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six of crows is seriously so great though like it revolves around six kids who, between them, consist of: two poc, two non-straight characters, a character with a learning disability, a character with a physical disability and symptoms of post-traumatic stress, two former sex workers, a chubby character who is consistently referred to as the most beautiful of the group, and a character whose character arc is based almost entirely around unlearning internalized prejudice

basically six of crows is just a really awesome book with really interesting and diverse characters

  • me: *watched ninjago when there were only two seasons and hasn't since*
  • movie: *comes out*
  • me: maybe I should rewatch it! *does so*
  • me, having rewatched the first five episodes: I wonder if anyone on Tumblr has drawn more realistic interpretations of the characters *goes into the tag*
  • tag: *characters I dont recognize* *weird ship names* *spoilers I dont understand* *references I dont get*
  • me: what the fuck

So @wylanwaneck and I were saying how Jesper and Wylan need a puppy and then yeah things went on after that

Jesper decides the house is way too empty now that Alys and her dog are gone so he goes out to buy a dog. It has to be super cute tho, because it’s gonna be Wylan’s dog, so Jesper’s criteria are

  • cute
  • fluffy
  • cuddly
  • a puppy

And he goes out into streets of ketterdam and buys this:

and he brings it home and is like look Wylan look what I bought. And Wylan takes one look at it and is like we’re calling it Kaz

Kaz van Sunshine, that’s what they name it (Jesper decided the last name) 

(Wylan: That’s neither my, nor your last name

Jesper: Shush it’s your epithet)

Inej thinks that’s hilarious, Kaz is really really not into it

Jesper: but look at his little face Kaz! Look at all the deceit and the plotting. Look at his dirty paws!

Kaz: Remember how I forgave you? Yeah I take it back, you’re on my shit list again

Critical Role college AU

Yo, this is really long, and far from complete. If anyone has suggestions/ideas, I want them. If anything feels wrong or inaccurate I’d love to hear about it!

  • Vox Machina lives in a shitty off campus house together which they lovingly named the house Grayskull keep. It’s called that because of the building disgusting grey siding, and the landlord’s insistence that they intensively decorate on Halloween. It’s cute, they have a chore wheel (one that no one ever follows, so Keyleth or Pike always end up cleaning). 
    • Percy is pursuing a BFA in Metals, and a BS in mechanical engineering. He was originally just an engineering major, and while it was challenging, he felt like he wasn’t allowed to be creative. He took an introduction to metals class as his art requirement, and shit he was hooked. Percy makes everything from jewelry, to small trinkets, to huge sculptures. He really likes to strike a balance balance between science and art in all of his work. Most of the time you can find him in the metal’s studio, working late into the night, or at the local garage where he works part time on the weekends as one of the mechanics (he uses his paycheck to pay for Vex’s motorcycle insurance). All of Percy’s family died in a tragic fire except for his little sister Cassandra and himself. The Fire Marshall deemed that the fire that killed most of his family was an accident, but he believes that the Briarwoods were the cause for some odd reason.With some of his hefty inheritance left to him by his parents, Percy bought Grayskull Keep, and he is the rest of Vox Machina’s landlord (although he has Vex to handle paying the bills and such, she’s so much better with money it than he is). Half the reason Percy looked for housemates was because he couldn’t live in such a large house alone anymore.
    • Grog went to college on a football scholarship, but has to drop out of school his sopomore year because his grades were horrible. Seriously, who let the dyslexic kid who hates reading declare English as his major? Before he dropped out he was part of a fraternity. During a night out drinking, Grog stopped his cousin Kevdak, the president of the Frat, from beating up an old bartender who had tried to cut Kevdak off for the night. This pissed Kevdak off enough that he kicked Grog out of the fraternity. Turns out that the man, Wilhelm, owned the bar. He offered Grog a job as a bouncer at The Dawnflower, and offered to set him up with a new place to stay. Grog is a boxer, and trains at the gym called The Braving Grounds. He’s the reigning champ The Crucible, a fight club that operates in the Braving Grounds’ basement.
    • Pike is a pre-med major. She works at her grandfather’s bar as a waitress part time. She is often gone because she volunteers at local hospitals and nursing homes. With the little free time she has Pike spends it hanging out with her roommates, going out on bar crawls, watching MMA fights on the TV with her best friend Grog, going to temple with her grandpa, and studying. So. Much. Studying. But it’s okay, Pike wants to help people, and being a doctor is the best way to do it. She hopes to be able to work as a surgeon in an OR one day. All them blood and guts yes, please. She had to take a semester off due to a mental break down. She went off to New York City, and got a job working on a cruise ship. The SS Blindspot traveled all around during her six month stint as a deckhand. She’s now back to Emon University now and feeling better than ever.
    • Vax dropped out of college in his and Vex’s freshman year. This is okay, it happens. College really isn’t for everyone, but like Syldor would ever be okay with that. Vax now works full time at the Clasp Cafe as a barista to pay his share of the rent, because Dad sure as shit isn’t anymore. He really doesn’t like his co-workers at all, so he’s trying to get his paramedic certification so that he doesn’t have to work at the Clasp anymore. His real passion and interest is tattooing, and he is an apprentice at a local tattoo parlor, the Raven’s Nest. His mentor, Queenie, is a bit of a cryptic bitch sometimes, but he really is learning a lot. Vax has told Keyleth he is in love with her, and while she hasn’t fully reciprocated yet, they have a bit of a relationship happening. It’s weird and confusing and they really need to talk about it soon, but for now he’s happy. Also, Vax does parkour.
    • Vex has always been very good with money, as a child she helped their mother plan budgets for the week and clip coupons so they could stay afloat. She’s an accounting major, and loves crunching numbers. She’s also a vegetarian, and the treasurer of the animal rights club. She has a massive mutt named Trinket, and he gets dog hair literally everywhere. She adopted him as a puppy, when she found him on the side of the road, malnourished, next to his dead mother. She nursed Trinket back to health, and honestly if Vex didn’t take him along on all of her hikes, he would be getting fat. She has a motorcycle she nicknamed broomstick, which she got by “borrowing” it one day from a friend of vox machina, and she simply never gave it back. Honestly, Gern isn’t over it still, but he did just buy a new car, so hopefully he’ll forgive and forget soon. Percy fixed Vex’s motorcycle to be a little safer for free because he was so nervous it would fall apart on he. He added a sidecar so Trinket could ride with her too. Her father may pay for her tuition, food, and rent, but she had no way of paying for her motorcycle insurance. That is, until Percy proposed that she handle collecting rent, taking care of all the bills, and the buying of all the mutually needed items (such as groceries and cleaning supplies) for the household. In exchange for her services, Percy would handle her insurance. Most weekends you can find Vex going on hikes in the local mountains and forests with her dog (and occasionally Keyleth or other members of Vox Machina), going to parties/bar and getting trashed with her friends, getting a free tattoo from her brother so he can practice his craft, and doing the grocery shopping and other tasks for all of Grayskull. She can also be found sitting in the metal studio doing homework while keeping Percy company.
    • Keyleth is an environmental engineering major who just wants to make the world a cleaner, more energy efficient place.  She is vegan, of course. Keyleth is surprisingly an active member of the campus community, despite being socially awkward. She’s part of the recycling club, the animal rights club, and a few other advocacy/environmental groups on campus. She was raised in a hippy colony in the middle of nowhere, so while college isn’t all that different, it’s still a culture shock sometimes. Keyleth is attending the college on a big scholarship, since hippies don’t have all that much money. It comes from Aramente Inc, an environmental engineering firm. It also guarantees Keyleth a leadership position in their activism division after she graduates. However, she is required to travel to other universities and give talks on the organization and what it does while she is in school. Being socially awkward and terribly shy, she is understandably very nervous about this. Keyleth also is constantly on the frontlines of protests, and begs whoever has a car (it used to be Tibs before he moved, now it’s Vex) to take her to the bus/train station so she can get to the city/location for a new sit in or other important thing. Vox Machina joins her on occasion. She and Vax are kind of sort of dating? She might be in love just a little bit? It’s pretty weird what they have going on. She likes to go on hikes often, whether alone or with Vex she doesn’t care. She just enjoys being in nature. Her favorite moments are when she makes a bonfire in grayskull keep’s yard, and everyone comes outside and shares a few drinks and laughs. They all make s’mores and enjoy one another’s company. She loves working in the garden behind the house, and constantly brings in fresh vegetables to cook with.
    • Scanlan never wanted to go to college, but his mom’s dying wish was for him to go. And while he knew he could make his dreams of being a musician/actor/all around celebrity come true without the help of a degree, he wanted to make his mother happy before she died. So now he’s at Emon and is pursuing a dual degree in Music and Theater. He’s constantly performing in starring roles in school productions, and performing at the local open mic nights around town. At these open mic nights he performs either musical acts or stand up comedy. His favorite classes are usually improv based, and he loves making silly songs based off of major hit songs, except he replaces the words with relevant things or his friends names. He’s quite the lady’s man, and when not performing anywhere he’s hitting up the bars and hitting on the ladies. He used to claim he was hopelessly in love with their beautiful pre-med major, but he stopped with the whole failing to imagine her complexly thing. He’s starting to get to know Pike, truly and honestly. He’s changed a lot recently. It helps that he just found out he’s going to be a dad. While Scanlan and his baby mama are never going to be together, they are on decent terms. Scanlan still wants to be a part of his future daughter’s life, and is trying his hardest to get his act together.
    • Tiberius was an undeclared freshman, who was forced to transfer to a school closer to his home by his family. This forced transfer happened after he totaled his car nicknamed the flying carpet. Tibs and Vox Machina still keep in touch sometimes.
  • The Slayers take apartment building. The symbol on the buildings sign is a red dragon getting stabbed by a valiant knight. Everyone thinks that it’s really ugly. Plus, the university’s mascot is a dragon, so that’s a little fucked up.
    • The Slayer’s Take Apartment building’s landlady’s name is Vanessa. And she is really scary. Her husband Murtin is the building’s caretaker.
    • Zahra and Lilith are cousins and roommates. They have a third roommate name Kashaw. Zahra is close friends with all of Vox Machina, and best friends with Vex. Kash and Zahra are very close. Most would guess that they’re dating, but they’re more akin to siblings than anything else. Both Zahra and Lilith are pagans. Zahra is an Astronomy major. Lilith is a pre-med major and wants to work in a morgue one day.
      • Kash is a philosophy-psychology double major on a pre-med track. He’s going to be a doctor because that’s what his family expects of him, and well he doesn’t have any other ideas, plus he would be a pretty decent psychologist. Most people think he doesn’t give a shit, but that’s really just a persona. Kash gets along with certain members of Vox Machina than others. He has a pretty big crush on Keyleth, but backs off as soon as he notices the thing Vax and Keyleth have going on. He was pretty depressed in high school, and isn’t afraid of hiding his scars. He isn’t afraid to tell others his story, because he hopes it’ll help others if they know they’re not alone.
    • Lyra lives in the slayers take too, with her roommate Aldor. Seeing as her uncle is a very rich man, Lyra doesn’t have to live with a roommate at all, or even at a cheap place like the Slayers Take. She likes it there, and she really likes Aldor. Lyra is a library science major. Aldor is on the football team, and a physical therapy major (maybe).
    • Thorbir lives at the slayer’s take, and is a single father with his young daughter. Thorbir is one of the cops in town.
      • the amount of times he pulled Tiberius over for speeding before he crashed the flying carpet was a little ridiculous. 
      • he might look like an asshole, but he’s actually one of the good cops. 
    • Osysa lives in the slayers take as well, and is a shut in. She does however pay her rent on time, somehow. Few have ever seen her face, but she’s great with advice. She has a boyfriend on the other side of the country.
  • The school they go to is called Emon University, in a small liberal town called Tal’Dorei. The University’s logo is a bright red dragon.
    • Allura and Kima are both professors at the school. As are Seeker Assum and the rest of the council.
    • Uriel is the President of the University.
  • Around Tal’Dorei
    • Dr. Dranzel is the owner and proprietor of a bar that frequently has live music. Scanlan performs there regularly. Dr. Dranzel is also is a theater professor at the university. (although I am not sure on this point yet).
    • Gilmore owns the best coffee shop in town. Literally the best. The decor is homey with just the right flair for the eccentric- think kind of like the cafe in friends but with a bit more psychedelic decor. He has the best community nights, an open mic night every Thursday, and board game days every other Sunday afternoon. The best thing about Gilmore’s is the man himself, and the amazing company he provides his guests. Gilmore claims that it’s those low college prices that keep the customers coming back (it’s not really as cheap as he thinks, trust me the Clasp sells cheaper shit). The coffee made by Sherri is fantastic, although barista always in a shit mood. The entirety of vox machina are regulars, and they’ve gotten literally everyone they know to go to Gilmore’s. Sherri has the biggest crush on Scanlan.
    • Gern owns a candle shop that Zahra and Lilith frequent. He claims that each candle will change the mood of those inhaling the scent. He’s very passionate about candles. His employes are always half asleep because they inhale too many scents on a daily basis.
    • Karen is the owner of the garage that Percy works at. She knows he doesn’t need the paycheck, but he’s pretty damn good at his job, so she allows him to work part time. Karen does a lot of specialty jobs (if you’ve ever seen pimp my ride–she kind of is like that, except less flashy). She loves repairing old cars and making them look brand new again.
    • Wilhelm owns The Dawnflower, a local bar, with some of the best home-brewed moonshine ever, Sarenrae’s Grace. The recipe has been in the Trickfoot family since prohibition, it’s terrible but it’ll get you drunk in minutes.
    • The Clasp Cafe, has the cheapest coffee in town, therefore it’s really busy. But that being said, it’s not really that great of coffee. Vax hates working there because of how busy it gets, and while Gilmore would hire him in a heartbeat, he doesn’t want to made his relationship with the man even more awkward than it already is. Vax works with Garthok usuallly. He’s a pretty chill guy and is your friendly neighborhood drug dealer. His distributer is the owner of the Clasp, so in reality all of the people who work at the clasp sell drugs out the back, but Garthok is the guy who know’s his stuff the best. He doesn’t deal in anything too heavy. He sells pot mostly, a few hallucinogenic substances, but other than that not much. You go up to him during his shift and ask for the mean green special to get the good stuff.
    • The Braving Grounds is a boxing gym run by Earthbreaker Groon. Groon is Grog’s boxing coach, and believes if grog tried, he could potentially become an MMA fighter. Grog recently defeated his rival, a man named Kern, in the Crucible, the local fight club located underneath the Braving Grounds. Another person of note from the Crucible is a woman named the Siren (she lives at the Slayers Take Apartments and works at a club called the Velvet Cabaret). Grog has a slight crush on 
  • Family
    • Shale is one of Grog’s aunts. She shows up from time to time and gives out crazy old lady advice, and cooks Vox Machina some weird recipe that has been in the family for generations thankyouverymuch.
    • After Kevdak graduated, his little brother Zanror took over as president of Grog’s former frat. Zanror and Grog are on decent enough terms, although they do not see each other often.
    • Syldor took the twins into his custody after their mother died in a work accident when they were ten. Syldor had no idea of the twin’s existence until that point, and was a really shit father. He took hands off parenting to a new level. He was always away on business trips and typically ignored them when he was home. The pair really don’t get along with their father, and constantly fight with him over the phone. They are very close with their half sister, who just turned 5, and they are on decent terms with their step-mother. 
    • Delilah and Sylas Briarwood became the remaining de Rolo siblings foster parents and were absolutely horrible to them. 
    • Percy and the rest of Vox Machina are fighting to get Cassandra out of the couple’s custody and into grayskull keep. Percy is over the age of 18 after all, and is should be Cassandra’s legal chargeThe judge is in the Briarwood’s pocket, and deems a college house’s atmosphere too dangerous for a young child (despite the fact that Cassandra is already in high school). Percy offers to move to another home, away from the university, yet the judge still denies custody. 
When someone comes up to me and says, “Hey, I’m a big Pushing Daisies fan.” You just feel like, “Oh, wow: You’re the one who watched it. So nice to meet you.” […] When I meet one of the fans, I’m always like, “Aw, one of my people. You liked it, too? I liked it. You liked it. Let’s talk about it a little bit.”
—  Lee Pace really loves Pushing Daisies and Pushing Daisies fans. (x)


Synesthesia Tsukki
  • Baby Tsukki doesn’t speak until he can already do full sentences, and the first things he talks about are colors, when his mother sings him a lullaby in bed. 
  • He talks about cold blues that go to black, trying to find the words to explain stars in space, holding his hands out towards the dark ceiling above him. 
  • Preschool Tsukki standing alone in the playground at recess, hands over his ears because everything’s so bright it’s blinding. 
  • Second grade Tsukki spending his days after school in the music room, touching instruments with tiny fingers, listening to the little sparks of color they make him see. 
  • Fourth grade Tsukki being given headphones by his older brother. “Just don’t hide behind them forever, alright, Kei?”
  • Fifth grade Tsukki learning about sign language, spending his afternoons at the deafness and hearing impaired center, learning to speak with silence. 
  • Sixth grade Tsukki, taller than the other kids, smarter than the other kids, estranged because of the way he gets when it’s too loud. Disliked because he cuts himself away from the world with headphones. 
  • Seventh grade Tsukki with his first real friend, a boy who talks too loud all the time and simply won’t leave him alone. But his colors are…warm. A different side of space, with those freckles and that sunny smile. 
  • Tenth grade Tsukki joining Karasuno. Fifteen year old Tsukki feeling for once like he belongs somewhere. 
  • Hinata signing with him about things from across the court, teaching Kageyama how to sign for passes, teaching the entire team how to do it.
  • Yachi talking to him about art. About painting and designs and colors, about putting the things he sees onto paper, because maybe that way they’ll understand him a little better, too.
  • Eleventh grade Tsukki receiving a small expensive paintset from the team for his birthday, something they pooled all their money for together to get for him. 
  • Twelfth grade Vice Captain Tsukishima, lead blocker of the Karasuno champion school. 
  • Vice Captain Tsukishima, who somehow knows what his teammates are thinking without them saying it, seeing it in the color of their voices and the words they choose. 
  • Captain Yamaguchi, who pulls the players up, guides them and encourages them, but Vice Captain Tsukishima, who knows how to push them. Which words to use and what to say. 
  • Vice Captain Tsukishima, who doesn’t say a word on the court, but sometimes he makes some quick, fleeting motion with his hands and the team just responds, in perfect, coordinated harmony, like he’s the conductor of a symphony. 
Midnight Tea

 Dan has a cough and can’t sleep.  Phil takes care of him and calms him down when Dan begins freaking out.

Word Count: 800

Genre: Comforting, platonic fluff

Phil woke up to the sound of harsh coughing.  He  sighed softly.  Him and Dan had just returned from America and they were both jet lagged and tired.  They had flown in early that morning, and surprisingly had managed to stay awake all day.

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Christmas Rhett: 2008 vs. 2014

When you have to slightly AU your new years drawing not for the obvious reason, but because one half of your pair is probably not suave enough to pull this off.

one of the things that is bugging me most about the John Green thing is that part in the post that he quoted where the person said something like “he has the online presence of a creepy dad who volunteers to supervise little girls’ pool parties,” bcause it reinforces the incredibly unfeminist idea that any adult male’s interaction with children, esp. female children, is inherently pedophilic, which is harmful to dads, male teachers, etc