so now he's all bitter about any and all online dating

watch me again (and again) | (m)

genre ― angst, smut | fuckboy!au

pairing ― jungkook | reader | taehyung

synopsis ― It may not happen today or tomorrow but it’s sure going to happen one day and more than just once.

words ― 5,412

note: y’all finally get the threesome as my 2 yr anniversary gift lol

You didn’t have time to respond to either of the boys text messages, preferring to put all your attention on the pile of assignments that you dreadfully completed. Every time you saw them by the hall you were about to enter you’d grab Yerim and pretend to chat away while walking extremely fast pass them. You hoped the text would end after almost a month of ignoring them but one boy didn’t.

Jungkook. He’d get tired of being left on read sooner or later. You wished he’d put as much effort as he did to try and get a hold of you as he did during lectures. It baffled you that he hasn’t been dropped from the class yet. Maybe he wasn’t so far behind as you thought he was.

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Carousel: Part5 ( COLE X READER)


SUMMARY: Tomorrow’s the Grand Premiere of Riverdale Season Two Trailer. Although you’re excited to see yourself in the big screen for the first time, you’re also let down by the thought of seeing Cole and Lili together. During the premiere, Cole finally confronts you and turn the tables once and for all.

A\N: Thank you so much for all the love given to Carousel <3 My heart is full x Requests are still open if you would like to read something else. Love youuu guys!


You just got off the phone with Mark. He called you to let you know that he would be dropping off your red-carpet gown at Camila’s place. You asked him if it was mandatory for you to attend the gala, to which he replied  was an “ABSOLUTE MUST!”. He further explained how important it was for you to attend the premiere since it will be your first public appearance, your introduction to Hollywood basically.

You understood.

The thought of having your first red carpet moment excited you but the thought of seeing Lili and Cole together made you miffed.

“Honey! There’s someone at the door for you,” you heard your mom call from downstairs. Weird, how did anyone get your parent’s address?

You head downstairs to find Camila happily chatting with your parents.

They acknowledged your presence once you were down.

”Oh (y/n), your friend here was just telling me about how good you were at work,” your mom happily exclaimed.

“Camila,” you gave her a friendly hug,” What  are you doing here?”

She snickered, “ I have my resources. I need you to sleep over tonight.”

“Wait, what? Sleep over?”

“Yeap,” she nodded. “Your mom already gave me a green light,” she winked at your mom.

You gave your mom an odd stare,” Listen, if it’s about the dress, I’ll come over and pick it right up. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to sleep over. Really, it’s fine.”

“No, no, no. You are sleeping over and that’s it! Tomorrow’s a big day,” she smiled and held your hand,” I want your first red-carpet moment to be perfect.”

Camila was very adamant about the sleepover and seeing how excited she was about tomorrow, you couldn’t say no to her. You packed up a few essentials and got into her car.

“Mom!Dad!”, you called out from the car window,” I’m gonna be on TV!”


Sleeping over at Camila’s wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. Sure, her front porch brought up an unpleasant memory but Camila was a sweetheart!

She let you wear one of her prettiest bathing robe and she even applied her homemade facial mask which she swears to  ‘lives’ by.

“Oh my god, we need to take a selfie!”, she exclaims. She pulls out her iphone and randomnly clicks a number of selfies with you.

“This one is cute! I’m gonna post it online.”

You look at the photo. It was a decent selfie of you and her in sleek bathing robes, still covered in her ridiculous face mask.

“What’s your twitter id?” she asks.

“I don’t have one.” you reply.

Her face drops, “Are you serious? Oh my god, we need to create your twitter. Like, now!!”

“No, no. It’s fine. I don’t need it. It’s-“

You should’ve known better than going against Camila. She screeched, made the most adorable puppy dog eyes and tickled you till you said, “FINE. I’LL CREATE ONE.”

Camila immediately posts the selfie of the two of you and tags you in it.


You already started receiving a number of followers, mostly from the Riverdale fandom since word did get out that you’ve been casted as Cheryl’s sister.

Soon after washing up and getting freshened, Camila suggests you go to sleep early since tomorrow is such a big day. You agree and change into your night gown before jumping in bed with Camila.

Buzz. Your phone vibrates from underneath your pillow.

“Who is it?” Camila questions

It was a short twitter notification-

Cole Sprouse followed you.

“It’s no one,” you lock your phone,”Goodnight, Cam.”


“Wow. You look amazing,” Camila gawks at you. You give her a small smile before staring at the your reflection in the mirror.

I must say, the hair and makeup which arrived at 6am this morning definitely did you justice!

You’re wearing a Louis Vuitton gold embroidered lace gown, a very minimal makeup with a strong red lipstick to stand out. Your hair tied up in a neat bun with few strands of hair hanging. You definitely look like a certified Blossom!

“You look amazing as well, Cam.” She’s wearing a short Armani dress in the hottest shade of red!

“Thanks,” she smiles, ”The car’s here. Let’s go.”

You quickly check your twitter before leaving. You decided to follow Cole anyway since you didn’t want him to think that you were still bitter about what happened. You wanted him to think that you were over it. Besides, giving him the satisfaction that he still has an effect on you was the last thing you wanted.

Finally going to see my oompa x , he had tweeted earlier this morning.

Everybody assumed that it was for Lili for obvious reasons. You roll your eyes, ugh, reading the “awww.. He and Lili are so cute together” comments made your stomach sick.

You lock your phone and head downstairs. A white Limo had arrived to pick you and Camila up.

You decide not to let your feelings for Cole get the best of you. Today is your day.

“I hear Cole and Lili are going to walk the red-carpet together.” Says Camila

Your stomach sicknes, “Oh. Oh yeah? Good for them.”

“Are you over him?” She asks, your eyes widen in confusion. “What?”

“You know, Cole. Are you over him?”, she retorts.

“What do you mea-“

She cuts you off, ”C’mon, it was pretty obvious that you had a crush on him.”

“So wait, you knew I liked him?”

“Pretty much, everyone did.”

You sulk,”Whoa. Ugh, nevermind. I’m over it.”

“(Y/N),” Camila tightens the grip on our hand, “It’s okay. We all go through it. Remember, today is your day.

“We’re here,” the chauffer declares.


The paparazzi was insane! They huddled towards the car the moment you got out of it. It was terrifying at first but then you slowly got a hold of it. You smiled confidently at the camera. The photographers were lovely! They commented on how fabulous you looked and how perfect their shots of you were.

You and Camila walk the red-carpet together  and happily pose for the photographers. You could see Casey, Ross Butler and other cast members  from a distance.

“Lili!”, Camila waves to the other side. Lili and Cole stood together hand-in-hand. You heart fell apart at the sight of them. They looked so good together. Their eyes spotted you and Camila. Cole’s eyes widened after his eyes met yours.

Camila began walking towards them but you let her hand go.

“I’ll come later,” you give her an assuring smile.

No way you’re going up to Cole and Lili. As if seeing them together wasn’t heartbreaking enough.

You smile and wave at Lili but decide to ignore Cole’s eyes.

“(y/n)!(y/n)!” you hear the reporters call you. You smile and walk towards them, “Hi!”

“You look stunning, (y/n)! What are you wearing today?”, the friendly blonde reporter questions.

“Thank you so much. I’m wearing Louis Vuitton!” you confidently reply.

“Wonderful! So, before heading off, what can you tell us about your role as Cia Blossom?”

“Okay so, I’m playing the role of Cia Blossom. She’s the new Blossom in town. She’s definitely nothing like The Blossoms, as you can already tell by my hair colour- it’s not red!,” you wittily reply.

The blonde laughs in response, “Oh hey, Cole Sprouse everyone!.”

You shudder at the sound of his name. You hadn’t even seen him coming.

Cole stood just few inches next to you. Lili and Camila, you noticed, were far from sight.

“ We were just talking to your new co-star, (y/n)” the reporter informs Cole.

Cole smiles brightly, “Yeah, she has been amazing throughout!”

You want to barf. Look at him , trying to sound so sweet around all these reporters.

You just continue to smile at the cameras nearby, completely avoiding any eye contact with Cole.

“(y/n), one last question!” the blondie says, “Are you a Bughead shipper? Were you surprised when you heard that Cole and Lili were dating?”

You face immediately drops. The dreaded question. You could feel your stomach tighten and your eyes flutter.

“(y/n)..” you heard Cole whisper to you, “You don’t have to-“

You cut him off.

“Of course,” you place the biggest fake smile on your face, “I’m a bigtime bughead shipper. I mean, who isn’t? I wouldn’t say I was surprised when I learnt about their relationship,” you look up at Cole and smile, “They have great chemistry in set so you know.. It was a pleasant surprise. We’re all very happy for them. Thank you.” You lie through your teeth and leave the scene. You could almost hear Cole’s voice call your name but you decide to let it go.

You thought you could do this but you can’t. Because truth is, no matter how much you pretend to be okay with it- you’re not. The thought of Cole with someone else sickens you. The thought of Cole treating someone else the same way he treated you makes your knees weak. The thought of him kissing someone else, the thought of him taking someone else to his favourite places- all of it. It makes you frail.

As much as you want to leave everything and go home, you know better than to cause a scene during your first public appearance. You plan, however, to leave the instant the screening ends. You’re not strong enough to attend the after-party and be surrounded by people talking about how well Cole and Lili compliment each other.

Inside the theatre, you were seated between KJ and Casey, Cole sitting next to KJ. When you approach to your seat, Cole stands up on seeing you. But so does KJ. You haven’t seen KJ since the last day of shooting. During the ride home, he didn’t bombard you with questions at all. He remained a gentleman and respected your privacy.

You look up at them in awe. How courteous. They didn’t have to stand up.

“(y/n).” both of them says in unison and give each other an awkward look.

“Hey,” you give a half smile before sitting yourself down.

“You look stunning, by the way.” KJ whispers into your ear. Cole clears his throat.

“Thanks,” you smile at him,” You look handsome yourself.” You say it loud enough for Cole to hear. And he did. You find him staring at you, but you turn away from his gaze.

The trailer starts.

It was a 3 minute trailer with a lot of cliffhanger! You saw yourself in the screen for the first time and damn, were you proud of yourself!

It showed scenes of you, KJ and Camila at Pop’s. There were hot make-out scenes between KJ and Camila. The trailer ended with a scene of Cole and Lili kissing.

Normally, you wouldn’t feel anything since it’s all just an act but after what Cole did to you, watching him kiss another girl made your heart weak all over again.

After the lights came back on and the screen went black, everyone stood up and cheered. It was a good tease.

Even though it was a good trailer and you were proud of yourself, you couldn’t stand one more minute with Cole and Lili. The atmosphere made you sick.

“Excuse me,” you told KJ and tried to make your way out.

“Hey, aren’t you coming for the after party?” asked KJ, just then Cole got up and turned towards you.

You decide to ignore him. “No, I don’t think so. I have to leave..,” you turn away and see yourself out.

“(y/n), wait!” you heard Cole call. “Later.” you wave at him and leave.

After coming out the theatre, you let out a huge breath. Wow, that was suffocating. Seeing Cole and Lili together was way worse than you had actually hoped to feel. You begin to wonder if agreeing for the third edition of Riverdale was a good idea.

You were just about to leave the scene when- You see Cole run towards you.

“(Y/N)!” he call out, panting.

You turn away and try to leave as quickly and as unnoticed as possible.

“Wait!” he grabs your hand.

You turn to face him, “Hey,” you avoid his eyes, “I have to leave. Something came up.”

“Why won’t you look at me?”, he questions, still holding your hand tight

“Cole, I don’t think this is a good ide-“

He cuts you off, “How long are you going to run away from me?”

You try to let go of his hand but he wouldn’t let you, he strengthens his grip on you.

“Cole,” you sigh,” Now is not a good time. I have to-“

“Then tell me WHEN, (y/n)!” he increases his tone, “You won’t return my calls, my messages, you even went as far as changing your number so I wouldn’t call you. I even came to your apartment but it was locked! So tell me, (y/n), when is a good time, since all you do is try to run away from me.” He slowly lets go of your hand and embraces your arms. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. But you don’t have to take such drastic measures to get rid of me. Tell me, do you really hate me that much?”

You finally look up at him. Holding back your tears, you look at the guy who once enveloped you on the prettiest bridge.

“I love you,” you turn away, “or loved, I don’t know. I can’t do this. I can’t. Loving you hurts.”

“(Y/N),” he says in a low tone, “I-“

You wipe your tears and cut him off, “It’s okay. It’s really okay, Cole.” You smile at him,”I don’t hate you. You and Lili are perfect for each other.”

“Perfect,” he scoffs, letting go of your hand,”It’s all just an act!”


“My agent, the producers, they all want me to date Lili for some reason to increase the ratings for the show.”

“So, is that why you…”

“Yes. (y/n), you have to believe me. I would never ever hurt you. I’m sorry for what I did to you, I shouldn’t have. I had no right to do that. I just thought that it’d be easier for-“

“Yeah, you thought it’d be easier for me to forget you.”

He nods. He intertwines his fingers onto yours. “I’m sorry.”

You let go of his hand. “You know what’s the worst part?”

He widens his eyes, “(y/n).. please don’t do this.”

“The worst part isn’t the fact that you broke my heart in the way of obeying your agents and producers,” you take a deep breath and look away as your continue,”The worst part is you thinking that I will not, not even for a sec, understand you. Seems to me that you don’t even kn- “

You hear paparazzi prepare to huddle outside the theatre. You quickly wipe your tears away. “I have to go.”

“NO,(Y/N).” Cole protests, but you decide to leave anyway.

You make your way towards the car, smiling and waving at the cameras on the way.

“Great job, (y/n)!” you hear some of them comment.

“Thanks,” you smile at them.

You were just about to get into your car when you felt a hand pull you from behind.

Your eyes widen in shock to find Cole firmly taking hold of your body.

In front of everyone.

You’re too shocked and surprised to protest or to question his motives.

“I forgot something,” he says, pulling you closer to him,” I love you”.

He pulls you in for a deep kiss in front of all the cameras.

They were bawling. The fans were screeching. Everyone shocked at what they were witnessing right before their eyes!

You could hear Cole’s agent Frank yell at Cole from behind but Cole really couldn’t care less. 

He slowly breaks the kiss, only to find your wide eyes  still gawking at him in shock.

He simply smiles at you, “So much. I love you so much, (y/n). Please let me fix this. Please give me another chance. I have missed you so much.”


A/N: I originally planned on ending the story this way, but then I wondered if you guys would like to know what happens next? What do the media make of it?What do you make of it? What does Betty make it? And Cole’s agents & producer’s wrath at his bold move. Just let me know if you would want another Carousel haha, I would be more than happy to write it x It’s fine if you guys think the story should end this way. Thank you so much for all the love <3

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Jaime x Brienne: You’ve Got Mail AU

Brienne of Tarth always loved books, the smell, the leather bindings, the feel of the paper between her fingers as she turns the page. Her personal favorites have always been the knightly tales she used to read as a young girl, sitting on her father’s lap, in his little bookshop, getting lost in their own little world where knights came to life to slay gruesome dragons to win the hearts of the maid they loved with a fierceness that let them overcome any obstacle.

Said bookstore is now hers after Brienne inherited it following her father’s demise, which left the young woman totally devastated, and yet with the devotion to keep her father’s business and legacy running, to bring to life the magic she was granted to enjoy while reading with her father when still a child.

However, that legacy is in great danger with the rise of a monster matching that of the tales she read as a girl – a brand-new, high-tech, chic Lannister Libraries, a chain store set on nothing but commerce and profit, which is about to open up not very far from her book shop.

Brienne of Tarth would not be her father’s daughter if she just gave in, though. She is ready to fight for her father’s legacy to live on.

A welcome change in her ongoing battle against the great evils of the business is Brienne’s e-pal, whom she has known for a couple of years now. She never met the man she has corresponds with daily, but for some reason, she feels like she can speak to him about things she otherwise does not dare to let anyone know. Even though they have the agreement not to give away personal information: Brienne doesn’t know his profession, his age, the color of his eyes, or his actual name. The only identificatory aspect she knows about him is that his nickname is “GoldenHand33,” the same way he only knows her under the pseud “OathKeeper1.”

And yet, Brienne feels as though she knows that man anyway, his thoughts, his mind, his dreams that, according to him, won’t ever come about because they do not correspond with what his father’s legacy would demand, and, to her surprise, she has a lot more in common with this rather snarky, witty man than Brienne first thought when they started chatting more or less by accident.

Over time, those e-mail exchanges grew to be her lifeline, the one thing to hold on to when times are rough. GoldenHand33 was one of the few people Brienne ever opened up to when it came to her father’s death beside her friends in “real life,” and now grows to be ever the more important to her now that her father’s legacy is threatened.

A small fair is supposed to flush money into cash register, or so Brienne’s hope, because her greatest fear of the business being crushed by the Lannister Library grows with every day passing. Between reading sessions with children, featuring, obviously, lots of knightly tales, games, and balloons, Brienne finds herself running into a man taking his nephews and niece to the small book fair. Though judging by the looks, and the oldest nephew’s misgiving behavior, that is normally not their usual social sphere. The blond man with almost painfully good looks proves to be quite a witty and charming character, seemingly wanting to teach the children some valuable lessons about life against the odds of how they could probably buy that place with their own pocket money.

And if Brienne is not mistaken, the man actually flirts with her. Though she deems that to be rather ridiculous, considering her ugly looks by comparison. However, all of Brienne’s thoughts regarding their newest customer turn bitter once she finds out that the man is Jaime Lannister, son of Tywin Lannister, CEO of the Lannister Library bookstore chain threatening her small business! Brienne is furious – and disappointed.

Hurt and frustrated, she turns to her online friend again, who, gladly, offers some much-needed solace and encouragement. Though, to her surprise, GoldenHand33 suddenly starts to suggest meeting in real life, something that the two ruled out from the beginning. And it would be a lie to say that Brienne didn’t consider it since. After all, she found herself comparing the few men she dated over the past years to her e-pal, and whether they manage to make her laugh as much as he manages even with nothing but written speech and emoticons. And sadly so, most men already failed that simple test.

After some more time, and a particular party where she had to suffer through meeting with Jaime Lannister again, Brienne agrees to a date with one click on the SEND-button. And she must admit, the closer the date comes, the more excited she gets, even though Brienne is about twice as nervous and afraid of it. After all, she knows that she is no beauty, not what is conventionally perceived as charming or attractive, and she doesn’t want to lose her online companion.

They are supposed to meet up in a small restaurant, with their distinctive features being her early version of The Dance of Dragons, which they discussed about a lot online, since both have a fable for medieval history, whereas GoldenHand33 is supposed to arrive with, who could have guessed? a golden hand.

However, the man keeps her waiting.

What she doesn’t know is that the man is just outside the door, but too hesitant to walk in, instead, pacing outside, pondering about what to do.

Because that is Brienne of Tarth inside, the woman who was quite outspoken when she met him, not knowing that he is GoldenHand33, just like he had no clue that she is OathKeeper1, at a party where she directly attacked him and his father’s business, and that even though Jaime quite enjoyed her company while roaming through her little bookstore down the street. However, Jaime had absolutely no clue that the woman whom he has been flirting with online for the past years is the same woman who was charmingly kind to him in the store, only for all of that to turn to bile as she met him again, aware that he is the son of the man threatening her business.

Rarely has Jaime dreaded it as much as right at this moment that he was born a Lannister. Because that makes Brienne hate him the moment on he walks inside, he knows.

With a heavy heart, Jaime decides against the date, even though it breaks him about as much as it must break her, rushing back to his apartment to send her an apology via e-mail, hoping that she will forgive him until he found a solution.

However, matters only turn worse when Jaime gets news from his father that Brienne will be forced out of business, making them a monopoly in the capitol, which assures him ever the more that there is simply no way that Brienne will ever forgive him for working at the store chain that just annihilated her small business, for letting his father’s legacy – which he would rather not share in at all – destroy that of her beloved father.

Brienne, meanwhile, tries to come to terms with having to give up her father’s dream as she closes down his little bookshop, just like she has to deal with the sting she still feels about having been ditched by her e-pal. While she accepted his apology, it still hurt her, since it came right at the moment where she could have used the support. Needless to mention that GoldenHand33 rather kept his distance since, seemingly hesitant about chatting with her after the failed attempt of a date.

A nasty cold seems to be the icing on that cake of misery, and Brienne just wants to cave in at home, not knowing where to go from now on, what to do next, suddenly encountering the issue of having to find a new dream, and form her own legacy, as it appears.

But where to start? Brienne was so set on her father’s bookstore that it never occurred to her to do something else, to do something for herself.

Things take a sudden turn when the person knocking on her door is not one of her friends, but apparently the man she considers partly responsible for her world having been shattered, Jaime Fuckin’ Lannister.

Brienne’s irritation grows exponentially when the man whose father’s business just ended her father’s legacy tells her that he needs a friend, and that the person he chose of all people… on the entirety of the planet… is her.

“You are the one person I have ever met who insulted me to my face. And I think I need more of that in my life. Thus, the solution seems rather straightforward – I need a friend like you in my life.”

“And I don’t get a say in that?”

“I fear not.”

“The Seven must have sent you to test me.”

Yet, to her even greater surprise, Brienne finds herself befriending that man against all odds, soon enough laughing at his jokes and antics, having to discover that, yes, the man is human, and not some great monster from the tales, that he can be kind and what she would coin “knightly,” and that despite the fact that the man has one more blemish to add to the list of things that annoy Brienne out of her mind – the man even has a yacht. Because if there is one kind of people that she openly despises, then it is people with a yacht.

It is through Jaime that she starts to formulate her own wishes for her future, surprised to find someone supporting her and her ambitions, and having a keen understanding of the burden that comes with a father’s legacy. While Jaime’s is far different from that of her father, the two relate on a level they never thought they would. Nevertheless, she remains hesitant about starting over, feeling as tough that letting go of the bookstore, of that life, would somehow betray his legacy, him.

Whereas Jaime has to fight his own battles, as she can read between the lines of what he is saying, seemingly wanting to get out of the realm of Lannister Libraries as much as she wanted them gone while she still had her bookshop, seemingly having much smaller, much more personal agendas than that of the empire his father dreams of.

And in that, the two find themselves united in ways they didn’t believe possible.

But what of Brienne’s feelings for the man she spent so much time chatting with?

Can she trust Jaime Lannister the same way she dared to trust GoldenHand33?

Does GoldenHand33 deserve a second chance the same way she granted it to Jaime?

And what is she supposed to do with her life, now that she no longer has her father’s legacy to guide her? What is Jaime supposed to do about his father’s?

What tale is going to be hers? What is going to be Jaime’s? And what of GoldenHand33 and OathKeeper1 in this whole mess?  

Does the tale play out in real life, or will it stay hidden in electronic messages forever?

What Simon Says

A Simon vs The Homosapiens Agenda fanfic
Also posted on AO3 by Spockulu
Words: 2108



They’re on Bram’s bed.

Elaboration: they’re on Bram’s bed, and Simon lying is beside him. He doesn’t have a shirt. And neither does Simon.

And maybe it’s best left at that.

Simon shifts to look over at Bram, whose arm is behind his head and gaze is on the ceiling. He looks deep in thought, and at first, Simon isn’t sure Bram’s aware he said anything. But then his gaze flicks towards Simon, briefly, so Simon rolls onto his side to face Bram. His boyfriend. His boyfriend of nearly two years.

“Bram.” Simon waits for Bram to respond, but he doesn’t. Not yet. He’s still in thought. “Abraham,” Simon says, testing it out. He doesn’t say it much. “Brammie.” He’s not sure how many nicknames he can come up with, but the last one makes Bram grin.

“You’re leaving in a week,” Bram says, and Simon can practically see sadness come over Bram like a wave.

Leaving for college. In a week. To Georgia State University. Majoring in theater. Leah and Abby are both going too. And so is Cal Price. But Nick and Garrett aren’t. They both got into some Georgia state college on soccer scholarships.

Bram’s the only one not going to college. Because even with his grades and potential student loans and grants and scholarships, Bram still can’t afford to go. So instead, he’ll be taking some online classes and working full time in hopes that he can transfer credits over in a year or so.

“Yeah,” Simon confirms.

And Bram bites his lip, and Simon knows he’s nervous. And then Simon feels dread settling over himself. Because what if this it? What if Bram doesn’t want to struggle through working full time and college and decides that a relationship is an added stress he doesn’t need right now?

“We’re never gonna see each other,” Bram continues.

“I’ll be in downtown Atlanta. It’s not that far,” Simon points out. Except Bram is staring at the ceiling again, and he looks a little lost.

Bram scoffs a little, in a un-mean way, and Simon can tell he’s at least more than a little scared. “So it’s long distance then?”

“If that’s what a couple of miles means, then yeah,” Simon says, and there’s an edge to his voice, because it seems sort of like Bram isn’t interested in trying that.

“Not like that,” Bram cuts in. He sounds a little hurt. And Simon feels a little bad. “Just. We’re going to be so busy. We’re not ever gonna see each other.”

And Simon has to smile a little. Even if he is minorly annoyed. It’s not exactly a happy smile. Maybe it’s even a little wry. They had to discuss it sometime. And Bram is scared of them growing apart. “I can drive back every weekend. It’s not far.”

Bram laughs. And it sounds a little bitter. “That’s what they all say, isn’t it?”

“What does that mean?” Simon asks, a little stunned. A little affrontedly. He’s not used to Bram sounding bitter. And he’s not used to Bram talking that much about things that bother him either.

Bram sits up, with his back against the wall. And then he pulls his knees up to his chest and rests his chin on his knees. And instead of the ceiling, he stares across his perfectly tidy room to the spot of wall above his desk. And Simon realizes he’s not so much annoyed or bothered as he is hurt and scared.

“I mean- everyone says things won’t change. That they’ll come home on weekends, and our group will stick together, and everything will be the same. But it’s not true. Because everyone else is going to college, and everyone else is going to be busy with other things, and there’s not going to be time for things to be this way ever again. And everyone is working towards doing something with their lives. And everyone is going to end up going their separate ways.”

Simon bites his lip. “I thought you thought change was a good thing?” he asks uncertainly. He supports himself on his elbow and studies Bram’s face. He looks- hurt, more hurt than he sounds. And he also looks shut off. Like he can’t be reached by anything Simon has to say.

Bram lifts his head slightly, and Simon can see him swallow. Nervously. “What if for once I don’t want things to change?” His voice sounds almost raw. Like he might start crying.

And Simon feels like sort of a douche for not pausing to stop and think about how Bram feels about everyone leaving. All of Bram’s friends are getting caught up in the excitement of starting college and moving out, and Bram is still stuck in same place. And Simon thinks he’s sort of terrified.

“What if they didn’t change? What if we could still see each other every day?” He sits up. He takes Bram’s hand. He twines their fingers together.

Bram looks at him. And he just looks so hurt, and Simon thinks Bram’s scared this is a joke. Except he doesn’t pull his hand away. “You know I can’t-”

“I’m not talking about you coming to college,” Simon clarifies. When Bram looks back to the wall without a response, Simon continues. “What if we got an apartment?” He notices Bram’s eyes widen a little. Simon’s not sure if that’s good or bad.

There’s a few minutes of silence. Bram looks like he’s considering it, and Simon doesn’t want to interrupt his thoughts. Bram’s chewing his lip. It’s a comfortingly normal sight.

“My mom wouldn’t-”

“Your mom wouldn’t want you to be unhappy,” Simon interrupts. He knows what Bram’s thinking, because this used to happen a lot when they first started dating. Bram used to pull away when they were making out because he was scared of going further. Because he still felt like there were lines he couldn’t cross because of his mom’s Christianity. Because Bram felt like there were certain things he could and couldn’t do just because he didn’t want to mar the image of himself with the people who support him at his church, despite all the sex talks his mom gave him when he came out and all the insistence that it was all okay.

Simon has always respected that.

But Simon also thought Bram was past that.

Simon supposes he thought wrong. Because Bram’s still scared of what people will think of him going against the traditional Christian values he was raised on.

Simon suppresses a sigh. Because coming off as annoyed or unsupportive is the worst thing he could possibly do right now. He’s made that mistake before, and Bram will end up shutting down completely if Simon screws this up. He takes a breath and does his best to sound supportive, because he understands. Even if he isn’t religious, he gets it. He’d probably feel the same way if he were.

“If you don’t want to,” Simon begins, “you don’t have to. I get the whole unmarried-but-living-together thing. And I know you were rai-”

“I do want to,” Bram interrupts. He tilts his head back a little. Breathes in. Then looks at Simon. “Just- not like that.”

So it’s a line Bram won’t cross. There’s silence between them. And Simon can’t tell if it’s awkward. Bram doesn’t identify with any Christian denomination, but he’s still religious. And he doesn’t really talk about it. But maybe that’s because Simon never really asks. Maybe he should.

“Like what?” Simon asks finally. He feels a little panicked, a sensation pulling at his stomach and his arms feel cold. He’s scared. Because it seems like this conversation is going to end in a break up. And that’s not what Simon wants.

“Do you think we’ll still even be dating once you graduate college?” Bram asks.

Simon doesn’t hesitate in correcting him. “We,” he says. “You’re gonna make it too.” And it’s only until after he speaks that he realizes he probably said the wrong thing.

“I know,” Bram says. Except it sort of sounds like he’s not sure. And Simon’s thinks he gets it. Because everyone else is already going off, and he feels trapped like he’s not sure he can make anything out of his life.

Simon grins. “What if-” he hesitates when Bram looks at him. Then he takes a steadying breath and continues. “What if we stay together?” When Bram opens his mouth to protest, Simon cuts him off. “Not like physically. Like not at an apartment together or college or anything. I mean like relationship-wise.”

Bram dips his chin a little. It’s something like a nod. “Like if we don’t break up,” he says.

Simon pauses. Because he wasn’t expecting those words to escape from Bram’s mouth, even if he was scared they were going to. “You don’t want to, right?”

Bram hesitates. It’s a long hesitation. It lingers into almost a minute. And Simon closes his eyes and tries to steady himself for the break up he realizes is now coming. He feels Bram lift their entwined hands and feels Bram kiss his fingers. And then Bram lets their hands drop again. “Isn’t that what you want?” he says finally.

Simon tilts his head against the wall. And he can feel his eyes begin to pool with tears. “No.”

“No?” Bram repeats. And Bram sounds relieved. And Simon sort of has to look at him. “I- you were spending so much time getting ready for college. It- it was like everyone forgot about me,” Bram begins, hesitantly, and he looks close to tears too. And Simon realizes just how much he’s been neglecting their relationship lately. Canceling dates to talk with college reps. Getting tours. Applications. All that stuff. And he gets why Bram would feel so bad over the whole thing. “I- I don’t want you to leave me behind.”

Simon sniffs.

And Bram has to wipe his eyes because he’s tearing up too.

“So what does this mean?” Simon asks finally. He decides he’s not going to be the one who calls the shots. It’s all up to Bram now. He doesn’t want to leave Bram behind. And Bram doesn’t want him to. But what if it can’t be helped?

There’s another few minutes of silence between them.

And then, finally:

“I don’t know.”

And Simon sighs. Because it doesn’t feel like either of them is really trying anymore. And both of them are scared. He opens his mouth to speak, but Bram cuts him off this time.

“What if we got engaged?” Bram suggests.

And it doesn’t register right away. Not at first. So Simon just stares at him in shock. And Bram is grinning. And Simon has to smile back. “For real?”

Bram shrugs. “Depends,” he says. “Think you can go for another few years without falling for Cal Price?”

“God,” Simon mutters. “That was one time. I thought he was you.” Except he’s not mad. In fact, he can’t stop smiling.

“Why would I fall for Cal Price,” Simon begins, “if I can’t stop falling for you?”

Bram blushes. And Simon has to laugh. “I- I don’t have a ring,” Bram says sheepishly. And Simon wonders if this will really fix anything. And he’s not sure, but it’s worth a shot.

Simon shrugs. And then he leans over and kisses the edge of Bram’s mouth. “Maybe we need to seal it with a kiss?” he suggests.

Bram blushes again. “I- I was sort of thinking we could go buy some,” he says. “Rings, that is.” And Simon can picture it. Picture them buying rings, and picture himself at college, engaged. And then after that…. After that….

And then there’s this silence between them again. And Bram sighs. “I- I know this doesn’t fix anything. Or makes any of this easier. Or means that it won’t be really hard being sort of long distance. Or-”

“I know,” Simon says. Because he doesn’t want Bram to back out of it. Because he knows what he wants for his life. Because even if he’s not sure where he’s headed, he wants to be going there with Bram. No matter how difficult that is. “I don’t care. Let’s go make it official. Jaques a dit.”

“If that’s what Simon says,” Bram confirms.

Simon smiles. In an awed, in-love sort of way. And Bram chews his lip.

“I love you,” Simon says.

“I know.”

“Of course you know.” Simon again. Teasingly.

And then a short pause.

“I love you.” Bram. “You know I love you, right?”

“Bram Greenfeld, will you marry me?”

And maybe it’s best left at that.

Red silk

REQUEST: jk x reader, prompt: I like your tiny boobs 

Words: 1124

Warnings: none, maybe a bit of swearing

A/N: I hope you’ll like this anon :) I really loved writing this one shot and please welcome the cheesy thought of the day: no matter how big or small your breasts are, they are all beautiful. Beauty lies in diversity and if we were all the same everything would be so grey and boring. So cherish what you have and keep in mind that our imperfections make us who we are. End of cheesy thought :) Hope you’ll enjoy. 

It was 7:05 pm and you were still incredulously looking at yourself in the mirror and more exactly at the red, long, silky dress that was draping off your body. You were not sure yet whether or not you wanted to throw it in the garbage, burn it or better, get some huge breast implants.

The thing is, when you saw it on the website, you had immediately thought about all those fabulous models and girls wearing something like that and posting pictures of themselves on Instagram. Even on the model online “the thing”, because that’s how you were calling it now, had looked amazing. Hugging her every curve and making her round, perky breasts appear very…well, let’s leave it at just appear.

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Having a lot of free time on my commute to boot camp has made me crazy enough to write an Ikarishipping fanfic. That ain’t a complaint by the way.

Rating: T

Pairing: Paul/Dawn

Summary: Gym Battles? Easy. Winning the Pokémon League? Child’s play. Becoming Dawn’s stupid boyfriend? Paul’s greatest challenge.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon, TPCi, or any of its properties. Bless you, Satoshi Tajiri.

~ Empathetic ~

Contrary to what people may think, Paul is not some stone-faced, unfeeling bastard. He has emotions just like everyone else. Serious. Bitter. Exasperated. That last one’s been happening a lot lately, and the cause of it comes from everywhere. His chimchar failing to meet expectations, the trainers in the corner that won’t shut up about Brandon of the Battle Pyramid, that blue-haired friend of Ash whose name alludes him that tries to get him to show a smidgen of compassion.

Paul is exasperated.

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~Coffee Fix~Hannah x Reader~

~~Hi this took forever! It’s probably really short. I know I said I’d post more but for right now I think we’re screwed on that front. xD I’m horrible I’m sorry. please stick with me! I really do appreciate you all for following and reading! Love ya byeeee~~

Every time Hannah comes to Monet’s she can’t help but stare at the cute barista. Reader stares at her too and knows how Hannah likes each of her drinks. Hannah is working with Skye when Hannah, Jessica, and Alex come in. They order their drinks and sit at their usual spot but reader and Hannah keep exchanging looks. Then Skye just shouts, “C’mon, just date already!” Then Alex says he seconds that and Jessica uses her textbook like a gavel and says “It is law!”

You groaned silently while cleaning the tables throughout Monet’s. Sky should be out of school soon along with the other students. You did online school so you only ever saw other people your age while you were working. Like Hannah. Her long brown hair and greenish eyes were hard to forget. You laughed at the memory of your first meeting.

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Please Don’t Leave (M)

Originally posted by junsenpai

» jongdae x reader
» 3.8k
» softest fluffiest sub!jongdae smut []
» warning: smut (riding, slight fem!dom, sub!Chen) & reaction to hate (tw)

I like you Jongdae, it doesn’t matter what you look like. But, now that I think of it, I’d love to see your arms flexing above your head when they’re tied to the bed frame.

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[DRABBLE REQUEST] Boyfriend!Seungchul

Request: A fluffy situation where you read angsty fanfiction about him, making you cry, and he find you crying and he completely freaks out.
Requested by: seongchols
Word Count: 1,743
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None

Heyy I finally got something written! It’s been forever since I wrote so I hope I’m not too rusty. Admin wonwooed helped out a lot for this drabble, thank you! 
-admin jihoonic

Featuring a little sneak peek at one of our upcoming works! Thank you so much for requesting, feel free to request for another :D
-admin wonwooed

Originally posted by satanteen17

“No, no, no… Seungchul, oh my god,” she breathes out at the man lying next to her. “Seungchul, please open your eyes.”

It takes exactly three nerve-wracking seconds before his eyelids twitch and crack open, and his faded brown eyes register the female cradling his head in her lap. Even when he’s bleeding to death before her, he manages to let out a huff of laughter. “Is it bad?”

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anonymous asked:

Okay this is kinda specific but au where one of them has wings but hides them and is super afraid that the other will leave if they find out

Ludwig was special.

You could counteract that he was just a teenage boy, a person who blended into the crowd, but when he got home he was different. At home he shredded his shirt and large wing ripped from his back, fluttering and painful cracking every hollow bone to make sure nothing was stiff.

He was apart of a special kind called Flighters, a special form of humans that have wings and are able to fly with them. Most Flighters ditched their prehistoric attitude and blended into society. They changed their hair, hid their wings, and dated humans.

Ludwig was no different.

He went to an all boy school and with the girl school a mile away and another mile was the carrier school. Nobody knew why they separated each gender so heavily, but the groups did end up mingling.

At school you would never dare to hang out with the other gender, but when it was over all the schools mixed.

Through Antonio, Ludwig met Lovino and through Lovino he met Feliciano, his twin brother. Feliciano was a great guy, he was beautiful with short auburn hair and bright eyes that sparkled whenever he was passionate about things.

The two have been dating around two months and Ludwig was terrified to actually tell Feliciano he was a Flighter. He was subjected as a child, before his kind went into hiding, that they were wrong and against humanity. He never knew the way Feliciano would subject the news.

So he kept quiet, very quiet. He never took off his shirt when things got heavy, when they made out, he held Feliciano’s hands away from his back. He had to do anything to keep his secret safe.

“Ludwig?” Feliciano asked in a sweet voice, taking the younger out of his day dream.

Most day dreams were of telling Feliciano and him snuggling into his arms and flying away.

“He’s gone,” Lovino muttered and sucked at his smoothie. They were at the mall, surprise, because Feliciano saw a sale for some store he shopped at and the twins brought along their boyfriends for the fun of it.

Antonio was a little pulled back from the group, he was holding all the bags.

“Are you okay?” Feliciano whined, “if you have something worrying you, you can tell me.”

Ludwig smiled pressing a kiss to the tan temple, “I’m fine, I promise, now what were you saying?”

“Oh, art!” He laughed awkwardly and bumped Lovino, “Miss. Hawk is making us draw wings, I tried drawing birds and those flight people-”

“They don’t exist,” Lovino snapped back, “Flighters were all killed, remember that lesson.”

Ludwig hated that lesson.

Feliciano nodded bitterly, “but I was looking at pictures online, wings are so hard to draw, I wish I could just see them up close!”

“We can go few some parrots at the pet store,” Lovino pointed at the sketchy pet store and the twins went in.

Ludwig’s heart clenched as he watched them leave, cursing how heavy his wings felt on his back.


It was a day after the mall trip, Ludwig and Feliciano were in his dorm room doing what most teenagers do and that’s make out.

The Flighter had conjured up a stupid lie that he was self conscious with his body so he had all the lights shut off and every blind closed so Feliciano couldn’t see shit. Maybe it was a bit overboard, but if Ludwig could protect his secret in the most intimate moment, it was better safe than sorry.

Tan hands felt every landscape of pale skin, expect the back, no where near his back and scars. It wasn’t until with the kissing and Feliciano finding his most pleasured zone, the pulse area on his lower groin, that triggered his wings.

Whenever Flighters were startled in human form their wings flung out, barely even ripping the skin from such forced. Poor Feliciano was right in the line of the pair of wings and was slammed in the face.

“My nose!” Feliciano cried, jumping back, Ludwig’s wings had never retracted faster and were gone when Feliciano flicked on the lamp. His nose was bleeding and Ludwig swore up and down that he hit him with his arm on accident.

Though, Feliciano had an odd feeling inside that it wasn’t just his boyfriend’s arm.


“What are you doing?” Ludwig looked over Feliciano shoulder so see a book full of wing design and a little diagram of a Flighter.

The boy hummed finishing the paragraph before turning and offering him a seat, “just studying wing design off of this old Flighter book, they are so interesting!”

Ludwig felt his heart sink and cheeks grey when the word Flighter was passed across the table. “Why would you want to know about those guys,” he spat in mock annoyance, “they are a bunch nats who caused a war, I hate Flighters.”

“Oh,” was all Feliciano said as he viewed the book again out of the corner of his eye, “god, Ludwig, I never knew, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I think I should go.” Scrambling up with the grace of a newborn deer, Ludwig left the library with a bitter taste in his mouth and hot tears collecting in his eyes.

It felt like his whole entire life was just some charade to safe hide, and maybe that was okay when he first started doing it, but now with Feliciano constantly looking at wings it just hurt.

Somehow the old wound was being picked apart by maggots and he really never noticed. Without a trace he disappeared behind the library and shredded his shirt. From the old wing scars on his back, the gold wings ripped from the thin skin and fluttered roughly. Like cracking knuckles, he popped the bones in the wings that were around the size of a car and launched upwards.

In the air he felt free, like his whole act was put on intermission, yet in a few hours he was going to put back on his mask and dance around like nothing was going on.

The world was unbelievably cruel.


After profusely apologizing about bringing up the topic, Feliciano dropped by his dorm for some peace and quiet. His room mate was loud and enjoyed drinking at half pass noon so he liked to hide in Ludwig’s dorm that didn’t have any roommate.

They didn’t talk, but the silence was good. Feliciano’s pencil was scribbling designs with the accompaniment of Ludwig’s laptop typing away an essay that was long over due to write.

“Hey, Luds, look at this,” Feliciano muttered picking up his sketch book to show him the designs.

But to all odds it was Ludwig, with wings. Some where it was pulled out, in flight, and even where he was in traditional Flighter clothing that he only wore on specific holidays when seeing his parents.

He looked up with wide eyes to see Feliciano sheepishly tapping the easer on his plush lips, “I’m sorry if you don’t like it, it’s just that I love drawing you and even if you do hate Flighters they will harm you.”

Ludwig started taking his shirt off.

“The picture was nice Ludwig, but that doesn’t mean we can have sex now.”

He paused, “no, Feliciano.”

With a grunt the wings burst from his back, ripping away the scarred flesh and stretching painfully. Feliciano’s face was shocked and confused, his pencil halfway down his throat as he viewed the glorious wings.

“You’re a- a - ah–”

“A Flighter,” Ludwig finished for him, “I’m sorry for hiding this from you, I just didn’t want you to leave me.”

“Leave you?” Feliciano questioned with a huge smile, a hand resting on one of the wild feathers, “no! I could never. This is amazing!”


Feliciano nodded, “Of course!”

He was pulled into a hug, the wings joining for an extra limb to encase the boy in warmth. Maybe he always had to play an act, but with Feliciano he was able to shed his mask and never be judged.

And that’s what was good.

BTS Reaction to You Being Arrested on False Charges by Fans

I think that fans who would do things like this are clearly not friends. I hope that people realize how much they are hurting the idols when they hurt someone close to them. Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: The two of you were working on dinner at your apartment when you heard banging at the door. You didn’t think much about it, wiping your hands off on a paper towel as you made your way to open the door. “Hello, (Y/F/N), you are under arrest for assault.” Jin heard someone say from the doorway. He peered out from the kitchen and saw as a police officer began to turn you around and place handcuffs on you, while the other read out your right.

“What are you talking about? I haven’t done anything. I’ve been here with my boyfriend all day!” You argued as tears streamed down your cheeks. Jin backed up your claims, panicking a little as he tried to figure out a way to prove it.

While you were in jail, Jin and his manager worked on finding a way to clear the charges, finally finding a post by some sasaeng fans about creating the accusations to get you put in jail. He was absolutely livid, unsure how to even react to the post.

Originally posted by jinkooks

Suga: Yoongi was busy in the studio, working on his music as always, when he got the call from you. “Hello, what’s going on jagi? You know I’m still at the studio,” he started to say when he answered the phone. You quickly apologized, informing him that you really needed him. You told him in a desperate voice that you had been arrested for assaulting someone in Paris a few days ago, even though you had been at home.

He hurried to the police station, paying for your bail while the two of you tried to figure it out. You searched online through your social media to find proof of any sort that would show that you weren’t in Paris at the time of the alleged assault. While searching around, you stumbled on someone’s twitter account that had an image of a police assault charge that was filed against you.

When you showed it to Yoongi, he was beyond pissed. He did not hesitate to get onto social media. He put out several long posts, all speaking out against the ‘fan’ that made the accusation and even put out a threat that he would be pressing charges and that he already screenshotted the name of the person who made the claim.

Originally posted by seokjohn

J-Hope: His usual smile completely vanished when he saw you getting arrested. He had come to your work to visit, but just as he got there, he found you crying as a police officer ushered you into the back of his car. He started crying the moment you did, getting back in his car and hurrying to the police station to find out what was going on.

When he got to the station, he saw a few girls leaving the station. They had not seen him yet and he couldn’t help but overhear them when they mentioned your name. “I’m happy she is getting what she deserves. How dare she take our Hobi away,” one of the girls complained as the other girls snickered. They each agreed, adding in how smart the false claim was.

“How dare you? Do you know how bad your action is? You are hurting someone who I care about. What did you think that would do? Now I am hurt, and this, this is making me want to just quit being an idol all together,” he threatened with tears in his eyes. When the girls saw how hurt he was, they went back in to reluctantly confess the truth.

Originally posted by tbhobi

Rapmon: He knew that something was wrong the moment he heard of your arrest. When he got the call from you from the police station, he instantly tried to figure out what could possibly be the truth. He went to your Facebook to look for some of your friends who may have been with you at the time of the ‘criminal event.’ As he looked through your Facebook, he found a post that you were tagged in.

The post was from a bitter fan who was taunting you, saying how they managed to make your life a hell by sending you to jail, and that they would make it even worse if you continued to date Namjoon. He felt disgust and anger role through him. He couldn’t help but place a comment about how immature and illegal the action was.

As soon as he placed the comment, he took a picture of the post and called his manager, seeing if they could help him find a lawyer to use the picture as proof that you did not do what you were arrested for. He managed to keep his cool as he tried to work everything out, but his heart was racing with anger.

Originally posted by baebsaes

Jimin: You had just gotten to the studio to spend some time with Jimin when you were suddenly stopped by a police officer. At first, Jimin just thought they were talking to you about something random. However, when he saw them putting the handcuffs on you, his eyes widened with fear. “Um, excuse me, but what is going on?”

When he heard the claim that you had robbed a girl, he knew that something had to be wrong. He tried to explain to the police that that was not something that you would do, but he didn’t have any hard proof. He tried his best. When the officer told him the day it happened, he realized that it was impossible since the two of you had been together.

He started going through twitter to find a post that you made that day that had your location on it, but in the process, he found a post made by someone about making the claim and all of their followers giving more details that they could add in the claim. When he saw it, he could feel any joy left in him completely disappearing.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

V: At first, he thought it was a joke when the cops showed up at your apartment door. He assumed that someone was pulling some sort of prank, but when the handcuffs were slapped onto your wrists. Fear ran through the both of you when you realized how serious the situation was.

“You are under arrest for breaking and entering,” the officer informed you as he began to usher you towards the patrol car. “That is impossible. (Y/N) would never do that. I will find a way to prove it,” he swore to you as you went into the car.

He had no idea what he was going to do, but lucky for him, a fan sent him a link to a post that they saw from some anti-fans saying that they would be planning to send in false claims to the police in the hopes of arresting you. He was pissed, having never felt this pissed until that very moment.

Originally posted by kpop-kdrama-kvariety

Jungkook: He had no idea how to react when he saw you getting arrested. He knew that he had been on tour for a few weeks, but he had never thought that you would be someone to get arrested or do anything near illegal, except maybe jay walking.

When he heard that the claim was that you attempted to murder someone, he knew that something was up. He did the best thing that he could; got onto social media to try and find something that he could use to possibly help you. He looked around all over the internet, trying to find anything that could help.

While searching around, someone on the fancafe reposted a post found online about a few fans putting together a false claim. When Jungkook saw it, he was so upset that he had no idea what to do. He called his dad first, asking for his advice, then moved on to looking for Namjoon to help him find a lawyer because he was too livid to do it himself.

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

They’re Not Salty, We Sound Shady

This title is a bit misleading as well but it got your attention so I won’t waste time apologizing for it. There are salty men in the bowl. One of my very first POT dates concluded with a nice man offering me a $600 monthly allowance and expecting weekly threesomes with a woman of his choosing. Salty men exist. You have to learn how to spot them and avoid them. But there’s something we don’t discuss that I believe we should. Salty babies exist too.

They are amongst us right now. These women decided to join the bowl because they saw the glitzy things but ignored the posts about how much hard work this was. They didn’t care about building a mutually beneficial relationship. They wanted stuff and thought showing up to dinner, just showing up, was all they had to do to get it. These women call themselves platonic babies-but their daddies don’t know that. They promise intimacy, hint at it, toy with it, but have no intention of ever providing it. They know their relationships will be short and end with the man feeling disappointed and bitter and don’t care. They’ll ride it out until the wheels fall off.  These women have no intention of ever meeting the man they’re messaging. They just need to be sent some money to cover a cell phone bill. They’ll stop responding after that.

We speak about how the bowl has changed. The caliber of men just isn’t what it used to be. But we don’t talk about how the caliber of the sugar baby may be on the decline too. How many profiles have you seen where men say that they aren’t interested in scammers wanting money wired to them? How many profiles have you seen where men say they aren’t going to immediately begin handing you cash? How many profiles have you seen where men have said that they believe that intimacy and an allowance should begin at the same time? Have you rolled your eyes at this or have you stopped to wonder what has driven these men to add these disclaimers to their profiles?

I think the first thing we need to remember is that we’re outnumbered. The second is they’re on to us. There was a time where being a sugar baby was simpler. That time has passed. There are sugar daddies on tumblr. We’ve all seen the message board with actual salts discussing tips and techniques for sleeping with sugar babies without committing to an arrangement. They know our tips and tricks better than we do. We’re outnumbered. Seeking Arrangement currently advertises on their site that there are 4 babies for every one daddy. Yes, that man with a salary of 50,000 has, based on the ratio, 4 women vying for his attention. That man with the million dollar salary and the high allowance expectation? He won’t read a fraction of the messages he gets. The online bowl is cut throat.

But there are still good men. The success stories are proof of that. Even if you only have him for a moment, there are men out there willing to take care of you in and for that moment. There are men out there willing to provide the allowance that they’ve said they can afford. There are men that want a long term sugar baby and are willing to date until they find her.

For once, let’s put ourselves in their shoes. A man joins a site and are almost immediately flooded with page views and messages. He reads the sob stories and pleas for financial help from women he doesn’t know incredulously. He quirks an eyebrow at how many women are calling themselves princesses. Based on those photos… He rolls his eyes at the poorly worded, horribly spelled, grammatically heinous messages. He finds himself slightly aroused and wildly shocked by the explicit messages some women send. He responds to the explicit messages first. He is a man after all. But usually these women don’t get far. Sex gets boring. He wants a woman that offers more. The sob stories are ignored. The normal, genuine girls with great profiles and pictures receive responses. But some of these girls can’t keep an online conversation going. Being asked over and over how your day was-well, it gets old. Some are intriguing, funny, smart, witty. He decides to date those. A few ask for a gift. Something to show that he’s serious. He wires them some cash. He’s got 10 girls that he likes and has to find the time to meet with all of them. He has to find an excuse to give his wife too.

It turns out that in a few cases the excuses weren’t necessary. When it was time to meet, a few girls cancel. 1 of the 2 who canceled was a girl he’d wired cash to. He can afford to waste a little money so it’s not a big deal but he’s still disappointed. He has 8 girls remaining and is excited to meet them. 3 are eliminated after the first date for being late, being visibly embarrassed to be seen with him, and being boring. He wants more than sex, remember? He wants someone he can talk to; someone that will make him feel young again. 2 seem more concerned with discussing the allowance and all parts of the arrangement that benefit them than with getting to know him as a person. 3 seemed perfect. Funny, intelligent, beautiful young women. He was so grateful to have these three out of the abundance of foolishness that he went through that he made sure they each went home with a little something. Two of them never text him again.

He moved forward with the remaining girl. They agreed on an allowance and he began to provide it. She was a beautiful girl. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. His eyes were all that was ever on her though in the five months they were together. She told him she wanted their relationship to develop naturally. She didn’t want to feel like she was being pressured to have sex with him. He understood that completely. He didn’t want her to feel that way either. He wanted her to want him, to come to him on her own. But she never did and any attempts to broach the issue were met with hostility. He ended things when he realized that only one of them had their ideal arrangement.

It was a blow to his ego but he recovered and jumped back onto the site and went through essentially the same experience as before. 10 girls whittled down to one and the disappointment of that one not working for some reason or other. He’s getting tired and frustrated. He is showing that he’s a man that’s willing and able to be a sugar daddy but there are very few women showing that they’re willing to enter into the mutually beneficial arrangement that they say they want. His guard is up now. He’s not dishing out cash to girls on the first date. Those girls disappear. He’s not providing an allowance without intimacy. He’s been burned that way too many times. It has nothing to do with money. He could afford to keep handing every girl he dated cash. He could afford to give a girl an allowance and shopping and dinners for five months and get nothing in return. It’s about his pride, his ego, his emotions. They’re all bruised, battered, exhausted, and in need of protection. So he’s going to protect them until the right woman comes along.

I’ve said over and over again that this is a business. With that view in mind, can you think of a business that promises a product, is paid for the product, and then doesn’t provide it? How long does that business last? Can you think of a business that will allow you to schedule an appointment then cancel it without explanation or a chance for you to reschedule? How long before you stopped trying to schedule appointments with them altogether? Can you think of a business that clearly and obviously doesn’t appreciate you as a customer and doesn’t want you in their store? How long before you stop shopping there?

Now, I’m most certainly not saying that salty men that have no business in the bowl aren’t out there. I’m most certainly not saying that you shouldn’t ask for a gift on the first date-if that’s something you know how to ask for. I’m most certainly not saying that you have to say yes to every man that messages you. One of the most beautiful things about being a business owner is that you can say no. I am not saying that because we are outnumbered we have to do things we’re not comfortable with or change who we are in order to get a man’s attention. What I am saying is that this is business. Treat it accordingly. Don’t write checks that your ass can’t cash. Don’t ask for gifts when you aren’t providing value. Don’t forget that the best arrangements are mutually beneficial. Don’t forget that they’re human too.  



I was single for almost 5 years because my ex turned me into a bitter woman. He broke up with me for the reason that I refused to have s*x with him. One day, a friend of mine who is married with an American encouraged me to make an account in a dating site. So I tried with all her help because I don’t have any knowledge about it. HAHAHAHAHA! Sounds like a desperate move? But it’s not. It was just really out of boredom and curiosity.

Days later, I saw his profile. First thing caught my attention is his blue-gray eyes. And I can’t deny that he is handsome. I thought he will not view my profile but he did. We chat and the rest is history. I found my missing half literally in a sense that we have a lot of similarities aside from our attitudes, likes and dislikes. Same birth month (but he is 5years older than me), blood type and religion. I’m a public school teacher and he’s an engineer. We don’t drink-smoke, don’t go bar hopping and we both have bad past relationships. He caught his EX having s*x with other man. Those are the reasons why we are easily attached to each other. So everyday (YES! EVERYDAY), we chat and skype despite of our hectic scheds and huge time difference. And decided to take what we have one step higher.

Days before our 6th monthsary, he had free time from work and went to Philippines. I was expecting by the time I was waiting for him at the airport that “UNEASE FACTOR”. But as I saw him walking towards me, I felt like I was about to cry and yes I did after he gave me a warm hug and a sweet kiss on my forehead and said, “Finally, we met!”. So we drove home and he asked permission to my parents if I can stay with him in the hotel for 21 days. It took him 4hours to get the “yes.” answer from them coz my parents treat me still like their baby. And afraid that something wrong might happen because we only know each other from online.

First night was crazy as hell. I can’t even sleep because I was afraid that I will say “Goodbye!” to my virginity knowing their liberated culture about pre marital sex. HAHAHAHAHA But I was totally wrong. He is indeed a gentleman. I remember the moment when he asked me to marry him that by the time we will have our own children, he will tell them how proud he is in this amazing relationship of us. We both bring each other closer to God and we waited for the perfect moment with God’s blessing before doing such thing that supposedly only married couples do. Even til now, I have this feeling that I’m just dreaming that I have the man of my prayers. A man who loves me unconditionally and I can be who I am when I’m with him.

Finally, after a year and months of being in a long distance relationship and stressful plus expensive visa processing, no more distance to travel. I am now with him. Resigning from work was a tough decision. Leaving my family in Philippines was hard but we can manage it with the help of technology.

We got married May 23 and July 9, 2016. Then this coming July 2017 again in the Philippines. He is worth waiting and fighting for after all the nega thoughts of some people who surround me. Indeed, GOD IS SO AMAZING HOW HE LEADS US TO EACH OTHER. And sometimes, it is not how long you have been together but it is how much love you have for each other by putting God as the center of your relationship.

You’re my Hero

A/N: So this is a one-shot that I’ve been playing around with for the past few days. Extremely angsty. Barry and OC are in a pre-established relationship and OC gets kidnapped, tortured and mentions of rape by a meta (Mardon) looking for the Flash’s identity. If you’re sensitive to these topics I’d advise staying away from this. I don’t normally do trigger warning but this one definitely has several so be advised.

Word Count: 3,255

“Hey Jenn,” Barry smiled on the other end of the phone, “We’re still meeting for our date tonight right?”

“Yeah, definitely. You sure there aren’t any meta’s?” I asked under my breath to be sure none of my nearby coworkers could hear me.

“It looks like we’re in the clear,” he laughed, “Just some run of the mill criminals.”

“Okay, meet me at Jitters? 8 o’clock?”

“Sounds like a plan,” he started to sound distracted so I wanted to bring the conversation to a close. He had a whole city to save after all.

“Don’t be late,” I threatened jokingly then added, “And stay safe.”

“Okay. I will. See you tonight,” he added before I heard his phone click indicating he had hung up.

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After a long day at work dealing with cranky customers I went home ready to spend the night with my amazing boyfriend. I decided to dress up since we hadn’t had a date night in a while and probably wouldn’t for another couple of weeks.

I slid on my royal blue dress with the sweetheart neckline and an a-line skirt. I pinned my hair behind my ear and put on a small silver necklace with a skeleton key that Barry had bought for our one month anniversary. After sliding on my silver heels I checked the clock, 7:40. It was time to go meet Barry.

I decided to walk to Jitters, it was only eight blocks from my apartment and I had plenty of time. The streets were eerily empty but it was almost calming in a way. Central City was rarely a quiet place. As I rounded the corner only five blocks from Jitters I saw a man with a hood covering his face, his presence made me uneasy and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, and I began to quicken my pace. 

He began following me. As I walked faster he did as well. Now only four blocks away, a storm cloud began to form overhead out of no where. Lightning struck separating the sidewalk in front of me, stopping me in my tracks. The man was now only steps away. He had a small tornado forming in his hands, “Scream and I’ll kill you.” He’s a metahuman… and he’s controlling the weather. It’s Mark Mardon.

I opened my mouth but no words came out. He was now only inches away and he grabbed my waist, my immediate reflex was to kick him. He winced as he reached down towards his shin and then a wicked smile reached his face, “Feisty… I can see why he likes you so much.” 

Then he reached around me turning me so my back was towards him and he grabbed around my mouth covering it with a cloth covered with a chemical. I screamed… or tried to but my eyelids slowly began to close. The more I fought the faster everything grew black.

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There was something pulling at the skin around my wrists, my head hung low with my hair draped around my face. As I slowly opened my eyes I noticed my shoes were gone, my feet were crumpled beneath me in a cold wet puddle on the cement floor. I stood up splashing my feet in the water, I was in a warehouse or barn of some kind, but where I had no idea, “Well, hello there,” a voice lingered from the shadows, “Pleasant dreams I hope…”

Struggling with the ropes that held my arms above my head I tried to get loose, “Mardon… what do you want?”

“I’m glad to see my reputation proceeds me… then you should know what I can do…” he drew from the shadows and stepped into what little light was available, “You should also know that I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.”

“Why did you bring me here?” I spat feeling the rage swell within my core. Barry had told me all about Mardon, how he had been locked in the pipeline and broke free after evil Wells wanted to bring the particle accelerator back online.

“To find the Flash of course,” he said simply as a grin grew across his smug face.

“I don’t know who he is! He saved me but that’s it,” I yelled with a bitter snap.

He drew closer and slapped me across the face, “Don’t lie to me!” his voice boomed, echoing through the building, “He obviously cares for you so tell me, who is he!”

I could taste the blood in my mouth, “Go fuck yourself.”

“Listen, all I want to know is his name. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. How much pain you endure is completely up to you,” he let out a small evil laugh, “So Jennifer, are you going to tell me now… or later?”

“You heard me… go fuck yourself, Mardon,” I spat the collecting blood out of my mouth and at his feet.

“The hard way it is then…” a large ball of ice started to form in his hand, he threw it at my torso. As it collided with my chest it caused me to double over and lose my breath, “Tell me who he is…”

“Never…” I whispered as the pain rippled through me. Another large chunk of ice collided with my core causing stinging agony to flow through my body. 

“His name!” Mardon yelled his voice growing more fierce with each blow.

“You can beat me, torture me, but I will never give you what you want. And you will get what’s coming to you,” he continued to pelt me with ice until my strength to stand was drained from my body. I was now hanging from the rope bound along my wrists. The aching through my core told me I was going to have major bruising. He had beaten me with hail until my body grew completely limp, but I would never give him what he wanted. I would never put Barry in danger.

“You’re strong… stronger than I thought. But maybe I’ve been going about this the wrong way,” his powers simmered down and he stepped closer with a sickening grin on his face. He reached his hand up to my cheek and I flinched from his grip, “Calm down, I just want to see what all the fuss is about…” 

His hands gripped at my body forcefully and he began to explore my body. I tried fighting, writhing from his grip but he had beaten me down leaving me with little strength.

“I’ll stop when you tell me his name,” he whispered cruelly in my ear, he then lowered himself down to my core, ripping my dress out of his way. And as much as I tried to fight, he had dominated me. All I could do was pray that it would be over soon. 

After he used me he zipped his pants leaving me a broken down mess, the tears falling from my cheeks, dripping down to the puddle at my feet. He grabbed my chin firmly, so that I was staring into his repugnant eyes, “I can see why he likes you. And now I’ve taken something of his,” he laughed before walking out of the room and slamming it shut behind him. 

I began to sob, loosing complete control of my emotions. He hadn’t just taken something from Barry, he had taken a piece of me. He had destroyed me, in a way that I would have never imagined. All I wanted was to be home. I had no idea what time it was or how long I had been missing. But Barry had to know something was wrong, that I needed his help. And I had no doubt that he would find me, that he would save me. Well… at least what was left of me to save.

Whatever resilience I had after the beating was drained after he… I was collapsing in on myself and my energy was completely drained. My eyes slowly began to close, weary from the events that had just unfolded.

I was woken by the sound of a slamming metal door. Please be Barry, please be Barry. Please…

“You ready to tell me his name yet sweetheart?” Mardon’s sickening voice rang through the open room.

“Don’t call me that…” I whispered angrily. The fury swelling within me.

“All I need is a name…” he tempted, “Then your free to go.”

“Yeah, you and I both know that’s bullshit. If I tell you, you’ll kill me.”

“Smart, pretty, and tough.”

“Fuck off.”

“The only problem is that big mouth of yours…” he shook his head. He undid his belt and pulled it from the loops, “But I think I know how we can fix that.”

He wrapped the belt around my neck and tightened it slowly. It was starting to cut into my neck, making it harder for me to breath. 

Gasping for air Mardon began to speak, “Do you feel that pain? That burning in your throat? That’s your lungs trying desperately to reach for oxygen. And that sharp stinging in your head? That’s your brain losing function,” my vision started to grow hazy and my muscles weak but I could still hear his voice, “Talk like that to me again bitch and I’ll kill you.” He loosened the belt from my neck and my lungs were flooded with oxygen causing me to cough as I sucked in air.

“Now are you ready to tell me his name?” I shook my head and he grew furious, a storm cloud grew over my head and rain began to pour, “Let’s see how you feel after a few days of freezing without food or water.”

Then he left as the rain overhead began to soak my hair, my dress, and every inch of me. Barry… Barry where are you… please…

Several hours had passed and the rain had not stopped, or even slowed, I was drenched and the goosebumps rose prominently on my skin. I didn’t know how long I had been gone but my lips were chapped and my stomach was rumbling. I promised that Mardon would not break me. That I would not put Barry in danger but it was growing increasingly more difficult with each passing minute. Where is he? Why hasn’t he found me yet? I just want to go home.

My body grew limp and my skin started to turn slightly blue, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I knew that I should, that I needed to stay awake and stay strong. I didn’t want to be strong anymore. I wanted to be at home, in my bed, warm and safe.

Slowly the room around me grew dark and I slipped out of consciousness. 

This time I was waken by the familiar sound of Barry whooshing into the room. Barry… What I didn’t know was that Mardon was standing behind me. 

“Mardon, let her go,” Barry’s voice cried out, then I felt Mardon grab around my waist and squealed frightened as to what would happen next.

“But she’s been such great company,” Mardon teased pulling me closer to him.

“This is between you and me Mardon, no one else needs to get hurt, just let the girl go,” his tone was strong but I could hear the slight pleading hidden beneath.

“See that’s where you’re wrong Flash, whether or not she gets hurt further is up to you,” he sneered. No… “Her life… for your name.”

“No! Flash don’t do it!” I cried begging Barry not to do this for me, not to risk his life, along with everyone else’s, “Don’t! Please. Don’t put everyone in danger! I’m okay. Get out of here!” Mardon yanked my hair causing me to cry out in pain.

“She’s tough, I’ve considered keeping her for myself,” he ran his hand down the front of my body towards my core and I writhed away from his touch.

“Get out of here!” I yelled, “Go!” But Barry wouldn’t leave he stayed still his green eyes wide realizing what Mardon meant.

“Let her go! I’ll tell you, but let her go,” he hung his head in defeat.

“No!” I screamed helplessly, furiously.

Mardon leaned and whispered in my ear, “All that hard work gone to waste. Oh well, at least we had a little fun.”

“You can’t do this,” I begged Barry quietly.

I saw Barry reach behind him and then I caught a glimpse of something shining. Mardon loosened his grip on me and moved a step away. In Barry’s eyes I caught a glimpse of lightning. Next thing I knew the rain cloud above me stopped and Barry had Mardon up against the wall. There was a silver wand of some kind in his hand. Cisco.

“You’re never going to hurt her again. You’re never going to hurt anyone again.”

Mardon laughed, “I may not know who you are, but I have taken something from you and you’ll never get it back.”

Barry knocked Mardon out and then slapped some high tech hand cuffs on his wrists. Then he raced to me and began untying the knots at my wrists. I collapsed to the ground, being caught by Barry at the last minute. 

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He looked at me with those beautiful green eyes and pushed his mask back, “Jenn, I’m so sorry. I’ve been looking for you but I didn’t get here in time. I should have kept you safe, I- I should have been more careful.”

I cupped my hand to his cheek still shivering from the freezing rain that had been falling on me for who knows how long, “Shh… I’m going to be alright. Please just take me home.” 

He picked me up and wrapped my arms around his neck and his arm around my waist. He grabbed Mardon with the other hand and raced us to STAR Labs. He quickly placed Mardon in the pipeline then ran me up to the makeshift hospital room in the cortex holding me bridal style. I clutched to him for warmth.

He noticed the goosebumps on my skin and the blue hue in my skin, “Caitlin, she’s freezing. I think she has hypothermia,” he looked panicked and stared at me as he set me down on the hospital bed. He asked forcefully, “What do I do?”

“If you vibrate your body, the friction should be able to help warm her up,” she stuttered. Barry changed from his Flash suit into a STAR Labs shirt and basketball shorts and then climbed into the bed with me. He wrapped his arm around my waist causing me to flinch away from him. He looked at me with hurt puppy dog eyes and I tried to ignore the urge to move away as he wrapped himself around me. 

I could feel my skin crawling as my mind kept moving back to what Mardon had subjected me to. Barry started to vibrate his body sending waves of warmth through me. My goosebumps slowly started to disappear but I couldn’t help that sickening feeling in my gut, wanting to be let go, left alone. All I had wanted was for Barry to find me and now that he had I didn’t want him near me. What is wrong with me?

Once I was warm again Barry stopped and let go, climbing out of the bed so that Caitlin could run some tests. Barry didn’t want to leave the room but Caitlin insisted that it would be best that he did while she ran her tests and got me cleaned up. He reluctantly obliged, promising he’d be close by if I needed him.

“Caitlin, how long did- have I been gone?” I asked quietly while she took my blood pressure.

“Four days…” she said sadly, as if they had failed to retrieve me fast enough, “We didn’t stop looking for you… not once.”

“I know Caitlin. I’m here, that’s all that matters.”

As she helped me get cleaned up and into a change of clothes she noticed the bruises around my neck and across my torso and arms, especially where the ropes had burned my wrists. I slowly realized that Barry must’ve seen them too. 

“What’d he do to you?” she asked hesitantly.

“He wanted to know who the Flash was,” I confessed quietly, “And he was willing to do anything.”

“You’re extremely malnourished. I’m going to give you an IV to help re-hydrate you and get some nutrients in your system. You also appear to have a few fractured ribs.”

I started crying uncontrollably, “He… he raped me Caitlin,” she rested her hand on my shoulder trying to soothe me. 

“We’re going to have to run a couple more tests,” she admitted sadly.

“Please don’t tell Barry…” I pleaded.

“I- You should tell him.”

“I just can’t. Not now. Please Cait, promise me,” tears were falling from my cheeks I tried desperately to wipe them from my face.

“I promise,” she reluctantly concurred.

After several more tests Caitlin told me to rest. All I really wanted to do was go home, but I obeyed her recommendations and rested being careful not to disturb the IV in my arm. A few minutes after Caitlin left the room Barry walked in and sat beside my bed, he reached for my hand but I retracted from his touch.

“Jenn, I’m so sorry. What-What happened to you? What did he do to you?”

“Barr, I just- I need some time…” It was a lie and we both knew it.

“What did he mean when he said he had taken something… Did he… How did you get these bruises? Please just tell me what he did to you…”

“Barry, you don’t want to know…”

“Please…” his voice cracked, he was on the verge of tears.

I let out a heavy sigh and tried to remain calm, “He- he threw hail at me, asking for your name, I was completely worn down,” I lifted my shirt slightly to show some of the bruises, “Caitlin says the hail cracked a few of my ribs. Then he- he- he used me,” now crying I saw Barry’s face drop and he grabbed my hand, this time I didn’t flinch. He started to cry too. “He tried to suffocate me,” I set my hand on my neck where his belt had been, “And then he left me under a storm cloud without food or water.”

Barry was a mess at this point, we were both sobbing, “I’m- I’m broken, Barry. I’m so sorry.”

“No, you have no reason to be sorry… It’s all my fault. I’m the reason he took you. The reason he hurt you. I thought I could keep you safe but I failed,” his sadness grew to anger, fury, “I’m going to kill him. I’m going to kill Mardon.”

“No, Barry,” I grabbed his face, “I know you’re angry, I am too. But killing Mardon isn’t going to make it right. Please, don’t do something you will regret. Don’t be like him. You’re the hero, Barr. You’re my hero.”

“He could have killed you because of me. Because I am the Flash.”

“Barry, I would do anything for you. I would not change one thing about you. Now I’m going to need some time but I will always love you.”

He was smiling through the tears, it was the first time I told him I loved him, “I love you.”

“Stay with me, Barry Allen.”


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I’m not jealous

Character: Do Kyungsoo x Reader

Genre: Slight Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 1,507

A/N: Hai guys, this is literally my first time ever writing a one-shot. I was inspired to write this when I saw the interview over the movie unforgettable/purelove, I was like ‘omg that lucky girl, I’d die for a piggyback ride from Kyungsoo’.

-          Admin Mochi

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               Y/N sighed as she sat in the living room alone, lately she had been seeing her boyfriend less and less. But she wasn’t mad, she knew he was just busy with filming for Unforgettable. She grabbed the controller and turned on the TV looking for something good to watch hoping that today he would have enough time to stop by and say at least ‘hi’. While channel surfing an interview caught her attention, both Kyungsoo and Sohyun were having a Q&A about their upcoming movie.

“I’ve never been given this many piggyback rides in my life. At first I kept telling him I was sorry, but I got comfortable as time went on because oppa didn’t show any tiredness.”

“She was light like a feather. It was my first time giving this many piggyback rides. In the beginning it was hard because I was out of shape. But throughout the shooting of the movie, I exercised so I didn’t get tired at all later.”

               Y/N couldn’t help but frown hearing this, she had been dating Kyungsoo for about two years now and never had he given her a piggyback ride or even offered her one. Then there’s this girl who has only known him a couple months at most and she gets all the piggyback rides she wants. Not only that he said she was light as a feather, to add on it also annoyed her how she referred to him as oppa. Kyungsoo’s never said that about me… He’s never given me a piggyback ride, maybe he thinks I’m too heavy? Hundreds of irrational thoughts flooded her mind, by the time she had snapped out of it the interview had ended.

               She sat up and quickly made her way to their shared bedroom and grabbed her laptop. She started typing away and soon enough she found herself on a forum where they were talking about the Kyungsoo and Sohyun interview. After reading the whole post she found herself reading the comments, which was something Kyungsoo had always advised her not to do.

‘Omo, they’re so cute together!’

‘I ship it ^.^’

‘I can’t believe she had her first piggyback ride from Kyungsoo oppa, lucky ):’

‘Is it just me, but don’t they look like they’d make a cute couple?’


‘They’re so cute~’

               Y/N closed the laptop not bothering to read anymore, after a while they were all the same. Most of them spoke about how cute they looked together, while there were a couple bashing the girl for even setting foot near their oppa.

               “Sweetheart?” Kyungsoo called out as he entered their apartment. He walked around looking for his girlfriend, but after searching every room he realized she wasn’t there. Where could she be?  The loud opening of a door brought him out of his thoughts and he rushed to the living room where all the commotion was going on.

               “Oh my god, there’s an intruder!” Y/N screamed frantically taking off her shoe in order to use it as a weapon against the intruder.

               “Y/N, it’s me!” the doe eyed boy replied pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance. “And even if I was an intruder, how did you plan on stopping me with your shoe?” he asked getting closer to his girlfriend. “Y/N… Have you been drinking?” he asked smelling unpleasant scent of alcohol.

               “What do you care!” she shot back rolling her eyes.

               “Sweetheart… You don’t drink… You’ve never liked drinking.”

               “There’s a first for everything, right oppa?” she replied in a sickly sweet tone.

               “Y/N, why were you drinking?” he asked worriedly looking at the girl stumbling towards their bedroom.


               “Because, why?” he asked frustrated.

               “Oh my god, I don’t go bombarding you with questions!” she groaned falling back on the soft bed. “Like why are you going around giving some other girl piggyback rides?”

               “…Is this what all this is about?” he asked confused. “Did you see the interview?”
               “Yes, I saw the interview! The one where she talks about all the piggyback rides she got from her oppa.” She replied angrily. “The one where you said she was as light as a feather, the one where everyone keeps saying that you and her would make a great couple and are the cutest fucking thing on this wretched earth!” she yelled trying not to cry. She didn’t know why she felt like crying, maybe it was just the alcohol getting to her.

               “Y/N… are you fucking serious right now?” he asked staring at her in shock. “You’re jealous of a seventeen year old right now?”

               “Seventeen, twenty-six, forty-four. Those are all numbers, at the end of the day she’s still a woman and a really pretty one at that…” she choked out. “Age doesn’t matter sometimes, encase you’ve forgetting you’re three years older than me… that never stopped us from dating.”

               “Let me get this straight… You’re jealous of my co-worker because I gave her a piggyback ride for the movie we are shooting and because I said she was as light as a feather? Also you were reading comments about what netizens had to say about us, even though I’ve told you many times not to read any of that online bullshit.” he ran his hand through his jet black hair feeling frustrated.

               “No! You gave her more than just one piggyback ride! You’re never given me one and I’ve been dating you for two years! And- And- Forget it! You wouldn’t understand!” she yelled.

               “Oh, I understand, I understand that you’re jealous.” He mused.

               “Jealous? Who? Me? I’m not fucking jealous.” She countered.

               “Then what are you?”

               “I’m just annoyed with you and her…” that was a lame excuse, even for her.

               “Right, right… Of course you’re not jealous.” He murmured rolling his eyes. “I come home for the first time in a while and have to deal with this…” he grumbles just loud enough for her to hear.

               “Then leave! If you don’t want to deal with this leave! Why not go to her instead? She probably won’t cause you any problems…” and with that she was crying. Kyungsoo flinched feeling guilty after hearing her sobs, he didn’t mean to make her cry, and he didn’t even mean what he said. He was just annoyed that his girlfriend of two years was getting jealous over something so petty.

               “Y/N… Stop crying.” He said walking towards her. “I was just upset because I hadn’t seen you in a while and I just wanted to spend time with you. You shouldn’t have gone out to drink… I’m sorry if what I said in the interview upset you, but what was I supposed to say ‘After the second piggyback ride I just wanted to drop her heavy ass on the ground’?” Kyungsoo gently wiped away her tears “You know I have an image to maintain.” He added. “Why are you being like this?”

               “Because! Because… you’re mine.” She mumbled sniffling.

               “Exactly, I’m yours and no one else’s…” He said giving her a small smile. “I come home to you, I cook for you, I spoil you, and I live for you, because I love you.” He said giving her a sweet and gentle kiss.

               “Really? Do you mean it?” she asked childishly.

               “Yes, silly.” He said with a chuckle.

               “I love you too, oppa!” she happily squealed as she grabbed his arm and pulled him on top of her causing him to straddle her. “I’m sorry about earlier… I just get scared of losing you sometimes…”

               “Yah, I’ve been with you for two years already… If I wanted to leave I would have a long time ago.” He said causing her to playfully glare at him.

               “Oppa, I missed you so much.”

               “I missed you too.” He responded before kissing her once more, Y/N closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer. He bit down on her lip asking for an entrance, which was granted. He could taste the bitter alcohol, but that wasn’t stopping him. His kisses soon trailed down to her neck looking for her sweet spot.

               “Kyungsoo… I want you so badly.” She moaned feeling his teeth against her delicate skin. She could feel him smirking, the dark haired male sat up quickly and removed his shirt. He looked down at his girlfriend who was now… Asleep. Her pink lips were parted, her hair was a mess, and her arms were resting over her head. In less than sixty seconds she went from wanting to get fucked to knocking the fuck out.

               “Y/N…” he called shaking her “Y/N! Sweetheart… Wake up.” He groaned pinching her red cheeks. “I can’t believe you fell asleep on me.” He mumbled glaring at her sleeping figure. A smile crept on his lips as he grabbed his phone and snapped some pictures of her. He laughed scrolling through his camera roll, he was definitely not going to let her live this down.

                Y/N had never been a very good drinker.

pennywritesthings  asked:

Can you #fuckmeup with Jon Risinger angst? I'm talking like, soul-crushing, heart wrenching angst. Maybe the reader and Jon are in a fight about how he refuses to be open about their relationship? If you're not cool with writing angst, just let me know<3 Thanks!

A/N - Penny!! Here’s your fic, you lovely thing!! My first time writing angst, so I apologise if it’s pretty rough, but I did my absolute best and I hope you like it! Oh, and next time my prompts are open, if someone would like to suggest some *happy* Risinger schtuff, that would make me smile because Jon is precious and deserves more happy fics!

Pairing - Jon x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, mentions of sex, ANGST!!!!

Word Count - 2, 325

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Just... Be

So, here’s another headcanon turned into an angst-fluff drabble fic thing due to this quote from Moffat: “She’s fascinated by him, but she knows that’s not who she actually wants to end up with.”

For all the Sherlollians out there :) You’re the kindest, funniest, most talented group of people I’ve ever met online. Long live the ship!

When Sherlock, uncharacteristically, started a secret, casual relationship with Molly, he thought he was being rather sneaky and mysterious. Stolen kisses and impromptu trysts in cupboards and offices were fun and a welcome diversion when he wasn’t on a case.

But, as time goes on, he finds that Molly has no interest or compulsion towards having their friends learn of their relationship. She never gives off so much as a hint or vibe that they are at all acquainted on an intimate level. She doesn’t seem to have an itch to touch him when they are not alone.

It bothers him that he does.

He begins to wonder what is going on inside that head of hers. It’s been a while since he’s been able to deduce her properly. Looking at her is simply too…distracting. He moves on instead of dwelling on that fact.

The not-so-offhand question is posed to her one day in an offhand manner. And, her answer is unsettling and unsatisfactory. She doesn’t care because, as she says, it’s nobody else’s business. Which is true. But, then she tacks on another sentence: let’s just enjoy this while it lasts.

For the first time, he stops the delicious things she is doing with her wonderfully soft lips against the sensitive skin just below his ear. She is confused when he kisses her passionately, his hands gently cradling her face, before he exits the darkness of the empty lab without a word. She doesn’t see the dour expression he wears as he passes strangers in the hall.

He thinks about everything that has happened. He thinks for a long time and the problem compounds itself because Molly, his brilliant, incomparable Molly who can see him, doesn’t. She doesn’t see his confusion and distress. Or, perhaps, she doesn’t care. No—that isn’t it. She is neither distant nor spiteful. But, she doesn’t initiate any further intimacy either.

He realizes that Molly never had any expectation of permanence with their arrangement. He knows, now, that it was not a relationship. People invested in each other emotionally don’t have clandestine rendezvous that stop without requiring any notice or discussion.

His head hangs low when he recognizes that Molly Hooper deserved better.

He doesn’t expect the emotions that he experiences in the wake of this revelation. He has the distinct feeling that something important has slipped through his fingers. It is disconcerting and gives him pause each time he sees her. There is an odd, bitter taste at the back of his throat when she begins to date again.

It appears that Molly is looking for something. She meets a surprising number of decent, normal men. Some that Sherlock really has nothing nasty to deduce about. There is one thing he is sure of— she does not share herself intimately with any of them in the way that she did with him. It is a small victory. However, he realizes that whatever it is she is looking for, she did not find it with him. Nor did she expect to.

He is not the man she wants to ‘end up’ with.

Given enough time, Molly will find someone that meets all of her criteria in a partner. Someone that laughs at her morbid, ill-timed jokes. Someone that appreciates her brilliant mind and her possibly unsettling choice in profession. Someone that can see that although she is surrounded by death and the dark things that people sometimes do to each other, she is still an amazingly selfless and optimistic person. Someone that realizes how unique and wonderful and beautiful and witty she is.

He grows still as his mind leads him to the only conclusion that can be made from his observations, data, and analysis.

Sherlock Holmes is well and truly in love with Molly Hooper.

As far as deductions go, this particular one isn’t as satisfying as others usually are. He is typically much more smug about his triumphs. But, this time, he feels something else. Fear.

He is out the door running even before he has fully donned his faithful Belstaff. The time barely registers in his mind, but it must be late if the dark, empty streets are any indication.

He knows that Molly has been driven out of bed and a deep slumber due to the incessant pounding of his fist on her door. He doesn’t have the focus to pick her locks after he installed more secure models to ensure her safety from the previous threat of Moriarty’s hand. She is disheveled and disoriented and he’s immediately relieved with the confirmation that she is alone. On top of that, he is heartened and speechless that her first reaction is pull him inside her flat to check for any injuries upon his person as worry supersedes her fatigue.

He is breathless for the moment and cannot answer the barrage of questions she rattles off. She asks about John, Mary, their two children, Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson and even Mycroft, but she fails to include herself. That barging in, unannounced, in the wee hours of the morning might have anything at all to do with her. Yet, she is more than willing to fight, to help, to try for all these people and most importantly, for him.

On two prior occasions, he has expressed that she counted. That she mattered most. She heard him but did not listen. And, this is where he knows he has failed her.

There is concern and panic written all over her face and Sherlock realizes that those saccharine romance films might just have a leg to stand on (not that he’s seen any). Kissing Molly seems like a good way to interrupt her train of thought and calm her down. So, he does.

But, it is another calculated risk that doesn’t pay off. Instead of her lips being soft and yielding to his, she stiffens and attempts to pull away. He releases her and apologizes before he begins to try to explain himself.

No. It’s not that it’s been too long. No. He doesn’t have an itch that needs to be scratched. No. He isn’t just lonely and in need of indiscriminate companionship. And definitely, no. He hasn’t fallen off the wagon. He’s fallen off something, but not that particular wagon.

Molly frowns, understandably concerned, as he furiously paces her sitting room while words that may or may not make sense tumble from his mouth. He knows he is acting nothing like his normal self, but there is nothing normal at all about the situation. He has never been further out of his element and he feels ridiculously green and unschooled.

He doesn’t know what else to say and stands in the middle of the room mortified by his own silence. But Molly, being Molly, kindly fills the gap and apologizes for not offering him tea when he arrived. He takes the time to collect himself as she potters around her neat, little kitchen. She is far too patient and forgiving towards him.

There are words he never intended to say to anyone. They’re terribly cliched and there are a host of reasons why he should completely discount the emotions that this attachment has produced. He can almost hear Mycroft’s voice in his head chiming in on the clouding of sound judgement due to imbalances of chemicals and the importance of resisting urges created by primordial biological instincts. But, he’s found that there are few ways to truly express how one feels in a situation like this.

Then again, he is no more ready to say them than she is ready to hear them tonight. All he knows is that one day he intends to—No. He will say them. But, he is also a selfish man. He wants to be the only person ever to say those words and have it mean something special to her. He wants those words to make her happy and assured that she is so very… adored.


He sees the clock now— it’s a quarter past four. She should’ve thrown him out long ago or at least, asked him to get to the point. Instead, she’s right there wearing her light pink kimono dressing gown and her fuzzy house slippers that look like deranged hamsters. Her hair is loose and a little tangled on the side of her head that rests on her pillow. He resists the impulse to smile when he realizes that they would never have to fight for which side of the bed they prefer. Some things just work themselves out sometimes.

He steps into the kitchen and walks up behind her as she’s measuring out her best loose leaf tea. He gently touches her arm and clears his throat so as not to startle her. She turns, still a little apprehensive of what might be the matter with him, but she smiles anyway.

“It is no secret that I am not an easy man to be acquainted with,” he begins, his throat feels scratchy and parched. “There are few people I can count as friends. It is a surprise that these people would, in turn, count me as such.”

Molly’s smile falters slightly and he can guess that she is feeling indignant on his behalf.

“I have never been, nor will I ever be, frivolous or cavalier with my affections.” He ruffles his hair and looks at the floor as he finds himself unable to meet her gaze. “When I said that you were the one person that mattered most— I meant it. Every word.”

“Sherlock?” She finally manages to say after a long moment. She shakes her head lightly in disbelief. “Are you trying to say, in very long-winded and vague terms, what I think you’re trying to say?”

He huffs and grimaces and shuffles his feet before raising his head to meet her gaze. There is surprise, hope and wonder in her eyes, but her posture indicates that protecting herself emotionally is still her first priority.

“I… I adore you, Molly Hooper.” He blurts it out the moment he realizes there is no better way to say it (at least, for now). “I adore everything about you and that should never have not been obvious. I find myself wholly inadequate, but I must ask if… perhaps, you would consider…?”

He trails off when he sees her eyes grow wet and she shakily raises her hand to cover her mouth. For a terrible moment, he is horrified that he has hurt her once again. But then, she exhales and with that, she smiles. And, the smile only grows wider when he returns it with his own loud, relieved exhalation.

He doesn’t remember having moved this close to her while he was speaking, but she is flush against the counter and all he has to do is lean into her to close the remaining distance. But, he needs to tell her his intentions and what he can offer her- however lacking he might be right now. He needs to ask for a second chance. He tries, but Molly is having none of it.

“Talk tomorrow,” She whispers as she quickly rises onto her toes, grasps him by his coat, and thoroughly kisses him. “But, yes.”

His head is slightly spinning and he might have stuttered a little when he thanked and agreed with her. At least, he can be quite sure that she still cares for him a great deal. Maybe more than that.

With a yawn, she apologetically tells him she’s tired and needs to sleep since she has to work later that day. Instead of showing him to the door, Molly leads him to her room. He knows what the invitation is for and what it is not for. He can’t remember when, if ever, he’s done this before. And, it’s a bit awkward at first, but they slowly work their way into each other’s arms. It doesn’t take long for them to settle into comfortable positions that he just knows he can get used to keeping.

He leans down to capture her lips once more and this time it’s slower and softer but also sweeter and there’s an inexplicable sort of hitch his chest does. In the middle…a little to the left.

Sherlock doesn’t sleep that night. He memorizes the feel of her body sleeping next to his and her breathing patterns in various stages of sleep. He likes the little smile that stays on her face even after she’s fallen asleep.

He won’t lie that he’s not nervous about what’s to come. He’s had enough of that. Because, of all the things that he once believed his life could do without, this was his biggest lie to himself.

He doesn’t know what to say or exactly how he should act. But, what he’ll do next is to start it right this time. Coffee first, dinner next and then everything else. And, all the while they’ll talk and laugh and love and just… be.

ᴛ.ᴏ.ᴘ | Lᴏɴᴇʟʏ Nɪɢʜᴛs |♤|
            ♫ If you talk about success, you could say 
                        where I am is success but
            Shall I be satisfied here and be fallen behind 
                        when I open my eyes?

Requested by: Anonymous. 

It came out of nowhere, the text that read in a series of crisp letters: I’m sorry I let you down.

You frowned slightly at the message, the number that the message came from unknown to you. Let downs were the natural order of things, you’d assessed a long time ago and now that you had a few years of adulthood under your belt, you couldn’t fathom who’d actually sent the text. There were so many that had let you down that keeping a list would’ve been unorthodox. So now, as you sat in a partially empty bar waiting for a friend who was running late, you mind raced to find who the source might be.

At the sound of someone clearing their throat, you rose you gaze to the figure taking a seat before you. Even with his disguise on you knew who it was—your heart knew who it was. He sat rigidly against the wooden chair’s back, his starched suit not a let down from his usual fashionista ways. He called out your name, lips curling up into a knowing smile. It was a smile that was reserved for you and one you hadn’t seen in years now.

“Seunghyun,” you greeted softly with a quirk of your brow. Though clearly frazzled, confusion managed to trump the butterflies. “It’s been a while,” he began.

And so it had. 11 years to be exact.

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Jack Johnson - New kid

Request: Can I have an imagine where Jack J is the new kid and the first person he meets is (y/n) and they become friends, then Jack starts to get more popular and slowly stops talking with (y/n) and she accepts this because she’s not that popular at school but then she’s surprised that Jack starts talking to her again and he asks her to be his girlfriend. Thank you 😊


I still remember that day when my gaze met those frightened pair of blue eyes in the school hallway. He was completely lost and everyone was just passing by him not even caring that he even reached out to some of the pupils. I walked up to him and asked if I could help him.

“Yes, thank you! I’m looking for room 203,” he said with a sigh of relief that someone finally took the effort to give him this piece of information.

“This is your lucky day, I’m heading there. Come on,” I nodded to him and headed towards the room where supposedly both of us were going to have History class. “So are you new?”

“Yes, I just moved here a week ago,” he nodded taking a look at everything that came to our way.

“Nice. I’m Y/N, by the way,” I introduced myself.

“Johnson. Jack Johnson,” he smiled at me sweetly.

It wasn’t hard to be friends with jack. He was nice, funny and surprisingly caring for a boy at his age. Maybe he was just glad he made one friend on his first day at his new school, but either way, I liked him.

I knew hard it could be to blend into a new group of people that already knew each other for a while, so I promised myself I would help him get through this period of time. I invited him to all the school events and parties I got invited to, even though this number wasn’t that big, since I wasn’t considered as a popular girl. I was that kind of girl who liked to stay out of the drama and just had a nice relationship with everyone.

For the first month Jack and I had lunch together every day and I was glad to see that he was making new friends slowly. It was until I saw him hanging out with the captain of the football team and soon enough he was sitting with them at lunch.

I wasn’t that surprised, as the popular girls laid their eyes on him I knew he would be their new favorite. You couldn’t not like Jack, he was charming and could make you laugh in any kind of situations. And in addition, he even looked quite good, with his blue eyes and dirty blonde hair he could impress anyone in a matter-of-time.

At first he sat with them at lunch, and then he cancelled on me for something we had planned out, and then he completely became a part of the popular gang. People knew who he was and he started to hang out with that kid, Gilinsky. They just jammed randomly sometimes Johnson showing off his insane talent in rapping and Gilinsky handling the singing parts. I slowly started to accept the fact that I was just the girl for him who was kind enough to accompany him in his first days.

I wouldn’t say that I wasn’t mad at him, because I felt a bit betrayed. I was the one who took the time to help him and make him feel better in his new home, but on the other hand I couldn’t blame him. Probably everyone would choose the popular kids over me, I wasn’t that rich, interesting or beautiful as the girls he was having conversations between his classes. I would rather have just stayed at home on the weekends and watch Netflix, or babysit my little cousins in the evenings instead of go clubbing or spending hundreds of dollars online shopping. And I understood if Jack liked them more over me. He made his choice. Or at least I thought he did.

One day I stayed in the school late to prepare for the dance competition we were having the next day. I had to organize some things and had to wait until football practice was over so I could go into the gym. When the guys left I started to do my thing. I was packing out the pom-poms when I felt someone standing behind me. I turned around and find myself staring at Jack.

“Hey,” he smiled at me and then took a look at the pom-poms lying all around me on the floor. “Are you auditioning to be a cheerleader?” he asked stepping closer, with his hands tugged into his pockets.

“You should know better that the cheerleaders and I are on different planets,” I said trying to hide my smile, but I didn’t succeed very well.

“I know. But I would die to see you do their routine,” he laughed helping me sorting the pink ones out. “You getting ready for the competitions?”

“Yes. I’m hoping to get some extra credits so I could skip some PE lessons in the second semester,” I explained throwing the blue ones into a big box and tossing it aside. “And what are you doing here?” I asked in every possible meaning. That what he was doing in the gym this late and why he came there to talk to me.

“I’m waiting for Doug, we are supposed to go to that new place downtown, they say their burger is really good.” Doug was the captain of the football team, aka Jack’s new bestie since he didn’t need me anymore.

“Have fun then,” I said maybe a bit sounding bitterer than I intended to. I focused on the last few pom-poms and just wanted to get done with this sorting things hoping I wouldn’t have to suffer more with this conversation with Jack.

“I uh… I’m sorry we couldn’t hang out lately,” he said sounding nervous. I looked up at him furrowing my eyebrows. Was it supposed to be an apology? Or did he have other intentions? If so, what?

“Jack, why are you talking to me?” I asked tired of this… whatever this was. I understood that he had new friends but I didn’t need to have it rubbed into my face.

“What do you mean?” he asked with wide eyes.

“I mean, that in the past few weeks you just totally ignored me. Why do you have the sudden urge to chit-chat with me? Just go and do your thing with Doug and all the other people, I’m fine by myself.”

“No, see, that’s why I’m here. Because I realized how we couldn’t even talk in the past few weeks and I just miss to have you around,” he told me stepping closer.

“It’s fine, that you have new friends,” I quietly said not looking at him.

“But I miss the girl who helped me to find room 203 on my first day here.” He had this cocky grin on his face that looked so damn good on him and I just couldn’t stay mad at him anymore.

“And what do you want to do about it?”

“First, I would like you to leave these pom-poms and come with us for a burger,” he stated.

“Okay, good start,” I nodded.

“And then maybe we could go on a date.”

I looked up at him gulping hard. I wasn’t expecting him to ask me out, but it felt good. A shy smile spread across my face and I tugged my hair behind my ears.

“Even better,” I giggled feeling myself blushing.

“Perfect. Then come on. Those burgers are waiting for us and I’m starving right now,” he said smirking at me and took the pom-poms out of my hands. I just laughed and followed him out of the gym.