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11.17.17 // This month, I only have one full week of school, which I’m so thankful for ( I guess it fits into thanksgiving haha ) and I actually don’t have too much going on.  I haven’t been super stressed lately but I have an APWH test in two weeks and a Socractic seminar on monday ( I hate those, anyone else? ) so I still have to prepare for those, so wish me luck :(( 


Poker Pair Week Day 1

18th - Accommodations - Safety - Language - Sunshine

Salesman Allen meets Portuguese resident <3

I’m sorry for possible language mistakes, I asked someone on the internet - I don’t speak Portuguese, so I can’t be certain but I hope it’s correct!
It basically says: “Oh my God, you’re so handsome. Are you really a boy?”

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Let's humor them a second and imagine Jonny and Dorito are the big epic romance of the series. Aren't their fans bummed at what an epic failure it was onscreen? I went into that season prepared for devastation and it was underwhelming, to say the least. Flat, bland, boring, zero chemistry. Very poorly written, directed and most of all, acted. Especially from Kit. What a shame for one of the greatest shows of all time. So anti-climatic.

You know Nonny, I waffled on it for weeks, sitting here and writing post after post, and answering ask after ask, calming the masses and warning them to pay attention to the context -and meanwhile, I was here biting my nails. And then we got episode after episode of utter weirdness on Jon’s part. By the time he left Dragonstone (and didn’t turn back), I started to wonder if the leaks were wrong.

Two episodes of “romance” -tepid at best. And look, unlike a lot of Jonsa shippers, I don’t hate Dany …and since I knew we’d never get Jonsa before season 8, a tragic romance made sense to me, knowing that R+L=J would be a major game changer for season 8 -and I really didn’t mind it (I just didn’t want everyone else to freak out).

but …what …even …was …that??

We all bitch about D&D, but one thing they actually do quite well is romance. So for them to make it so ….lacking, is very telling IMO.

Plot twists abound in season 8! And when everyone loses their shit, D&D are gonna sit back all smug-like and tell everyone ALL THE SIGNS WERE THERE (if you were paying attention). 😘

Don’t Stress


Sorry this drabble was out so late; I’ve had like 5 tests in the last two days so things have been hectic, but it’s here. Love you, babes! <33

I sighed, running my hands through my hair. I was sitting on my bed, surrounded by what seemed to be dozens of textbooks. I had my Physics final two days from now and I was no-where near prepared. I had been studying all week, but I couldn’t seem to retain any of the information. I was at the point of not being able to focus anymore and my hands were shaking. I needed to get out, I needed to take a break, but I just didn’t have TIME. I shakily turned the page when I heard a knock at the door. I stood up and opened the door to see my boyfriend, Aaron. He looked surprised for a moment, but then regained his stature.
              “(Y/N)? Are you okay? You look like…” He trailed off, looking for a nicer way to say it.
              “I was hit by a train? Yeah, seems about right.” I finished, letting him into my dorm. “I just can’t seem to remember any of this.” I gestured to the books scattered amongst the room, plopping down onto the bed. I set my hands in my hands, until I felt a gentle hand rubbing my back. I looked back up after a moment.
              “Hey, hey. It’s okay. Wait… You’re taking Physics?” He asked, picking up one of the books on the bed.
              “Yeah… That’s what I’m trying to cram for.” I explained.
              “I took this last semester. I know what’ll be on the final. I can help you study if you want?” He offered, and my face just lit up.
              “You would do that? God, Aaron, I love you. You know that, right?” I wrapped my arms around him, burying my face in his neck.
              “Of course, sweetheart. I love you, too.” He replied, planting a kiss on my forehead. “Now, let’s blow this physics final out of the water, yeah?” And suddenly, I wasn’t so nervous anymore. With Aaron by my side, I felt like I could do anything.

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While I'm happy for Taylor & Joe if they are spending some down time together, I'm also sad the release of reputation lasted for like 4 days 😢 I was really looking forward for work mode Taylor and for some performances and appearances like she started doing with SNL and SiriusXM etc so I'm a little disappointed it was only for a weekend, not gonna lie...

Well she is doing like 4 more performance in the near future which she has to prepare for, also I’m sure the reason for her silence is related to work or she’s with Joe. From what we’ve learnt, Taylor knows how to prioritise her personal life and work and takes measures into spending time with people she loves. She was out and about mom stop for those 4 days and has already met hundreds of fans and it’s only a week into the era. She has a lot up her sleeve trust me, but we as fans also need to understand that she needs to and wants to take time out for herself

finished this drawing of todoroki last week after I was inspired by the new official art of everyone preparing for a snowball fight in cozy winter clothes (where todoroki had an ice block instead of a snowball)

i’m starting to see improvement as i practice with digital art, it’s so satisfying~

psst, it’s transparent! click for a surprise

Art Requests open for Heroweek

It’s Heroweek next week! To prepare, I’m extending my currently open art requests for Kenji to the entire Hero book! Just send an ask with a prompt and I’ll try to get to them all. Unfinished requests stay on my to-do list :)

These will be open until Thursday. Quality/style varies depending on time and mood lol. If no MC is specified, I use my own (I have a different one per LI so it’s not always F!Asian MC). 

Where I Belong

She nervously moved the box containing the chocolate cheesecake as the airship landed at the Refuge docks. She knew that once she stepped onto the ground, her wife would be able to recognize her on the security monitors. It didn’t matter though. What mattered was getting home to that asura, and catch up on lost time.

It didn’t feel like she had been away for so long, but seven weeks away from the one she truly cared about meant it would be good to see her. And she was prepared for whatever would come her way. Yes, as she took each step forward, she wondered just what exactly she would be coming home to.

“We had our son through a surrogate, so we didn’t get to watch the pregnancy day-by-day. We didn’t see the stomach getting bigger. We didn’t have the same sort of emotional preparation as traditional parents. It’s like one day we weren’t parents, and then the next day we are. He was born two weeks early so we had to quickly jump on a flight. But we got to the hospital late. We actually met our son for the first time in an elevator. We were heading up to the room, and the nurses were bringing him up from the nursery. They noticed two guys carrying luggage, and said: ‘I think this might be your son!’”


build god then we’ll talk // panic! at the disco


listening to: day 6’s when you love someone

weeks ago, i was challenged to a bujo challenge by @ttstudys to use some of the pictures she printed me to make a bujo spread !! i thought this was the coolest thing ever for studyblr friends to do !!

also thank u for 2k 💗💗💗 i’m sorry that i didnt prepare any milestone celebration because i have my a levels in a month !! postings maybe a little irregular but i have many post planned so please continue to support me !! once again, thank you so much ❣️❣️