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Quick overview

Ask and you shall receive, its Genny who looks too much like a flaaffy for my own liking. Also like Flaaffy she may look cute but will pack a punch thanks to being the holder of wrathful staff, the best B slot for most healers these days. Genny also has some pretty nice attack to  back it up however her speed is well low, so she won’t be able to double or anything. Still shes got a lot of res as well to be quite the mage wall at least.

Base kit

So Genny comes with Gravity which right now is very meh but maybe better after the healer buff, right now its better to use assault. Physic is a solid healing special and is getting better offering 50% of units attack healed to the ally which considering Gennys attack stat is rather solid. Heavenly light is a okay special as with most healers its what you enjoy. Finally she has wrathful staff a amazing B slot which makes some Healers viable.

As for A and C slots its best to use atk+3 to boost her damage. Though Healers have access to bond and stance skills meaning fierce stance and atk/res bond are very solid options for Genny if you want to make her a offensive threat, however using the former means making her a dedicated mage wall, while the latter is better due to her normally being near a ally. As for C slots hones tend to be nice to help boost the team, though a spur is nice if using a bond skill.

Suggested set

Do healers dream of electric sheep?

+atk/res -def/hp

Assault, Physic, Any healer special

Slot A = Atk+3, atk/res bond

Slot B = Wrathful staff

Slot C = Any c slot you need or res ploy/breath of life

Okay again caution since healer boost incoming and the staff and that might change depending on what we get but right now assault is her best staff, as she needs the might to destroy units with wrathful staff. Atk+3 is a budget option and in general easier to obtain and use, while atk/res bond means some nice res added to her if she has to fight a mage, but its more for the attack. While fierce stance is a option mages have high res typically so unless we get a defence targeting staff its outclassed right now. As for C slots res ploy can be used for more damage while  breath of life allows for healing while attack.


22/30 dailies

I really like the headcanon that Yagi has to eat like- frequently in small amounts, because of his stomach injury, but he never bothers to stick to it. Someone gotta make this man care for himself better >:I

Prompt:  Would it be okay to ask for Might/Inko, or Deku/Urahara? Something where the couples are trying to encourage and support each other. I know some people aren’t into het, so if you wanna pass on these, it’s cool.

The struggle was real with Inko, her face is so overworked and I’m STILL not ok with it but its coming up to 1am and I need to sleep (as always…) I also for some reason decided to draw an angle on the scene, thinking ‘yeah! I’ll get some cool perspective in there’ not thinking ‘hey what about that part of the sink that’d be attached to the invisible wall in front of them?’. So uh, transparent cupboards are the new thing? In stores now?

I’m still open for prompts, but I do have a lot that I wanna do already, so bear it in mind :)

Fact Over Fancy (m)

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Reader x Jeon Jeongguk

Summary: In this world, there are two types of people: those born with emotions, and those born without. Society is thriving in its emotionless state, productivity levels are at an all time high. Marriage serves only one function: to father the next generation. Those with emotions are considered to be defective, aberrations who can never be matched. What happens when there’s a glitch in the so-called perfect system and a defective and a “normal” person are matched?

Rated m for graphic sex, dirty talk

Word Count: 9910

As always, a HUGE thank you to my beta readers @ohmanholyjungkook and @blame-bts <3

“Back again I see, Mr Jeon.” Your eyes are fixed on his patient file in front of you, and you don’t look up when the person in question clears his throat and shifts in his seat in your doctor’s office. “This time it’s for starting a fight, again, with Jimin in the cafeteria.”

He leans back in his chair, one leg crossed over the other at the ankle in a display of absolute confidence. His eyes are fixated on your profile with a strange fascination, as if staring at you brings him some sort of entertainment almost. An amused chuckle catches your attention this time, and you glance up at his unapologetic expression. “Do you really like coming in here that often?”

Jeongguk leans forward in his seat now, interested. He props his chin up with his hand, and his gaze is penetrating, his cold, slate grey eyes unwavering. “Maybe I do, Dr ____. It’s my only chance to get you to myself for a whole hour.”

You don’t bother acknowledging his bold remark and flip to the section with his personal details, including his medical history. Defective.

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anonymous asked:

hc: when dick's really stressed he will literally last on an hour or two of sleep a night and neglect to eat like, real meals. i know ur as much of a sucker for dick grayson fluff as i am, i just love the idea of his sibs being like "youre so stupid how are you still alive, even tim eats power bars before patrol and catches catnaps when he's not working on something, why are you like this"

Anonymous asked:  “It’s okay. I’m used to it.” with Dick please?

So, sorry I took a few days to get to this headcanon. I kind of ended up turning into a 3k+ story. Hope that’s okay. Also, this is more hurt/comfort than angst, I think. There’s some fluff right there in the middle, too.

Thanks to @timdrakeothy, because without you, I don’t know if I would have had the inspiration to continue this story. I was very stuck, and you helped out without even knowing it. So thanks!

Also, thank for 500 followers (it’s almost 600 now, but I meant to get a milestone fic out ages ago when I hit 500)!

Tim freezes, because he’d thought he’d just heard—that’s Dick’s voice coming from down the hallway. Which means that Dick is still awake. At four in the morning. After rough patrol that had lasted hours longer than usual.

Well, that doesn’t spell anything good, Tim thinks, and he creeps down the hallway to peek into Dick’s bedroom through the small crack letting soft light spill into the hallway. Tim spots Dick immediately, and he’s lying on the floor, one hand covering his eyes and the other holding his phone to his ear.

“No,” Dick says vehemently, but he’s really still and tense. He sounds exhausted, though, and his next words come out much softer than that first one. “No. I’m fine. Don’t—No, Wally. It’s okay. I’m used to it.”

Dick goes silent, and Tim imagines that Wally’s talking up a storm, even at four am. But then—

“Just—chill, Wally,” Dick says into the phone. “If you don’t stop yelling at me, I’m going to hang up. And then if you still want to yell at me you’ll have to find a way into the manor without Bruce finding out. So just—No. No.”

There’s a pause, and Tim thinks that he should probably start moving. This doesn’t sound like a conversation he wants to be in the middle of. He’s just about to creep down the hallway again towards his original destination—the kitchen, where he’d accidentally left his laptop—when another bedroom door opens from behind him. Tim turns around just as Damian storms out, stomping down the hall towards Tim.

“What is going on?” Damian hisses, doing that thing where he thinks he’s the boss of everything and Tim is obligated to answer him. But he looks—well. He looks kind of concerned, actually, and this is Dick.

“He and Wally are arguing about something,” Tim says, nodding towards Dick’s bedroom, where Dick’s conversation had turned up a couple of notches. “I don’t think he’s tried to sleep tonight, yet, either.”

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Yelling and Breaking

Hello! It’s been a while huh! Don’t worry though I have some posts queued up for this week and the smutty Niall request is coming tomorrow! For now I did this one though. I think it is one of the best I have ever written, and I really hope you like it!

Written for this request: Ok but what if harry and his girl are fighting and she breaks something or punches the wall cus she gets super angry and he gets mad and does the same

Pairing: Harry x Reader

Warnings: Language and it’s angsty. Cute ending tho.

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 It’s not like your relationship was falling apart. It’s not that you had feelings for someone else, or you caught him in the act with some pretty little blonde thing. It’s not even that your love and passion had fizzled out, leaving the empty shell of a relationship. And it’s definitely not like the sex was bad. But recently, you and Harry had been getting irritated with each other over every little thing. You couldn’t find the remote, you yelled at him. His morning cuppa wasn’t just right, it was your fault. And now you were in the midst of yet again another pointless argument that had escalated very quickly. 

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happy birthday to my beloved shinomiyas and kurusus !! i’m so glad i could get this done in time since i missed drawing them last year !!

also on my pixiv & twitter

  • “I came home to you having a tantrum and shaking the house like how ghosts do but apparently thats just an earthquake whoops sorry man–no i dont always assume its you–dUDE NOW YOU GOTTA STOP SHAKING THE HOUSE”
  • “you hate me so much whenever i get to pick a show because I always pick Casper the Friendly Ghost and ask you if you can do any of the cool things he can”
  • “listen, i know you cant help it but you literally drip off ectoplasm every time you phase through walls and IM the one who has to clean it up so can you just use doors maybe??”
  • “youve been haunting my room since forever and making things move and shit and by now im not even that scared dude just please shut the fuck up and let me sleep”
  • “additionally, whoops you got pissed now and decided to show yourself like a badass or something but honestly bro do you have any idea how fricking cute u are”
  • “I usually dont show my human form because i got my head bashed in when i was murdered and i scare people when they see me but you insisted on seeing me and now i regret it because youre crying and i really like you”
  • “Additionally, i disappeared to hopefully make you feel better but you insisted on seeing me again and as it turns out you were crying because you couldnt believe someone would do that to me and youre not scared and whoops–now we’re both crying”
  • “i usually keep to myself in the house but i hear you constantly crying in your room late at night and have no friends to confide in so hey, here i am, wanna talk?”
  • “additionally, okay, I understand that youre upset but i said I was old, not wise, theres a difference pls stop asking for advice i dont know i died in a fire trying to make mac n cheese”
  • “every time some lame ass person asks me if theres a heaven or hell i make up some shit story about how there is a devil and his name is Melvin and u absolute morons buy it every time”

  • “I forget theres a cute ghost who died like fifty years ago in my house, so when i dance alone in my room you can imagine the sheer humiliation i get when they pop up right behind me asking what the fuck im doing” 
“Panic Attacks” Finn Wolfhard (part 2)

Plot - Y/N struggles with panic attacks. Finn is the only one who knows

Pairing - Finn Wolfhard x Reader

“Are you nervous?” Finn asked me, his voice just a little louder than a whisper. We were in a van, heading to our first interview. “Yeah, a lot actually.” I whispered back. “It’ll be okay Y/N, you’re good at interviews.” He replied, a smirk on his face, as he quickly hugged me.

“Aw shit. I forgot my fake teeth.” we heard Gaten swear from the front seat. “Welp, back to being toothless for you.” Caleb laughed, all of us joining in. “Shut up.” Gaten laughed as well. “Jeez Caleb don’t be so rude!” Millie giggled. Light hearted banter continued from there on. I stayed quiet, too caught up in my thoughts. The only thing that was keeping me from completely freaking out was Finn. More specifically, his tight grip on my hand. I focused on his fingers intertwined with mine, and the way he was rubbing circles on my hand with his thumb.

“Y/N’s being awfully quiet.” Gaten stated, taking me out of my thoughts. “You doing okay?” he asked. “Yeah im fine, im just tired, Noah and I had to get up at 2am.” I replied, slightly smiling. “Yeah, it was shit, and I forgot to pack my carry on so I was late to picking her up.” Noah added. I squeezed Finn’s hand, feeling my nerves bubbling up again. He squeezed back, reassuring me that it was going to be fine.

We got to a set, a couch and a few chairs were on the left side and a single chair was on the right. We all took a seat, Finn making sure I was right next to him. We were on the couch in front, along with Millie, while Noah, Caleb and Gaten sat on the chairs in the back. The blonde interview came in and shaked all of our hands. Then the interview started.

The lady asked us a few questions, I didn’t answer any. My anxiety started to bubble up. Before a second thought I took Finn’s hand in mine, forgetting we were on camera. “You doing okay?” he whispered. “Ish.” I replied.

“Okay, if you were to use one word to describe season 2, what word would you choose?” The interviewer asked. “Different.” Millie responded. “Dangerous.” Caleb smiled. “Intense.” Finn answered. “Amazing.” Noah beamed. “Romantic” Gaten replied, wiggling his eyebrows. “Fun.” I mumbled a bit. Oh shit, could they hear me? “I’m sorry Y/N, I couldnt hear your answer.” The blonde lady said. Fuck, they couldn’t hear me. “I said fun, sorry.” I repeated, lowering my head, embarrassed. Thankfully, the interview was almost over.

“I’m so fucking stupid.” I kept mumbling to myself in the hallway. We were taking a quick bathroom break before the next interview, which was a whiles away. “Why are you stupid?” I heard Finn ask, as he sat next to me. “I just embarrassed myself, because I couldn’t say the word ‘fun’.” I snapped. “Hey, it’s okay, don’t worry about it. That interviewer was old, and probably has bad hearing, that’s all.” He reassured me, taking my hand in his once again. “Yeah, I guess you’re right, thanks.” I responded.

“Oh my god! Are you two dating?!” I heard Gaten shout, pointing at us holding hands. “Gaten, shut up, we’re not dating, no.” Finn replied, letting go of my hand. I felt my heart sink a bit. “Then why were you two holding hands?” He asked, a confused look on his face as he sat down next to me. “Uh, we, uh..” Finn stuttered. “We were comparing hand sizes.” I interjected. “What? Why?” Gaten chuckled. “Because I have really small hands.” I answered, putting my hand up and gesturing Finn to put his on mine. “See?” I said. “Holy shit! What the hell?” Gaten laughed, taking my hand and putting his up to it. “Wow! That’s so weird.” he laughed once again.

“Comparing hand sizes?” Finn whispered/laughed once we got back into the car. “It was all that I could think of! And he believed it.” I giggled back. “Yeah, true.” Finn mumbled. “I like how small your hands are.” He commented after a few seconds of silence. “Okay, uh, thanks?” I slightly chuckled, a little confused. “I mean, it fits with mine quite nicely. It’s the perfect size for my hand.” He explained, making me blush.

“Hey, hand me the aux cord.” I heard Noah say to David. He played ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ by The Clash. “My god Noah.” Caleb shook his head. “C’mon, we love this song!” Noah laughed, singing along. Eventually all of us were singing with him.

The last interview was fine, nothing embarrassing happened which was good. Finn held my hand during it as well. “Hey, Y/N?” Finn asked, once we got back to the hotel room. “Yeah?” I replied. “How come you don’t want the others to know you have anxiety and get panic attacks?” He asked, making me stop what I was doing. “Because I don’t want them to know.” I answered, turning around to face him. “That’s not an answer and you know it. You won’t even tell your mom, the only reason I know is because you had one in front of me once.” He remarked. “Yeah and you never should’ve found out. It’s not something to go out and tell everyone all casual like ‘hey everybody! I suffer from this dumb mental illness called anxiety!’ it’s just hard to talk about, even with you.” I almost shouted. I could feel myself getting angry. “I’m not saying it’s something easy to talk about. It’s just, like you said, you are suffering. Maybe if you told someone like Millie or Noah as well-” “Finn, no. you are the only one who needs to know.” I interjected. “Ill tell them if and when im ready. But right now, it’s too much. Im taking a shower.” I mumbled, leaving the room and going into the bathroom.

After my shower, I had calmed down alot. “Hey Finn, I’m sorry I got mad.” I said, walking out of the bathroom. “It’s okay, i understand why. Want to watch a movie?” He asked “the T.V has netflix.” He added. “Sure, what are we watching?” I responded, taking a seat on his bed instead of mine.

I didn’t get much sleep. It was 3:30 and I was sat up in my bed, Finn soundly sleeping in the bed next to me. My mind was wandering again. I was thinking about our argument. ‘I shouldn’t have yelled’  I thought. ‘He’s probably so mad’ ‘I probably just ruined our friendship’ I kept thinking. The thought of losing Finn as a friend was enough for me to start silently crying. ‘He hates me.’ I kept repeating. Not being able to stop myself, I started pacing. The feeling of my heavy chest came back. Slowly it became heavier and heavier, until I couldn’t handle it. “FUCK!” I yelled, kicking the wall next to me, my crying became louder, I couldn’t breath. I fell to the ground. “Y/N? Are you okay?” I heard Finn question, his voice lower than normal, since he just woken up. “Oh god.” He mumbled, turning on the light and rushing over to me. “Y/N. Y/N, it’s okay i’m here now.” He whispered, rubbing my back. “I’m so sorry.” I cried, turning to hug him. “For what, sweetheart?” he asked, hugging me back. “I’m sorry I yelled at you.” I sobbed, my tears wetting his shirt. “Its okay, im not mad.” He whispered, helping me to my feet. “Let’s get back in bed, okay?” He asked. I slowly nodded in response as he brought me to his bed. I got on one side and he quicking got in on the other. Without another word, he pulled me closer to him, his arm around my waist and his other hand playing with my hair. I rested my head on his chest, my breathing still uneven and little tears still falling. I focused on his heartbeat, to distract myself.

Around half an hour later, I still couldn’t sleep. “Finn?” I whispered, moving my head so I could see him. “Finn, I cant sleep, im sorry.” I mumbled. I watched as his eyes slowly fluttered open. “Understandable.” He answered, making me laugh a bit. “Want to stay up and talk for a little?” He asked, moving a bit so we were sitting up. “Yeah.” I replied.

We talked about random shit until he asked a more serious question. “Y/N? Did you think I was mad at you because you yelled? Is that why you had the panic attack?” He asked, looking me in the eyes. “I thought I ruined our friendship, I thought I had lost you.” I admitted, ashamed. “Baby, I would never leave you. I’m here to stay, you’re my best friend.” He spoke, I could hear how sincere he was. “That’s what they all say.” I mumbled, rolling my eyes. “Y/N, look at me.” He demanded. I did, he rested his hand on my cheek. “I’m here to stay.” He repeated, before softly kissing my lips. “Finn.” I mumbled, a stupid grin plastered on both of our faces. “Y/N” He mumbled before connecting our lips again.



Queen of the Wild (1/5)

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Requested by anonymous:

Summary: *yn* Blackburn is the fierce Queen beyond the Wall, ruling over the kingdom of Vesiros that she helped build from the ground up. With winter approaching, how could the queen refuse an alluring offer from an even more enticing wolf, the King in the North?

Warnings: Some language, sassy!reader (but what’s new)

Notes: I decided to do this one with Robb but if people want, I could write a similar one with Jon too :) 

[Part 2]

“Your Grace I truly think you should reconsider releasing the prisoners, the-”

“What are you suggesting we do with them Ser Wick?” 

“Executing them would be much more effective Your Grace, they trespassed onto your land Your Grace, if you do not punish them, it gives others the incentive to follow suit.” 

“They’re children, Ser Wick.” *yn* snapped back. “They’re the offspring of savages, they were simply looking for food to feed their families. I will not execute innocent children.” She continued, giving him a stern look before turning to one of her guards.

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Nope, still not lazy

So I’d been watching these posts on executive dysfunction go by, and yeah, some of it sounded familiar, like I know I’ve got that issue SOMETIMES, but like… People keep describing it as thinking insistently about the thing they want to do and still not being able to do it. And I don’t do that. I think idly about something like putting away that basket of laundry, and my entire being goes ‘Meh’ and I shrug and move on to something else. Like. It drives me NUTS that there’s been a basket full of clothes sitting in one corner for months, but… at the same time I can’t really care about it?

So I figured, okay, I’m SELECTIVELY lazy. Sometimes it’s legitimately executive dysfunction, but sometimes I just don’t care enough to do something.

And then this morning, I woke up and realized: I had executive function. I mean literally the minute I woke up I realized I was capable of DOING THINGS today, it was AMAZING. And even with chronic fatigue meaning I had to rest for hours after like twenty minutes of exertion, I got SO MUCH DONE that I have been YEARNING to be able to want/to do. If I list it it won’t sound like much, but trust me, I did a LOT, for me.

And it felt SO GOOD. Because, spoiler! I’m not actually lazy. My form of executive dysfunction just looks a little different than some people’s. When I can’t do a thing, not only can I not mentally surround the steps it would take to do that thing, I can’t even manage to care about doing the thing. Maybe that’s some kind of emotional defense I’ve built up to keep it from being so maddening, I don’t know. But it doesn’t mean I’m lazy. It just means my brain has realized I can’t do the thing, and I can’t afford to care, or think about doing the thing, because pounding my head against that brick wall won’t help anything.

So hey. If, back before you had executive dysfunction, you really LIKED cleaning, just for instance? And now you find you’re 'fine’ living in a mess? It might just be your brain protecting you from its issues. You’re not lazy, executive dysfunction is just even sneakier than we think.

Pennywise x Reader NSFW

Your legs are trembling slightly as you feel Pennywise’s hot breath against your upper thighs. He looks up at you with a mischievous smirk as he uses one of his arms to spread your legs wider. You throw your head back onto the pillow in anticipation. He pulls away slightly for a moment. “I need to see you, need to see your face,” he insists. You feel your cheeks heat up as you lean on your elbows to look down at him. His yellow eyes are staring directly into yours while he brings his tongue down to your nether region. The first feel of his tongue swiping up your entrance causes you to moan out loud and grip the sheets tightly in your fists. You hear him groan quietly as he pulls away for a moment to lick up the bit of blood on his cheek before delving back in to push his tongue further in you. His tongue alternates from pushing into you to circling your sensitive clit. His claws cut into your thigh as his large hand grips onto you. He’s moaning as well now, sloppily licking up your juices. He pulls away for just a moment while he tries to put his claws away, not wanting to hurt you. “You taste so good,” he growls, “gonna eat you up.” You giggle a bit before you feel his mouth on you again. Automatically you spread your legs wider for him. You can feel his soft hair brush against your stomach as you watch him going down on you. He’s focusing more now on pushing his tongue deeper into you. You feel his tongue against your walls, instinctively tightening around it. Your breathing is labored, and you’re slightly thrusting your hips up to meet the movement of his tongue. You start shaking more as he’s pushing deeper inside you, your legs closing around him. “Penny, I- I’m so close,” you whimper. “Its okay, want you to come in my mouth,” he responds quickly, before thrusting his tongue in you again. You start letting out a line of curse words as you feel the familiar heat in your stomach. You pant a bit before reaching your climax, crying out loudly. You slowly start coming down as he’s still licking you clean with a pleased smile. You gently move his head away from you, too sensitive to have anything near you. He comes up to lay next to you, putting his hand on your upper back, rubbing it gently. “My turn?” He asks, and you can’t help but laugh a bit at him.

star trek: discovery characters as things said in my school
  • michael: you know, whenever i do bad things better things come out of it so... moral of the story is you should do bad things.
  • lorca: im in charge, so you can sit down, shut the fuck up, or you can die just kidding but can yall fuckin imagine if i was that smart
  • stamets: i fuck up a lot, but at least theres my boyfriend and my mushroom growing outside. its like two feet tall now. i love that.
  • ash: uhhh i just showed up and i think he's stoned so um
  • culber: [to his friend] trust me, im a doctor. [proceeds to put 17 bandaids on his arm]
  • tilly: hey can i still be the president if im 5'2, severely attached to my dog, and afraid of thunder?
  • saru: [while sprinting down the hall] THE PRINCIPAL IS DEAD FUCK YOU GUYS IM IN CHARGE I-[slams into wall]
  • philippa: when i die, ill broadcast me saying "fuck you" and you need to send it to my killer.
  • bonus
  • michael: sometimes i forget that you're gay
  • stamets: bitch the fuck being gay is like 90% of my personality
Fucking Stoned// Stoner Stiles AU Smut

AN; Hi! I’m back from a very long hiatus that i apologize for. Im sorry. Anyways, this is my first Stiles Stilinksi/ Teen Wolf imagine let alone smut. Hope you like it!

Word Count: 1,859

Warnings: Smut; smoking weed, dirty talk, oral (girl receiving), teasing, fingering, dry humping, I don’t know??

Note: I call this an AU because in this Stiles is a stoner and there are no supernatural things so yeah

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  You sensed Stiles watching you with rapt attention as the smoke swirled around your tongue and you inhaled, trying to hold it in as long as you could before blowing it out. You turned to face him, a grin on your face. Over the past year since you and Sties started getting high together you’d often noticed him gazing at you, sometimes with his bottom lip between his teeth. 

  He stared into your eyes, making sure not to break the eye contact as he took the joint from your hand. Now it was your turn to stare. Never had you been so turned on by watching how his perfect plump lips wrapped around the tip of the blunt as he breathe din the smoke and blew out. You shuddered, pressing your thighs together for some friction when you felt his cold hand rest on your thigh, his thumb rubbing small circles. You looked over at him, his eyes glazed over as he watched the baseball game on the T.V. He was unfazed by his action, he was fucking high as a kite by now.

  You took this moment to look at him. A layer of scruff from not shaving had formed along his chin and jaw. Fuck. His hair was peeking out on all sides, but still managed to make him look sexy as hell. You took the blunt from his mouth to your own hoping to gain some confidence from your high.

  You breathed in the smoke, capturing it in your mouth as you got up, Stiles’ eyebrows furrowing in confusion as you slowly sat on his lap. He stayed silent as your  hands  reached up to open his mouth and you leaned in just barely leaving enough space between both of your lips. You opened your mouth, the smoke blowing into his as he gladly sucked it in, a sly smirk on your lips.

  “I'ma get some juice. Want some?” You spoke nonchalantly as you got up. He nodded no and as you left you barely heard the whispered ‘fuck’ that left his mouth. 

  I stumbled my way up the stairs, fuck i was buzzed. As i looked for some orange juice in the fridge i thought about what had just happened. Did he get the message or was he too fucking high? I filled a glass with juice and took a sip when i heard Stiles’ footsteps behind me.

  “I thought you didn’t want any juice?: My voice was muffled as i took another sip and his footsteps sounded nearer. I nearly jumped when i felt his hands grab my waist.

  "That’s because i don’t want any juice.” His voice was deep and low, it was enough to make the hairs at the back of my neck stand up.

  “What i want is to bury my cock deep inside that tight little pussy of yours. I want to hear you screaming my name, begging me to fuck you harder until you come.” His hands tugged me back against him as he took the glass from me and placed it on the counter. I stood silent, knowing if i opened my mouth the only thing that would come out is a whimper begging him to fuck me.

  “I wanna bury my face and taste you. I wanna fuck you so hard you wot even be able to walk three steps.” He began placing wet hot kisses along my neck and i couldn’t help but let out a small moan at his dirty words. Goddamn.

  “You like me talking dirty to you Princess?” He chuckled as his hands slid down my waist to my thighs. He ran his fingers along my panties.

  “Oh i think you do. You’re so fucking wet. And all this just from me talking to you? Imagine how wet you’re gonna be when i bury my cock deep inside you.” God, i could feel the smirk on his face as he sucked on my right collarbone, my back against his chest. The pulsing between my thighs was nearly unbearable. I need him to fuck me so badly. 

  My hand automatically went down to my panties, I was  so turned on i couldn’t help but touch myself right there in front of Stiles.

  “Tut,tut,tut, you don’t get to do that. You only get to scream my name and beg me to fuck you.” He laughed against my cheek, using his knee to spread open my legs for him. A mewl escaped my lips at the feeling of his thumb pressing down on my clit and the calloused pads of his fingers dipping into my soaking folds.

  “S-Stiles.” I managed to mumble before his thumb started rubbing my clit at a steady pace and i let out another moan, bucking my hips up in response. H e hummed in appreciation, rubbing faster and faster to hear more of my dirty moans. I yelped when he pushed a finger in me, letting myself hold onto him, my nails digging into his arm for support.

  “Did you think you could just pull that little stunt in the basement and i wouldn’t be horny as hell? Hmm?” He pushed a second finger in as he waited for my response, my knuckles turning white as i gripped his arm for support. My legs were trembling as i climbed higher and higher to my release.

  “I’m sorry.” I breathed out as the dirtiest sound followed after.

  “Oh you will be when i’m done with you.” A low chuckle left his lips as his fee hand turned my chin to him. This new side of him making me more wet by the minute.

  I looked into his eyes as he fingered my pussy, the intense eye contact making the coil in my stomach tighter and tighter.

  His fingers were moving at full speed, my legs trembling and barely being able to hold me. He licked his lips before crashing them down on mine. It was harsh and dirty but fucking hell i loved it and he did too as i heard a low groan from him. He was so turned on by my writhing mess, his erection digging into my lower back. He pushed a third finger in, stretching me, and i screamed his name as my thighs clamped shut and my head rolled back as i saw white. My body shook as his  fingers  continued pumping in and out of me slowly to carry out my orgasm, his lips meeting mine to swallow my moans.

  He pulled away and steadied me on my feet. I watched him with heavy lidded eyes as he sucked on his fingers and then wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

  I stood there as he walked out of the kitchen and down towards the basement. What the fuck? I fixed myself before gong back down.

  He was sitting on the couch, the joint hanging lazily in his mouth as he watched the rest of the game. He didn’t even flinch when i sat down next to him. His hand went up to remove the blunt from his mouth and he slowly turned to me.

  I steadily got up, took the blunt from his mouth to mine, and sat on his lap again. His erection deliciously hitting up against my pussy and i couldn’t help but grind my hips into his, a satisfied sigh leaving his lips. Now it was my turn.
Again i moved my hips up and down, both of us letting out small moans.

  “What do you think you’re doing princess?” His long-fingered hands gripped my waist to stop me from moving again.

  I smirked as i put the blunt out on the ashtray behind me before turning back to him. “Shh, relax baby.” My words were mumbles as i sucked red marks on his neck, my fingernails raking along his chest The way i had him moaning beneath me made the throbbing in between my thighs worse. I was pretty sure there was a wet spot on his sweatpants from me and the precum that had formed on his tip.

  He chuckled as his hands stopped me once again. “As much as i want your pretty lips around my dick, I would much rather fuck you into oblivion.”

  “Mm, then why don’t you?” I looked at him through my eyelashes, making my voice as innocent as possible. Before i knew it he had me flipped over on the couch with him on top of me. I couldn’t get a word out as he began attacking my body with wet hot kisses.

  “These are no longer needed.” He mumbled against my stomach as he grabbed my panties and completely ripped them apart. He lifted the t-shirt i was wearing over my head before proceeding to get rid of his clothes. A small gasp left my mouth at the sight of him and i licked my lips in hunger. He smirked when he saw my reaction. Cocky little shit.

  His lips found mine in a harsh kiss, tongues and teeth clashed as he dominated me. “God you’re so fucking beautiful, and you’re all mine.” He mumbled, pumping himself a few times before sliding along my dripping folds.

  “Don’t tease me.” I could barely speak. He groaned and a mewl left me as he slammed himself into me giving me no time to adjust before doing it again.

  “Fuck Stiles!” I screamed as his hand found my clit and began rubbing it at a furious pace.  The coil in my abdomen tightened as he thrusted, his fingers now gripping my waist tightly, bruising my flesh.

  “So fucking tight.” He panted, his hips snapping up to mine. I shuddered, the flames licking higher as i climbed closer to my second orgasm and he groaned loudly as his lips traveled to my collarbone.

  He lifted your leg over his shoulder, the slight change of movement allowing him to hit a new angle. His hand let go of your waist and snaked its way back up, reaching for your nipple.You let out a sharp breath as he pinched it between his fingers.

  “You like that?” He chuckled, another groan following after as your walls clenched around him.

  “Oh god yes. Fuck, I’m gonna come!” You moaned loudly as he rolled the other nipple between his fingers.

  “Come on baby, come for me. Come all over my dick like a good little girl.” His words sent you over the edge. Your legs shook as you let go, your body spasming with the force of your release. A loud growl ripped from his chest as his cock twitched inside you, both of your fluids filling you.

  The both of you were a pile of heaving panting messes as he collapsed on top of you. Placing a soft tender kiss on your lips.

  “Shit Stilinski.” You laughed as he got up and put his shorts back on, handing you his t-shirt to cover yourself.

 "You, Princess, are fucking amazing.“ He breathed out, a smiled planted on his face as he laid down beside you. He wrapped his arms around your torso, his face nuzzled in your neck.

w: cuz being trained in combat is like, totally cheating

W: oh, so having talent and cultivating through hard work is cheating now?

w: you fucking raised your aura against me!

W: you broke three fucking vases on my head!

w: you broke my arm!

W: you ran into a wall, moron!

w: you tripped me!

W: its not my fault you get tangled up in your own legs you gangly brat

W: why dont you go train your pathetic aura

w: eugh, what do you think i am, a barbarian?

W: “oh no! i never thought id get my face smashed in by going into fights with absolutely zero defence against enemies who can smash my face in!”

W: -thats you, you fool.

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Prompt: Lena calling Kara, Daddy, and it triggers Kara taking her right there in the hallway of her apartment and not even bothering to take her inside.

Rated M for sMut!!

This is the prompt that started it all.

Making this fic for some of my more dirty tumblr prompts! so it may turn into a multi-chap if I feel inspired!

Love Me Harder

Read it on AO3-

Lena has always had a rather … eclectic social media following.

There were those fans who follow her because she’s a Luthor and they expect her to follow in her brother’s footsteps. They’re her least favorite type of fan- all anti-alien and anti-Supergirl; and she makes a point to block them as soon as they show themselves. She doesn’t need that sort of negativity, and neither does Kara. Plus, any sort of contact that reminds her of Lex makes her a little sick to her stomach.

Then there are the fans that have a sort of morbid curiosity about her. Those that are just waiting for her to fall from grace. It’s like her life is a real life reality show that people can’t help but watch.

She opens her Instagram page, eyes widening when she sees the ridiculous amount of notifications.

Ahh, yes - she had added a picture of her and Kara the other day, and there was nothing her fans loved more than a good couple pic.

It isn’t even that ground breading of a picture, they’re eating ice cream for Pete’s sake. But something about the way Kara’s hand is settled possessively around her waist must set people off, because her inbox is full dirty comments, one in particular catching her eye.

“Tell me Lena Luthor doesn’t call Kara Danvers daddy in bed.“

She’s in so much shock that she doesn’t even hear Kara creep up behind her.

“Daddy? Why are they calling me daddy?”

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Sometimes Root would come home from a mission scattered. She’d sit on the couch and stare into space for hours, laptop forgotten and half-sliding off her legs until Shaw came and rescued it. She didn’t seem distressed or like she was in shock. Just gone.

When she eventually snapped back to the present, it would be with a slight shake of her head. She’d look around the room, curiously, as if she couldn’t quite recall how she’d gotten there, and then act normally. Or what passed for normal where Root was concerned.

“You done staring at the wall?” Shaw asked after one such occurrence.

Root paused in the middle of smoothing out the ruffled cocktail dress she hadn’t changed out of yet. She looked like she was about to answer, but then only smiled and countered with: “Maybe I’ll stare at you now instead.”

Shaw could appreciate not wanting to talk about certain things, but she couldn’t stop trying to piece together the mystery. Root was usually hurtling forward at a million miles a minute. To see her still and empty was unsettling.

It took her a little while to see the pattern.

“Who were you this time?” she asked when Root snapped back to the present.

“Secretary at a law firm.” Root peeled off a black blazer Shaw had never seen before. “Had to get my hands on some documents in the company safe. One of the lawyers tried to get his hands on me, though, so I left him in the safe instead.”

Some thieves left a calling card at the scene of their crime, like a glove or rose or something dumb. Root seemed to leave behind unconscious and severely traumatized misogynists as her calling card. Shaw couldn’t risk telling her how much of a kick she got out of that without risking a round of smugness.

Another episode followed a few weeks later.

“Let me guess…professional dog walker?”

Her outfit wasn’t anything special this time, but it was coated in animal hair.

“Groomer, not walker,” Root corrected as she got up from the couch, leaving a layer of hair behind.

“Well, don’t get any ideas about putting bows on Bear.”

“But he’d look so good with them.” Root pulled a handful of orange ribbon from her pocket and dangled it in front of Shaw like she was a kitten she was trying to entice into playing with it.

Unnecessary pet accessories aside, it was always a relief to see her full of life again.

The next time it happened, Shaw decided it was time to have a talk.

“Do I have something on my face?” Root asked when she blinked out of her trance to find Shaw sitting in a chair across from her, arms crossed.

“You never used to space out after taking other identities. What changed?”

There was a slight flicker of uneasiness on Root’s face, quickly chased away by a lazy smile that was anything but authentic. “Hmmm, maybe sometimes I get too into my role. Side effects of being too good at lying, I suppose.”

It felt like a half-truth to Shaw. “Used to be you’d be a pilot in the morning, a barista in the afternoon, and a debutante in the evening. Now you’re one thing for a day or two and you go all space cadet and stare holes in my wall. What gives?”

Root chuckled and leaned back on the couch, stretching her arms along the back of it. “This is possibly the least subtle attempt anyone has ever made to psychoanalyze me.”

“Subtle isn’t my thing. I asked. Up to you if you answer.”

Root wasn’t making eye contact anymore, a slightly guilty expression on her face. But she looked to be gathering her thoughts rather than trying to escape the conversation, so Shaw waited quietly.

“It’s different now,” Root said at last. “It's….”

She spent a few minutes frowning at the bottle of nail polish she’d left on the coffee table before continuing. “When I take on an identity, I go all in. There can’t be any crack or flaw in my disguise, so I have to be that person. Live their life, think their thoughts. I mean not all my missions require that, but…” She trailed off.

“But the ones that do are the ones you end up spacing out on my couch after.” Shaw could sort of see where this was going. “You’ve been doing that most of your life though. You didn’t used to have to…reboot your brain or whatever.”

“It’s different now,” Root said again. She was picking at one fingernail, refusing to look up.

“Hold that thought.” Shaw stood up and headed to the kitchen, leaving Root behind to sort out her thoughts. She figured the amount of time it took to make some tea would let Root regroup.


Root smiled when Shaw handed her the warm mug. Her smile widened when Shaw sat down next to her on the couch rather than returning to her chair.

“Back before all this, it was never a problem,” Root said, sounding more sure of herself now. “It was a lot easier to switch on and off identities. I was still me, I mean, but me was…less complicated. I kept things at a very shallow level, I suppose. Never let myself feel anything too deeply or get too attached. In some ways, my own identity was the easiest to assume because it was the least involved in anything else.”

She held her mug of tea cradled in both hands and stared into it like there was a script at the bottom to read from.

“It’ll get cold if you don’t drink it,” Shaw pointed out. She wanted to say more, but she figured that Root wasn’t done yet and didn’t want to derail her now that she was finally explaining.

Root obediently sipped her tea. “Thanks. For the tea, I mean.”


“There’s a lot more distance to come back now.” Root chewed on her lip for a second. “There’s more of me. More things that matter, more things I’m tied to, more things I miss. When I stop being myself now, it takes longer to put myself back together after. Like all the pieces of me get mixed in with all the pieces of other identities and I have to sort them out.”

“Sounds like a headache. How do you…I mean…do you just sort through every thought in your brain and put them all in the correct boxes or something?” Shaw didn’t have anything even remotely approaching a frame of reference for this.

“Not quite that consciously, perhaps. I’m not even really actively aware of it. It’s all a bit dream-like, and more like…following trail markers to get out of the woods.”

“Trail markers?”

“Things that strongly connect me to, well, me. Some silly little things–” She wiggled her fingers with their painted black nails. “–but also things like computers, the subway. Her, of course. She always helps me come back.” Root fidgeted with her mug. “And you.”

There was the slightest hint of red in her cheeks. A bit ridiculous that she was embarrassed, in Shaw’s opinion, since she flirted as freely as breathing. But then this was something a lot more complex than some bad innuendo. Shaw got that. She just wasn’t sure what to do with it in this particular case.

“So why keep working missions that make you do this?”

“It’s my job. And I don’t dislike it. It’s just gotten a little more complicated.”

She finally looked over at Shaw and whatever she saw in Shaw’s face made her relax (Shaw hadn’t thought she had any particular expression on, but then Root had always had an uncanny knack for reading her). She placed her tea down on the coffee table and tentatively rested one of her hands on Shaw’s leg. When Shaw didn’t stiffen or move away, she settled her hand more firmly, palm still warm from the mug.

“She did offer to decrease the number of those types of missions, but that doesn’t seem fair. I don’t want to let Her down.”

Shaw held back an exasperated sigh. For someone who went on about how much her AI buddy cared about all of them, Root could be pretty willfully oblivious to how that caring extended to herself as well. But that wasn’t something she could fix in one afternoon.

“What can I do?” It still felt a little weird asking that, but she’d found out over time it was better than staying frustrated in silence. For both of them.

“Honestly, I’m not sure. But coming back here…it’s a good place to be. It makes the way back a lot shorter.”

“Then tell your boss that you always come here after a mission.” Though Shaw strongly suspected that the Machine was on the same page as her here.

Root didn’t say anything and the silence stretched out between them. Her fingers traced patterns across Shaw’s leg.

It didn’t happen again for a while (though Shaw was unsure if that was a coincidence or if the Machine was demonstrating the good sense that her analogue interface clearly lacked), but a month and a half later Shaw came home to the now-familiar sight of Root sitting motionless on her couch.

She looked her over with a tiny frown, taking in the details. Whoever Root had been this time had another fancy job that required formal business attire. The look suited Root in so far as all looks suited her, but it didn’t feel quite right.

She ended up sitting on the coffee table in front of Root, carefully lifting one of Root’s hands from her lap and placing it on her own knee. Root didn’t stir.

Shaw uncapped the small bottle of stinky cheap nail varnish that Root still hadn’t moved from the coffee table and went to work applying a coat of black polish to each of Root’s nails. She took her time, being careful not to smudge it, and staying fully focused on her task.

When she finished the last nail on Root’s other hand, Root’s fingers twitched on her leg. Shaw looked up to meet her eyes.

“Thought you hated the beautician business.” Root was all mischievous smiles and bright eyes again.

“Got bored. And you’re sitting on the tv remote.”

“I can think of much better things to be sitting on.”

From totally zoned out to hitting on her in under a minute. Shaw was almost impressed.

“You eaten yet? Dinner, I mean.”

Root shrugged. “Don’t really remember.”

Shaw sighed and headed to the kitchen. “I’ve got some leftovers I can heat up.”

Later that night, she let Root curl up on her and put her head on her chest.

“Getting cold lately,” Shaw said, one hand idly playing with a lock of Root’s hair. “Nice to have a human radiator again.”

“I missed you, too.”

“Hmph.” That level of sentimentality was frankly unnecessary.

“It’s nice to be back.” Root sounded half asleep now.

Shaw didn’t answer, but instead tucked Root’s head more firmly under her chin. She didn’t let herself fall asleep until Root’s eyes drooped shut and her breathing evened out. When she woke up the next morning, she found that Root had rolled off her in the night, but one of her hands still rested on Shaw’s chest, fingers splayed out, and each nail painted with a perfect coat of black polish.

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my friend threw a heat pack on top of a lil thing jutting out of the wall (that i assume captures sound) and it's really high up so we just left it but 3 years later (last year) i tried to get it down with wet paper towels and now there's just a whole bunch of paper towels and a heat pack just sittin up there

A Classified Summer - Part Six

Summery: When you’re shipped off to stay with your Aunt Pepper and the Avengers in New York for the summer you weren’t sure what to expect but falling in love with Spider-Man wasn’t one of them

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,482

Warnings: fighting

A/N: if you haven’t already you should go check out my masterlist I just made today. Also yikes about pissed off Peter, who knew the little happy baby would get angry. Anyways Happy Readings!!

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

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“Y/N wake up!” A harsh voice broke through your slumber.

“Mhmm what?” You lazily reply.

“Y/N you need to get up, Tony’s coming and he’s not very happy that Peter’s MIA.”

“Why where’s Peter?” You ask not fully comprehending the problem.

“Sleeping underneath you.”

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