so now

Whenever I feel sad I think of all those little kids that read Rick Riordan’s books and are able to find themselves in those characters and I think of all those little kids that will grow up with this amazing range of diversity in their favorite book characters, in their heroes, and I feel a little more hope for the future.

After watching the trailer again, I’ve been thinking:

Since it looks like Magnus is leaving Alec behind… but apparently him fighting with Alec together when he lets that dragon thing explode… does this mean that we will get the

“You love me?” – “You stupid nephilim. Why else am I here?”

line from the book? Because if yes, I might just die.

looking back to when i was younger im totally baffled as to why i thought that antidepressants would change who i was, and that they were bad, or where i even got that from

just, i feel like there needs to be way more education on mental illness and treatments early on. because no one ever talked it through with us, not until we needed them and had to wrestle with the insecurities that came with it


colour palettes with some old favs



(also i totally laughed at taco ball, just, an entire ball of taco)

who’s excited for splat2 tomorrow?? im looking forward to seeing these two!!

(also i might make these as keychains one day, would anyone be interested?)

HEY GUYS if you don’t like the character I draw, thats more than okay. Everybody has things they like and don’t like. I’m not here to police what you should or shouldn’t like.

But how about maybe you not have threads about how much you think that character sucks on my art? I’d appreciate it. <:/