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psa: you can’t just group gay pda with straight pda

gay pda has always and will continue to be treated differently than straight pda, because it is not normalized because of homophobia 

so many lgb people can’t express love and affection due to this, and are afraid to do so. straight people, however, can, without a fucking care in their lives because it’s normal for them.

maybe when gay pda is normalized and treated as an everyday occurrence it can be grouped with straight pda. but that is not today nor anytime soon.

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Why was Dean acting like an ass to Cas in season 6?

Don’t worry about it, though. We’ve all been there, and especially me. 

So, I won’t get into this a lot because season 6 has been discussed so much - some meta bloggers, like @elizabethrobertajones, even have weirdly specific tags for it (hers is ‘we don’t talk about season six’, which I always assumed was a veiled threat and, as it turns out, she thinks it was a very romantic season and we don’t discuss it nearly enough). 

There are various theories about how this season was built, and one of them is that it was supposed to turn Cas for good - to make him into an enemy and then eliminate him from the show, if I remember correctly, so the general consensus seems to be, Why wasn’t Dean more of an ass to Cas in season 6? This was a narrative centered on misunderstanding and miscommunication, and from Dean’s point of view, Cas was acting like a demented Callahan type for no reason, which, given angels were (they still are, but back then it was particularly noticeable) the most powerful creatures Dean’d ever encountered, was incredibly dangerous, not to mention unpredictable. Dean should have wanted to take Cas out just to be on the safe side, and if it had been anyone else, he would have done it. But, of course, deep bond and stuff. Even after Cas’ done the unforgivable and hurt Sam, possibly for good (protect Sam: remember that’s Dean’s genetic imprinting, and he steamrolls over both friends and enemies to get that done), Dean still has enough empathy and affection for Cas to come clean about his own feelings, and to try and help Cas, or even save him, if he can. That, I think, is unprecedented?

Something that doesn’t come up a lot as a reason why Dean was so awful to Cas during this season (and therefore, what I’ll focus on here) is how Dean constantly refuses to see Cas for what he is - not a human being, but an unknowable, alien, otherwordly creature

Now, from Dean’s perspective (at the beginning of season 4), angels are not monsters, or things he hunts, or things that exist in the real world; they are, instead much more close and personal than that. They are a cherished memory of his mother, and they are, therefore, an emotional concept which symbolizes peace and being safe and thinking that things could, one day, be alright. This is thrown into particular sharp contrast if we compare Dean’s religious beliefs to Sam’s - we know that Dean doesn’t believe in God, and therefore angels, and that he doesn’t pray. So, for him, angels really are this intimate, childish thing he’s allowed himself to cling to all these years: his mother’s voice, full of love, biding him goodnight. And when Cas shows up, it’s painfully clear that Dean takes his very existence personally, and he’s not at all happy with any part of it. Cas is important in the narrative because he sort of ‘pushes’ Dean out of his comfort zone; he challenges him, and makes him feel out of control in a life where Dean’s fought so hard to be in control at all times (because someone had to be). In a way, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cas’ overt sexual aggressiveness was planned for exactly this reason - because Dean’s been written as bi from the start, and yet this is a part of himself he keep a tight rein over, and Cas’ behaviour very nearly shatters all that. We’ve seen Dean’s uncomfortable with being flirted at, and he’s uncomfortable with anyone being too close to him (in every sense) and Cas, in this sense, is a nuclear reaction. All those secrets Dean’s fought so hard to protect from his brother and Bobby and everyone else - now there’s someone who knows them. All of them, including what he really thinks about himself and the shameful things he did in Hell and how they made him feel. And the fact Cas was always in Dean’s personal space was partly meant, I think, to symbolize this intrusion into Dean’s mind and soul. 

(It must have been terrifying, really.)

And the thing is, out of all the possible responses Dean could have to this gobsmacking, life-changing revelation (that God exists and angels exist and one of them saved him from Hell and is now following him around), what Dean chooses to do is extremely revealing: he starts treating Cas like a human

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Alright guys so since the wifi at my school was broken all day yesterday, I guess we will do this on Wednesdays now. 

How it works

  • Post a selfie or picture of anything you are proud of
  • Say some things you love about yourself or are proud of
  • Tag it “selflovewednesdays”
I will reblog some of them, but i probably won’t get to all of them. But the point isn’t me reblogging it, its everyone supporting each other and feeling empowered by what you say and stuff :D 
Headcanon Post - Roman (Prince) and Dad (Morality) are Autistic

Probably going to receive hate for this. Whatever though.

I have recently became a Fander (or a fan of Thomas Sanders) and I love, love, love the Sander Sides! This post will focus on Roman (or Princey) and Dad (or Morality) and will be about them being autistic.

This is just my headcanon. Below the cut, I have listed traits of autism. Those in italics apply to Roman/Prince, those in bold apply to Dad/Morality and those in both apply to both. It’s based on both what I’ve analysed from videos and from my own personal headcanons.

(They said it was cool to tag ‘em so @incorrectprinxietyquotes! Lookie here!)

(And yes, I totally imagine Logan and Anx doing whatever they can to support them. Logan would totally learn as much as he can about autism and Anx would just get them all the weighted blankets and comfort items.)

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Shipping is Shipping so don't be ashamed

Don’t feel ashamed, you guys.
To the artists that never tagged or hated on anyone. It’s okay- You’re art makes people happy. You were respectful about it. Don’t feel like you’re part of the problem by shipping it. It’s a ship, and we know that.
We are the respectful ones, so please don’t let all of the drama that’s going on bring you down. Keep shipping. Keep arting. Keep writing. And keep being respectful about it.
Because I will honestly go down with these ships. ❤

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Oh, he's soft and warm like this at night too. You've just had dinner, he's just taken a hot shower so he's soft and pliant and needy. He pulls your arms so you're draped over him on the couch while his fingers run up and down your back. He whines when you try to get up, pulling you back down against his chest.


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omg your tags about magnus checking in on the other dimensions and knowing?? do you think he's seen other universes where he and alec are already together, or have been together, and so he just... he sees alec in the canon universe and immediately feels in his heart the great love that awaits him?

i’ve written about this in my tags a thousand times and i love this idea

it makes the most sense that all iterations of him would know about the other dimensions and we have evidence that one version of him does know. so i just love thinking about him having some kind of way of just checking up on other dimensions and seeing what’s happening in them

and in all of them, this is a constant. in all of them, this is the thing that holds true. they find each other, they are enamored with each other and they fall deeply in love

there’s no real logistics of it and i always imagine it being after the two of them are already together that he does this, but it’s just a comforting thought. magnus looking through dimensions just to see what’s going on and seeing this and feeling his heart warm. a drink in his hand as he watches just for a second or a moment the fact that he and alec will always find each other and will always come together

and maybe he’d tell alec about it at some point or maybe he wouldn’t, but it would make his chest feel full of something very very warm, watching alec and knowing that no matter what they will always meet and no matter what they will always be deeply in love

it’s soothing

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Personally I think people are misinterpreting the choice to feature David Boreanaz on the cover with SMG. From a business perspective DB has also been on a popular long-running series in Bones, and they are probably trying to get the fans from that interested in purchasing the magazine, thus the reason for his stand alone cover as well. James Marsters is simply less well-known outside the Buffy fandom. Also with the Angel series, that character represents more of the overall universe.

I totally get the business decision to include David on the main cover. In fact, I mentioned it on the tags on my first post. They’re obviously trying to milk every cow they can. Plus, we really don’t know what type of deal they had to strike up with all the actors to get them all to be there (David was very outspoken about not wanting to do anything Buffy related very recently, so maybe his being on the main cover was part of the deal to have him there.) And the point I’m trying to make is not about who deserved to be on the main cover more - David or James - because in my opinion, the answer is NEITHER. 

This wasn’t a Bones reunion nor an ATS reunion. And it shouldn’t have been about ships, either. This was about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The person who better represents BTVS is Sarah first and foremost. The core Scoobies are a close second. I repeat: in my opinion.

And again, this is just a matter of personal preference. I do like the Bangel cover! I just would’ve liked to see Buffy in all her slaying glory by herself, because that’s what the show is about to me. 

i just noticed in Oak’s ig that he’s in the beach recently n omg….all the jeffmads domestic au headcanons :’))

-James being the worried dad n applying sun-screen all over Lucy’s face n arms so “she wouldn’t look like a freckled tomato in the sun” (throwing shade @ Philip)


-campfire songs w the other kids !!! (Lucy lowkey singin a cute love song for Theo jr.)

- flower crowns made w tropical flowers !!!! (kinda like what Moana has)


- beach-side dinner dates !!!!

- Lucy shoving a handful of sand in Philip’s trunks

-Alex falling for Laurens even more bc !! he has !!! more freckles !!! in the sun !!!

-Eliza luving Maria as well w her few nose freckles n Maria’s just “no !!!!! im not cute !!!!”


i just want more wholesome moments in this au i swear :’))


Thanks for tagging me @whateverbellamy 💛
My hair has grown so much! I didn’t even notice because I almost never straighten it anymore. I’m pretty stoked for tonight’s episode and far less stoked for the hiatus…rip us. Let tonight be wonderful to carry us over.
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hello! so i was tagged by @notheartbroken2k17 @harrysmeadow @dimpledharry @harrsys and @harrysfashioncampaign (who are all loves and i thank them 💕) to post my lock screen, home screen, the last song i listened to and my last selfie (say hi to the ugliest selfie in existence). im tagging: @habibharry @hrrystyles @yeshaddy @ifheartscouldfly @tomlinsoz @harrys @preciousharry @harrycherub @louistmlinsxn and anyone who wants to do this just say i tagged u :D

My Reaction to Seventeen's Seungkwan “Beautiful Tomorrow” cover

First of all I see Seungkwan lookin dapper as FUCK, I mean them cheekbones are on POINT my eyes might get cut from staring at them they’re so sharp

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But then he starts singing and as soon as he gets to “Because of you” I’m already a puddle of feels and emotions 

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and finally me at the end because JUST SO MUCH T A L E N T 

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YOU FUCKING GO SEUNGKWAN, SO PROUD OF YOU SO MUCH LOVE!!! This cover is so beautiful and I have always love how even though his voice already is beautiful he’s always strived to be better. We love you our Boo from Jeju!

If you haven’t already check out the video!!!!


i was tagged by @cloudchild94 and @hrrystyles to post my lock screen, home screen, last song I listened to, and last selfie !!! as u can see I’m gryles trash. also listen to terror jr bc they’re amazing and everyone needs some new good music in their life until Harry kills us all :) also I’m wearing a packers beanie in my selfie bc I’m a harrie not bc I like football ☺️

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What’s Your Favorite Weevil Quote? VMHQ Poll

Hey folks, it’s Weevil week here at VMHQ, and we’ve put together a list of our favorite Weevil quotes. Reblog and tell us your favorite, add any we missed, or use as inspiration for whatever fic/meta/art you’d like to create!

Remember to tag any posts #vmhq weevil week, so we can find and reblog them, too!

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1) Leopard, spots. You know what they say.

2) No more favors for you. Now I gotta feel bad for this guy.

3) No I loved him! And you know how you can tell? Because I’M the one who’s still trying to find out who killed him.

4) I’m sorry was that too dirty?

5) Or, you could just take my word for it. (Laughs)

6) I was counting on your curiosity getting the better of you.

7) All I know is, if your guy only gets 5% he’s pushing the wrong product.

8) (Is that your tail I see between your legs?) No, but I can see how you’d get confused.

9) Sister, the only time I care what a woman has to say is when she’s riding my big old hog. But even then, it’s not so much words - just a bunch of ‘oohs’ and 'aahs,’ you know?

10) If you get lonely out here, remember, Weevil love you long time.

11) You’re concerned? I’m the one who’s gotta go up into the hills all by myself. What if I run into a pack of you white boys on some clean, well-lit street? I could be bored to death.

12) Hey manners, Opie! What, did he lose a puka shell?

@sai-shou (tagging @lightning-cross just so she can show it to Sai)

Happy early birthday Sai! I saw @occasionally-arts made plushies and, seeing as you like plushies, I suggested that he make a Spyro one so.. here we are! He would have made a Faith/Amelia pair, but he couldn’t find all the materials for them. ;w; Anyway, I hope you like him!! I’m posting this early (and with Nate’s permission) cause we don’t want you to wait to see it, and the plush is pretty much finished. I hope it brings a smile to your face. ^w^