so now it's six

I will drown in the lights of the highway

There are only two sorts of people awake
at four thirty in the morning: those with their lives
completely together, up early for work,
and those whose minds are in shambles.
Beyond the deep grey of my unlit room
the city sparkles through my window with such intensity
that I am certain it knows–
It sees me,
and it does not care.


Happy 9th anniversary, SHINee!! ♡ ♡ ♡   #9yearswithSHINee

six of crows is seriously so great though like it revolves around six kids who, between them, consist of: two poc, two non-straight characters, a character with a learning disability, a character with a physical disability and symptoms of post-traumatic stress, two former sex workers, a chubby character who is consistently referred to as the most beautiful of the group, and a character whose character arc is based almost entirely around unlearning internalized prejudice

basically six of crows is just a really awesome book with really interesting and diverse characters


Signs (Jamie/Claire)

I see signs now all the time

That you’re not dead, you’re sleeping

I believe in anything

That brings you back home to me

Edited by Briony / red-jamie

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I was lucky enough to commission zenwisterias/taylordraws to draw two of my OCs, Kyna and Brandon! I also can’t believe I got too awkward to actually thank her properly??? They’re amazing and I love them, thank you so so much!!!

I’ve been writing and developing these guys on and off for around six years now, so it’s incredible to be able to see them somewhere other than inside my brain. Thank you sooo much Tayor!!!

Now I just have to wait for her to open them again so I can commission the other three OCs in this team ;)

So I know Stranger Things 2 is six weeks away. It’s written on my calendar. I’ve planned my schedule for months to accommodate an entire weekend so I can watch ten times through.

But. It still feels so surreal? Like, we’ve waited so long that it just feels like waiting is all we’ve ever done? To think that in six weeks there will be a whole NINE new episodes is sublime. It’s absolutely beyond my ability to fully grasp at this point.

I honestly don’t think it will feel real until I’ve watched the entire season, cried, laughed, and screamed.

i would like everyone to know modern jesper’s absolute favorite crop top to wear has a cheesy ghost winking on the front with the words “hey boooo” around it. it originally belonged to inej, one of many ghost-printed-things gifted to her (that she refuses to acknowledge) from the other dregs, who insist she might as well be a wraith since she’s so unnervingly silent

Thieves Among Us (3/5)

Let Jon have his armies and his devoted wildlings and the love of their people, she thinks. Let him have his dragon queen. She’s in possession of a secret, tragic as it may be, but at least it’s entirely her own. For Sansa, that’s more than enough. It has to be. Rated M; inspired by content from S7. Previous chapters can be found here.

Sansa’s eyes dawned with realization while she stared back at him, her face a kaleidoscope of surprise and panic that burst wide open before swallowing itself up again as she recovered from his unexpected appearance.  

“Hello, Jon,” she greeted evenly. Sansa may have had the sense to speak first, but her tone was distant—as distant as it had been when she’d spoken to him on the rampart. It was like she had thrown ice water over him, jolting him out of his dazed bewilderment. The fact that she sounded so casual, as if her presence wasn’t anything strange to ponder over whatsoever, only set him off the edge just a little further.

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This is really random but what do you think Richonne's first petty argument as a couple was about??? I can't even imagine Michonne getting mad at Rick over some dumb shit like him leavin them dusty jeans on the floor lol

Lmao. Yeah, I can’t really imagine them arguing over something like that. I feel like Michonne just has a certain standard, and Rick makes sure he meets it, whether subconsciously or deliberately. So he’s not leaving his drawers on the floor all day. Unless hers are down there, too. 😄He keeps the toilet seat down and the kitchen clean. He takes out the garbage without her having to ask. (Where? I don’t know, but he takes it, dammit, lol.) He’s an equal partner in their relationship and in their lives, so I think it’d be rare for her to have anything to complain about.

If anything, it’d probably involve Rick being jealous of someone flirting with Michonne. And not mad at her of course, but I can see him doing that murder twitch and Michonne thinking it’s silly for him to be jealous (although on a deeper level, she kinda likes it). So it’s not a serious argument, but maybe it takes up a drive home. Or maybe they argue over Rick shaving. 🤔 Though I like to believe Michonne has come to her senses and enjoys his face losing that war at this point. So maybe the tables have turned and he wants shave, but she doesn’t want him to. Or… I could see them having a difference of opinion on how to ground Carl for something. (For sneaking to the Sanctuary, for example.) Like Michonne thinks Rick is too soft on him. Or vice versa.

Whatever it is, I wish we could see it? Even though that’s not the show we’re watching, I’m dying for more of Grimes family life – the domestic moments; the parenthood; the little nothing fights. But I guess that’s what fanfiction is for. 🤗

I wonder if there’s a tiny part of Bellamy that thinks Clarke’s still alive. He says in the lab that he still has hope the nightblood will come through. So he tells himself she’s dead and mourns her because that’s what the odds overwhelmingly suggest, but in the back of his mind there’s still this hope of maybe.

  • me: *watched ninjago when there were only two seasons and hasn't since*
  • movie: *comes out*
  • me: maybe I should rewatch it! *does so*
  • me, having rewatched the first five episodes: I wonder if anyone on Tumblr has drawn more realistic interpretations of the characters *goes into the tag*
  • tag: *characters I dont recognize* *weird ship names* *spoilers I dont understand* *references I dont get*
  • me: what the fuck

Me, finishing the episode and realising we have to wait until 2018 to find out what the hell actually happened:

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cool summer things: sleeping naked

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Hey! So yeah may I request the same prompt which is prompt no 2 from the fictional kiss prompt please for Kaz and Inej? Thank you so much! ♡

Hi!! Sorry it took me a while to get to it, I needed to figure out exactly how to write it and be happy about the final result ^^

Rated T for kisses, obviously.

moving around while kissing, stumbling over things, pushing each other back against the wall/onto the bed

“Inej…” He breathed into her lips, pouring into that one word all the things he’d thought while she was away, all the feelings and emotions he never let anyone see, all the worries, all the nightmares, all the dreams.

Her hands were like steel, grabbing handfuls of his shirt, pulling him flush onto her. A pause. A sigh. A kiss. Their lips met and it was like coming home. Inej tasted of strawberries and chocolate. Had she been eating those before strolling through his door, that perfect and beautiful smile of hers illuminating every dark corner of his soul? Or was it something that she always carried with her? A taste, a scent that was simply… Inej.

Skin on skin was still something Kaz just couldn’t… couldn’t do. But with Inej? Saints, with Inej it was… He’d gladly go through fire just to touch her. And frankly, touching her skin with his bare hands (and lips) was already like walking through fire. Except the reward was worth it. He wondered if it was the same with her, the two broken souls having gone through so much, so much that something as simple and natural to humans was… unreachable for them.

Inej sighed into the kiss and took a step back, dragging a dazed Kaz with her. His hands were firm on her waist, holding onto her like she was the one thing keeping him alive. She was the one thing that had kept him alive before. She would always be that one beacon in his dark life.

They stumbled over papers that had fallen off his bed with the wind. They bumped into a chair and giggles bubbled out of her lips. Saints, what beautiful sound. Ages before he’d wished to bottle it and get drunk in it and now… now he was finally drinking it. It was… home. She was home. Inej kept on blindingly pulling him with her, aiming somewhere behind them, their feet constantly stumbling and stepping over shoes and fallen things. Kaz briefly remembered a fit he’d had that morning, after a nightmare involving her had woken him before sunrise. In his rage, in his need to remember what was real, Kaz had done a mess of his room. But nothing had been a better proof of what was real than the moment his eyes fell on a recently arrived Inej.

She mumbled his name against his lips and not a second later the world tilted.

There it was, that giggle again, bubbling free out of her mouth as the two fell on his bed and Kaz was once more stunned by that wonderful sound.


His eyes snapped open, a startled gasp on his lips as darkness engulfed him. A thunder crashed outside. Where was he? Where—? A pressure on his waist pulled him back to reality. Home. He was home. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he looked down. Inej was curled around him, holding his body in a koala-hug. Her face was peaceful, a hint of a smile on a corner of her lips. Gingerly, he passed a hand through her hair and waited for his heart to slow down.

That dream again. Every night it seemed to be present. Especially after Inej had returned for good. The kiss in the dream… it had been their first kiss after Inej’s first long trip. Kaz had missed her so much that he’d all but forgotten his thick walls and barriers the second he saw her. And by the way Inej had held onto him… He guessed she’d done the same. Of course, whenever they had a quiet night and the two managed to go to bed early and just lie down together, that damned dream always became more… enthusiastic. They hadn’t fallen into his bed. They’d stumbled on it and nearly fallen on their butts. But her laughter? Oh that had been exactly the same. Kaz had never heard Inej laugh so much and so freely.

In that moment, he’d wished he had nothing holding him back from touching her more freely. Still, in the few years since that moment in a bathroom, things had changed. Both could now kiss and touch each other more often and with less… negative reactions. The memories weren’t gone, nor the traumas. But that feeling of safety that came from being close to each other… That was new. And it helped. It really did.

Thunder crashed again, shaking the house off its foundations. Inej kept on sleeping as peacefully as ever and Kaz felt a smile tug on his lips, sleep already coming back for him.

He was home.