very good”. He was looking at me, and it was then that I realised that I was rubbing my sore neck again.

        Oh, no!” I quickly moved my hand to rest on my leg, “It was comfy!” He laughed again, eyes twinkling. I thought I might die. I was pleased that I still seemed to have feelings for him, even when sober.

        “Where were you going, anyway?”

        “Oh, I-” my stomach rumbled loudly. I covered it with my hands, as if it would help somehow. Baekhyun laughed, immediately standing up, and, after stretching his arms, he took my hand.

        We walked in silence around the house, neither of us quite sure where the kitchen had even been. I didn’t remember ever going there during the course of the evening, and neither did he. The silence wasn’t awkward at all; in fact, it was rather nice to begin with, since I was so tired. On our search for the kitchen, we found Yixing, who was asleep on an armchair in the hallway - I took the opportunity to take a picture, laughing to myself at the thought of exposin it on his birthday. After we’d been searching for fifteen minutes, Baekhyun spoke up.

        “Maybe it was upstairs? I mean, I think there’s a couple of floors, so it could be on one of them”. I agreed, and we made our way to the staircase. I noted that this was the place that I had first seen him, where he and I had first spoken. Baekhyun let me go up before him, so I got to the top of the stairs first. When I did, I felt butterflies in my stomach, seeing the place where he and I kissed, where I had wanted even more from him. I heard his soft chuckle and I quickly moved on, knowing that he knew why I was standing there.

        We made our way around the first floor, knocking on doors before opening them. A couple of them led to bedrooms, one to a games room (which Baekhyun was infuriated about not being introduced to last night), and, much to my rejoice, the kitchen. I had never felt more blessed in my life. My stomach was groaning regularly by now, so I felt little to no remorse at our joint decision to raid the cupboards for food. We split up, the kitchen being rather large,and began opening cupboards and drawers. I found pitta bread, a bag of rice, prunes, a box of protein shake powder, a drawer full of vitamins, a lone carrot, and, eventually, some oats. I wasn’t a fan of porridge, but I was so hungry that I was willing to eat it if that’s all I could make - besides, I hadn’t eaten much the night before, and the alcohol was still making my head feel a little dizzy. I turned around, holding up the bag of oats.

        “Here, Baekhyun, I found these- you have to be joking”. Standing on the other side of the kitchen was Baekhyun, his arms full of bags of sweets and crisps. “I’m not eating that for breakfast”.

        “Why not?!” He protested, sticking out his lower lip and making me want to melt. “I like this food, Y/N!”

        “So do I, but not for breakfast!”

        “I don’t want porridge, Y/N!” He sounded like a whiny child. It was a good job he was so cute, and that I could see he was behaving like this in an attempt to wind me up.

        “What do you want for breakfast, then?!” He didn’t respond straight away. He just stared at me. The way he looked at me made my face feel hot, made me feel flustered, and I tried not to show it. “Well? What do you want?” Still no answer. Then, all of a sudden, the bags of confectionery had moved from his arms onto the kitchen side, and he was right in front of me. I stammered slightly, my lower back hitting the counter as I took a step back. 



        “I want you. I want you for breakfast”.

It's just a one night thing - ch2 dluh

Warning: mature content

I’ve been in New York city for a few days now and it’s way too crowded to my liking. Too much noise, cars everywhere and people don’t know how to not be in a hury all the time. I walked into my favorite coffee shop and asked for a hot chocolate milk with a bagel to go. It was quite cold in New York considering we were in the middle of February. “Thank you.” I smiled to the kind lady as she handed me my things. I walked back out and headed to the park but as I turned the corner of a street I ran straight in stranger dropping the bag containing my bagel. Luckily I didn’t spill my drink cause I would’ve been pissed. The stranger bent over grabbing the bag.
“I’m so sorry.” He said as he stood up. He was about to say something until our eyes met. “Oh shit.” We stared at eachother until his friend cleared his throat.
“You okay D?”
“I’m fine.” He reassured his friend without even taking his eyes off mine. “How’s it going Y/N?” He handed my bag back and I quickly took it.
“I’m doing good, how about you?”
“Great.” I could feel the awkwardness between the two of us and I’m sure he felt it too.“
“Well it was nice seeing you.” I walked passed him but he grabbed my frozen hand sending a spark threw my whole body.
“I’m performing tonight, maybe you could come and we could hang out afterwards.” How can someone be this good looking? I thought to what happened a month ago and I felt myself getting horny at the thought of him touching me.
“I’ll think about it.” He gave me a cheeky smiled and reached out for my phone.
“Text me if you do decide to come, i’ll text you the place and time.” He handed me back my phone and I said good bye and watched them walk away.
“Dude what the fuck was that.” His friend teased him. “Who’s that girl and why are you acting so cute with her?”
“Shut up.” Derek said pushing him.

I stayed in my bed under the covers of my bed since the heater broke earlier and the hotel couldn’t fix it till tomorrow. It was freazing cold and they didn’t want to give me another room. I decided to text Derek to tell him I was going to go see him since it was for sure warmer at webster hall than my room. I took a shower and let it dry as I found something to wear. For some reason I wanted to dress cute for Derek which is weird because I never tried to impress anyone. I put on some black jeans and a white t-shirt that showed a little stomach and a denim jacket. I pulled out my necklace from under my shirt and curled my hair before putting my boots and my trench coat to head into the snow. I texted Derek as I approched the place and a huge line of people were waiting outside and freeking their asses.
“Derek!” I heard a female voice yell then all the girl started screaming.
“Wassup everyone.” He waved at them and he ran up to me.
“Derek, you’ll catch a cold.” I said as I saw he was in a t-shirt.
“Don’t worry about me, now come on.” He took my hand making me feel the same thing as I did earlier. We ran inside Webster Hall before one of the girls attacked him. “You looking good mami.” He said as I took my cost off.
“Shut up Derek.” My comment came out more serious than expected making him chuckle.
“So we have the meet and greet first than the show so it’ll probably end by 11.” I followed him down the hallway and into the musician lounge.
“Who’s this hottie.” A guy said making me blush.
“This is Y/N and she’s off limits Kyle.” Oh my god I know who he is, I used to watch him on disney channel. I tried not to say anything and act like I didn’t know who he was. Derek placed his hand on my lower back directing me to a nearby couch.
“Nice seeing you again.” Nate greeted me.
“You too.” I didn’t have a lot of time meeting them since they quickly needed to get ready for the meet and greet.
“You can stay with me at my booth.” Derek offered. “I’ll give you a chair so you don’t have to stand for an hour.”

The meet and greet was so long. Girls were asking Derek to sign their breast and ass which honestly did not make me jealous at all, I just thought it was weird and funny. Derek was actually quite cute with his fans. He looked over at me as he finished hugging his last fan and as soon as he was done talking he came over to see me. “Not too bored yet?”
“I’m good, I’ve been playing some stupid game on my phone.”
“Good cause now that you survived this you get to see me perform.”
“Woopie, I’m so excited.” I joked sarcasticly making him push me a little.

“GIVE IT UP FOR DEREK MOTHERFUCKIN LUH!!” Kdl yelled in the mike causing everyone to yell hesterically. He jumped on stage and started rapping one if his songs which I didn’t know the name of since I’ve never listened to any of his songs. All the girls started freaking out as he took his shirt of, he then looked at me and winked causing me to roll my eyes but laugh. It was now 11pm and Nate didn’t want the show to end and I could just feel the tension with the guards. I looked down at the time and as soon as I put my head down I heard people starting yelling and this time not in excitement. My head quickly shot up and saw that Nate was being tackled by guards and fans jumping on the stage. The only thought I had was that Derek was on the stage a second ago and I can’t see him anymore. I knew better than to jump on stage so I ran towards the exit and made my way backstage using the back entrance. As soon as I joined the guys I could see that shit was bad. Derek was on the floor and my heart skipped a beat.
“What the fuck just happened? Skate and Derek need help!” Kdl stopped me from going on the stage and he pointed to some cops coming on stage. They stopped the chaos and went to see if the two boys were okay. I watched as a paramedic helped Derek sit and I watched him from afar getting his twisted hand wrapped and his cuts cleaned. Derek and I were the only ones left when the paramedic were done, the others went to pack the bus and clean their shit up.
“Are you okay.” He asked as he slowly got up from the chair.“
"You’re seriously asking me if I’m okay? Jesus, Derek, I was the one worried, you were getting beat up.”
“I’m fine.” He tried to hide his pain but he quickly wince when I touched his arm.
“That’s what I thought.” I shook my head and swung his backpack over my shoulder. “Come on tough guy, lets get you to the bus.” He limped a little as we left this shitty place.

We got to the bus and I placed his backpack on the couch inside.
“It was nice seeing you again Derek.” I said. “I’d hug you but I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Wait, you’re not coming at the hotel with us?”
“I need to sleep.”
“Then sleep at our hotel.” I looked at him as if he were crazy, even his friends stopped talking as if not understanding their friend anymore. “You can sleep with me and I can lend you some clothes.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea D.”
“Come on, just one night.” He gave a sad puppy look and I couldn’t say no to him.
“Fine.” I gave up and his smile grew wide.

“I guess we won’t be partying tonight.” Kyle said clearly beat.
“I’m going straight to bed.” Nate said going to his room with a girl that was on the bus.
“Same.” Derek took my hand but I pulled away. “You okay?”
“Ya, I’m just starving so I’m going to go get something to eat.”
“Why don’t you just call room service?”
“You have room service?” He chuckled and nodded his head. “But isn’t expensive?”
“You can take whatever you want mami, I’ll pay.”
“No you won’t.”
“Yes I will.”
“No you won’t.” I argued again. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his room. “For once in your life let someone do something nice for you.” He closed the door behing him and looked back at me, I could hear some annoyance in his voice. “Now stop being a bitch and order anything you want.” I raised my eyebrows at him. Dam he’s hot when he acts like that.
I sat on the corner of the bed in defeat and took the menu.

“I’m so full, I think I’m going to burst.” I let myself fall on my back which caused Derek to laugh at me being overdramatic. I flipped on my stomach to see Derek drinking whiskey straight out if the bottle.
“Are you feeling better?”
“I’ll survive.” His black eye was worst than before and he had a couple of bruises on his arms that seemed to hurt.
“What about you?”
“What about me?” I responded confused.
“Last time I saw you were far from being happy, so how are you feeling now?”
“I’ll survive.” I gave him a faint smile. I don’t know why but being around Derek made me feel less lonely. He sat up and pulled me on his lap carefully not to hurt his hand.
“I know it was a one time thing last time and that we weren’t suppose to see eachother again,” I wrapped my arms around his neck. “But I’m happy to see you again.” I lowered my head a little and before I kissed him I said, “Me too.” He pulled me closer to his chest and I groaned as he squeezed my butt. I pulled his shirt up carefully but he still ended up making a painful sound. I pulled away and looked at his bruised and cut chest. I slowly passed my fingers over them as he stared at me intently. I felt pain for him, this must hurt like a bitch.
“It doesn’t feel as bad as it looks.” I stared in his eyes and we started kissing again. His hands travelled my body causing me to roll my hips against his. I moaned in the kiss turning Derek even more on since I felt his bulge grow in his pants. He pulled my shirt off with my help. My hands travelled down his body and I felt him groan in pain. I pulled away quickly.
“I’m so sorry.” I said and started laughing.
“Why are you laughing?”
“I don’t know.” He shook his head smiling.
“Come here.” He gave me a quick kiss before I got off of him and lied down next to him. He cuddled next to me and closed the light. “Good night.”
“Night D.”

A loud knock woke me up from my comfy sleep.
“10 more minutes.” I whined. I felt Dereks arms pull me closer to his chest.
“Derek get the fuck up we need to leave for the next city.” Derek kissed the back of my shoulder, where another one of my tattoo was.
“What does it mean?” He asked ignoring his friend getting angry at him for not getting up.
“It’s the five sacred lines, I got it in Thailand.”
“You went to Thailand?” I turned on my back to face him. “I also went to Cambodia, India, China and Japan.”
“You travelled a lot.” He said sounding impressed.
“Like I said, I dropped out of school.”
“Derek this is the last time I’m wakig you up, if you aren’t down in 10 we’re leaving without you.” He rolled his eyes and got out of bed.
“I’m up!” I also got up and put my clothes back on. “You can keep that.” He said pointing to his shirt I was wearing. “Plus it looks better on you.”
“5 min!” Kdl yelled on the other side of the door.
“Shut the fuck up!” I giggled at his response as I gathered my stuff and put my shoes back on. He grabbed his bag and grabbed my hand as we walked to the main lobby.
“So I guess this is officially it.” I felt my heart tightened as I spoke those words.
“Where are you heading next.” I shrugged.
“Maybe South America or maybe I’ll go back and finish Asia.”
“Be safe.” I smiled at his word and pulled him in a kiss. “I’ll never forget you Luh.” I let go of his hand and took a step back. “Take care.” I looked at him one more time before turning around and leaving.

The Bad Boy |Min Yoongi| (2)

TSummary: You’re the good popular girl of the school and then there’s Min Yoongi, the bad boy. You both have family problems, considering people think your life is perfect, so once you get detention with him you click.

Warnings: Cursing.

Previous parts: Part 1

Word Count: 1092

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Mystic Messsenger

Originally posted by jaywalkerzz

Mystic Messenger

Something was wrong.

Something was seriously wrong and Jay knew it. He could feel it in his bones.

You were keeping to yourself lately, almost always on your phone. Even when the two of you were together there was just something off.

Maybe it was his fault? He was always working, going on tour, he’d leave you alone for weeks on end sometimes. So to make it up to you he cleared his schedule all day, but even then you were ignoring him. He shot you a glare seeing you sit on the couch, cuddled up and smiling at your phone.

“Who the hell is she talking to? Making her smile like that and shit…” Jay grumbled. “Jagi~ You wanna go to a movie tonight?” he spoke up in his kindest voice.

You giggled looking at your phone, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ears. “Nah, I’m ok Oppa.”

“Who are you talking to?”

“Hm? You say something Baby?” you glanced up from your phone. 

He scoffed “Yes. I did. Who are you talking to?”

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May I Flirt With You?

Rating: G

Warnings: N/A

“You dropped something.”


“Your standards.”

Jinki gapes at the stranger and Jonghyun huffs and stands a little straighter. Then the words really register and Jinki bursts out in laughter, only causing Jonghyun to look even more hurt.

“You’re the worst best friend ever!” Jonghyun says and Jinki promises to buy him another Strawberry Daiquiri. Jonghyun sulks until Jinki promises to buy him one more.

The stranger has gone and Jinki can’t find him in the darkness of the club. The pick-up line (Jinki assumes it’s a pick-up line anyway) stays with him throughout the night as they get drunk.

Jonghyun is drunk before Jinki but that’s nothing new and Jinki watches him on the dance floor, disappearing in between taller people only to show himself again.

When they leave the club, they’re both drunk. Jinki is giggling in the night. He thinks he heard the lyrics as ‘farts farts farts’ before they left and for some reason, that’s hilarious to him and he can’t stop repeating it. Jonghyun is getting tired, slowly sobering up in the night air and he’s going to have a hangover before they arrive home. Jinki is blissfully unaware of Jonghyun’s misery, however, and he continues his giggling as he staggers home with Jonghyun at his side.

It’s 12 PM when Jinki wakes up the next morning. He’s tired and fatigued but doesn’t have a headache. He doesn’t feel nauseous either. That’s something he can’t say about Jonghyun, though.

“Shut up,” Jonghyun says as he cradles his head in his hands. Jinki just pats his hair a little in sympathy before he goes to find a glass of water for both of them. They spend the afternoon eating fast food and pitying themselves but it’s the best cure for a hangover.

“Meet my girlfriend!” Jonghyun says and looks fondly at a tall woman by his side. She smiles a little and bows politely to say hello to Jinki. Jinki just lifts his hand in a wave from where he’s sitting on the couch. Jonghyun frowns but both the girl and Jinki ignore him.

“You must be Minjung?” Jinki asks and the girl nods. Her dark hair falls into her eyes and she fumbles a little with the short bob-cut before she gives up. Jonghyun gently removes the hair and fixes it behind her ears.

“Yeah and I’m guessing you’re the worst best friend, Jinki?”

Jinki snorts and almost chokes on the sip of coke he has just taken.

“Fuck you Jonghyun,” he says when he’s done coughing. Jonghyun just smirks a little.

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Merry Christmas... To, You.

Reader x !Forgetful!Peter Parker

Originally posted by hidden-in-thoughts

Originally posted by nirnaetharnoediads

Christmas had started in the NYC, and every street corner seemed to jingle with the bells of yule tide or glisten with the tent of vibrant neon lights. It was only a few weeks out of Thanksgiving, but that didn’t change the atmosphere. Especially at Midtown high. You on the other hand, were a blur among the noisy students, too busy scampering through bodies to find your best and longest friend; Peter Parker. 
Peter was found exactly where you expected him, humming a tune louder than what he probably intended- his headphones blocking the loud noises of school at his locker. Once in your reach, you jumped up to snatch the thinly corded buds from his ear- which received a slight yelp of surprise. 
“(Y/N) Peter huffed, his eyes wide. “Don’t do that. I thought you were Flash or something.”
You gave him your best smile while leaning against the locker next to his. 
“Sorry, I’m just stoked because tonight we get to go and see the Rockefeller tree and go Christmas shopping!”
It had become tradition years running now, that you and Peter would travel all the way to Manhattan to visit the famous tree and shop along the strip.
Peter’s face though, didn’t share your surprise as he blinked a few times. 
You also returned his dazed expression, a frown slowly grating your features. 
“The tree. You know, that thing we do every year. Hot cocoa, lame jokes, scooting through crowds of people. Come on Parker even I’m not that dazed out!”
Peter’s expression faltered completely, as he began to rub the back of his head. 
“Oh shoot (Y/N)… I completely forgot about it. I have some plans with Mr.Stark you see. Some kind of scholarship dinner party. You know, for that thing I did a couple months ago?”
Your eyes flickered downward. You remembered alright. Peter had disappeared for a few days, before showing up again with bruises and a broken arm. He hadn’t exactly told you what happened- always dodging the subject when he could. It hurt to know that your friend was hiding something from you. It hurt even more that he had forgotten your most cherished tradition. 
Despite this you turned to look u at your friend again, giving him a small and warm smile. 
“its fine. Things happen. Just make sure to text me how Mr.Rich-and-Busy parties up in his tower huh?”
Peter sighed with relief before laughing. He was dense like that, not catching your small emotions or disappointments sometimes. “I’m really glad you understand (Y/N). I promise I’ll make it up to you sometime. Really.”
He gave your shoulders a reassuring squeeze before closing his locker, leaving you behind the the crowded all. 
Lately, you felt like Peter was leaving you alone a lot. 

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a couple years ago, as anyone who followed this tumblr at the time knows, i was desperately lonely, very depressed, and struggling to do anything through the thick fog that was my anxiety. i thought nothing was ever going to change.

if you’re in that place now, i just want you to know that nothing changing seems laughable to me. right now, i’m sat on the end of my bed, recovering from the flu, next to my partner who’s sleeping because he has the flu, and i have to work for the next five days, and i’m exhausted and my stomach hurts and i am still so, so, so, so happy. i am a kind of happy i thought didn’t exist when you’re like me.

please, if you feel like nothing will ever change, this is a note of happiness from the future. give it time. things change. i am so happy now.

Cyrus/Silas Married Life Headcanon

I’m a bad person who lies about deadlines ugh, I think I might need to rework my schedule if I’m going to keep being late -_- Anyways, I added kids to this one because everyone loves a papa Cyrus <3 Also,I FUCKED UP ON CYRUS’ BACKGROUND. I thought he was a peasant turned knight but nope he’s from a noble family. FML my face at 4000 words in when i read the Charlotte support was literal death take me now. So think of this as a slight AU married life? oh god the cyrus fans are going to kill me Err, so enjoy non friend zone buddy, Cyrus!

For more headcanons, click here! For a status on upcoming works, click here!

❤️ Cyrus was not a noble in any shape or form. He was born in the back of the barn during a stormy night, his mother was a plain serving wench while his father was supposedly a hand in one of the nearby farms. Growing up, his parents were too busy trying to stave off starvation to teach him anything like proper decorum or propriety. There was no need of such things in the peasantry and thus, it was quite apparent when he married Kamui that he was not like the other noblemen.

Though he trained as a knight all his life, he only expected to serve nobles with his sword, not with his words. He certainly wasn’t as eloquent or charismatic as the other Nohrian nobles who spent their entire lives dedicating themselves to talking politics and charming the court. His speech riddled with mispronounced words, crude wit and tasteless slang that gave away his commoner birth. Upon his input on any discussion, the noblemen would turn up their noses and the noblewomen giggled in mockery behind their fans. Yet Kamui adored his accent, his supposedly simple words were soothing and rich to her ear, the sound of it always bringing a sense of delight and happiness into her heart. “When I hear your voice,” she whispered to him as they huddled together on the palace balcony, “I can feel safe again.”

He knew nothing about noble dances, his feet that stood strong and sturdy on the battlefield suddenly become inept and clumsy as he stepped on Kamui’s foot again. His lack of rhythm and tone deafness become infamous in the noble court as each time he brought Kamui to the ballroom dance floor, couples would quickly move out of the way to avoid being bruised by his stumbling movements. After each royal ball, he would spend hours massaging Kamui’s aching feet, apologizing to her with rapid words and countless kisses, cursing at how hopeless he was with his two left feet. Yet she would just laugh it off, cupping his face in her hands while pelting him with countless kisses. “When I dance with you,” she laughed as he once again, spun her into another stone pillar, “I can feel alive again!”

He knew nothing about noble etiquette, his own actions stemming from what seemed like common sense for a peasant. At royal dinners, the countless spoons, knives and forks placed around his plate daunted him, even after he asked Joker to train him in table manners (”Don’t use your soup spoon to eat your cake! Use the dessert fork !” “Huh? But it’s so much harder to scoop up the-” “Ingrate! Husband or not, if you embarrass Lady Kamui anymore with your idiocy I will have to take matters into my own hands and make her a widow!” “H-hey Joker! Put down that dinner knife-” “IT’S A BREAD KNIFE, YOU FOOL!”). After causing multiple scandals, (apparently, seeing elbows on the table is enough to cause the Grand Dutchess to faint) Cyrus decided to take his meals in the more familiar informal setting of the kitchens. To his surprise as well as the court’s horror, Kamui decided to follow along, sitting beside him among all the other maids and servants in the castle. “When I eat with you,”  she giggled as she overheard some lewd, scandalous joke being tossed around, “I feel happiness again.”

Deep in the night in their room, as he held her in his arms, his mind struggled with the guilt of being such of an embarrassment to his wife. Thanks to his shortcomings, the whispers of the nobles became even crueler towards Kamui, many of the upper class outright shamelessly snubbing the princess for her poor choices in men. He could stand their jeers and jokes at him, but towards his wife, his helplessness dug deep into his heart. ‘Perhaps,’ he thought as his fingers fiddled with his simple wedding band, ‘Perhaps… it would have been better… to remain merely a knight.’

“Hey, Kamui,” he murmured to the cuddling princess, his hands stroking her hair in thought,”Do you ever wish that… maybe you should have married a noble?”

Kamui drowsily glanced at him, her eyes showing a hint at amusement at his question, “No.”

Cyrus was startled at such a simple answer. He furrowed his eyebrows, “No…? No? But… I’ve been nothing b-but an embarrassment to you! I can’t dance properly. I can’t talk properly! Hell, I can’t even eat properly!”

Kamui nuzzled deeper into her husband’s chest, chuckling at his foolish words, “A nobleman maybe able to dance the waltz without missing a beat or step, a nobleman maybe able to quote every line from all the poems of the Nohrian great writers, a nobleman maybe able to eat wyvern’s tail soup without spilling a single drop-”She reached upward with her small hand to grab his chin, turning his head forcefully to have him look into her adoring eyes, “But can you say that a nobleman could love me as much as you do?”


Grasping her face with his own hand, he clashed his lips onto hers in pure adoration, the guilt that he pent up in his heart finally flooding out of him only to be replaced with rest of the love in his heart. Claiming her mouth, he sucked, licked and branded his taste onto her, hoping that somehow it would show how precious, how important, how wonderful those words meant to him.

No, he may not dance with beauty compared to the swirling loveliness of other noble couples. No, he may not speak with grace compared to the boastful and charismatic elite. No, he may not eat with elegance.compared to the well mannered and eloquent noble court.

But he knew something that no man, noble or otherwise could do for Kamui. He could love her with all his heart, soul and being and that was enough for her.

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anonymous asked:

may i please get a fic request where you are spending time with yoongis family but paying too much attention to holly and hes getting jealous?

Holly’s Love

genre: Fluff, so much fluff

A/N: This honestly made my day writing, thank you so much for the request! I’m sorry it took so long to post!

While Yoongi was out grabbing dinner for the two of you, you decided to sit down and watch something on television.  You heard a little pitter patter of feet on the floor coming closer to you.  You looked down to see Holly, Yoongi’s dog, sitting in front of you.

“Aw, did you wake up from your nap, sweet boy?” Holly’s ears perked up and his tail started wagging, he kept looking up at you with his big black eyes.  You couldn’t resist.  “Do you want to come sit on my lap and watch a show with me?”  His tail started wagging even faster, and he gave a little yip.  You reached down and gently placed him on your lap.  He quickly plopped down and laid his head on your arm sweetly.  You started scratching the top of his head and behind his ears as you kept searching for a show.  You heard him sigh in what you could only assume to be contentment and he gave your arm a little lick.  

When you finally found a show, you set down the remote and used that hand to play with his little feet.  Your phone chimed with Yoongi’s text tone and you glanced at where it sat just out of reach on the table in front of you.

“Hold on tight, Holly.”  You whispered before you held him to your chest and stood to grab your phone.  He gave a little whine, but other than that seemed completely unperturbed by your jostling. Once you sat back down with your phone, he was looking up at you expectantly again.  “Yes, yes, I’m sorry, I’ll keep scratching.”  As you resumed your petting, you unlocked your phone to see the text from Yoongi.

              Yoongs: Hey, what did you say you wanted to drink?

You quickly responded that you wanted a water before you put your phone back down and focused on the show.  You made it halfway through the show before you heard Yoongi at the door.

You turned around slightly, trying not to disturb Holly.  “Do you need any help, Yoongi?”

He turned towards you from the kitchen and smiled sweetly.  “Nah, I got it babe, thank you though.”  Holly perked up at the sound of Yoongi’s voice, and gave a little yip.  “Was that Holly?”  He asked looking around trying to find his dog.

“Yea, he’s here in my lap.  We’re watching Kitchen Nightmares.”

Yoongi came up behind you with a box of food and a drink in his hands, and gave you a kiss on the cheek.  “How sweet. Holly, are you trying to steal my girl?”

“If I weren’t your girl then I wouldn’t be able to see Holly, you know that.” You said and Yoongi moved around the couch to sit next to you and Holly.

“Oh, so you’re only with me for my dog, is that what you’re trying to say?” He looked over to you with a mischievous look in his eye, waiting for your answer.

“Obviously.”  You laughed before reaching for the food in Yoongi’s hand.

“Oh, so it’s my dog and my food!”  He was smiling at you as he held the box out of reach.

“Ah, you know that’s not true babe!  You know it’s your dashing good looks and smiley personality!”

“Oh yea?  Then why are you holding my dog so closely and still reaching for my box of food without even giving me a kiss?”

“Because if I do that then Holly will get jealous!”

“Oh, Holly will get jealous, will he? Well then, I guess I’m just going to go eat this food by myself so I don’t bother you two love birds.”

“But then Holly will miss you!”

“Just Holly, huh?”

“I mean, I have Holly, so I will be ok, but Holly is really attached to you.”  You said, nodding your head like it was the most obvious thing ever.

Yoongi pouted.  “Holly really did steal you from me.”  You giggled before leaning over to kiss Yoongi.  Holly whined.

“See, I told you he would get jealous!”  But then Holly licked your hand like in goodbye before hopping into Yoongi’s lap.

“Oooooh, the betrayal!  How does that make you feel, babe?”  

“Well, I suppose my lap is free now so I can take that food from you.”  Yoongi rolled his eyes and chuckled before handing you the box, but before you could put it in your lap, he spun on the couch and placed his head in your lap, his legs thrown over the other side, with Holly laying on his stomach.  “Watcha doing down there, Yoongs?  I was going to put my food there.”

“Oh, you know, I just figured your hands would be lonely now that Holly is with me.”

“Actually, I was planning on using my hands to eat this food.”  Holly whined, and you looked over and saw Yoongi was barely petting him.  “I think you should be paying more attention to Holly, he really missed you today.”

“And I think you should be paying more attention to me, but I can see that isn’t going to happen very easily tonight is it.”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe if you were to be giving Holly some attention I will pay attention to you too.”

“Oh, is that how this is going to work?”

“I mean, I couldn’t possibly leave Holly out dry all by himself.”  Yoongi rolled his eyes and laughed.  You raised your eyebrow and nodded towards Holly.  Yoongi’s hand began scratching around Holly’s ears expertly and Holly melted against Yoongi’s stomach.  You looked down to see his eyes were on you and his mouth was expectantly open.  You smiled at him before moving a small portion of the food in the box into his mouth.

“Mmm, I could get used to this.”  He said when he finished chewing.

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re enjoying this Yoongs.”

“I know you are, because you love me so much.”  You hummed in agreement before leaning down to kiss his lips. You both kept it slow and gentle as you relished in the feeling of each other.

You broke the kiss before sitting up and saying, “I really do love you the most, Yoongs.”

For the rest of the night was spent sharing the food, sharing kisses, and sharing ‘I love you’s.

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Will there be a continuation of Claire as Jamie's neighbor, what will things be like when he comes back from France now that he and Claire are an item? Thank you for the amazing writing.

Anonymous asked: Hi I was wondering if Neighboring Love has a chapter three? I can’t stand the thought of Jamie and Claire being separated for so long.
Anonymous said:Can you continue the most beautiful man in the world story? Great work on here, always love to see your updates!!
Anonymous asked:Can you please continue the story of young Jamie and Clair falling in love on Quarter Day before he goes to France? I think it was called Neighboring Love. Thank you!
Anonymous asked:Totally loved today’s fic with awkward teen love J&C at Quarter Day, I don’t typically ask but will there be more possibly fast forward to J coming home from France?

Neighboring Love
Chapter 1, Chapter 2

I tightly clutched the fine gold chain Brian had given me that held the ring from Jamie in my hand. The ring felt like my lifeline and in the palm of my hand; I could feel it pulse with my heartbeat.

“He should be here by now,” I murmured to myself, staring beyond the Broch where not a soul could be seen in the distance.

The worry in my heart became a pit in my stomach. All I want was Jamie home, and safely so. Three-hundred sixty-five days and eight hours had passed since he left for France, three-hundred sixty-five painful and lonely days. His letters came as frequently as would be expected, about twice a month. I couldn’t help but cherish each word on the page he had written. Some so much that the paper itself had begun to rip at the folds. I had written back to him, detailing the goings-on at the estate and the strangers that had traveled though.

One such stranger never left. I could feel his lecherous gaze from the fields now. His gaze made me feel as though something slimey had oozed all over my body.  Involuntary shudders wracked my body in revulsion and not from the crisp Scottish air that whipped my hair around my face. When Jamie’s reply to the stranger his father had kept on as a farm hand came in, I could see the anger and frustration with every stroke of the pen. His letters were cramped together, more spiked than his usual elegant curved writing, and some were smudged, indicating he had given up formalities and used his left hand to hastily scribble his remarks. I felt an odd sense of pride and security with his response, knowing the moment Jamie arrived, the young Lieutenant Randall would undoubtedly cease his advances.

“Claire!” Jenny called from the door. I turned to see my soon-to-be sister standing, arms crossed, on the stoop. “It’s nearly supper. Come inside and have a bite to eat. Jamie will be here when he gets here. Freezing yourself outside willna bring him home any faster.”

Sighing, I gave one last longing gaze out towards the mountain pass and slowly made my way indoors.

Jenny linked her arm with my own, ushering me to the sitting room.

“I thought you said supper was about ready?” I questioned, arching an eyebrow.

“Oh aye, and it will be in another hour or so.” Opening my mouth to protest, I was cut off when Jenny raised a hand. “I’ll no’ argue with you Claire, but the young red coat is eyeing you something fierce and it’s no’ a pleasant eyeing either. Da has about bloodied his face on several occasions. Ye need take care of your surroundings, sister.”

Jenny’s face was etched in worry, the softness in her tone alerting me to how serious the situation actually was. My questioning look softened and I gently took Jenny’s hands in my own. “I will try to be more aware. I just can’t keep my mind from Jamie.”

“Jamie,” Jenny said at the same time. “Ach, I ken that well. He’s taking his time. Ye ken how he is with the sea sickness. Murtagh probably had to let him rest a day or two before taking off for home. You’ll see, by the time supper starts on the morrow or the following eve, Jamie will be home.”

A look of wickedness glinted in her eyes. “I canna wait to see what Jamie thinks of your current sleeping situations.”

“Why would he care where I’ve been sleeping? He’s already informed that I’ve been living and sleeping in the estate. Uncle Lamb too!”

Jenny only grinned like that cat who got cream for her supper and shrugged. “I suppose you’ll have to tell me what he says, or doesn’t say since you’re so sure he’ll no say anything, of the room you’ve taken as your own.”

By the time supper had started, my appetite had disappeared. I sat at the table mournfully pushing the venison stew from side to side.

“Take care, Claire. Mrs. Crook fixed up a mighty fine supper. Ye’ll be needing your strength,” Brian said loudly, garnering everyone’s attention. My cheeks flamed in embarrassment.

Leaning in closer, he whispered, “Jamie wouldna like to hear that his bride hasna been eating nor taking care of herself. I see the disappointment on your face and even more in your eyes. He’ll be home and when he does get here, he’s going to want you awake and healthy, no sick or weak in bed.”

My cheeks burned harder as I took a sip of the broth. Brian patted my shoulder. “That’s my girl,” I thought I heard him say, but I couldn’t be sure.

The next morning dawned just as gray and lugubrious as I felt. Jamie didn’t show up in the middle of the night. I knew it was a silly wish, but my heart still ached in disappointment. I could tell Jenny was sending me to the gardens just to get my mind off of Jamie and his unknown whereabouts. The smell of mint, thyme, and other various smells surrounded me in a therapeutic way. Each plant giving off it’s own unique aroma as it grew, or a more pungent scent as it’s being plucked.

“Mistress Beauchamp?” A clipped English accent jolted me out of my methodical ministrations.

Clutching a sprig of thyme to my heart, I looked up to see Lieutenant Randall standing directly on top of the freshly sprouted rosemary. It took enormous effort on my part to not glare at him or shoo him from my herb garden.

“Can I help you, Lieutenant?” I asked, voice full of annoyance.

He quickly pulled his hat from his head and twisted the brim between his hands. “I was hoping you may be able to answer a question that has been burning me?”

His voice was shaky and not at all what I imagined ever to come from the lecherous Lieutenant.

“What’s the question, Lieutenant? Is it something medicinal you need help with? I’m sure there are more advanced healers in the area, but I’ll be happy to try and help you in whatever way I can.”

He looked down, shuffling his feet uprooting the new rosemary plant. My anger was being contained just below the surface of my skin. I could feel the prickling sensations of white hot anger begin to pull at my arms and the back of my neck.

“Would you do me the great honor in accepting my courtship? An English Rose such as yourself deserves so much more than what the Scottish Countryside can offer. I’d be most obliged if you were to accept my hand in courtship so that I may restore you to your rightful place, and hopefully as a respected lady of a well decorated English Officer.”

“I-I,” I choked. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Would you please do me the honor of–”

“Yes, I heard you the first time,” I interrupted him. “Why would you think I need to be restored to any place? I grew up not three miles from this estate from the time I was a young girl. The Scottish Countryside is my home.”

“How can you say such a thing?” Lieutenant Randall yelled. “This country is full of backward barbarians and you, an English lady, consider yourself at home here?”

I nodded slowly as I stood to look him in the eye. “Yes, I do consider this country my home. Are we not still on English soil? Technically the Scottish countryside is a part of England and has been for quite some time. I don’t see these people as backward or barbarians! They are my friends, and some so close I would dare to say even family. I love the peacefulness here, the beauty of the mountains and lochs. Do you not see the area around you and feel complete awe and serenity?”

“We are not in England,” he sneered, his grip on his hat tightening to the point his knuckles went white. “We are in a Godforsaken land that I’ve been dumped in. I’m trying to make the best out of this hellish situation and rescue you from this hell!”

His arm darted out and gripped my forearm, pulling me tight to his chest. I felt my entire body recoil at his touch. “I’ll ask again, madam. Will you do me the honor in accepting my courtship?”

“She canna accept your courtship, sir,” a thick Scottish brogue spoke from behind me. I nearly wept in relief. Jamie was home.

“Oh, and why’s that? You’re nothing but a Scottish whoresson! Who are you to say what she can and cannot accept? I asked the lady, not a barbarian such as yourself!” Lieutenant Randall’s face had gone a rather odd shade of puce in his anger, and his grip tightened painfully on my arm.

“Och, because she’s betrothed to myself, that’s why. The lass is being kind and trying to let you down easy by ignoring the question. Ye see, my name is James Fraser, the future Laird of the ground on which you stand. And I’ll ask ye this once, to take your hands off my wife.”