so not tagging all of them


Lua? You mean the ufo girl? Yeah, I remember that kid. Always with her head on the clouds, was she. She used to hang around with those other kids, the redhead with the camera and the prankster from the Andersons. There was also this boy, quiet and grumpy looking, always following her wherever she went.

They said she ran away a couple weeks ago, instead of going to college. I guess she really believes her mother was abducted and are willing to still look for her… Poor little girl, isn’t she?

She was so grateful for the nice walk with a break in the middle for shade and clean cool water afterward that she trampled me on the beanbag to give me a limp-faced, floppy, flobberwormy-slobbery smooch. She had to hunt a little bit for my face considering my evasive maneuvers, too.

Imagine how pleased Professor McGonagall must have been when she saw James Potter making friends with the quiet Pettigrew boy who needed comapny. And the loud Black boy who she could tell was so frightened. And the shy Lupin boy who was desperately pretending not to want friends. 

And imagine how fucking done she was when she realised what James Potter turned them all into whilst handing out their ‘fifth detention in a row just this week Mr Potter for goodness sake.’


youngjae + hyung line (or, “the entire hyung line is in love with youngjae and i have proof”)