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A/N: I’ve finally uploaded again yay!! I’m so sorry for the late update babes but I’m back now and getting down to writing as much as I can. So this is based off of Beauty and The Beast of course! I’m thinking about writing some fairytale stories for characters so let me know if you’d love to see some more of these! Oh and I’ve also changed the URL I don’t know if I like it or not but we’ll see. xx

Word count: 1,076

Title: Beauty and The Beast

Draco x reader

It was no secret what had happened to Draco Malfoy the winter break after school, he had turned into the self he was on the inside. He was as cold as the thick layer that had spread across the ground outside. To hide this secret that had developed in the Malfoy Manor his father had fired staff and kept people coming in and out of the house to a minimum, you were surprised you still had your job. Rumour had it it was because Mrs. Malfoy had taken a liking to you, she said that you were the brightest and prettiest thing to the maids in the kitchen.

“(Y/N) GET THE WARMEST PANTS YOU HAVE, WHAT DO WE PAY YOU TO DO? STAND AROUND IN YOUR THOUGHTS?” Draco had yelled from his room, you had it quite clearly in the opposite room to his where you were on your knees, scrubbing the floor as hard as you could. Sometimes you wished you had gotten fired.

You walked into Draco’s room and bit back a smart remark as you saw his sweatpants, laying on the chair straight across from him. Without peeping a word you moved towards the pants and sat them down next to him, your eyes lifting to scan his face. It was hard to say the more you looked at his face the more you got used to it because that was exactly the opposite. It seemed to get worse the more you looked at it. Veins were seeping throughout his face, his once platinum blonde eyebrows were no longer there, matching his head and his lips were constantly split open. No matter how much water he drank. In fact his whole skin was full of cracks, you had to run moisturiser twice a day over his body to get it to the best condition it’s been in in six months.

“Don’t just stand there, get out so I can put my pants on.” he spat, you clenched your jaw, yet again keeping yourself from saying any remarks as you stepped outside and closed the door behind you.

You scraped the wooden hard wood floor clean, you were working so hard and getting so caught up in your daydream that you didn’t notice a certain somebody behind you. You started to hum as you continued along your daydream…about Draco. No matter how hard you tried to avoid the boy it always creeped back into your mind. He was possibly the worst person on the planet to go for and your best friend had even agreed, but you just couldn’t stop imagining his hands against your face. Suddenly the bucket beside you was kicked over, drenching your maid clothes and running throughout your hair as you were crouched so low against the floor scrubbing. You whipped your head up and found the blonde-or rather bald boy standing over you.

“As a reminder you’re working. This is not a musical.” Draco growled at you, you had had enough of this. You didn’t care whether or not you daydreamed about him. He had no right to treat you like this.

“What is your problem, Draco?” you growled and slammed the sponge down, the remaining water splashed off the floor from the impact and landed on your face but you didn’t care. “You have no right to treat anything like this, even if I work for your father. Yes not you, your father and mother.”

“Uh-“ Draco’s once-were-there eyebrows had risen in shock, he gulped as his face reddened before opening his mouth once again.

“You know you’re not going to get anyone to fall in love with you and break that spell if you keep acting like that.” You refrained yourself from rolling your eyes as Draco covered his wrist, were the countdown laid.

“How do you know about that.” He insisted, you glanced down at his arm, you were one of the phew who knew about it. Not only did Draco turn into a monster but he had a rose on his wrist and every month that came and went a petal would drop off. Only one girl could break him off his spell with the words ‘I love you’

“Your mother told me.”

“Oh dear, what happened?” your eyes travelled to the door where Mrs. Malfoy now stood, her eyes were like saucers as she stared at you. “Oh my, sweetie lets get you cleaned up.”

It had taken you two hours to clean up your mess and the soaked mess in the spare room, your hair had finally dried and you were now working on cleaning Draco’s room. You were tucking the sheets into his mattress when your fingers grazed against a harsh material, pulling it out from the covers you discovered a folded piece of parchment. You soon realised it was an apology letter…to you from Draco, for the incidents today.

“I’m…not good with my words so I thought I would write it down and send it to you. I wasn’t actually going to give it to you but I guess the universe has different ideas.” you looked up to find Draco standing at the doorway with his hands in his pockets. He pushed off the frame and walked toward you.

“It’s alright. I just don’t understand why you have to be rude all the time, ever since I first started working here five years ago you have always had that mean nature. I would think that Wizard who cast that spell on you would make you realise how mean you were.” you explained, folding up the piece of paper and putting it in your pocket.

“Why do you care so much?” he wondered out loud as if he hadn’t meant for the words to slip. “I mean I’m nothing you know? And you’re so bright and funny…”

“Because I’ve known you my whole life Draco, I know how nice you are underneath all of that.” you gestured. “We grew up together and you used to call my beautiful everyday. Heck you wouldn’t dare let yourself go one day without it.”

“I’m not that person anymore.” he looked towards the floor, his addams apple bopped up and down as if he was choking back tears. “Everyones given up on me. I’m ugly now and no one wants to be seen with a monster like me.”

“I’ve seen worse.” you whispered. “Draco…I love you, I always have.”

Wanted Part 2 // Jeon Jung Kook, Gang, AU

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader 

Genre: Thriller, Angst, Fluff

Summary: You have a conversation with the members Jimin and Taehyung with Jungkook alongside. The three seem very mysterious, not allowing you to question them. For some reason, Jungkook seems familiar, you don’t know how, but he seems like someone you’ve seen before in the past. 

A/N: Yay! I’m so happy to hear people want me to continue this series! Apologies for the long wait for the next chapter but I’ve been busy throughout winter break + I just got sick and now I have a fever :(((. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Please continue to support this series <33 + HAPPY NEW YEARS! 

<< Part 1 >>  << Part 2 >>  <<Part 3 Coming Soon! >>

You sighed, giving one more stare around the room before you hear the door knob twist once more, looking over to the door. 

“Sorry… I don’t know if you have any spare clothes but I think if you should give your clothes a wash and you can wear them after…” Jungkook muttered, throwing a shirt and a pair of sweats on your bed. 

“Give… give the clothes to me after your shower, okay?” Jungkook said awkwardly as he scratches his head. 

“O-Okay. Thank you…” you said softly, Jungkook giving a slight nod to show that he heard you, walking out the door. 

You slowly walked into the bathroom in your room, your eyes widening. This bathroom is so large I could live in there you thought, staring in complete awe with a small smile.

After a good shower, you placed your clothes on the bed. You didn’t add your undergarments because it could get even more awkward at that point for Jungkook to… see them. 

Slowly, you opened the door of your room and walked out softly, careful not to make sound. You walked down the stairs and finally made it to this large living room with a furnace, couch, and T.V. 

“Wow…” you whispered. 

“Nice, isn’t it?” a voice said as you almost screamed in shock, flinching. 

You turned around to see who it was that said that, recognizing the boy as Taehyung, who gave a tiny smirk to you. 

“Hey there. Y/N..? Right? Again, I’m Taehyung.” Taehyung said, sliding his tongue across his bottom lip as he gave you a stare. 

“Yeah, Y/N. Nice to meet you. I won’t stay long, sorry to disturb you–” 

“Trust me you’re not disturbing anyone… unless you want Jungkook for his money, then you can get the hell out of here.” Taehyung said in a menacing voice, staring right through you. 

“I’ll leave. But I don’t care about whether or not Jungkook is rich or not. I could leave now if you want too–” 

“Don’t.” another voice said. You and Taehyung turned to look and saw Jungkook, leaning on the door frame amusingly. 

“Taehyung, don’t scare her. If she wanted money she would have leeched onto me the minute she stepped foot into this house.” Jungkook said, slightly smirking. 

“He isn’t scaring me. And I’m okay. If he wants me to leave I would understand. He’s just worried that his friend took in a stranger he found on the street, I get it.” you muttered in pure honesty. 

This took Jungkook and Taehyung aback that you actually defended Taehyung for trying to kick you out of the house. 

“Looks like she has a sense of mind herself.” Taehyung said with a smile. 

“Sure do.” you said, staring straight into Taehyung’s eyes, which caused Taehyung to freeze. What the hell…? What is she doing to me? Taehyung thought to himself in shock that he could feel his heart racing quick.

“Sorry Y/N… About Taehyung. Let me take your clothes and sit on the couch, please stay as long as you want, all of us are honestly sick of seeing each other everyday, seeing a new face like you is great.” Jungkook said, giving a slight smile that caused your heart to race. 

You nodded in return, handing Jungkook the clothes as the two of you walked off from each other, sitting on the couch. Taehyung slowly turned to see you sitting peacefully as he calmed himself down, sitting right next to you. 

“Hi. Again.” Taehyung said, smiling a toothy smile. 

“Bipolar much?” you said, staring at him with a raised brow. 

“Sorry… about earlier. Honestly, I didn’t want someone fucking us up… again.” Taehyung whispered, staring downwards at the rug. 

“It’s fine… but what do you mean by that? Who–” 

“You’ll find out… at some point.” Taehyung said, his eyes growing sad as he stared at you. You felt sympathy for the boy, his eyes showing that whatever happened hurt not just him, but most likely Jungkook and his other people. 

“I’m back..” Jungkook said, walking in. You turned around and saw Jungkook and Jimin walking over to the two of you as they both sat down on the couch. 

An awkward silence was beheld as finally someone spoke up. 

“If it’s not bad to ask, can we ask about your story, Y/N?” Jungkook said, his voice smooth and steady as he stared deeply into your orbs causing you to falter slightly. 

“Dead mom. Gambling dad. He died though, two years ago. He has this endless load of debt put on me because of his death. I’ve been chased ever since from loan sharks. Just warning you, if you put me close to a loan shark I can’t promise his ass is going to be alive… they piss me off so much.” you said, looking down as the members were shocked to find out the trouble you held all your life. 

“Loan sharks piss me off too, that’s why we beat their ass every chance we ge–” you looked up as you saw Jimin sock Taehyung’s arm as he winces in pain. 

“How about you guys? You guys living better than whatever hell I’m in?” you said, with a small smirk, your eyes sad. 

“Can’t say it’s worse than you but all our parents dumped us and we all ended up meeting, fortunately.” Jimin said, staring at the two boys. 

“By all… do you mean you three?” you ask, staring at Jimin who gave a small laugh. 

“No, there’s seven of us. You’ll find out who the other four tomorrow. I’d like to also ask for a favor… mind not running off from us in blind sight without any of us knowing? We took you in so in return leave properly.” Jimin said, staring at you with genuine eyes. 

“O-Okay.” you said, causing Taehyung to smile in return. 

“Finally! Someone new!” Taehyung said, standing up as he pranced around, Jimin and Jungkook face palming him as he just smiled.

To think I thought he was going to hate me for all eternity and beat my ass once I’m outta here from the way he talked to me. you thought, smiling at Taehyung’s weirdness, Jungkook catching your smile as he gave a small smile too, watching you. 

“Wait, now that you guys know who I am, mind filling me in on who you guys are?” you said, staring at the three, as Taehyung immediately freezes, sitting on the couch again. 

“You can… if you stay longer.” Jungkook said, his voice hard to decipher as he stares at you, giving a smirk. 

“Well, we’ll have to see then.” you said softly, staring right back into Jungkook’s eyes. 

~ A couple hours later ~ 

“See you tomorrow Y/N!” Taehyung said, giving a wink to you with a cute smile. 

“See you tomorrow Y/N, good night.” Jimin said, giving a smile as he waved goodbye. You waved back to the two of them as Jungkook closes the door after that. 

“Just telling you, they live in this house it’s just… they had to take care of something but by the time they’re home you’d be asleep. The other four you haven’t met will be here tomorrow.” Jungkook said softly, his voice like honey. 

“O-kay…. Can I ask though?” you said, turning to Jungkook as he turns to you back. 

“Why… did you take me in?” you asked Jungkook, staring into his piercing eyes. 

“You seemed like you needed the help. So I helped. Don’t think I do this for everyone. You seem… capable.” 

“Capable…? Of what?” 

“Just… capable.” Jungkook said, giving a mischievous smile to you. 

“Go to bed, you need to sleep. It’s already 2 in the morning. Good night.” Jungkook said, walking off from you as you stared at his figure disappearing into his room. 

“They don’t seem… bad…” you whispered to yourself as you quickly went upstairs, into your room. You close the lights of your room as you lay down on your bed, covering yourself with the blanket as you stared into the darkness. 

“Mom, I’m still alive. I’ll stay alive, for you. It seems like I met my savior… But why does he look… so familiar?”  

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I'd very much like to see some 'Thor God of thunder and fertility' hilarity.

I’m sifting through the prompts in my inbox and came across this beauty. Usually people like to do this with Darcy but I really wanted to go another direction. Hope this suffices! Thank you for the prompt!

This is seriously toeing the crack line which was hella fun, and then gets all feelsy and stuff towards the end. Enjoy!

Jane had accepted her reality as a pretty awkward person, especially when it came to interpersonal interactions. If she needed to get something done, like, say, secure grant funding or defend her thesis or schmooze at a donor at Culver, she could do it. But as soon as her personal interests were at stake, she was generally not the best company. (See: Horrible Date With Richard. Thor Seeing Her Camper With Dirty Dishes. The list goes on.)

But she could absolutely say with one hundred percent mortifying certainty that this was the most awkward situation of her life. Ever. Anywhere. Ever.

She and Thor had been eating dinner with Erik. He’d been improving since everything went down in Greenwich, so his doctors granted him leave periods of 24 to 48 hours as long as someone signed for him. (She hated to think of him stuck in there. She hated to think of the reason he was there period, hated what Loki did to him with a vehemence that would hit her at the most random of moments and steal her breath. She wished she’d hit him harder when she watched Erik struggle for words or watched him disappear into a world no one else can acknowledge but him.)

But he had some good days, when it was very hard to see the damage Loki wrought, and today was not quite one of those days, but pretty close. He was coherent enough to hold a train of thought and follow a conversation, but he would still blurt out random thoughts and memories that occured to him throughout.

“…so there’s Stephen, stuck with his hand in the door, I’m hiding in the bushes with the dog, when Mrs. Johan walks in the front door.”

Both Jane and Thor laughed, and Jane asked, “So what did you two do?”

His eyes went blank for a moment and the grin fell off Jane’s face. Thor took her hand beneath the table, squeezing in silent support.

Then, without warning, Erik blurted, “Jane, are you and Thor having sex?”

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