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Distance - Part Four

Steve Harrington x Henderson Reader

Summary - Returning from college for winter break, Y/N is faced with the stinging pain left from her break-up with Steve Harrington.

Word Count - 2,243

Warnings - mild swearing, angst (duh), flashback (duh), and I think that’s all folks.

A/N - Just posted this on my main I’M SORRY. Now that that’s fixed, I hope you like this part as much as I liked writing it! I brought in more characters so yay for that! Please let me know what you think in my inbox, cause it motivates me to write more! enjoy :)

Part One  Part Two  Part Three

“So you guys are cool now?” Dustin asked while furiously chewing his pancake. Your Mom gave him a pointed look across the table.

Chew first, Dusty!” She warned, earning a mumbled sorry from Dustin. You looked down at your plate and swallowed before responding to Dustin.

“Uh- yeah, we’re friends.” You slightly cringed at your words, friends? With Steve? Twenty-four hours ago you couldn’t even think about him without tears brimming your eyes. Now your friends. If it weren’t for your brothers close relationship with him you probably would’ve tried to avoid him your whole break, however part of you was grateful he drove you out of your house last night, because you found Max when she needed you the most.

Dustin scoffed, “Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts.” You dropped your fork and glared at Dustin as he shrugged his shoulders knowingly. “Look,” he continued, “All I’m saying, is that I expect fully to walk into a room before you go back to college and find you and Harrington, like this-” Dustin turned in his seat and hugged himself, pretending to make-out with someone. “Oh, Steve!” He said, in his best attempt to mock your voice.

Dustin!” you and your mom cried in sync, your face heating up.

What?!” He asked, “You know it’s right.” You sighed, frustrated, and shoved a piece of pancake in your mouth.

“I think it’s great, sweetie,” your Mom gently added. “I’m glad you guys have figured things out.” Your Mom tried her best to be there for you when the break up happened, but she wasn’t so good at showing her affection, despite how much she felt it.

Unless it was for the cat, of course.

“This was really good Mom,” Dustin got up a set his dirty plate in the sink, “But I gotta go.” He was flinging his bag around his shoulder, almost out the door before your Mom stopped him.

Hey!” she shouted from her chair, “Where are you going, Dusty?” He put his headphones around his neck and shoved his walkie-talkie in his pocket.

“To Mike’s, important party meeting” He explained quickly, opening the door and taking a step out.

Wait-” She called, stopping him again. “It’s too cold for you to ride your bike!” Dustin rolled his head back and groaned. “Your sister can drive you.” She finished, earning an even louder groan from Dustin. You would’ve normally protested, saying that Dustin was perfectly capable of taking care of himself, but you hadn’t seen Nancy in a while and thought it would be nice to catch up.

You had never expected to be friends with Nancy Wheeler, but it sort of just happened. She had just outed Hawkins Lab for what they did to Barb, and you had just found out what Dustin was really up to last November. You both needed a friend. So, when you had driven to Nancy’s house in a panic, trying to find out if what your brother had just told you was just a whole line of bullshit, you talked all night. You were shocked to find out that it was, in fact, true. This led Nancy to explain what had happened to Barb, and you knew she needed a friend. To be honest, you didn’t realize that you needed one too until you were cry-laughing on Nancy’s bed with her about god knows what.

“So now what?” Nancy questioned you. You fell back into her bed, hugging one of her pillows.

“I don’t even know,” Nancy glanced at you sympathetically as you continued. “I don’t know how to be friends with Steve.” you complained.

“Well, I did it,” she said, hoping to help. You looked up at her, groaned, and threw your head back down.

“That was different, Nancy,” you reasoned. “You were with Jonathan, and Steve was almost fully over you by the time you guys became friends again.”

“Yeah, thanks to you,” She said smiling down at your distressed face. You rolled your eyes and threw a pillow at her, causing her to squeal.

Hey!” she protested, “I’m just trying to help, okay?” You sat up, and gave her a soft smile.

“I know, Nance,” You pushed your hair behind your ear, shaking your head, “I just don’t think anything can help.” She grabbed your hand, squeezing it with comfort.

“Maybe, just a thought, you should tell Steve how you feel.” You looked down at Nancy’s hand on yours and sighed.

I tried,” you pointed out, “I ended up a blubbering mess in his arms.” Your chest started to burn as you remembered the events of last night. “He was right, we can’t avoid each other, so friends is our best option.”

“Yeah?” She asked.

“Yeah.” You said, giving her a pointed look.

“You know,” she started, “Me and Jonathan told everyone that we were ‘just friends’ too.” Her smile grew and you rolled your eyes, knowing where she was going. You were about to make a smart remark back, but before you could, both of your attention was taken by shouting downstairs. You gave a shared look of concern before running down to the basement to see what was happening. What you had found was not at all what you had expected.

“Steve?” You questioned, at the same time Nancy spoke.


The scene froze just as you two had entered the basement. “Ah, great, the voices of reason!” Mike said sarcastically before pushing himself down on the couch. Everyone was here. Mike, Lucas, Max, Dustin, Will, Jane, Jonathan, and most surprisingly, Steve. You were about to ask what was going on, before Nancy beat you to it.

“Jonathan, what are you doing here?” she asked, ignoring Mike’s comment.

“Well, I thought I was just dropping Will off,” he said looking over at his brother, “But when I got here he told me it was a code red emergency and that I had to come in.” He explained.

“Yeah,” Steve agreed, “Dustin told me the same thing over the phone.” You looked over at him, briefly making eye-contact before looking back at the kids.

“So what’s all the yelling about?” you asked. The kids shared brief looks before all speaking at once, shouting things in a jumbled mess. The only words you picked up were Max, El, powers, asshole, and Billy. “Hey,” you said as they continued to shout things. “HEY!” you repeated yourself louder, causing the kids to return their attention to you. “One person at a time, please.”

Mike stood up from the couch. “We heard about what happened to Max last night,” he started. You looked down at Max, her cheeks turning red from the unwanted attention. Lucas put his hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently. “So,” Mike continued, causing you to lift your eyes from the young couple, “We were brain-storming ways to teach that dick a lesson, when El volunteered to scare him shitless.

No.” You and Nancy spoke in sync.

Thank you!” Steve chimed, “That’s what I was telling these shit-heads.”

Jane stood up, looking around at everyone before speaking. “I want to do it,” she said in a serious tone. “I want to help.”

“No, Jane.” you said, shutting her down. The kids began to yell in protest at you.

“This is why we didn’t invite you to the meeting!”

“Billy deserves it!”

“You can’t tell us what to do!”

You crossed your arms, waiting for the shouts to stop, glancing at Nancy for help. However, she wasn’t the one to stop their shouts. It was Steve.

“Listen up assholes!” He yelled, taking a step next to you to face them, “This isn’t happening, does everybody understand that?” He waited for a response, and not getting one, continued, “I said, does everybody understand that?” He said louder, pointing at them. For some unbeknownst reason, they half-heartedly nodded. You didn’t know what it was, but there was something about Steve that made them hold some sort of respect for him. Part of you thinks it’s because of the night he fought Billy to protect the kids, but half of you believes it’s because he sometimes acts like one himself.

“Steve.” You said impatiently. He ignored your voice, and continued to give his undivided attention to the popular Star Wars arcade game that had just been released. His tongue stuck slightly out of the side of his mouth, and his eyebrows were furrowed in deep concentration. You had to admit, he looked unfairly cute, but you tried not to let it stop you from interrupting his game. “Steve Harrington!” You spoke again, raising your voice so he would give you his attention.

“What?” He said without peeling his eyes from the game. You rolled your eyes, and sighed.

“We have to go, Steve. We promised your parents that we would have dinner with them tonight, and I’m not letting you make us late!” He groaned, glancing over at you for a second before returning his attention to the screen.

“I have to get to my Jedi status, Y/N!” He said, as if it were the most important task in the world. “Dustin keeps giving me trouble because he got it before me, so I have to get my name higher than his on the scoreboard.” You let him continue playing for a minute while weighing your options. You could either make Steve temporarily upset my stepping in front of the game, ruining his score, or you could make his parents upset by being late once again to dinner. The choice was clear. Before Steve could protest, you moved your body in between him and the game. “Hey what are y-” The machine’s ‘game over’ sound stopped Steve mid-sentence, “No!” He yelled, brown eyes wide as ever.

“It was for the best, Harrington.” You said, putting both of your hands on his shoulders firmly. He blankly stared at you, as if you had just stabbed him in the chest. “Stop being such a child Steve, really, it’s not that big of a de-” In one swift movement Steve picked you up, and threw you over his shoulder, making a bee-line for the exit. “Steve- STEVE!” You shouted, hitting his back with your fists. “Put me down, right now!”

He ignored your protest, walking all the way out to his car before dropping you back onto your feet, and pushing you against the red glossy door of his BMW. “You’re in big trouble, Henderson.” He said, hot breath hitting your face. You rolled your eyes and gave a small chuckle.

“Oh is that right?” You teased. He slowly nodded before pushing his face into your neck, kissing you right under your jaw. “St- Steve.” You said as your heart-rate quickened. You let out a deep breath, almost letting him win, before realizing something very important. “Your parents, Steve!” He groaned, mouth vibrating against your neck.

“We’re not going to be late, Y/N.” He said, before returning to his previous actions.

“No, you don’t understand,” you took a breath trying to remain focused, “You’re going to leave a mark!” He removed himself from you, understanding what you were getting at. He softly wiped the area he had just been kissing and looked at your concerned face.

“No mark,” he said, and you took a sigh of relief. He bent down to you ear, “Later.” He whispered, giving you goose-bumps. He gave you a soft smile and a kiss on the forehead before walking to his side of the car, leaving you breathless.

“Let us handle it, okay?” Nancy’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts. “Jane just got done with her ‘waiting period,’ and her, outing herself to Billy, would make that whole year of being locked away pointless.” Mike and Jane looked at each other knowingly, they didn’t wait a year for nothing.

“We can handle this, okay?” Jonathan said, ruffling Will’s hair.

“Just focus on keeping Lucas away from Billy until we figure this out.” You said, earning nods from the kids.

“Meeting adjourned.” Mike announced, accepting that there was nothing else he could do without putting his friends in even more danger.

Campaign time!” Dustin shouted, causing all the kids to rush to the table where dungeons and dragons was set up.

“Alright, Dustin, I’m gonna head out.” you said. “I’ll be back in a few hours to get you.” Dustin ignored you, already busy setting up the game. You said a quick goodbye to everyone else in the room before heading up the stairs.

“Have a good day, Y/N!” Mrs. Wheeler called out to you, raising her glass of wine in the air as you walked past her.

“See ya, Mrs. Wheeler!” You said as you slipped your shoes on, pushing yourself out the door. You wrapped your jacket around you as the cold air hit you, shuffling down the driveway.

Wait- Y/N!” You turned around to see Steve jogging down to you, this should be good. You waited for him to continue, wondering what he could possibly want. Steve ran his hands through his hair nervously. Why was he nervous? it was just you. He mentally pulled himself together, clearing his throat. “Did you want to grab lunch? I’m off work today. I thought we could put this whole friend thing to the test, yanno?” He laughed nervously, “But if you don’t wa-”

Steve,” you said, cutting off his nervous drabble.


“Let’s go get some lunch.”

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Wanted Part 2 // Jeon Jung Kook, Gang, AU

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader 

Genre: Thriller, Angst, Fluff

Summary: You have a conversation with the members Jimin and Taehyung with Jungkook alongside. The three seem very mysterious, not allowing you to question them. For some reason, Jungkook seems familiar, you don’t know how, but he seems like someone you’ve seen before in the past. 

A/N: Yay! I’m so happy to hear people want me to continue this series! Apologies for the long wait for the next chapter but I’ve been busy throughout winter break + I just got sick and now I have a fever :(((. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Please continue to support this series <33 + HAPPY NEW YEARS! 

<< Part 1 >>  << Part 2 >>  <<Part 3 Coming Soon! >>

You sighed, giving one more stare around the room before you hear the door knob twist once more, looking over to the door. 

“Sorry… I don’t know if you have any spare clothes but I think if you should give your clothes a wash and you can wear them after…” Jungkook muttered, throwing a shirt and a pair of sweats on your bed. 

“Give… give the clothes to me after your shower, okay?” Jungkook said awkwardly as he scratches his head. 

“O-Okay. Thank you…” you said softly, Jungkook giving a slight nod to show that he heard you, walking out the door. 

You slowly walked into the bathroom in your room, your eyes widening. This bathroom is so large I could live in there you thought, staring in complete awe with a small smile.

After a good shower, you placed your clothes on the bed. You didn’t add your undergarments because it could get even more awkward at that point for Jungkook to… see them. 

Slowly, you opened the door of your room and walked out softly, careful not to make sound. You walked down the stairs and finally made it to this large living room with a furnace, couch, and T.V. 

“Wow…” you whispered. 

“Nice, isn’t it?” a voice said as you almost screamed in shock, flinching. 

You turned around to see who it was that said that, recognizing the boy as Taehyung, who gave a tiny smirk to you. 

“Hey there. Y/N..? Right? Again, I’m Taehyung.” Taehyung said, sliding his tongue across his bottom lip as he gave you a stare. 

“Yeah, Y/N. Nice to meet you. I won’t stay long, sorry to disturb you–” 

“Trust me you’re not disturbing anyone… unless you want Jungkook for his money, then you can get the hell out of here.” Taehyung said in a menacing voice, staring right through you. 

“I’ll leave. But I don’t care about whether or not Jungkook is rich or not. I could leave now if you want too–” 

“Don’t.” another voice said. You and Taehyung turned to look and saw Jungkook, leaning on the door frame amusingly. 

“Taehyung, don’t scare her. If she wanted money she would have leeched onto me the minute she stepped foot into this house.” Jungkook said, slightly smirking. 

“He isn’t scaring me. And I’m okay. If he wants me to leave I would understand. He’s just worried that his friend took in a stranger he found on the street, I get it.” you muttered in pure honesty. 

This took Jungkook and Taehyung aback that you actually defended Taehyung for trying to kick you out of the house. 

“Looks like she has a sense of mind herself.” Taehyung said with a smile. 

“Sure do.” you said, staring straight into Taehyung’s eyes, which caused Taehyung to freeze. What the hell…? What is she doing to me? Taehyung thought to himself in shock that he could feel his heart racing quick.

“Sorry Y/N… About Taehyung. Let me take your clothes and sit on the couch, please stay as long as you want, all of us are honestly sick of seeing each other everyday, seeing a new face like you is great.” Jungkook said, giving a slight smile that caused your heart to race. 

You nodded in return, handing Jungkook the clothes as the two of you walked off from each other, sitting on the couch. Taehyung slowly turned to see you sitting peacefully as he calmed himself down, sitting right next to you. 

“Hi. Again.” Taehyung said, smiling a toothy smile. 

“Bipolar much?” you said, staring at him with a raised brow. 

“Sorry… about earlier. Honestly, I didn’t want someone fucking us up… again.” Taehyung whispered, staring downwards at the rug. 

“It’s fine… but what do you mean by that? Who–” 

“You’ll find out… at some point.” Taehyung said, his eyes growing sad as he stared at you. You felt sympathy for the boy, his eyes showing that whatever happened hurt not just him, but most likely Jungkook and his other people. 

“I’m back..” Jungkook said, walking in. You turned around and saw Jungkook and Jimin walking over to the two of you as they both sat down on the couch. 

An awkward silence was beheld as finally someone spoke up. 

“If it’s not bad to ask, can we ask about your story, Y/N?” Jungkook said, his voice smooth and steady as he stared deeply into your orbs causing you to falter slightly. 

“Dead mom. Gambling dad. He died though, two years ago. He has this endless load of debt put on me because of his death. I’ve been chased ever since from loan sharks. Just warning you, if you put me close to a loan shark I can’t promise his ass is going to be alive… they piss me off so much.” you said, looking down as the members were shocked to find out the trouble you held all your life. 

“Loan sharks piss me off too, that’s why we beat their ass every chance we ge–” you looked up as you saw Jimin sock Taehyung’s arm as he winces in pain. 

“How about you guys? You guys living better than whatever hell I’m in?” you said, with a small smirk, your eyes sad. 

“Can’t say it’s worse than you but all our parents dumped us and we all ended up meeting, fortunately.” Jimin said, staring at the two boys. 

“By all… do you mean you three?” you ask, staring at Jimin who gave a small laugh. 

“No, there’s seven of us. You’ll find out who the other four tomorrow. I’d like to also ask for a favor… mind not running off from us in blind sight without any of us knowing? We took you in so in return leave properly.” Jimin said, staring at you with genuine eyes. 

“O-Okay.” you said, causing Taehyung to smile in return. 

“Finally! Someone new!” Taehyung said, standing up as he pranced around, Jimin and Jungkook face palming him as he just smiled.

To think I thought he was going to hate me for all eternity and beat my ass once I’m outta here from the way he talked to me. you thought, smiling at Taehyung’s weirdness, Jungkook catching your smile as he gave a small smile too, watching you. 

“Wait, now that you guys know who I am, mind filling me in on who you guys are?” you said, staring at the three, as Taehyung immediately freezes, sitting on the couch again. 

“You can… if you stay longer.” Jungkook said, his voice hard to decipher as he stares at you, giving a smirk. 

“Well, we’ll have to see then.” you said softly, staring right back into Jungkook’s eyes. 

~ A couple hours later ~ 

“See you tomorrow Y/N!” Taehyung said, giving a wink to you with a cute smile. 

“See you tomorrow Y/N, good night.” Jimin said, giving a smile as he waved goodbye. You waved back to the two of them as Jungkook closes the door after that. 

“Just telling you, they live in this house it’s just… they had to take care of something but by the time they’re home you’d be asleep. The other four you haven’t met will be here tomorrow.” Jungkook said softly, his voice like honey. 

“O-kay…. Can I ask though?” you said, turning to Jungkook as he turns to you back. 

“Why… did you take me in?” you asked Jungkook, staring into his piercing eyes. 

“You seemed like you needed the help. So I helped. Don’t think I do this for everyone. You seem… capable.” 

“Capable…? Of what?” 

“Just… capable.” Jungkook said, giving a mischievous smile to you. 

“Go to bed, you need to sleep. It’s already 2 in the morning. Good night.” Jungkook said, walking off from you as you stared at his figure disappearing into his room. 

“They don’t seem… bad…” you whispered to yourself as you quickly went upstairs, into your room. You close the lights of your room as you lay down on your bed, covering yourself with the blanket as you stared into the darkness. 

“Mom, I’m still alive. I’ll stay alive, for you. It seems like I met my savior… But why does he look… so familiar?”  


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Today was the last day of school before winter break. So The Japanese club I’m in, which S runs, won the designing contest for a mikoshi (basically a Japanese float sort of thing). So now we’re going to be flying somewhere and participating in a festival. I’m really excited it’ll be my first trip with the Japanese club.

I’m not an officer of the club but S is trying to get kids to sign up for the trip so that there’s enough people to carry the mikoshi so I’m being a middle man. I talk to the students about the trip then they tell me if they can or can’t go and then I tell him. It’s because I’m one of the few people with his number so he wants me to be a go between since they can’t contact him over break.

So...I’m BACK!!

Hello my lovely friends! I am back and I’m better than ever. I am actually on winter break from college and I can now focus my attention on my writing for a few weeks! Yay!! But, here’s the thing…… I’M OPEN FOR REQUESTS!!! You heard me right. Not only am I going to be posting my personal writing, I’m wanting to hear from you guys! What do you guys want me to write for our lovely chocobros? With that being said… I do have a few objectives (under the cut):

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