so now it seems like he's being overwhelmed by it

How Seventeen would be on your honeymoon

S.coups/Seungchol: The ultimate husband like need got everything taken care of. He would just be so good at making sure you were happy and comfortable without being overwhelming. Like it would just be fun the whole time. He seems like the protective husband that would just always have his arm around you somehow like he wanted the world to know that you were his even more now, even the law said so. You guys would go to like a local restaurant and a waiter would like casually flirt with you or something and he would like make sure the next time that waiter came around both your rings were showing. 

Jeonghan: I just feel like it would just be so comfortable to travel with Han. Like he just seems so reliable yet fun like you’d probably be making new inside jokes the whole way over to the hotel. I can see you guys just like chilling the first day like you’d just be counting wedding money and talking about everything that happened at the wedding. Like it would just be laid back and calm and fun 

Jisoo/Joshua: He probably would’ve just wanted to cuddle the second you guys had gotten there. Like he would be so high on those wedding vibes and the fact that you were now his wife that he would just want to hold you and coddle you like THE WHOLE TIME. You guys would probably be the nauseating couple that like backhugged in public and he’d like be so excited and always introduce you as his wife to everyone, even when it was unnecessary. Like the clerk that was checking you guys into the hotel really didn’t care. But it’s not like you would mind because he just looked so happy and cute that even if you hated cheesy romantic stuff you would still feed him when he opened his mouth and let him kiss your nose in public.

Jun: Would be a mix between “Let’s do everything Y/N!” And “I’m tired can we just nap all day?” Like you never know with this kid, he’s either excitable or he wants to coddle you in bed. You guys would probably be exploring all the things that the hotel has to offer like you’d probably be that couple that was actually using the gym and like make use of the golf course. He seems like he would probably be the jealous type so he probably would be really stressed when you guys get back from the pool so you probably won’t frequent that as much.

Hoshi/Soonyoung: the couple that the staff low key hates. Like you guys would be the type to have a water fight in the ginormous honeymoon bathtub and would like break something. Or you’d be playing tag in the halls until someone had to tell you guys to quiet down. You guys would make use of all the hotel services too like you guys would decide to get like a couples massage but Soonyoung couldn’t sit still that long so he would be like chatting up a storm with the masseuse who would politely try to tell him to shut up because he was killing the relaxing feel.

Wonwoo: the cheesy couple that hangs out on their balcony a lot. Like you guys would’ve only been married a day and you’d already be acting like an old married couple. You guys would be people watching and just like make up stories for all the people you see. Once it got dark or you guys just got bored you’d probably talk about the wedding, laughing at all the embarrassing moments and just bantering about the events. You guys would just bond most of the time.

Woozi/Jihoon: 100% perfectionist. Like he’d want everything to be perfect for the two of you so like he’d have planned down to every last detail. Like you best expect to be wearing your swim suit under your clothes because Jihoon wants to be prepared for everything. Like he would probably have checked all the forecasts and picked the city that had the best weather and booked a hotel there and he would have like a giant map laid out in his room back home with like sticky notes scattered over it with all the places you guys should go. He also probably has a list of notes on his phone in case he might forget anything. He’s organization goals.

DK/Seokmin: He’s like that dreamy husband that just doing the he stupidest things with would be fun. He’d also want to go sight seeing but I can just see him wanting to do all of the silly little romantic things like if a bridge was known for keeping couples together forever, you’re going to that bridge. And not just that like he’d do all the cheesy stuff like breakfast in bed and you guys would like probably go for a midnight run for food. Like I can assure you right after the wedding you guys would like crave fast food and you’d just go to like a fast food restaurant, wedding dress, tux and all and just eat to your hearts content before you went to the airport. He’s husband goals y'all.

Mingyu: “Are you sure we’re going in the right direction?” “Yes Y/N, don’t you trust me?” “Considering you almost left our flight tickets at home i’m gonna have to go with no” That would earn you a glare. You guys had been driving for about an hour and you were sure that you were supposed to get to your hotel 40 minutes ago. You would come to get a lot of this throughout the honeymoon. it wasn’t that Mingyu was bad at organizing things (okay it was a little bit that), he was just so excited about being in another country that he would rather explore than go according to schedule. 

The8/Minghao: okay we all say he’s a little fluff ball of happiness and he probably is but like he’s also hard af okay guys like that glare is a very real thing even uf its never been directed at you. He seems like the fiancé that’s probably like “you want to go to where? How about somewhere colder?” Like anything to not put you in a bikini. Like I just see him as being a little less liberal with his affection usually so when you’re like always against his side at the ski lodge you’d be a little confused because he wasn’t usually so giving with his skinship. But you just looked so cute in that jacket that hugged you in all the right places when the was zipped up and he’d be damned if anyone tried making a pass at you. I don’t even know how this is like honeymoon themed I just needed protective Minghao in my life rn

Seungkwan: The world’s best tour guide. Like he wouldn’t let you guys go to any actual tours because it would be so much more fun to just explore yourselves. And so you two would barely spend any time in the hotel, you guys would probably just be roaming the streets the whole time and just be making up the most random stories for each thing. For some of them you might actually go in and ask the locals how this restaurant was started or what was here before that shop. You wouldn’t learn real history just random bits of people’s lives bc that just seems like something Boo Seungkwan would like.

Vernon: (Why is he going on a honeymoon he’s still a baby) So Hansol would be type to probably do something completely out of the box and unique. That or you’re going to like Hawaii there is literally no in between. You guys would also do like really interesting activities on your honeymoon like he’s mentioned that he likes going on active dates so I can just see you guys leaving the hotel at like the crack of dawn every morning and like coming back at night exhausted. It would be awesome really, you guys would be doing everything from bungee jumping to snorkeling. You’d probably come back from your honeymoon extremely sore but very very pleased with yourselves.

Dino: Honestly he would be the kind of person to ask your input for everything. His hyungs would’ve told him to make it a surprise but you guys were probably like best friends that just happened to also be romantically attracted to each other. So he would want your input on everything and like want to make sure you were on board with everything and that both of you did things that you would like. Dino would be a great significant other guys, why is he so much younger man…

Bernie supporters, if you live in any Super Tuesday state, but especially Massachusetts, PLEASE go out and vote tomorrow!

Bernie HAS to win Massachusetts, we’re one of the most liberal states in the US, along with being host to an overwhelming amount of colleges and universities. If he doesn’t win Massachusetts, it doesn’t seem likely that he’s going to win overall. Clinton’s ahead right now, and Bernie is going to need every vote he can get.

The polls earlier in the month showed Bernie ahead, but that is NOT the case anymore, so don’t assume MA is going to go with Bernie just because of how liberal we are. GO VOTE!!!

Back Under

There was a time when Sans thought that their world under Mt. Ebott was tiny. It was cramped, crowded, and noisy depending on where you lived within the barrier. He had thought that finally being exposed to the outside world it would be minuscule in comparison. At first, he had been right. There was an overwhelming joy that he hadn’t felt in a very, very long time that made everything they left behind so insignificant. 

Now, though…now that he had gone back under, Mt. Ebott seemed like a giant abyss. Their little corner of the world was still so massive to a small child like Frisk. He could have been taken anywhere. There were parts of the underground the kid didn’t even touch in the time he had spent with them. That wasn’t even the half of it.

He could have been in trouble.

He could have been hurt.

He could have been…could have been…

Sans stopped running. Kid got him to actually run. Now that he had stopped, everything was silent as the grave. While everyone had split up, Sans offered to search around Snowdin in case Frisk came back this way to get out. Hopefully they could use the lab cameras once Alphys made it to Hotland. The falling snow muffled all distant sounds, and the only thing that could be heard was the skeleton’s harsh breathing, which came out in small clouds around his head.

God, this wasn’t fair…they had gotten out. They were two steps beyond the barrier and the one that made it all possible got sucked right back into this hell hole and right outside of their grasp. Sans stood straight, cupping his hands around his mouth and calling through the sickly spruce trees that made up the forest around Snowdin.