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[현장직캠] 어른의 연애의 풀버전 (보너스 메이킹 포함) 《스브스캐치|수상한파트너》
[스브스캐치] 구독하기▶ 지욱과 봉희 두 어른의 연애 현장 스브스 캐치와 함께해요~ "노지욱의 취향 따라하기" 스브스캐치 페이스북 ▶ 스브스캐...


  • They’re SO comfortable with each other
  • His reaction when jihyun asked if they were gonna kiss all the way to the room (smirk smirk they should’ve)
  • He said 우리 지현이 !!!!!!!!!! 
  • Him jumping the gun right at the beginning
  • That dance before starting rehearsals
  • Him grabbing her hand to get up from the bed
  • Him fanning her 
  • Their skinship is so natural oh god i live for that

URGH HEARTS IN MY EYESSSS literally screamed the entire video

SBS is really a tease, made us wait a week for this good stuff, and THEN adding that BONUS MAKING VER AT THE END almost as a form of apology like “hey guys sorry for making y’all wait but here’s to feed all your pervy minds to prepare for a new episode tonight” WHY THANK YOU SBS

Laven Week 2017 ♠ 7th - 13th August

Hello, admin Rowan here!! We’re nearing August which means it’s time to put up information for this event. Are you a writer? Or perhaps you draw or make edits and want to share your love for this ship? Then this event is just for you!!

There will be 7 themes running for the 7 days of the event, you can pre-prepare things in advance but please post your work on the respective day for each prompt (as detailed below). You can make fics, graphics, amvs, fanmixes, artwork - anything you want to do!! Make sure to use the tags #laven week and/or #laven week 2017 so others can find your work, please remember to be respectful of others during the event, and most importantly have fun!!

This year there is an overall theme of cartomancy (tarot reading through playing cards). There are specific prompts below, but feel free to be as creative with it as you like!!

  • 7th - Ace of Spades | realisations, beginnings, missed opportunities
  • 8th - Three of Diamonds | connection, shared loss, teamwork
  • 9th - Joker | unlimited potential, risks, foolishness
  • 10th - Seven of Hearts | wishful thinking, change, stagnation
  • 11th - Five of Spades | discord, hollow victory, dishonour
  • 12th - Nine of Clubs | endurance, disappointment, idealism
  • 13th - Ten of Hearts | joy, completion, resolution

If you have any questions feel free to send any asks to this blog or to my main blog, however please read the about + rules pages on this blog before asking anything. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have fun taking part!!

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hi, emma! i love your blog its my favourite <3 im going to grade 11 this year and apparently its the hardest year in high school. do you have any tips on how i can prepare? thank you!

Hi! Thank you so much :-) Here are a few things tips and tricks:

  • write down dates as soon as you get them - this applies for romantic dates and due dates ;-) Once you know when something is coming up, put it in. I’d recommend putting in reminders each week so you don’t forget. Make sure you keep these in view!!!
  • read material before hand - I think most classes do usually recommend this but if you don’t, you should! Even if it is just a skim over to see the key information. It helps make the class easier to understand if you’ve got an idea!
  • use a colour code - I find this such a useful tool and I’d recommend it to everyone. It doesn’t have to be super detailed or complicated but just enough to easily pull out the more important information.
  • create a format/layout for your notes - I use the outline method because I find it the easiest and most effective for me. Here is an brief explanation of mine.
  • review your notes regularly - like you’ve said, you should be reviewing notes every now and then. Follow the curve of forgetting and reread them after class, 24 hours later, a week and month later. If you’re making a habit of this, you’ll retain more information and need less time to study prior to finals.
  • create a routine - try develop a time to do things like work after class, studying, self care and your hobbies! If you can devise a flexible routine, you’ll improve your disciple and help feel more organised in general.
  • keep your notes and laptop organised - date and name everything properly!!! Avoid getting lazy because it just spirals and gets even messier hah! You don’t have to be do it all the time but try on a Friday or Sunday to fix up the week and plan for the next one.
  • use productivity apps - these are so helpful, I cannot stress that enough! I love the app ‘Forest’ for keeping me off my phone and focused. Here are some apps to try.
  • plan as much as you can - for big assessments this is key! I will also spend a few hours drafting up what I want to include in it. Sometimes I’ll spend a day (not a full day, just part of it) planning it out, finding my references, my main points, evidence and then breaking up the structure and word count. Then I’ll go back either the day later or a few days and start working. It makes tackling assessments much less stressful if you’ve prepped before hand. You can watch me doing my assessment (planning/drafting/writing) on my YouTube.
  • make study notes/revision notes throughout the semester - as you finish a topic, make some type of study notes. This could be flashcards, proper notes, a mind map or summary powerpoint! With textbooks, summarise each chapter on a flashcard or post-it note once you’ve read it. Then when you come back to reviewing at the end, you’ve got everything in your own terms any way.
  • try to study in a productive place - avoid using your bed for proper study. Reviewing notes prior to sleeping is fine but don’t make actual studying a habit. Keep your bed a place of rest and relaxation.
  • learn to remove distractions and stop procrastinating - have a read of this post on limiting distractions and this post on dealing with procrastinating.

Hope this helps xx


I’m taking a small break from this blog. I had another seizure about 2 weeks ago so my neurologist upped my dose of Keppra and as a result my mood has absolutely plummeted. I have never felt this low before and my family are very concerned so I’m on constant supervision while we figure out what to do.

As a result, I’m really not in the mindset to be able to keep up with replying to messages and stuff. I will still be writing, though, so be prepared for a spam when I get back! 😜

See you in a few weeks. Thank you for all your support! ❤️❤️

Also, follow me on instagram if you want to see paint sample poetry, food and cats!

(This is the least exciting looking celebratory drawing ever but 600 came up so fast that I didn’t have something actually good prepared. So… we get Flowey boi and a simple background.)

I have been super useless these past two weeks and still 100 more people found their ways here and wanted to stay.
I find that extremely strange but also very flattering.
I was shocked when I hit 500, and I didn’t expect my follower count to go up ANOTHER 100. But it did… and I’m in even greater shock right now.
I don’t think I’ve done a single useful thing besides post pages and do a silly outfit challenge through these two weeks. Yet you all came.

So… a big thanks to all 600 (602 now actually) of you!! I’m always very happy to see that someone has come to stay in the dumpster and see all the garbage I toss in here every day. Thanks for all the notes, reblogs, funny and sweet comments, asks, and follows!!
I’ll see you all later with the weirdness you came here for!
Here’s to many more!!✨


Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin
Rated: E
Author: TheHalesNyx
Length: 5.4k

Min Yoongi doesn’t take orders. Except he kind of does, when Jimin gives them.


Reccer’s Note:
We can’t go through a whole week without at least one pwp, and what better to rec than genius? Nothing. Nothing at all. This fic is just so good, some real good top jimin action, we all need more of that. So prepare, make sure no ones looking over your shoulder and read on (like wherever u r, who cares, i was having a convo with my teacher while reading smut lolol #shameless)

So finals is three weeks from now!

But more importantly, I’m going to be busy within that three weeks animating my finals project, as well as getting the preparations I need to showcase an upcoming exhibit for my photography– meaning I’m going to be busy in the next three weeks!

I’ll try to get replies done, but it’s more likely that y’all won’t hear from me until finals are over. So I guess we’ll have to see where it goes?

Maybe hopefully afterwards, I can really get to work re-hauling this blog–

Aaaaa great dolly news!! My dear friend Kelly managed to spy someone selling a full k doll Khan, and the seller was willing to do a split so I can get the body. I wasn’t prepared for that sudden cost (so keep half an eye out for sales/a ramp up in commissions in the coming weeks) but the k doll body is so ridiculously hard to find I had to jump on the chance. I’m so so excited my sweet Dian is going to come together so much sooner than planned!!! And and and! The best part of all? This body is cheaper than the best hybrid alternatives that I was looking at having to settle for. What a good day!

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(4) (I might hit ask limit but if i do i will come back with a vengeance) Christine takes Latin online for her language. She gets really really into it as well. She comes to school every other week talking about the new mythology she learned and constantly tries to work in Latin phrases and declensions into her conversations. She did it for the Theatre but it she goes a bit overboard. Like. Preparing traditional Roiman cuisine the day of her final for good luck, overboard. (Also later learns ASL

(please do come back i love thiss) 

LMAO Christine is so fucking precious, once you get her going about mythology she can talk for hours if you let her. She works in really obscure phrases in regular conversations and acts like she didn’t just say some complete gibberish. To the point where the other person is like “was I?? Was I meant to understand that?”

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i'm gonna be in houston in a few weeks, recs on art to see ?

So now that I am in the airport waiting to board my flight back to Newark, I feel prepared to answer this question.
-Twombly Gallery: I went three times. I’d go even more if possible. Getting to see the space and the work in different light and times of day was very worthwhile. I am convinced now that there is no other way to really grasp the immense scale of his work without going here. I doubt there are many other spaces that are designed with such express purpose and the artist’s input to feature the work so perfectly. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays so plan accordingly.
-Rothko Chapel: we went twice. The first time it was really overcast and the second it was sunny which, like the Twombly Gallery, makes a difference. Open seven days a week.
-James Turrell’s ‘Twilight Epiphany’ at Rice University: I saw this twice and spent quite a bit of time there both times. First day was overcast. Second was hot and sunny. It’s like obscene how good it is. I think it’s open daily but has regular hours. Not sure how closely monitored it is when closed.
-MFAH: layout is a little odd. We wandered around the permanent collection and saw the Pipilotti Rist that’s there till I think August? Campbell says “a weird museum. Had a lot of 'second tier’ stuff. But don’t tell them to go because it’s our house now [because we’re emptying out the place and moving in]. Closed Mondays. Kinda expensive.
-CAMH: small but pretty neat and free. Closed Mondays.

We also popped by the Jung Center to get Campbell’s mom a tote bag.

Also like we walked everywhere (we were staying in close proximity to museums and the like) and maybe it’s just not written anywhere but it’s apparently a major transgression to be a pedestrian in Houston? I am from New Jersey and now live in Brooklyn and am more than familiar with Manhattan. I have seen and lived wild off the rails driving. Houston was not only the craziest driving I’ve seen and experienced (in Ubers) but like we saw people hydroplane
into curbs. Crossing the street at a pedestrian crosswalk after waiting for safe passage, we nearly caused a three car pile up because people are driving 55 in a 30 mph zone and simply have no regard for the people walking across the road when you have plenty opportunity to begin slowing. If you are walking anyplace, please be careful. If you are driving please be even more careful. There is something wrong collectively with the drivers of Houston.


Sketch Dump Time ♥

Scanned some of my pencil sketches. I’ll edit and color them as soon as possible :3

Okay… So, since my finals are right around the corner (only four weeks left, aaaaaaah!!) I won’t be able to upload that much.

At least no new stuff - I finished all my posts for the Kuro week and I’m currently preparing a shit ton of stuff for the upcoming Sheith Positivity Week (it starts on July 23rd, so there’s still a lot of time to create something :3)… so yeah. I’m very sorry for not being active. I’ll still try and upload some stuff, but I seriously need a break. I think as soon as my finals are over I’ll sleep for like… 2 weeks straight or so. xD

Also: there… have some infos.

  1. How about some CollegeAU Luro?? CollegeAU anyone? ♥
  2. CollegeAU again xD This time some sheithy stuff.
  3. …guess what? CollegeAU Allura.
  4. … I have no idea how that happened.
  5. SuperheroAU!! Beasty Boy (Keith) is my new favorite purple furrball.

build god then we’ll talk // panic! at the disco


Bringing you guys this week’s bullet journal spread a day earlier than my usual posting day bc I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post tomorrow! The first week after graduation was kind of weirdly motivational in a way, so I’m glad I had time to hang out with my friends and make some art before I have to leave for my trip later tonight. Hope your summer is going swell! (PS be prepared for me to quote the new Lorde album in every single journal spread bc Melodrama is amazing and I’m never going to shut up about it)

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hello darlings i am sorry i have been gone so long, only two days now until im free from second year physics and can bring you the stuff that i have been planning!

i have been doing a lot of destress sketches in between revision and and doing comission work that i need to finish up, and here is one of them!

i’m getting back into the mchanzone in preparation for mchanzo week, and if you follow me on snapchat you might have seen peeks of the merman au ive been creating (if you wanna follow my username is morrowkei). there is gonna be lots of art to come, soon <3

Let me deliver to you a conversation that definitely happens between Viktor and Chris at one point:

“So how was your honeymoon?” says Chris, and he slaps both Yuuri and Viktor on the shoulders in the locker room as they’re preparing for the first warm-up session of the Trophee de France. There is something distinctly reminiscent of the first day of school after summer.

“It was wonderful!” Viktor says, heart-mouthed.

“Chris,” Yuuri says, slowly, with warning.

“And what did you do?” Chris asks, wiggling his eyebrows.

Chris,” Yuuri says, even more insistent. 

“We spent three weeks in a cabin in La Seyne-Sur-Mer, Chris, you know that,” Viktor lifts Yuuri’s foot into his lap to tighten his skate for him. “There are plenty of pictures on Instagram. The French Mediterranean is lovely in June.”

“Yes but what did you do.” Chris’ eyebrows wiggle so hard that they might leave the stratosphere.

“CHRIS.” Yuuri yanks his skate out of Viktor’s hands. “CHRIS I’M SERIOUS.”

“I learned to surf! Kind of.” Viktor presses a finger to his mouth, contemplative. “We swam a lot. We went to a club, once. We, um, ate a lot of…french food.”

“Could it be that you’re having trouble remembering what you did aside from fuck, my friend?” Chris purrs, low so that nobody can hear aside from them. Yuuri appreciates the courtesy, but he still huffs and hobbles away, one skate on. Chris sits down in his vacated spot. “I remember my honeymoon, Vitya. We hardly got out of bed. Your honeymoon is all about getting to know each other. In the biblical sense. Did you discover anything scandalous about your lovely Yuuri?”

Viktor blushes. “Well…he laughs during sex. And sometimes he would just let me lay on top of him and stare into his eyes. A couple of times, it wasn’t even during sex…it was insane. Sometimes we just kissed for hours. Hours, Chris. I did my hair while he was in the shower, and the curtain was transparent. He just let me! He let me watch him get dressed! He didn’t even care! One time we came in from a swim and he just took his bathing suit off, right there in the living room! I couldn’t believe it…and we showered together all the time. He let me condition his hair.”

“Didn’t you two…used to take naked baths together…all the time?” Chris mutters. “Back in Japan?”

“Well, yes but there were other people there.” Viktor’s getting hot and bothered, and Chris can’t even believe this shit. “It wasn’t a big deal, it was like being in a locker room. This time it was…just us. And his eyes would…and he’s so beautiful…”

“Oh my God,” Chris mutters to himself, because Viktor Nikiforov has an intimacy kink. He’s known the guy for ten years of his life and he somehow never realized it.

“And sometimes.” Yuuri pokes his head back around the row of lockers. “Sometimes we had sex above the blankets. In the daytime! Isn’t that insane?” Yuuri, unlike Viktor, is definitely being mocking. “Sorry, Chris, but practice starts in two minutes. Vitya, come on?”

“Coming, Kitten!” Viktor grabs Yuuri’s other skate and follows him to the door of the locker room, waving at Chris over his shoulder. Chris stays in the locker room until something like numb acceptance comes over him, and then exits into the rink as well.