so not prepared for this week

Wanna see something I’m not proud of? Look no further than this here rushed piece of Caranthir the Dark! jk
But seriously, I had never really thought up a design for him so when Feanorian Week rolled around and I wasn’t prepared….well this.
I don’t like it but it’s okay cause I’ll probably end up actually drawing him with a proper design later.
For @feanorianweek

I’ll do better tomorrow, I hope. <3 

Family // inukag fanfic

INUKAG WEEK DAY 4: FAMILY  | @inukag-week

I am so excited for this!! This is probably my favourite thing I have ever written. Is it possible to be in love with your own work?? Anyway enjoy! :~) 

Inuyasha felt his eyelids warm, the morning light dazzling through onto his side of the bed. The sleepy boy now understood why Kagome wanted to trade sides of the bed the week before, the past week had been full of rain and overcast skies but the half demon was not prepared for the blast of light and heat at the crack of dawn. He made two little golden slits just enough to look out of the window. It was a gorgeous day, the sky was a perfect shade of blue and he knew that he had to take advantage of the day. He rolled onto his other side his eye’s now fully open as he watched his beautiful Kagome sleeping soundly. Her chest rose and fell ever so gently and her hair was everywhere. With a gentle touch Inuyasha cautiously removed the hair covering her face.  Inuyasha loved to watch her sleep, her face soft and not filled with worry as it usually was. He also noticed that after she stopped talking about ‘tests’ and the need to study that she was a lot more relaxed and not on edge like she was a little over three years ago.

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YGO VRAINS Announcement

There is a special airing April 5th at 6:25 P.M. (an hour after Arc V usually airs, basically). If anyone would like to see it live, I will be streaming it. Also, I haven’t really confirmed my YGO streaming status for VRAINS since we found out about the air time change so I wanted to say it again.

Yes, I will be streaming VRAINS despite the time change every week. It’s not an issue for me unless otherwise stated one day.

VRAINS begins in May rather than April, if you haven’t heard.

I have a goodbye post for Arc V I’ll share with you all later, but until then I hope you’re all prepared to see how this thing ends this weekend! It’s still hard to believe it’s almost over. haha

Byron x MC - Possession

@darkus-hades wanted a villain character …

Part 1 (there will only be 2-3 total)

This is probably a mess.. I was in bed thinking it through last night and it seemed so clear … now I have no idea, lol. I wrote on mobile… heheh.. beware poor editing. I’ll fix undercut etc later.

I also kinda made King Theodore a bad guy (sorry Theo).

No warnings.
“We’re traveling to Hallarok next week, please have the maids help you prepare.” Byron spoke over dinner as we sat across from each other at the large table.

“Yes, thank you. I will.” I nodded in agreement and the conversation fell quiet.

That’s the way it had been for four months. When relations between Wysteria and Stein had grown tense do to border issues, King Theodore thought it best to offer me, Princess of Wysteria, in marriage as some sort of peace treaty to better the relations between the two countries.

Much to Giles and Leo’s dismay, I had been taken to Stein and practically dumped into the hands of Nico at King Theodore’s orders after Byron agreed to accept the marriage alliance. We had been officially married for over three months- yet we were still perfect strangers.

I was so disgusted at being Wysteria’s pawn, I had arrived alone, angry, and scared- wanting nothing to do with an arranged marriage to the enigmatic King of Stein.

Byron was emotionless, uncaring, and sometimes down right scary. So many rumors had spread through Wysteria, it was hard to know the truth in fact was. The best thing about him was the fact that he left me alone except for dinner and social occasions. He gave me my own room attached to his, but I could count on one hand how many times he’d come to my room. And he never touched me.

Picking at my food, I sighed heavily and my eyes scanned the room, finding Byron’s gaze before skittering away.

He was stone faced as usual, I could never read him, and he sure as hell was not going to tell me his intentions.

Later, I returned to my room. My routine had been to try and read in front of the fireplace until my eyelids grew heavy and I fell asleep- otherwise I’d end up crying myself to sleep, and waking up with swollen, tired eyes, which had happened the first month I had lived there.

Nico brought me tea, which was not one of his duties, but something he did out of the goodness of his heart- it was like briefly being in Wysteria again with him as my attendant. It was a small comfort I enjoyed.

“Here you go.” Nico handed me the saucer and teacup with a sympathetic smile. He pursed his lips and puffed his cheeks like he wanted to say something, but then blew the air out through his lips.

“Thank you, Nico.”

“Sometimes Byron asks about you, you know?” He used caution as he spoke. “He really does care about.”

I nodded silently, and dropped my eyes to the book in my hand.

Nico took his leave, and exited my room quietly.

Days later a group of us arrived in Hallarok by boat, and greeted by King Asgar and his wife Aliz. Hallarok, was a very different place from Stein and Wysteria. More like a territory, it was across a large lake and it seemed to have built its reputation on violence- the people of Hallarok were strong and forceful, they took what they wanted instead of joining in alliances, and was no where near as developed as either country. If Byron was successful in his treaty- Stein would be the first country to ally with Hallarok.

I sat with Byron through dinner and tried to make small talk with Asgar and Aliz. They were very open minded and pleasant people, though they did rule Hallarok very differently and they looked nothing like the royals and nobility in the South.

Albert and Nico joined us, as well as several of Asgar’s guards, one of them had introduced himself as Oakley- I only remembered because of the way he’d given us disapproving looks when he met us.

The dreaded part came after dinner, when we were shown to our rooms- Byron and I would have to share a room, and a bed for the duration of the stay.

“This is an interesting place.” Byron filled the silence as he slid his hand over the ornate sculpture that was carved into the wooden bedpost. “I heard they just outlawed cannibalism a couple years ago.”

I shuddered at the thought. “Why would they do that?”

Byron shrugged. “Sometimes for religious reasons, sometimes… just because.”

He continued to scope out the room; the bear skin rug on the floor, the violent paintings and tapestries on the wall, along with many other oddities. “It’s best to get some rest, we have a long week ahead of us.”

Byron pulled off his eyepatch and his boots, and I changed behind the curtain that was hanging in the corner. I had expected this, but it didn’t make it any easier.

When I returned he was lying in bed in his night clothes, which only consisted of a pair of casual pants. He was lying flat with his arms behind his head, and his eyes were closed. I pulled up the covers and crawled under them, keeping a distance between us as I rolled over to face the wall. A few moments later I heard his rhythmic breathing. Well, that wasn’t so bad.

It was cold in Hallarok, and as the fire died the room chilled. I awoke to find myself shivering, with chattering teeth, even under the thick cover. Byron was still fast asleep, he hadn’t moved at all, and looked comfortable. I tried to adjust myself and burry farther under the covers, but I was still shaking as I pulled them over my head.

“Are you ok?” His voice came from out of the darkness. “Are you cold?”

“No,” My voice was muffled through the blanket. “I’m fine.”

The bed shifted as he moved, rising, and I peered at him as he crossed the room to grab another blanket from a chair in the corner, which he carefully tossed over the bed and spread out.

“Thank you.” I said as a grabbed the blanket and sunk below the covers again.

It was dawn when I awoke, and Byron had already risen- he’d started the fire again and it was warm in the room, I even felt hot under the layers I’d collected that night.

We made our way around each other, my movements were more awkward and cautious than his as he finished dressing.

“I need to meet with Asgar this morning,” he said. “I’ll send Nico to escort you to breakfast.” The door clicked behind him as he left.

I got ready and made sure to bundle up, not knowing what to expect that day- the only thing I was aware of was breakfast and a day spent with the ladies of Hallarok.

The day flew by, it was a pleasant surprise- I enjoyed a day of chatting and looking over an art expo as Aliz explained the history of Hallarok.

I could not get out of my mind how Oakley followed us around, and the way he looked at me; he grinned like a predator baring its teeth- it made me uneasy. I didn’t mention it to Aliz, or the other ladies, that would have probably been rude, and they didn’t seem to notice, so I said nothing about it.

At dinner that night, I was sitting and chatting with Nico and Albert when I noticed Oakley and Byron enter the hall. Oakley leaned in to whisper in Byron’s ear, and Byron turned and eyed him back. He said nothing, but his face showed anger- it was the only sure emotion I’d ever seen from from.

The discussion at dinner was interesting.

“Hallarok is interested in changing our ways, since I gained power two years ago- I have worked very hard establish relations with other countries.” Asgar said as he cut a large piece of meat on his plate. “The reputation of leaders before me still lingers though, but we appreciate Stein initiating this alliance.”

Byron nodded as he swallowed his sip of wine. “Stein is always interested in gaining alliances. If you don’t mind me asking, what previous methods did Hallarok practice for forming relations with other countries?”

Asgar chuckled nervously. “Well, we didn’t do much as try to ally, but mostly we raided countries and took control by force. It wasn’t the best way to go about things, I’ll admit. We’re trying to change that, of course.”

Byron nodded, and a scoff came from the end of the table where Oakley sat. The room’s attention turned towards him.

“My uncle Lennox was a great leader- he led us on many conquests that contributed to the growth of Hallarok.”

Byron’s eye narrowed at Oakley’s words and
Asgar tried to settle the young man. “It’s fine Oakley, he did a lot for Hallarok. Things are just different now.”

The tension seemed to grow and Aliz whispered to me across the table. “Oakley’s uncle and his line ruled before Asgar. Oakley and his family were not happy with the shift in power.”

I nodded silently and gave Aliz a sympathetic smile.

“We need more wine!” Asgar announced as he clapped his hands together- changing the tone of the room. “And dessert!”

Little Locket (Jake X MC)

Soooo I’m pretty sure this is the first fanfic I’ve posted on my blog, and it’s a bit messy and a bit rushed but I really wanted to participate in the ChoicesCreates Carnival this week since I was too busy to get around to it last week, so I hope y'all like it! Rated PG
I’m in my room mentally preparing myself for the imminent battle with the Watchers when Jake pokes his head through the doorway. “Hey Princess, mind if I come in?”
I grin at him. “Don’t mind at all.”
He enters the room and takes a seat next to me on my bed. “You ready for this?” He asks. I sigh, then answer, “I kinda have to be, whether I really am or not.” Jake nods. “Try not to worry about it too much, I have confidence in you. You’re strong, and I know you’ll make it through this.” His words help to reassure me, and I give him an appreciative smile.
Out of habit, my hands subconsciously go to play with the little locket I always wear around my neck. Jake notices what I’m doing.
“That’s a nice locket there Princess, is there anything in it?” I hesitate for a moment before replying. “Yeah, actually.”
I pop it open to reveal a photo of myself, only much younger, around 12 years old or so. Jake takes a look and grins. “Wow Princess, I guess you’ve been pretty your whole life, haven’t you?” I blush slightly and run my thumb over the small image. Normally I wouldn’t show this to anyone else except for Diego, but after the things I’ve been through with Jake I’ve grown to trust him like I’ve known him forever.
As I would expect, Jake is curious. “So, is there any specific reason you carry around a photo of your younger self? What’s the story behind this picture, Princess?”
I take a deep breath, remember I can trust him, and speak. “Well, you see, I used to be a very different person than the one I am today. I’ve grown a lot over the years, but I could never be who I am now if it weren’t for the things that have happened to who I used to be. So I like to carry around a piece of my old self just as a reminder of how far I’ve come in life, and to help me to not be afraid of change. …Sorry if that doesn’t make a lot of sense.”
Jake stands there in silence for a moment, a look of deep thought on his face. I worry he might be judging me or thinking I seem stupid, but then he speaks.
“You know, when you say things like that, it makes me want to be a better person.”
The fact that he understands fills me with relief and adoration. “I’m glad I could inspire you, but I already think you’re a wonderful person.”
I lean over and press a gentle kiss to his lips, earning me an adorable genuine smile from him. He tells me, “MC, I don’t know what I would do without you.” Taking his hand and giving it a small squeeze, I tell him, “You won’t have to worry about that. Whatever happens to us, we’ll be together through all of it.”
Jake tilts his head down to kiss me deeply, his soft lips tasting of tropical fruits. When he pulls back, he rests his forehead on mine. “I love you, MC.” Those small, simple, but incredibly powerful words are my favorite ones to hear from him. “I love you too, Jake.”
And love him I do. I really, really do.
So there it is, my first Choices fanfic! (At least, the first I’ve posted) sorry y'all have to deal with my terrible inability to make paragraphs but hopefully you enjoyed it anyways! Thanks to @hollyashton for organizing the Choices Creates Carnival and inspiring me to post my writing! 😄


Did I mention that Severus started planning with me? I think I did, but anyway, it’s wonderful. 

It’s been a few weeks, and over the weekend we sit together and plan our upcoming week: changing Shaun the Cool Fish’s water, cleaning his room, quality time things, and he’s keeping track of everything so much better. 

I’m hoping it will continue when our routine changes and we have new and different things to do. 

This weekend we’ll be making cards for his classmates for him to give everyone next week. Today, he said he wanted to share with the class that he was leaving, but when the time came he wasn’t able to. He was so sad when I picked him up, we just sat in the dirt and hugged until he was ready to talk and walk home. 

We talked about how difficult it will be to say goodbye to his friends, and shared some hope for making new ones, and excitement over exploring new places. I’m prepared for his big emotions, I know to expect them. 

In a much more fun discussion, we talked about time zones! He loves the idea of jet lag - he thinks it’s funny that his brain will still feel like he’s in New York, when his body is in Washington. We were thrown totally out of whack by AN HOUR, but sure, let’s encourage jet lag! Goofy kid. 

Professor Pride Week 4

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

Title: Professor Pride Week 4

Pairing: Professor!Pride x Reader, Coach!LaSalle

Word Count: 1,292

Warnings: slight angst, slight fluff

A/N: Surprise!! I hope you enjoy the next part of this series!! <3 <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

Series Masterlist

As you sat in your seat on Tuesday, you couldn’t help the way your eyes would slowly droop close.  Each time you found it harder to keep your eyes open.  You ended up falling asleep with your chin in your hand.  

“That’s all I got for ya today,” Pride declared as he padded back to his desk.  “Read the next chapter and prepare for a test next week.  No class thursday.  Ah no how y’all like to go to parties on the day of homecomin’ so ah won’t expect ya to come to class the next day.”

As students left the classroom, he couldn’t help but notice how you were fast asleep in your seat.  Pride shook his head, watching the last student leave.  His eyes fell back on you, worry washing over him.  You didn’t seem like the student who would fall asleep in class.

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Talk to me, tatted beauties

I’m getting my tattoo tomorrow, and I expect to be in the chair for about three hours, with a second appointment for color in two weeks. My only existing tattoo is about 2.5 inches square and was gotten on an impulse on a road trip when I was 18, so talk to me, those of you with larger pieces. How did you prepare before the appointment, and how did you take care of it afterwards? It’s going to take up most of my left upper arm - how do I sleep when I usually sleep on that side? Did you do anything unusual before, during or after your appointment that really helped?

Why yes, I’m attempting to manage my anxiety by planning things in exacting detail.


I didn’t forget to post the pics before the prom, I was just running too late to take decent pics, so I took them as soon as I came home. My makeup isn’t visible at all, but you get an idea of the colors. I had a great time and all the preparation did pay off.

everchangingfangirl  asked:

Hey any tips for starting vegan? Especially nutrient realted, cause i tried veganism once for like 3 weeks and got really low on nutrients. Yes i know it's not veganism but my diet but thats why i want tips for when im able to try again

Hey again everchangingfangirl ;)

My biggest advice is to start learning about nutrition, about how our body works, is not just eating foods that we think are healthy, is how we combine them and how we prepare them what counts the most. Take your favorite dishes and start looking for the plant-based options so you can start trying new flavors. Add more greens, vegetables, and fruits to your diet, but especially greens, greens combined with vitamin C will prevent you from having anemia.

Also try to take the transition as something fun, as if you were experimenting with something new that you know is going to be good for your life. Don’t see it as a deprivation of the foods you like, or that it is too hard because negativity can bring you down in seconds.

You can start cutting out the dairy and animal by-products. You can try with one at a time so it won’t be so overwhelming. Examples of animal by-products are gelatin, glycerin (unless specified that it’s from plant sources), cochineal, casein, whey, etc.

Try to make your meals at home. You can make cooking fun by inviting some friends over and doing it together. Search for your favorite recipes, there are tons of blogs of vegan food that you can check. I recommend you Healthy Vegan Cooking and one of my favorites is Vegan Yums.

Watch a few documentaries, join local groups of vegans/vegetarians or just vegan groups in general, you can learn a lot from them!

Hope this helps! :)

thedenofravenpuff replied to your photo: lilsunshinesam: peoples pones Ah heckies look at…

Can’t help but imagine they are all gathered for a D&D session with Dice Check as Game Master.

Hunter looks like the one who asked everyone to play d&d in the first place, and is super stoked to play for the first time. he already has a character sheet prepared since last week.

Mordecai looks like he was dragged along to make sure they have a full group. He spent 2 hours just trying to decide on a race and now found out he also has to decide on a class too. there are so many choices. no one has told him about multiclassing in fear of him falling over and shutting down

Dice Check is the experienced player who is willing to DM for everyone. he showed up an hour early and set up a campaign meant for level 8 players, not fresh new level 1’s. this isn’t his first party wipe and it wont be his last.

Edgar has 3 pages of backstory for his character, a whole monologue he has been working on for weeks, planned out this characters whole life story yet refuses to tell anyone it, they will have to piece it together in hidden, subtle clues he sneaks in throughout the session


build god then we’ll talk // panic! at the disco

The Appearance

Karl ‘Shakur’ Ndieli
Kansas, USA

There’s something so unpredictable and exhilarating about the wild that keeps me coming back for more. I was up in the Yosemite back country a couple of weeks ago on a solo one night trip. I thought I was awake because it felt too vivid to be a dream. I appeared to be staring up at the stars for about an eternity before I decided to whip out my camera and take some pictures. 

My initial plan was to pose on this rock with my flashlight pointing towards the stars. I was sitting still focusing and preparing when the most magical thing happened to me. A grazing Stag wondered up onto the same rock my lens was pointed at. I instinctively held unto my shutter, for dear life as we both stared into each other’s souls this for what conveniently felt like an forever. As if to say “shhh, you saw nothing” he jumped off the rock and majestically cantered into the distance.

I had to wake up and replicate what I thought had happened. I can only hope that one day I’ll experience something as intimate and magical as that.

Tumblr: karl-shakur
Instagram: karl_shakur


whisker up and prepare for another eightxciting year of weird tweets and weirder vid! 

can you believe its already a year after pinof 7 im not ready

Grimoire Challenge - Week 1


Monday: Preparing your grimoire

  • Include your name and the date
  • Create a dedication to put into your grimoire. Dedicate it to whatever or whomever you praise.
  • Write it out and put it into your grimoire. Make sure to ask for protection as well.
  • Create a color magick chart. Correspond ink colors with your intention when writing in your grimoire.
  • Draw sigils that bring protection to your grimoire and wards off unwanted eyes. 
  • Chart out or make a timeline of your witchcraft so far, make it easy to expand and add onto. Include any events that helped shape your path.

Tuesday: Start of the year journal prompts

  • Define your path.
  • When did you begin your path?
  • How has it changed over time (more specifically how has it changed since last year?)
  • What makes witchcraft YOUR path?
  • What does being a witch mean to you?
  • What do you hope to achieve and and learn through witchcraft?
  • How has time affected your beliefs?
  • How did you come across witchcraft?
  • What made you want to practise witchcraft?
  • What do you hope to achieve by doing the 2017 grimoire challenge?
  • Is there anything you fear while following this path?
  • What type of entities do you believe in?
  • Who are your patron Gods and Goddesses, if any?
  • In what ways do you hope to grow?

Wednesday: Goal Setting

  • Set a goal you want to complete by the end of the month.
  • Set five goals you want to complete by the end of the year.
  • What are your witchcraft related life goals?

Thursday: Chosen tools of your craft

  • What is the one tool you use immensely in your craft that you could not practice without? Why? What are its correspondences, properties, uses?
  • List the main tools used in your practice.
  • Do you work with crystals? Bones? Herbs? How do you use them? Why do you use them? What kind or role do they play in your craft? 

Friday: Types of Witches

  • Are you a solitary practitioner or do you practice with a coven? Why do you choose the solitary path or vice versa?
  • Do you use a label?
  • If so, what kind of witch do you label yourself as?
  • If not, what are your reasons for not using a label?
  • Do you agree with the use of labels? Are they used too freely, with not enough thought put into them?
  • Is there a certain witchcraft path that you may not agree with? What is it that you do not agree with?
  • Do some research on it, gather enough knowledge for you to understand their practise. Once you gather enough of an understanding do an entry on it. Make sure to include your opinions before and after you did your research.

Saturday: Full Moon

  • There is a full moon on Saturday, February 11th.
  • Do you have anything planned for the full moon?
  • What is your favorite activity to do during the full moon?
  • Do you perform rituals? Cleanse crystals? Cast spells?
  • Do you have any full moon traditions?
  • Create a correspondence between full moon and the months. Does a certain month influence the moon’s magick?
  • Create a list of 2017′s full moons.

Sunday: February Magick Calendar

  • Draw out the February calendar in your grimoire. Include any important magickal dates such as the full moons, sabbats, retrogrades, eclipses, and any other important magickal workings. Use this to organize when you want to practice magick or meet with your coven.

If you post your progress make sure to use the tag  #moonlight grimoire challenge so I can reblog it here. Good Luck!

Moonlight Grimoire Challenge

15.02.17 // *half term*

no matter how much i hate english, my notes still need to look pretty 💓
its mock week next week and im stressing so much because im not prepared at all omg


cozy sweater, faded distressed jeans, old art sculpture textbooks, pens, and this week’s bullet journal spread // Well, I survived finals week. Had two weeks of pure hell in preparation, studying my ass off every night… but the sleep you have after all the chaos is SO worth it. I haven’t worked this hard in a really long time, so despite what the output of my finals are on my grades, I have to say I’m really proud of myself!

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